Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Warn through Zusammen,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 377-389 (This material is protected by copyright)


warn (1): C0535/14

warned (3): A0533/03; A0667/31; B0978/06

warning (5): A0058/28; A0610/18; C0061/15; C0080/21; C0186/05

warped (1): C0163/18

warrant (7): A0180/07; A0209/20; A0282/08; A0612/11; B0809/08; B0957/10; C0162/08

warranted (3): A0136/33; B0746/05; B1360/28

Warreconne (1): C0551/28

warring (1): A0145/09

warrior (2): A0125/10; C0552/13

warriors (7): C0180/28; C0186/26; C0188/16; C0203/37; C0551/04; C0551/27; C0558/10

wars (1): A0459/08

wary (4): A0102/21; B0796/14; C0172/28; C0545/11

was (5326)

wash (1): B0796/13

washed (13): A0438/13; A0490/29; A0538/35; B1181/09; C0108/09; C0117/07; C0118/28; C0139/35; C0140/04; C0140/13; C0142/40; C0178/41; C0559/15

washing (6): A0092/08; A0111/20; C0110/17; C0117/38; C0169/19; C0536/34

Washington (7): A0275/22; A0277/02; A0279/02; B1192/09; B1304/17; B1304/20; B1305/06

Washington, George (1): B1304/12

washingtubs (1): B1092/01

Washish (2): B1158/33; B1159/03

wasn’t (16): A0336/10; A0383/31; A0384/20; A0385/09; A0385/33; A0466/14; A0468/14; A0468/17; A0468/28; A0468/30; A0470/10; A0470/11; A0470/12; A0470/14; A0470/17; A0656/09

Wasp (2): C0158/07; C0160/29

Wasp/Bay (2): C0151/01; C0151/05

Wassatoons (1): C0565/38

wast (1): A0034/22

waste (4): A0097/06; A0591/22; A0604/04; B1029/05

waste-pipes (1): A0588/13

wasted (2): A0246/32; B1073/13

wasteful (1): B1008/34

wasting (5): A0151/11; A0404/17; A0495/V; A0604/07; C0134/34

watape (1): C0534/17

Watarhoo (1): C0551/26

watch (54)

watch-box (1): A0546/19

watch-house (1): B1143/05

watch’s (1): B0793/20

watched (17): A0136/14; A0234/15; A0509/08; A0513/22; A0515/11; A0565/06; A0616/15; A0641/06; A0689/34; A0695/10; B1004/17; B1302/17; C0096/02; C0169/30; C0189/21; C0547/30; C0553/11

watchers (1): B1362/05

watches (9): A0352/26; A0370/02; A0372/25; A0372/V; A0373/04; A0509/02; A0615/10; A0642/26; B0828/14

watchful (1): A0600/24

watching (12): A0212/01; A0234/02; A0324/19; B0894/33; B0901/05; B0901/V; C0061/30; C0084/11; C0095/31; C0549/39; C0568/25; C0579/14

watchman (1): B1093/06

water (327)

water-casks (1): B1073/25

water-clock (1): C0416/36

water-colour (1): B0948/25

water-dog (5): A0054/25; A0063/26; A0091/30; A0099/16; A0102/20

water-fall (1): A0602/25

water-gate (2): A0153/18; A0155/24

water-jug (1): C0141/04

water-kegs (1): C0424/39

water-lilies (8): A0195/09; A0196/13; A0196/20; A0197/07; A0197/08; A0197/26; A0198/02; A0198/07

water-logged (1): A0137/10

water-melon (1): B1292/31

water-tight (1): C0147/19

water’s (2): B1280/08; C0152/22

watercask (1): A0589/25

waterfall (1): B1186/01

waterfalls (1): C0412/32

waters (45): A0087/27; A0088/04; A0097/09; A0106/25; A0144/01; A0151/06; A0152/10; A0157/01; A0195/05; A0197/07; A0198/06; A0213/14; A0227/27; A0232/13; A0343/27; A0400/20; A0408/17; A0408/21; A0417/16; A0456/04; A0578/34; A0580/13; A0600/23; A0612/03; A0640/20; B0771/05; B1079/06; B1122/28; B1160/20; B1333/24; B1382/18; C0072/23; C0178/17; C0417/16; C0443/V; C0444/V; C0527/24; C0527/25; C0527/31; C0528/17; C0536/37; C0536/39; C0547/33; C0553/18; C0574/30

watery (1): A0139/27

Waukerassah (3): C0566/06; C0566/39; C0568/40

wave (12): A0079/13; A0079/13; A0140/04; A0587/34; A0640/24; A0694/03; A0694/35; B1225/22; C0117/17; C0118/05; C0139/12; C0149/32

waved (1): A0252/14

waver (2): A0512/12; C0578/37

wavering (3): A0277/13; C0093/27; C0112/19

wavers (1): A0456/23

waves (11): A0195/15; A0582/33; A0587/28; A0588/09; A0594/13; B0864/33; B1156/03; C0106/27; C0115/39; C0444/V; C0567/39

waving (8): A0078/36; A0675/30; A0682/O1; B1078/14; C0072/22; C0118/13; C0542/11; C0575/11

wavy (2): A0644/V; C0076/09

Wawandysenche (1): C0548/10

wax (11): A0265/25; A0266/20; A0267/36; A0269/09; A0269/37; A0271/27; A0273/26; A0276/02; A0283/30; B1009/02; C0077/31

wax-light (1): B1224/17

waxen (2): A0316/22; B1351/27

way (410)

waylaid (1): B0979/03

waylayings (2): B0979/08; B0988/22

ways (9): A0092/32; A0112/09; A0514/04; A0577/M; A0577/M; A0639/29; A0650/11; B0869/06; C0123/03

wayward (1): C0107/27

waywardness (1): A0514/12

we (1): C0180/32

we (1): B0928/23

we (2696)

we’ll (3): A0343/33; A0466/21; A0655/29

weak (22): A0190/22; A0430/30; A0441/02; A0499/08; A0651/23; A0654/03; A0665/20; A0691/18; B0763/33; B0888/14; B0989/01; B0990/25; B1090/12; B1213/20; B1257/05; B1360/15; C0074/39; C0094/20; C0120/05; C0146/17; C0184/12; C0430/18

weak-minded (3): A0427/25; A0440/24; A0483/09

weaken (1): A0578/03

weakened (6): A0663/V; B1069/33; B1273/35; C0125/33; C0132/10; C0144/31

weakening (1): C0401/33

weaker (3): A0020/01; B0946/30; C0391/24

weakest (1): A0387/V

weakness (27): A0227/08; A0231/19; A0310/M; A0314/29; A0319/24; A0320/02; A0428/14; A0433/29; A0446/09; A0654/06; A0686/04; B0853/01; B0888/15; B0899/06; B0906/21; B0907/20; B0907/21; B0907/V; B0915/04; B0915/27; B1003/23; B1211/01; C0094/37; C0122/16; C0128/35; C0145/02; C0399/03

weaknesses (1): A0098/22

Weal-Vor/House (1): B1075/20

Wealth (1): B1303/21

wealth (23): A0135/03; A0157/09; A0296/19; A0320/06; A0496/09; A0496/18; A0704/22; A0705/02; A0705/15; A0711/34; B0827/23; B0852/34; B0890/12; B0926/22; B0957/13; B1093/02; B1179/10; B1269/22; B1270/01; B1270/13; B1270/28; B1277/01; C0525/34

wealthier (1): B0874/30

wealthiest (2): A0440/09; B1044/10

wealthy (14): A0019/21; A0157/06; A0442/06; B0806/03; B0892/11; B0895/30; B0899/20; B0914/17; B0941/06; B1045/21; B1047/23; B1127/26; B1138/03; B1304/35

weapon (5): A0544/03; A0544/05; A0565/07; C0199/26; C0579/22

weapons (8): B0946/31; B1352/12; C0105/20; C0174/21; C0186/39; C0556/O1; C0557/28; C0578/06

wear (14): A0250/13; A0403/05; A0587/13; B0746/16; B0869/21; B0907/30; B0907/31; B0908/07; B0908/13; B0908/16; B0910/09; B0910/13; B1049/25; B1226/18

wearer (3): A0248/08; B0890/13; C0553/25

wearer’s (1): C0552/14

wearers (1): B1008/04

wearied (7): A0515/24; A0612/19; A0689/35; A0691/08; B1345/13; B1347/33; C0399/31

wearily (1): B0963/10

weariness (2): A0196/28; B0892/29

wearing (8): A0379/V; A0447/04; A0485/05; A0623/16; B0888/17; B1008/07; B1224/01; C0095/03

wearisomeness (1): A0683/22

wears (11): A0126/V; A0280/03; A0368/04; A0369/04; A0464/T; A0465/02; A0470/24; B0840/04; B0877/36; B0897/24; B1250/29

weary (7): A0320/08; B0825/06; B0896/16; B1318/02; B1384/34; C0086/26; C0412/36

weasel (1): B0869/22

weather (82)

weather-beaten (1): A0143/04

weather-forechains (1): C0122/05

weather-lanyards (1): C0114/25

weathercock (1): A0294/V

weathered (1): C0139/33

weathering (2): C0164/13; C0203/07

weathers (1): B1093/05

weaving (1): B0724/31

web (3): A0682/25; A0682/26; B0940/V

web-feet (1): B1156/30

web-like (1): A0402/02

web-work (2): A0400/08; B1259/02

wed (2): B0901/29; B0957/18

wedded (4): A0644/V; A0645/01; A0665/01; B0887/V

Weddel, James (1): C0157/11

Weddell (2): C0160/26; C0162/09

Weddell, James (1): C0160/16

wedding (4): A0052/02; A0062/04; A0650/24; B1153/08

wedge (1): B1248/21

wedged (4): A0543/15; C0069/05; C0074/34; C0159/22

wedges (1): C0098/35

Wednesday (6): B0729/28; B0731/32; B0731/33; B0732/31; B0744/14; B1030/26

weed (1): A0667/16

weehawken (1): B0726/33

week (42): A0203/07; A0428/24; A0438/21; A0583/32; A0584/11; A0649/T; A0651/15; A0651/17; A0656/24; A0667/53; B0726/10; B0726/15; B0727/08; B0727/16; B0728/01; B0750/09; B0753/03; B0753/07; B0753/12; B0753/15; B0759/14; B0759/27; B0760/10; B0789/21; B0896/28; B0924/04; B0933/11; B0949/28; B0979/17; B1006/09; B1046/31; B1048/29; B1137/34; B1143/34; B1241/30; B1347/14; B1361/11; C0065/06; C0156/27; C0170/36; C0188/37; C0543/40

weekdays (1): B0760/01

weekly (2): B0731/06; B0735/03

weeks (41): A0213/09; A0227/19; A0232/05; A0303/32; A0398/15; A0439/28; A0483/22; A0616/14; A0654/26; A0665/10; A0665/30; B0726/32; B0735/06; B0751/04; B0756/28; B0759/24; B0808/04; B0843/04; B0854/31; B0897/10; B0925/07; B0962/16; B0963/04; B1005/21; B1073/19; B1079/29; B1131/13; B1143/10; B1166/14; B1181/09; B1224/07; C0066/28; C0107/36; C0149/06; C0154/02; C0155/29; C0158/01; C0428/08; C0448/V; C0522/23; C0567/10

weep (1): B1215/24

weeping (7): A0153/V; A0696/17; C0085/40; C0123/06; C0130/38; C0131/16; C0144/41

weeps (1): A0163/15

weigh (3): C0070/10; C0137/33; C0142/09

weighed (5): A0584/04; A0585/10; B1071/29; B1168/07; C0142/08

weighing (6): A0047/04; B1089/20; B1166/31; B1303/33; C0137/35; C0138/20

weight (71)

weightier (1): A0578/08

weights (3): B1073/21; B1073/24; C0403/18

weighty (4): A0402/23; A0690/20; B1166/05; B1329/14

Weilburg (1): B1070/26

weird (6): A0608/31; B0943/V; B0945/29; B0955/15; B1039/V; B1279/31

welcome (7): A0098/16; A0158/11; B0796/24; B0808/14; B0901/V; B0974/16; B0982/25

welcomed (2): A0205/06; A0412/12

Weld, H. Hastings (1): B0731/38

welded (1): A0671/01

welfare (4): A0250/28; A0282/14; B1140/19; B1222/22

well (559)

well-arranged (2): B0863/15; B1331/05

well-being (1): B1221/11

well-built (1): C0531/25

well-concerted (1): A0114/15

well-conditioned (1): C0387/10

well-considered (1): B1318/13

well-contrived (1): B1353/02

well-digested (1): B0986/31

well-directed (1): B1032/07

well-dressed (1): B0872/16

well-feigned (1): A0441/30

well-flavoured (1): C0176/35

well-frequented (1): A0055/32

well-furnished (1): A0497/06

well-grounded (1): A0316/13

well-informed (1): A0491/01

well-knit (1): A0144/13

well-known (10): A0105/10; A0365/31; A0413/21; A0498/13; A0602/06; B0831/08; B1053/V; B1069/18; B1234/03; B1244/01

well-meant (1): B0813/21

well-merited (2): A0055/22; A0065/06

well-modelled (1): C0106/35

well-oiled (1): A0508/24

well-regulated, (3): A0486/32; A0622/26; C0153/28

well-settled (1): B1318/13

well-sized (3): A0266/12; A0269/01; A0278/14

well-sustained (1): A0296/V

well-timed (1): C0546/23

well-to-do (1): B0878/03

well-tuned (1): A0407/10

welled (2): B0794/10; B1279/34

Wellingtons (1): A0489/15

wells (3): A0687/27; B1193/15; C0196/06

Welsh (2): B1177/06; B1178/06

weltering (1): A0158/04

went (202)

wept (7): A0172/06; A0178/07; A0348/14; A0642/20; B1020/34; B1142/02; C0094/31

were (2010)

Wertemuller (1): A0294/V

Werther (1): A0342/V

wery (2): B1373/15; B1373/20

West (3): B1077/32; B1369/12; C0093/20

west (43): A0159/02; A0368/07; A0594/10; A0602/18; A0655/25; A0657/01; A0657/18; A0657/20; B1079/17; B1081/08; B1330/36; B1331/27; B1331/35; B1335/13; B1336/03; B1336/21; B1336/23; B1336/28; B1337/19; B1339/24; B1339/25; B1339/26; C0088/31; C0102/14; C0148/14; C0157/24; C0157/30; C0159/33; C0160/15; C0160/34; C0193/05; C0203/24; C0203/25; C0432/26; C0524/29; C0524/36; C0526/04; C0526/05; C0565/34; C0567/16; C0568/09; C0575/15; C0575/17

West/India (1): C0103/09

westerly (3): C0148/23; C0162/27; C0570/09

Western (1): B1166/30

western (24): A0603/04; A0604/18; A0672/15; A0672/22; B0807/05; B0807/09; B0862/05; B1333/18; B1334/30; B1336/09; B1336/17; B1336/37; B1392/05; C0154/08; C0157/34; C0158/11; C0164/12; C0180/27; C0184/38; C0193/03; C0418/38; C0526/31; C0529/11; C0532/14

Westminster (1): A0179/15

westward (26): A0136/15; B0824/33; B0863/33; B0942/13; B1192/19; B1281/31; C0104/32; C0140/35; C0149/14; C0151/05; C0153/33; C0154/19; C0156/28; C0156/30; C0157/29; C0159/35; C0160/03; C0160/12; C0163/26; C0164/10; C0165/29; C0407/32; C0417/19; C0527/12; C0528/32; C0536/37

westwardly (5): A0195/22; A0674/05; B0864/20; C0155/08; C0527/31

wet (7): A0135/M; B1091/13; C0148/18; C0183/37; C0395/29; C0405/34; C0552/10

wetting (1): C0405/15

whale (2): C0093/24; C0149/08

whale-fishery (1): C0138/17

whale-ship (1): C0161/27

whaleboat (1): C0091/01

whaleboats (1): C0088/07

whalebone (2): B1059/08; B1059/10

whales (5): A0581/37; A0582/25; C0155/21; C0160/08; C0167/11

whaling (6): C0057/18; C0063/09; C0065/32; C0078/29; C0084/38; C0099/40

whaling-ship (2): C0061/04; C0061/11

whaling-ships (1): C0149/07

whaling-vessel (1): C0068/03

whar (1): B0811/26

wharf (11): B0771/17; B0771/19; B0771/23; B0814/06; B0873/19; B0873/20; B0923/32; B0924/31; C0058/28; C0058/37; C0067/11

what (996)

whatever (89)

whatsoever (14): A0106/27; A0279/06; A0366/02; A0431/26; B1167/26; B1383/03; C0158/02; C0199/02; C0401/20; C0405/12; C0422/26; C0437/V; C0441/V; C0445/V

Wheal-Vor (1): B1081/12

wheel (3): A0057/05; A0066/32; B1059/18

wheel-route (1): B1329/22

wheel-tracks (1): B1329/16

wheeled (2): A0090/05; A0566/17

wheels (6): A0351/30; A0351/33; B0955/33; B1089/03; B1092/02; B1329/09

wheezed (2): A0054/26; A0063/26

wheezing (2): A0247/11; C0081/30

whelmed (2): A0603/16; A0605/08

when (1001)

whence (20): A0403/23; A0411/32; A0417/06; A0439/33; A0445/11; A0513/33; A0529/23; A0553/24; A0639/21; A0682/35; A0685/26; B0940/02; B1353/29; B1382/12; C0190/23; C0192/02; C0207/44; C0208/06; C0552/01; C0575/09

whenever (23): A0486/03; A0532/04; A0653/11; B0789/14; B0855/09; B0928/25; B1096/26; B1144/15; B1161/27; B1241/12; B1257/14; B1280/15; B1292/17; B1292/20; B1346/36; B1347/02; C0060/15; C0094/22; C0162/26; C0422/04; C0432/23; C0541/14; C0541/22

where (330)

where’s (1): A0387/V

whereabout (1): A0035/V

whereabouts (8): A0035/03; B0731/15; B0751/21; B0770/04; B0823/09; B1052/22; C0184/19; C0580/05

whereas (3): B1096/18; C0136/22; C0429/13

whereby (1): A0122/30

wherein (8): A0153/05; A0293/21; A0296/V; A0366/18; A0408/02; C0097/01; C0423/36; C0438/V

whereof (2): A0414/25; C0387/M

whereupon (3): A0191/01; B0876/24; B1015/24

wherever (11): A0367/20; A0694/08; B0727/24; B0851/01; B0959/31; B1009/03; B1304/34; C0088/14; C0138/14; C0153/16; C0571/16

wherewith (3): A0067/20; A0623/29; B1303/10

whether (77)

whetting (1): B1349/18

which (3552)

whiff (1): B0979/11

whiffs (2): B0982/16; C0390/19

Whig (1): A0074/32

whig (1): B1185/V

while (446)

whilst (1): B1225/08

whim (8): A0296/03; A0440/33; A0445/25; A0651/27; A0651/V; A0704/22; B1113/09; B1269/21

whims (4): A0262/05; A0532/28; A0547/04; B1009/25

whimsical (6): A0120/11; A0122/V; A0296/V; A0298/10; A0432/11; C0433/10

whimsicalities (1): A0295/14

whimsically (1): C0387/27

whine (5): C0073/07; C0073/10; C0076/21; C0091/41; C0169/16

whining (1): A0102/30

whip (4): A0565/11; A0567/11; A0622/31; B0916/17

whip-cord (1): B0817/03

whipcord (3): C0069/30; C0070/15; C0074/36

whipped (3): A0264/22; A0338/01; B1129/18

whipper-snapper (1): A0062/05

whippersnapper (1): A0052/02

whirl (19): A0329/09; A0341/17; A0580/27; A0582/21; A0583/15; A0586/31; A0586/34; A0587/26; A0588/03; A0588/16; A0588/21; A0588/35; A0590/04; A0591/20; A0591/24; A0592/18; A0594/06; B1078/36; C0144/13

whirled (4): A0582/09; A0592/22; B1166/31; C0396/40

whirligig (1): A0371/24

whirling (7): A0035/07; A0146/02; A0166/V; A0354/22; A0580/15; B1381/29; C0063/33

whirlingly (1): A0674/13

whirlpool (8): A0137/19; A0146/07; A0253/11; A0581/04; A0582/37; A0588/01; A0593/10; A0594/04

whirlpools (3): A0580/20; A0584/14; C0144/19

whirls (1): A0692/26

whirlwind (5): A0029/18; A0412/20; A0417/12; A0447/V; B0977/31

whisk (1): A0099/15

whisker (1): A0562/19

whiskers (8): A0371/03; A0379/06; A0379/08; B1097/03; B1184/04; B1186/01; B1234/09; B1361/06

whiskey (8): B1096/32; C0533/41; C0535/03; C0549/37; C0556/09; C0556/15; C0557/12; C0558/35

whisper (13): A0089/33; A0324/22; A0433/31; A0435/04; A0443/04; A0446/33; A0448/11; A0487/18; A0685/14; B1013/20; B1015/30; B1238/28; C0142/26

whispered (16): A0024/18; A0088/18; A0102/30; A0218/26; A0235/23; A0300/20; A0380/19; A0439/13; A0439/22; B0964/04; B0966/31; B1013/11; B1013/14; B1191/26; B1212/25; C0559/01

whispering (2): A0218/05; A0673/04

whisperingly (1): A0674/26

whisperings (1): C0555/19

whispers (6): A0081/04; A0381/07; A0383/06; A0435/34; A0614/01; A0693/01

whiss (1): B1158/34

whist (7): A0384/21; A0529/13; A0529/19; A0529/28; A0655/29; A0656/01; B1293/08

whistle (2): A0387/03; B1353/16

whistled (3): A0387/08; B1225/V; C0058/39

whistling (2): A0102/19; A0347/30

whit (2): A0246/09; C0427/36

White (1): C0551/23

white (115)

white-apparelled (1): B0956/28

white-dressed (2): C0552/09; C0552/33

white-plumed (1): B1119/03

White-Paint (1): C0548/10

White-Stone (1): C0548/09

White/river (1): C0551/33

White, Thomas W. (1): C0055/31

whiteness (5): B0843/32; B1234/09; C0107/38; C0206/08; C0208/07

whiter (1): A0681/11

whites (6): A0248/14; A0467/30; C0548/24; C0549/41; C0549/42; C0557/41

whitest (1): B1161/11

whither (6): A0126/22; A0166/05; A0320/28; A0416/15; B0992/24; B1258/07

whither> (3): A0465/27; A0466/22; A0466/22

whiting (1): B1009/32

Whitmore, Richard (1): C0525/33

Whittington (1): B1097/06

whizz (1): B1145/29

Who (1): A0374/11

who (803)

Who’s (1): B0793/33

whoever (16): B1129/16; B1129/19; B1129/21; B1130/02; B1130/04; B1130/22; B1130/29; B1130/31; B1131/08; B1131/14; B1131/21; B1131/34; B1131/36; B1191/28; B1318/12; C0134/40

Whole (1): B1141/07

whole (420)

whole-number (1): B1168/17

wholesome (2): A0491/02; C0555/24

wholly (4): A0551/29; B0756/18; B1329/26; C0422/20

whom (166)

whomsoever (2): A0532/V; A0534/29

whooping (1): B1021/04

whose (210)

why (186)

wick (1): B0975/09

wicked (7): A0058/26; A0086/17; A0498/20; A0626/22; B0984/34; B1158/10; C0201/16

wickedly (1): A0105/27

wickedness (3): A0427/01; A0622/34; A0703/V

wicker (4): A0253/29; B1071/08; B1073/32; B1337/14

wicker-work (6): A0046/16; C0393/20; C0397/06; C0398/16; C0408/23; C0415/22

wickliffe’s (1): B1101/V

wid (9): B0811/33; B0811/34; B0812/04; B0812/29; B0812/29; B0818/23; B0820/18; B0821/15; B0821/24

wid> (31): A0464/09; A0464/10; A0464/17; A0465/07; A0465/09; A0465/20; A0465/29; A0466/03; A0466/16; A0466/17; A0466/24; A0466/25; A0467/07; A0467/15; A0467/17; A0467/25; A0468/02; A0468/08; A0468/10; A0468/16; A0468/22; A0468/24; A0468/27; A0469/04; A0469/11; A0469/16; A0469/22; A0469/22; A0469/24; A0470/02; A0470/12

widdy (1): A0354/33

widdy> (9): A0464/23; A0465/06; A0465/28; A0466/10; A0466/10; A0467/07; A0469/22; A0469/22; A0470/14

widdy’s> (2): A0466/18; A0466/25

wide (72)

wide-spreading (1): C0072/19

widely (7): A0098/15; A0153/06; A0398/19; B0956/11; B1239/31; B1336/33; B1378/01

widened (3): A0417/12; B1302/34; C0575/37

widening (2): C0204/20; C0558/29

wider (6): A0265/10; A0479/07; B1157/16; B1337/28; C0575/25; C0576/25

widest (9): A0611/11; A0611/35; A0706/03; B1072/02; B1187/14; B1271/07; B1331/17; B1331/31; B1333/23

widout (1): B0824/24

widow (9): A0026/10; A0384/13; B0725/18; B0892/12; B0914/18; B0915/09; B0915/21; B1107/11; B1107/19

width (16): A0551/18; A0695/20; A0696/36; B0968/19; B1162/00; B1261/12; B1280/04; B1281/28; B1299/16; B1334/14; C0163/18; C0181/06; C0537/38; C0552/07; C0572/08; C0578/04

wield (1): A0156/10

wielded (2): A0544/04; B0977/26

wields (1): A0368/13

wife (76)

wife’s (5): A0054/29; A0055/16; A0064/31; A0227/04; A0231/16

wig (8): A0295/12; A0368/09; A0428/34; B0913/20; B1012/02; B1185/07; B1234/11; C0087/15

Wiggins (1): B1293/20

wigless (1): B1107/18

wild (137)

wild-looking (1): A0122/V

wilder (1): A0166/05

wilderness (29): A0020/14; A0020/14; A0045/16; A0045/19; A0121/04; A0121/05; A0128/15; A0137/06; A0158/V; A0195/V; A0197/14; A0212/20; A0427/10; A0431/06; A0437/04; A0579/10; A0588/V; B0807/02; B0945/10; C0149/37; C0387/M; C0397/16; C0444/V; C0522/08; C0524/04; C0532/19; C0543/39; C0564/18; C0564/32

wildernesses (3): A0640/06; A0711/20; B1276/22

wildest (13): A0027/08; A0137/19; A0320/10; A0321/22; A0427/16; A0427/24; A0515/14; A0537/25; A0558/17; B0862/06; B0889/23; B0946/20; B0946/27

wildly (13): A0311/08; A0311/25; A0317/26; A0412/20; A0439/01; A0512/34; A0683/02; A0684/34; B0899/13; B0940/12; B0945/09; C0124/04; C0190/19

wildness (1): C0198/33

Wiley (3): B1380/03; B1383/15; B1384/14

wilful (1): B1384/12

Wilhelm (1): A0020/03

Wilkie’s (1): B1101/04

Wilkins’, Peter (1): C0429/20

Will (14): B0807/31; B0809/01; B0811/28; B0811/33; B0812/21; B0812/26; B0814/12; B0814/16; B0818/15; B0819/06; B0820/10; B0820/28; B0821/27; B0824/09

will (814)

will-I (1): B1220/01

will/’o/the/wisp (1): B0902/08

Will/o’/the/Wisp (1): A0482/08

will> (1): A0464/19

willain> (2): A0466/V; A0467/15

William (2): A0431/20; A0434/07

William/IV (1): C0162/01

Williams (1): A0388/20

Williams, J. B. (1): B1163/13

willian> (2): A0466/03; A0469/15

willing (32): A0073/22; A0099/23; A0534/24; A0563/08; A0626/03; B0728/15; B0747/23; B0982/35; B1008/14; B1009/21; B1032/31; B1077/29; B1092/17; B1093/05; B1101/06; B1126/09; B1178/04; B1186/23; B1236/10; B1236/28; B1380/08; C0133/34; C0177/30; C0190/38; C0195/15; C0203/01; C0390/21; C0415/01; C0428/13; C0532/30; C0564/29; C0569/03

willingly (7): A0250/01; A0430/07; B0822/18; B0902/V; B1010/V; C0426/15; C0555/14

willingness (2): B1349/26; C0104/07

Willis (3): A0280/19; A0280/23; B1380/16

Willis’s/Rooms (1): B1070/32

willow (6): A0163/15; B1332/12; C0566/17; C0566/17; C0577/19; C0578/10

willows (5): C0536/34; C0544/20; C0544/22; C0545/01; C0577/19

Wilson (18): A0431/20; A0432/24; A0432/32; A0433/14; A0434/07; A0434/26; A0436/34; A0439/32; A0444/03; A0444/04; A0444/06; A0445/02; A0445/28; A0446/06; A0448/06; A0448/11; C0102/22; C0112/35

Wilson, William (6): A0426/01; A0426/T; A0437/22; A0439/13; A0440/31; A0445/34

Wilson’s (3): A0431/30; A0432/19; A0433/33

Wimble, Will (2): A0249/29; A0250/06

win (3): A0414/20; A0441/05; A0629/07

wind (132)

wind-harp (1): A0643/16

wind-sails (1): A0071/09

Windenough (7): A0064/14; A0064/16; A0073/06; A0073/21; A0073/30; A0074/09; A0075/03

Windenough’s (1): A0073/10

Windham (1): A0071/31

winding (11): A0157/02; A0249/17; A0252/14; A0539/19; B0724/25; B0945/08; B1142/26; B1258/29; B1282/17; C0068/41; C0543/31

winding-sheet (1): A0247/03

windings (13): A0081/07; A0429/23; A0671/26; B0865/01; B0942/29; B1279/26; C0069/31; C0070/28; C0074/26; C0077/25; C0193/04; C0208/26; C0410/31

windlass (13): B1078/01; C0115/14; C0116/02; C0116/19; C0117/02; C0117/21; C0118/40; C0119/12; C0119/30; C0119/32; C0120/08; C0139/04; C0139/28

windmill (3): B1070/06; B1164/29; B1380/28

windmills (1): C0118/17

window (60)

window-panes (1): A0036/13

window-sash (1): B1251/02

windowless (1): A0244/05

windows (47): A0019/18; A0022/24; A0036/V; A0058/06; A0068/27; A0072/20; A0151/05; A0152/06; A0157/28; A0248/27; A0351/25; A0367/12; A0397/13; A0398/13; A0401/07; A0407/08; A0407/35; A0430/02; A0501/07; A0533/15; A0539/28; A0542/08; A0551/21; A0551/28; A0552/08; A0552/14; A0558/04; A0626/27; A0671/27; A0671/30; A0672/05; A0674/03; B0901/07; B0992/12; B1008/24; B1008/28; B1008/30; B1020/03; B1021/06; B1021/08; B1057/15; B1299/05; B1336/23; B1339/30; B1340/22; C0410/29; C0420/35

winds (25): A0029/16; A0044/V; A0054/22; A0213/14; A0227/24; A0232/11; A0236/08; A0426/05; A0578/19; A0580/33; A0594/08; A0642/29; A0643/27; B0724/31; B0871/15; C0071/36; C0088/15; C0140/19; C0148/23; C0150/41; C0156/28; C0160/11; C0162/25; C0205/37; C0570/10

windward (15): B0930/29; B0931/08; C0062/13; C0106/26; C0114/33; C0118/05; C0119/33; C0120/03; C0123/14; C0136/10; C0141/05; C0143/31; C0143/41; C0144/13; C0187/12

windy> (2): A0465/07; A0465/09

wine (80)

wine-bibbing (1): A0247/31

wine-bottle (1): C0141/29

wine-box (1): B1059/V

wine-cellars (1): A0245/10

wine-pipe (1): B1102/24

wine-table (1): A0446/22

wines (7): A0243/05; A0245/15; A0250/26; B1017/28; B1257/12; C0058/12; C0091/21

wing (22): A0599/M; B0809/03; B1008/28; B1103/28; B1103/28; B1103/33; B1103/33; B1103/34; B1103/34; B1103/35; B1248/22; B1336/09; B1336/15; B1336/17; B1336/28; B1336/30; B1336/37; B1337/19; B1338/05; B1339/23; B1339/26; C0151/38

winged (4): A0033/04; A0407/05; A0407/V; B1180/22

wings (30): A0164/25; A0189/09; A0316/13; A0318/20; A0330/16; A0599/M; A0603/15; B0963/34; B1013/30; B1103/27; B1153/32; B1156/31; B1164/35; B1215/25; B1248/22; B1248/26; B1250/21; B1250/25; B1282/34; B1311/32; B1337/25; C0151/18; C0151/35; C0178/17; C0191/13; C0408/24; C0409/01; C0429/19; C0429/20; C0543/01

wink (6): A0098/08; A0355/14; A0467/16; A0468/08; A0468/29; B1373/08

winked (7): A0465/20; A0487/21; A0625/17; B0927/29; B1012/12; B1182/33; B1193/16

winking (2): A0355/09; A0469/22

Winowacants (2): C0551/02; C0551/05

wins (4): B0984/10; B0984/16; B0984/20; B0984/27

wint> (3): A0466/25; A0468/09; A0470/08

winter (23): A0101/17; A0214/16; A0243/03; A0249/28; A0531/V; A0604/26; B0888/29; B0963/10; C0161/35; C0170/32; C0185/33; C0204/32; C0447/V; C0522/22; C0526/23; C0546/35; C0547/02; C0547/10; C0560/09; C0560/22; C0560/26; C0561/01; C0566/04

winters (1): B0807/35

wiped (5): A0106/16; A0487/V; B0823/25; B0911/01; C0426/34

wire (9): A0682/06; B0960/20; B1071/12; B1071/14; B1119/20; B1167/13; B1167/29; B1181/26; B1182/30

wires (3): B1163/37; B1293/33; B1293/35

Wirklichkeit (1): B0723/M

Wirt, William (1): A0275/08

Wirt’s (2): A0275/12; A0275/16

Wisconsin/river (1): C0528/12

wisdom (17): A0075/10; A0075/14; A0128/24; A0234/05; A0316/10; A0323/10; A0407/23; A0435/32; A0446/05; A0568/19; A0638/11; B1018/08; B1047/08; B1092/28; B1127/07; B1212/02; B1345/25

wise (25): A0098/21; A0205/08; A0235/15; A0386/14; A0458/24; A0458/28; A0458/28; A0460/10; A0473/22; A0491/02; A0599/M; A0609/11; A0609/11; B0793/06; B0796/05; B0984/34; B1164/02; B1169/03; B1194/06; B1345/25; B1368/01; B1369/01; B1369/08; B1369/10; C0062/07

wiseacre (2): B1296/15; B1312/17

wisely (2): B0789/19; B1127/33

wiser (6): A0622/16; B1104/34; B1177/04; B1220/12; C0168/26; C0427/37

wisest (2): A0370/18; C0558/40

wish (67)

wished (19): A0324/25; A0352/06; A0586/30; A0625/25; A0653/23; A0663/07; B0797/01; B0808/20; B0856/24; B1014/14; B1015/V; B1018/33; B1139/23; B1189/34; C0127/41; C0404/26; C0535/08; C0556/08; C0558/04

wishes (20): A0021/26; A0092/15; A0111/25; A0268/31; A0339/01; A0383/16; A0653/27; B0744/28; B0749/04; B0923/14; B1096/06; B1114/13; B1242/18; B1360/02; B1360/04; B1384/28; C0176/36; C0414/03; C0529/26; C0563/41

wishing (12): A0080/22; A0268/07; A0356/10; B0762/01; B0808/23; B0810/21; B0979/30; B1093/19; B1105/08; C0080/27; C0141/19; C0399/31

wisiting> (1): A0464/01

Wissahiccon (7): B0861/T; B0863/31; B0863/33; B0864/13; B0864/22; B0865/05; B0865/18

wissahiccon (1): B0864/02

wit (18): A0087/09; A0344/19; A0407/23; A0434/01; A0437/06; A0650/28; A0652/12; A0675/08; B0747/25; B0923/23; B1012/30; B1045/35; B1055/07; B1127/07; B1345/11; C0102/19; C0430/16; C0527/38

wit’s (1): A0433/28

witch (3): A0052/02; A0062/04; A0599/V

witches (2): A0479/12; B0850/31

With (1): B0795/25

with (4276)

withal (2): A0413/27; A0414/23

withdraw (4): A0022/20; A0552/07; B0893/08; B1181/07

withdrawal (1): A0510/32

withdrawing (3): B0893/30; B1261/30; C0172/11

withdrawn (1): B0832/13

withdrew (6): A0094/19; A0114/14; A0437/15; A0552/20; B0856/25; B1011/29

withered (4): A0643/08; A0665/15; B1279/33; C0173/06

withering (2): B1133/27; B1371/11

withersoever (1): A0512/07

withheld (2): B0855/15; B0960/32

withhold (2): B1014/21; B1054/31

withholding (1): B1154/31

within (341)

without (491)

withstand (3): A0696/34; B1322/25; C0188/01

witness (18): A0294/V; A0539/18; A0540/06; A0540/15; A0540/22; A0540/30; A0544/06; A0549/30; A0550/14; A0550/16; A0642/14; B1053/14; B1053/15; B1108/08; B1382/10; C0541/16; C0545/26; C0567/32

witness’ (1): B0745/25

witnessed (7): A0298/V; A0299/V; A0479/31; B0942/01; B1007/12; B1008/34; C0095/21

witnesses (8): A0542/04; A0542/22; A0543/08; A0544/21; A0549/12; A0549/18; A0560/06; B1236/13

witnessing (1): C0535/39

wits (3): A0509/26; B1101/32; B1347/35

witticism (1): B0927/32

witticisms (1): B1345/21

wittily (3): A0093/11; A0112/22; A0433/22

witty (3): A0204/03; A0435/13; B1325/02

wives (3): B1101/10; B1169/02; B1169/05

wizard (2): B0955/33; B1279/32

wo (8): A0153/16; A0318/21; A0326/17; A0614/07; B0856/03; B0955/19; B0964/23; B1248/37

woe (2): A0228/01; A0326/V

woes (2): A0675/V; B1130/21

woful (1): A0046/17

wofully (1): A0240/V

Wolf (1): B0832/07

wolf (3): C0536/23; C0560/03; C0570/32

Wollaston (1): B1167/29

wolly-wou> (1): A0469/15

wolverine (1): C0536/23

wolves (3): C0567/03; C0567/08; C0575/12

woman (41): A0151/18; A0154/25; A0162/08; A0227/09; A0231/22; A0234/04; A0315/17; A0315/25; A0368/02; A0383/02; A0540/13; A0544/04; A0557/03; A0622/29; A0644/07; A0704/03; B0734/12; B0744/02; B0749/07; B0889/20; B0891/18; B0892/05; B0893/22; B0894/16; B0897/28; B0902/24; B0903/22; B0915/18; B0924/19; B0924/23; B0933/20; B1004/06; B1005/02; B1121/01; B1169/22; B1269/02; B1277/08; B1338/27; B1339/04; B1339/07; C0395/08

woman’s (4): A0540/10; A0540/24; A0542/02; B0958/03

womanhood (3): A0510/07; A0663/22; B1339/07

womanliness (1): B1339/05

womanly (1): A0317/23

womb (1): C0429/24

women (30): A0128/V; A0315/07; A0347/29; A0510/06; A0527/M; A0548/28; A0704/13; B0741/07; B0745/33; B0841/04; B0888/28; B0992/21; B1015/17; B1016/11; B1016/11; B1016/17; B1016/19; B1045/15; B1047/V; B1092/29; B1269/12; B1303/22; B1303/26; B1350/12; B1350/26; B1352/11; C0093/33; C0156/14; C0174/24; C0180/03

won (3): A0443/07; A0626/09; B0984/11

won’t (6): A0630/11; B0820/18; B1142/22; B1142/23; B1169/23; C0067/32

wonder (56)

wonder-stricken (2): A0154/13; A0372/02

wonder-working (1): A0213/24

wondered (9): A0153/13; A0234/10; A0400/33; A0590/11; A0644/V; B0927/21; B1346/29; C0111/29; C0397/22

wonderful (38): A0072/29; A0098/10; A0141/27; A0144/16; A0174/03; A0179/14; A0198/28; A0210/13; A0210/14; A0295/18; A0296/V; A0379/21; A0381/25; A0381/26; A0381/34; A0385/11; A0478/15; A0478/31; A0588/32; B0757/21; B0772/26; B0826/02; B1157/21; B1162/36; B1163/03; B1165/21; B1166/24; B1278/02; B1316/19; B1346/17; C0425/30; C0425/34; C0441/V; C0536/12; C0543/35; C0569/17; C0576/08; C0577/37

wonderfully (16): A0047/23; A0382/29; A0383/32; A0386/01; B0931/09; B1030/09; B1073/33; B1180/28; B1240/24; B1293/27; C0138/13; C0139/07; C0179/11; C0421/16; C0524/20; C0554/22

wondering (3): B0866/04; C0077/27; C0390/25

wonderingly (1): B0944/21

wonderment (2): A0172/M; A0178/M

wonders (17): A0343/33; A0455/13; A0457/32; A0499/03; A0593/10; A0709/31; A0710/19; B0897/27; B1006/11; B1274/33; B1275/22; B1298/25; C0057/31; C0060/11; C0064/30; C0412/31; C0564/32

wondrous (1): B1382/27

wont (15): A0098/15; A0098/31; A0143/05; A0235/20; A0402/06; A0428/30; A0459/09; A0533/15; A0608/11; A0615/14; A0624/31; B0927/16; B1257/03; B1352/32; B1371/32

wonted (1): A0438/29

woo> (2): A0467/01; A0467/01

wood (52)

wood-cut (1): A0273/18

wood-cutters (2): C0545/37; C0547/30

wood-cutting (1): C0546/09

wood-work (1): A0400/13

Wood/river (1): C0538/43

wooded (5): B0817/24; B1281/20; C0167/26; C0549/24; C0558/31

wooden (7): A0514/25; A0695/06; B0929/22; B0967/16; B1119/M; C0175/01; C0534/34

woodland (1): B1048/35

Woods (2): C0526/37; C0528/23

woods (13): B0734/31; B0735/25; B0759/31; B0760/18; B1057/36; B1246/05; B1371/29; B1371/31; B1371/31; C0532/08; C0550/21; C0552/40; C0563/06

woodwork (2): A0081/28; A0367/14

woody (2): C0541/35; C0541/37

wool (6): A0351/10; A0351/16; A0351/16; A0489/16; C0165/14; C0569/29

woollen (7): A0368/19; B0825/25; B0929/15; C0082/20; C0109/03; C0119/20; C0202/34

woolly (1): C0168/15

woolly-wou> (1): A0469/V

woolly> (1): A0466/08

Woolwich (1): B1069/21

word (178)

worded (2): A0273/05; B1047/11

wording (1): A0302/11

wordly (1): B0899/14

Words (2): B1177/T; B1211/T

words (264)

wore (43): A0023/04; A0189/11; A0205/15; A0246/25; A0247/02; A0328/26; A0401/03; A0439/09; A0508/29; A0509/02; A0509/14; A0509/33; A0513/20; A0513/34; A0514/23; A0533/15; A0578/34; A0582/31; A0602/17; A0603/21; A0628/03; A0682/03; B0728/28; B0728/29; B0811/04; B0825/29; B0826/20; B0940/29; B1008/02; B1049/29; B1080/05; B1157/05; B1235/12; B1257/18; B1345/19; C0087/15; C0105/06; C0108/38; C0131/07; C0204/31; C0559/02; C0560/26; C0562/21

worf (1): B0811/32

work (94)

worked (10): A0343/23; A0399/31; A0554/15; A0610/27; A0631/20; B0796/06; B0825/34; C0118/32; C0393/24; C0395/31

working (12): A0056/02; A0065/26; B0760/10; B0913/13; B1081/V; C0107/20; C0114/02; C0114/07; C0114/41; C0136/38; C0395/23; C0545/23

workings (1): A0324/20

workmanship (4): A0086/33; A0189/22; C0202/27; C0534/02

workmen (1): B1303/32

Works (1): B1141/07

works (25): A0135/06; A0271/35; A0283/06; A0301/01; A0399/01; A0408/29; A0489/27; A0502/11; A0577/M; B0828/16; B0862/18; B1017/15; B1022/04; B1031/11; B1141/09; B1144/34; B1220/16; B1220/17; B1279/32; B1298/12; B1316/20; B1329/30; C0169/23; C0524/13; C0536/41

world (1): B0861/03

world (183)

world’s (2): A0431/01; A0609/12

worldly (9): A0409/18; A0435/31; A0458/08; A0532/11; A0703/02; B0852/33; B1224/28; B1268/02; B1276/21

Worlds (1): B0863/17

worlds (5): A0151/07; A0214/25; A0217/V; B1213/26; C0083/02

Worm (2): A0319/18; B0961/24

worm (12): A0107/07; A0228/17; A0232/V; A0235/02; A0616/12; A0616/34; A0616/V; B0964/28; B1037/06; B1037/12; B1163/15; B1292/30

worm-eaten (2): A0142/31; A0514/25

worm-holes (1): B1160/39

worm’s (1): B1037/11

wormed (1): A0298/V

Wormley (3): C0548/34; C0549/08; C0579/15

Wormley, Alexander (2): C0531/35; C0535/23

worms (5): B0963/23; B1165/27; B1165/34; C0142/39; C0178/17

wormwood (1): B1131/30

worn (30): A0086/27; A0086/29; A0089/15; A0100/03; A0100/06; A0329/04; A0444/16; A0444/27; B0731/11; B0735/26; B0735/27; B0746/21; B0827/06; B0827/30; B0890/05; B0908/05; B0916/12; B1049/22; B1141/26; B1262/11; C0411/31; C0416/41; C0552/05; C0552/10; C0552/15; C0552/19; C0562/06; C0572/36; C0577/05; C0579/08

worried (1): C0391/34

worry (1): A0284/19

worse (28): A0139/09; A0326/03; A0373/29; A0623/01; A0623/01; A0631/18; A0652/07; A0695/11; B0851/07; B0866/04; B0911/V; B0942/23; B1017/27; B1017/28; B1132/05; B1139/27; B1153/13; B1249/21; B1278/16; B1390/04; C0121/29; C0141/17; C0190/14; C0388/30; C0531/01; C0561/20; C0565/09; C0565/15

worship (5): A0122/24; A0311/28; A0644/17; B1188/15; B1303/20

worshipped (3): A0035/13; A0122/29; C0524/02

worshippers (2): A0043/14; A0498/21

worst (16): A0410/05; A0488/10; A0490/25; A0514/23; A0515/30; A0548/12; A0585/11; A0684/13; B0844/17; B1050/14; B1139/28; B1278/18; C0079/08; C0095/36; C0406/39; C0549/32

worsted (1): B1101/23

worth (32): A0028/11; A0069/28; A0091/22; A0110/26; A0160/V; A0285/11; A0339/16; A0340/18; A0379/14; A0703/33; B0732/34; B0828/14; B0828/17; B0863/13; B0880/07; B1054/24; B1079/33; B1092/23; B1189/20; B1244/02; B1268/31; B1364/24; B1364/24; C0057/26; C0091/12; C0179/04; C0179/13; C0196/01; C0196/05; C0442/V; C0531/04; C0574/38

worthless (3): B0991/05; B1297/22; B1316/06

worthlessness (1): B0991/23

worthy (32): A0044/26; A0098/23; A0241/23; A0243/20; A0245/V; A0250/35; A0252/11; A0295/28; A0297/V; A0382/20; A0495/V; A0557/27; A0703/20; B0748/35; B0823/05; B0862/03; B0862/11; B0926/27; B0987/04; B1050/05; B1050/32; B1052/02; B1053/07; B1054/21; B1206/07; B1250/08; B1268/19; C0165/32; C0173/23; C0401/23; C0402/04; C0419/41

wou> (4): A0466/08; A0466/08; A0467/20; A0467/20

would (981)

Would-be (1): B1324/T

would-be (1): B1324/02

wouldn’t (12): A0072/24; A0345/12; A0384/09; A0464/12; A0465/27; A0487/19; A0488/28; A0651/03; B0812/28; B0982/11; B1046/32; B1046/32

wouldst (1): A0599/M

woully> (1): A0467/20

wouly-wou> (1): A0470/23

wound (21): A0564/28; B0730/26; B0765/21; B0851/23; B0945/01; B1053/33; B1071/29; B1077/35; B1153/33; B1185/26; B1328/05; C0064/20; C0071/15; C0076/33; C0085/23; C0088/11; C0111/24; C0113/33; C0180/40; C0535/40; C0575/18

wounded (17): A0626/07; A0662/02; B1044/18; B1107/12; C0119/29; C0127/08; C0136/32; C0141/07; C0143/20; C0187/33; C0557/27; C0557/33; C0557/40; C0558/11; C0558/19; C0563/09; C0566/32

wounds (5): A0058/24; A0549/06; C0092/25; C0141/10; C0141/18

wrap (2): A0559/14; C0416/33

wrapped (16): A0139/08; A0141/32; A0196/22; A0246/02; A0437/03; A0439/28; A0489/31; A0611/22; A0630/28; B0830/20; B0830/25; B0890/31; B1106/29; C0063/34; C0130/33; C0397/38

wrapper (4): A0087/05; A0443/13; A0443/22; A0685/30

wrapping (1): A0048/V

wrapt (1): A0139/V

wrath (14): A0383/05; A0417/04; A0447/01; A0567/03; B0765/08; B0795/V; B0856/21; B0897/01; B0898/24; B1107/18; B1128/32; B1130/20; B1158/08; C0392/03

wreath (4): A0127/06; A0128/28; A0128/28; B1282/26

wreathed (2): A0162/17; A0217/V

wreathing (3): A0029/V; A0603/19; B1339/02

wreaths (2): B1330/25; C0192/40

wreck (15): A0213/23; A0591/36; A0604/02; A0614/35; B0830/17; B0931/16; B0932/10; B0932/20; B1110/19; C0115/06; C0139/13; C0146/42; C0189/23; C0198/38; C0572/32

wreckers (1): B0933/12

wrenched (1): B1020/07

wrenching (2): C0122/06; C0126/31

wrestled (2): A0317/02; A0696/14

wretch (19): A0052/01; A0055/22; A0062/03; A0065/06; A0071/16; A0092/10; A0111/22; A0242/31; A0250/35; A0336/12; A0416/06; B0771/25; B0911/29; B0914/V; B0966/05; B1054/34; B1058/06; B1059/22; B1138/13

wretched (10): A0092/08; A0111/19; A0515/03; A0653/22; B0855/36; B0957/21; B1101/30; B1131/03; B1177/02; B1360/02

wretchedly (3): B1183/15; B1310/21; B1313/14

wretchedness (7): A0209/01; A0703/12; B0855/36; B0857/25; B0955/18; B0966/32; B1268/11

wretches (9): A0382/30; A0383/31; A0384/21; B1157/08; C0180/11; C0181/20; C0188/10; C0190/14; C0201/16

wriggle (2): A0623/05; B1346/08

wriggled (1): B0819/02

wriggles (1): B1251/01

wriggling (2): A0373/28; A0627/07

wrigglings (1): B1165/28

wring (1): B1153/13

wringing (4): A0506/04; B1257/20; C0120/09; C0146/10

wrinkled (3): A0144/18; A0510/10; C0389/22

wrinkles (3): A0252/13; B0911/10; C0410/24

wrist (9): B0730/08; B0730/10; B0890/09; B0964/11; B0964/25; B0965/02; C0118/31; C0142/05; C0398/13

wristband (1): A0509/11

wrists (7): A0078/05; A0103/26; A0247/29; B0967/15; B0967/22; C0168/17; C0411/28

write (51)

writer (37): A0174/05; A0175/11; A0179/17; A0204/11; A0282/03; A0283/29; A0339/07; A0339/28; A0341/19; A0398/21; A0479/10; A0581/12; A0709/19; B0723/20; B0738/21; B0743/20; B0840/11; B1119/11; B1119/13; B1250/06; B1274/22; B1310/13; B1318/12; B1359/14; C0055/24; C0207/23; C0207/33; C0391/05; C0392/23; C0428/11; C0428/11; C0429/07; C0430/33; C0448/V; C0448/V; C0522/01; C0524/13

writer’s (1): B1359/27

writers (5): A0071/31; A0150/V; A0531/06; B1206/04; C0433/06

writes (14): A0093/10; A0112/22; A0271/24; A0276/33; A0280/23; A0281/04; A0284/26; A0285/01; A0285/18; A0286/16; A0709/21; B1138/01; B1380/25; C0423/31

writhe (5): A0161/17; A0674/02; A0681/16; B1156/32; B1337/22

writhed (9): A0157/V; A0321/26; A0616/V; A0643/09; A0673/28; A0694/21; B0967/20; B1239/29; C0399/07

writhes (4): A0319/05; A0319/07; A0319/07; B1079/07

writhing (9): A0166/04; A0195/20; A0215/26; A0326/10; A0588/22; A0602/12; A0697/03; B0947/19; B0950/13

writhings (2): A0317/07; B1165/28

writin> (1): A0465/28

writing (44): A0088/33; A0103/13; A0266/16; A0267/03; A0267/28; A0268/15; A0269/07; A0270/13; A0272/09; A0272/12; A0273/20; A0274/08; A0274/28; A0275/12; A0275/15; A0277/14; A0278/34; A0279/12; A0279/31; A0281/01; A0281/27; A0283/04; A0283/21; A0284/08; A0296/V; A0338/04; A0338/10; A0338/14; A0338/31; A0465/V; A0473/07; A0528/19; A0533/03; B0831/13; B0835/32; B1059/16; B1091/19; B1164/06; B1166/29; C0056/27; C0078/20; C0080/04; C0080/04; C0430/03

writing-desk (1): B0811/01

writing-table (1): B0990/29

writings (10): A0059/08; A0061/04; A0225/16; A0225/20; A0229/15; A0269/24; A0271/03; A0280/27; A0457/17; B1017/16

Written (1): B0806/T

written (63)

Wrong (1): B0806/M

wrong (36): A0058/30; A0075/04; A0090/25; A0090/25; A0093/26; A0369/14; A0459/26; A0500/15; A0553/17; A0561/12; B0751/23; B0757/33; B0757/35; B0763/12; B0769/V; B0796/12; B0852/17; B0946/14; B0984/10; B1013/05; B1039/12; B1101/24; B1140/16; B1183/33; B1190/07; B1195/15; B1220/08; B1221/01; B1221/03; B1256/07; B1256/10; C0059/04; C0186/08; C0424/28; C0574/39; C0575/02

wrong’s (2): B0852/18; B1221/03

wronged (1): B0789/11

wrote (26): A0069/V; A0109/09; A0174/01; A0179/12; A0263/27; A0302/03; A0339/14; A0340/01; A0343/19; A0621/12; B0869/02; B0900/10; B0900/16; B0901/18; B0911/19; B1145/14; B1145/18; B1145/25; B1145/25; B1145/26; B1145/27; B1145/28; B1145/28; B1383/33; B1383/35; B1384/02

wrought (23): A0029/02; A0213/30; A0322/15; A0613/28; A0665/19; A0666/01; A0708/25; B0737/V; B0826/05; B0866/04; B0905/V; B0923/06; B0969/01; B1133/17; B1193/21; B1214/01; B1224/06; B1235/11; B1251/02; B1273/20; B1280/18; B1364/19; C0178/20

wrought-iron (1): C0115/32

wrung (1): C0120/12

wud> (9): A0465/17; A0465/18; A0466/07; A0466/18; A0466/32; A0467/11; A0467/15; A0468/V; A0469/12

wully> (1): A0467/01

wxnt (1): B1374/11

wxxds (3): B1374/08; B1374/10; B1374/10

Wyatt (28): B0923/25; B0923/29; B0924/14; B0924/22; B0924/28; B0925/14; B0926/03; B0926/12; B0926/18; B0926/22; B0926/24; B0926/35; B0927/30; B0928/33; B0928/34; B0929/01; B0929/09; B0929/31; B0930/02; B0930/05; B0931/21; B0931/28; B0931/32; B0931/35; B0932/06; B0932/09; B0933/17; B0933/33

Wyatt, Cornelius (2): B0922/09; B0925/27

Wyatt, W. (1): C0524/18

Wyatt’s (6): B0923/19; B0924/06; B0925/20; B0926/05; B0928/16; B0928/21

Wyatt’s (1): B1165/35

X (2): A0271/08; B1375/13

x (7): B0988/07; B1373/30; B1373/31; B1373/35; B1374/01; B1374/03; B1375/11

X-ample (1): B1375/04

X-asperation (1): B1375/03

X-cellent (1): B1374/32

X-centric (1): B1375/01

X-ed (1): B1375/15

x-ed (1): B1374/04

X-ing (1): B1368/T

X-press (1): B1375/02

X-traordinary (1): B1375/09

X-treme (1): B1375/22

x-tremity (1): B1375/V

X-uberance (1): B1374/34

X/(cross) (1): B1375/21

xdixus (1): B1374/10

Xerxes (2): A0534/18; A0534/27

Xerxes (1): A0119/M

xf (5): B1374/08; B1374/10; B1374/16; B1374/17; B1374/20

xh (3): B1374/09; B1374/11; B1374/13

xld (5): B1374/10; B1374/10; B1374/15; B1374/17; B1374/20

xnce (2): B1374/09; B1374/12

xnly (1): B1374/14

xr (1): B1374/15

xut (3): B1374/08; B1374/09; B1374/16

xwl (2): B1374/11; B1374/14

xwns (1): B1374/13

xx (1): A0277/22

xxult (2): A0275/03; A0277/24

XI (1): A0271/31

XII (1): A0272/19

XIII (1): A0273/01

XIV (1): A0273/32

XIX (1): A0276/22

XV (1): A0274/16

XVI (1): A0275/01

XVII (1): A0275/21

XVIII (1): A0276/06

XX (1): A0277/01

XXI (1): A0277/20

XXII (1): A0278/01

XXIII (1): A0278/21

XXIV (1): A0279/01

XXIX (1): A0281/31

XXV (1): A0279/30

XXVI (1): A0280/12

XXVII (1): A0280/31

XXVIII (1): A0281/08

XXX (1): A0282/12

XXX/ale (1): B1375/20

XXXI (1): A0282/31

XXXII (1): A0283/12

XXXIII (1): A0283/33

XXXIV (1): A0284/15

XXXV (1): A0284/31

XXXVI (1): A0285/10

XXXVII (1): A0285/22

XXXVIII (1): A0286/01

y (2): A0621/03; B0986/33

yachts (1): A0581/35

Yampoos (1): C0173/02

Yankee/Doodle (1): B1020/15

Yankee’s (1): B1375/02

Yankees (2): A0496/05; B1191/07

Yanktons (1): C0551/11

yard (15): A0347/04; A0538/20; A0546/33; A0557/30; A0593/08; A0676/09; A0686/16; A0690/12; B0841/17; B0856/35; B1164/40; C0175/36; C0175/36; C0185/03; C0202/39

yard-arms (1): A0143/24

yards (49): A0367/02; A0578/13; A0591/V; A0671/24; A0686/17; A0688/11; B0822/02; B0825/02; B0865/26; B0943/10; B1161/35; B1248/23; B1280/04; B1281/29; B1331/13; B1331/17; B1331/30; B1331/36; B1332/23; B1333/23; B1334/09; B1336/05; C0144/16; C0169/04; C0181/01; C0184/32; C0188/18; C0191/28; C0193/04; C0193/07; C0193/21; C0194/23; C0195/05; C0196/07; C0199/09; C0200/12; C0200/26; C0393/18; C0396/25; C0408/26; C0541/25; C0542/24; C0559/12; C0559/13; C0570/13; C0570/37; C0571/19; C0572/09; C0577/03

yards’ (1): B1335/05

yaw (2): C0124/16; C0124/33

yawed (1): C0123/19

yawl (1): A0142/11

yawling (1): B0968/V

yawned (3): A0035/01; A0101/14; A0689/09

yawning (5): A0080/27; A0697/01; B0990/21; C0205/35; C0405/29

yawns (3): A0153/10; A0703/26; B1268/25

ycleped (1): A0087/06

ye (33): A0188/01; A0249/26; A0249/27; A0251/08; A0351/15; A0357/01; A0381/01; A0381/02; A0464/05; A0464/12; A0465/08; A0465/14; A0465/15; A0465/17; A0466/12; A0466/20; A0466/25; A0466/31; A0466/33; A0467/13; A0468/04; A0468/13; A0469/02; A0469/11; A0469/26; A0470/08; A0470/18; A0639/02; B1046/10; B1046/10; B1046/11; B1046/13; B1145/19

ye’re (1): A0466/21

ye’ve (1): A0470/06

yea (1): A0188/M

yea-nay (1): B1139/16

year (75)

year’s (2): A0654/22; C0138/09

yearning (1): C0198/09

years (202)

yell (10): A0244/30; A0591/12; B0795/25; B0913/21; B0967/36; C0060/37; C0124/30; C0201/14; C0553/31; C0554/17

yelled (1): A0353/31

yelling (2): B1021/04; C0187/36

yellings (2): A0243/27; C0189/39

Yellow (1): B1294/24

yellow (25): A0087/08; A0087/17; A0100/15; A0106/23; A0138/19; A0197/06; A0215/06; A0245/23; A0283/29; A0368/05; A0368/11; A0406/34; A0498/10; A0559/V; A0640/02; B0945/19; C0126/07; C0389/27; C0418/43; C0419/15; C0543/01; C0543/22; C0543/29; C0559/36; C0576/07

Yellow/Stone (2): C0574/20; C0574/41

yellowish (2): B1242/11; C0572/12

Yellowstone (2): C0528/18; C0571/09

yells (8): A0244/14; B1014/24; B1014/26; B1015/05; B1019/32; B1262/29; C0184/22; C0200/39

yelpings (1): B0823/11

yer> (2): A0465/21; A0470/07

yes (109)

yesterday (19): A0265/08; A0370/21; A0384/07; A0473/21; A0540/16; A0656/09; A0656/10; A0656/14; A0656/19; A0657/21; B0753/14; B0753/22; B0900/20; B1079/22; B1091/22; B1160/28; B1370/12; C0129/40; C0539/12

yesterday’s (1): A0536/14

yet (474)

yeux (1): A0378/M

yield (17): A0059/06; A0061/01; A0310/M; A0314/28; A0319/23; A0320/01; A0448/13; A0583/30; A0604/03; A0604/04; B0907/11; C0059/34; C0076/11; C0086/13; C0090/20; C0561/13; C0568/01

yielded (8): A0642/31; A0644/16; B0907/18; B0910/02; B1107/13; B1234/30; C0569/22; C0579/34

yielding (4): A0154/02; A0433/02; B1035/13; B1370/33

yields (3): A0479/23; A0708/17; B1273/12

yon (3): A0153/09; A0165/13; A0252/09

yonder (8): A0046/17; A0122/19; A0122/28; A0124/22; A0217/V; A0300/09; A0300/11; A0579/25

York (5): B1081/04; B1192/08; B1328/02; C0428/09; C0522/18

York-Town (1): B1138/34

Yorktown (2): B1304/17; B1304/34

you (1531)

you’d (1): A0468/10

you’ll (1): A0629/V

you’re (6): A0651/07; B1127/28; B1371/29; B1371/30; B1371/34; B1372/01

you’ve (1): B1371/32

young (124)

younger (10): A0241/08; B0891/18; B0897/22; B0915/07; B0915/22; B0915/29; B0925/10; B0941/10; B1014/08; C0529/20

youngest (2): A0577/04; A0585/35

your (464)

yours (31): A0089/23; A0090/30; A0107/25; A0107/28; A0109/22; A0266/03; A0268/32; A0270/08; A0271/13; A0272/03; A0273/07; A0276/28; A0277/28; A0278/08; A0278/27; A0279/03; A0279/07; A0280/18; A0280/36; A0284/01; A0284/35; A0650/17; B0813/30; B0816/21; B0844/08; B0870/15; B0900/23; B1142/20; B1178/24; B1291/10; B1305/17

yourself (48): A0072/12; A0072/13; A0090/27; A0173/25; A0179/05; A0251/29; A0272/25; A0299/10; A0299/32; A0300/03; A0340/26; A0347/01; A0534/14; A0536/05; A0536/26; A0536/V; A0563/25; A0578/30; A0589/10; A0612/12; A0650/23; A0651/02; A0656/V; B0768/11; B0820/16; B0826/28; B0844/12; B0870/17; B0892/09; B0903/17; B0907/27; B0913/05; B0949/05; B0949/11; B0979/06; B0982/17; B1005/30; B1007/05; B1010/07; B1010/09; B1013/34; B1014/01; B1032/30; B1091/03; B1093/34; B1093/35; B1103/32; B1109/10

yourselves (2): A0250/22; B0816/16

yourzelf (1): B1103/10

youself (1): B0913/V

youth (17): A0023/20; A0025/17; A0085/12; A0150/03; A0210/11; A0410/22; A0430/25; A0439/07; A0440/33; A0510/11; A0639/04; B0726/28; B0893/01; B0914/08; B0916/07; B0940/05; B1133/18

youthful (3): B0888/17; B1122/28; B1123/13

yowling (1): B0968/04

yr./mo./ob./sts (1): B1055/V

yur> (5): A0465/03; A0465/16; A0465/19; A0465/24; A0470/08

Yurope (1): B1294/05

yxu (11): B1374/07; B1374/07; B1374/11; B1374/12; B1374/13; B1374/13; B1374/13; B1374/16; B1374/19; B1374/19; B1374/19

yxu’ve (4): B1374/08; B1374/09; B1374/13; B1374/14

yxu’ve (1): B1374/11

yxur (5): B1374/10; B1374/10; B1374/17; B1374/20; B1374/20

yzur (1): B1374/08

Zacchary (1): B1305/12

Zadig (1): B1345/14

zaffre (1): B0832/20

Zahara (1): C0072/25

Zaiat, Ebn (2): A0209/M; A0218/14

Zaire (7): A0195/03; A0196/02; A0197/06; A0344/15; A0344/V; A0344/V; A0344/V

Zaire (3): A0344/15; A0344/16; A0344/21

Zante (2): B1385/27; B1386/03

zay (1): B1103/01

zeal (8): A0495/V; B0738/04; B0823/04; B1050/20; B1052/08; B1128/08; B1182/26; C0545/41

zealous (2): A0044/13; B0753/35

zee (5): B1102/19; B1103/01; B1103/10; B1103/24; B1103/25

zenith (2): C0410/26; C0420/08

Zenobia (8): A0337/03; A0337/04; A0337/05; A0337/08; A0340/11; A0340/19; A0346/30; A0356/01

Zenobia, Psyche (8): A0336/02; A0336/V; A0337/09; A0337/11; A0339/09; A0339/22; A0349/10; A0357/12

zenzes (1): B1109/20

Zephyr (1): A0062/32

zephyr (2): A0385/07; A0385/V

Zephyrs (1): A0640/13

Zeros (1): B1300/16

zest (1): A0352/13

zide (1): B1102/20

zig-zag (1): B1339/34

zigzag (2): A0400/19; A0417/11

Zimmerman (1): A0602/06

Zion (1): A0044/29

zit (5): B1102/19; B1102/37; B1103/01; B1103/24; B1103/32

zober (1): B1109/19

Zodiac (1): C0432/27

zodiacal (2): C0402/03; C0423/09

Zohar (1): B1151/03

Zoilus (2): A0190/10; A0191/03

zone (1): C0425/38

zones (2): C0171/19; C0425/18

zoophytes (1): C0178/34

Zopyrus (1): A0068/14

zorry (1): B1104/17

zubmizzion (1): B1109/34

Zufalle (1): B0723/M

zusammen (1): B0723/M





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-Letter; A)