Science and Pseudo-Science in the Writings of Edgar Allan Poe, (1951), title page and table of contents


Title page:



Science and Pseudo-Science
in the Writings of
Edgar Allan Poe


Carroll D. Laverty

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of Duke University






Table of Contents


   Preface    i
   Introduction    2
I Opinions of Science    4
II Scientific Thought    21
III Psychology    44
IV Phrenology    99
V Astronomy    122
VI Physics and Chemistry    162
VII Aeronautics    190
VIII Geology and Meteorology    211
IX Biology and The Conchologist’s First Book    221
X Medicine    249
XI Mesmerism    284
XII Eureka    306
  Appendix    355
  Bibliography    362




Carroll Dee Laverty was born in Nebraska on November 3, 1906, although his family moved to Denver, CO some time before he entered high school. He obtained his B. A. degree from the University of Colorado in 1933, and his M. A. from the same institution in 1934. He was awared a PhD. from Duke University in 1951. He taught for most of his career at Texas A & M College, beginning in 1939, interrupted only by several years of military duty and later a brief sabbatical to complete his graduate studies. He retired on May 4, 1973 and died on January 7, 1983. (He married Marion Laverty about 1935. Their only child, Penelope Laverty Person, died in 2006.) For additional details, up to 1951, see the vita appended at the end of this disseration.

Technically, the contents of this disseration are protected by copyright, but with Dr. Laverty himself having died decades ago, and there being no readily identifiable heir or estate, it has not been possible to secure formal permission. Both Texas A & M and Duke University were contacted prior to initiating this electronic edition. Although both institutions were very interested in the project, neither could assert any claims over copyright, and were therefore unable to grant formal approval. This text, then, is presented under a broad assumption of fair use, and with the idea that Dr. Laverty would have been pleased to have his work widely available for use, for educational purposes and without any charge for access. If a reasonable claim for copyright can be documented, please contact the Poe Society of Baltimore to arrange for permission, or to request that we remove the material.

Because the original disseration was prepared on a ordinary typewriter, with very little avaialable in regard to formatting options, some liberties have been taken in this electronic presentation for the sake of improved appearance and readability. The use of underlines, for example, has been interpreted as indicating italics.


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