Text: Carroll Dee Laverty, “Preface,” Science and Pseudo-Science in the Writings of Edgar Allan Poe (1951), p. i (This material may be protected by copyright)


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In this thesis I have tried to show the place of the sciences and the pseudo-sciences in the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. Many people have generously given me help in carrying out this study. To all of them I extend my sincere thanks. I have levied upon many of the scholars who have preceded me in the study of Poe. Among them, Professor Thomas Ollive Mabbott has aided me with knowledge and encouragement. The many employees of the Duke University Library have uniformly been helpful and courteous, and to them I am grateful. I likewise owe a debt of gratitude to a number of librarians and officers in other institutions to whom I have written for information. The members of the Faculty of Duke University to whom I have applied for knowledge or advice have been generously helpful. I should like to express my special thanks to Professor George T. Hargitt, Professor Henry S. Leonard, Professor Paull F. Baum, Professor Clarence Gohdes, and Professor Lewis Leary, all of whom have read some part of this work and have offered useful suggestions. Above all, I wish to thank Professor Jay B. Hubbell, whose wisdom and kindness in directing this dissertation have been generously bestowed,

C. D. L.

February 22, 1951.




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