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Bibliography II

Annotated bibliography, in chronological order, of the works John H. Ingram published about subjects other than Edgar Allan Poe


Poems by Dalton Stone. Ingram's first use of a pseudonym. Volume published in 1863, but quickly suppressed. Listed in Lippincott's Pronouncing Biographical Dictionary, but not listed in Library of Congress or British Museum Library catalogues of suppressed volumes. Walter Hamilton reproduced one of the poems from this volume, “Hope: An Allegory,” saying its metre was adapted from Poe's “Ulalume,” in Parodies (London: Reeves and Turner, 1885), II, 66.

Flora Symbolica: Or The Language and Sentiment of Flowers. Including Floral Poetry, Original and Selected. London: F. W. Warne & Co., 1868; New York: Scribner, Welford & Co., 1868.

The Philosophy of Handwriting, by Don Felix de Salmanca. London: Chatto & Windus, 1879. An imitation of Poe's Autography, and Ingram's second use of a pseudonym.

The Bird of Truth (translated from the Spanish of Fernan Cabellero). Introduction by John H. Ingram. London: Sonneschen & Allan, 1881. Part of the Illustrated Library of Fairy Tales.

Claimants to Royalty. London: David Bogue, 1882.

The Family of Chatterton. New Facts Relating to the Chatterton Family. Reprint of correspondence between J. Taylor and John H. Ingram. 1882 (?). (Information from the British Museum Library Catalogue.)

Oliver Madox-Brown: A Biographical Sketch. London: Elliot Stock, 1883.

Haunted Homes and Family Traditions of Great Britain. London: W. H. Allen, 1883. A Second Series was published in 1884. [page 262:]

Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, with a Memoir, edited by John H. Ingram. London, 1886.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Cambridge: John Wilson & Sons, University Press, 1888. Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1890. Famous Women Series. This was the first biography of Mrs. Browning. Ingram discovered in his research that Miss Barrett had concealed her real date of birth; the result was that Robert Browning broke off all relations with Ingram before the publication of the book.

The Life of Robert Burns, by John Gibson Lockhart. Revised Edition. With new notes, appendices, and literary illustrations, by John H. Ingram. London, New York, and Melbourne: Ward, Lock, & Bowden & Co., 1890.

The Poets and the Poetry of the Century, edited by A. H. Miles. John H. Ingram contributed biographical sketches and excerpts from the poetry of George Darley, William Motherwell, James Clarence Mangan, Walter Thornbury, Oliver Madox-Brown, and Eliza Cook. 10 vols. London: Hutchinson & Co., 1891/92.

Sylvia, or The May Queen, by George Darley. With a biographical sketch of the author by John H. Ingram. London: Lover's Library, 1892.

Christopher Marlowe and His Associates. London: Grant Richards, 1904.

The True Chatterton. A New Study from Original Documents. London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1910.

Marlowe and His Poetry. London: George C. Harrap & Co., 1914. Poetry and Life Series.

Chatterton and His Poetry. London: George G. Harrap & Co., 1916. Poetry and Life Series.



Notes and Queries, VI (July 29, 1876), 95. Ingram quotes a letter of Byron's in which he denies that he wrote “The Vampire.”


Athenaeum, November 17, 1877, announces that a critical and biographical article, by Ingram, on James Clarence Mangan, the Irish poet, will appear in the December number of the Dublin University Magazine.


“A Posthumous Work of Theophile Gautier.” Academy, August 7, 1880, p. 100. Ingram corrects M. Paul Bourget's apparent misapprehension concerning a “so-called” posthumous work of Gautier's. [page 263:]


“The Poetry of Oliver Wendell Holmes.” Academy, January 7, 1882, pp. 4-5. A review of a new edition of Holmes’ poetry.


“Chatterton and His Associates.” Harper's Magazine, July, 1883, p. 225.


“A New View of Marlowe” Universal Review, July, 1889.


“Call a Spade a Spade.” London Bookman, April, 1913. A review of Patrick MacGill's Songs of the Dead End.





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