Text: Benjamin F. Fisher IV, “Contributors,” ­Myths and Reality­, Baltimore: The Edgar Allan Poe Society, 1987, p. 89


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Richard P. Benton, Emeritus from Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, serves on the editorial boards for Poe Studies, ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance, and The University of Mississippi Studies in English. He has also been a consultant for journals like PMLA, Nineteenth-Century Fiction, and The Emerson Society Quarterly. He is also Past Secretary-Treasurer of The Poe Studies Association and a published poet. Benton has authored or edited important studies concerning Poe and his contemporaries, as well as others on Longfellow, Keats, Tennyson, Pound, literary Gothicism, and Comparative Literature — most notably on Chinese topics.

John Ward Ostrom, Emeritus from Wittenburg University, Springfield, Ohio, and an authority on Poe, has long been known for his edition of Poe’s correspondence and supplements to it. In 1973 he was honored with a Festschrift, ed. Richard P. Veler, Papers on Poe. He has also published shorter studies on Poe and works on Composition.

William T. Bandy, Emeritus from Vanderbilt University, continues active there in the W. T. Bandy Center for Baudelaire studies, and also maintains his research on Poe. He has brought much to light concerning Poe and some of his less well-known contemporaries, as well as publishing studies on Poe’s image in France and the Baudelaire translations of Poe’s writings.

Clifford Krainik is an authority on photography, a bookseller, and professional photographer. He is especially knowledgeable about portraits of Poe; presently he is preparing a study of this subject. Now living in Fairfax, Virginia, he has published on Poe in the Richmond, Virginia, Poe Messenger.

Benjamin Franklin Fisher IV, Professor of English at The University of Mississippi and Editor of The University of Mississippi Studies in English, is author and editor of many works in American and Victorian studies. He has also published works on Gothic tradition and on detective fiction. Past President of the Poe Studies Association, Chariman [[Chairman]] of the Annual Lecture Series in The Edgar Allan Poe Society, American Vice-President of the Housman Society, and former Secretary-Treasurer of the American Literature Section, MLA, he currently serves on editorial board for Poe Studies, Victorian Poetry, English Literature in Transition, Gothic and the Housman Society Journal.



This publication is based on lectures delivered at the rededication of the Sir Moses Ezekiel statue of Poe at the Univeristy of Baltimore in 1983.

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