Text: Benjamin Franklin Fisher IV, “Acknowledgements,” Poe and His Times: The Artist and His Milieu, Baltimore: The Edgar Allan Poe Society, 1990, p. xi (This material is protected by copyright)


[page xi:]


My special gratitude to several persons must be expressed. First, to Brian Reade for gracious permission to reproduce the Beardsley plates that accompany Robert Scholnick’s article. Second, to Mary F. And Richard A. Michael for kindness during my proofreading: to Richard Fusco, Robert W. Burns, Angela Dorenkamp, Mike Pettengell, Kelley Cannon, William J. Zimmer, Jr., Kent Ljungquist, Sara E. Selby, Harry M. Bayne, Jonathan C. Tutor, William E. Miller (Editor Emeritus of The Library Chronicle of the University of Pennsylvania), and Jeffrey A. Savoye for a variety of helpful contributions; and to Julie A. Fisher for her talents in computer operation and indexing. Finally, to the contributors, whose patience and cooperation having been memorable.





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