Text: J. L. Dameron and L. C Stagg, “Preface,” An Index of Poe’s Critical Vocabulary in Poe’s Collected Works, (1966), p. 4 (This material is protected by copyright)


[page 4, unnumbered:]


The compilers wish to acknowledge the aid of many who have helped advance the present study — in particular, Ellison L. Brown, Esq., Head of the John Willard Brister Library of Memphis State University, and his staff; Dr. William Bittner, Chairman of the English Department, who made many useful suggestions; and Mrs. Louis Charles Stagg, who gave much attention to the mechanics of setting up the index and who carefully typed the stencils.

J. L. D.

L. C. S.

Memphis State University

Memphis, Tennessee

December, 1966





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