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Frontispiece — Poe as copyrighted by Amelia Poe in 1893    1
Dedication    3
Preface    4
Foreword    5
Painting by Thomas C. Corner in the Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore    6
The Index    8
[[Index to the Letters (A-Z)    8]]
[[Index to the Criticism (A-H)    12]]
[[Index to the Criticism (I-O)    25]]
[[Index to the Criticism (P-Z)    37]]
Pictures of Edgar Allan Poe    51



All material in this edition is protected by copyright. Permission has been obtained by the Poe Society of Baltimore from the authors, J. Lasley Dameron and Louis Charles Stagg, to provide this electronic edition for academic and research purposes only. The Poe Society of Baltimore asks all users of this material to respect these copyrights, and not to exceed what would typically be considered as fair use (generally interpreted as selective quotations and/or paraphrasing of only a small percentage of the total material, and with the appropriate attribution and citation). Although Poe's writings are essentially in the public domain, the indicies presented here embody often painstaking editorial work by the authors, and that editorial work is protected by copyright. The introductory material and the apparatus of the indicies are the authors’ original work, and are clearly subject to copyright. It has not been possible to locate the holder of copyrights for the publisher, Transcendental Books. Kenneth Cameron died in 2006, and no heirs or direct holder of his copyrights has been identifiable. This text, then, is presented under a broad assumption of fair use, with the expressed permission of the authors, and with the idea that Dr. Cameron would have been pleased to have this work widely available for use, for educational purposes and without any charge for access. If a reasonable claim for copyright can be documented, please contact the Poe Society of Baltimore to arrange for permission.

It must be noted that this index does not cover all of Poe's writings, in part because it does not include the tales and poems, and even for criticism it includes only what Harrison collected, which was not complete. It also does not include such articles as “Doings of Gotham,” which was unknown to Harrison. Even for “Marginalia,” Harrison omitted two installments, so it is strongly suggested that readers also reference Burton Pollin's edition of The Brevities. For the letters, the index references only the 1948 edition, and therefore does not include the additional letters and expanded texts from the various supplements, the 1966 or 2008 editions.

The text for this electronic version of the book was taken from an original printed form, revised for XHTML/CSS and to follow our own formatting preferences. Pagination of the original edition has been included only for prefatory material, and not for the index sections. (It is presumed that there is no practical reason to refer to the pages within an index, and thus no justification for the visual interruption that is inherently necessary for internal page numbers.)

The table of contents is a reasonable representation of the table of contents from the original printing.

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Note: Elizabeth Eaddy Dameron is the wife of J. Lasley Dameron and Mary Stagg is the wife of L. C. Stagg.


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