Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Rocher/de/Cancale through Ships,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 294-311 (This material is protected by copyright)


Rocher/de/Cancale (2): A0175/17; A0181/07

rock (49): A0044/30; A0146/14; A0195/17; A0196/10; A0196/11; A0196/12; A0196/17; A0196/20; A0196/30; A0197/04; A0197/12; A0197/17; A0197/20; A0197/28; A0197/31; A0198/07; A0198/10; A0198/14; A0198/16; A0578/11; A0580/36; B0841/07; B0841/17; B0841/32; B0843/02; B1156/11; B1162/32; B1261/24; B1281/32; B1334/33; B1335/06; C0065/21; C0150/37; C0154/37; C0165/27; C0173/18; C0174/06; C0181/29; C0183/35; C0184/03; C0184/24; C0195/06; C0196/32; C0200/19; C0208/28; C0443/V; C0538/37; C0570/24; C0572/37

rock-blaster (1): C0185/01

rocked (3): A0197/28; A0415/13; A0580/36

rocking (3): A0028/24; A0415/29; C0144/17

rocking-chair (1): B1340/08

rocks (18): A0579/13; A0579/22; A0581/22; A0581/29; A0582/08; A0582/34; A0583/30; A0600/23; B0841/12; B0942/34; B1162/17; B1332/20; B1333/14; C0171/21; C0199/10; C0200/08; C0538/16; C0543/34

rocky (9): B0865/26; B1160/21; B1281/18; B1331/24; B1335/08; C0155/16; C0165/24; C0180/37; C0571/20

Rocky/Mountains (17): C0521/T; C0522/38; C0524/11; C0524/35; C0527/09; C0527/23; C0527/32; C0528/27; C0528/35; C0529/T; C0540/T; C0550/T; C0560/T; C0571/T; C0572/03; C0574/29; C0576/13

rocs (1): B1164/20

rod (14): A0351/32; A0554/08; A0554/31; A0555/02; A0566/04; A0567/21; A0568/04; A0690/21; B1077/12; B1077/22; B1080/15; B1080/17; C0115/32; C0115/34

rode (11): A0298/06; A0400/21; B0896/26; B0930/14; B1003/19; B1003/25; B1314/08; B1378/M; C0061/16; C0099/14; C0099/22

Rodman (15): C0522/13; C0522/21; C0524/12; C0524/37; C0528/33; C0528/38; C0533/05; C0535/31; C0539/34; C0544/03; C0544/11; C0544/39; C0548/18; C0560/17; C0574/39

Rodman, James (3): C0522/29; C0523/27; C0533/07

Rodman, James F. (1): C0521/27

Rodman, Julius (8): C0521/30; C0521/T; C0522/24; C0529/T; C0540/T; C0550/T; C0560/T; C0571/T

Rodman’s (6): C0523/10; C0523/34; C0524/22; C0538/34; C0539/17; C0550/23

rods (2): B0761/16; C0192/22

Rogers (4): C0107/32; C0108/36; C0109/36; C0112/02

Rogers, Hartman (3): C0102/20; C0103/27; C0107/22

Rogers, Mary (1): B0723/16

Rogers, Mary Cecilia (3): B0723/10; B0724/11; B0772/23

Rogers’s (1): C0111/17

Roget (12): B0723/18; B0723/T; B0726/07; B0729/13; B0729/20; B0731/26; B0732/30; B0732/32; B0753/15; B0755/16; B0755/19; B0974/V

Roget, Estelle (1): B0725/18

Rooet, Marie (22): B0725/14; B0729/05; B0731/21; B0731/31; B0731/35; B0732/05; B0732/25; B0734/36; B0736/02; B0737/18; B0737/29; B0738/16; B0743/35; B0745/09; B0753/06; B0754/01; B0758/11; B0761/34; B0771/03; B0772/24; B0772/V; B0974/12

Roget’s (1): B0733/25

rogue (1): A0090/25

Roi (1): A0037/21

roisterers (1): A0514/16

role (1): A0534/18

role (2): A0675/20; A0675/V

roles (1): B1347/14

roll (18): A0195/22; A0236/V; A0345/31; A0613/10; B0980/03; B1143/03; B1237/19; C0062/13; C0071/27; C0074/31; C0112/26; C0113/18; C0113/39; C0116/05; C0139/26; C0141/02; C0143/40; C0541/18

rolled (42): A0078/36; A0139/V; A0158/02; A0197/27; A0210/12; A0219/05; A0234/17; A0236/01; A0242/12; A0244/15; A0248/14; A0252/17; A0253/23; A0355/19; A0355/30; A0406/03; A0489/13; A0508/04; A0512/34; A0538/V; A0616/14; A0628/02; A0695/12; B0864/14; B0898/12; B0913/17; B0975/16; B1012/11; B1021/13; B1101/01; B1185/04; B1239/21; B1242/20; B1250/22; B1352/05; C0059/27; C0099/16; C0100/09; C0102/36; C0107/18; C0390/13; C0568/01

rolling (20): A0143/24; A0190/21; A0275/35; A0355/03; B0930/31; B1278/36; B1280/26; B1372/06; C0074/08; C0094/18; C0097/41; C0117/17; C0131/22; C0143/29; C0144/14; C0144/27; C0152/39; C0165/10; C0205/25; C0579/08

rollings (1): C0097/16

rolls (3): B1119/M; B1180/11; C0120/05

Roman (10): A0018/V; A0044/06; A0044/V; A0045/23; A0045/26; A0089/06; A0122/23; A0165/02; B1130/03; B1361/07

Roman/Empire (1): A0120/25

romance (11): A0151/18; A0311/12; A0533/26; B0747/25; B0866/21; B0905/14; B1123/09; B1123/13; B1338/34; B1339/04; B1339/05

romancer (1): A0414/33

romances (1): A0413/06

Romances (1): B1381/26

Romans (4): A0046/21; A0091/22; A0110/25; B1089/06

romantic (12): A0311/08; B0748/15; B0893/03; B0899/07; B0899/18; B0908/17; B0910/13; B0957/27; B1076/15; B1122/26; C0521/25; C0565/08

romantic-locking (1): C0564/23

romanticist (1): B0955/01

Rombert (1): A0034/17

Rome (10): A0044/17; A0108/23; A0109/02; A0122/24; A0175/29; A0181/24; A0196/23; A0445/04; A0445/31; A0446/20

Ronald’s, E. (1): C0057/12

roof (22): A0367/14; A0389/07; A0400/18; A0406/35; A0417/10; A0542/19; A0672/09; A0696/11; B0768/28; B0965/36; B1165/05; B1261/15; B1279/10; B1336/02; B1336/05; B1336/06; B1336/15; B1336/16; B1337/21; B1338/06; B1351/22; B1354/25

roofed (1): A0626/26

roofs (7): A0244/23; B0980/V; B1160/11; B1336/10; B1336/12; B1336/13; B1336/20

rookeries (2): C0152/04; C0153/13

rookery (6): C0151/24; C0152/03; C0152/24; C0152/34; C0153/10; C0153/25

room (165)

rooms (19): A0174/32; A0176/25; A0180/23; A0182/28; A0446/23; A0539/15; A0542/10; A0543/09; A0546/33; A0551/16; A0671/16; A0673/29; A0675/29; A0676/10; B0726/03; B0904/18; B0928/22; B1258/28; B1362/14

roomy (4): B0922/19; C0068/08; C0070/25; C0539/07

rooster (1): B1159/02

root (13): A0612/36; A0614/32; B1093/04; B1163/18; B1163/19; B1182/14; B1248/12; C0138/07; C0173/04; C0174/38; C0207/43; C0207/43; C0208/06

rooted (3): A0217/V; A0438/19; C0112/28

roots (11): A0195/20; A0344/02; A0351/21; A0537/31; A0557/17; A0557/19; B0988/06; B1160/38; B1162/34; C0072/19; C0533/01

rope (59)

ropes (11): A0351/13; B0730/09; B1346/18; C0119/07; C0119/30; C0120/07 ; C0144/01;C0406/28; C0409/20; C0415/22; C0415/26

roquelaire (3): A0512/04; B1258/19; B1260/29

Rose (1): B1384/20

rose (22): A0137/11; A0140/14; A0515/16; A0533/19; A0585/23; A0587/33; B0734/02; B0748/18; B0854/28; B1076/04; B1156/15; B1353/20; C0060/15; C0068/26; C0072/18; C0073/13; C0082/24; C0086/38; C0405/20; C0444/V; C0537/04; C0553/18

rose-bud (1): B1384/22

rose-bushes (3): C0566/18; C0577/19; C0577/34

rose-water (1) A0613/04

rose-wood (5): A0034/21; A0501/10; A0502/20; A0502/22; A0502/23

rosemary (1): A0603/25

roses (4): A0228/25; A0233/06; A0330/07; C0576/07

Ross (6): C0066/27; C0066/31; C0092/18; C0430/21; C0430/23; C0535/33

Ross, Alexander (2): A0173/02; A0176/11

Ross’ (1): B1169/34

rot (1): B1373/04

rotate (2): B1322/10; B1382/22

rotated (3): B1321/04; B1321/05; B1321/32

rotating (2): B1382/08; B1382/17

rotation (10): B1321/04; B1321/06; B1321/16; B1321/21; B1321/22; B1322/24; B1322/25; B1382/23; B1382/26; C0426/12

rotted (3): A0400/14; B0957/08; B1243/04

rotten (5): B0735/10; B0759/05; B0820/12; B0820/13; B0820/14

rottenness (1): A0142/32

Rotterdam (27): C0387/01; C0387/10; C0387/22; C0388/03; C0388/16; C0388/23; C0388/35; C0388/41; C0390/08; C0390/14; C0390/25; C0390/39; C0391/03; C0391/15; C0391/26; C0393/29; C0399/27; C0412/22; C0414/13; C0425/21; C0426/22; C0427/05; C0427/16; C0427/26; C0427/34; C0437/V; C0443/V

Rotterdam/College (1): C0390/34

rotting (2): A0244/05; B1160/38

rotund (5): A0070/23; A0265/20; A0271/04; A0275/34; B1106/33

Rotunda (1): A0294/V

rotundity (3): A0099/30; C0097/35; C0389/18

Rouen (3): A0096/03; A0096/17; A0099/13

rouge (2): B0911/09; B0914/11

Rouge-et-Noir (2): A0204/33; A0205/25

rough (26): A0045/23; A0388/10; A0468/16; A0537/16; A0609/32; B0763/34; B0809/16; B0828/28; B0857/06; B0960/20; B1078/17; B1226/05; B1359/27; B1379/23; B1391/08; C0058/29; C0123/10; C0132/35; C0140/10; C0140/28; C0147/11; C0173/06; C0202/17; C0204/15; C0429/17; C0570/23

rough-looking (2): B0968/07; C0061/09

roughened (2): A0592/12; A0592/16

rougher (2): B1226/06; C0200/18

roughly (5): A0243/24; A0443/19; B1333/21; C0055/34; C0169/16

roughness (1): C0098/28

Roule (2): B0726/26; B0737/16

round (114)

roundabout (1): C0395/15

rounded (6): A0035/18; A0087/21; A0503/02; A0604/23; B1333/26; C0165/16

rounding (1): C0159/11

roundly (1): B1383/04

roundness (2): B0890/09; B1165/02

rounds (3): A0530/23; B1358/21; B1380/12

roused (1): C0133/15

rousing (1): A0368/01

Rousseau (3): A0053/14; A0062/V; A0568/26

rout (3): A0319/03; A0385/05; B1260/V

route (32): A0490/20; A0490/26; A0514/20; A0577/04; A0626/25; A0655/18; B0735/30; B0749/25; B0763/19; B0767/20; B0864/16; B0865/13; B0872/29; B0909/22; B1002/02; B1052/06; B1260/34; B1299/07; B1317/17; C0148/20; C0176/31; C0177/35; C0199/10; C0420/01; C0525/25; C0526/25; C0527/10; C0527/36; C0536/22; C0558/26; C0565/02; C0569/39

routes (4): A0240/M; B0749/33; B1048/27; B1317/18

routine (6): A0434/11; A0485/34; A0489/12; A0532/18; B0985/30; C0414/34

roved (1): C0551/35

roving (2): C0532/17; C0547/13

row (5): A0140/08; A0366/33; A0657/30; B1259/23; C0556/24

row-de-dowed (1): B1017/25

Rowdy-dow (1): B1129/V

Rowdy-Dow (13): B1129/25; B1129/32; B1130/28; B1131/22; B1131/26; B1134/19; B1136/11; B1136/32; B1137/28; B1138/25; B1144/25; B1145/03; B1145/07

rowed (1): C0533/03

Rowena (10): A0323/21; A0325/13; A0325/20; A0325/24; A0326/20; A0327/11; A0329/16; A0329/V; A0330/02; A0330/03

rowers (1): C0200/23

rowing (5): B0753/23; C0536/03; C0538/05; C0556/10; C0569/39

rows (2): B1156/24; C0091/34

Royal (2): A0179/29; A0337/18

royal (14): A0122/21; A0174/14; A0174/V; A0175/02; A0179/35; A0250/08; A0250/13; B0976/12; B0977/03; B0991/18; B1153/10; B1345/22; C0151/10; C0151/21

Royal/Geographical/Soc. (1): C0162/03

Royal/Hydographical/Soc. (1): C0156/38

Royal/Philippine/Co. (1): C0156/35

rub (2): A0489/15; B1131/28

Rubadub (4): C0390/32; C0390/37; C0426/32; C0426/38

rubbed (10): A0035/01; A0694/07; B0732/27; B0854/15; B0944/11; B1372/23; C0061/21; C0078/18; C0080/06; C0081/24

rubber (3): B0880/07; B1293/07; B1293/08

rubbing (8): B0808/22; B1178/15; C0079/15; C0081/23; C0109/05; C0141/10; C0191/09; C0569/28

rubbing-post (1): B1107/05

rubbish (11): A0090/02; A0243/V; A0244/26; B0857/21; B1128/19; C0077/32; C0152/25; C0181/22; C0183/08; C0183/28; C0389/04

Rubens (2): A0175/24; A0181/21

rubicund (2): A0510/18; B1057/20

rubies (2): B0827/35; B1280/25

Rubini (1): B0925/10

rubs (1): C0547/22

ruby (3): A0035/11; A0325/23; A0407/16

ruby-colored (1): A0325/V

ruby-drops (1): A0326/02

ruby-red (3): A0640/03; A0640/33; A0643/07

rudder (22): A0137/16; B0754/08; B0770/21; B0770/24; B0770/25; B0771/29; B0815/09; B1071/25; B1071/30; B1071/V; B1073/34; B1075/25; B1077/01; B1077/04; B1079/18; B1315/24; C0106/31; C0106/33; C0115/24; C0115/28; C0115/33; C0162/33

rudderless (2): A0638/12; B0771/30

ruddier (1): A0674/07

ruddy (2): A0022/23; C0405/31

rude (6): A0249/10; A0251/03; A0479/16; B0822/13; B0841/20; C0195/13

rudely (6): A0046/19; A0689/01; B0835/04; B1011/28; B1281/20; C0552/13

rudeness (5): A0379/29; A0443/01; A0676/31; B0894/12; B1107/31

rudiment (1): B1296/37

rudimental (16): B1037/05; B1037/13; B1037/14; B1037/15; B1037/17; B1037/24; B1037/32; B1038/08; B1038/10; B1038/18; B1038/20; B1038/20; B1038/25; B1038/26; B1038/28; B1039/03

rudiments (3): B1158/29; B1160/38; B1250/24

Rue (11): A0561/01; B0723/T; B0724/12; B0725/22; B0726/19; B0726/24; B0729/05; B0729/09; B0729/31; B0732/36; B0758/20

rue (1): A0603/25

Rue/des/Droffes (8): B0729/10; B0729/24; B0731/28; B0734/16; B0755/22; B0755/32; B0756/13; B0756/27

Rue/C— (2): A0535/01; A0535/21

Rue/Deloraine (1): A0541/11

Rue/Dubourg (1): A0563/02

Rue/Dunot (1): B0974/04

Rue/Montmartre (1): A0531/28

Rue/Morgue (16): A0527/T; A0527/V; A0537/09; A0538/28; A0542/26; A0546/12; A0563/14; A0563/28; A0565/20; A0566/14; B0725/01; B0725/16; B0736/20; B0737/33; B0974/11; B1380/04

Rue/Richelieu (1): A0546/13

Rue/St./Denis (1): A0534/17

Rue/St./Roch (1): A0546/13

Rue/Trianon (1): A0544/V

ruffian (4): B0760/04; B1103/18; B1109/10; C0101/15

ruffianly (1): C0085/33

ruffians (11): A0510/05; B0749/05; B0750/24; B0757/20; B0757/32; B0763/24; B0763/33; B0768/18; B0769/23; C0088/16; C0091/12

ruffle (2): A0246/28; B0810/21

ruffles (1): C0431/05

ruffling (1): A0446/26

rug (2): A0054/25; A0063/25

rugged (7): A0047/17; A0711/20; B1276/21; B1281/33; C0172/19; C0192/03; C0424/05

ruin (11): A0140/21; A0145/06; A0249/28; A0442/16; A0457/19; A0461/15; A0611/11; A0623/08; A0623/19; C0398/37; C0443/V

ruined (1): B1092/24

ruinous (4): A0121/22; A0489/03; B1222/07; C0414/27

ruins (8): A0159/03; A0210/29; B0853/04; B1192/17; C0184/33; C0190/07; C0198/36; C0565/33

rule (22): A0250/03; A0458/29; A0482/23; A0529/32; A0592/25; A0710/26; A0710/27; B0740/25; B0740/25; B0740/26; B0740/31; B0741/01; B0741/02; B0741/35; B0743/29; B1115/32; B1135/17; B1183/27; B1208/29; B1275/28; B1275/30; B1315/25

rule-of-three (1): A0483/02

ruler (2): A0407/14; A0642/13

rules (5): A0269/08; A0302/14; A0529/28; B0979/24; B1116/03

ruleth (1): A0645/06

ruling (3): B1380/24; C0087/21; C0087/23

rum (7): B0760/20; B0854/04; B1102/24; B1106/17; C0086/29; C0101/16; C0111/01

rum-puncheon (1): A0337/16

rumbling (4): A0696/27; B1102/07; B1102/35; C0396/26

Rumgudgeon (12): A0649/03; A0651/23; A0652/23; A0653/12; A0654/24; A0654/V; A0655/05; A0655/10; A0655/V; A0656/26; A0657/02; A0657/23

ruminate (1): B1047/05

ruminating (1): A0212/13

rummaged (1): B1363/02

rummages (1): B1163/35

rummaging (4): A0055/11; A0064/26; C0079/13; C0085/29

rummer (1): A0340/02

rumor (4): A0434/20; A0674/25; A0690/26; B0728/03

rumors (8): A0685/11; B0731/19; B0834/02; B0834/03; B0834/04; B0834/08; B1361/22; C0427/09

rump (1): C0534/40

rumpled (2): B0766/20; B0766/20

run (60)

runaway (1): B1101/11

rung (1): B0980/05

rungs (1): B0980/07

running (43): A0127/21; A0242/15; A0267/30; A0274/29; A0274/34; A0285/01; A0285/34; A0314/15; A0374/04; A0399/09; A0483/V; A0484/05; A0487/08; B0864/20; B0873/20; B0879/31; B0932/16; B1091/24; B1105/32; B1235/27; B1336/32; B1339/34; C0060/10; C0061/12; C0084/06; C0088/27; C0102/35; C0108/40; C0124/17; C0158/32; C0161/31; C0162/05; C0163/30; C0173/34; C0185/12; C0409/28; C0420/13; C0425/38; C0527/02; C0530/07; C0537/07; C0574/32; C0578/08

runs (13): A0128/05; A0366/09; A0535/08; A0554/08; A0581/23; A0622/14; A0628/31; B0837/02; B1122/10; B1209/05; B1250/20; C0152/22; C0430/27

rupture (1): C0185/16

rural (1): B0760/14

ruse (1): C0056/14

ruses (1): B0988/26

rush (19): A0195/22; A0319/14; A0349/24; A0407/40; A0515/08; A0694/16; B0963/33; B0966/25; B1057/15; B1069/01; B1134/32; B1352/14; B1372/28; B1374/25; C0073/12; C0086/07; C0105/20; C0186/18; C0579/05

rushed (37): A0138/28; A0217/V; A0245/05; A0254/02; A0326/15; A0415/30; A0513/11; A0537/15; A0567/V; A0590/06; A0605/04; A0651/20; A0676/18; A0691/23; A0696/10; A0696/16; A0697/09; B0809/21; B0944/01; B0947/11; B0983/16; B0992/14; B1021/10; B1182/22; B1352/04; C0124/15; C0174/17; C0190/19; C0190/40; C0199/13; C0201/21; C0206/04; C0422/39; C0539/10; C0568/30; C0572/10; C0579/20

rushes (1): B0738/26

rushing (32): A0101/25; A0137/07; A0146/12; A0195/13; A0253/21; A0324/24; A0324/28; A0327/30; A0329/25; A0330/14; A0416/25; A0417/14; A0442/29; A0456/04; A0507/25; A0565/23; A0676/03; A0682/16; A0683/33; A0691/02; B0862/13; B0932/13; B1223/07; B1350/24; C0060/19; C0063/24; C0134/31; C0197/38; C0205/37; C0396/33; C0536/35; C0562/35

rushlight (1): B0898/02

Russell/Square (1): A0464/04

russet (1): B1053/22

russet-leather (1): B1053/V

Russia (4): A0543/07; A0550/03; C0160/05; C0524/36

Russian (4): A0543/06; A0550/03; C0526/17; C0526/21

Russians (1): A0496/04

rust (1): A0553/21

rustled (1): A0411/23

rustling (5): A0081/04; A0195/21; A0197/01; B0964/32; C0188/26

rusty (3): A0500/22; A0649/01; C0398/05

ruts (1): A0535/31

rxlling (1): B1374/19

S (1): A0337/20

S. (19): A0138/16; C0150/05; C0150/07; C0150/38; C0154/23; C0155/09; C0155/15; C0157/08; C0157/09; C0157/10; C0157/26; C0158/14; C0160/31; C0161/03; C0161/29; C0162/23; C0163/04; C0166/03; C0399/22

S./F. (2): A0138/15; C0540/14

S./W. (1): C0527/02

S.C. (3): B0922/01; B1068/03; B1069/13

S.D.U.K. (2): A0337/18; A0337/21

S— (3): B0896/27; B0900/20; B0991/16

s’echauer (1): A0036/22

s’il (3): A0033/19; A0037/25; B0993/27

sa (2): A0654/06; C0430/41

sabage (1): B0826/27

Sabbath (3): B0750/14; B0760/11; B0771/34

sable (15): A0081/11; A0088/16; A0090/09; A0091/10; A0190/22; A0190/24; A0246/04; A0249/11; A0532/28; A0674/08; A0674/09; A0676/24; A0682/01; A0684/02; B0963/34

sable-bound (1): A0090/04

sable-feathered (1): A0152/04

Sabretash (1): B1179/12

Sabretash, Arthur (1): B1178/34

sac (1): A0096/M

sack (2): B1165/11; B1185/34

sackbut (1): A0047/26

sacking (4): A0543/19; A0553/02; A0557/V; B1053/28

sacks (1): B0827/09

sacre (6): A0101/V; A0540/11; A0541/10; A0541/31; A0541/V; A0541/V

sacred (9): A0085/03; A0250/10; A0429/17; B0945/21; B0961/35; B0965/21; B1318/01; B1318/08; C0132/15

sacrifice (12): A0227/32; A0346/24; A0589/01; A0684/27; B0728/14; B0902/25; B0902/26; B0908/13; B0910/09; B1089/23; B1152/28; C0529/02

sacrificed (6): A0033/09; A0357/10; A0600/08; C0092/12; C0100/08; C0107/12

sacrifices (1): A0043/09

sacrificing (2): C0175/19; C0558/11

sacrilege (1): A0675/V

sacrumstance (1): B0821/05

sad (37): A0089/29; A0127/24; A0180/25; A0210/02; A0234/30; A0413/10; A0602/11; A0603/19; A0609/06; A0609/06; A0613/32; A0614/12; A0616/12; A0622/12; A0622/23; A0631/08; A0641/19; A0653/08; A0664/V; A0667/43; A0683/03; B0729/03; B0757/02; B0772/28; B0814/34; B0879/31; B0933/16; B0964/28; B0964/31; B0969/12; B1046/06; B1133/07; B1263/03; B1385/36; C0076/12; C0131/29; C0547/32

saddened (2): B0726/11; C0537/14

saddle (2): A0027/01; A0028/13

saddle-bags (2): B1044/17; B1046/21

sadly (7): A0321/10; A0643/12; B0822/34; B0932/28; B1009/01; C0115/18; C0130/09

sadness (1): B0892/29

safe (19): A0538/03; B0820/26; B1018/04; B1105/23; B1157/14; B1225/07; B1225/10; B1225/11; B1298/26; B1390/06; B1391/30; B1391/31; C0068/20; C0096/32; C0109/16; C0135/22; C0202/19; C0399/12; C0530/16

safeguard (1): B1221/10

safely (16): A0053/29; A0062/33; A0564/25; A0610/31; A0667/10; B0739/18; B0924/33; B0930/14; B1010/24; B1082/05; B1386/06; C0099/35; C0179/28; C0393/02; C0536/20; C0575/42

safer (3): A0074/24; B1115/34; B1220/12

safety (25): A0127/10; A0265/32; A0585/36; B0827/05; B0931/15; B1076/22; B1078/32; B1106/33; B1352/19; C0067/35; C0070/32; C0082/01; C0121/31; C0129/04; C0133/30; C0144/31; C0170/39; C0186/10; C0198/30; C0397/37; C0409/03; C0424/02; C0425/22; C0555/29; C0568/05

saffron (2): A0195/05; A0245/23

saffron-like (1): C0126/05

sagacious (7): A0350/03; A0670/10; B0747/10; B0850/16; B0850/28; B0977/32; B0990/17

sagaciously (3): A0704/23; B1052/02; B1269/23

sagacity (17): A0027/V; A0055/16; A0098/09; A0301/08; A0434/02; B0793/22; B1035/10; B1049/14; B1052/27; B1136/04; B1294/32; C0079/08; C0086/14; C0532/33; C0546/13; C0546/24; C0547/08

sage (1): A0096/M

sage (2): B1115/01; B1181/18

sages (1): B1189/26

said (750)

sail (55)

sail-boat (2): B0770/25; C0057/26

sailed (16): A0135/23; A0657/18; A0657/19; C0057/14; C0099/04; C0099/08; C0146/33; C0148/06; C0148/12; C0156/36; C0157/12; C0157/18; C0158/28; C0160/29; C0161/27; C0164/17

sailer (1): C0147/10

sailing (2): B0923/30; C0071/40

sailor (13): A0560/29; A0561/04; A0561/13; A0562/16; A0562/28; A0564/11; A0566/01; A0566/08; A0566/24; B0769/02; B0835/21; B1154/33; B1155/17

sailor’s (5): A0563/19; A0564/V; A0567/21; B0730/34; B0768/32

sailors (4): A0560/24; A0561/08; A0561/09; C0064/32

sailors’ (1): A0564/30

sails (15): A0136/30; A0142/10; A0585/33; B0754/06; B1164/29; C0101/34; C0105/37; C0106/16; C0123/16; C0123/32; C0131/14; C0170/11; C0188/07; C0189/27; C0566/28

Saint (10): B0751/V; B0751/V; B0752/V; B0755/V; B0755/V; B0755/V; B0756/V; B0756/V; B0756/V; B0756/V

saint (2): A0075/12; A0642/15

Saint/Andree (3): B0725/22; B0726/19; B0726/24

SaintLBenoist (1): C0430/30

Saint/Vitusse (1): B0911/27

saints (1): A0044/12

sais (1): A0380/07

saith (2): A0085/10; A0311/V

sake (31): A0248/10; A0532/26; A0534/21; A0549/03; A0600/12; A0629/09; B0852/18; B0870/14; B0873/28; B0903/29; B0903/29; B0907/19; B0907/26; B0908/01; B0908/07; B0908/13; B0910/09; B1078/32; B1114/11; B1115/17; B1139/11; B1191/33; B1221/03; B1242/24; B1278/12; B1345/13; C0059/18; C0083/23; C0093/15; C0411/08; C0546/34

Sal (1): C0148/14

salad-bowl (1): A0345/14

Salamanca (1): C0432/29

salamander (1): B1370/02

salamanders (1): B1167/08

salary (2): B0879/02; B1142/09

sale (2): A0485/19; B1129/24

Sale’s (1): B1165/33

Salem/Mass. (1): B1163/13

salis (1): B1364/03

Salle (1): A0216/08

salle (2): B1007/27; C0430/31

sallied (1): A0533/04

sallies (1): B0811/05

sally (4): B0947/11; B0947/28; B0949/20; B1244/06

Salmanezer (2): A0059/07; A0061/03

Salmon (1): C0527/14

salmon (1): C0174/05

saloon (5): A0209/15; B1351/15; B1351/30; B1352/13; B1354/26

saloons (1): B1298/37

Salsafette (2): B1014/18; B1014/22

Salsafette, Eugenie (1): B1014/11

salt (15): A0488/14; B0866/15; B0866/17; B0933/02; B0933/03; B0933/31; C0067/33; C0078/32; C0091/06; C0137/10; C0148/15; C0535/01; C0535/37; C0570/19; C0577/24

salt-cellar (1): B1104/06

salted (1): B1181/09

salts (4): A0174/14; A0179/29; C0553/02; C0572/13

salubrity (1): C0156/15

salusgue (1): A0681/M

saluted (2): B1078/13; B1133/16

salva (1): A0638/M

salvation (7): A0057/31; A0068/15; A0137/10; A0483/27; B0932/02; B1020/31; C0187/37

Salvator (1): B0865/27

Salvatorish (1): B1332/08

Salvinam (1): A0072/32

Samaria (2): A0059/08; A0061/04

same (273)

sameness (3): A0226/30; A0231/04; B1347/34

San/Carlo (1): A0079/08

San/Carlos (1): B0905/18

San/Marco (1): A0151/25

San/Miguel (1): C0157/40

Sanconiathon (2): A0090/25; A0090/26

Sancta (1): A0227/31

sanctified (1): A0479/14

sanctify (1): B0955/03

sanctimoniousness (1): B0888/21

sanction (1): B0959/35

sanctity (5): A0099/18; A0104/17; A0105/24; B1298/01; B1317/34

sanctuary (2): A0046/18; A0124/11

sanctum (4): A0099/12; A0100/26; A0100/27; A0430/04

sanctum (1): A0261/04

sand (16): B0806/08; B0830/15; B1081/26; B1160/27; B1161/29; B1165/11; B1192/18; C0155/04; C0389/35; C0437/V; C0540/22; C0559/36; C0573/34; C0576/22; C0577/22; C0578/03

sand-bar (3): C0533/38; C0559/23; C0559/31

sand-bars (2): C0543/03; C0559/17

sand-island (1): C0542/33

sand-plains (1): C0072/25

sandalled (1): A0035/22

sandals (1): A0089/14

Sandflesen (2): A0579/27; A0584/02

sandhills (1): B1160/28

sands (4): A0045/15; A0163/01; B1155/28; C0559/34

sandstone (2): C0573/09; C0573/22

Sandwich (1): C0162/10

Sandwich/Land (1): C0160/14

sandy (3): B1361/06; C0167/28; C0171/01

sane (5): A0693/26; B1004/22; B1016/09; B1018/11; B1363/36

sang (6): A0190/07; A0190/19; A0510/26; A0527/M; B0904/29; B1123/01

sangsue (1): B0950/11

sangsues (1): B0950/07

sanguine (2): B0842/14; B0888/26

sanguinis (2): A0125/06; A0681/M

sanity (7): A0643/02; B0844/05; B1004/29; B1018/09; B1247/32; C0078/26; C0087/32

sank (24): A0235/V; A0316/23; A0325/16; A0594/02; A0604/10; A0609/07; A0641/08; A0682/14; B0865/17; B0913/24; B0932/31; B0932/35; B0962/33; B0963/32; B1013/12; B1134/28; B1135/03; B1161/35; B1161/36; B1354/10; C0074/06; C0074/22; C0076/15; C0567/39

sans (1): A0096/M

Sanscrit (1): A0344/10

Santa/Croix (1): C0146/34

Sante (6): A0558/15; B1002/03; B1003/19; B1006/34; B1007/08; B1009/22

Saonie/Sioux (1): C0561/31

Saonies (3): C0551/18; C0551/26; C0562/32

sap (1): B1160/40

sapientiae (2): A0568/V; B0974/M

sapphires (2): B0827/36; B1280/25

Saracen (2): A0022/09; A0023/14

Saracenic (1): A0321/25

saracenic (1): B1282/V

Saratoga (2): B0941/04; B0949/04

sarcasm (3): A0299/05; A0568/12; B1380/33

sarcastic (3): A0435/09; A0437/32; A0444/01

sarcophagi (1): A0326/08

sarcophagus (2): A0322/04; B0956/26

Sardanapalus (2): A0059/09; A0061/04

Sarmatic (1): A0125/35

sartain (3): B0812/21; B0820/01; B0824/09

sarvant> (1): A0465/29

sarvice> (1): A0465/16

sash (8): A0068/19; A0367/13; A0552/05; A0552/21; A0552/27; A0552/33; A0553/23; A0553/26

sashes (3): A0414/09; A0552/15; A0552/18

Saskatchawine (5): C0526/04; C0526/40; C0550/32; C0551/35; C0572/05

sassafras (2): B0761/18; B1332/09

sasso (1): B0905/14

sat (85)

Satanic (3): A0034/30; A0035/24; A0090/12

sate (5): A0414/16; A0608/13; A0665/V; B0905/01; B0909/V

satellite (10): A0417/13; C0422/06; C0424/05; C0424/28; C0425/28; C0426/06; C0428/22; C0429/23; C0432/02; C0432/47

satellite’s (1): C0426/12

satellites (5): A0457/23; A0458/32; B1322/12; B1322/16; C0423/27

satiata (1): A0681/M

satiated (1): B1391/14

satiating (1): B1277/07

satin (8): A0336/07; A0339/05; A0349/12; A0371/09; A0464/02; B1093/31; B1279/10; C0389/25

satin-like (2): A0087/04; A0100/15

satin-wood (1): B1281/05

satire (2): B1130/12; B1381/05

Satires (2): A0172/M; A0178/M

satirical (1): C0433/04

satirically (1): B1133/32

satirist (2): A0088/11; A0536/15

satisfaction (29): A0098/04; A0104/35; A0354/20; A0356/07; A0379/02; A0469/19; A0484/27; A0487/21; B0748/32; B0814/19; B0816/22; B1105/25; B1133/01; B1155/15; B1206/13; B1219/19; B1224/25; B1262/16; B1271/10; B1378/02; C0069/26; C0088/21; C0175/31; C0188/15; C0397/35; C0409/05; C0419/05; C0569/26; C0575/23

satisfactorily (4): A0560/30; B0731/17; B0733/21; B0879/09

satisfactory (20): A0104/20; A0107/02; A0272/02; A0303/12; A0366/07; B0729/27; B0940/01; B0983/26; B1021/16; B1089/08; B1101/14; B1116/03; B1135/23; B1135/35; B1140/07; B1141/34; C0080/29; C0177/31; C0207/10; C0420/05

satisfied (53)

satisfy (15): A0302/23; B0751/18; B0874/08; B0966/30; B1031/02; B1126/10; B1137/10; B1257/33; B1359/15; C0135/20; C0146/09; C0176/23; C0191/20; C0393/09; C0569/06

satisfying (5): A0121/26; A0383/11; C0158/09; C0195/25; C0397/25

sattinet (1): A0485/02

saturated (3): B1350/37; C0146/10; C0578/27

Saturday (8): A0337/35; A0428/24; B1044/13; B1069/15; B1072/33; B1075/20; B1075/33; B1236/02

Saturday/Evening/Post (1): B0735/37

Saturn (3): B1322/13; C0423/32; C0429/29

Saturnian (1): A0316/18

saturnine (2): A0104/12; C0533/11

Saturnus (1): A0189/15

Satyr (1): B1136/11

satyr (1): A0124/14

Satyr-like (1): A0153/18

satyrs (1): A0409/07

sauce (3): A0175/19; A0181/08; B1007/24

saucer (1): A0369/09

sauer-kraut (3): A0368/02; A0368/13; A0370/06

Sauerkraut (1): C0391/09

sauntered (4): A0160/02; B0927/16; B1329/04; C0392/21

sauntering (2): B0807/24; B1225/08

sausage (2): B1305/03; B1305/05

sausages (4): B1119/M; C0069/23; C0071/21; C0081/11

Sauterne (12): A0086/14; A0090/04; A0091/26; A0092/11; A0092/37; A0099/01; A0101/V; A0110/27; A0112/V; A0181/14; B1017/22; B1017/30

savage (25): A0320/11; A0347/05; A0383/31; A0385/33; A0628/17; A0649/02; A0711/21; B1130/16; B1158/06; B1276/22; B1350/24; B1375/21; C0169/38; C0172/37; C0173/05; C0185/18; C0187/15; C0427/05; C0524/02; C0548/26; C0551/20; C0553/10; C0557/39; C0558/23; C0579/03

savages (67)

savans (3): B1191/20; B1295/21; B1296/01

savans (6): B1294/32; B1296/06; B1311/15; B1312/07; B1312/26; B1316/15

savant (1): A0096/M

savants (1): A0096/12

save (45): A0028/27; A0029/12; A0121/V; A0189/20; A0189/34; A0190/12; A0235/10; A0310/M; A0311/22; A0314/29; A0315/10; A0319/24; A0320/01; A0323/25; A0329/13; A0429/07; A0439/05; A0487/02; A0498/V; A0586/32; A0602/18; A0611/20; A0625/07; A0639/19; A0640/11; A0641/04; A0643/17; A0665/31; A0673/32; A0682/04; A0685/14; A0689/27; A0693/19; B0931/26; B0961/26; B0966/04; B1169/10; B1321/25; C0083/10; C0102/18; C0114/38; C0119/02; C0132/27; C0200/35; C0565/07

saved (15): A0483/24; B0813/25; B0962/20; B1129/08; B1209/02; C0060/22; C0062/03; C0089/02; C0099/22; C0116/03; C0117/31; C0119/40; C0133/16; C0142/20; C0165/06

saving (6): A0466/08; B0931/07; C0061/28; C0073/33; C0096/24; C0202/39

savoir (1): A0033/19

savor (2): A0380/14; B0888/22

saw (263)

saw-dust (1): B0980/V

sawed (1): A0585/35

saws (3): B0871/29; B1096/26; C0148/09

sawyer (1): C0542/25

sawyers (1): C0534/10

sax (1): A0372/31

saxifrage (1): C0150/25

Saxony (2): A0498/07; A0501/24

say (609)

sayest (1): A0034/24

Saying (2): A0365/M; A0481/M

saying (57)

sayings (2): A0026/16; A0198/24

says (102)

scabius (1): B1163/24

scaffold (1): A0068/22

scale (6): A0367/10; A0509/30; A0670/04; B1248/24; C0110/03; C0525/35

scales (7): B0809/09; B0815/16; B0905/20; B1156/16; B1248/24; B1250/21; C0127/41

scalp (1): A0557/20

scalpel (1): B1185/26

scalping (3): A0388/09; B1140/30; C0552/18

scaly (1): A0414/15

scamp (1): A0388/18

scamper (1): C0188/15

scampered (1): C0563/05

scampering (1): A0374/02

scampers (1): A0124/22

scan (1): B1130/24

scandalous (1): B1370/21

scanned (1): A0400/05

scant (2): A0581/01; B0807/04

scantily (1): C0078/30

scantlings (1): B0796/10

scanty (2): A0034/25; C0136/01

scapegrace (2): A0374/07; A0651/18

Scarabaei (3): B1187/30; B1188/03; B1188/23

scarabaei (1): B0808/23

Scarabaeus (9): B1187/21; B1187/22; B1187/23; B1187/25; B1187/26; B1187/31; B1188/05; B1188/13; B1188/21

scarabaeus (18): B0808/19; B0809/27; B0810/09; B0810/09; B0810/12; B0814/30; B0814/32; B0815/08; B0815/12; B0817/02; B0821/33; B0822/29; B0828/28; B0829/19; B0829/29; B0830/06; B0831/26; B0831/30

scarabaeus (1): B1180/22

scarce (6): A0159/V; A0457/15; A0514/27; A0581/25; B1119/01; C0192/24

scarcely (154)

scare (1): A0690/08

scared (1): A0243/14

scarf (7): B0734/34; B0735/27; B0735/36; B0758/09; B0761/33; B0762/05; B0762/09

scarlet (11): A0641/01; A0643/11; A0670/05; A0672/06; A0675/17; B1281/01; C0151/16; C0167/16; C0167/21; C0190/29; C0543/29

scarred (1): A0580/13

scars (1): B0732/27

scattered (16): A0087/29; A0143/17; A0219/07; A0240/11; A0245/16; A0401/16; A0514/14; A0672/09; B0761/33; B1122/22; C0124/21; C0144/21; C0182/05; C0404/34; C0563/15; C0570/27

scattering (2): C0153/16; C0563/03

scene (73)

scenery (20): A0318/19; A0353/12; A0600/17; A0707/24; A0709/04; A0709/24; B0861/01; B0862/04; B0863/02; B0863/17; B0863/21; B0864/04; B0942/30; B1272/25; B1274/09; B1274/26; C0537/10; C0537/24; C0543/11; C0574/05

scenes (13): A0384/10; A0601/32; A0711/21; B0760/01; B0862/19; B0865/16; B1179/25; B1276/22; B1385/32; C0537/16; C0537/16; C0543/37; C0564/39

scenic (1): A0319/06

scent (4): A0553/10; A0690/07; B0734/10; B0843/21

scented (2): A0034/22; C0539/12

scentless (2): A0343/32; A0350/21

scents (1): C0547/22

sceptical (3): A0295/27; B1031/04; B1031/10

sceptre (2): A0021/27; B1126/05

Scheherazade (19): B1151/T; B1152/05; B1152/24; B1153/01; B1153/19; B1153/28; B1154/12; B1154/15; B1154/22; B1155/09; B1155/19; B1159/09; B1159/16; B1159/25; B1159/34; B1160/05; B1169/03; B1169/14; B1169/30

Schelling (5): A0078/43; A0079/13; A0226/27; A0231/01; A0342/V

scheme (7): A0437/08; B0747/37; B1018/22; B1070/01; B1070/30; B1350/28; C0066/19

schemes (6): A0441/06; A0445/18; A0545/10; B0891/19; B1224/08; B1300/04

Schiedam (1): B1110/22

Schiller (2): A0345/09; A0357/04

Schiller’s (1): A0150/V

Schiraz (1): A0641/22

schist (2): A0175/26; A0182/06

Schlemil, Peter (1): A0054/14

Schnellpost (1): B1360/21

scholar (9): A0162/02; A0271/21; A0431/15; A0473/25; B1095/09; B1139/13; B1139/38; B1140/17; B1385/17

scholars (1): A0429/33

scholarship (1): B1380/23

scholiasts (1): A0621/20

school (18): A0079/03; A0428/12; A0428/29; A0429/18; A0430/24; A0431/V; A0432/21; A0434/12; A0435/14; A0437/01; A0710/35; B0984/11; B1003/30; B1034/26; B1096/24; B1275/35; C0057/09; C0057/12

school-boy (2): A0445/34; B1250/18

school-life (1): A0427/33

school-master (1): A0592/32

school-phraseology (1): A0431/22

school-room (1): A0429/34

schoolboy (6): A0445/V; B0984/04; B0984/15; B0984/27; B0985/01; C0429/30

schoolboys (1): C0064/29

schoolfellows (1): A0434/27

schoolmates (2): A0431/12; A0436/04

schools (8): A0313/27; A0341/23; A0342/V; A0610/28; A0611/07; B0752/19; B1036/02; B1036/03

schooner (37): A0240/03; C0053/T; C0099/03; C0099/13; C0110/01; C0110/02; C0137/24; C0146/24; C0147/08; C0148/12; C0148/26; C0149/11; C0149/29; C0154/11; C0154/17; C0156/18; C0158/06; C0158/07; C0160/29; C0163/23; C0163/36; C0165/12; C0166/03; C0167/06; C0168/32; C0169/18; C0171/09; C0176/25; C0176/31; C0177/14; C0177/19; C0177/34; C0180/15; C0186/24; C0187/19; C0189/32; C0190/30

schooner-rigged (1): A0583/20

schooner’s (1): C0170/11

schooners (1): C0103/14

schorl (2): A0175/26; A0182/07

Schouw (1): B1163/11

Schrevilius (1): B1092/04

Schroeter (1): C0423/10

Schuylkill (2): B0863/32; B0864/04

Science (3): A0599/M; C0429/26; C0429/31

science (45): A0105/11; A0135/16; A0144/22; A0173/04; A0173/13; A0176/13; A0178/09; A0178/21; A0211/21; A0295/01; A0295/02; A0313/26; A0315/27; A0399/04; A0440/22; A0527/V; A0609/21; A0652/19; B0724/04; B0743/12; B0747/34; B0752/07; B0871/26; B0877/28; B0987/16; B0987/24; B1069/07; B1070/02; B1164/01; B1185/11; B1189/04; B1191/06; B1191/11; B1270/12; B1294/34; B1294/35; B1311/26; B1312/27; B1313/01; B1359/07; C0088/02; C0166/32; C0426/20; C0426/40; C0528/30

Sciences (1): B0869/T

sciences (3): B0869/05; B1303/16; B1313/11

scientific (12): A0478/23; B0815/14; B0875/31; B1072/24; B1093/21; B1357/06; B1359/30; B1361/15; B1381/20; B1381/28; C0428/05; C0433/09

scimetar-like (1): A0353/20

scimitar (2): A0691/10; A0695/03

scion (1): A0293/03

scissors (2): A0074/31; C0148/10

scoffed (2): A0710/35; B1276/01

sconces (2): B1258/27; B1351/31

scope (3): B1030/07; B1140/35; B1379/04

score (9): A0474/01; A0483/09; A0628/21; B1156/22; B1185/13; B1248/14; B1379/20; C0056/24; C0104/20

scored (1): A0241/33

scores (1): C0395/36

scoria (1): C0198/40

scorn (8): A0269/05; A0283/28; A0426/03; A0442/23; A0609/32; B0871/07; B1298/17; B1316/28

scorned (2): A0609/34; B0899/24

scorning (1): B1337/20

scorns (1): B0870/13

scorpions (1): C0199/04

Scotch (2): A0496/01; B1312/20

Scotland (1): B1160/36

Scott, Walter (1): A0205/27

Scotts, Leonard (1): B1206/10

scoundrel (12): A0094/21; A0356/23; A0374/09; A0384/11; A0447/07; A0447/08; A0650/25; A0657/V; B0820/20; B0824/05; B0876/11; B0900/19

scoundrelly (2): A0355/16; A0371/23

scoundrels (3): A0073/23; A0631/22; B0916/19

scourge (1): B1219/24

scourged (1): B1379/04

scourges (1): A0081/33

scouring (1): B1244/06

scouts (1): C0535/14

scowl (2): A0303/01; A0444/31

scowling (1): A0509/34

scramble (8): B1391/05; C0091/31; C0169/06; C0191/36; C0567/30; C0572/31; C0577/30; C0579/34

scrambled (7): B0808/03; C0144/34; C0180/38; C0182/13; C0183/07; C0553/31; C0578/21

scrambling (7): A0243/20; B0983/16; B1020/14; B1353/08; C0181/40; C0187/40; C0579/09

scrap (7): A0344/12; B0809/15; B0828/35; B0829/01; B0830/13; B0831/10; B1363/29

scrape (3): A0340/26; A0583/32; B0907/25

scraping (4): A0374/14; A0541/32; B1180/33; C0076/08

scraps (1): A0343/13

scratch (5): A0265/22; A0387/25; A0388/11; A0388/12; B1160/42

Scratchaway, Augustus (1): A0204/32

scratched (2): A0268/18; C0173/16

scratches (3): A0272/34; A0538/15; A0543/24

scratching (7): A0341/27; A0342/V; A0374/02; B0809/20; B1021/09; B1107/04; C0092/01

scratchy (1): A0272/13

scrawl (2): A0275/05; A0490/15

scrawled (1): C0092/30

scream (11): A0139/30; A0384/02; A0697/05; B0797/26; B0859/02; C0060/37; C0061/19; C0124/32; C0206/01; C0571/01; C0579/01

screamed (15): A0253/02; A0353/30; A0373/16; A0384/27; A0586/25; A0587/18; B0820/30; B0914/02; B0968/08; B1353/04; C0059/19; C0083/22; C0123/23; C0198/13; C0579/19

screaming (8): A0128/18; A0347/29; A0414/30; B1017/34; B1353/13; C0064/07; C0067/24; C0187/36

screams (18): A0540/04; A0566/21; A0566/28; A0566/V; B0734/26; B0735/34; B0735/35; B0750/20; B0766/05; B0766/12; B0768/02; B0768/04; B0768/07; B0992/13; B1014/24; B1262/23; C0188/31; C0191/01

screeching (1): A0374/03

screen (1): B1282/08

screw (16): A0388/18; B1070/28; B1071/10; B1071/15; B1071/18; B1071/22; B1071/23; B1071/V; B1073/35; B1075/25; B1077/01; B1077/06; B1077/16; B1079/18; C0097/20; C0410/31

screw-driver (1): A0080/35

screwed (8): A0080/39; A0387/21; A0388/04; A0410/25; B1141/19; C0097/21; C0097/31; C0410/31

screwing (2): C0097/23; C0097/28

screws (4): A0080/38; A0081/09; A0081/29; A0479/27

scribble (1): B1129/25

scribbler (1): B1131/18

scribbling (1): B1115/18

scribblings (1): B1115/17

scribe (1): A0089/07

scripta (3): A0301/10; A0302/20; A0303/17

scriptural (1): A0491/11

scroll (4): A0164/V; A0271/28; B1304/02; B1322/30

scruple (12): A0073/24; A0107/24; A0382/17; A0654/12; B0851/14; B1078/12; B1167/09; B1354/15; C0093/10; C0153/11; C0164/36; C0578/40

scrupled (1): B1078/35

scruples (4): A0490/27; B0874/08; B1185/20; B1234/27

scrupulous (12): A0283/26; A0484/12; B0752/32; B0767/15; B0897/05; B1168/07; B1169/31; B1330/04; C0171/24; C0428/18; C0552/02; C0577/15

scrupulously (7): A0286/17; A0434/22; A0445/24; A0499/23; A0509/16; A0510/20; B0877/36

scrutinize (3): B0810/30; B0829/13; B1354/01

scrutinized (11): A0055/07; A0064/25; A0312/24; A0445/13; A0546/31; A0709/08; B0832/26; B0894/17; B0894/V; B0980/21; B1274/13

scrutinizing (6): A0142/20; A0163/24; A0400/17; A0511/10; B0985/25; B0991/36

scrutiny (31): A0089/03; A0102/24; A0103/19; A0234/13; A0314/03 •; A0314/19; A0445/13; A0515/15; A0546/02; A0552/17; A0675/11; A0709/14; B0753/02; B0818/08; B0827/20; B0833/02; B0915/01; B0915/01; B0962/17; B0981/06; B0990/32; B1010/26; B1274/18; B1312/05; B1337/11; C0064/29; C0076/38; C0090/16; C0167/24; C0208/24; C0426/14

scud (5): A0127/29; A0242/09; C0106/01; C0106/09; C0107/01

scudded (2): A0137/31; A0587/05

scudding (1): C0106/08

scuffle (4): A0173/25; A0179/05; B1056/29; C0113/40

scuffling (1): A0541/32

scull (1): A0057/08

sculleries (1): B1313/01

scullion (2): B1139/10; B1139/26

scullions (3): A0263/03; A0263/05; A0263/27

sculls (1): A0253/V

sculptor (1): A0380/02

sculptural (3): A0708/06; B0914/09; B1273/05

sculpture (6): A0160/14; A0322/06; A0706/32; A0708/04; B1271/33; B1273/03

sculptured (2): A0322/02; A0367/25

sculptures (1): A0157/21

scum (1): A0085/10

scuppers (2): C0108/10; C0111/20

scurrilous (1): A0272/22

scurvy (4): C0166/14; C0176/37; C0177/02; C0192/21

Scythas (1): A0081/17

Scythe (1): A0347/V

Scythe (1): A0353/35

scythe (6): A0689/27; B0814/06; B0816/28; B0817/32; B0822/01; B0822/12

scythes (2): B0814/16; B1162/15

Scythian (1): A0123/29

se (7): A0161/04; A0301/12; A0302/20; A0303/04; A0611/04; A0662/V; B1379/07

se’n (1): A0344/31

Sea (2): B1385/01; C0147/16

sea (194)

sea-beast (1): B1158/02

sea-biscuit (3): C0069/22; C0078/34; C0088/22

sea-boat (2): A0252/23; C0147/11

sea-brilliancy (1): A0139/02

sea-burial (1): C0108/06

sea-chest (1): B0810/32

sea-coal (1): A0054/24

sea-coast (1): B0831/05

sea-gull (1): A0144/01

sea-kelp (1): C0138/12

sea-parlance (1): C0105/31

sea-shell (1): B1156/31

sea-shore (2): A0045/15; B1155/25

sea-sickness (2): C0074/11; C0102/38

sea-stores (4): C0057/02; C0089/19; C0091/21; C0126/13

sea-turtle (1): A0241/13

sea-weeds (1): B1391/20

sea/boat (1): B0930/15

seaboard (1): B0862/02

seaboat (1): C0149/30

Seabright (2): A0704/32; B1269/31

seacoast (2): B0807/10; C0199/07

Seadrift, Solomon (1): A0205/19

seafaring (1): C0087/30

seagull (1): C0125/01

seagulls (1): C0151/28

seahens (1): C0151/27

seal (22): A0265/25; A0266/19; A0267/36; A0269/08; A0269/37; A0271/27; A0273/25; A0276/02; A0280/29; A0282/10; A0670/03; B0833/17; B0991/06; B0991/14; B0992/18; B1055/19; C0151/07; C0153/32; C0154/01; C0154/06; C0154/11; C0155/20

sealed (8): A0274/14; A0280/09; A0283/30; A0490/18; A0558/03; B0932/19; C0153/36; C0390/04

sealing (2): C0137/24; C0147/06

sealing-wax (1): C0390/04

sealskins (4): C0155/27; C0155/40; C0156/17; C0156/27

seam (4): B1054/09; B1054/10; C0183/15; C0183/32

seaman (11): A0143/07; A0144/26; A0241/08; A0253/14; A0585/04; B0768/33; B0769/05; C0065/16; C0097/07; C0098/36; C0176/20

seaman’s (3): C0067/12; C0105/06; C0180/25

seamed (1): A0580/13

seamen (25): A0240/02; A0240/13; A0242/06; A0243/23; A0244/29; A0248/29; A0249/33; A0580/06; A0585/32; B0841/26; B1069/20; B1072/36; B1076/24; B1077/14; B1077/30; B1081/22; B1392/02; C0063/04; C0086/20; C0093/35; C0111/13; C0123/30; C0138/17; C0146/36; C0147/22

seams (7): C0076/04; C0102/26; C0103/04; C0106/06; C0533/01; C0552/17; C0572/24

sean (2): A0621/02; A0621/03

seaports (1): A0251/19

search (80)

searched (10): A0542/15; A0542/17; B0830/34; B0979/04; B0979/15; B1022/03; B1050/35; B1181/03; B1362/13; B1362/28

searches (1): B0988/32

searching (11): A0028/04; B0903/25; B0978/05; B0983/24; B0985/13; B1054/03; B1133/27; C0063/12; C0085/27; C0108/27; C0167/33

seared (1): A0697/02

Seas (1): C0178/07

seas (18): A0139/24; A0142/32; A0586/05; A0587/06; B0930/19; B0930/V; C0060/24; C0106/06; C0106/34; C0108/23; C0115/09; C0117/02; C0117/09; C0117/12; C0117/22; C0149/28; C0202/36; C0420/19

seashore (2): C0191/22; C0200/09

season (24): A0087/16; A0227/25; B0742/16; B0865/30; B1019/19; B1106/25; B1257/16; B1351/17; C0152/08; C0153/32; C0155/19; C0158/15; C0159/10; C0159/38; C0160/10; C0161/17; C0161/35; C0191/10; C0202/11; C0387/11; C0431/14; C0540/10; C0552/39; C0562/12

seasonable (2): C0138/24; C0530/33

seasoned (1): A0689/22

seasons (2): B0942/17; C0178/27

seaswallows (1): C0151/28

seat (42): A0056/09; A0065/31; A0088/20; A0092/27; A0094/08; A0102/26; A0104/21; A0112/02; A0114/04; A0158/08; A0216/24; A0249/12; A0302/02; A0385/17; A0413/02; A0491/19; A0563/21; B0734/33; B0758/07; B0761/14; B0796/31; B0809/17; B0810/32; B0839/31; B0841/34; B0842/29; B0843/30; B0905/30; B0916/19; B1009/15; B1056/31; B1072/31; B1075/21; B1093/30; B1134/28; B1249/09; B1329/35; B1340/10; B1348/34; B1383/22; C0062/14; C0562/19

seated (22): A0021/25; A0173/V; A0178/17; A0240/05; A0245/17; A0247/11; A0261/05; A0303/06; A0368/30; A0382/21; A0384/15; B0809/11; B0944/18; B1009/05; B1133/19; B1294/18; C0100/02; C0109/26; C0168/31; C0175/06; C0204/22; C0431/05

seating (1): B0829/12

seats (10): A0191/11; A0252/32; A0502/21; B0840/03; B0889/04; B1014/21; B1014/29; B1054/33; B1250/11; C0550/29

seawater (3): C0129/10; C0143/04; C0169/19

seaweed (4): C0131/35; C0145/36; C0145/40; C0153/01

seaworthy (1): C0065/33

seben (1): A0372/31

seceders (2): C0551/30; C0551/37

secluded (5): A0564/27; B0726/25; B0735/20; B0926/08; B0943/01

seclusion (9): A0234/14; A0235/06; A0532/20; A0600/15; A0670/14; A0671/11; B0759/29; B1277/25; B1278/19

seclusions (1): A0098/32

second (137)

second-handed (1): A0512/04

secondary (8): A0457/25; A0458/04; A0473/28; A0711/30; B0724/10; B1213/23; B1276/33; B1314/34

seconded (1): B1077/26

secondly (12): A0496/19; A0555/10; A0682/28; B0763/18; B0985/10; B1220/01; B1233/20; B1236/20; B1383/05; C0427/18; C0556/09; C0556/23

seconds (22): A0106/04; A0253/10; A0355/31; A0447/19; A0590/10; A0615/15; A0630/17; A0686/32; A0687/08; B0825/22; B0960/23; B1106/14; B1261/29; C0078/23; C0098/13; C0144/11; C0396/07; C0405/22; C0411/06; C0412/10; C0418/32; C0544/31

secrecy (4): B0976/05; B1298/04; C0393/13; C0395/04

secret (56)

secretary (1): A0337/12

secrete (1): B0985/34

secreted (4): B0808/09; B0844/15; C0394/32; C0523/26

secreting (2): A0140/31; C0067/11

secretly (7): A0431/32; B1004/16; B1119/22; B1325/08; C0132/07; C0133/21; C0537/01

Secrets (1): B1206/T

secrets (7): A0151/06; A0506/03; A0616/13; B0925/15; B1038/31; B1317/32; C0166/32

sect (3): A0044/11; B1095/03; B1095/04

section (2): B1293/33; B1369/16

sections (2): A0176/02; A0182/01

sects (1): A0128/17

seculare (2): A0091/20; A0110/24

secundum (1): A0409/11

secure (25): A0486/09; A0589/31; B0796/28; B0858/11; B0947/01; B1057/35; B1113/08; B1158/25; B1261/29; B1299/17; B1392/01; C0098/36; C0098/37; C0099/07; C0104/29; C0105/21; C0116/34; C0116/37; C0143/34; C0189/04; C0189/18; C0199/13; C0200/17; C0533/23; C0564/20

secured (34): A0081/13; A0410/26; A0590/05; A0593/24; B0730/27; B0730/31; B0738/18; B0765/22; B0766/16; B0771/18; B0808/19; B0826/05; B0858/08; B0866/19; B1059/12; B1077/22; B1082/02; B1336/27; B1350/35; C0082/11; C0085/34; C0098/30; C0108/29; C0111/05; C0113/30; C0119/32; C0139/03; C0165/11; C0175/02; C0396/11; C0399/13; C0529/28; C0552/33; C0558/33

securely (13): A0542/19; A0551/16; A0551/32; A0555/03; A0565/03; A0589/26; A0593/13; A0689/14; B0830/01; B1008/25; C0122/06; C0139/27; C0415/20

secures (2): A0711/18; B1276/19

securing (11): A0139/10; B0771/19; B0771/20; B0992/24; C0070/31; C0098/20; C0126/24; C0143/28; C0144/40; C0390/30; C0573/39

securities (1): B0966/04

security (20): A0021/13; A0137/27; A0243/08; A0435/18; A0671/09; B0962/27; B1224/26; B1225/06; C0093/30; C0099/22; C0136/11; C0139/34; C0172/26; C0175/16; C0188/13; C0189/10; C0202/32; C0203/05; C0398/13; C0563/20

sedan (1): A0493/08

sedate (1): A0672/33

sedge (1): A0398/12

sedges (1): A0397/14

Sedgwick (1): A0268/37

Sedgwick, C. M. (1): A0268/33

Sedgwick’s (1): A0269/06

sediment (1): B1374/30

sedition (1): A0621/14

seduce (1): A0529/11

seduced (5): A0441/31; B0859/14; B0871/01; B1108/09; B1155/02

seductions (1): A0438/25

see (293)

see-saw (1): A0694/03

seed (1): C0150/29

seed-vessels (1): B1293/01

seed> (1): A0469/02

seeds (1): B1247/01

seeing (38): A0066/15; A0069/02; A0261/21; A0269/20; A0342/06; A0513/12; B0729/33; B0811/07; B0890/24; B0894/24; B0905/06; B0915/26; B1101/27; B1133/02; B1139/30; B1143/01; B1158/32; B1159/07; B1168/11; B1183/13; C0061/07; C0061/15; C0061/36; C0144/40; C0145/39; C0161/24; C0169/29; C0169/37; C0175/35; C0187/14; C0188/04; C0188/41; C0189/09; C0198/22; C0392/08; C0417/25; C0429/33; C0429/40

seek (24): A0209/26; A0385/24; A0427/09; A0440/20; A0444/08; A0545/18; A0551/01; A0551/11; A0599/M; B0746/22; B0746/23; B0760/05; B0863/05; B0946/33; B0949/06; B1017/16; B1034/19; B1140/06; B1277/31; B1278/20; C0074/36; C0438/V; C0522/08; C0537/15

seekers (2): B0986/07; B1048/15

seeking (9): A0152/12; A0347/16; A0428/13; A0446/26; A0532/07; A0533/06; B0774/02; B0853/01; C0191/14

seeks (5): A0709/22; B0760/13; B0989/32; B1096/27; B1274/25

seem (50): A0099/V; A0143/27; A0251/29; A0266/08; A0270/14; A0277/15; A0282/14; A0371/24; A0431/18; A0432/31; A0509/26; A0553/15; A0558/01; A0587/28; A0588/19; A0639/02; A0655/06; A0673/29; B0850/01; B0862/01; B0890/30; B0904/01; B0962/09; B0983/23; B0993/18; B1038/33; B1047/02; B1080/08; B1080/12; B1274/16; B1281/13; B1281/14; B1294/31; B1298/11; B1339/06; B1360/19; B1370/23; B1380/31; C0097/08; C0116/13; C0163/21; C0204/28; C0387/25; C0406/05; C0410/02; C0415/10; C0419/11; C0432/16; C0433/07; C0532/16

seemed (302)

seemeth (1): A0045/20

seeming (17): A0435/30; A0537/30; A0547/19; A0547/21; A0683/09; A0683/14; B0940/21; B0959/35; B1057/21; B1213/06; B1219/V; B1283/13; C0152/19; C0408/02; C0408/20; C0523/20; C0574/02

seemingly (22): A0215/09; A0299/29; A0458/12; A0685/21; A0686/23; A0686/34; B0723/03; B0736/09; B0752/06; B0773/17; B0820/03; B0959/03; B0966/14; B0990/27; B1014/31; B1020/13; B1081/04; B1237/27; B1248/19; B1311/28; B1334/01; C0399/18

seems (67)

seen (286)

Seer (1): B1291/05

sees (4): A0153/15; A0529/10; B0871/16; B0990/24

segar-girl (1): B0725/V

segment (3): C0404/39; C0404/40; C0405/01

segonde (1): B0912/07

Seine (8): B0726/23; B0729/31; B0731/22; B0733/06; B0736/03; B0741/04; B0753/24; B0754/06

seize (10): A0318/25; A0382/17; A0675/25; A0676/08; B0757/28; B0932/07; B1260/07; C0117/40; C0186/19; C0188/31

seized (42): A0055/36; A0091/10; A0110/16; A0216/27; A0330/11; A0349/25; A0372/03; A0443/19; A0447/02; A0566/24; A0567/16; A0603/33; A0676/20; A0692/22; B0749/04; B0753/27; B0755/02; B0795/24; B0824/02; B0851/22; B0947/23; B0956/13; B0968/05; B0983/09; B0992/29; B1013/16; B1104/06; B1226/06; B1354/11; B1362/24; C0088/16; C0089/25; C0108/18; C0109/13; C0112/34; C0113/19; C0133/12; C0201/05; C0389/33; C0406/14; C0421/19; C0579/01

seizing (20): A0053/02; A0062/07; A0182/33; A0253/06; A0254/01; A0351/10; A0381/02; A0439/12; A0511/28; A0676/28; B0818/35; B0830/10; B0830/V; B1093/13; B1353/09; C0061/40; C0093/19; C0105/18; C0165/04; C0199/24

seizure (2): A0670/08; B0963/08

seldom (34): A0019/16; A0020/19; A0025/V; A0244/27; A0277/36; A0435/V; A0438/07; A0539/28; A0556/07; A0584/07; A0624/10; A0704/17; B0724/01; B0749/11; B0807/35; B0878/24; B0903/22; B0904/13; B1004/16; B1005/09; B1045/25; B1046/07; B1050/18; B1269/16; B1291/08; B1314/16; B1329/20; B1334/14; B1358/27; B1380/30; C0106/04; C0162/27; C0559/39; C0564/20

Select (1): B1092/23

select (4): A0366/06; B0964/01; B1314/32; B1314/35

selected (9): A0093/16; A0112/27; A0488/19; B0955/16; B1128/34; C0070/33; C0152/11; C0179/22; C0575/35

selecting (1): C0546/35

selection (2): A0710/13; B1275/16

selects (1): B0989/34

self (10): A0121/21; A0464/V; A0467/V; A0532/04; A0605/09; B0815/10; B0948/16; B1212/28; B1271/06; C0169/38

self-agency (1): A0445/21

self-amendment (1): B1379/05

self-balanced (1): A0402/24

self-cognizance (2): B1032/09; B1032/11

self-complacency (2): A0303/03; B1300/02

self-conceit (1): A0432/17

self-congratulation (1): A0205/07

self-consequence (1): A0026/23

self-consistent (1): B0946/04

self-defence (3): B1221/10; C0428/06; C0448/V

self-demonstration (1): B0746/33

self-destruction (2): A0549/07; B0736/17

self-esteem (1): A0601/4

self-evidency (1): A0097/01

self-evident (7): A0582/25; B0975/33; B0989/09; B0990/05; B1295/09; B1310/28; B1310/29

self-existing (1): A0615/18

self-gratulation (1): B1346/01

self-identity (1): A0079/14

self-imposed (1): A0365/11

self-interest (1): B0870/13

self-love (1): A0478/04

self-movement (1): B1034/02

self-moving (1): A0071/09

self-murder (3): A0054/21; A0063/24; B0737/15

self-possession (7): A0140/19; A0155/25; A0295/19; A0327/10; A0589/09; C0132/02; C0399/03

self-sacrificing (1): B0850/19

self-same (1): A0318/27

self-satisfaction (2): A0241/17; A0371/14

self-satisfied (1): B0873/07

self-suggestion (1): B1225/16

self-willed (2): A0020/V; A0427/24

sell (4): A0564/29; C0110/14; C0529/05; C0530/12

sellers (1): A0513/17

selling (2): A0539/10; C0393/08

Selten (1): B0723/M

semblance (9): A0514/27; A0538/24; A0553/28; B0818/33; B0927/22; B0969/12; C0198/39; C0389/23; C0550/19

sembled (2): A0702/M; B1267/M

semi-axis (1): C0400/07

semi-circular (1): A0439/06

semi-metal (1): C0393/32

semi-osseous (1): B1235/23

semi-spiral (1): B1071/11

semi-syncope (1): B0962/33

semi-Druidical (1): A0321/22

semi-Gothic (2): A0321/22; B1283/10

semi-Saracenic (1): B1283/10

semicircle (1): C0423/18

semicircular (1): A0651/24

semicolon (2): B0837/22; B0837/29

Senate (1): A0491/04

send (19): A0264/26; A0268/06; A0270/06; A0279/03; A0631/06; B0872/23; B0878/17; B0923/35; B1010/21; B1046/09; B1053/19; B1130/10; B1131/21; B1131/23; B1132/28; B1234/35; C0171/13; C0527/22; C0530/26

sending (11): A0281/09; A0580/33; B0872/20; B1046/33; B1140/14; B1291/02; C0092/05; C0154/16; C0522/37; C0575/06; C0576/24

sends (1): B0966/19

Seneca (3): A0080/16; A0568/V; B0974/M

Seneca (1): A0109/31

senior (1): A0432/22

sens (1): B1105/09

sensation (30): A0057/20; A0097/07; A0141/22; A0142/23; A0144/11; A0182/35; A0245/V; A0340/24; A0397/15; A0399/31; A0404/09; A0431/06; A0436/19; A0510/29; A0674/32; A0683/28; A0692/09; B0738/06; B0944/27; B0959/31; B0963/02; B0966/14; B1295/15; B1299/01; B1311/07; B1359/24; B1380/10; C0060/18; C0204/33; C0411/28

sensation-paper (1): A0346/12

sensations (33): A0069/14; A0078/07; A0078/14; A0078/42; A0079/10; A0079/37; A0080/18; A0081/01; A0145/20; A0244/08; A0339/26; A0340/15; A0340/16; A0340/17; A0340/19; A0341/03; A0347/07; A0354/04; A0354/12; A0355/22; A0402/34; A0415/01; A0443/17; A0590/17; A0614/29; A0682/16; B0944/14; B1223/06; C0063/31; C0075/38; C0129/01; C0397/18; C0404/14

sense (125)

senseless (4): B0962/11; C0060/27; C0135/24; C0563/12

senses (53)

sensibilities (1): B0902/V

sensibility (6): A0282/04; A0398/32; A0613/20; B0905/11; B0922/13; C0523/32

sensible (1): A0019/03

sensible (11): A0080/26; A0264/09; A0457/24; B1013/25; B1037/30; B1184/31; C0117/27; C0146/02; C0406/38; C0418/40; C0532/02

sensibly (7): B0873/08; B0931/05; C0129/19; C0131/32; C0418/19; C0560/07; C0561/24

Sensitive (1): A0710/32

sensitive (9): A0216/06; A0415/03; B0726/30; B0942/04; B1007/21; B1054/30; B1135/26; C0167/08; C0537/29

sensual (5): A0510/18; A0613/25; A0613/26; A0613/26; A0614/34

sent (46): A0034/23; A0057/11; A0067/10; A0173/09; A0174/32; A0180/23; A0271/35; A0276/25; A0329/V; A0460/21; A0483/18; A0541/17; A0542/17; A0591/19; A0631/21; B0732/30; B0760/32; B0770/06; B0770/08; B0808/29; B0815/22; B0815/23; B0872/04; B0872/07; B0872/29; B0899/03; B0899/26; B1019/15; B1031/01; B1119/M; B1129/16; B1129/18; B1135/05; B1193/24; B1321/09; B1322/17; B1346/27; B1347/20; C0056/20; C0057/09; C0067/02; C0086/29; C0150/17; C0156/05; C0539/31; C0549/41

sentence (30): A0108/21; A0143/03; A0161/25; A0213/06; A0218/13; A0252/04; A0252/10; A0252/10; A0252/10; A0272/35; A0279/15; A0299/16; A0346/14; A0414/01; A0623/23; A0623/29; A0681/03; A0681/03; A0684/02; A0684/19; B0739/14; B0739/20; B0837/04; B0840/06; B1020/02; B1054/35; B1141/13; B1359/22; B1383/23; B1383/33

sentences (9): A0218/22; A0281/05; A0303/V; A0341/12; A0356/11; B0959/09; B1215/32; B1226/14; C0080/11

sentience (6): A0408/06; A0408/12; A0408/18; A0612/28; A0616/01; A0617/04

sentient (2): A0216/06; A0600/26

sentiment (1): A0611/04

sentiment (60)

sentiments (1): A0216/09

sentiments (21): A0054/06; A0063/14; A0069/11; A0079/41; A0203/09; A0301/28; A0302/17; A0302/25; A0399/27; A0400/27; A0436/08; A0459/30; B0723/05; B0852/10; B0891/05; B0893/26; B0984/37; B1122/07; C0066/13; C0095/25; C0537/18

sentries (3): C0544/04; C0558/34; C0568/37

sentry (3): B1329/02; C0549/29; C0549/36

senty (1): A0354/31

sep (1): B0809/03

Sep. (4): B1136/02; B1136/21; B1137/13; B1138/09

separate (13): A0246/18; A0496/28; A0531/03; A0608/21; A0641/V; A0693/08; B0929/04; B1129/05; B1141/18; B1167/15; B1181/15; B1321/07; C0430/46

separated (12): A0544/06; A0603/29; A0695/21; B0807/01; B0898/06; B0928/22; B0929/04; B1332/28; C0133/18; C0162/35; C0190/25; C0409/25

separately (1): A0417/V

separates (1): C0155/18

separation (4): A0293/12; A0355/29; C0172/14; C0181/23

sepoys (1): B0949/19

Sept (1): B1139/13

September (14): A0324/16; C0149/10; C0150/23; C0547/38; C0548/19; C0548/20; C0548/41; C0548/41; C0549/15; C0550/06; C0553/06; C0559/08; C0559/38; C0560/07

sepulchral (5): A0023/07; A0056/01; A0065/21; B0963/35; B0969/14

sepulchre (3): A0074/30; A0079/27; A0081/36

sepulchres (1): B1179/04

sepulchrum (2): A0209/M; A0218/15

sepulture (3): A0081/12; B0733/17; B0968/33

sepultus (1): A0213/08

Sequel (1): B0723/T

sequel (4): A0203/11; A0263/33; B1155/07; C0443/V

sequence (5): B0724/08; B0747/19; B0829/23; B0853/01; B1107/20

sequitur (1): B0744/18

sequuntur (1): A0495/04

ser’ts (2): B1055/21; B1055/V

sera (1): A0356/13

seraglio (1): B1164/22

serai (2): A0037/07; A0037/V

seraph (2): A0406/31; A0644/22

Seraphic (2): A0055/12; A0064/V

seraphic (2): B0893/02; B0898/14

Seraphim (1): A0641/12

seraphim (1): A0641/V

seraphs (1): A0319/09

serenading (1): B1097/01

serene (5): A0250/11; A0250/16; A0312/23; A0348/07; B1178/08

serenity (2): A0102/10; A0252/V

serge (6): A0685/30; A0686/12; A0688/20; A0691/32; A0692/V; A0694/32

series (41): A0303/29; A0402/15; A0543/25; A0559/02; A0631/12; A0706/24; B0723/M; B0724/09; B0773/36; B0806/03; B0824/14; B0833/27; B0849/07; B0927/23; B0940/31; B0943/02; B0946/05; B0965/25; B0992/13; B1014/24; B1019/31; B1032/07; B1071/12; B1164/07; B1179/27; B1186/17; B1233/15; B1271/26; B1296/09; B1312/14; B1321/27; B1333/19; C0055/02; C0096/08; C0176/05; C0193/25; C0201/21; C0405/14; C0409/28; C0409/33; C0425/19

seringa (1): B1334/21

serious (51)

seriously (19): A0018/12; A0216/09; A0248/05; A0434/22; A0442/07; A0625/20; A0650/16; B0819/29; B0942/20; B1053/02; B1194/26; B1247/07; B1348/19; B1351/28; C0059/04; C0125/36; C0532/36; C0561/11; C0563/08

seriousness (1): B0815/02

sermon (2): A0382/19; B1313/04

sermonic (2): A0297/22; A0354/16

serpent (5): A0321/27; B0914/01; B0947/20; B1259/35; C0138/01

serpent-like (1): A0640/20

serpentine (1): B1330/14

serpents (4): A0640/14; C0072/14; C0174/13; C0534/03

servant (36): A0059/19; A0216/26; A0263/19; A0264/21; A0265/13; A0266/32; A0267/21; A0268/09; A0269/27; A0274/01; A0275/28; A0276/12; A0279/33; A0281/35; A0282/35; A0296/V; A0301/29; A0302/26; A0400/22; A0438/31; A0539/07; B0852/32; B0872/07; B0877/12; B0877/18; B0901/11; B0923/07; B0923/10; B0923/12; B0924/29; B0933/19; B1059/18; B1371/18; B1382/28; C0426/29; C0430/44

servants (3): A0327/14; B0978/13; B1009/04

serve (18): A0205/11; A0212/34; A0625/07; A0627/07; A0627/15; A0709/12; B0762/26; B0944/25; B1050/20; B1074/36; B1123/07; B1126/15; B1275/18; C0129/30; C0188/40; C0430/47; C0549/03; C0552/16

served (34): A0240/23; A0345/14; A0399/25; A0401/10; A0405/33; A0458/33; A0484/15; A0610/04; A0625/08; A0631/12; A0644/04; A0644/15; B0826/09; B0894/30; B0898/10; B0900/28; B0931/09; B0943/08; B1102/14; B1123/20; B1129/09; B1156/34; B1165/27; B1168/01; B1241/26; C0081/08; C0120/11; C0129/16; C0191/07; C0207/41; C0392/30; C0399/02; C0415/05; C0421/33

serves (1): C0150/36

servi (1): A0034/02

service (21): A0058/37; A0155/23; A0263/21; A0264/12; A0275/06; A0282/33; A0349/04; A0428/28; A0546/07; B0754/05; B1089/19; B1089/24; B1206/04; B1360/12; C0063/09; C0077/33; C0097/08; C0127/05; C0147/13; C0534/22; C0566/07

serviceable (3): B0908/18; B0910/14; B1091/07

services (15): A0300/21; A0705/33; B0725/12; B0753/23; B0878/35; B0879/22; B1270/33; B1346/33; C0085/07; C0177/26; C0179/31; C0393/12; C0395/40; C0432/01; C0522/36

servile (1): A0021/12

serving (3): C0152/29; C0174/39; C0571/06

servitude (1): B1157/15

Servius (1): A0599/M

ses (5): A0034/01; A0036/21; A0119/M; A0216/09; A0216/10

sesamoideum (1): B1182/13

session (1): A0490/36

session-room (1): A0369/18

sessions (1): B1054/28

set (149)

sets (6): A0152/02; B0871/11; B0955/32; B1090/35; B1136/08; C0538/16

settee (3): A0054/11; A0088/36; B1340/09

settees (1): A0087/31

setting (34): A0019/23; A0102/20; A0217/07; A0241/20; A0293/23; A0312/12; A0417/08; A0482/30; A0484/01; A0508/25; A0594/09; A0625/22; A0654/12; B0727/22; B0746/28; B0817/22; B0821/32; B0828/02; B0942/21; B1038/15; B1090/25; B1280/V; B1331/28; B1372/16; C0159/14; C0160/07; C0163/09; C0164/15; C0164/20; C0167/03; C0170/27; C0175/36; C0414/09; C0526/22

settings (2): B0828/01; B0877/08

settle (11): A0478/01; B0895/18; B1045/11; B1105/17; B1206/13; B1369/14; B1385/04; C0098/33; C0157/22; C0172/05; C0545/39

settled (29): A0018/04; A0024/26; A0029/24; A0156/20; A0203/03; A0227/10; A0231/23; A0270/14; A0404/17; A0509/02; A0512/09; A0638/03; A0696/03; B0728/23; B0748/32; B0816/21; B0910/27; B0924/30; B0925/12; B0976/03; B1020/21; B1051/05; B1220/02; B1256/05; C0115/23; C0205/31; C0522/18; C0524/32; C0565/32

settlement (7): B1364/31; C0153/19; C0156/03; C0156/21; C0525/22; C0533/40; C0571/28

settlements (4): C0564/14; C0564/35; C0568/11; C0574/19

settling (4): A0641/07; B0878/14; B1206/12; C0098/27

seul (3): A0096/M; A0506/M; A0599/03

seule (1): A0019/02

seulement (1): C0430/38

seuls (1): A0018/08

seven (87)

seven-eighths (1): A0389/08

seventeen (5): A0122/01; B1071/04; B1154/V; C0407/20; C0537/37

seventeenth (4): C0069/39; C0135/36; C0192/31; C0421/15

seventh (15): A0177/22; A0183/17; A0411/15; A0672/02; B0819/23; B0839/33; B0840/23; B0842/15; B1079/13; B1107/12; B1262/19; C0084/23; C0179/16; C0418/01; C0423/32

seventy (18): A0120/04; A0175/06; A0175/06; A0181/27; A0348/30; A0511/12; A0583/21; B0729/20; B0819/05; B0941/03; B0968/17; B1007/35; B1248/11; C0138/20; C0181/03; C0181/33; C0186/34; C0578/26

seventy-five (9): A0487/30; B1068/06; B1069/11; B1081/32; B1138/30; C0057/26; C0179/14; C0394/40; C0396/21

seventy-fours (1): B1248/08

seventy-nine (1): A0460/25

seventy-second (1): C0160/20

seventy-seven (1): B1154/25

sever (1): A0355/27

several (199)

severas (1): A0621/03

severe (25): A0101/16; A0135/17; A0403/34; A0538/15; B0807/36; B0812/12; B0958/21; B1089/05; B1092/31; B1129/27; B1131/19; B1157/09; B1184/07; B1258/12; B1369/34; B1380/32; C0114/15; C0118/07; C0137/15; C0141/34; C0191/20; C0394/36; C0405/09; C0557/31; C0578/01

severed (6): A0094/22; A0114/16; A0557/23; A0567/04; A0694/27; C0546/01

severely (3): A0142/22; B0879/28; C0557/40

severest (4): C0064/24; C0202/07; C0523/41; C0527/07

severities (1): A0296/04

severity (6): B0955/03; B1016/33; B1054/16; B1129/31; C0438/V; C0447/V

Sevres (2): A0503/01; A0503/V

sew (1): C0108/05

sewed (2): B1185/26; C0532/41

sewer (1): B1021/30

sex (3): A0284/26; B0888/V; B1015/14

Sexagesima (1): A0582/11

sexes (2): B1090/13; B1097/02

sexton (1): A0070/12

Seymour (1): C0102/19

sha’nt (1): A0284/34

shabby (1): B1019/20

shackles (1): A0323/14

shade (24): A0081/10; A0215/20; A0325/11; A0357/02; A0437/11; A0485/06; A0499/06; A0499/07; A0499/12; A0499/26; A0503/09; A0603/17; A0603/26; A0604/08; A0604/22; A0604/27; A0605/07; A0613/17; A0629/26; A0663/20; B0904/21; B1340/16; C0172/01; C0172/02

shaded (3): A0322/13; A0412/16; B0904/15

Shades (1): A0071/25

shades (6): A0033/V; A0397/05; A0515/23; A0560/16; B0755/13; B1078/16

Shadow (8): A0188/T; A0188/M; A0191/08; A0317/03; A0318/V; A0608/28; A0616/26; B0964/V

shadow (83)

shadow-like (1): A0326/07

shadowed (2): A0100/31; A0405/29

shadowing (1): B0901/08

Shadows (1): A0071/25

shadows (32): A0079/10; A0080/27; A0102/23; A0122/15; A0142/25; A0145/04; A0153/11; A0156/12; A0188/02; A0210/27; A0214/04; A0216/20; A0227/23; A0232/10; A0234/21; A0236/07; A0302/12; A0417/07; A0499/03; A0533/06; A0603/30; A0614/14; A0682/32; A0683/14; B0902/10; B1040/16; B1122/33; B1246/19; C0065/08; C0111/34; C0444/V; C0444/V

shadowy (11): A0021/23; A0397/23; A0403/25; A0477/03; A0479/34; A0639/21; B0955/26; B1122/26; B1317/23; C0412/31; C0575/20

shady (1): C0207/44

shaft (2): B1071/21; B1391/26

shafts (2): A0075/08; A0086/16

shaggy (2): B1248/13; C0168/16

shaggy-haired (1): A0356/28

shags (1): C0151/28

shake (9): A0436/20; A0439/17; A0586/18; B0856/08; B0981/03; B1110/03; B1141/20; B1225/20; C0413/03

shaken (7): A0213/11; A0317/08; A0329/16; A0664/14; B0968/06; B1020/07; C0083/14

Shakespeare (3): A0121/29; A0383/28; B1126/02

shaking (12): A0078/V; A0384/08; A0400/04; A0411/26; A0649/03; A0687/26; B0913/V; B0964/11; B1110/06; C0067/31; C0082/24; C0397/24

shall (247)

shallow (12): B0771/05; B0959/02; B0984/04; C0152/38; C0173/15; C0178/17; C0178/26; C0178/30; C0178/32; C0536/15; C0554/02; C0559/16

shallowness (2): B0742/17; C0575/30

shalt (6): A0228/18; A0228/26; A0228/27; A0232/23; A0233/07; A0233/08

sham (2): A0490/14; A0490/18

Sham-Post (1): A0490/12

shame (9): A0047/16; A0444/33; A0588/34; A0676/17; B0826/28; B0854/29; B0923/02; B1166/21; C0094/36

shamed (1): B0818/22

shameful (4): A0021/10; A0355/11; A0443/V; C0097/05

shamefully (3): B0959/02; B1008/02; B1293/13

shameless (1): B1121/02

shank (2): A0553/18; A0553/19

shape (54)

shaped (5): A0100/05; B1072/01; B1156/33; C0387/27; C0393/31

shapeless (2): A0246/V; C0198/40

shapes (3): A0603/20; B1169/10; C0540/22

share (7): A0067/22; A0071/23; A0251/30; B0863/26; C0073/24; C0531/30; C0564/07

shared (2): C0137/03; C0531/32

sharing (2): C0086/35; C0128/41

shark (1): C0141/14

sharks (9): C0140/20; C0140/39; C0142/19; C0142/32; C0143/08; C0143/25; C0143/36; C0144/22; C0145/40

sharp (35): A0081/08; A0352/32; A0354/03; A0410/10; A0501/16; A0544/08; A0588/10; A0670/04; A0671/23; A0676/24; A0691/07; A0694/06; A0694/33; B0830/09; B0855/13; B1011/31; B1110/09; B1193/20; B1280/01; B1280/23; B1281/02; B1339/32; B1345/20; C0074/29; C0082/20; C0113/33; C0147/09; C0178/18; C0194/11; C0423/14; C0536/35; C0558/20; C0559/39; C0563/09; C0563/35

sharp-pointed (1): C0572/32

sharpen (1): A0055/23

sharpened (1): B0789/03

sharpers (1): A0509/24

sharply (5): A0029/14; A0602/20; C0387/24; C0418/31; C0577/05

sharply-defined (1): B0864/32

sharpness (1): B1279/35

shattered (10): A0137/33; A0138/06; A0153/15; A0543/33; A0544/07; A0592/11; B1110/21; C0113/26; C0115/15; C0117/01

shattering (1): A0300/17

shave (2): A0044/15; B1195/16

shaved (3): A0247/27; B1181/08; C0551/41

shaving (1): A0565/05

shawm (1): A0047/24

she (2): A0357/06; A0357/06

she (571)

sheath (2): B1180/12; C0562/06

sheathed (1): A0410/08

shed (3): B1294/06; C0558/39; C0559/02

sheep (7): A0498/V; A0629/24; B1115/03; B1278/35; B1334/25; B1335/03; C0156/23

sheep-bells (1): C0388/29

sheer (12): A0336/11; A0447/19; A0578/11; A0589/34; B0957/06; B1057/16; B1114/32; B1207/09; B1334/11; C0065/13; C0073/01; C0113/20

sheet (19): A0135/M; A0249/18; A0252/14; A0274/38; A0281/29; A0321/15; A0340/18; A0346/23; A0485/22; A0681/11; B0993/24; B1141/15; B1354/03; C0135/40; C0139/20; C0139/21; C0141/39; C0407/33; C0418/18

sheets (1): C0145/28

shefa (1): A0626/12

shekels (3): A0044/04; A0045/22; A0047/05

shelf (6): A0621/09; B0956/33; B1340/19; C0415/24; C0415/27; C0415/28

shell (7): A0128/V; A0544/32; B1037/17; B1037/19; B1374/01; C0061/24; C0178/15

shelled (4): A0091/36; A0092/02; A0111/13; A0111/14

Shelley (1): A0710/33

shellfish (1): C0177/06

shells (5): B0807/25; B1160/27; C0145/38; C0153/01; C0177/08

shelter (8): A0197/02; B0726/19; B0769/V; B0968/15; C0150/40; C0173/14; C0555/07; C0561/36

sheltered (2): A0323/16; B0899/25

shelves (4): A0503/05; A0582/35; B0762/09; C0068/18

shepherd (2): B1295/13; B1311/05

Sherry (3): A0181/16; B1258/03; B1258/17

Shetland (1): C0159/34

Shetland/Islands (1): C0162/11

Shetlands (1): C0160/24

shew (1): B1267/M

shicken (2): B1103/29; B1103/33

shield (10): A0075/08; A0267/37; A0414/18; A0414/20; A0415/18; A0415/21; A0415/26; A0416/12; B0858/33; C0425/14

shields (1): C0554/09

shift (5): A0295/29; A0318/19; A0584/22; C0098/30; C0099/19

shifted (3): A0555/30; A0696/28; C0114/36

shifting (7): A0138/03; C0097/15; C0097/26; C0097/30; C0097/38; C0098/15; C0559/34

shifting-boards (5): A0141/06; C0098/18; C0098/30; C0098/36; C0212/V

shifts (1): B1361/31

shilling (4): A0490/04; A0653/08; B1053/14; C0066/04

shilling’s (1): B0880/07

shillings (1): B0875/23

shine (2): A0228/09; B0947/16

shingles (1): B1337/26

shining (14): A0313/23; A0414/18; A0579/11; A0580/30; A0639/26; B1107/17; B1165/03; B1212/20; B1348/09; C0062/12; C0062/24; C0072/15; C0193/20; C0443/V

shins (4): B1010/V; B1010/V; B1010/V; B1015/20

ship (81)

ship-builders (1): C0114/06

ship-furniture (3): C0069/07; C0074/35; C0089/19

ship’s (3): B0830/17; C0061/35; C0131/36

shipmate (2): A0241/18; A0249/28

shipped (9): A0137/21; A0251/19; B0930/19; C0085/40; C0099/15; C0102/31; C0104/28; C0113/39; C0533/27

shipping (5): A0560/23; B0930/16; C0060/24; C0106/02; C0106/28

ships (4): A0581/35; B0945/27; C0118/17; C0147/17





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-Letter; A)