Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Shipwreck through Stairway,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 311-327 (This material is protected by copyright)


shipwreck (2): C0053/T; C0065/19

Shiraz (1): A0641/V

shirt (15): A0103/34; A0485/03; A0627/33; B1053/29; B1058/04; B1058/27; B1184/04; C0108/30; C0108/36; C0124/41; C0197/22; C0413/31; C0552/05; C0552/28; C0552/30

shirt-collar (3): A0056/24; A0066/14; A0089/12

shirts (8): B0750/26; B1350/37; C0119/20; C0128/07; C0145/28; C0146/10; C0146/16; C0202/40

shivered (2): B1046/25; B1160/02

shivering (2): B1185/30; B1238/25

shoal (1): C0146/37

shoals (7): C0155/01; C0188/05; C0189/33; C0548/37; C0571/20; C0572/31; C0576/11

shock (18): A0058/33; A0079/16; A0137/15; A0140/23; A0144/V; A0439/24; A0615/31; A0664/V; B0948/02; B0948/14; B0956/27; B0966/18; B1182/10; C0106/27; C0115/38; C0129/21; C0189/36; C0396/31

shocked (1): B0815/02

shocking (5): A0025/17; A0053/10; A0179/34; B1007/21; C0109/07

shocks (1): B1119/21

shod (1): B1379/23

shoe (3): B0745/29; B0811/27; C0579/15

shoe-buckles (2): A0369/10; A0370/13

shoe-marks (1): B1049/02

shoes (12): A0103/26; A0368/10; A0368/19; A0508/35; B0745/29; B0746/16; B0746/17; B0747/04; B0878/02; B1008/07; B1048/33; C0534/23

shone (10): A0196/16; A0196/V; A0316/19; A0417/09; A0585/03; B0793/01; B1050/01; B1328/08; B1348/10; C0536/30

shook (24): A0102/02; A0104/20; A0155/21; A0181/15; A0247/25; A0437/22; A0586/28; A0587/18; A0593/20; A0629/03; B0811/09; B0913/18; B0944/03; B0963/28; B0963/29; B0968/27; B1003/27; B1046/25; B1182/35; B1185/23; C0059/03; C0059/17; C0074/07; C0128/36

shoot (4): B0839/33; B0840/23; B0842/16; C0200/06

shooting (4): A0183/V; B1280/27; C0150/29; C0201/02

shooting-stars (1): B1322/21

shop (13): A0174/11; A0179/25; A0245/09; A0248/25; A0250/06; A0489/13; A0513/22; A0513/23; B0726/06; B0872/17; B0873/07; B1127/22; B1293/25

shop-doors (1): B0989/25

shop-keeper (4): A0513/28; B0872/09; B0872/19; B0872/24

shop-shutters (1): B1008/27

shopkeeper (2): B0726/02; B0872/05

shops (2): A0243/07; B0725/26

shore (100)

shore-party (1): C0180/23

shores (15): A0196/02; A0286/05; A0594/11; A0654/22; B0864/31; B1164/12; B1179/17; B1278/34; B1279/18; C0155/02; C0155/19; C0157/21; C0525/15; C0525/31; C0572/29

short (138)

shorter (7): A0103/25; B0832/23; B0836/16; B0962/10; B1163/29; B1380/20; C0401/28

shortest (3): C0134/40; C0135/07; C0148/23

shortly (29): A0059/15; A0156/29; A0356/08; A0487/06; A0584/12; A0686/11; B0746/29; B0761/09; B0900/11; B0915/24; B1075/30; B1135/31; B1213/18; C0063/02; C0103/32; C0104/32; C0117/27; C0118/11; C0119/14; C0122/20; C0159/19; C0189/25; C0207/19; C0428/30; C0522/23; C0525/12; C0558/24; C0566/30; C0574/09

shot (45): A0025/10; A0029/23; A0177/14; A0183/09; A0384/32; A0384/32; A0417/05; A0470/09; A0588/10; A0590/23; A0628/24; A0694/34; B0794/30; B0839/35; B0840/24; B0842/21; B0843/15; B0843/16; B0843/17; B0933/01; B1046/V; B1057/31; B1332/30; C0099/20; C0112/32; C0112/35; C0164/27; C0165/02; C0187/30; C0200/01; C0396/20; C0405/23; C0413/34; C0531/20; C0535/19; C0550/17; C0555/08; C0558/33; C0566/32; C0566/38; C0568/12; C0570/15; C0570/32; C0577/38; C0579/28

shot-towers (1): A0071/24

shots (4): C0164/37; C0187/15; C0531/28; C0579/35

should (543)

should’st (1): A0151/V

shoulder (19): A0080/40; A0089/24; A0107/26; A0279/28; A0311/23; A0415/33; A0446/33; B0892/03; B1013/11; B1107/04; B1226/07; B1298/19; C0076/40; C0082/16; C0083/27; C0118/32; C0137/40; C0142/05; C0536/08

shoulder-blades (1): B0730/12

shoulders (37): A0035/02; A0037/09; A0080/37; A0080/44; A0087/07; A0100/17; A0143/13; A0155/07; A0196/22; A0217/V; A0240/18; A0247/12; A0297/V; A0352/05; A0352/11; A0379/22; A0379/24; A0388/06; A0388/06; A0413/30; A0469/16; A0568/21; A0625/17; A0664/05; B0771/06; B0809/21; B0832/08; B1057/26; B1157/14; B1190/31; B1316/30; C0121/08; C0182/14; C0531/22; C0552/02; C0552/09; C0552/29

shouldn’t (5): A0286/21; A0387/14; A0387/19; B0898/01; B1373/15

shouldst (2): A0151/02; A0151/07

shout (11): B1181/35; B1249/15; B1298/17; B1316/21; B1353/02; C0136/18; C0146/15; C0165/21; C0172/33; C0387/20; C0544/08

shouted (11): A0044/10; A0045/23; A0180/01; A0252/12; A0252/33; A0387/06; B0914/V; B1165/08; B1348/31; C0123/23; C0557/21

shouting (9): A0123/02; A0417/15; A0461/19; A0627/08; C0124/23; C0131/22; C0190/21; C0541/22; C0560/11

shoutings (1): B0992/13

shouts (12): A0123/31; A0124/08; A0243/27; B1020/03; C0061/15; C0124/05; C0143/18; C0168/07; C0174/17; C0199/31; C0199/34; C0569/30

shoved (1): A0469/16

shovel (1): B0818/21

show (45): A0088/13; A0205/06; A0324/25; A0342/12; A0344/18; A0346/07; A0374/15; A0399/30; A0434/15; A0436/10; A0441/30; A0485/07; A0485/21; A0496/12; A0500/11; A0555/09; A0562/07; A0702/M; A0710/05; B0738/21; B0743/10; B0743/13; B0744/16; B0744/28; B0747/34; B0752/05; B0754/15; B0763/17; B0766/25; B0878/24; B1003/34; B1039/20; B1096/09; B1122/V; B1221/09; B1275/08; B1311/27; B1314/01; B1359/26; B1371/10; B1380/23; B1380/30; C0117/15; C0428/14; C0571/07

showd> (1): A0465/05

showed (12): A0346/25; A0380/29; A0593/01; B0796/28; B0830/22; B0967/10; B1007/18; B1130/36; C0069/14; C0069/29; C0404/35; C0441/V

shower (9): A0152/27; C0135/38; C0139/18; C0141/34; C0142/03; C0145/27; C0190/07; C0205/31; C0542/32

shower-bath (1): C0129/23

showers (1): C0387/13

showing (14): A0056/03; A0065/25; A0272/14; A0303/23; B0948/27; B1046/14; B1093/37; B1186/25; B1297/18; B1297/22; B1314/20; B1315/20; B1383/13; C0570/24

showman (1): B1096/12

shown (23): A0157/02; A0386/28; A0546/26; A0621/23; B0732/07; B0740/08; B0743/21; B0752/04; B0752/10; B0809/22; B0909/25; B0948/26; B1039/23; B1071/V; B1092/05; B1096/31; B1315/37; B1369/08; B1374/33; C0177/03; C0196/08; C0561/01; C0574/18

shows (5): A0582/08; A0621/15; B0743/03; B0746/32; B1120/06

showy (1): B1334/20

shrank (10): A0215/09; A0567/21; A0610/23; A0640/32; A0643/06; A0676/10; A0694/11; A0696/07; A0697/01; B0946/25

shredded (1): B1141/17

shredding (1): B1141/16

shreds (4): A0510/15; B0930/23; B1141/10; B1141/19

shrew (3): A0052/01; A0062/03; B1195/12

shrewdness (1): C0055/33

shriek (20): A0029/12; A0151/27; A0153/23; A0218/03; A0219/02; A0414/23; A0414/32; A0515/05; A0580/34; A0588/13; A0692/14; A0696/16; B0796/20; B0796/25; B0859/03; B0944/01; B0967/05; B0967/36; B1225/22; C0208/19

shrieked (11): A0105/30; A0197/26; A0235/V; A0253/05; A0319/19; A0330/18; A0416/19; A0461/13; B0795/26; B0797/28; B1017/25

shrieking (12): A0029/15; A0139/31; A0145/17; A0146/V; A0482/14; A0579/06; B0945/22; B1057/17; B1156/36; C0116/22; C0131/37; C0203/04

shrieks (10): A0105/32; A0128/07; A0245/02; A0249/32; A0537/08; A0540/03; A0541/02; A0566/13; A0614/06; B1354/05

shrill (24): A0088/35; A0103/15; A0218/02; A0244/30; A0540/11; A0540/22; A0540/28; A0541/05; A0541/09; A0541/09; A0541/33; A0542/30; A0543/05; A0549/14; A0549/20; A0550/14; A0550/21; A0555/20; A0588/12; B1262/23; B1353/04; B1353/16; C0072/23; C0408/29

shrill-sounding (1): C0198/13

shriller (1): A0540/08

shrilly (1): A0029/15

shrimps (1): C0177/07

shrine (4): A0075/17; A0162/16; A0311/09; A0314/09

shrines (2): A0159/05; B0945/10

shrink (5): A0692/32; A0708/02; B1163/41; B1222/27; B1273/01

shrinking (5): A0330/12; A0510/04; A0695/02; B1014/29; B1239/35

shrivelled (3): A0143/14; A0327/21; C0107/37

shroud (13): A0022/V; A0029/22; A0034/25; A0080/37; A0081/09; A0228/28; A0233/09; A0243/14; A0246/28; A0252/16; A0254/02; B0956/30; B0957/06

shrouded (6): A0326/05; A0426/V; A0672/02; A0675/09; B0964/28; C0206/06

shrouds (1): A0405/V

shrub (4): A0602/15; B0807/12; B1334/20; C0150/28

shrubberies (7): A0210/33; A0428/05; B0761/17; B0765/07; B1279/25; B1283/07; B1329/10

shrubbery (6): A0196/32; B0864/28; B0866/12; B1332/12; C0192/09; C0542/17

shrubs (6): A0429/16; A0578/16; B1280/17; C0155/13; C0181/34; C0188/28

shrugged (4): A0035/01; A0037/09; A0625/17; B1190/31

shrunk (6): A0028/03; A0567/V; A0692/25; B0946/V; B1243/03; C0142/35

shrunken (2): A0215/11; C0107/37

shud> (2): A0464/05; A0468/31

shudder (24): A0020/V; A0028/14; A0080/40; A0154/29; A0218/10; A0327/24; A0328/20; A0398/11; A0403/13; A0415/33; A0437/32; A0461/14; A0513/29; A0547/11; A0675/21; B0851/29; B0855/31; B0964/17; C0064/36; C0074/39; C0125/15; C0132/02; C0135/14; C0397/09

shuddered (15): A0023/11; A0054/21; A0063/24; A0198/16; A0214/11; A0216/05; A0226/16; A0230/15; A0234/24; A0405/16; A0405/17; A0558/V; A0681/17; A0687/04; B0963/31

shuddering (11): A0191/12; A0683/31; A0696/15; A0696/18; B0966/26; B1223/15; B1240/32; C0087/27; C0203/03; C0208/18; C0399/08

shudderingly (1): A0412/34

shuffled (3): A0037/14; A0053/26; A0441/24

shuffling (2): A0056/02; A0065/26

shunned (3): A0225/08; A0229/09; A0323/05

shut (23): A0053/29; A0181/16; A0189/23; A0356/21; A0625/18; A0663/24; A0664/26; A0670/07; A0702/M; B0927/03; B0928/28; B1008/25; B1019/04; B1021/25; B1105/02; B1185/04; B1267/M; B1279/24; B1282/21; B1338/23; C0070/07; C0085/02; C0111/03

shutter (8): A0513/28; A0554/27; A0554/32; A0555/04; A0565/25; A0565/27; A0566/22; B1336/27

shutters (11): A0532/31; A0539/28; A0546/17; A0554/10; A0554/17; A0558/02; A0663/04; B0793/28; B1008/25; B1020/07; B1336/25

shutting (6): A0215/16; A0217/V; A0639/10; A0641/10; A0663/25; C0109/20

Shuttleworthy (21): B1044/10; B1044/12; B1044/24; B1045/20; B1045/24; B1046/06; B1046/14; B1046/18; B1046/32; B1048/12; B1048/29; B1050/05; B1050/33; B1053/12; B1055/25; B1055/31; B1056/04; B1057/07; B1057/35; B1058/35; B1059/17

Shuttleworthy, Barnabas (1): B1055/16

Shuttleworthy’s (8): B1045/33; B1046/29; B1047/13; B1049/23; B1049/28; B1052/23; B1053/07; B1056/03

shy (2): C0151/33; C0154/06

Shylock (1): B1208/07

si (7): A0036/17; A0037/07; A0037/09; A0209/M; A0218/15; B0993/26; C0180/32

Siam (1): A0087/18

Sibyls (1): A0144/V

sich (2): A0506/01; A0515/32

sich (2): B0812/09; B0812/24

sich> (4): A0466/32; A0467/V; A0468/26; A0470/16

Sicily (1): B1101/05

sick (18): A0157/V; A0587/35; A0681/01; A0681/01; A0691/18; B0811/23; B0811/24; B0811/30; B0812/33; B0963/03; B1091/09; B1091/10; B1195/13; B1222/27; B1263/22; B1390/04; C0073/01; C0083/13

sick-list (1): C0177/04

sickened (5): A0217/V; A0227/13; A0232/01; A0612/12; B0933/22

sickening (5): A0080/41; A0397/18; A0590/08; B0927/20; C0397/01

sickly (3): A0138/19; A0195/05; A0415/34

sickness (9): A0026/33; A0456/02; A0684/02; B0760/07; B0947/23; B1222/28; C0101/33; C0197/36; C0563/36

Siculus, Diodorus (1): B1191/34

side (172)

side-dishes (1): B1011/03

side-long (1): A0545/22

side-piece (1): B1011/07

side-pocket (1): C0389/38

sideboard (1): B1020/11

sidelong (4): A0582/20; A0695/01; C0567/13; C0579/11

sidereal (2): B1035/23; C0426/12

sides (59)

siding (1): C0104/02

sidled (1): A0510/01

sie (6): A0150/V; A0150/V; A0345/08; A0345/08; B0723/M; B0723/M

siecle (1): A0431/08

siege (3): A0059/13; A0652/05; B1107/22

sienta (1): A0344/23

siestas (1): B1105/22

Sieur (1): A0302/18

Sieur (1): C0430/39

sieve (1): B1141/10

sift (1): B0770/02

sifted (2): B1141/10; B1316/32

sigh (28): A0020/V; A0073/24; A0092/28; A0104/16; A0112/03; A0162/09; A0195/09; A0195/13; A0264/11; A0327/30; A0447/16; A0514/03; A0600/24; A0629/10; B0826/25; B0875/19; B0902/07; B1005/24; B1237/14; B1278/07; B1349/05; B1373/13; B1384/19; B1384/19; B1384/24; B1384/24; C0413/19; C0564/21

sighed (10): A0045/14; A0046/26; A0174/17; A0179/32; A0196/06; A0198/07; A0351/15; A0642/19; B1249/28; B1347/31

sighing (3): A0642/28; B0929/29; C0198/15

sighs (6): A0197/08; A0198/02; A0294/V; A0319/28; A0643/28; A0645/04

sight (107)

sights (2): B0886/02; B0964/21

sign (16): A0057/03; A0066/29; A0079/28; A0100/28; A0102/03; A0240/07; A0251/21; A0337/17; B1033/04; B1235/31; B1240/04; B1260/27; C0076/27; C0150/27; C0157/28; C0409/06

signal (16): A0047/06; A0047/07; A0414/14; A0460/15; A0562/07; A0604/15; B0823/32; B1059/19; B1068/02; B1078/12; C0111/10; C0111/25; C0121/20; C0121/30; C0146/16; C0185/21

signalizing (1): B1126/05

signals (3): A0382/25; C0063/05; C0568/41

signature (10): A0144/25; A0282/02; A0282/07; A0623/14; B0833/14; B0833/15; B0833/21; B0836/06; B1138/01; B1139/04

signatures (2): A0264/01; A0264/36

signed (8): A0113/01; A0490/35; A0491/08; B0874/34; B0983/03; B0983/10; B1129/03; B1132/20

significant (2): B1133/03; B1190/32

significantly (2): A0624/14; C0388/10

signification (2): A0611/33; B1096/02

signified (2): C0086/15; C0176/12

signifies (2): A0043/V; A0621/05

signifieth (2): A0048/V; A0048/V

signify (1): B1155/13

signing (2): A0490/16; B1130/02

Signor (13): A0088/18; A0089/35; A0091/06; A0091/33; A0092/14; A0093/27; A0093/34; A0093/36; A0175/21; A0181/18; C0431/05; C0432/10; C0432/43

Signor’s (1): C0431/09

Signora (7): A0336/01; A0336/V; A0337/09; A0337/11; A0349/10; A0356/01; A0357/11

signs (21): A0059/19; A0067/10; A0189/08; A0261/02; A0303/26; A0593/16; B0823/22; B0930/26; B0989/25; B0989/35; B1131/03; B1237/18; B1358/17; C0114/20; C0119/27; C0119/36; C0145/30; C0168/24; C0175/07; C0189/37; C0543/09

Sigourney (2): A0267/01; B1385/07

Sigourney, L. H. (1): A0266/04

Sigourney’s (2): A0266/15; A0267/05

Silence (3): A0195/T; A0198/11; A0198/16

silence (52)

silenced (1): B0823/17

silent (32): A0028/29; A0028/V; A0139/08; A0151/06; A0151/22; A0195/M; A0197/V; A0210/28; A0294/V; A0297/08; A0299/28; A0400/01; A0408/22; A0444/01; A0542/07; A0625/14; A0644/10; A0673/32; B0724/23; B0763/34; B0947/30; B0963/05; B1052/31; B1191/32; B1194/18; C0072/23; C0083/19; C0083/23; C0118/02; C0124/25; C0134/18; C0412/36

silentio (1):A0662/V

silently (14): A0085/11; A0089/21; A0417/17; A0437/33; A0600/23; B0728/32; B0770/28; B0770/29; B0854/33; B1241/02; B1280/26; C0108/16; C0134/11; C0205/25

silex (1): B1162/32

silf> (4): A0464/17; A0465/06; A0466/22; A0467/10

Silk (1): B1183/06

silk (31): A0036/V; A0447/06; A0501/13; A0502/20; A0503/06; A0628/04; B0734/34; B0735/08; B0758/09; B0759/03; B0761/33; B0863/13; B0911/02; B0968/30; B1049/18; B1071/16; B1071/30; B1073/03; B1074/07; B1074/11; B1074/23; B1076/02; B1258/19; B1292/27; B1292/28; B1292/33; B1293/03; C0172/02; C0389/29; C0395/O1; C0534/22

silk-buckingham (1): B1293/03

silk-velvet (1): A0246/02

silk-worms (1): B1207/37

silken (3): A0234/28; A0247/20; A0402/09

silks (1): B0945/12

silky (2): C0167/17; C0168/16

sill (1): C0186/38

Silliman’s/Journal (1): B1357/02

silly (14): A0019/22; A0026/15; A0120/10; A0263/02; A0279/32; A0556/04; B0833/25; B0852/12; B0915/27; B1013/23; B1114/14; B1115/01; B1131/03; B1257/27

silver (36): A0044/04; A0045/22; A0087/23; A0155/01; A0158/03; A0163/15; A0165/05; A0279/17; A0368/20; A0414/17; A0415/21; A0415/23; A0415/27; A0501/11; A0501/14; A0502/01; A0537/32; A0640/10; A0641/01; A0643/14; B0820/27; B0825/27; B0827/27; B0872/34; B0945/17; B0955/33; B1009/02; B1283/09; B1332/12; B1339/33; B1363/04; B1364/27; B1364/34; C0388/34; C0389/26; C0575/20

silver-like (1): A0138/27

silver-smith (1): A0540/17

silvery (2): A0152/24; A0164/V

Simeon (5): A0043/02; A0043/10; A0045/08; A0048/V; A0048/V

Simia (1): A0124/21

similar (120)

similarity (10): A0414/05; A0434/23; A0434/26; A0478/15; B0829/11; B0829/16; B0949/05; C0428/01; C0448/V; C0448/V

similarly (7): A0410/09; A0552/04; B0979/29; B1139/08; B1144/03; C0131/06; C0145/03

simile (2): A0209/06; B0989/14

similes (3): A0343/17; A0343/20; A0344/04

similitude (5): A0234/21; A0270/34; A0410/15; B1137/05; C0388/26

Simmond’s (1): B1162/28

Simms (3): A0282/22; A0282/26; C0102/16

Simms, W. T. Gilmore (1): A0282/18

Simoom (3): A0136/V; A0138/V; A0195/V

simoom (2): A0211/V; B0932/V

Simoon (3): A0136/34; A0138/13; A0195/V

simoon (2): A0145/10; A0211/01

simpering (1): C0130/18

simple (77)

simple-minded (1): C0564/08

simplest (3): B0839/28; B0855/05; B1074/19

simpleton (4): B0984/14; B0984/17; B0984/20; B0984/24

simplicity (10): A0274/37; A0349/02; A0405/20; A0459/01; A0582/23; B0876/20; B0975/27; B0989/05; B1072/14; B1383/10

simply (27): A0091/30; A0106/29; A0110/32; A0315/21; A0340/31; A0501/26; A0528/19; A0688/30; B0745/23; B0929/36; B1089/16; B1092/34; B1179/30; B1193/15; B1213/13; B1219/09; B1240/03; B1298/20; B1312/29; B1339/07; B1354/17; B1357/06; B1371/22; B1375/09; B1384/10; C0401/04; C0547/16

Simpson (16): B0887/10; B0887/18; B0887/V; B0888/06; B0897/29; B0898/04; B0899/28; B0900/02; B0909/16; B0910/23; B0911/14; B0911/18; B0911/22; B0911/V; B0913/13; B0914/06

Simpson, Adolphus (1): B0887/14

simultaneous (1): B1015/06

simultaneously (7): A0057/25; A0370/05; B1021/06; B1190/29; B1221/12; B1221/13; C0387/19

sin (4): A0319/01; B0852/25; B0852/25; B1224/28

Sinbad (9): B1154/33; B1155/16; B1155/18; B1159/04; B1159/13; B1159/17; B1159/28; B1159/34; B1160/06

Sinbad (1): B1158/33

since (165)

sincere (3): B1050/04; B1257/12; C0096/32

sincerely (4): A0071/12; A0106/10; A0654/01; B0823/28

sincerest (1): B1052/31

sincerity (4): A0295/27; A0401/24; B0915/V; C0089/07

sinciput (3): A0482/17; A0483/20; B1190/34

sind (1): B0723/M

sind> (1): A0465/27

sine (1): A0599/M

sine (2): C0404/40; C0404/41

sinecure (1): A0370/08

sinecures (2): A0369/28; A0370/10

sinews (1): C0062/35

sing (6): A0125/12; A0125/13; A0407/21; B0905/06; B0915/29; B1021/01

Sing, Cheyte (2): B0949/16; B0949/18

Singapore (1): C0179/18

singed (1): B1107/09

singer (1): B0905/11

singing (11): A0124/29; A0127/04; A0343/22; B0904/05; B0904/26; B0906/04; B0993/09; B1004/05; B1096/14; C0530/38; C0560/11

Single (1): A0301/01

single (108)

single-minded (1): B1051/05

singles (1): B1337/32

singly (3): A0294/13; B1282/04; C0547/07

singular (138)

singular-looking (5): A0141/17; A0388/33; C0167/14; C0193/01; C0195/09

singularity (7): A0142/11; A0144/14; B0829/21; B0949/36; C0076/19; C0429/39; C0574/08

singularly (29): A0026/16; A0054/05; A0063/13; A0088/25; A0155/14; A0215/04; A0248/03; A0297/V; A0315/22; A0378/17; A0397/03; A0434/18; A0511/24; A0536/08; A0544/25; A0557/01; A0604/18; A0608/10; A0639/V; B0796/34; B0887/28; B0940/08; B0942/05; B1106/05; B1137/16; C0398/35; C0436/V; C0524/37; C0531/26

singularly-marked (1): A0603/04

sinister (5): A0019/V; A0262/33; A0371/17; A0409/25; A0631/20

Sinivate (3): A0386/07; A0386/12; A0386/17

Sinivate, Theodore (1): A0385/28

sink (13): A0052/03; A0062/05; A0588/19; B0732/18; B0741/11; B0741/35; B0743/15; B0743/23; B0743/29; B0744/24; B0760/09; C0116/15; C0534/08

sinking (14): A0138/25; A0140/22; A0214/28; A0373/20; A0397/18; A0602/18; A0692/30; B1236/21; C0064/39; C0075/40; C0141/17; C0411/02; C0559/28; C0559/31

sinks (3): B0732/11; B0740/12; B0743/08

sinned (3): A0034/08; A0474/03; A0474/03

sinner (2): A0075/12; A0252/26

sinner’s (1): A0227/32

sins (2): B1291/14; B1292/04

sinuous (2): A0247/06; B0943/11

Siope (1): A0195/V

Sioux (32): C0548/18; C0548/23; C0549/03; C0549/07; C0549/14; C0549/42; C0550/07; C0550/23; C0551/13; C0551/16; C0551/17; C0551/29; C0551/37; C0551/38; C0552/04; C0552/21; C0553/14; C0553/14; C0554/05; C0555/14; C0555/25; C0556/10; C0556/25; C0556/28; C0557/10; C0557/14; C0558/01; C0558/05; C0558/21; C0560/08; C0560/26; C0565/36

Sioux (1): C0550/27

Sioux/Tetons (1): C0556/24

sipped (2): B1102/14; B1105/11

sipping (1): A0099/02

Sir (33): A0158/19; A0158/20; A0173/03; A0176/12; A0183/06 •; A0183/07; A0205/27; A0413/09; A0414/07 0; A0415/16; A0468/08; A0469/06; A0469/08; A0469/10; A0469/20; A0527/M; B1069/16; B1069/33; B1070/15; B1070/18; B1070/30; B1070/34; B1072/23; B1072/30; B1080/04; B1114/19; B1114/19; B1358/16; B1359/12; B1359/29; C0428/28; C0525/07; C0526/33

sir (153) •

sire (2): A0023/24; A0399/15

Sirius (1): B1168/V

sis (1): B0814/12

Sissytoonies (1): C0551/10

sister (12): A0404/01; A0410/15; A0639/06; B0877/18; B0877/22; B0924/11; B1153/09; B1153/17; B1154/26; B1154/28; B1155/09; C0529/20

sister-in-law (2): B0877/19; B0877/22

sisters (9): B0922/18; B0923/19; B0924/07; B0926/03; B0926/07; B0933/04; B0933/18; C0522/18; C0529/01

sit (24): A0072/10; A0105/14; A0250/18; A0262/22; A0318/11; A0339/06; A0369/22; A0385/14; A0409/08; A0415/07; A0493/08; A0508/33; A0562/24; A0578/20; A0578/29; A0621/24; A0656/14; A0681/02; B0824/28; B0911/V; B0931/32; B0931/33; B0932/06; B1167/24

site (4): A0366/27; A0681/M; B1303/09; C0198/35

sitot (1): A0397/M

sits (3): A0250/11; A0369/03; A0467/08

sittin) (1): A0466/V

sitting (38): A0071/19; A0174/12; A0174/22; A0179/27; A0180/02; A0217/04; A0217/04; A0248/12; A0296/16; A0329/08; A0353/16; A0357/03; A0407/11; A0441/18; A0466/29; A0487/16; A0565/04; A0566/19; A0650/04; A0664/19; B0728/28; B0794/03; B0797/18; B0905/V; B0958/32; B0975/02; B1045/31; B1057/06; B1100/03; B1167/09; B1247/21; B1249/08; B1347/22; C0060/30; C0069/20; C0136/06; C0175/10; C0532/18

sitting-places (1): A0502/19

sittings (1): A0443/23

Situ (1): A0601/33

situated (23): A0044/29; A0053/11; A0248/03; A0369/07; A0374/17; A0501/V; B0928/32; B1248/10; B1277/33; B1301/18; B1352/27; C0099/34; C0131/06; C0145/03; C0152/12; C0174/35; C0180/36; C0400/07; C0410/25; C0418/10; C0537/35; C0555/34; C0574/16

situation (81)

situations (3): C0438/V; C0543/10; C0559/34

six (1): A0036/21

six (122)

sixes (3): B0773/21; B0773/23; B0773/27

sixpence (2): A0489/18; A0489/33

sixpences (1): B1090/04

sixpennies (1): B0878/30

sixteen (10): A0120/17; A0483/30; A0578/12; B0887/26; B1093/17; B1335/35; C0057/12; C0068/25; C0537/37; C0576/31

sixteen-hundredth (1): C0405/05

sixteenth (9): B1143/17; B1251/03; B1251/04; B1335/16; C0129/38; C0149/10; C0164/18; C0192/25; C0421/11

sixth (20): A0068/29; A0138/29; A0175/05; A0177/21; A0181/27; A0183/16; A0276/11; A0314/18; A0614/36; A0615/21; A0671/11; A0672/01; B0864/21; B0941/29; B1262/19; C0129/41; C0159/39; C0179/16; C0423/32; C0531/34

sixthly (1): A0248/03

sixty (29): A0045/02; A0366/33; A0367/02; A0673/06; B0819/05; B0874/30; B0968/17; B1077/21; B1130/19; B1161/06; B1192/25; B1192/30; B1248/10; B1351/34; C0156/01; C0161/02; C0161/11; C0181/33; C0186/34; C0193/13; C0200/23; C0400/16; C0400/21; C0415/35; C0416/09; C0432/06; C0525/37; C0545/09; C0578/26

sixty-eighth (1): A0578/27

sixty-fifth (1): C0161/09

sixty-five (5): A0511/12; C0138/20; C0161/11; C0405/19; C0418/32

sixty-four (2): C0159/34; C0160/35

sixty-fourth (1): C0159/02

sixty-seven (1): C0162/06

sixty-six (1): C0162/06

sixty-two (2): B1137/36; C0161/02

size (65)

sized (1): A0485/22

sizes (5): B1073/23; B1119/05; C0178/22; C0540/22; C0573/35

Skarholm (1): A0579/28

skate (1): C0174/06

skeered (1): B0812/05

skeleton (7): A0244/27; A0248/17; A0253/18; A0689/04; B0956/29; B1119/M; C0072/22

skeletons (4): B0825/23; B0844/11; B0961/14; B1260/V

skeptic (1): B1104/32

skeptical (2): A0027/24; B1044/07

skepticism (1): A0438/10

sketch (12): A0059/03; A0069/V; A0070/03; A0174/31; A0180/22; A0501/01; A0558/27; B0828/28; B0829/06; B0829/14; B0829/28; B0830/32

sketched (2): B1185/01; C0554/13

sketching (2): B0831/26; B1246/05

sketchy (2): C0428/02; C0448/V

skewers (1): C0175/01

skies (7): A0123/32; A0124/27; A0189/15; A0599/M; A0702/M; B1267/M; C0423/31

skiff (4): B0817/14; B0864/23; B0865/14; B0866/09

skilful (3): B0914/12; B1119/21; B1257/13

skilfully (2): A0105/18; B0770/15

skill (12): A0341/V; A0404/16; A0441/03; A0444/09; A0530/01; A0707/29; B0956/14; B1108/01; B1272/30; C0059/06; C0168/16; C0544/41

skilled (1): A0096/05

skillful (2): A0478/23; C0188/13

skim (1): A0588/20

skimmed (1): A0037/06

skin (31): A0103/23; A0312/09; A0355/22; A0402/08; A0460/17; B1157/07; B1180/25; B1235/13; B1239/22; C0081/12; C0087/16; C0123/35; C0142/11; C0173/04; C0174/31; C0174/34; C0180/28; C0186/26; C0188/16; C0190/31; C0206/07; C0395/29; C0405/15; C0549/19; C0552/10; C0552/16; C0552/19; C0552/20; C0564/22; C0569/29; C0575/39

skins (11): A0143/14; C0154/07; C0168/15; C0174/20; C0175/01; C0203/37; C0536/16; C0552/05; C0570/06; C0575/32; C0575/42

skipped (1): A0567/13

skipping (1): A0627/07

skirmish (1): C0560/24

skirt (3): A0351/05; B0735/13; B0763/03

skirts (3): A0366/32; C0068/40; C0571/15

skulking (2): A0356/29; C0186/22

skull (42): A0067/01; A0248/08; A0248/16; A0249/19; A0250/32; A0253/07; A0651/25; B0809/28; B0810/07; B0810/08; B0821/01; B0821/03; B0821/06; B0821/10; B0821/18; B0821/21; B0821/22; B0821/22; B0824/21; B0829/18; B0829/19; B0829/31; B0831/06; B0831/08; B0831/21; B0831/23; B0831/30; B0831/33; B0832/16; B0832/32; B0834/31; B0842/13; B0842/16; B0842/19; B0843/13; B0843/24; B0843/31; B0844/03; B0958/22; B1191/08; B1383/27; C0579/22

skull’s (1): B0843/25

sky (21): A0145/15; A0228/04; A0349/24; A0578/17; A0585/28; A0587/10; A0587/33; A0594/08; A0602/26; B0819/14; B0819/16; B1080/11; B1280/26; B1391/17; C0166/11; C0184/05; C0189/07; C0399/23; C0416/19; C0536/37; C0575/20

sky-blue (9): A0087/05; A0100/15; A0175/07; A0181/28; A0336/07; A0349/13; B1165/15; B1185/33; C0389/25

sky-light (3): B1351/20; B1353/19; B1354/24

Skylark (1): B1291/12

slab (3): B1303/36; B1304/01; B1304/09

slabs (2): A0235/27; B1337/02

slack (7): A0583/37; A0584/25; A0585/11; A0586/35; A0586/38; A0587/25; A0594/12

slack-lime (1): B1073/27

slack-water (1): A0584/04

slackened (1): C0563/21

slain (3): A0125/10; A0125/35; A0346/06

slake (1): B0760/01

slaked (1): C0188/20

slammed (1): A0253/16

slamming (1): B0876/17

Slang-Syllabus (1): B1141/07

Slang-Whang (4): A0338/24; A0338/25; A0338/26; A0338/27

slant (1): A0603/07

slanted (1): A0640/08

slap (1): C0101/12

slapped (2): A0114/02; B1046/01

slapping (2): C0168/36; C0546/07

slashed (1): A0086/30

slashes (1): A0086/31

slate (3): B0734/03; B0748/18; B0812/04

slaty (1): C0184/03

slave (4): A0320/25; A0403/10; A0427/08; C0414/33

Slave/river (1): C0527/03

Slave/Lake (1): C0527/04

slavery (1): B1316/14

slayeth (1): A0414/20

sledgehammer (1): B1020/06

sleep (62)

sleep-producing (1): B0941/27

sleep-waker (9): B1030/20; B1032/09; B1035/33; B1040/07; B1040/15; B1238/32; B1239/07; B1239/21; B1241/33

sleep-waker’s (1): B1241/18

sleep-waking (2): B1032/02; B1237/21

Sleeper (1): B1380/21

sleeper (6): A0166/21; A0195/V; A0437/16; A0614/11; A0616/22; B0946/08

sleepers (1): B0964/29

sleeping (9): A0137/02; A0410/03; A0429/32; A0503/04; A0602/12; B1090/02; B1240/29; C0126/25; C0535/09

sleeping-place (1): C0091/19

sleeping-rocm (1): B1363/02

sleepless (1): C0143/24

sleepy (3): B1155/01; C0070/35; C0414/20

sleet (1): B1093/07

sleeve (6): A0106/16; A0443/11; A0443/20; B0732/25; B0732/29; C0413/31

sleeves (5): A0086/30; A0100/07; B0890/03; B0913/18; B1108/14

slender (22): A0087/22; A0094/21; A0101/V; A0114/16; A0156/07; A0190/02; A0243/05; A0297/V; A0311/18; A0503/10; A0603/09; A0640/07; A0641/V; A0644/V; A0682/04; B1283/06; B1336/17; B1338/28; C0137/38; C0173/31; C0397/04; C0412/35

slept (26): A0137/26; A0436/27; A0688/21; B0728/31; B0793/18; B0794/10; B0851/30; B0857/34; B0857/34; B0928/18; B0934/02; B0968/16; B0968/22; B1081/11; B1105/34; B1153/15; B1240/28; C0071/01; C0071/08; C0073/39; C0078/31; C0084/40; C0100/38; C0101/32; C0192/16; C0416/36

slice (1): B1011/21

slices (1): C0534/34

slid (6): A0292/M; A0695/02; B0928/27; B1331/03; B1363/16; C0578/29

slide (5): A0195/V; A0587/35; A0591/15; A0671/18; C0578/32

Slidell (1): A0283/08

Slidell, Alexander (1): A0282/36

Slidell’s (1): A0283/01

sliding (7): A0546/19; B0826/12; B0908/V; B0928/23; B0928/26; B0928/29; B0979/17

slight (77)

slightest (44): A0079/17; A0249/14; A0295/26; A0326/27; A0366/25; A0378/11; A0500/01; A0538/26; A0561/27; A0585/15; A0615/11; A0624/01; A0693/12; A0710/07; B0815/31; B0857/20; B0893/21; B0965/27; B1079/29; B1097/08; B1152/34; B1275/10; B1302/07; B1310/30; B1354/07; B1358/12; B1359/15; B1360/10; B1362/12; B1363/31; B1391/21; C0064/31; C0074/07; C0130/05; C0134/03; C0179/38; C0180/14; C0388/06; C0398/35; C0409/06; C0413/19; C0415/17; C0569/22; C0579/15

slightly (37): A0261/15; A0264/18; A0300/05; A0313/06; A0313/12; A0328/V; A0443/24; A0443/25; A0501/27; A0503/02; A0508/35; A0510/17; A0535/26; A0629/34; B0823/26; B0826/10; B0875/33; B0891/12; B0894/12; B0906/18; B0958/22; B1003/25; B1016/05; B1133/16; B1190/33; B1237/30; B1282/22; B1332/29; B1333/13; B1340/10; C0063/22; C0078/02; C0113/28; C0189/37; C0399/18; C0406/18; C0566/32

slim-legged (1): C0175/34

slime (3): A0686/24; B0807/03; C0142/39

slimy (1): A0685/22

sling (4): A0379/V; A0464/T; A0465/02; A0470/25

slings (1): C0168/20

slip (39): A0046/15; A0093/16; A0098/01; A0112/27; A0151/28; A0341/26; A0342/V; A0344/29; A0388/06; A0587/29; B0730/25; B0730/29; B0730/32; B0730/32; B0730/34; B0762/25; B0765/20; B0766/18; B0766/33; B0812/07; B0813/23; B0831/18; B0832/33; B0834/33; B0835/10; B0843/07; B1077/08; B1113/07; B1362/06; C0067/09; C0076/38; C0077/39; C0078/15; C0079/06; C0079/19; C0092/32; C0105/10; C0143/16; C0392/05

slip-knot (1): C0138/28

slipknot (1): C0090/28

slipped (13): A0058/11; A0219/04; A0468/11; A0535/25; A0580/28; B0793/32; B0852/20; B1108/13; C0069/15; C0090/17; C0142/30; C0163/36; C0188/11

slippers (3): A0086/34; A0100/11; A0155/06

slippery (8): A0578/10; A0686/05; C0183/37; C0567/19; C0571/22; C0572/27; C0577/01; C0578/27

slipping (8): A0085/11; A0152/08; A0559/05; A0692/V; B0766/29; C0120/04; C0121/09; C0138/27

slips (6): A0037/19; A0383/16; C0545/17; C0546/40; C0546/41; C0547/02

sloop (4): B0968/13; B0968/17; B0968/28; C0099/21

sloop-fashion (1): C0057/27

slope (7): A0270/17; A0282/23; A0591/16; A0594/04; A0603/01; B1280/23; B1330/25

sloped (8): A0590/35; B1280/08; B1331/24; B1332/01; B1333/27; B1381/34; C0543/13; C0567/15

slopes (6): A0278/34; B0862/35; B1281/24; B1331/18; B1331/34; B1385/35

sloping (5): B1338/14; C0181/31; C0196/32; C0555/07; C0573/12

slouched (2): B1102/32; B1105/05

slouching (1): A0297/V

slow (26): A0316/08; A0323/22; A0388/19; A0411/11; A0428/31; A0431/12; A0591/21; A0653/15; A0675/19; A0689/34; A0695/02; B0854/27; B0855/28; B0958/02; B0963/07; B1222/28; B1298/33; B1299/04; B1371/33; C0073/20; C0074/24; C0137/36; C0143/40; C0396/16; C0401/28; C0534/34

slow-match (1): C0394/26

slow-paced (1): B1136/10

slower (2): A0081/06; B1292/14

slowly (48): A0025/14; A0029/V; A0037/V; A0047/30; A0140/15; A0152/04; A0215/12; A0217/V; A0330/16; A0404/06; A0416/24; A0437/15; A0512/23; A0592/19; A0592/31; A0594/08; A0604/17; A0604/22; A0612/31; B0793/03; B0793/03; B0818/07; B0823/30; B0851/36; B0894/12; B0895/05; B0897/21; B0927/33; B0966/09; B1057/10; B1212/17; B1239/21; B1279/01; B1281/11; B1282/34; B1382/22; B1385/10; C0077/21; C0111/21; C0123/17; C0124/03; C0125/26; C0184/20; C0188/28; C0387/25; C0444/V; C0559/02; C0562/21

sluggish (2): A0400/02; A0458/19

sluggishly (1): B1238/27

slumber (31): A0028/18; A0195/21; A0195/M; A0312/20; A0324/18; A0501/02; A0566/13; A0643/30; A0643/30; A0664/15; A0682/21; A0682/24; A0689/12; B0827/16; B0865/17; B0963/16; B0963/33; B0968/08; B0968/27; B0969/18; B1178/10; C0070/36; C0084/30; C0085/10; C0128/20; C0415/09; C0416/05; C0416/12; C0419/18; C0421/14; C0422/09

slumbered (6): A0612/29; A0688/01; A0702/M; B0724/31; B0964/30; B1267/M

slumberer (2): A0616/24; B1237/27

slumbering (5): A0311/26; A0610/25; A0612/16; A0663/15; B1107/03

slumbers (9): A0087/37; A0139/28; A0322/25; A0600/24; A0605/04; A0616/12; B0858/16; B0964/28; B1105/23

slung (1): B1057/34

slur (1): B1035/24

sluts (1): B1096/38

Sluys (1): A0240/04

slxw (1): B1374/12

Slyass (5): B1136/17; B1136/19; B1136/25; B1137/02; B1139/01

smack (9): A0583/21; A0583/35; A0584/27; A0585/08; A0585/30; A0590/02; A0590/32; A0593/32; B1381/33

smacked (1): A0110/15

small (231)

small-clothes (1): A0628/04

small-pox (2): C0522/23; C0565/35

smaller (27): A0152/03; A0537/32; A0579/11; A0582/32; A0591/26; B0828/11; B0989/19; B1073/31; B1073/35; B1130/32; B1130/33; B1336/03; B1340/21; C0090/20; C0136/20; C0141/25; C0151/24; C0153/21; C0154/10; C0156/21; C0162/37; C0172/22; C0394/17; C0394/22; C0396/17; C0560/04; C0574/17

smallest (12): A0387/02; A0662/07; B0738/24; B0741/25; B1131/27; B1207/26; B1321/03; B1363/29; C0088/07; C0155/14; C0203/36; C0532/41

smart (4): A0489/27; B1004/32; C0135/38; C0139/18

smarter (1): A0346/10

smell (9): A0081/08; A0092/22; A0111/32; A0217/V; A0345/27; A0613/02; A0687/03; B0968/29; C0124/09

smelled (2): A0350/15; A0350/18

smells (1): A0244/01

smelt (4): A0092/07; A0111/19; A0350/13; A0694/15

Smif (1): A0387/V

smile (32): A0025/10; A0098/07; A0098/15; A0215/11; A0215/22; A0217/V; A0234/23; A0247/05; A0303/02; A0407/41; A0410/24; A0415/34; A0438/08; A0444/09; A0467/27; A0508/11; A0536/24; A0600/23; A0664/V; B0744/18; B0773/32; B0815/04; B0871/03; B0895/19; B0927/20; B0940/14; B1030/33; B1040/10; B1135/03; B1257/03; B1257/04; C0125/24

smiled (15): A0249/10; A0299/13; A0356/07; A0624/02; A0629/34; A0665/17; A0673/03; A0690/33; B0795/28; B0796/24; B0797/20; B0901/22; B0927/28; B1135/14; B1191/23

smiles (16): A0037/19; A0164/17; A0303/05; A0312/24; A0435/09; A0509/29; A0629/08; A0641/V; A0644/V; A0650/09; A0665/03; B0797/25; B0898/14; B0903/28; C0123/40; C0130/19

smiling (10): A0227/08; A0231/20; A0261/15; A0469/14; A0582/23; A0612/03; A0691/11; B0947/25; C0123/36; C0559/04

smirked (1): B1348/33

smirking (1): A0468/26

Smith (20): A0380/19; A0382/08; A0382/27; A0382/27; A0382/31; A0383/18; A0383/19; A0383/20; A0383/30; A0383/32; A0384/19; A0385/07; A0385/08; A0385/14; A0385/31; A0385/32; A0386/06; A0386/10; B1370/11; B1370/35

smith (1): B1305/12

Smith, Horace (1): A0205/29

Smith, John (4): B1369/21; B1370/01; B1370/30; B1370/34

Smith, John A. B. C. (8): A0378/03; A0380/02; A0381/11; A0382/24; A0382/28; A0385/02; A0388/24; A0389/17

Smith, Thomas (1): A0172/03

Smith’s (2): A0379/01; A0386/09

Smitherton (11): A0655/07; A0655/09; A0655/17; A0655/23; A0655/28; A0656/08; A0656/13; A0656/19; A0656/25; A0657/04; A0657/17

smitten (3): A0065/18; A0262/28; B0963/03

smock (1): C0108/38

smoke (18): A0029/24; A0044/24; A0071/11; A0368/34; A0373/22; A0374/10; B0943/06; B0974/08; B0977/32; B1157/25; B1157/26; B1167/09; C0086/06; C0187/18; C0189/24; C0189/40; C0388/14; C0440/V

smoke-blackened (1): A0240/08

smoked (2): A0373/19; A0667/28

smoking (5): A0023/26; A0372/02; A0610/22; A0667/15; A0667/20

smoky (2): A0507/20; B1328/09

smooth (24): A0405/32; A0580/20; A0580/30; A0590/21; A0603/10; A0685/21; B0818/29; B0902/19; B1081/26; B1165/03; B1180/26; B1363/18; C0062/23; C0120/23; C0126/29; C0129/40; C0140/34; C0141/06; C0152/28; C0152/33; C0159/24; C0166/35; C0203/10; C0204/15

smoother (1): A0640/11

smoothing (1): C0169/18

smoothly (2): A0086/27; A0100/04

smoothness (1): A0312/15

smote (1): A0108/17

smother (1): A0154/19

smothered (3): A0409/33; C0072/12; C0182/12

smothering (1): B0897/06

Smug (2): B1127/03; B1137/13

smuggle (1): B0925/16

smuggling (1): B0904/07

snags (1): C0534/09

snail (2): B1311/31; B1312/15

snail-paced (1): B0896/17

snake (2): B0950/14; B1016/21

snake-like (1): C0575/18

snakes (1): A0625/V

Snap (7): A0205/10; A0205/31; A0206/03; A0487/05; A0487/09; A0487/26; A0487/32

snapped (1): C0198/25

Snapping-Turtle (2): B1143/18; B1143/28

snappish (1): A0341/13

snares (1): A0441/06

snarl (1): C0081/25

snarling (1): C0081/37

snatch (1): C0126/24

snatched (1): A0234/13

snatches (2): A0638/10; B1225/03

snatching (1): C0146/04

sneak (1): A0622/18

sneaking (1): B1093/04

sneer (5): A0299/06; A0435/15; B0828/33; B1184/08; B1370/25

sneered (2): A0624/03; B1130/33

sneering (1): B1383/14

sneers (2): B0871/12; B1381/01

sneezed (2): A0254/05; B1182/34

sneezing (4): A0091/11; A0108/05; A0110/16; B1310/23

Snob (13): B1132/20; B1133/10; B1136/19; B1137/02; B1137/04; B1137/09; B1137/10; B1137/39; B1138/01; B1138/02; B1139/01; B1139/04; B1139/13

Snobbs (4): A0336/09; A0336/10; A0337/03; A0337/08

Snobbs, Suky (3): A0336/03; A0337/09; A0349/11

snore (5): A0056/19; A0066/09; B1155/14; B1178/12; C0085/04

snores (1): B1154/31

snoring (3): B1155/11; C0084/29; C0094/21

snort (1): B1165/10

snout (3): C0165/16; C0165/17; C0173/30

snow (12): A0055/O1; A0064/09; A0101/V; B1093/07; C0150/32; C0155/01; C0161/30; C0162/28; C0163/21; C0206/08; C0571/25; C0576/29

snow-ball (1): B1334/21

snow-capped (2): C0521/07; C0575/14

snow-white (1): A0406/V

snowed (1): A0101/24

snowy (1): B1339/30

snowy-white (1): A0152/28

snub (1): A0294/09

Snubbing (1): B1141/07

snubby (1): B1157/20

snuff (6): A0090/20; A0371/13; A0489/11; A0539/10; B1012/17; B1312/20

snuff-box (7): A0108/09; A0108/11; A0356/03; A0371/11; B0992/08; B0992/09; B1102/30

snuff-color (1): A0370/33

snuffed (1): C0091/41

snuffy (1): A0429/01

snug (4): A0249/28; B0930/11; C0104/33; C0149/29

snugger (1): A0486/35

snugly (2): C0104/39; C0407/07

so (5): A0150/V; A0345/07; A0357/05; B0723/M; B0723/M

so (1): B0873/12

so (1702)

So-and-so (2): A0174/13; A0174/18

So-and-So (1): A0179/28

so-called (1): B1294/34

soaked (1): C0547/21

soap-boiler (1): A0482/33

soapstone (9): C0180/36; C0183/36; C0184/30; C0185/08; C0193/11; C0196/14; C0196/24; C0196/31; C0197/29

soar (3): A0163/03; B1297/27; B1316/11

soared (4): A0599/M; B0924/20; B1076/23; B1108/29

soaring (3): B1145/01; C0390/22; C0573/04

soars (1): B1298/31

sob (4): A0319/09; A0326/22; A0328/21; B0929/35

sobbed (1): A0348/15

sobbing (3): B0859/01; B0929/26; B0929/29

sober (16): A0240/23; A0240/V; A0299/26; A0371/V; A0439/15; A0485/34; A0663/28; B0748/01; B0767/34; B0844/06; B0914/07; B0969/11; B1109/24; B1301/33; C0058/15; C0148/37

sober-sided (1): B0878/03

sobs (2): A0613/30; C0130/38

sociable (1): A0466/16

sociably (1): C0100/19

social (8): A0025/26; A0381/31; A0703/16; A0704/16; B0926/03; B1268/15; B1269/15; B1293/21

Society (3): A0337/18; A0337/18; B1093/19

society (40): A0026/14; A0093/08; A0105/01; A0112/20; A0204/04; A0204/16; A0204/27; A0205/08; A0205/34; A0225/02; A0225/09; A0227/04; A0229/02; A0229/09; A0296/04; A0337/17; A0337/22; A0338/09; A0338/33; A0339/02; A0346/24; A0398/24; A0508/18; A0532/08; A0623/33; A0626/20; B0760/15; B0896/01; B0902/06; B0927/06; B0960/31; B1233/08; B1390/09; B1390/10; B1390/11; C0055/04; C0162/13; C0174/27; C0537/17; C0563/37

socket (7): A0479/26; A0479/28; A0665/32; B0851/29; B0851/36; C0074/01; C0095/06

sockets (10): A0078/07; A0355/01; A0613/10; A0685/06; B0928/01; B0947/32; B0983/08; B1156/22; C0397/11; C0406/06

socle (1): A0159/03

Socrates (1): A0160/24

sod (3): B1337/04; C0575/36; C0576/39

sodales (2): A0209/M; A0218/14

sodden (1): A0509/18

sods (1): B0942/34

sofa (9): A0401/19; A0500/30; B0871/31; B0871/35; B0872/06; B0872/08; B1021/14; B1249/10; B1340/08

sofas (2): A0502/20; A0502/25

soft (30): A0033/14; A0088/18; A0154/24; A0155/V; A0247/05; A0271/26; A0312/20; A0613/32; A0640/01; A0643/28; A0645/04; A0681/18; B0742/31; B0878/05; B0929/15; B1165/03; B1333/09; C0090/24; C0145/38; C0178/19; C0181/28; C0183/35; C0184/01; C0191/09; C0415/31; C0543/14; C0572/28; C0573/08; C0573/18; C0579/34

soften (3): B0902/21; B0958/04; B1050/13

softened (6): A0047/09; A0178/24; B1104/16; B1109/25; B1331/25; B1332/01

softening (2): A0427/05; C0086/33

softer (4): A0643/16; B1281/23; B1332/09; C0573/25

softest (2): C0196/14; C0542/13

softly (1): B0965/32

softness (4): A0312/25; A0402/02; B1280/19; C0536/30

sofy> (5): A0466/29; A0466/30; A0467/07; A0468/11; A0469/28

soho (2): A0125/13; A0125/16

soi (Gr.) (1): A0455/M

soient (2): A0037/10; C0430/36

soil (23): A0600/20; B0817/26; B0862/34; B0959/14; B1161/35; B1162/16; B1162/25; B1190/27; B1332/28; B1334/23; B1334/35; C0156/16; C0166/20; C0185/01; C0185/11; C0185/16; C0530/10; C0540/26; C0553/01; C0566/20; C0573/12; C0577/20; C0578/21

soiled (2): B0991/03; B0991/20

soils (1): B1090/04

soiree (3): A0384/13; B0908/22; B0915/27

sojourn (4): A0369/11; A0398/15; B1054/20; C0576/36

sojourned (1): A0046/09

solace (2): A0317/05; A0402/29

solar (6): B0904/16; B1322/18; B1340/15; C0423/15; C0423/24; C0442/V

sold (9): A0484/34; A0631/23; B0745/30; B0746/18; B0865/21; B0872/08; B1128/21; C0529/02; C0533/41

soldier (3): A0045/23; A0381/20; B0795/12

soldiers (1): B0812/01

sole (67)

Soledad (1): C0157/03

solely (13): A0206/01; A0210/19; A0229/M; A0432/11; A0642/02; A0710/27; B0737/20; B0962/20; B1219/07; B1223/22; B1321/20; B1369/23; C0522/08

solemn (27): A0081/04; A0141/19; A0150/V; A0153/12; A0162/28; A0165/13; A0195/V; A0241/06; A0320/23; A0323/17; A0405/06; A0428/31; A0429/10; A0429/10; A0439/20; A0515/26; A0603/19; A0614/13; A0616/12; A0616/V; A0675/19; A0676/11; B0911/V; B0964/28; B0965/20; B1278/29; C0524/06

solemnity (11): A0161/20; A0196/07; A0244/14; A0294/14; A0339/10; A0642/14; A0643/19; B0817/29; B0948/20; C0175/05; C0552/03

solemnly (8): A0319/27; A0483/14; A0487/33; A0604/V; A0609/37; A0674/10; B1053/14; C0104/21

soles (2): A0534/26; C0174/07

solicit (2): B0849/02; C0426/20

solicited (3): A0156/27; B1072/23; C0393/12

soliciting (1): B1011/21

solicitous (1): B1113/01

solicitously (1): A0441/12

solicitude (1): C0116/32

solid (34): A0044/30; A0087/23; A0102/06; A0107/33; A0322/03; A0352/31; A0428/21; A0430/05; A0438/14; A0667/39; A0667/64; A0685/20; A0686/24; A0690/20; B0809/02; B0828/05; B0833/26; B0878/24; B0967/16; B1156/11; B1156/27; B1157/12; B1160/02; B1193/09; B1261/16; B1262/28; B1322/29; B1391/29; B1392/06; C0076/09; C0115/37; C0178/20; C0182/03; C0387/26

solid-looking (1): A0508/34

solidiforms (2): A0175/V; A0182/06

solidity (7): A0271/20; A0478/37; B1034/20; B1138/V; B1165/14; B1168/08; B1191/08

solidly (1): B0858/29

soliloquized (1): A0070/22

soliloquy (4): A0071/20; A0387/24; A0548/21; B0826/25

solitary (17): A0029/12; A0216/17; A0348/20; A0602/01; B0755/14; B0766/21; B0859/13; B0945/31; B0964/01; B0983/V; B0991/02; B1108/08; B1163/06; B1304/29; C0072/03; C0532/22; C0560/12

solitude (2): A0602/06; A0602/07

solitude (19): A0195/10; A0196/29; A0197/03; A0197/11; A0197/19; A0197/30; A0242/28; A0319/06; A0412/11; A0508/08; A0567/23; A0600/07; A0600/18; B0760/01; B0942/32; B1277/27; B1279/02; B1391/12; C0073/24

solitudes (2): A0610/02; C0412/34

solo (1): A0161/04

Solomon (2): B0878/28; B0880/10

soluble (1): B0839/26

solus (1): B0813/24

solution (28): A0384/17; A0386/22; A0387/13; A0429/03; A0547/18; A0548/06; A0548/V; A0560/08; A0568/17; B0736/24; B0828/24; B0835/12; B0835/14; B0836/01; B0836/05; B0836/18; B0839/25; B0840/13; B0923/09; B0926/23; B0926/23; B1164/03; B1164/35; B1183/28; B1293/05; B1317/04; C0080/29; C0415/02

solutions (3): A0528/08; B1164/05; B1164/08

solve (4): A0434/03; A0478/32; A0708/34; B1273/28

solved (6): B0835/23; B0835/24; B0842/15; B1069/06; B1164/04; B1206/17

solving (5): A0479/04; A0707/22; B0831/28; B1272/23; C0166/23

sombre (4): A0400/28; A0603/17; B1279/05; C0538/36

Some (2): A0178/V; B1177/T

some (1160)

somebody (19): A0072/23; A0175/05; A0176/26; A0176/27; A0176/28; A0181/26; A0182/29; A0182/30; A0182/31; A0489/33; A0586/22; A0651/24; A0652/19; B0821/01; B0913/15; B1012/16; B1012/V; B1324/01; C0389/12

somehow (4): A0341/12; A0490/05; A0584/31; B1050/25

something (159)

sometimes (53)

somewhat (136)

somewhere (16): A0055/02; A0172/03; A0178/03; A0273/37; A0284/20; A0350/18; A0584/02; A0621/26; B0812/21; B0834/02; B0843/22; B0877/05; B1095/05; B1206/19; C0083/04; C0525/20

somnolency (1): B0941/28

Son (1): A0048/V

son (4): A0096/M; A0096/M; A0397/M; B0905/24

son (26): A0026/19; A0048/V; A0120/01; A0160/V; A0160/V; A0173/10; A0177/25; A0178/17; A0183/20; A0190/20; A0312/28; A0399/15; A0468/20; A0469/26; A0584/28; A0624/08; B0735/34; B0768/01; B1142/11; C0057/13; C0057/16; C0087/01; C0522/24; C0529/12; C0566/08; C0568/40

song (14): A0126/23; A0190/24; A0246/07; A0489/26; A0527/M; A0651/23; B1004/06; B1128/21; B1143/17; B1225/03; B1384/15; C0387/M; C0544/07; C0550/21

songs (7): A0190/08; A0190/20; A0190/21; A0641/22; B0916/06; B1123/01; C0530/39

sonn (1): B0913/07

Sonnambula (1): B0905/21

Sonnet (1): B1385/27

sonorous (2): A0190/20; B1129/04

sonorously (1): A0615/11

sons (5): A0228/12; A0232/17; A0577/04; B0734/30; C0066/33

sont (1): B1121/03

Sontag (1): A0294/V

sonum (1): A0536/18

soon (213)

sooner (39): A0019/V; A0080/42; A0268/24; A0295/11; A0384/15; A0403/17; A0415/25; A0430/06; A0468/01; B0756/20; B0823/01; B0854/07; B0858/34; B0907/25; B0923/08; B0925/03; B0959/18; B0988/27; B0991/11; B1040/10; B1048/06; B1049/17; B1056/27; B1108/10; B1110/06; B1164/18; B1225/12; B1352/03; B1379/26; C0058/18; C0082/14; C0085/16; C0091/40; C0110/09; C0113/13; C0119/22; C0190/39; C0555/31; C0564/32

sooppose (1): B0913/V

soot (1): A0538/08

sooth (3): A0413/29; A0415/22; A0665/21

soothed (2): A0317/04; B1018/05

soothing (11): B0900/12; B1004/14; B1005/19; B1005/25; B1005/31; B1008/13; B1016/32; B1017/36; B1018/19; B1021/31; B1281/15

sooty (1): C0569/10

sophist (1): A0151/09

sophistry (1): B1221/19

sophists (2): A0710/34; B1275/35

Sophocles (1): A0608/M

soporific (1): C0084/35

soprano (1): B0905/18

sorcery (1): A0431/05

sore (1): A0414/14

sorely (2): B0833/17; C0184/17

sorrow (32): A0026/19; A0053/37; A0063/09; A0153/15; A0154/03; A0196/28; A0209/06; A0209/07; A0216/24; A0228/22; A0228/22; A0233/03; A0233/04; A0320/03; A0366/04; A0401/17; A0407/25; A0457/03; A0603/20; A0604/21; A0605/05; A0608/25; A0614/31; B1004/09; B1047/02; B1096/12; B1145/25; C0065/20; C0095/27; C0148/39; C0148/39; C0567/36

sorrowful (3): A0398/08; A0641/21; C0183/30

sorrowfully (1): B1057/08

Sorrows (1): A0342/V

sorrows (4): A0320/18; A0613/34; B1360/23; B1372/07

sorry (22): A0074/22; A0088/06; A0093/36; A0203/01; A0266/26; A0285/23; A0355/28; A0381/06; A0563/06; A0627/23; B0811/20; B0816/15; B0816/15; B0910/V; B1005/29; B1019/05; B1044/08; B1050/10; B1089/22; B1153/23; B1154/31; B1271/04

sort (29): A0252/28; A0483/23; B0730/27; B0765/22; B0819/11; B0878/05; B0904/13; B0940/26; B0984/02; B1009/14; B1016/26; B1017/28; B1052/11; B1055/33; B1128/28; B1129/23; B1130/08; B1180/11; B1194/03; B1294/29; B1299/18; B1299/29; B1346/08; B1363/01; C0391/19; C0427/12; C0530/03; C0562/06; C0573/10

sorts (3): B1050/19; B1092/17; B1132/19

Sospiri (1): A0151/14

sospite (1): A0681/M

sotticism (1): B1315/28

sottise (1): B0986/34

sottish (1): A0247/31

sotto (1): A0382/26

soufflee (1): A0113/26

sought (22): A0294/02; A0316/07; A0404/11; A0413/22; A0458/22; A0532/08; A0536/V; A0560/23; A0591/32; A0664/26; A0667/17; A0685/27; A0694/12; A0694/22; B0726/19; B0808/08; B0914/26; B1059/04; B1115/04; B1183/26; C0143/06; C0540/31

Soul (1): A0533/22

soul (170)

soul-passion (1): B1123/12

soul-stirring (1): A0079/12

soul’s (2): B1031/05; B1212/28

soulless (2): A0438/21; A0617/05

souls (19): A0033/02; A0091/08; A0110/14; A0111/33; A0189/17; A0196/V; A0311/26; A0321/06; A0489/05; A0494/09; A0533/02; A0611/V; A0640/25; A0641/V; A0642/27; B1222/11; C0116/08; C0124/05; C0146/35

Sound (1): C0526/18

sound (120)

sounded (11): A0086/20; A0151/21; A0337/15; A0372/20; A0533/19; A0627/27; A0628/18; A0674/18; B0796/16; B1138/14; C0164/19

soundest (5): B1004/27; B1295/27; B1296/32; B1296/33; C0416/05

sounding (5): A0674/14; B0979/34; B0985/24; C0163/07; C0164/14

sounding-gear (1): C0167/02

soundless (2): A0397/01; C0205/37

soundly (10): A0372/06; B0728/32; B0857/33; B0934/08; B0968/22; B1032/19; C0100/39; C0192/16; C0416/37; C0575/43

sounds (30): A0161/28; A0190/24; A0210/01; A0235/29; A0245/03; A0248/V; A0314/21; A0323/24; A0324/13; A0324/13; A0324/22; A0403/07; A0411/30; A0415/04; A0514/31; A0537/18; A0550/16; A0600/03; A0608/11; A0613/19; A0613/32; A0614/12; A0643/25; B0764/29; B0929/13; B1092/07; B1096/19; B1168/02; B1240/14; C0447/V

soup (2): B0875/02; C0535/35

souper (1): B1056/02

sour (1): A0429/01

source (34): A0067/23; A0406/02; A0431/30; A0461/06; A0528/03; B0855/05; B0926/25; B0943/34; B0986/16; B0987/33; B1137/14; B1143/11; B1160/21; B1215/14; B1215/14; B1233/08; B1249/33; B1322/21; B1346/01; C0061/01; C0064/12; C0081/19; C0087/03; C0438/V; C0525/39; C0527/22; C0527/29; C0527/33; C0528/03; C0528/22; C0530/23; C0544/17; C0551/10; C0562/08

sources (12): A0106/32; A0141/28; A0473/32; A0500/09; A0507/15; A0529/23; A0545/20; B0753/38; B0761/01; B0850/15; C0525/23; C0551/13

sourit (1): A0036/17

sous-cuisinier (1): A0099/13

South (11): A0071/27; A0380/31; B1016/25; B1075/24; B1076/21; B1076/27; B1246/12; C0057/20; C0147/16; C0208/21; C0541/07

south (72)

south-east (1): C0417/05

south-eastern (1): B1338/02

south-west (1): A0585/03

south-western (1): C0540/18

South-West (1): B1392/03

South/Carolina (2): B0806/06; B1081/15

South/East (1): B1076/19

South/Orkney (1): C0162/11

South/Orkneys (1): C0160/14

South/Pacific (1): C0093/24

South/Sea (1): C0151/37

South/Seas (7): B1277/22; C0053/T; C0055/02; C0147/07; C0148/06; C0161/27; C0178/05

South/Shetland/Islands (1): C0160/15

Southampton/Row (1): A0464/03

southeast (8): C0146/38; C0148/32; C0150/11; C0158/32; C0161/38; C0162/26; C0163/24; C0203/06

southeastern (2): C0170/41; C0176/14

southerly (4): B0923/36; C0155/05; C0155/14; C0203/07

Southern (8): B0822/27; B1299/21; B1386/10; C0055/30; C0056/07; C0428/07; C0448/V; C0540/15

southern (41): A0145/26; A0321/14; B0862/05; B1002/02; B1008/17; B1281/33; B1331/18; B1331/33; B1332/11; B1332/17; B1333/20; B1334/07; B1334/10; B1335/33; C0053/T; C0148/02; C0150/15; C0155/15; C0157/09; C0157/28; C0158/26; C0159/07; C0159/21; C0159/27; C0162/15; C0165/33; C0166/12; C0171/20; C0173/38; C0180/27; C0186/36; C0188/39; C0191/26; C0196/13; C0203/23; C0205/27; C0416/23; C0419/38; C0551/12; C0551/14; C0554/04

Southern/Indian/Ocean (1): C0150/08

Southern/Ocean (2): C0202/25; C0207/21

southward (46): A0121/08; A0139/14; A0145/18; A0583/27; B0942/14; B1160/25; C0149/23; C0156/30; C0158/12; C0158/21; C0159/01; C0159/14; C0159/19; C0159/23; C0159/35; C0160/02; C0160/12; C0160/36; C0161/19; C0162/20; C0163/06; C0163/12; C0163/16; C0164/17; C0164/27; C0166/04; C0166/34; C0167/05; C0170/24; C0170/27; C0170/37; C0173/24; C0177/29; C0185/37; C0198/32; C0201/32; C0202/13; C0203/08; C0203/18; C0204/19; C0204/27; C0205/22; C0407/32; C0419/16; C0542/03; C0554/27

southwardly (9): B1331/16; B1331/22; B1332/06; C0160/26; C0161/37; C0162/21; C0164/15; C0164/20; C0553/17

southwest (12): B0930/09; C0058/10; C0058/33; C0088/37; C0103/08; C0148/16; C0149/21; C0149/34; C0149/38; C0202/30; C0204/05; C0528/16

sovereign (8): A0021/26; A0250/28; A0297/17; A0407/V; A0600/29; A0640/15; B1298/32; C0155/41

sovereignty (1): A0120/04

sow (1): B1372/01

space (42): A0021/08; A0027/06; A0106/28; A0219/02; A0267/32; A0274/10; A0296/V; A0478/34; A0478/37; A0579/14; A0601/05; A0601/14; A0616/20; A0654/V; B0822/02; B0837/33; B0893/18; B0894/01; B0979/23; B1035/07; B1038/34; B1038/35; B1040/02; B1078/25; B1114/25; B1215/10; B1243/02; B1315/01; B1321/10; B1333/37; C0068/17; C0068/24; C0069/19; C0099/29; C0099/30; C0099/33; C0113/14; C0163/01; C0179/21; C0387/26; C0410/41; C0546/19

space-penetrating (2): C0428/24; C0430/10

spaces (5): A0639/30; B0838/18; B1034/28; B1322/19; C0099/31

spacious (2): B1160/10; B1261/05

spade (4): B0814/10; B0814/12; B0822/14; B0825/25

spades (7): B0814/06; B0814/16; B0816/28; B0824/04; B0825/06; B0959/01; B1049/15

Spain (3): A0496/03; A0542/26; C0407/37

spake> (2): A0465/12; A0465/13

spalpeen%gt% (5): A0465/01; A0467/09; A0469/19; A0470/20; A0482/14

spalpeeny%gt% (3): A0466/01; A0469/26; A0470/10

Spaniard (4): A0549/21; A0549/27; A0549/32; A0550/06

Spaniards (1): C0533/37

Spanish (19): A0087/03; A0143/01; A0143/01; A0246/03; A0344/11; A0344/26; A0447/04; A0540/14; A0540/V; A0549/28; B0825/26; B0827/28; B0836/09; B0836/11; B1052/14; C0087/16; C0137/29; C0156/37; C0539/31

spanked (1): A0585/14

spanker (1): B0930/12

spanned (2): B1334/05; B1338/07

spar (1): C0149/40

spare (12): A0347/10; A0498/22; B1071/05; B1105/20; B1348/35; C0074/05; C0086/01; C0201/07; C0393/03; C0534/07; C0535/08; C0559/30

spared (8): A0433/28; A0621/25; A0691/22; B0869/12; B0979/06; B1131/31; C0529/22; C0563/28

spareness (1): B1234/08

spark (1): C0569/34

sparkle (2): A0702/M; B1267/M

sparkled (3): A0090/01; B0890/08; B1260/03

sparkling (2): A0407/19; B0862/36

sparks (2): A0702/M; B1267/M

Sparks, Jared (1): A0279/34

Sparks’ (1): A0280/01

spars (1): A0142/21

sparsely (1): B1329/01

Sparta (3): A0159/01; A0159/02; A0159/05

spasm (4): A0248/02; A0588/07; B0898/24; C0406/14

spasmodic (7): A0054/08; A0063/16; A0319/20; B0967/21; B1138/26; C0081/18; C0407/29

spasmodically (1): A0692/28

spasms (5): A0069/29; B1030/30; C0103/28; C0107/23; C0424/19

spattered (1): C0125/03

speak (120)

speaker (18): A0025/06; A0144/28; A0299/13; A0416/24; A0534/05; A0540/26; A0543/04; A0548/08; A0676/05; B0949/23; B1010/08; B1011/28; B1012/05; B1013/10; B1050/27; B1221/24; B1222/05; C0059/16

speaketh (1): A0046/11

speaking (56)

speaks (16): A0357/04; A0502/09; A0556/17; A0609/25; B0751/V; B0766/15; B1106/08; B1360/32; B1361/10; C0137/35; C0159/31; C0207/27; C0428/28; C0429/40; C0522/04; C0538/34

spear (2): C0199/19; C0387/M

spears (6): B0945/17; B0947/17; C0168/19; C0169/11; C0554/10; C0557/24

special (10): A0369/12; A0709/31; A0710/19; B0924/10; B1092/22; B1214/01; B1214/01; B1274/33; B1275/22; C0062/07

specie (1): B0875/26

species (108)

specific (5): B0741/04; B0741/08; B0741/13; B0742/05; B0742/12

specificae (1): A0638/M

specifically (3): B0743/22; C0387/08; C0403/15

specificaticn (1): A0299/34

specified (5): A0303/07; A0498/27; B0759/27; C0084/40; C0160/11

specify (3): A0093/19; A0112/30; B0772/01

specifying (1): B1075/15

specimen (11): A0086/33; A0273/20; A0344/12; A0387/V; A0639/28; B1140/35; B1145/30; B1179/06; C0176/10; C0432/08; C0432/32

specimens (8): A0321/22; A0383/12; A0705/12; B0807/25; B0810/08; B0827/29; B0864/03; B0890/19

specious (2): A0400/13; B1153/09

speciousness (1): A0104/27

speck (5): A0215/20; B1155/36; B1391/21; C0077/34; C0443/V

speckled (1): A0640/10

specks (1): C0416/18

spect (1): B1373/02

spectacle (16): A0106/19; A0121/17; A0123/10; A0123/27; A0140/01; A0317/03; A0447/27; A0537/22; A0581/17; B0964/23; B1160/22; B1195/07; B1331/05; B1382/27; C0124/19; C0563/01

Spectacles (1): B0886/T

spectacles (21): A0029/04; A0103/31; A0106/16; A0124/17; A0205/16; A0261/08; B0728/30; B0888/V; B0907/30; B0908/05; B0908/V; B0910/21; B0910/27; B0911/12; B0916/31; B0990/20; B0990/26; B1292/05; C0067/27; C0107/34; C0426/34

spectator (4): A0037/12; C0111/31; C0151/20; C0423/37

spectators (5): A0154/14; A0441/22; B0859/12; B1096/11; C0186/32

spectral (7): A0080/32; A0153/24; A0445/04; A0603/20; A0675/18; A0695/30; B0966/27

spectre (2): A0426/M; A0608/13

spectres (1): A0682/07

spectrum (2): A0215/19; B1167/33

speculate (3): B1316/27; B1316/31; B1364/28

speculated (2): C0057/04; C0564/12

speculating (2): A0399/12; A0591/32

speculation (20): A0021/06; A0214/10; A0296/V; A0339/31; A0439/29; A0457/19; A0482/27; A0490/31; A0509/31; A0583/33; B0724/06; B0870/05; B1364/10; B1364/18; C0134/29; C0167/06; C0169/27; C0170/22; C0208/13; C0401/09

speculations (16): A0070/20; A0080/28; A0081/42; A0151/09; A0151/09; A0608/14; A0705/02; A0706/09; B1190/23; B1270/02; B1271/13; B1310/30; B1360/03; C0413/05; C0423/03; C0427/09

Speculative (1): C0392/11

speculative (8): A0212/33; A0225/16; A0225/20; A0234/07; A0456/20; A0457/11; B1249/30; C0438/V

speculatively (1): B1357/11

speculum (1): C0430/21

speech (28): A0067/25; A0105/21; A0161/22; A0234/30; A0249/23; A0251/27; A0252/30; A0315/04; A0353/04; A0356/08; A0624/12; A0710/15; B0728/16; B0822/33; B0913/12; B1135/29; B1139/19; B1183/20; B1184/21; B1275/18; B1354/20; C0061/35; C0082/39; C0083/21; C0175/22; C0426/02; C0426/02; C0556/05

Speeches (1): B1141/06

speeches (6): A0175/32; A0181/32; A0345/26; A0628/23; C0391/18; C0395/37

speechless (5): A0158/V; A0594/17; B0911/16; B0983/06; B1134/31

speed (21): A0128/02; A0580/09; A0591/03; A0592/28; A0630/27; B0837/13; B0873/20; B1108/17; B1158/12; B1166/28; B1166/30; B1178/29; C0200/20; C0200/40; C0400/17; C0412/19; C0421/32; C0553/30; C0557/35; C0563/19; C0568/20

speediest (1): C0438/V

speedily (13): A0388/27; A0612/14; B0753/11; B0872/04; B0988/11; B1021/06; B1049/16; B1222/06; C0062/16; C0108/13; C0108/16; C0120/18; C0133/33

speeding (1): A0580/32

speedy (7): A0386/17; A0691/08; B0927/11; B1129/06; B1129/22; B1241/29; C0095/15

spell (7): A0022/20; A0227/05; A0231/16; A0338/07; A0416/23; A0664/22; B1339/03

spellbound (1): B1244/05

spelled (1): B1095/08

spelling (1): B0950/19

spells (1): A0337/20

spelt (2): B0950/24; B1095/10

spend (6): A0655/27; B0729/09; B0756/12; B1177/03; B1246/02; C0066/32

spending (3): A0090/19; B0813/24; C0066/28

spendthrifts (1): A0440/15

spent (25): A0120/28; A0135/23; A0347/15; A0405/07; A0438/01; A0513/06; A0587/04; B0726/15; B0826/33; B0827/19; B0850/12; B0865/14; B0904/24; B1209/02; C0102/06; C0120/37; C0126/19; C0146/03; C0149/01; C0391/30; C0402/24; C0419/25; C0528/27; C0550/13; C0575/31

spermaceti (1): C0149/09

sperrits> (1): A0464/12

sphere (10): A0080/31; A0479/06; A0479/07; A0592/28; A0592/34; A0600/27; B0840/32; C0404/39; C0404/40; C0404/41

spheres (2): A0318/13; B1120/07

spherical (3): A0273/15; A0592/27; C0404/38

spheroid (1): C0417/28

Sphinx (2): B1246/T; B1250/27

Sphinx (1): B1250/18

Sphynx (1): A0639/V

sphynxes (2): A0165/24; B1192/24

spice (1): B1096/30

spices (1): C0535/36

spicing (2): A0339/32; A0343/15

spicy (1): A0694/07

spider (4): A0090/15; B0794/30; B0940/V; B1251/02

spiders (1): A0478/14

spikes (5): A0429/06; C0143/30; C0143/33; C0144/01; C0144/36

spin (2): B1013/18; B1207/34

spinal (1): C0165/08

spines (1): B1156/18

spinning (2): B1020/24; C0198/12

spins (1): A0656/29

spiral (3): A0136/22; A0350/06; B0980/03

Spirit (2): A0033/03; A0601/23

spirit (126)

spirit-land (1): A0594/20

spirit-lifting (2): A0311/25; A0644/19

spirit-soothing (1): A0428/03

spirit-stirring (2): A0431/08; A0644/V

spirited (4): A0662/12; B1009/18; B1090/25; B1340/03

spirits (44): A0023/15; A0092/23; A0092/34; A0111/V; A0112/11; A0296/V; A0402/21; A0407/09; A0431/28; A0455/V; A0460/32; A0514/33; A0551/04; A0611/22; A0626/30; A0665/16; B0926/02; B0931/10; B0942/23; B0981/31; B1014/34; B1076/04; B1108/31; B1194/33; B1246/16; B1390/06; C0107/24; C0114/16; C0119/01; C0127/23; C0139/07; C0142/25; C0398/39; C0412/22; C0416/38; C0537/04; C0537/15; C0547/36; C0549/02; C0549/20; C0553/07; C0560/30; C0561/20; C0576/09

spiritual (14): A0189/27; A0210/01; A0313/17; A0413/12; A0600/13; A0643/31; A0682/28; A0703/09; A0711/17; B1122/10; B1212/18; B1276/18; B1339/08; C0112/03

spirituality (8): A0312/26; A0338/06; A0500/24; A0704/05; A0712/02; B0724/05; B1269/05; B1277/04

spit (2): A0101/11; C0130/41

spite (31): A0078/07; A0247/07; A0295/21; A0371/16; A0431/31; A0432/31; A0435/01; A0584/14; A0673/10; A0694/01; B0761/27; B1034/13; B1034/25; B1166/03; B1316/15; C0056/16; C0058/41; C0072/09; C0089/12; C0114/30; C0131/32; C0140/04; C0144/39; C0146/07; C0149/36; C0395/21; C0414/14; C0423/06; C0423/07; C0557/18; C0559/24

spitefully (1): A0071/13

spitting (2): C0128/34; C0569/28

splash (1): C0125/09

splashed (1): C0144/24

splendid (1): A0511/02

splendor (9): A0021/01; A0157/04; A0159/21; A0406/04; A0640/10; B0904/18; B1128/12; B1136/31; B1332/36

splendours (1): A0640/V

splinter (3): A0564/28; C0118/39; C0135/20

splintered (2): A0487/23; A0543/33

splinters (7): A0592/13; C0134/08; C0134/26; C0134/37; C0134/40; C0135/06; C0135/15

split (5): A0468/24; B0930/18; C0178/37; C0185/11; C0188/07

splitting (3): A0581/21; C0101/36; C0169/13

splotch (1): B0854/12

splotches (2): C0107/39; C0107/40

splotching (1): C0109/05

spoil (1): B1007/22

spoiled (5): A0497/20; B1010/09; C0074/05; C0082/32; C0137/10

spoilers (1): C0547/32

spoils (2): A0497/V; C0188/16

spoilt (2): A0599/M; B1010/V

spoke (124)

spoken (64)

spokeshaves (1): A0148/10

sponges (1): C0534/15

sponsors (1): B1346/05

spontaneity (1): B1247/11

spontaneous (3): B0757/05; B1190/26; B1190/28

spoons (1): A0537/32

sport (6): A0099/02; B1096/26; B1097/02; B1346/32; B1350/08; C0547/34

sported (2): A0312/21; B1122/35

sporting (1): A0553/09

sports (1): A0431/23

spose (1): B0820/17

spot (86)

spots (20): A0204/26; A0543/25; A0559/02; A0583/29; A0639/32; B0808/33; B0809/33; B0815/14; B0828/31; B1120/03; B1239/24; B1277/35; B1300/34; C0157/14; C0157/16; C0184/37; C0184/39; C0425/17; C0429/11; C0577/23

spotted (5): A0322/14; A0502/02; B0834/34; B1334/25; B1339/29

spotting (1): B1278/35

spotty (1): A0502/10

spouse (1): B1107/V

spout (1): B1009/V

sprang (31): A0045/06; A0151/27; A0217/V; A0243/33; A0416/18; A0565/12; A0610/20; A0640/07; A0640/32; A0643/08; B0767/03; B0793/32; B0932/09; B1020/13; B1057/06; B1057/25; B1123/26; B1162/26; B1248/15; B1333/14; B1337/19; C0058/22; C0072/27; C0082/15; C0085/15; C0091/40; C0112/23; C0125/15; C0131/15; C0200/01; C0578/17

sprawling (4): A0265/19; A0285/34; A0498/18; B0925/24

spray (4): A0580/28; A0585/29; A0589/15; A0591/10

spread (25): A0136/14; A0142/15; A0159/V; A0189/09; A0249/04; A0352/14; A0406/31; A0537/19; A0559/12; A0625/16; A0640/12; A0665/28; A0674/26; B0818/02; B0853/09; B1332/06; C0072/17; C0139/21; C0189/28; C0412/36; C0417/14; C0432/12; C0443/V; C0546/03; C0566/16

spreading (5): A0249/06; A0559/03; A0580/22; B1161/30; C0575/11

sprightly (1): B0726/03

spring (41): A0325/22; A0356/23; A0479/29; A0531/15; A0541/14; A0552/22; A0552/26; A0552/30; A0553/04; A0553/26; A0554/02; A0554/03; A0630/18; A0638/05; B0855/10; B0932/08; B0944/12; B1071/22; B1071/23; B1071/26; B1077/06; B1077/12; B1130/20; B1337/06; C0128/26; C0130/22; C0180/34; C0188/19; C0188/21; C0522/24; C0527/09; C0534/38; C0536/30; C0543/33; C0547/05; C0547/13; C0561/38; C0563/22; C0563/25; C0568/10; C0573/14

spring-guns (1): A0381/27

spring-house (1): B1338/06

springing (11): A0382/03; A0555/03; B0905/28; B1167/15; B1213/08; B1332/20; B1334/35; C0131/41; C0139/02; C0145/35; C0165/22

springs (11): A0210/14; A0433/V; A0479/19; A0552/33; B0965/34; B1212/26; B1221/08; B1277/06; C0171/02; C0187/09; C0547/23

springy (2): A0510/21; A0603/08

sprite (1): A0599/M

spruce (1): C0533/01

sprung (9): A0416/V; A0615/03; B0752/21; C0103/07; C0114/03; C0122/36; C0146/38; C0199/11; C0199/20

spun (1): A0590/22

spunging (1): B0982/26

spurious (1): B0985/02

spurned (1): A0440/12

Spurzheim (1): B1191/17

Spurzheimites (1): B1220/08

spy (1): C0553/19

spy-glass (5): A0465/11; A0465/13; C0439/V; C0443/V; C0568/24

spyglass (1): B1300/31

squabbles (1): B1189/15

squall (7): A0252/01; C0104/27; C0104/29; C0139/24; C0149/26; C0149/39; C0162/28

squalling (1): A0374/03

squalls (4): C0102/24; C0163/22; C0163/39; C0570/29

squandering (1): A0151/02

square (29): A0045/01; A0151/21; A0273/28; A0351/27; A0367/22; A0430/03; A0512/32; A0513/02; A0688/31; A0696/25; B0901/07; B0980/22; B0985/26; B1164/40; B1185/27; B1336/18; B1340/14; C0068/17; C0068/25; C0136/23; C0152/02; C0152/17; C0152/36; C0192/22; C0387/09; C0391/08; C0430/22; C0533/28; C0573/36

square-looking (1): B1157/10

square-rigged (1): C0106/15

squared (1): B0988/07

squares (4): B1092/17; B1120/04; C0152/32; C0403/25

squashish (2): B1158/33; B1159/03

squat (3): A0241/10; B0819/10; B1092/09

squaw (3): A0087/02; C0552/24; C0561/07

squaze%gt% (7): A0468/15; A0468/22; A0468/23; A0469/05; A0469/08; A0469/09; A0470/22

squazes%gt% (1): A0468/18

squazinq%gt% (3): A0468/01; A0468/05; A0469/23

squeak (1): B1158/33

squeak (1): A0387/03

squeaked (1): A0388/29

squeaking (1): A0374/03

squeeze (1): B0968/21

squeezed (5): B1192/32; C0077/24; C0194/13; C0534/41; C0544/32

squeezing (3): C0090/18; C0091/34; C0181/30

Squibalittle (1): B1139/02

squibbing (1): B1047/25

squint (2): A0353/31; A0387/V

squirrel (1): B1346/20

squirrels (1): C0545/20

St./Andree (4): B0729/06; B0729/31; B0732/36; B0758/20

St./Andrew’s/Stair (1): A0242/16

St./Andrews (1): A0240/06

St./Austin’s (1): A0213/05

St./Bartholomew (1): B0955/07

St./Bruno (1): A0662/V

St./Charles (1): C0530/40

St./Eustache (15): B0729/13; B0731/13; B0732/37; B0733/11; B0736/12; B0751/19; B0751/24; B0752/34; B0755/07; B0755/22; B0755/31; B0756/04; B0756/13; B0756/17; B0756/23

St./Eustache, Jacques (1): B0729/08

St.LFlorentin (2): A0175/20; A0181/09

St./George (2): A0101/V; A0181/13

St./Germain (1): A0561/02

St./Helena (2): C0430/45; C0431/12

St./Louis (1): A0528/13

St./Mark’s (1): A0086/20

St./Mark’s/Place (1): A0268/02

St.LMenehoult (5): A0175/19; A0181/08; B1007/23; B1010/21; B1010/31

St./P-- (2): A0294/V; A0526/25

St./Patrick (1): A0625/07

St./Peray (3): A0099/02; A0101/V; A0181/15

St./Peter’s/river (1): A0528/23

St./Peters’ (2): A0551/06; C0551/07

St./Petersburgh (1): A0526/22

St./Pierre (1): A0079/04

St./Pierre, Dernardin de (1): B1114/02

St./Urfino (1): A0087/12

St./Vincent (1): B1161/30

stab (3): A0447/10; C0133/13; C0188/33

stabbed (2): C0113/01; C0135/27

stability (1): B1164/27

stable (3): A0027/11; A0563/02; B1053/32

stables (7): A0021/15; A0022/05; A0022/24; A0023/26; A0024/11; A0024/13; A0025/04

stadium (1): A0128/V

Stael (5): A0180/V; A0712/V; A0712/V; B1277/V; B1277/V

staff (1): B1248/18

stage (25): A0055/36; A0056/10; A0065/19; A0065/32; A0246/11; A0383/17; A0383/26; A0682/30; A0682/34; B0832/01; B0889/07; B0889/16; B0892/02; B0892/22; B0894/09; B0894/14; B0894/22; B1045/07; B1090/27; B1090/27; B1119/20; B1350/38; C0093/09; C0402/29; C0423/03

stage-box (1): B0892/04

stage-coach (1): B0863/06

stage-mad (1): A0534/18

stage-player (1): A0252/27

stage-struck (1): A0072/21

stages (1): A0682/27

staggered (14): A0023/12; A0166/23; A0245/06; A0297/14; A0387/11; A0439/02; A0447/13; A0686/05; B0818/05; B0859/07; B1058/07; B1108/10; C0406/20; C0579/11

staggering (5): A0137/12; A0140/20; B0896/22; B0912/03; C0397/02

stagnant (3): A0139/27; B1049/03; C0572/29

stagnation (2): A0210/14; B0742/18

staid (3): B0877/35; C0540/27; C0570/02

stain (3): A0164/18; A0600/21; B0796/13

stained (6): A0036/V; A0165/06; A0671/27; B1049/21; B1058/04; B1280/34

stains (1): A0670/05

stair (2): A0176/26; A0416/17

stair-case (1): A0054/30

staircase (14): A0063/30; A0157/03; A0166/14; A0182/29; A0350/22; A0350/26; A0350/35; A0356/23; A0409/26; A0412/05; A0562/10; A0567/25; B1182/23; B1258/29

staircases (5): A0029/17; A0152/06; A0350/01; A0401/02; C0573/23

stairs (24): A0173/25; A0179/07; A0470/09; A0470/21; A0470/V; A0537/16; A0540/06; A0541/28; A0542/27; A0543/02; A0543/14; A0546/27; A0547/23; A0548/28; A0551/10; A0558/18; A0562/05; A0565/13; B0856/19; B0859/08; B1336/31; B1337/24; B1372/15; B1391/24

stairway (1): A0080/44





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-Letter; A)