Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Stake through Taste,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 327-344 (This material is protected by copyright)


stake (1): B0728/13

stakes (9): A0441/30; C0184/39; C0185/02; C0185/05; C0185/07; C0185/16; C0185/19; C0190/24; C0190/39

Stale (1): A0337/21

stale (4): A0337/20; A0343/27; B0871/08; C0142/02

stalk (1): C0405/30

stalked (8): A0151/19; A0244/13; A0515/06; A0610/12; A0673/27; A0675/20; B0794/22; C0524/03

stalking (3): A0018/01; A0068/17; A0242/25

stall (5): A0027/15; C0392/08; C0392/39; C0395/05; C0399/32

Stamboul (3): A0175/04; A0181/25; B0896/18

stamen (1): A0568/20

stamens (2): B1163/29; B1163/29

stammered (1): C0059/20

stamp (8): A0028/02; A0144/18; A0276/03; A0338/18; A0340/24; A0509/34; B0833/17; B0833/20

stamped (5): A0276/02; A0430/33; A0490/18; B0866/19; C0576/38

stamping (2): B1021/09; C0131/17

stanchions (3): A0102/05; C0098/19; C0098/30

stand (41): A0046/01; A0088/01; A0088/21; A0090/05; A0090/08; A0120/02; A0145/09; A0165/02; A0191/12; A0338/22; A0352/02; A0353/02; A0384/09 •; A0416/26; A0447/10; A0489/21; A0586/16; A0623/06; A0673/33; B0812/13; B0839/11; B0875/29; B1020/35; B1081/12; B1106/12; B1106/25; B1169/23; B1222/26; B1348/18; C0059/10; C0059/18; C0059/25; C0108/22; C0115/20; C0136/33; C0140/15; C0163/14; C0175/37; C0184/12; C0555/38; C0578/05

stand-still (1): C0105/34

Standard (1): B0754/35

standard (2): A0089/05; A0667/61

standing (37): A0053/01; A0058/14; A0062/07; A0069/03; A0174/15; A0216/25; A0249/03; A0367/27; A0441/22; A0442/33; A0485/07; A0503/04; A0509/01 r; A0583/34; B0865/33; B0902/06; B0924/34; B0931/35; B1157/27; B1183/13; B1185/03; B1192/17; B1330/24; B1336/04; C0061/05; C0067/15; C0070/02; C0071/02; C0075/04; C0085/36; C0159/36; C0163/17; C0185/02; C0195/13; C0199/29; C0522/15; C0577/09

stands (17): A0337/20; A0337/21; A0339/07; A0368/13; A0416/21; A0564/03; A0656/27; A0673/31; A0703/23; B0739/21; B0807/06; B0864/30; B1163/31; B1207/36; B1268/22; B1298/22; B1316/33

Stanfield (2): A0502/05; A0707/V

stanzas (6): B1127/17; B1127/23; B1128/11; B1132/08; B1133/04; B1139/28

staples (1): B1261/26

Stapleton (2): B0960/29; B0960/36

Stapleton, Edward (1): B0959/32

star (22): A0162/V; A0314/18; A0314/19; A0545/21; A0545/24; A0599/M r; B0898/02; B1035/14; B1035/18; B1035/18; B1168/35; B1168/V; B1215/25; B1215/29; B1301/02; B1301/02; C0187/30; C0395/19; C0430/17; C0430/19; C0438/V; C0439/V

star-beloved (1): A0151/04

star-shadows (1): B1039/01

star-shaped (2): A0640/29; A0643/05

starboard (14): A0585/13; A0588/21; A0590/06; B0928/26; C0062/21; C0068/11; C0071/41; C0099/18; C0115/14; C0117/09; C0123/12; C0123/33; C0165/21; C0187/10

starched (2): A0089/12; A0246/27

stare (8): A0215/10; A0370/25; A0513/24; B1180/29; B1181/32; B1348/13; C0131/30; C0550/22

stared (8): A0089/25; A0094/09; A0114/04; A0241/19; A0412/14; A0548/08; B0927/31; C0554/23

stares (2): A0241/20; B0983/10

stares> (1): A0470/03

staring (2): A0103/02; A0387/12

starry (3): A0162/20; B1212/31; B1213/26

stars (29): A0036/01; A0078/39; A0189/10; A0189/24; A0236/05; A0313/24; A0314/17; A0412/28; A0601/07; A0702/M; B1038/33; B1039/04; B1040/03; B1080/11; B1122/29; B1168/36; B1212/16; B1213/27; B1267/M; C0088/26; C0416/20; C0423/32; C0423/32; C0423/36; C0430/06; C0430/19; C0432/12; C0432/18; C0443/V

start (9): A0126/20; A0191/11; A0629/32; B0816/18; B0893/06; B1093/18; B1184/11; C0545/32; C0549/33

started (44): A0087/34; A0092/27; A0112/02; A0154/26; A0249/31; A0300/18; A0383/04; A0389/06; A0408/19; A0414/01; A0415/V; A0513/33; A0563/20; A0585/10; A0627/28; A0630/26; A0644/V; A0684/33; B0816/26; B0856/05; B1070/03; B1089/18; B1168/39; B1295/09; B1299/30; B1310/27; C0058/08; C0058/32; C0062/30; C0067/26; C0077/22; C0421/21; C0526/34; C0530/35; C0533/08; C0540/14; C0542/30; C0545/37; C0550/18; C0558/26; C0559/08; C0561/18; C0577/12; C0577/28

starting (21): A0057/33; A0078/06; A0088/20; A0103/01; A0235/25; A0355/01; A0584/26; A0630/17; B0737/24; B0827/08; B0947/32; B0983/08; B1015/03; B1044/18; B1076/13; B1188/07; C0062/13; C0186/40; C0397/10; C0527/10; C0536/29

starting-point (1): A0535/16

startle (6): A0354/35; A0616/27; A0664/03; A0704/16; B1269/15; C0415/05

startled (27): A0021/30; A0137/03; A0151/27; A0210/10; A0210/30; A0326/23; A0353/13; A0402/09; A0410/V; A0436/16; A0500/17; A0511/24; A0534/23; A0566/13; A0616/24; A0694/10; B0723/02; B0724/20; B0793/26; B0829/26; B0865/30; B0866/01; B1033/16; B1240/02; C0124/33; C0188/29; C0189/38

startles (1): B1278/15

startling (22): A0106/06; A0166/21; A0213/29; A0266/18; A0312/22; A0325/06; A0444/15; A0533/16; A0557/01; A0593/05; A0664/23; A0686/31; A0695/29; B0763/07; B0853/30; B1029/02; B1160/17; B1300/03; C0122/24; C0404/01; C0419/29; C0422/10

startlingly (2): A0211/14; A0327/25

starvation (4): A0685/15; B1208/16; B1208/37; C0144/38

starve (3): A0092/33; A0112/10; B1207/04

starved (1): B1208/15

starving (3): A0584/11; B1208/19; C0147/35

State (2): C0531/20; C0532/12

state (113)

state-room (13): B0922/05; B0923/04; B0924/27; B0925/20; B0927/03; B0928/20; B0928/29; B0929/01; B0929/06; B0929/09; B0930/05; B0933/36; B0934/02

state-rooms (5): B0922/16; B0922/19; B0922/22; B0926/09; B0928/32

stated (24): A0409/16; A0542/22; A0544/18; A0546/30; A0547/13; A0549/29; A0551/20; A0564/18; B0733/15; B0739/21; B1053/16; B1152/V; B1240/16; B1383/04; C0078/25; C0099/29; C0117/08; C0125/40; C0179/10; C0401/13; C0423/26; C0430/06; C0441/V; C0522/26

stateliest (1): A0153/07

stately (13): A0122/06; A0196/22; A0349/04; A0354/05; A0406/27; A0644/06; A0676/05; A0709/34; B0815/11; B0945/15; B1275/02; B1333/02; C0151/17

statement (11): A0269/18; A0270/28; A0705/35; B1270/34; B1357/03; B1358/24; C0055/12; C0055/28; C0056/18; C0207/09; C0430/35

statements (7): B1325/09; C0088/03; C0157/17; C0207/19; C0207/35; C0538/29; C0565/40

Staten/Land (1): C0157/12

stateroom (12): C0068/11; C0068/35; C0069/33; C0072/08; C0075/29; C0076/06; C0084/27; C0085/16; C0089/17; C0107/16; C0110/26; C0113/26

staterooms (4): C0068/04; C0068/06; C0084/06; C0085/29

states (3): B0862/17; B1194/09; C0160/19

States’/College (2): C0390/38; C0425/29

statesman (2): A0271/20; C0522/37

stating (3): A0561/V; B0736/16; B0756/27

station (29): A0102/08; A0120/25; A0249/16; A0322/23; A0593/12; A0593/21; A0629/02; A0639/26; B0976/29; B1136/24; B1312/35; C0083/05; C0101/31; C0105/27; C0108/32; C0110/32; C0116/37; C0134/11; C0158/18; C0176/17; C0190/25; C0197/02; C0197/14; C0198/18; C0203/27; C0394/20; C0395/15; C0408/30; C0579/10

stationary (7): A0191/01; B1075/09; B1076/34; C0105/37; C0118/16; C0389/37; C0410/14

stationed (5): B0753/19; B1354/25; C0058/34; C0108/14; C0186/26

stations (4): A0322/01; B0874/26; C0153/17; C0189/29

statistical (1): C0521/26

statt (1): B0723/M

statu (1): B1364/06

statuary (1): A0160/24

statue (6): A0035/21; A0154/26; A0160/24; A0165/02; A0510/08; B1057/21

statue-like (2): A0022/10; A0153/01

statues (5): A0035/19; A0158/12; B1179/09; B1192/24; C0573/21

stature (20): A0064/19; A0126/12; A0144/12; A0233/18; A0233/23; A0241/09; A0245/21; A0294/V; A0311/17; A0329/24; A0436/20; A0511/34; A0559/21; A0641/V; B0958/19; B1300/19; C0087/07; C0112/12; C0168/13; C0533/09

statures (1): A0021/28

statute (1): B1093/14

staunch (1): A0508/31

stave (1): B0905/27

staves (1): A0591/27

stay (21): A0112/23; A0128/21; A0150/M; A0166/10; A0244/09; A0347/03; A0412/15; A0532/11; A0584/09; B0808/29; B0816/16; B0872/21; B0873/28; B0932/07; B1045/29; B1096/22; C0084/21; C0124/25; C0127/04; C0170/36; C0526/24

stay-sail (1): B0930/23

stayed (4): B0856/22; B0991/05; C0057/11; C0176/22

staying (2): A0622/11; C0128/03

stays (3): A0140/27; C0062/09; C0114/24

stead (4): A0414/15; A0617/01; A0703/24; B1268/23

Steadfast (1): B1314/14

steadfast (1): B0747/17

steadfastly (1): A0515/25

steadied (5): A0251/14; B1007/25; C0111/07; C0115/12; C0415/25

steadier (1): C0544/10

steadiest (1): A0021/30

steadily (48): A0190/19; A0191/05; A0199/02; A0213/13; A0227/10; A0231/23; A0310/08; A0314/12; A0404/20; A0513/01; A0556/33; A0557/V; A0590/03; A0615/16; A0692/12; A0707/32; B0728/28; B0750/02; B0793/30; B0793/30; B0795/14; B0797/12; B0797/14; B0797/16; B0823/10; B0854/06; B0866/15; B0870/20; B0895/18; B0930/11; B0930/25; B0932/V; B0944/16; B1075/23; B1076/04; B1080/18; B1272/33; B1281/18; C0078/19; C0124/03; C0125/27; C0126/36; C0197/31; C0388/08; C0391/11; C0419/16; C0444/V; C0559/06

steadiness (1): C0415/16

steady (16): A0212/01; A0499/24; A0508/32; A0584/06; A0585/02; A0695/01; B0976/03; B1076/12; B1157/14; B1234/26; C0060/13; C0071/41; C0075/30; C0120/22; C0122/01; C0166/09

steaks (1): A0622/27

steal (3): A0612/31; B0925/15; B0929/01

stealing (3): A0663/V; A0664/02; C0188/27

stealthily (7): A0310/08; A0639/19; A0682/11; B0794/28; B0794/29; B0866/14; C0544/22

stealthy (6): A0080/32; A0400/23; A0692/15; B1225/V; C0549/29; C0568/36

steam (4): A0498/24; A0588/14; B1194/16; B1194/21

steam-boats (1): A0361/27

steam-engine (1): C0415/12

steam-vessels (1): A0588/14

steamboat (4): B0863/06; B0873/18; B0874/21; B1089/11

steaming (1): B0862/26

steed (8): A0023/01; A0023/22; A0025/02; A0027/06; A0027/16; A0027/V; A0029/06; A0029/17

steel (22): A0081/09; A0104/09; A0268/18; A0352/31; A0690/17; A0691/03; A0691/07; A0692/07; A0693/03; A0693/12; B0944/03; B1071/12; B1071/21; B1077/12; B1080/17; B1136/09; B1161/21; B1161/38; B1180/33; B1193/19; B1193/20; C0431/04

steel-bound (1): B1053/22

Steen, Jan (2): A0175/24; A0181/21

steep (15): A0044/29; A0355/03; A0594/05; B0856/19; B0865/26; B1336/10; C0541/35; C0543/34; C0553/36; C0555/02; C0567/11; C0567/18; C0570/35; C0574/16; C0577/03

steeped (1): A0428/12

steeple (17): A0071/03; A0294/V; A0349/23; A0352/22; A0355/04; A0355/30; A0366/13; A0369/07; A0369/18; A0369/19; A0369/25; A0370/27; A0372/10; A0372/17; A0374/08; A0374/21; A0428/09

steer (3): C0058/38; C0158/12; C0202/12

steerage (5): C0077/15; C0082/37; C0089/30; C0095/17; C0212/V

steered (4): B1077/32; C0123/18; C0148/16; C0160/36

Steering (1): B1068/05

steering (3): C0131/26; C0148/32; C0154/21

steersman (1): A0536/11

stem (6): A0137/08; A0399/05; B0818/32; B1332/30; C0115/13; C0202/23

stemming (1): A0124/05

stems (6): A0640/07; A0643/06; B1105/03; B1106/03; B1333/02; C0542/13

stench (4): A0122/14; C0084/35; C0094/14; C0124/09

stentorian (1): A0244/19

step (64)

Stephanie (1): B0914/V

stepped (30): A0033/M; A0070/16; A0104/16; A0108/17; A0154/07; A0179/25; A0325/05; A0351/04; A0445/05; A0448/02; A0535/25; A0547/02; A0552/19; A0562/13; A0686/28; A0695/06; B0753/25; B0814/21; B0896/20; B0944/10; B0960/22; B0992/15; B1183/34; B1250/09; B1261/21; B1261/30; B1339/13; C0114/05; C0532/03; C0533/27

stepping (6): A0100/33; A0383/12; A0685/22; B0909/02; B1045/28; C0545/12

steps (54)

sterb’ich (2): A0345/07; A0345/07

sterbich (2): A0150/V; A0150/V

stereotomic (1): A0536/V

stereotomy (4): A0535/09; A0536/03; A0536/05; A0536/V

steril (3): C0155/12; C0155/17; C0166/20

sterling (1): A0381/29

stern (32): A0137/08; A0137/33; A0142/23; A0315/09; A0316/27; A0318/V; A0401/17; A0446/18; A0486/29; A0589/25; A0681/14; B0866/06; B0878/04; B0891/23; B0931/18; B0932/04; B1040/12; B1052/29; B1338/20; C0106/02; C0115/13; C0124/18; C0125/26; C0126/02; C0131/25; C0134/04; C0134/18; C0188/09; C0200/37; C0202/23; C0413/01; C0536/06

stern-post (4): A0137/16; C0115/31; C0115/33; C0115/35

stern-sheets (1): B0931/29

Sterne (1): B1378/M

sterner (3): A0328/25; B0817/29; B0967/23

sternest (1): A0397/10

sternly (3): A0412/19; A0628/14; B0931/32

sternutamentis (1): A0091/13

stertorous (3): B1237/11; B1237/15; C0128/20

stertorousness (1): B1237/15

stew (3): A0093/37; A0102/13; A0113/24

steward’s (1): C0122/08

stick (9): A0369/17; B0812/08; B0813/22; B1102/11; B1338/25; B1373/18; C0175/18; C0396/09; C0547/15

sticking (1): B0830/15

sticks (3): C0547/05; C0561/33; C0575/41

stiff (20): A0079/42; A0240/V; A0249/20; A0252/17; A0253/31; A0300/24; B0910/24; B0923/36; B0928/25; B0992/02; B1059/08; B1079/23; B1163/27; B1250/25; C0102/13; C0139/31; C0536/04; C0544/32; C0559/18; C0572/28

stiff-frozen (1): A0673/33

stiff-looking (1): A0248/03

stiffened (2): A0675/11; B1237/26

stiffer (1): B1157/17

stiffly (4): A0297/V; A0381/03; B0926/04; B1195/08

stiffness (2): A0327/23; A0380/11

stifle (1): A0684/15

stifled (5): A0414/06; A0694/22; B0724/01; B0794/08; C0147/35

stifling (6): A0153/09; A0299/27; B0955/07; B0961/21; C0072/30; C0182/30

stigma (3): B1163/28; B1163/30; B1163/39

stigmatise (1): A0338/07

stile (6): A0627/16; A0629/29; A0629/33; A0630/05; A0630/21; A0630/26

Stiletto (3): A0177/03; A0177/09; A0183/01

stiletto (1): A0086/32

still (461)

still-increasing (1): A0610/11

stillness (5): A0428/08; A0443/14; A0682/17; A0683/19; B0929/24

stimulate (2): A0689/21; B1165/28

stimulates (1): B0795/12

stimulus (2): C0128/17; C0392/31

sting (3): A0298/V; A0435/11; B0916/09

stingings (1): B1158/08

stint (1): B1017/23

stipping> (1): A0464/14

stipulated (2): B0862/25; C0177/39

stipulating (1): C0056/09

stir (11): A0353/33; A0675/V; B0827/03; B0962/35; B0967/14; B1046/30; B1047/09; B1258/24; B1363/09; C0056/05; C0100/40

stirred (15): A0053/34; A0063/06; A0153/02; A0217/V; A0329/05; A0329/11; A0329/23; A0329/26; A0348/13; A0639/25; A0653/21; C0072/37; C0111/23; C0118/37; C0206/02

stirring (4): A0401/01; C0387/11; C0395/25; C0574/23

stitch (1): C0391/27

stock (6): A0069/22; A0349/02; C0082/29; C0144/39; C0177/09; C0576/01

stock-jobbers (1): A0508/18

stocked (2): B1019/21; C0560/15

stockinet (1): B1350/37

stockinett (1): C0108/39

stocking (1): A0387/17

stockings (7): A0057/15; A0067/33; A0368/09; A0368/19; A0371/08; A0464/18; B0863/14

stocks (2): A0582/05; C0057/04

stoical (1): C0145/09

stole (4): A0437/03; A0682/09; C0184/25; C0205/29

stolen (1): B1318/07

stolid (3): A0458/10; B1298/23; B1316/34

stomach (22): A0059/22; A0067/13; A0091/18; A0097/20; A0099/30; A0110/20; A0367/29; A0370/14; A0543/28; A0628/01; B0741/32; B0742/27; B1106/33; B1166/14; B1346/11; C0081/10; C0107/35; C0108/41; C0117/35; C0133/13; C0175/38; C0535/40

stomachs (2): B1119/M; C0128/17

Stone (1): B0740/33

stone (43): A0122/29; A0196/13; A0196/15; A0329/26; A0557/29; A0684/30; A0685/21; A0689/09; A0695/06; A0708/11; B0734/33; B0758/08; B0761/32; B0796/01; B0796/01; B0796/03; B0890/15; B1040/13; B1089/20; B1127/35; B1160/02; B1160/16; B1160/30; B1262/06; B1262/35; B1263/24; B1281/35; B1304/10; B1304/29; B1321/09; B1334/38; B1335/33; B1338/01; B1363/36; C0112/25; C0152/25; C0152/25; C0173/16; C0173/20; C0184/01; C0184/34; C0421/04; C0573/38

Stone, W. L. (1): A0285/28

Stone’s (2): A0285/32; A0285/35

stone’s (2): C0554/04; C0568/19

stones (33): A0081/38; A0244/23; A0400/12; A0408/11; A0408/14; A0535/09; A0535/32; A0582/12; B0734/32; B0758/07; B0761/14; B0762/06; B0828/01; B1089/23; B1166/03; B1166/12; B1322/V; B1329/23; B1330/01; B1337/05; C0152/14; C0165/34; C0168/21; C0181/22; C0186/37; C0189/29; C0191/07; C0420/33; C0422/39; C0524/36; C0559/15; C0573/34; C0576/23

stony (3): A0415/32; B0956/21; B1181/23

stood (131)

stool (1): C0113/16

stoop (3): A0240/18; A0297/V; B1052/09

stooped (3): A0299/18; B0940/09; C0390/06

stoopide (3): B0913/V; B0913/V; B0913/V

stooping (6): A0249/05; A0444/03; A0536/25; B0854/21; B0944/13; C0396/15

stoops (1): B0873/21

stop (26): A0341/13; A0354/02; A0388/V; A0464/08; A0489/31; A0489/32; A0552/16; A0675/V; A0696/30; B0818/14; B0866/10; B0909/20; B1035/14; B1035/22; B1155/06; B1169/23; B1311/33; B1328/07; B1372/06; C0168/06; C0548/11; C0554/18; C0554/21; C0555/12; C0555/14; C0579/10

stoppage (1): C0148/25

stopped (17): A0243/V; A0354/02; A0566/09; A0696/29; B1335/09; C0067/29; C0159/20; C0191/32; C0526/01; C0540/17; C0541/36; C0561/24; C0566/29; C0566/35; C0567/12; C0568/21; C0579/17

stopper (1): C0396/08

stopping (8): A0056/36; A0486/05; A0515/24; A0565/16; C0170/29; C0526/29; C0559/39; C0563/19

stops (2): B0864/19; B1090/33

store (2): B0746/01; C0546/35

store-room (1): B1336/36

stored (2): A0245/12; C0547/02

storeroom (11): C0121/13; C0121/18; C0122/27; C0126/33; C0127/30; C0136/15; C0136/37; C0138/19; C0139/18; C0140/11; C0140/29

stores (4): A0135/05; A0243/05; C0139/01; C0530/32

stories (14): A0098/17; A0429/25; A0473/04; A0473/25; B0834/01; B0834/09; B0943/25; B1009/24; B1303/03; B1362/09; B1380/08; C0057/23; C0065/12; C0549/06

storing (1): C0093/41

storm (17): A0029/V; A0079/11; A0088/14; A0319/14; A0411/31; A0412/17; A0414/11; A0417/04; A0581/14; A0581/34; A0585/27; B0767/30; B0930/23; B0968/13; B1090/34; C0060/02; C0134/19

storm-staysails (1): C0106/16

storm-tormented (1): B1123/27

storms (3): A0228/04; C0149/15; C0202/17

stormy (2): A0087/33; C0432/21

Story (1): B0806/T

story (48): A0018/02; A0088/02; A0198/29; A0386/04; A0407/31; A0413/21; A0414/12; A0479/09; A0537/09; A0537/21; A0539/08; A0539/30; A0542/13; A0542/18; A0543/09; A0554/11; A0565/23; A0578/23; A0583/17; A0593/30; A0594/23; A0599/M; A0652/22; A0652/22; A0654/19; A0654/V; B0789/07; B0887/08; B0901/22; B0957/12; B0958/36; B0982/22; B1153/16; B1154/17; B1155/08; B1159/27; B1345/02; B1350/32; B1361/24; B1386/08; C0064/32; C0080/18; C0428/15; C0428/28; C0448/V; C0541/12; C0541/12; C0569/17

Story, Joseph (1): A0275/29

Story’s (2): A0275/33; A0275/37

stout (21): A0080/35; A0152/11; A0205/27; A0271/26; A0552/02; A0553/06; A0562/16; A0584/29; B0789/M; B0827/09; B0859/10; B1015/11; B1141/32; B1361/06; C0098/18; C0115/30; C0123/34 •; C0124/35; C0124/39; C0143/30; C0534/12

stoutest (2): A0459/28; C0531/19 e

stove (2): C0068/05; C0140/31

stow (1): A0251/15

stowage (19): A0136/04 •; C0069/11; C0091/36; C0094/13; C0095/31 •; C0096/01; C0097/02; C0097/03; C0097/09 •; C0097/14; C0097/19; C0098/03; C0098/08; C0099/07; C0099/25; C0099/26; C0099/31; C0114/04; C0114/37

stowage-room (1): A0252/01

stowed (6): A0249/28; C0089/21; C0098/17; C0190/34; C0407/07; C0533/32

stragglers (2): B0823/14; C0152/20

straggling (1): A0248/V

straight (35): A0056/05; A0244/11; A0271/23; A0276/36; A0277/36; A0283/24; A0285/02; A0297/V; A0298/V; A0497/16; A0622/04; A0629/04; A0671/18; B0825/01; B0842/20; B1018/12; B1045/04; B1092/15; B1282/19; B1296/21; B1301/30; B1302/04; B1302/07; B1313/21; B1315/01; B1330/08; C0067/07; C0085/35; C0167/17; C0174/25; C0181/31; C0183/13; C0193/05; C0432/02; C0432/23

straight-forward (1): A0489/24

straight-jacket (1): A0065/29

straightaway (1): B1051/09

straightening (1): B1182/18

straightest (1): B1316/17

straightway (2): A0627/23; C0432/45

strain (6): A0164/V; A0614/24 •; B0940/27; B1050/16; B1159/07; C0083/16

strained (3): A0326/25; A0535/26; B0930/28

straining (6): A0271/02; A0282/09; A0685/06; A0696/11; C0103/03; C0106/07

strains (3): A0022/03; A0615/27; A0615/28

Strait (1): C0158/10

strait-forward (1): C0532/20

strait> (1): A0465/06

Straits (1): B1392/05

straits (2): C0525/21; C0525/40

strange (89)

strangely (12): A0228/35; A0233/17; A0233/23; A0435/09; A0457/32; A0550/07; A0608/07; B0834/24; B1079/30 r; B1152/04; C0070/37; C0413/13

strangeness (5): A0312/01; A0312/04; A0313/12; A0711/26; B1276/30

stranger (45): A0081/32; A0081/34; A0089/23; A0090/23; A0091/07; A0091/09; A0091/15; A0091/32; A0092/05; A0092/12; A0092/27; A0093/25; A0094/07; A0094/19; A0140/26; A0142/28; A0154/20; A0154/V; A0155/13; A0155/20; A0156/02; A0156/03; A0156/04; A0340/34; A0434/09; A0439/16; A0442/31; A0512/06; A0512/33; A0513/14; A0514/01; A0514/19; A0515/21; A0675/07; B0950/26; B0957/11; B1093/30; B1151/M; B1184/29; B1361/26; C0123/24; C0124/31; C0125/39; C0147/03; C0532/08

stranger’s (3): A0089/04; A0089/32; A0103/20

strangers (4): A0250/21; B0897/12; B0967/29; C0168/06

strangest (2): A0314/06; C0190/20

strangle (1): A0589/15

strangled (2): A0557/03; C0113/20

strap (1): A0689/14

strapped (2): A0485/08; B1044/18

straps (3): B0878/02; B1185/33; B1194/28

strata (1): C0402/35

strata (3): C0413/25; C0424/24; C0573/11

stratification (4): C0171/22; C0181/28; C0185/07; C0185/14

stratum (1): C0406/12

straw (2): C0069/04; C0134/39

straw-colored (1): B1185/35

straws (2): C0134/08; C0545/17

stray (5): A0368/24; B0945/31; B1101/08; B1279/33; B1335/03

strayed (3): A0602/02; A0602/04; C0570/33

streak (5): B1156/13; B1156/24; C0109/06; C0416/22; C0543/22

streaked (1): C0543/29

streaks (4): A0580/21; A0580/22; B0827/14; C0203/24

stream (58)

stream’s (1): B1281/33

streamed (6): A0139/33; A0143/16; A0330/14; A0590/25; A0672/16; B1161/05

streamer (1): B1078/05

streaming (4): A0023/09; A0029/22; B0852/21; B1215/30

streamlets (1): B1283/09

streams (11): A0158/V; A0163/09; A0639/31; A0643/26; B0862/35; B0863/29; C0163/30; C0171/22; C0171/30; C0548/11; C0574/26

street (49): A0072/24; A0078/23; A0085/01; A0124/03; A0124/04; A0174/32; A0242/12; A0248/27; A0254/03; A0352/25; A0355/32; A0487/05; A0488/06; A0489/30; A0507/20; A0509/34; A0511/28; A0512/20; A0512/26; A0512/V; A0513/30; A0513/34; A0515/18; A0515/23; A0533/31; A0534/30; A0535/09; A0535/22; A0541/25; A0542/V; A0546/21; A0551/23; A0565/14; A0652/19; B0796/17; B0875/13; B0877/05; B0897/07; B0897/21; B0915/10; B0915/20; B0989/25; B0990/01; B0992/19; B1093/18; B1103/12; B1182/21; C0067/08; C0067/31

street-crossing (1): A0488/19

street-door (1): B1178/13

street-robber (1): C0073/35

streets (25): A0122/14; A0189/24; A0242/29; A0244/01; A0347/28; A0349/21; A0490/08; A0533/04; A0565/19; B0734/14; B0750/07; B0750/10; B0750/15; B0851/03; B0945/06; B0945/08; B0945/23; B0947/15; B0963/09; B1092/33; B1160/13; B1225/08; B1370/09; C0392/07; C0392/21

strength (70)

strengthen (6): A0059/25; A0608/19; A0610/05; A0631/12; B0989/15; C0116/18

strengthened (9): A0623/21; A0663/V; B0746/10; B0814/26; B1054/29; C0137/16; C0172/21; C0176/31; C0423/10

strengthening (1): B0832/31

strengthens (1): C0179/11

strenuous (3): A0244/17; A0337/31; A0650/05

strenuously (5): A0054/26; A0063/25; A0127/01; B1223/V; C0175/24

stretch (5): A0044/03; A0195/10; A0282/03; B0989/34; C0546/18

stretched (8): A0103/06; A0136/32; A0351/01; B1057/12; B1096/16; C0124/40; C0196/30; C0536/36

stretches (2): A0121/07; C0521/06

stretching (9): A0165/V; A0686/08; B0913/01; B1382/19; C0070/02; C0122/37; C0148/17; C0417/22; C0575/14

strewed (4): A0592/09; B1160/34; C0175/03; C0559/14

strewn (3): A0144/21; C0190/13; C0198/38

stricken (6): A0163/03; A0615/35; A0672/25; B0758/22; B0771/25; B0819/29

strict (13): A0081/05; A0242/03; A0347/12; A0408/28; A0461/11; A0485/30; A0496/20; A0616/26; B0827/03; B0989/13; B1362/03; C0167/38; C0203/38

strictest (3): A0217/V; A0486/32; B0747/01

strictly (20): A0086/08; A0097/05; A0301/13; A0410/22; A0482/02; A0527/V; A0531/09; A0599/05; B0757/05; B0962/35; B1089/02; B1089/14; B1268/28; B1328/08; C0098/09; C0139/16; C0428/01; C0428/24; C0448/V; C0563/38

strictness (1): A0432/23

stride (1): A0427/01

strides (1): B0797/15

strike (7): A0372/14; A0372/18; B0854/31; B0864/22; B1354/15; C0165/37; C0197/40

strikes (9): A0033/12; A0142/29; A0144/V; A0673/30; B0732/41; B1092/13; B1221/29; B1222/22; C0570/08

striking (24): A0209/14; A0285/18; A0300/16; A0349/02; A0351/07; A0373/28; A0388/25; A0410/14; B0929/21; B0957/04; B1279/16; B1350/15; B1352/04; C0063/36; C0070/40; C0086/22; C0114/33; C0137/41; C0140/24; C0151/20; C0187/16; C0422/24; C0526/19; C0552/04

strikingly (6): A0274/37; A0282/28; A0283/05; A0367/08; B0891/17; C0416/17

string (13): B0818/20; B0818/25; B0821/25; B0821/26; B0821/31; B0822/04; B0947/05; B0949/17; B1096/17; C0076/37; C0076/39; C0197/13; C0552/29

stringed (3): A0314/21; A0403/07; A0406/07

strings (6): A0630/01; B0730/32; B0730/33; B1096/18; C0175/28; C0431/07

strip (9): A0034/11; A0034/12; A0034/12; A0136/16; A0675/V; B0766/15; B1183/14; C0121/05; C0417/18

stripe-interspersed (1): A0498/18

striped (1): B1165/03

stripes (2): C0108/40; C0151/15

stripped (3): A0242/33; C0108/30; C0547/03

stripping (1): B1180/24

strips (3): B0735/14; B0762/12; B0762/14

strived (1): A0218/01

striving (2): A0299/28; C0197/25

strode (8): A0253/17; A0400/30; A0439/11; A0510/23; A0514/35; B0824/02; B1258/34; C0061/39

stroke (6): A0274/34; A0568/23; A0693/09; A0694/31; B1153/29; B1237/01

stroked (1): B1184/03

strokes (7): A0269/03; A0372/20; A0674/18; A0694/19; B0825/25; C0201/08; C0411/06

stroll (3): A0489/29; B0756/22; C0539/05

strolled (4): A0347/27; A0626/24; B0897/07; C0542/03

strolling (1): A0533/31

Strom (6): A0585/11; A0586/04; A0586/31; A0586/33; A0587/26; A0594/14

strong (109)

stronger (10): A0088/14; A0381/05; A0434/14; B0748/05; B0761/29; B0900/13; B1077/31; C0093/22; C0127/03; C0543/24

strongest (6): A0354/35; A0611/29; B1052/01; B1160/42; C0531/19; C0537/28

strongly (26): A0044/28; A0427/22; A0458/32; A0503/V; A0533/01; B0745/31; B0755/24; B0941/24; B0991/27; B1080/18; B1101/25; B1122/11; B1221/16; B1239/25; C0055/31; C0065/16; C0075/32; C0081/38; C0169/17; C0170/27; C0420/12; C0443/V; C0533/09; C0537/08; C0553/01; C0561/13

strongly-knit (1): C0531/22

strove (1): A0684/08

struck (54)

structure (15): A0142/16; A0152/09; A0430/05; A0436/30; A0631/12; A0670/15; A0690/20; B0857/16; B1164/27; B1336/03; B1337/18; B1391/31; B1392/08; C0173/30; C0202/18

structures (4): A0156/30; A0486/15; C0198/39; C0573/27

struggle (30): A0027/19; A0029/11; A0329/01; A0329/02; A0329/08; A0403/18; A0411/27; A0416/28; A0432/03; A0510/36; A0593/22; A0644/17; A0693/12; A0694/25; B0734/38.; B0758/13; B0762/07; B0763/28; B0763/31; B0763/31; B0764/06; B0963/30; B1049/06; B1222/21; C0082/27; C0086/11; C0144/10; C0165/10; C0197/37; C0567/21

struggled (29): A0215/28; A0313/19; A0316/24; A0327/16; A0328/02; A0401/12; A0411/06; A0411/18; A0578/17; A0684/14; A0691/09; A0691/27; A0692/18; A0692/25; A0697/04; B0855/29; B0941/17; B0947/23; B0967/34; B1242/29; B1262/35; C0074/24; C0088/20; C0182/09; C0197/32; C0406/19; C0408/28; C0567/30; C0567/39

struggles (23): A0140/22; A0152/22; A0253/12; A0316/25; A0318/V; A0402/15; A0416/14; A0529/21; A0566/28; A0582/02; A0683/09; B0741/26; B0743/23; B0743/26; B0829/23; B0956/32; B0959/05; C0064/10; C0096/08; C0138/26; C0183/14; C0188/31; C0399/06

struggling (22): A0029/V; A0165/V; A0344/30; A0541/32; A0563/19; B0762/07; B0958/33; B0964/30; B0966/16; B0967/09; B0983/16; B1079/09; B1208/07; B1221/26; B1353/18; C0063/16; C0083/02; C0144/06; C0149/31; C0182/16; C0190/13; C0567/17

strugglingly (1): C0188/28

strung (1): A0588/26

strut (1): C0153/24

stubborn (2): A0061/02; A0652/26

stubbornly (1): A0058/27

stubbornness (1): A0652/06

Stubbs (1): B0900/23

stubby (2): A0357/05; A0357/05

stuck (9): A0246/03; A0248/20; A0340/30; A0592/13; B0735/07; B0759/02; B1141/21; C0427/22; C0547/19

stud (2): A0023/28; A0025/13

studded (2): A0429/05; C0542/16

studded-sail (1): A0143/20

studding-sail (3): A0142/13; A0142/13; A0143/23

Student (2): A0176/09; A0180/30

student (10): A0295/05; A0438/02; A0709/28; B0922/11; B0960/18; B1145/20; B1236/16; B1240/34; B1274/30; C0415/03

students (3): A0296/11; A0436/28; A0438/22

studied (8): A0036/21; A0054/17; A0071/28; A0086/02; A0251/V; A0299/07; A0304/02; B1031/11

studies (14): A0070/31; A0078/26; A0099/10; A0210/24; A0226/09; A0230/07; A0268/28; A0310/13; A0311/05; A0316/07; A0405/09; A0431/23; C0066/11; C0393/04

studio (2): A0400/25; B0925/33

studious (1): A0665/01

study (25): A0086/22; A0135/05; A0173/09; A0173/11; A0177/25; A0178/16; A0178/19; A0183/20; A0226/01; A0229/18; A0295/01; A0311/22; A0339/02; A0339/23; A0342/14; A0495/V; A0528/13; A0611/35; B0987/16; B1018/10; B1031/10; B1115/04; B1132/07; B1181/21; B1339/16

stuff (6): A0251/20; B0812/30; B1090/30; B1129/23; B1131/23; B1165/12

stuffed (1): A0345/13

stuffing (2): C0109/01; C0190/31

stuffs (1): A0251/17

Stuffundpuff (1): A0366/19

Stultz (2): A0034/V; A0034/V

stumble (2): B1352/06; C0392/07

stumbled (5): A0244/29; A0351/05; A0686/05; B0823/09; B0825/31

stumbling-block (1): A0044/14

stumbling-blocks (1): A0556/22

stump (3): A0139/10; A0281/28; B1185/03

stumped (1): A0628/V

stumpy (2): A0241/10; A0371/18

stumpy-looking (1): A0371/08

stunned (5): A0137/15; B1110/16; C0074/30; C0113/29; C0116/04

stunning (1): A0057/19

stunted (2): C0155/13; C0181/34

stupefying (1): A0058/23

stupendous (11): A0028/22; A0139/24; A0140/V; A0143/32; A0145/14; A0430/18; A0456/25; B0913/V; B0948/23; B1082/08; B1372/09

stupid (11): A0069/10; A0203/03; A0245/V; B0923/33; B0984/34; B1018/30; B1101/07; B1144/01; C0126/19; C0199/30; C0398/33

stupid-looking (1): B1019/12

stupide (3): B0913/05; B0913/07; B0913/07

stupidity (7): A0622/10; B0821/12; B0843/12; B1006/08; B1300/12; C0432/41; C0554/14

stupidly (2): A0378/V; B1261/24

stupified (10): A0023/08; A0029/V; A0153/21; A0372/V; B0826/22; B0829/21; B0854/02; B0944/22; C0125/06; C0420/23

stupor (15): A0404/10; A0455/12; A0456/02; A0586/20; A0664/02; B0829/25; B0958/26; C0072/10; C0081/01; C0081/21; C0081/33; C0096/22; C0190/17; C0204/24; C0421/41

sturdily (1): A0413/33

sturdy (4): A0509/33; A0652/04; B1010/23; C0388/02

Sturgeon/Lake (1): C0526/40

stxp (1): B1374/19

style (52)

styled (3): B1127/08; B1130/14; C0427/28

styles (6): A0341/19; A0709/21; A0709/33; B1129/17; B1274/24; B1275/02

stylish (1): A0494/03

stylus (1): A0104/07

stylus (2): A0089/08; A0189/05

Styx (2): A0092/08; A0111/20

Suarven (1): A0579/26

suavity (2): B0796/19; B1191/09

sub (1): A0638/M

sub-collectors (1): A0043/11

sub-commentaries (1): A0366/20

sub-divided (1): C0551/01

subdivided (1): A0081/36

subdivisions (2): A0429/23; A0436/26

subdue (3): A0165/14; A0663/27; B1096/27

subdued (9): A0158/05; A0503/V; A0664/24; B0891/V; B0929/10; B1004/08; B1069/07; B1278/29; C0082/36

subduing (1): B1236/35

subjacent (1): B1076/15

subject (110)

subject’s (1): B1182/28

subjected (16): A0460/19; A0499/16; B0730/21; B0762/06; B0826/02; B0832/20; B0832/30; B0963/25; B0988/23; B1074/04; B1133/27; B1187/13; B1187/18; C0145/06; C0428/42; C0540/26

subjectivity (1): A0341/24

subjects (10): A0087/13; A0156/04; A0342/V; B0830/28; B0969/04; B1179/26; B1180/13; C0193/26; C0392/27; C0428/20

subjoined (5): B1068/08; B1116/04; B1133/04; B1235/02; B1370/12

sublimate (1): B1122/16

sublimated (1): A0263/28

sublimating (1): B1078/30

sublimation (1): A0166/02

sublime (13): A0099/31; A0352/08; A0397/20; A0705/34; A0711/03; B0862/34; B1076/16; B1132/10; B1156/09; B1270/34; B1273/31; B1297/30; B1317/09

sublimest (1): A0495/V

sublimity (3): A0140/17; B1133/05; C0405/26

sublunary (1): A0427/16

submission (4): A0021/12; A0431/25; A0446/10; B1104/12

submissive (2): A0104/15; C0200/07

submit (7): A0446/19; A0609/18; B0731/23; B0874/29; B0941/19; B1382/03; C0133/34

submitted (9): A0383/07; A0708/26; B0731/09; B0731/16; B0835/03; B1169/31; B1273/21; C0086/11; C0394/07

submitting (1): C0086/16

subscribe (2): B1136/20; B1207/08

subscribers (1): B1378/03

subscription (1): B1136/36

subscription-list (3): B1136/15; B1137/33; B1138/30

subsequent (23): A0315/01; A0326/02; A0326/04; B0723/23; B0733/21; B0828/19; B0831/25; B0956/25; B0989/19; B1049/28; B1184/22; B1314/25; B1359/21; C0053/T; C0137/26; C0145/07; C0155/32; C0161/24; C0184/16; C0193/25; C0208/22; C0546/31; C0554/13

subsequently (7): A0314/08; A0568/06; B0731/16; B0877/32; B1274/06; B1292/36; B1359/01

subserved (1): B1068/11

subservience (1): B1136/28

subserviency (1): B1207/12

subservient (1): A0499/13

subside (1): A0588/09

subsided (11): A0155/19; A0580/24; B0828/23; B1079/14; B1140/12; B1262/18; B1278/36; B1374/30; C0205/03; C0420/29; C0556/07

subsidence (1): B1080/22

subsiding (2): B1391/07; C0120/01

subsist (1): C0196/11

subsisted (1): B1047/29

subsistence (1): A0138/10

subsisting (1): B1162/35

substance (39): A0347/24; A0403/27; A0410/07; A0564/18; A0602/33; A0604/07; B0853/25; B0929/16; B0948/15; B0967/12; B0967/16; B1030/19; B1038/12; B1039/30; B1040/02; B1057/30; B1162/26; B1163/20; B1165/03; B1165/35; B1168/08; B1222/20; B1293/05; B1320/03; B1321/10; B1362/31; B1362/33; C0063/37; C0125/08; C0127/16; C0167/16; C0178/05; C0178/20; C0193/19; C0387/26; C0393/32; C0394/09; C0437/V; C0570/18

substances (7): A0219/07; B1246/18; B1321/29; B1364/09; C0199/38; C0420/32; C0553/01

substantial (7): A0457/27; A0509/03; B1039/08; B1053/16; B1123/21; B1279/13; B1340/07

substantiality (2): B1039/14; B1040/03

substantive (3): B1038/35; B1039/28; B1220/19

substitute (6): A0491/05; B0838/18; B1322/30; B1373/30; C0092/22; C0426/02

substituted (2): B1180/28; B1224/16

substituting (1): B0838/15

substitution (1): B1373/33

substructure (1): B0752/17

subtend (1): C0421/16

subtended (3): C0418/31; C0420/06; C0421/08

subtends (1): B1300/31

subterfuge (1): B1379/29

Subterranean (1): A0409/01

subterranean (2): A0074/33; A0685/15

subterrene (3): A0195/13; A0685/V; B0967/36

subtle (3): A0211/04; C0180/10; C0546/15

subtlety (1): B1073/16

suburb (1): B1192/20

suburban (1): A0515/01

suburbs (3): A0068/23; B0759/30; C0427/29

subversive (1): C0390/27

subvert (1): A0203/04

succeed (12): A0102/24; B0816/08; B1078/31; C0066/25; C0080/34; C0088/33; C0127/07; C0159/05; C0187/04; C0199/34; C0530/26; C0555/28

succeeded (91)

succeeding (8): A0026/21; A0138/12; B0837/31; B0853/04; B1225/22; B1238/18; C0186/21; C0212/V

success (40): A0055/19; A0065/03; A0268/08; A0268/31; A0337/33; A0346/31; A0413/20; A0435/13; A0529/20; A0555/08; A0683/11; B0737/06; B0771/32; B0817/08; B0877/32; B0941/14; B0966/22; B0984/06; B0984/32; B0988/26; B1072/18; B1078/23; B1078/31; B1129/08; B1132/26; B1242/31; B1268/24; B1348/14; B1372/19; C0104/16; C0120/41; C0121/29; C0128/08; C0137/18; C0154/05; C0187/37; C0394/37; C0419/06; C0532/36; C0539/26

successes (1): A0703/25

successful (11): A0102/15; A0433/21; A0683/33; B0725/V; B0746/07; B1079/19; B1213/19; B1242/30; C0402/26; C0521/04; C0526/15

successfully (7): A0315/26; A0440/35; A0496/22; B0958/23; B1225/15; C0057/04; C0523/04

succession (30): A0021/05; A0092/12; A0165/16; A0204/19; A0245/02; A0249/31; A0321/27; A0322/24; A0501/28; A0537/08; A0593/33; A0615/20; A0649/V; A0651/V; B0773/21; B0837/02; B0850/06; B0865/04; B1262/23; C0072/18; C0115/30; C0118/19; C0140/18; C0164/37; C0184/21; C0199/18; C0528/11; C0562/28; C0573/33; C0577/03

successive (3): A0121/20; B0746/24; C0401/24

successively (4): A0484/19; B0962/25; B1351/08; C0402/34

successor (1): A0321/01

succinctly (2): B0849/06; B1233/12

Succoth-Benith (1): A0046/12

succour (1): C0094/23

succumb (1): A0610/21

succumbed (7): A0318/V; A0404/22; A0446/03; A0531/19; A0612/21; B0856/10; B0941/31

such (521)

sucked (1): B1162/20

suction (3): A0583/01; A0593/03; B1383/02

sudden (51)

suddenly (121)

suddenness (5): B0963/07; B1013/12; B1107/32; B1239/26; C0190/15

Sue’s (1): B1270/37

Sues (1): C0550/28

Suez (1): B1160/26

suffer (22): A0074/07; A0456/11; A0489/V; A0507/O1; B0741/13; B0741/14; B0816/02; B0852/01; B1032/15; B1039/22; B1207/28; B1291/14; C0105/24; C0110/15; C0132/08; C0135/23; C0403/13; C0405/11; C0407/17; C0413/04; C0413/11; C0522/09

sufferance (1): A0403/27

suffered (52)

sufferer (7): A0053/10; A0406/06; B0941/18; B0962/19; B1237/09; B1243/02; C0142/04

sufferers (5): B0856/16; B1209/07; C0088/29; C0147/29; C0389/07

suffering (28): A0310/03; A0324/03; A0687/23; A0691/28; A0704/22; B0744/12; B0900/08; B0931/15; B0955/17; B0956/15; B0963/21; B1030/28; B1223/10; B1269/21; C0065/17; C0071/20; C0071/33; C0076/30; C0080/22; C0111/38; C0128/33; C0129/24; C0146/09; C0148/34; C0406/24; C0408/20; C0421/03; C0567/23

sufferings (11): B1360/23; C0053/T; C0074/11; C0117/39; C0120/14; C0141/19; C0142/21; C0143/04; C0143/23; C0145/33; C0169/17

suffers (2): B0829/24; B0990/04

suffice (8): A0018/02; A0440/15; A0497/11; B0772/11; B0966/V; C0135/31; C0186/08; C0566/26

sufficed (15): A0215/22; A0459/29; A0547/29; A0705/17; B0728/31; B0730/19; B0958/04; B0966/04; B0980/14; B1078/06; B1181/30; B1270/16; B1300/08; C0180/07; C0408/04

sufficiency (2): A0612/31; B1073/14

sufficient (109)

sufficiently (102)

sufficing (1): B1382/27

suffocated (1): C0182/06

suffocating (4): A0446/23; A0696/02; B1106/27; C0124/10

suffocation (12): A0056/22; A0058/35; A0066/11; A0071/05; A0080/14; A0176/25; A0182/28; A0189/28; A0217/V; A0563/19; B1226/08; C0076/01

suffrage (2): B1193/34; B1300/04

suffuse (1): A0295/25

suffused (1): B0730/03

sugar (2): A0340/03; C0577/23

sugar-cane (1): C0156/02

sugar-loaf (1): A0368/04

sugarhousemolasses (1): B1092/12

suggest (26): A0204/23; A0302/08; A0328/13; A0446/09; A0555/31; A0627/04; A0650/11; A0708/29; A0710/29; B0739/34; B0773/02; B0916/04; B0961/15; B0984/24; B0992/32; B1005/29; B1052/34; B1079/08; B1134/13; B1142/34; B1275/31; B1311/29; B1315/20; B1348/24; C0093/25; C0427/03

suggested (54)

suggesting (2): B0986/11; B1347/05

suggestion (32): A0055/37; A0056/35; A0065/20; A0066/21; A0264/37; A0325/26; A0366/26; B0728/27; B0731/23; B0736/08; B0740/02; B0748/16; B0750/05; B0752/32; B0755/24; B0757/09; B0773/23; B0844/15; B0892/20; B0943/18; B1185/08; B1247/12; B1301/19; B1349/20; B1351/01; B1351/26; B1352/16; B1359/29; C0059/13; C0133/01; C0198/20; C0546/22

suggestions (10): A0212/20; A0408/01; A0435/29; B0731/19; B0822/31; B0862/32; B1185/19; C0055/25; C0166/26; C0430/01

suggestive (2): B0838/35; B0991/22

suggests (1): B0738/11

sui (1): A0493/06

suicidal (1): B1108/13

suicide (7): A0054/18; A0063/21; A0549/02; B0737/13; B0751/24; C0392/01; C0399/28

suis (2): A0033/19; A0096/M

suit (12): A0103/22; A0484/19; A0487/29; A0530/16; A0627/32; A0705/34; B0740/04; B1257/09; B1270/34; B1277/24; B1370/35; C0152/17

suitable (8): A0057/13; A0707/05; B0933/31; B1277/33; C0093/19; C0152/11; C0177/26; C0178/03

suite (5): A0671/17; A0671/27; A0672/10; A0672/11; B0904/18

suited (8): A0090/21; A0532/13; A0653/20; A0710/20; B0878/10; B0916/14; B1275/23; B1345/15

suites (2): A0671/17; B1258/28

suitor (3): B0729/13; B0748/24; B0755/31

suitors (2): B0755/09; B0957/14

suits (3): A0142/22; B0864/24; C0546/39

Suky (1): A0336/03

Sul (1): B0905/14

sulky (3): A0535/26; B0811/04; B1348/28

sullen (11): A0078/10; A0138/24; A0139/32; A0153/01; A0244/24; A0400/20; A0402/20; A0428/07; A0687/10; C0125/09; C0205/28

sullenly (4): A0029/21; A0081/16; A0417/17; A0603/29

sullied (3): A0053/35; A0063/07; A0426/02

Sullivan’s/Island (4): B0806/06; B0807/35; B0840/29; B1068/03

Sully (2): A0502/07; A0664/06

sulphur (2): B1158/02; C0553/02

sulphureous (1): A0405/11

sulphuric (1): B1168/25

sulphurous (5): A0074/26; A0405/V; A0688/08; A0695/18; B1168/29

sultry (4): A0092/19; A0111/29; A0240/V; B0865/14

sum (32): A0093/19; A0120/11; A0276/25; A0346/24; A0350/26; A0443/08; A0490/02; A0529/31; A0541/16; A0541/17; A0556/13; A0568/07; A0654/18; A0705/04; A0705/32; A0705/33; B0727/15; B0727/19; B0727/28; B0768/26; B0872/01; B0874/04; B0875/27; B0879/08; B0903/06; B0987/28; B1053/10; B1137/34; B1269/35; B1270/04; B1270/33; C0057/06

sum’mat (1): C0067/21

summary (4): B0877/30; B1048/04; B1152/11; B1357/02

summat> (1): A0465/01

summed (4): A0611/26; A0703/28; B1092/35; B1268/27

Summer (1): B1384/20

summer (13): A0087/16; A0293/07; A0531/15; A0604/26; B0807/07; B0904/13; B1044/09; B1246/04; B1328/01; B1328/10; C0536/28; C0547/09; C0552/38

summer’s (2): A0211/31; A0482/18

summers (1): A0653/15

summing (1): B1031/16

summit (39): A0045/08; A0071/02; A0122/30; A0140/04; A0146/04; A0196/19; A0294/V; A0322/09; A0350/24; A0366/12; A0366/29; A0370/22; A0577/01; A0580/03; A0581/14; B0817/23; B0841/17; B0947/01; B1127/01; B1161/07; B1247/30; B1278/21; B1280/09; B1294/16; B1294/20; B1330/29; B1391/26; C0153/02; C0163/28; C0184/29; C0189/20; C0192/18; C0193/08; C0196/01; C0203/25; C0204/11; C0204/40; C0205/32; C0577/16

summits (2): A0195/19; A0640/13

summon (8): B0966/29; C0075/02; C0075/40; C0109/13; C0119/01; C0134/25; C0135/16; C0197/20

summoned (5): A0670/11; B0877/19; B1030/26; C0060/18; C0135/08

summoning (2): A0327/15; A0676/26

summons (3): A0398/28; A0431/02; B1347/21

sumptuous (2): A0122/08; B1056/21

sumptuously (1): A0662/08

sums (8): A0441/05; A0442/06; A0541/15; B1136/16; B1136/37; B1138/31; B1361/31; C0393/14

Sun (6): A0080/03; A0122/22; A0409/04; B1321/02; B1321/16; B1321/23

sun (79)

sun-dial (1): A0367/04

sun-rise (1): A0155/V

sun-set (1): C0542/20

Sun’s (1): B1322/27

sun’s (6): B1076/07; B1321/20; B1321/27; C0401/34; C0402/07; C0423/19

sunbeams (3): A0195/V; A0195/V; A0604/20

sunburnt (1): A0562/18

Sunda/islands (1): A0135/25

Sunday (42): A0382/19; A0428/26; A0582/11; A0651/13; A0654/25; A0656/02; A0656/04; A0656/07; A0656/09; A0656/11; A0656/12; A0656/14; A0656/19; A0656/21; A0656/22; A0657/21; A0657/22; A0657/22; B0729/06; B0731/15; B0731/26; B0735/20; B0735/22; B0736/03; B0739/01; B0739/04; B0739/25; B0745/10; B0750/10; B0750/11; B0751/22; B0754/02; B0755/11; B0758/33; B0759/28; B0760/23; B0769/28; B0958/29; B1044/21; B1046/17; B1079/13; B1236/01

Sundays (5): A0649/T; A0651/15; A0651/17; A0656/23; A0657/30

sunder (1): A0692/02

sundown (5): B0931/05; B1079/17; C0100/24; C0137/18; C0163/19

sundry (3): A0262/31; A0262/32; B1130/04

sung (5): A0091/20; A0110/24; A0125/34; A0127/01; B0890/16

sunk (17): A0198/06; A0316/V; A0328/19; A0351/15; A0594/V; A0674/22; B0744/02; B0744/02; B0858/34; B1338/35; C0120/16; C0142/10; C0198/15; C0396/29; C0444/V; C0540/19; C0575/36

sunken (3): A0327/06; A0328/16; B0956/18

sunlight (5): A0210/05; A0603/07; A0639/11; B1283/12; B1331/07

sunrise (15): A0043/07; A0045/30; A0155/17; A0156/29; A0165/12; A0675/26; B0808/30; B0808/31; B0816/19; B1239/04; B1292/23; C0102/34; C0103/07; C0139/17; C0550/18

suns (5): B1038/23; B1038/24; B1212/33; B1301/23; B1322/27

sunset (9): A0136/14; A0602/25; B0808/03; B1328/12; C0086/30; C0149/32; C0423/12; C0545/27; C0559/21

sunshine (5): B0944/19; B1074/10; B1145/27; B1332/22; C0425/35

Sunship (2): A0122/27; A0122/27

sunt (1): A0638/14

sup (3): A0033/08; C0127/22; C0137/07

super-eminent (1): A0389/30

superabundance (2): A0705/29; B1270/27

superabundant (1): B1373/31

superadded (1): A0245/26

Superadditis (1): A0515/34

superb (8): A0035/04; A0174/04; A0176/15; A0179/15; A0182/16; A0298/V; A0379/26; B0828/14

superbly (1): B1008/31

supercilious (2): A0264/18; A0508/25

supererogation (3): A0552/07; B1030/15; B1219/10

supererogatory (1): A0444/08

superficial (4): A0107/16; A0545/18; C0404/05; C0438/V

superficiality (1): A0263/24

superficially (1): A0651/28

superficies (1): A0412/02

superfluities (3): A0074/07; A0240/20; A0531/25

superfluity (2): A0072/09; A0286/22

superfluous (17): A0034/02; A0107/V; A0108/06; A0262/15; A0269/05; A0271/23; A0278/33; A0283/28; A0705/28; B0731/02; B0765/31; B0916/12; B1075/18; B1126/19; B1270/26; B1310/24; C0202/34

superhuman (9): A0029/11; A0128/26; A0164/14; A0416/22; A0558/07; B0932/11; B0932/V; B1020/17; B1133/30

superinduced (3): A0211/08; B0757/13; B0963/15

superinduces (1): B0959/25

superintend (1): C0177/36

superintended (1): B1330/04

superintendence (5): A0711/27; B1072/29; B1276/30; B1277/03; B1351/24

superintendent (4): B1003/08; B1004/01; B1009/22; B1021/20

superior (19): A0078/38; A0126/16; A0204/14; A0265/25; A0298/V; A0301/17; A0529/03; A0711/28; B0904/28; B1090/26; B1191/08; B1250/25; B1276/31; B1278/30; B1293/04; B1296/11; B1302/22; C0201/02; C0402/31

superiority (8): A0029/V; A0432/02; A0432/04; A0478/08; A0592/28; A0707/12; B1192/35; B1272/11

superlatively (1): A0388/33

supernal (2): A0342/13; B1123/26

supernatural (4): A0025/V; A0140/13; A0152/V; B0723/03

supernaturally (1): A0212/30

supernumerary (1): B0923/03

superscription (1): B0991/17

superseded (3): B1019/28; C0403/28; C0422/06

superstition (11): A0018/09; A0135/18; A0242/24; A0322/25; A0399/24; A0459/11; A0654/07; A0689/02; B0810/11; B0850/30; B1247/02

superstition’s (1): A0139/V

superstitions (3): A0532/15; B0822/27; C0111/12

superstitious (5): A0139/07; A0326/24; A0403/22; C0105/24; C0107/21

supervene (1): B1239/16

supervened (6): A0327/23; A0616/33; A0682/15; B0896/07; B0960/12; B1030/23

supervision (3): A0436/02; A0445/14; B0807/34

supinely (3): A0446/03; C0182/24; C0568/01

supineness (1): C0145/10

supped (1): C0138/41

supper (6): B0808/16; B0827/08; B1056/21; B1177/05; B1177/06; C0558/35

suppers (1): B1129/18

supplicating (1): C0132/14

supplied (16): A0094/10; A0114/05; A0157/10; A0616/02; B0975/15; B1056/21; B1107/16; B1157/06; B1248/13; C0078/30; C0081/07; C0136/01; C0176/33; C0411/07; C0548/30; C0566/16

supplies (2): C0530/27; C0557/15

supply (28): A0108/25; A0689/17; B0743/25; B0854/01; B1009/30; B1186/08; C0069/37; C0072/08; C0073/42; C0077/30; C0078/33; C0084/28; C0090/07; C0095/13; C0096/35; C0100/35; C0101/22; C0136/16; C0138/08; C0145/21; C0170/30; C0188/36; C0200/22; C0203/15; C0415/19; C0417/10; C0556/16; C0566/03

supplying (4): A0204/17; B0771/11; B0903/21; B1038/24

support (12): A0460/28; A0664/V; B0741/24; B0759/23; B0817/27; B1070/17; B1071/02; B1336/13; C0174/37; C0197/30; C0423/30; C0424/29

supported (9): A0088/02; A0181/28; A0241/10; B1071/18; B1165/15; B1382/21; C0410/05; C0552/29; C0552/33

supporters (1): B0861/04

supporting (5): A0350/04; A0460/30; B1073/06; B1073/20; C0120/07

supports (2): B1261/14; C0552/08

supposable (4): B0754/20; B1051/32; B1208/35; B1322/23

suppose (90)

supposed (111)

supposes (5): A0549/26; A0568/18; B0744/03; B0744/13; B0758/29

supposing (29): A0023/27; A0282/08; A0479/36; A0527/V; A0531/03; A0549/12; A0552/33; A0592/16; A0686/19; A0688/22; B0729/17; B0758/21; B0771/10; B0815/01; B0915/16; B0987/18; B1049/15; B1057/33; B1093/31; B1164/39; C0090/37; C0123/27; C0171/28; C0401/40; C0413/21; C0416/23; C0417/34; C0420/29; C0424/28

supposition (23): A0142/18; A0145/27; A0281/26; A0369/30; A0548/14; A0684/21; A0705/24; B0733/02; B0737/15; B0748/30; B0754/03; B0762/32; B0773/05; B0812/23; B0837/11; B0948/24; B0986/17; B1206/18; B1270/23; B1321/03; C0094/24; C0413/04; C0523/29

suppositions (1): B0794/20

supposititious (1): A0403/25

suppress (1): A0209/V

suppressed (1): B0929/26

Suppression (1): B1093/19

supremacy (3): A0021/27; A0316/01; A0478/06

supreme (27): A0126/V; A0204/20; A0380/08; A0431/27; A0495/02; A0496/V; A0511/24; A0610/08; A0705/08; A0706/05; A0708/01; B0858/04; B0895/25; B0898/20; B0963/27; B1055/08; B1079/04; B1137/28; B1257/15; B1270/08; B1271/08; B1273/01; B1295/12; B1311/04; B1317/34; B1371/11; C0156/13

supremely (2): A0326/20; B0892/V

supremeness (2): B0961/19; C0182/28

sur (7): A0096/07; A0096/08; A0096/08; A0109/31; B1114/02; C0430/37; C0430/41

surcingle (5): A0689/15; A0693/07; A0693/18; A0694/15; A0694/30

surcoat (1): A0247/V

sure (183)

surely (31): A0034/07; A0109/07; A0123/24; A0128/15; A0143/29; A0151/07; A0214/01; A0227/28; A0232/15; A0261/24; A0310/11; A0311/14; A0401/25; A0414/11; A0612/11; A0641/V; B0767/28; B0816/16; B0849/04; B0865/29; B0906/24; B0912/29; B1010/11; B1017/10; B1338/30; C0071/31; C0077/11; C0113/05; C0125/22; C0153/28; C0388/16

surer (2): B0906/15; B1054/08

surest (4): A0298/V; B0737/06; B0769/26; B1345/03

surety (1): B1054/17

surf (6): A0139/05; A0579/05; A0588/15; A0589/11; A0614/17; C0167/29

surface (131)

surfaces (8): A0140/09; A0412/29; A0601/10; A0601/12; A0662/14; B1070/21; B1168/39; B1303/36

surge (4): A0579/10; A0588/20; A0589/23; C0064/06

surgeon (8): A0067/05; A0067/18; A0067/33; A0068/28; A0544/09; B0763/22; C0062/37; C0535/38

surgeon’s (1): A0067/32

surgery (1): A0219/06

surges (1): B1079/08

surmise (3): B0750/V; C0124/13; C0407/12

surmises (2): C0080/28; C0094/27

surmising (2): A0350/03; A0350/05

surmount (1): A0073/15

surmounted (8): A0086/27; A0100/04; A0350/22; A0350/32; A0429/05; B1257/19; C0400/30; C0401/11

surname (3): A0267/19; A0431/16; B0887/12

surnamed (4): B1127/26; B1295/12; B1310/19; B1311/05

surpass (4): B0902/28; B0903/12; B1137/30; B1332/33

surpassed (7): A0021/09; A0139/17; A0664/V; B0817/35; B1157/02; B1262/30; C0176/34

surpasses (4): A0507/12; B0903/V; B1136/07; B1136/31

surpassing (14): A0160/12; A0244/17; A0327/V; A0379/12; A0407/22; A0459/24; A0461/22; A0705/07; A0711/13; B0923/23; B1166/05; B1270/06; B1276/13; B1278/04

surpassingly (4): A0401/32; A0665/24; B0897/18; B0909/05

surplus (3): B1073/22; B1120/02; C0530/32

surprise (47): A0022/V; A0107/V; A0163/18; A0245/V; A0303/20; A0352/28; A0500/18; A0530/14; A0627/28; A0656/V; A0674/28; A0690/28; B0755/30; B0771/33; B0829/15; B0854/07; B0893/27; B0906/01; B0911/04; B0911/04; B0986/29; B1008/06; B1009/23; B1016/03; B1031/04; B1181/04; B1234/29; B1234/30; B1260/17; B1329/29; C0059/21; C0066/13; C0067/20; C0100/25; C0107/08; C0109/23; C0168/35; C0171/11; C0175/29; C0180/29; C0182/19; C0388/38; C0390/02; C0407/08; C0421/41; C0426/33; C0429/38

surprised (33): A0158/V; A0439/02; A0513/01; A0583/08; A0624/27; A0656/08; A0705/30; B0810/21; B0834/23; B0872/01; B0875/09; B0906/02; B0907/08; B0943/32; B1007/01; B1055/13; B1076/24; B1090/14; B1183/03; B1270/30; C0073/37; C0077/15; C0159/31; C0159/39; C0174/19; C0204/16; C0411/25; C0412/16; C0417/21; C0554/28; C0561/30; C0568/18; C0569/09

surprises (2): B1310/09; B1390/12

surprising (11): A0389/02; A0545/08; B0724/20; B0725/06; B1078/14; B1080/01; B1159/12; B1168/09; C0130/16; C0166/07; C0574/06

surprized (1): A0159/V

surr (1): B1092/36

surrender (4): B1304/15; B1304/33; B1304/36; B1305/04

surrendered (3): B1304/36; B1305/01; B1305/05

surround (3): B0752/25; B0760/02; C0409/12

surrounded (17): A0217/V; A0271/28; A0273/28; A0293/25; A0322/23; A0350/28; A0366/29; B0947/11; B0962/36; B0988/18; B1168/27; C0116/22; C0117/16; C0142/32; C0152/36; C0187/02; C0545/08

surrounding (17): A0244/25; A0405/23; A0616/20; A0709/24; B0947/02; B1073/16; B1163/29; B1274/26; B1282/27; B1293/01; B1294/17; B1301/14; C0074/34; C0184/26; C0403/20; C0566/12; C0575/09

surrounds (1): A0588/15

surtout (4): A0247/17; A0368/20; C0389/25; C0389/38

survey (21): A0104/20; A0124/12; A0314/13; A0349/26; A0351/25; A0352/21; A0511/19; A0555/33; B0752/29; B0894/26; B1102/18; B1294/16; B1335/32; B1338/09; C0112/07; C0153/26; C0192/38; C0397/20; C0416/28; C0564/41; C0574/26

surveyed (9): A0216/03; A0261/06; A0581/13; A0689/23; B0980/V; B0990/27; B1247/35; C0411/40; C0564/31

surveying (5): A0180/11; B0911/25; B0914/24; B1188/28; C0078/02

survive (2): A0081/21; A0631/16

survived (4): A0159/07; A0577/06; B1131/27; C0094/16

survivers (3): C0053/T; C0086/31; C0146/42

surviving (2): A0053/10; B0914/V

survivors (1): A0137/24

sus (1): A0621/03

susceptibility (8): A0708/33; B0978/31; B0978/34; B1030/10; B1030/22; B1181/25; B1233/19; B1273/26

susceptible (13): A0135/15; A0527/02; A0545/23; A0600/04; A0707/30; A0708/32; B0877/28; B1080/25; B1272/31; B1273/26; C0397/37; C0422/02; C0438/V

suspect (11): A0272/10; A0432/06; B0793/17; B0876/34; B0956/16; B0978/07; B0991/28; B1224/24; B1313/24; B1361/15; C0065/13

suspected (25): A0056/06; A0065/29; A0295/09; A0440/30; A0561/25; B0727/34; B0753/40; B0758/27; B0797/22; B0864/12; B0888/15; B0906/V; B0946/12; B0956/15; B1048/27; B1050/25; B1050/32; B1051/32; B1235/34; B1300/37; B1360/02; B1361/18; B1363/23; C0059/29; C0397/26

suspecting (3): B0946/11; C0107/29; C0112/10

suspects (1): B0946/07

suspend (2): A0344/02; A0351/22

suspended (19): A0069/21; A0078/01; A0079/21; A0101/V; A0248/17; A0459/22; B0956/02; B0965/36; B1051/36; B1071/08; B1073/30; B1110/10; B1333/34; B1353/19; C0198/27; C0388/31; C0398/27; C0409/29; C0411/09

suspenders (1): B0823/19

suspending (1): B1292/24

suspendu (1): A0397/M

suspense (3): A0685/04; C0077/12; C0135/17

suspension (1): A0489/02

suspensions (1): B0955/30

suspicion (54)

suspicions (10): A0067/12; A0105/04; A0234/10; B0814/26; B0844/05; B0858/24; B0961/16; B1049/30; B1058/13; C0105/09

suspicious (12): A0024/08; A0261/07; B0748/14; B0762/13; B0767/14; B0823/07; B0957/12; B1047/12; B1050/09; B1053/01; C0180/05; C0437/V

suspiciously (2): A0410/24; C0390/01

suspict> (1): A0467/18

sustain (14): A0503/06; A0675/19; A0709/13; B0955/03; B1136/13; B1136/34; B1137/31; B1138/28; B1161/21; B1246/16; C0149/04; C0187/07; C0409/26; C0412/14

sustained (23): A0059/13; A0079/18; A0104/05; A0279/23; A0546/02; B0749/26; B0958/12; B1132/24; B1185/25; B1314/19; C0126/01; C0132/25; C0187/27; C0207/31; C0400/35; C0404/10; C0405/17; C0413/32; C0540/04; C0544/38; C0545/40; C0550/03; C0579/24

sustaining (6): A0126/11; A0447/05; A0479/30; B1070/14; B1279/13; B1283/11

sustenance (5): A0044/08; A0458/21; B1162/27; C0132/37; C0419/33

suture (1): B1054/09

sutures (1): A0688/33

swagger (3): A0286/19; A0286/22; A0510/17

swaggerers (1): A0354/21

swaggers (1): B0871/10

swallow (11): A0251/23; B1045/34; B1195/16; B1347/30; B1349/26; C0128/32; C0130/40; C0141/21; C0142/16; C0178/14; C0178/18

swallow-tailed (2): A0371/06; A0371/22

swallowed (25): A0092/11; A0092/31; A0112/06; A0126/22; A0143/29; A0165/15; A0178/13; A0325/24; A0340/29; A0388/15; A0442/09; A0604/28; A0651/20; A0663/V; A0667/35; A0667/70; A0667/71; A0682/16; B0767/16; B0852/34; B0942/07; B1282/16; C0061/21; C0078/35; C0137/12

swallowing (1): C0142/12

swallows (2): A0033/13; B1039/01

swam (13): A0643/14; B1158/21; B1159/19; B1159/28; B1161/04; C0073/01; C0140/23; C0144/25; C0164/39; C0188/10; C0541/06; C0567/19; C0567/26

Swammerdamm (1): B0807/26

swamp (9): B0932/07; C0544/19; C0544/20; C0544/28; C0545/01; C0545/14; C0545/30; C0546/04; C0547/33

swamp-fight (1): A0380/30

swamping (2): B0931/20; C0062/27

swampy (1): C0577/20

swan (1): B1281/04

swan-like (1): A0022/01

swans (1): C0431/07

swar (1): B1373/22

sward (1): B1281/25

swarm (3): A0128/V; B1158/18; B1293/12

swarmed (3): A0694/21; B0945/08; B1157/37

swarming (8): A0123/09; A0693/29; B0945/23; B0946/30; B1161/01; C0142/15; C0185/35; C0186/22

swarthiness (2): A0509/19; B0769/10

swarthy (2): B0766/31; B0769/09

swate> (9): A0464/17; A0465/05; A0465/21; A0466/22; A0466/30; A0467/27; A0467/31; A0467/V; A0468/12

swatest> (1): A0467/08

sway (2): A0415/14; A0580/12

swayed (2): A0411/22; C0125/18

swaying (3): A0580/32; A0590/03; B1077/13

swear (5): A0466/12; A0653/V; B1019/19; B1143/05; C0541/17

swearing (4): A0092/30; A0112/05; A0623/17; B1046/07

Swede (3): A0137/21; A0138/30; A0139/08

Swedenborg (1): A0409/01

sweep (12): A0567/03; A0587/35; A0590/08; A0689/34; A0690/11; A0691/10; A0692/01; A0692/26; A0695/V; B1212/17; B1282/13; C0556/03

sweeping (5): A0265/22; B1223/06; B1335/14; B1336/10; C0115/40

sweeping-brushes (1): A0543/11

sweepings (1): A0603/13

sweeps (7): A0510/25; A0542/17; A0543/10; A0584/30; A0590/04; B1282/30; B1333/19

sweet (47): A0055/12; A0064/V; A0152/21; A0228/10; A0310/14; A0311/22; A0312/18; A0343/31; A0348/28; A0350/20; A0354/07; A0357/10; A0384/06; A0407/03; A0407/20; A0503/02; A0600/02; A0604/03; A0608/07; A0610/25; A0613/05; A0613/15; A0613/23; A0614/01; A0614/27; A0616/05; A0640/22; A0643/15; A0644/04; A0645/05; A0682/10; B0737/V; B0807/11; B0901/09; B0901/18; B0902/10; B0902/13; B0924/12; B1283/05; B1328/06; B1337/12; B1337/17; B1351/33; C0138/10; C0138/22; C0543/25; C0543/33

sweet-scented (3): A0603/08; B1162/09; B1181/02

sweeter (2): A0641/04; B0863/03

sweetest (5): A0034/15; A0348/21; A0639/11; B0903/11; B0903/V

sweetly (5): A0653/11; B0967/19; C0083/16; C0100/39; C0192/16

sweetness (1): B1092/13

sweets (1): C0543/39

swell (9): A0138/07; A0139/17; A0509/07; A0579/19; B1391/07; C0102/35; C0129/27; C0129/40; C0139/32

swelled (6): A0078/05; A0079/43; A0143/V; A0316/23; A0641/03; A0694/24

swelling (8): A0036/V; A0104/33; A0139/24; A0154/27; B0859/02; B1346/11; C0098/26; C0397/23

swells (2): A0587/31; A0674/02

sweltering (2): A0139/06; A0580/32

swelters (1): A0590/04

swept (14): A0137/08; A0137/25; A0211/03; A0233/22; A0246/24; A0589/27; A0591/18; A0691/06; B0932/14; C0114/01; C0115/13; C0116/24; C0140/32; C0144/39

swerving (1): B0747/16

swift (1): B1166/04

swift-flying (1): C0208/19

swiftly (3): A0515/14; B0946/26; C0186/41

swiftness (4): A0513/31; B1156/03; C0532/04; C0567/02

swilling (1): A0249/27

swim (4): A0582/03; B0741/16; C0547/25; C0567/39

swimmer (2): A0080/06; A0152/12

swimmers (1): C0567/02

swimming (13): A0593/02; B0741/27; B1156/01; B1165/19; B1383/01; C0125/37; C0130/31; C0140/39; C0143/18; C0187/36; C0555/11; C0567/12; C0568/33

swimmingly (2): A0488/19; C0412/18

swindling (1): A0485/25

swing (1): A0372/04

swinging (11): A0089/01; A0092/26; A0112/01; A0122/16; A0482/13; A0643/25; B0843/34; C0100/12; C0112/20; C0115/33; C0184/02

swings (2): A0591/19; B1281/11

Swiss (4): B1119/01_; B1119/03; B1119/T; B1119/M

swivel (1): C0171/14

swivels (2): C0180/19; C0180/22

swollen (11): A0298/V; B0730/14; B0948/08; B1239/32; C0078/36; C0107/35; C0109/01; C0118/31; C0541/10; C0565/19; C0569/14

swoon (13): A0682/22; A0682/27; A0684/02; A0691/16; B0960/29; B0962/34; B1183/21; B1226/17; C0074/25; C0135/25; C0197/37; C0397/12; C0578/41

swooned (10): A0069/V; A0070/01; A0566/28; A0682/19; A0683/01; B0957/05; B1240/34; B1352/11; C0119/28; C0198/17

swooning (4): B0859/07; B0961/04; B1157/34; C0111/17

swoop (1): B1212/30

sword (2): A0447/21; B1096/33

sword-handles (1): B0828/10

swore (10): A0047/03; A0373/18; A0489/16; A0624/04; B0797/17; B1105/06; C0058/08; C0061/27; C0388/35; C0426/38

sworn (4): A0339/28; A0372/08; B1346/31; B1349/21

swung (25): A0021/22; A0035/11; A0047/11; A0087/23; A0100/28; A0101/V; A0102/04; A0103/17; A0140/10; A0241/12; A0253/18; A0554/28; A0555/04; A0555/05; A0565/26; A0672/22; A0690/21; A0694/33; B0797/17; B0844/07; B0956/28; B1354/21; C0125/21; C0127/24; C0572/36

sx (8): B1374/07; B1374/07; B1374/09; B1374/11; B1374/12; B1374/17; B1374/19; B1374/20

sxrrxws (1): B1374/20

sxw (1): B1374/14

sybils (2): A0144/20; A0198/25

sycamore (5): A0604/13; B1179/22; C0545/04; C0545/13; C0545/26

sycophancy (1): B1136/28

syfe (2): B0814/10; B0814/12

syllabification (5): A0555/22; A0558/11; A0558/20; B0960/25; B1240/25

syllable (23): A0062/30; A0072/25; A0191/15; A0191/15; A0214/25; A0301/14; A0342/13; A0447/08; A0533/33; B0983/18; B1014/08; B1050/26; B1101/13; B1349/02; C0072/37; C0078/22; C0083/03; C0083/10; C0083/11; C0111/26; C0112/24; C0123/02; C0425/09

syllables (12): A0144/27; A0217/V; A0235/23; A0385/32; A0415/25; A0416/19; A0439/22; A0681/16; B0824/05; B1102/12; B1225/09; C0080/25

syllabub (1): A0338/01

syllogism (1): A0099/02

sylph (1): A0210/32

sylph-like (1): A0164/V

Sylphs (1): B1283/14

symbols (1): B1188/14

symmetrical (1): C0573/35

symmetry (3): A0156/07; B0890/02; B1279/31

sympathies (2): A0410/18; B1030/09

sympathising (1): B0900/08

sympathize (2): A0071/12; B1317/36

sympathized (1): B1131/35

sympathy (19): A0070/09; A0079/25; A0355/13; A0365/08; A0427/06; A0670/07; A0712/04; B0866/03; B0887/03; B0890/21; B0993/11; B1054/22; B1094/05; B1208/09; B1234/32; B1277/08; B1277/30; C0065/18; C0169/17

symphonies (1): A0036/V

symphony (1): B1119/10

Symposium (2): A0225/M; A0229/M

symposium (1): B1177/01

symptom (1): A0508/05

symptoms (15): A0211/V; A0297/22; A0667/29; B0959/33; B0982/30; B1030/30; B1235/35; C0141/08; C0166/14; C0168/35; C0175/38; C0177/03; C0404/01; C0406/08; C0406/39

synonym (1): B1314/14

synonyme (1): B1115/29

synonymes (1): A0079/03

synonymous (2): A0703/03; B1268/03

synopses (1): B1250/10

syphon (2): B0812/02; B0812/04

Syrens (1): A0527/M

Syria (5): A0120/17; A0122/22; A0125/19; A0126/05; A0640/14

Syrian (2): A0120/02; A0120/24

Syrians (3): A0122/28; A0124/17; A0127/19

Syrianus (2): A0176/07; A0180/28

syrups (1): A0384/05

System (2): B1002/T; B1163/42

system (47): A0018/13; A0321/11; A0482/19; A0484/11; A0485/25; A0486/32; A0487/14; A0488/18; A0512/14; A0610/14; B0747/34; B1004/14; B1005/12; B1005/15; B1005/18; B1005/20; B1005/25; B1005/35; B1006/33; B1007/11; B1008/13; B1016/31; B1016/32; B1017/01; B1017/35; B1018/19; B1018/32; B1019/29; B1021/28; B1021/31; B1141/04; B1295/13; B1295/19; B1296/08; B1300/37; B1301/26; B1301/29; B1301/35; B1302/06; B1311/06; B1311/12; B1312/12; C0172/24; C0179/12; C0179/12; C0402/13; C0404/06

systematic (3): B0840/32; B1051/18; C0176/30

systematical (1): A0482/08

systematized (1): B1298/20

systems (1): B1219/21

T (1): A0264/07

t (1): B0838/02

t (4): A0266/09; A0653/21; B0916/14; B1139/13

t. (4): B1136/02; B1136/21; B1137/13; B1138/09

t— (1): A0294/V

T—, Tabitha (2): A0382/21; A0382/25

t/ee (1): B0838/06

T’s (1): A0267/34

t’s (2): A0265/21; A0267/06

taba (1): A0120/08

tabac (1): A0096/M

Tabbies (1): A0491/09

tabby (4): A0054/25; A0063/25; A0105/29; A0368/14

tabernacle (1): A0047/05

table (91)

table-land (1): B1278/02

tableau (1): A0298/V

tableland (2): C0154/33; C0154/35

tables (7): A0087/30; A0367/23; A0368/29; A0622/19; B0827/26; B0979/27; B1011/13

tablets (2): A0340/15; C0397/28

tabular (1): B0839/11

tac (1): A0096/M

tacit (1): B0907/27

tacitly (1): B0740/13

Tacitus (2): A0386/25; A0654/V

Tacitus-ism (1): B1114/28

tack (1): C0123/22

tacks (1): C0068/29

tact (3): A0339/V; B0728/17; B0898/04

tactics (1): C0553/10

Tadmor (1): A0145/05

taffety (1): C0389/27

taffrail (1): A0136/11

Taglioni (1): A0079/09

tail (24): A0091/29; A0099/15; A0104/34; A0107/14; A0110/31; A0126/17; A0127/26; A0127/V; A0127/V; A0285/06; A0348/25; A0368/14; A0368/26; B0870/11; B1096/22; B1096/22; B1156/33; B1338/23; C0140/24; C0167/17; C0173/31; C0544/34; C0566/25; C0566/26

tailor (3): A0484/15; A0541/26; B1305/12

Tailor’s (1): A0484/08

tailor’s-shears (1): A0338/21

tailors (1): A0484/30

tails (8): A0286/19; A0372/25; A0374/01; A0491/05; A0491/13; C0151/18; C0431/08; C0546/07

taint (4): B0811/32; B0813/02; B0821/01; B1312/23

tainted (2): A0162/07; A0230/14

take (194)

taken (181)

takes (12): A0368/22; A0507/02; A0591/35; B0852/07; B0874/19; B0977/17; B1090/04; C0151/38; C0539/22; C0548/02; C0548/13; C0578/15

taking (109)

tal (1): A0621/01

Talbot (23): B0889/01; B0891/28; B0892/03; B0892/26; B0896/08; B0896/13; B0896/20; B0896/24; B0896/26; B0898/17; B0898/23; B0898/29; B0900/06; B0900/V; B0908/20; B0908/27; B0909/02; B0909/10; B0909/19; B0915/06; B0915/11; B0915/19; B0916/19

Talbot’s (4): B0892/19; B0896/21; B0915/24; B0916/16

Talbots (1): B0897/02

talc (1): A0182/07

Tale (6): A0018/V; A0043/T; A0043/V; A0378/T; B0939/T; B1151/T

tale (28): A0061/T; A0096/V; A0099/12; A0135/19; A0150/V; A0172/T; A0204/07; A0204/14; A0204/34; A0209/V; A0210/34; A0240/T; A0242/18; A0292/V; A0413/19; A0417/V; A0426/V; A0621/T; A0622/07; A0622/07; A0622/15; B0723/09; B1138/34; B1208/06; B1223/03; C0414/04; C0433/02; C0550/09

talens (1): A0600/01

talent (7): A0053/28; A0273/24; A0293/02; A0297/28; A0528/07; A0600/04; B1380/24

talented (2): A0380/01; B1127/14

talents (11): A0058/37; A0092/15; A0111/25; A0225/11; A0229/11; A0265/11; A0435/31; A0600/06; B0904/28; B0957/15; B1347/03

Tales (4): A0599/02; B1380/03; B1383/15; B1386/08

tales (10): A0198/20; A0234/12; A0243/12; A0286/21; A0473/02; A0473/14; A0687/19; B0969/06; B1152/12; C0542/05

talk (30): A0341/22; A0342/V; A0484/01; A0568/14; A0626/23; B0747/11; B0813/05; B0892/11; B0933/05; B0975/29; B0993/08; B1102/36; B1103/08; B1103/23; B1114/11; B1114/16; B1114/17; B1154/14; B1154/23; B1188/10; B1249/29; B1292/01; B1313/18; B1314/37; B1359/04; B1375/07; C0058/13; C0066/23; C0100/19; C0111/12

talk’s (1): B1114/11

talked (21): A0056/04; A0071/28; A0175/11; A0175/14; A0175/25; A0176/11; A0181/04; A0467/23; A0508/07; B0797/03; B0797/07; B0797/11; B0923/21; B0963/22; B1009/19; B1104/35; C0064/35; C0093/03; C0099/39; C0127/37; C0564/06

talker (1): A0381/14

talking (17): A0345/23; A0347/29; A0384/29; A0484/V; A0535/20; B0811/29; B1013/12; B1103/05; B1103/08; B1143/15; B1192/19; B1293/10; B1293/20; C0057/19; C0067/20; C0093/10; C0529/18

tall (54)

taller (3): A0214/V; A0240/17; A0330/10

tallest (1): A0297/V

tallies (1): C0548/07

tallow (1): C0094/02

tally (2): A0558/18; B0748/15

talons (3): A0567/07; B1165/04; C0125/02

tam> (1): A0470/23

tam’d (1): B1109/11

tame (6): A0024/10; B1129/19; C0173/34; C0174/01; C0560/01; C0566/23

tamed (1): B1334/27

tamely (3): A0057/01; A0066/27; A0253/14

tan (2): A0344/22; A0354/30

tan-bark (1): A0489/30

tan> (1): A0469/V

tangent (4): A0105/29; A0387/06; A0482/26; A0652/21

tangible (1): A0019/04

tangible (4): A0054/35; A0064/03; A0676/32; B1039/34

tangled (1): A0400/08

tank (1): B0945/31

tantalistical (1): A0654/V

tantalization (1): A0651/30

tantalize (1): B1221/24

tantalizing (2): A0080/05; C0077/12

tantum (1): A0125/05

tap (2): A0218/19; B1103/19

tap-houses (1): A0241/23

tap-room (1): A0240/05

tape (1): C0390/04

tape-measure (2): B0822/07; B0824/33

taper (8): A0035/22; A0276/18; B1224/22; C0068/30; C0068/36; C0069/29; C0070/27; C0073/42

taper-wax (1): C0077/28

tapering (7): A0272/13; A0273/14; A0275/14; A0285/02; A0690/19; C0415/31; C0423/14

tapers (5): A0532/31; C0069/37; C0074/15; C0074/16; C0077/06

tapestried (2): A0023/22; A0157/V

tapestries (6): A0209/16; A0324/14; A0324/25; A0400/28; A0671/31; A0672/02

tapestry (10): A0021/22; A0022/08; A0022/21; A0023/11; A0024/19; A0160/05; A0211/32; A0322/10; A0498/15; A0662/10

tapestry-hangings (1): A0087/18

tapis (2): A0298/10; B1133/26

tapping (3): A0089/23; A0107/26; A0182/18

taps (2): B0929/21; B1057/04

tar (6): A0241/02; B0925/23; B1021/27; B1350/37; B1351/05; B1354/18

tar-brush (1): A0142/12

Tarantula (1): B0806/M

tardily (2): A0613/21; B0963/10

tardy (2): B0729/25; B0767/13

target (1): B1101/23

tariff (1): B1154/16

tarn (8): A0398/10; A0399/22; A0400/01; A0400/20; A0403/29; A0408/18; A0413/04; A0417/16

tarns (2): A0602/12; B0865/05

Tarpaulin (9): A0242/12; A0244/16; A0245/V; A0246/19; A0247/26; A0250/31; A0251/26; A0252/18; A0253/06

Tarpaulin, Hugh (5): A0241/28; A0243/20; A0249/04; A0253/22; A0254/04

Tarr (5): B1002/T; B1017/03; B1017/12; B1018/03; B1022/04

tarred (1): B1021/24

tarried (2): A0216/15; A0415/22

Tartak (1): A0046/11

task (28): A0102/27; A0328/06; A0328/11; A0479/24; A0549/04; A0625/09; A0665/19; B0823/20; B0836/14; B0856/29; B1140/33; B1179/33; B1222/06; B1236/12; B1262/32; B1298/15; B1316/25; C0075/05; C0075/15; C0090/13; C0111/09; C0111/22; C0136/36; C0186/21; C0207/10; C0430/08; C0522/33; C0532/23

tasked (2): A0528/22; B0727/03

tasking (2): A0529/17; A0536/V

tasks (1): B1163/07

tassel (1): C0388/27

tassels (3): A0086/28; A0100/05; A0503/06

taste (44): A0090/22; A0091/26; A0110/27; A0265/36; A0296/V; A0299/05; A0320/20; A0339/27; A0473/08; A0473/16; A0496/13; A0496/17; A0496/21; A0497/24; A0498/08; A0498/27; A0499/13; A0499/27; A0499/V; A0500/21; A0500/V; A0610/28; A0610/29; A0610/32; A0611/36; A0613/02; A0670/16; A0673/19; B0890/12; B0904/11; B0904/17; B0924/25; B1004/03; B1004/10; B1007/34; B1008/35; B1258/04; B1278/11; B1330/11; B1345/15; C0150/30; C0171/28; C0177/06; C0553/04





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-Letter; A)