Text: Edgar Allan Poe (ed. J. A. Harrison), “General Index to vols. II-XVI [A-L],” The Complete Works of Edgar Allan PoeVol. XVI: Marginalia and Eureka (1902), pp. 381-426



EXPLANATORY. — In this Index the following abbreviations are used: Early Crit. indicates Early Criticism; Maturer Crit., Maturer Criticism; Later Crit., Later Criticism; E. and M., Essays and Miscellanies; Literati and Autog., Literati and Autography; M., Marginalia; Eu., Eureka. [[App., indicates Appendix material; Int., indicates material in an Introduction.]]

See Vols. I. and XVII. for indices to those volumes.

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ABBREVIATIONS used in the Notes: ii. 298, iii. 328, iv. 274, v. 312, vi. 274, vii. 126.

Abdomen, the: the seat of the soul (M.), xvi. 174.

“About Critics and Criticism”: (Later Crit.), xiii. 193.

Abuse, personal: Johnson to Goldsmith, on (M.), xvi. 98.

“Achilles' Wrath”: (Later Crit.), xii. 135.

“Acorn, The,” by E. O. Smith: xiii. 90.

Adams, John Quincy: (Autog.), xv. 160, 233.

“Address, An, delivered before the Goethean and Diagnothian Societies of Marshall College,” by J. O. Chandler: (Maturer Crit.), x. 57.

“Address delivered at the Annual Commencement of Dickinson College,” by S. A. Roszel: (Early Crit.), ix. 158.

“Address delivered before the Baltimore Lyceum,” etc., by Z. Collins Lee: (Early Crit.), ix. 206.

“Address delivered before the Students of William and Mary,” etc., by Pres. Thomas R. Dew: (Early Crit.), ix. 192.

“Address on the Subject of a Surveying and Exploring Expedition to the Pacific Ocean and South Seas,” by J. N. Reynolds: (Early Crit.), ix. 306.

“Adventures, The, of a Gentleman in Search of a Horse,” by “Caveat Emptor”: (Early Crit.), ix. 82.

“Ages, The,” Bryant's: ix. 269, et seq.

“A. Gordon Pym, Narrative of”: iii. 1.

Aikin, J., Memoir, etc., of Goldsmith: (Maturer Crit.), xi. 8.

Ainsworth, William Harrison: v. 225; “The Tower of London” (Maturer Crit.), x. 110, 219; “Guy Fawkes,” 214; his work contrasted with “Robinson Crusoe” and “Caleb Williams,” 218; his “Crichton” and “Jack Sheppard,” 214-218; in “Marginalia,” xvi. 7.

“Airs of Palestine,” by John Pierpont: xv. 192.

“Al Aaraaf”: (poem), vii. 23-39; notes to, 157-163, 260; quoted, xiv. 235.

“Alciphron,” Moore's: (Maturer Crit.), x. 60; mentioned, xiii. 162.

Alcott, Amos Bronson: xiii. 155.

Alcyone, the star: (Eu.), xvi. 294.

Aldrich, James: in connection with the “Longfellow War,” xii. 42, et seq.; in “The Literati,” xv. 62; aptitude at imitation of (M.), xvi. 96.

Aldrich, Mary A. S.: specimen of the prosody of her verse (E. and M.), xiv. 242.

“Alexander's Weekly Messenger”: xiv. (vii).

“Alexis,” Bryant's trans, from the Spanish of Iglesias: ix. 296.

“Alice Ray, a Romance in Rhyme,” by Mrs. Sarah Josepha Hale: (Later Crit.), xii. 259.

Allen, Paul: xii. 49, 66.

Allston, Washington: (Autog.), xv. 253.

“Alnwick Castle,” by Fitz-Greene Halleck: (Early Crit.), viii. 275, xi. 192, 199, xv. 53.

“Alone,” poem attributed to Poe: vii. 227.

“Alone,” by Mary E. Hewitt: xii. 256, xiii. 101, xv. 290.

Alpha Lyræ, the star: (Eu.), xvi. 285.

“Amateur Poets, Our”: (Maturer Crit.), xi. 160, 174.

“America and the American People,” by Frederick Von Raumer: (Later Crit.), xiii. 13.

America, proposed change of name for: (M.), xvi. 118.

“American Almanac, The,” etc.: (Early Crit.), ix. 160.

“American Drama, The”: (Later Crit.), xiii. 33, et seq.

“American Fur Company, The”: ix. 211.

“American in England, The,” by Lieut. Slidell: (Early Crit.), viii. 214, xv. 201.

“American in Paris, The,” by John Sanderson: xv. 196.

“American Magazine of Useful and Entertaining Knowledge”: xv. 42.

“American Monthly Magazine, The”: ix. 92, 96, 271, et seq., xiv. 233, xv. 121, 183.

“American Prose Writers,” No. 2, N. P. Willis: (Later Crit.), xii. 36.

“American Review, The”: xiii. 142, 154, xv. 7.

“Anacreontic,” by Rufus Dawes: xi. 145.

“Analogy, An”: vii. (xxix-xxxiii).

Anapæst, the: xi. 227.

“Anastasis,” by George Bush: (Literati), xv. 6.

“Anastatic Printing”: (E. and M.), xiv. 153.

“Ancient Mariner, The”: compared with “The Raven,” xii. 50, 68, et seq.

Anderson, H. J.: associated with Bryant, x. 86.

Anderson, Walter, “Oration on the Life and Character of Rev. Joseph Caldwell, D.D.”: (Early Crit.), viii. 102.

“Angel of the Odd, The. An Extravaganza”: (tale), vi. 103-115; notes to, 282, 299.

“Angel's Visit, The,” by S. Anna Lewis: xiii. 224.

“Animal and Vegetable Physiology,” etc., by Peter Mark Roget: (Early Crit.), viii. 206.

“Annabel Lee”: (poem), vii. 117; notes to, vii. 218-221.

“Annette,” poem attributed to Poe: vii. 235.

“Antediluvians, The,” by James McHenry: (Maturer Crit.), x. 105, xv. 258.

Anthon, Charles: mentioned, viii. (App.), 338; editor of “Select Orations of Cicero” (Early Crit.), ix. 266; assists Poe in his Review of Stephens's “Arabia Petræa,” x. (viii); editor of “Smith's Dictionary” (Later Crit.), xii. 129; in “The Literati” and “Autography,” xv. 34, 169, 179; as a commentator (M.), xvi. 102.

“Antigone, The,” at Palmo’s: (Later Crit.), xii. 130; baldness of (M.), xvi. 119.

Antithesis: the aim of Hudson, the Shakespearean lecturer (M.), xvi. 83.

“Appalachia”: proposed substitution of, for America (M.), xvi. 119.

Appleton, D., and Co., publishers: xi. 8, xii. 146.

“Arabia Petræa,” Stephens’s: (Maturer Crit.), x. 1.

“Arctic Lover, The,” Bryant’s: ix. 289.

“Arcturus”: magazine originated by Duyckinck and Matthews, xv. 59.

Argelander, astronomical calculations of: (Eu.), xvi. 298.

Argensola, Bartolome Leonardo De, “Mary Magdalen” of, trans. by Bryant: ix. 296.

“Aristidean, The,” edited by Thomas Dunn English: xv. 65, 267.

Aristotle: (Eu.), xvi. 188, et seq.

Armstrong, John, “Notices of the War of 1812”: (Early Crit.), ix. 22.

Arnold, Matthew: (Int.), ii. (xxiv); criticisms of, viii. (xvii).

Art, definition of the term: (M.), xvi. 164; the machinery of, 170.

Art Form, The: vii. (xxv-xxix).

Arthur, Timothy Shay: (Autog.), xv. 240.

“Aspirations,” by Mrs. F. S. Osgood: xiii. 22.

Ass, the, as an umpire: (M.), xvi. 83.

“Assignation, The” (“The Visionary”): (tale) ii. 109-124; notes to, 345-348, 396.

“Astarte,” by H. B. Hirst: xii. 179.

Astor, John Jacob: ix. 207, et seq.

“Astoria; or, Anecdotes of an Enterprise beyond The Rocky Mountains,” by Washington Irving: (Early Crit.), ix. 207.

“Atalantis,” by W. G. Simms: xv. 193.

“Athenæum, The London”: xiii. 96.

“Athenia of Damascus,” by Rufus Dawes: xv. 191.

Attraction, the great principle of: (Eu.), xvi. 219; and repulsion of matter, 310.

Austin, Gilbert: (M.), xvi. 39, note.

“Autography” papers: appearance of, creates stir, xv. (vii), 139-261.

“Autumn,” Longfellow’s: contrasted with Bryant’s “Thanatopsis,” xii. 101.

“Autumn Wind, The,” by H. B. Hirst: xii. 175.

“Autumn Woods,” Bryant’s: ix. 291.

“Aylmere,” drama by R. T. Conrad: xv. 233.

“Azthene,” by Thomas Dunn English: xv. 64, 266.

B——, LETTER to: vii. (xxxv-xliii).

Bacon, Francis: alluded to (M.), xvi. 129, 169.

Bacon, Roger, anticipates Espy’s theory: (M.), xvi. 118.

“Baconian”: (Eu.), xvi. 189, 190.

Bailey, Philip James, “Festus”: (Later Crit.), xii. 241.

Baines, Edward: viii. 88.

“Ballads and Other Poems,” Longfellow’s: (Maturer Crit.), xi. 64, 68.

“Balloon-Hoax, The”: (tale), v. 224-240; note to, 325; variations in texts, 333.

“Baltimore Saturday Visiter, The”: viii. (vi).

Balzac, Honoré: (M.), xvi. 30.

Bancroft, George: viii. 243, 247.

“Barnaby Rudge,” Dickens’s: (Maturer Crit.), xi. 38, 88.

Barnes, Joshua: (M.), xvi. 37.

Barrett, Eaton Stannard: “The Heroine” (Early Crit.), viii. 76.

Barrett, Elizabeth Barrett (Mrs. Browning): (Later Crit.), xii. 1, xiii. 200.

“Battle of Lexington, The,” by Prosper M. Wetmore: xv. 88.

Beach, Moses Yale: publisher of “The New York Sun,” xv. 126.

Bell, Sir Charles: viii. 207, 210.

“Bells, The”: (poem), vii. 119-122; notes to, 222-224.

Benjamin, Park: his poem of “Infatuation” reviewed (Later Crit.), xii. 107, xiii. 165; in “Autography,” xv. 183.

Bentham, Jeremy: “Deontology” of, viii. 85; alluded to (M.), xvi. 1, 27.

Benton, Joel: Chivers’s works not accessible to, vii. 266.

Béranger, Pierre Jean de: viii. 139, x. 43, 198, xi. 107, xvi. 165.

“Berenice”: (tale), ii. 16-26; notes to, 313-318, 396.

Bériot, Madame de (Madame Malibran): (Maturer Crit.), x. 91.

Berkeley, Bishop: portrait of, in Walsh’s “Didactics” (Early Crit.), viii. 328.

Berkeley, Sir William: viii. 244, et seq.

Bernard, P. D.: publisher, viii. 76.

Bernouilli, John: mentioned (M.), xvi. 53.

“Bessie Bell,” by Chivers: vii. 277.

Beuve, Ste.: revolutionizes criticism in France, viii. (xvii).

Bibliography of Poe’s Writings: xvi. 355.

Bielfeld, Baron de: (M.), xvi. 13, 30.

“Big Abel and the Little Manhattan”: (Later Crit.), xiii. 73.

Binney, Horace: his Eulogy on Chief-Justice Marshall (Early Crit.), viii. 114.

Bird, Robert Montgomery: “The Infidel,” etc. (Early Crit.), viii. 32, 63; in “Autography,” xv. 156, 203.

“Birth of a Poet, The,” by H. B. Hirst: xii. 174.

Bisco, John: one of the originators of “Broadway Journal,” xv. 22, 265.

“Black Cat, The”: (tale), v. 143-155; note to, 322; variations in texts, 331.

“Black Riders of the Congaree, The,” by W. G. Simms: xv. 193.

“Blackwood’s Magazine”: viii. (App.), 334, 338.

Blanchard, Laman: “Life and Literary Remains of L. E. L.” (Maturer Crit.), x. 195.

Blessington, Lady: viii. 14.

Bliss, Elam: publisher, x. 87.

“Bobby Button”: xi. 177.

Bogart, Elizabeth: (Literati), xv. 107.

Bohemia, Queen of: lines on, by Sir Henry Wotton, quoted, ix, 96.

Boileau-Despréaux, Nicolas: robbed by Tickell (M.), xvi. 47.

“Bolingbroke, Lord, The Works of,” etc.: (Maturer Crit.), x. 171.

Bolton, Richard: solves cryptograph (E. and M.), xiv. 149.

“Bonaparte, Lucian, Memoirs of”: (Early Crit.), ix. 155.

“Bon-Bon”: (tale), ii. 125-146; notes to, 348-354, 397.

“Bonnie George Campbell,” Motherwell’s: xii. 94.

“Book of Gems, The,” edited by S. C. Hall: (Early Crit.), ix. 91, xii. 139.

“Boston and the Bostonians”: (Later Crit.), xiii. 1, 9.

“Boston Quarterly Review, The”: xv. 194.

Boteler, Thomas: viii. 84.

Boucicault, Dion: “London Assurance” of (Literati), xv. 30.

Bowen, Charles: publisher of “Useful Knowledge,” ix. 160.

Bowring, John: editor of Bentham’s “Deontology,” viii. 85.

“Boy Painter, The,” by Mrs. F. S. Osgood: xiii. 117.

“Boz”: author of “Watkins Tottle,” etc. (Early Crit.), ix. 45.

Bradford, T. G.: viii. 164.

Bradford, William: (Int.), ii. (xi).

Bradstreet, Mrs.: (Int.), ii. (xi).

“Brainard, A Few Words about”: (Maturer Crit.), xi. 15; poems of, 19.

Bravery, true: (M.), xvi. 119.

“Bridal Ballad”: vii. 81; notes to, 198, 199.

“Bride of Abydos,” Byron’s: prosody of (E. and M.), xiv. 242.

“Bride of Fort Edward, The”: (M.), xvi. 26, note.

“Bridgewater Treatises, The”: viii. 206, xiii, 45, xvi. 9.

Briggs, Charles Frederick (Harry Franco): editor of “Broadway Journal,” defends James Aldrich against criticism of Poe, xii. 44; in “The Literati,” xv. 20, 22, 67, 75, 263.

British Quarterly Reviews: influence American criticisms, xi. 3.

“Broadway Journal, The”: xii. (vii), xv. 75.

“Broken Heart, The,” by S. Anna Lewis: xiii. 156, 224.

“Broken Vow, The, and other Poems,” by Amanda M. Edmond: (Later Crit.), xii. 250.

“Brook Farm”: (Later Crit.), xiii. 27.

“Brook Farm Phalanx, The”: xiii. 27, 31.

Brooks, James: (Autog.), xv. 160, 238.

Brooks, Maria: xiii. 18, 192, 224; xv. 287.

Brooks, Nathan Covington: (Autog.), xv. 225.

“Brougham, Henry, Lord, The Critical and Miscellaneous Writings of”: (Maturer Crit.), xi. 98; in “Marginalia,” xvi. 20, 42.

Brown, Charles Brockden: new note of American literature heard in (Int.), ii. (xii.).

Brown, David Paul: (Autog.), xv. 244.

Brown, Goold: the “English Grammar” of (E. and M.), xiv. 212.

Brown, Thomas Dunn: xv. 266.

Browne, Sir Thomas: mentioned, x. 189; in “Marginalia,” xvi. 2.

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett: extract from her “Drama of Exile” (M.), xvi. 135.

Brownson, Orestes Augustus: (Autog.), xv. 194.

Bryan, Daniel: (Autog.), xv. 218.

Bryant, William Cullen: (Int.), ii. (xv, et seq.); poems by (Early Crit.), viii. 1, ix. 268; “A Notice of” (Maturer Crit.), x. 85; Selection of Poetry by, xi. 149; on Fitz-Greene Halleck, 192; in “Later Criticism,” xiii. 125, et seq.; his “June” quoted, xiv. 278; in “Autography,” xv. 189.

“Bubbles from the Brunnens of Nassau, by an Old Man”: (Early Crit.), viii. 319.

Buckland, William: viii. 207.

Bulwer, Sir Edward Lytton: viii. 13; “Rienzi” (Early Crit.), 222; editor of “Literary Remains of the late William Hazlitt” (Early Crit.), ix. 140; “Pompeii,” 153, 154; “Night and Morning” (Maturer Crit.), x. 114; compared with Dickens, 154; “The Critical and Miscellaneous Writings of,” 212; “Zanoni, a Novel” (Maturer Crit.), xi. 115; mentioned, xv. 81; in “Marginalia,” xvi. 31, 42, 43, 156.

“Burial of Eros, The,” by H. B. Hirst: xii. 174.

Burke, Edmund: Poe’s comparison of Bolingbroke with, x. 173; portrait of, in Walsh’s “Didactics” (Early Crit.), viii. 328.

Burns, Robert: extracts from poems of, viii. 313; verses on, by Fitz-Greene Halleck, xi. 202; “Genius and Character of,” by Prof. Wilson (Later Crit.), xii. 239.

Burton, Robert: (M.), xvi. 2.

Burton, William Evans: (Autog.), xv. 236.

Bush, George: (Literati), xv. 6; the “Anastasis” of (M.), xvi. 97.

“Business Man, The”: (tale), iv. 122-133; notes to, 285, 321.

“Butler, Frances Anne, Journal of”: (Early Crit.), viii. 19, 85.

Butler, Joseph: (M.), xvi. 2, 5.

Butler, Samuel: portrait of, in Walsh’s “Didactics” (Early Crit.), viii. 326; in “Marginalia,” xvi. 38, 160.

Byron, Lord: xi. 255, xiii. 169, 197; “Byron and Miss Chaworth” (E. and M.), xiv. 150; prosody of his “Bride of Abydos” (E. and M.), 242; selection from his Minor Poems (E. and M.), 287.

CÆSURA, the: xi. 227, et seq.

“Calavar,” by Robert M. Bird: xv. 203.

“Caldwell, Rev. Joseph, D.D., Oration on the Life and Character of,” by Walter Anderson, A.M.: (Early Crit.), viii. 102.

“Caleb Williams,” Godwin’s: (E. and M.), xiv. 193.

Calvert, George Henry: (Autog.), xv. 221.

“Cameos,” sonnets by Mary E. Hewitt: xii. 257.

Camoën’s “Genoa”: typographical accuracy of (M.), xvi. 41.

Campbell, Thomas: viii. 131; “Life of Petrarch” (Maturer Crit.), x. 202; plagiarism in his “New Monthly Magazine,” from Channing (M.), xvi. 132.

“Camperdown; or News from our Neighborhood”: (Early Crit.), ix. 71.

“Canons of Good Breeding, The”: (Maturer Crit.), x. 45.

Carey and Hart: publishers, viii. 50, 90, 117, 222; ix. 75; x. 60, 91, 100, 112, 156, 171, 197, 202, 210; xi. 85, 124, 127, 220; xiii. 96; xv. 69.

Carey, Lea, and Blanchard: publishers, viii. 2, 4, 19, 32, 37, 40, 42, 48, 63, 91, 109, 158, 160, 162, 173, 177, 206, 238, 252; ix. 43, 45, 53, 71, 82, 162, 168, 170, 174, 205, 207.

Carey, Mathew: (Autog.), xv. 161.

Carlyle-ists: the, appropriate motto for (M.), xvi. 167.

Carlyle, Thomas: xi. 176. xiii. 195, et seq.; in “Marginalia,” xvi. 7; brevity of, 16; criticism of, 99; mentioned, 175.

Carroll, Daniel Lynn: Inaugural Address of (Early Crit.), viii. 116.

Carver, Captain Jonathan: ix. 211.

Cary, Alice: poetry of, xi. 158.

Cary, Henry: (Literati), xv. 67; essays of (M.), xvi. 94.

“Cask of Amontillado, The”: (tale), vi. 167-175; notes to, 294, 300.

Cass, Lewis: (Autog.), xv. 238.

“Catterskill Falls,” Bryant’s: ix. 287.

Caunter, Hobart: xiii. 176; xv. 272.

“Caveat Emptor,” author of “The Adventures of a Gentleman in Search of a Horse”: (Early Crit.), ix. 82.

“Central America, Incidents of Travel in,” by John L. Stephens: (Maturer Crit.), x. 178

Chalmers, Thomas: viii. 207.

Champollion: alluded to (M.), xvi. 196.

Chandler, Joseph O.: Address before Societies of Marshall College (Maturer Crit.), x. 57; in “Autography,” xv. 216.

Channing, Dr. William Ellery: ix. 201; in “Autography,” xv. 162, 176, 226; plagiarism from, in Campbell’s “New Monthly Magazine” (M.), xvi. 132.

Channing, William Ellery: poems of (Maturer Crit.), xi. 174, xii. 107, xiii. 165, 169, 170, 202.

“Charcoal Sketches,” by Joseph C. Neal: x. 216, xv. 199.

Chardin, Sir John: “Travels in Persia” of, quoted, x. 7.

“Charles Elwood,” by O. A. Brownson: xv. 194.

Charles II., portrait of, by Sir Peter Lely, in Walsh’s “Didactics”: (Early Crit.), viii. 326.

“Charles O’)Malley, the Irish Dragoon,” by Charles Lever: (Maturer Crit.), xi. 85.

“Chaucer Modernized,” by Richard H. Horne: (E. and M.), xiv. 233.

“Chaunt of Life, A, and other Poems,” by Ralph Hoyt: (Later Crit.), xii. 193.

“Chaworth, Miss, Byron and”: (E. and M.), xiv. 150.

Cheever, George Barrell: “Common-place Book of American Poetry,” xi. 149, xv. 32, xvi. 101; “Deacon Giles’) Distillery” (Literati), xv. 32.

“Chess-Player, Maelzel’s”: (E. and M.), xiv. 6.

Chesterfield, Lord: letter of Samuel Johnson to, ix. 104.

Child, Mrs. Lydia Maria, “Philothea: A Romance”: (Early Crit.), ix. 146; in “The Literati,” xv. 105.

“Child of the Sea, The, and other Poems,” by S. Anna Lewis: (Later Crit.), xiii. 155, et seq., 219, et seq.

Chivers, Thomas Holley: vii. (viii); poems of, 266-288; Poe and, 266-288; “The Lost Pleiad, and other Poems” (Later Crit.), xii. 201; in “Autography,” xv. 241.

Chorley, Henry F.: “Conti the Discarded” (Early Crit.), viii. 229; “Memorials of Mrs. Hemans” (Early Crit.), ix. 195; in “Marginalia,” xvi. 8, note.

Christ: a strong argument for the religion of (M.), xvi. 169.

“Christian Florist, The”: (Early Crit.), viii. 177.

“Christmas Carol, A,” by Richard W. Dodson: (M.), xvi. 141.

Churton, Edward: publisher, xiii. 105, 176.

“Cicero, Select Orations of,” etc., by Charles Anthon: (Early Crit.), ix. 266.

“Cincinnati Daily American Republican, Address of the Carriers of, to its Patrons”: xii. 110.

Cist, Lewis J.: (Autog.), xv. 240.

“City in the Sea, The”: (poem), vii. 49; notes to, 175-178.

Clark and Austin: publishers, xiii. 17, 105, 121, 188; xv. 100, 101.

Clark, Lewis Gaylord: (Literati), xv. 114.

Clark, Willis Gaylord: viii. 279; in “The Literati,” xv. 114.

Clarke, John E.: ix. 236, et seq.

“Classical Dictionary” of Dr. Charles Anthon: xv. 34.

Classical Family Library, The: (Early Crit.), viii. 43.

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“Coliseum, The”: (poem), vii. 56; notes to, 191, 192.

Collegiate education, paper on, by Robert Walsh: (Early Crit.), viii. 322.

“Colloquy of Monos and Una, The”: (tale), iv. 200-212; notes to, 309, 322.

Colman, Samuel: publisher, x. 27, 30, 39.

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Colton, Charles Caleb: (M.), xvi. 30.

Colton, George Hooker: “Tecumseh” (Literati), xv. 7; originator of “The American Review,” 7.

Combe, George: viii. 252.

“Comedy, The New,” by Mrs. Mowatt: (Later Crit.), xii. 112.

“Coming of Autumn, The,” by H. B. Hirst: xii. 175.

“Coming of Night, The,” by H. B. Hirst: xii. 176.

“Coming of the Mammoth, The,” etc., by H. B. Hirst: (Later Crit.), xii. 166.

“Commercial Advertiser, The New York”: viii. 278.

“Common-place Book of American Poetry,” edited by George B. Cheever: xi. 149, xv. 32.

“Composition, The Philosophy of”: (E. and M.), xiv. 193.

Comte confirms the nebular theory of Laplace: (Eu.), xvi. 260.

“Conchologist’s First Book”: Preface and Introduction to, (E. and M.), xiv. 95.

“Confessions of a Poet”: (Early Crit.), viii. 2; in “Marginalia,” xvi. 142.

“Confessions, The, of Emilia Harrington,” by Lambert A. Wilmer: (Early Crit.), viii. 234.

“Confessions, The,” of Laughton Osborn: xv. 45.

“Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, The,” Bryant’s: ix. 293.

“Conqueror Worm, The”: (poem), vii. 87; notes to, 204.

“Conquest of Florida, The,” by Theodore Irving: (Early Crit.), viii. 37.

“Conquest of Mexico, The,” Prescott’s: xiii. 15.

“Conrad, King of Naples,” tragedy by R. T. Conrad: xv. 233.

Conrad, Robert Taylor: (Autog.), xv. 232.

“Conspicuous Living Characters of France, Sketches of,” trans. by R. M. Walsh: (Maturer Crit.), x. 133.

“Conti the Discarded,” by Henry F. Chorley: (Early Crit.), viii. 229.

“Contributions to the Ecclesiastical History of the United States of America — Virginia,” by Francis L. Hawks: (Early Crit.), viii. 239.

“Contributors, Our”: (Maturer Crit.), xi. 190.

Conundrums: (M.) xvi. 60.

“Conversation of Eiros and Charmion, The”: (tale), iv. 1-8; note to, 275, 320.

Conversation, the art of: (M.), xvi. 126.

Cooke, Philip Pendleton: (Autog.), xv. 234.

Cooper, James Fenimore: (Int.) ii. (xiv); “Sketches of Switzerland,” ix. 162; “Mercedes of Castile” (Maturer Crit.), x. 96; “Wyandotté” (Maturer Crit.), xi. 205; in “Autography,” xv. 148, 205.

Corbet, Richard: verses from, quoted, ix. 98, xii. 143.

“Corse de Leon,” by G. P. R. James: (Maturer Crit.), x. 160.

Cossini: mentioned in notes to “Eureka,” xvi. 353.

Cottle, Joseph, “Reminiscences of Coleridge”: xiv. 172.

“Courier and Inquirer, The New York”: attack of, on Willis (Literati), xv. 12.

“Courier, The Boston”: xiii. 3.

“Court and Ladies’) Magazine, The”: xiii. 186.

“Court Journal, The” (London): on Mrs. F. S. Osgood’s Poems, xiii. 108, 186, 187.

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