Text: J. W. Ostrom, B. R. Pollin, and J. A. Savoye, “Index A-E,” The Collected Letters of Edgar Allan Poe — Vol. II: 1846-1849 (2008), pp. vii-xii (This material is protected by copyright)


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Subject Index to the Letters, Promissory Notes, Receipts, and Related Material

Introduction to the Subject Index

This index is intended to cover material presented in the letter texts and notes contained in chapters I-XI, as well as material in appendices A, B, and C. Entries have also been included for some significant material in the introduction, but nothing is included from the preface, the chronology, or appendices D and E. The only topic indexed under Poe himself is “EAP, self-characterization”; all other topics, such as Poe’s health, have been indexed under “Health, EAP’s,” etc. (For Edgar Allan Poe the abbreviation EAP is used to differentiate references to him from the numerous ones to other members of the Poe family.) Works by Poe are indexed under the title — works of other writers are indexed under the appropriate name, unless the author has not been identified. In a few cases, it has been necessary to list titles under a pseudonym, the writer’s real name being unknown. When the author’s name is known, entries of works are given only to direct the reader to the author entry. When a full name can be identified only tentatively, the suggested portion is given in square brackets, with a question mark. In general, place names have not been indexed, except where specifically mentioned by Poe within the text. (The chronology in volume one shows where Poe was at any given time.) With rare exceptions, bibliographical matter has not been indexed.

The order of the main entries is alphabetical. The subject of the main topic for the entry is given in bold, followed by sub-entries, if applicable, which are separated by dashes. For simple titles, a leading article is not used for sequencing, so that “The Tell-Tale Heart” appears as “Tell-Tale Heart, The.” For magazine and newspaper titles, the leading article has been dropped entirely, so that The Stylus is simply given as Stylus. (When known, the place of publication for the periodical has been given in parentheses.) For persons, the last name has been given first, followed by the first name, middle name, and title. Some readers may find the use of Miss and Mrs. to be unnecessary, but such a detail does convey additional information and should not seem out of place in a work concerning an historical subject. The title of Mr. has been used only when a first name is not known.

In general, within each subject, sub-entries are also given alphabetically, although some additional order has been imposed. Blank sub-entries are pushed up to the front of the list, followed by “biographical information.” Entries which are merely “mentioned” are pushed towards the end of the list, followed by “works by,” and relevant “illustrations.” At the end of each subject entry are given the “forgeries,” “letters,” “promissory notes,” and “receipts,” as appropriate. Related references for “see” and “see also” are given, where applicable, as the last sub-entry.

In addition to the page number, the letter number (or other suitable identifier) is indicated in square brackets, and a distinction is made between page references to letter text (806), letter note (806n), or source note (806s). For example, consider the following entry:

245] 609, 610n — EAP (“Margin-alia”) [LTR-269] 670n — EAP (“The Rationale of Verse”) [LTR-241] 602 — EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-193a] 489n; [LTR-196] 503n; [SPR-24] 930 — EAP (“Ulalume”) [LTR-256a] 635n; [LTR-258] 638, 639s ...

“Annabel Lee” (EAP): [LTR-312a] 797 — R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of America) [LTR-317] 806, 806n, 807s; [SPR-23] 928, 929, 929n — and Mrs. S. A. Lewis [LTR-333] 840n — J. R. Lowell (“Rosaline”) [LTR-147] ...

The main subject entry on the right for the example above is Poe’s famous poem “Annabel Lee.” The first reference, which has no sub-entry description, is for page 797, which is in the text of letter LTR-312a. The second reference, connected to Griswold’s book The Poets and Poetry of America, is on page 806 in the text of LTR-317, and also in the note on the same page as well as in the source note on page 807. Another set of references to the same sub-entry is in spurious letter SPR-23, with text in the letter itself on pages 928 and 929, and in the note on page 929. References for one letter are separated from references for another letter under the same sub-entry by a semi-colon. References for multiple pages for the same letter are separated by commas. Illustrations are prefixed by IA, I-B, II-A, or IIB, indicating the volume (I or II) and the segment (A or B) in which the illustration appears. (For example, I-A-03 is illustration 3, which may be found in the first segment of illustrations in volume I.)


Abolitionists and abolitionism: — C. M. Clay [LTR-224] 553n, 554s — Wm. D. Kelley [LTR-116a] 285n — C. E. Lester [LTR-224] 554s — J. R. Lowell [LTR-304] 771 — L. Minor (“Liberian Literature”) [LTR-59] 130 — Rev. O. A. Stearns [LTR-59] 130n — see also Race; and Slavery

“About Critics and Criticism” (EAP): — and Wm. A. Jones [LTR-226] 561n — publication of [LTR-300] 752, 752n-753n; [LTR-301] 754

Absinthe: — and H. B. Hirst [LTR-266] 664n

Abstract of Elocution and Music (C. P. Bronson): — see Bronson, C. P.

Ackerman, James (lithographer): [LTR-109a] 266 — biographical information [LTR-109a] 267n

Adams Express Company (mail carrier): [Intro] xxviii

Adams, [Joseph Alexander?] (wood engraver): — biographical information [LTR-113] 276n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-114] 278; [LTR-115] 281; [LTR-117a] 290

Adams, John Quincy (US president): — EAP (“Autography”) [LTR-229] 570, 570n — and SLM [LTR-68] 146

Adams, John, Dr.: — biographical information [LTR-2] 4n — and Virginia State Council [LTR-2] 4

Addison, Joseph: [LTR-78] 178, 179nworks by: Cato [LTR-130] 320n

Address Delivered at the Annual Commencement of Dickenson College (S. A. Roszel): — see Roszel, S. A.

“Address on Education” (L. Minor): — see Minor, L.

Address to the People of the United States in behalf of the American Copy-right Club: — see American Copy-right Club

Address, EAP’s: — Amity Street (Baltimore, MD) [LTR-36] 74n; [LTR-38] 80n — Amity Street (New York, NY) [LTR-195b] 501n; [LTR-204] 518n; [LTR-215] 534, 534n-535n; [LTR-221a] 545, 546s; [LTR-223] 550; [LTR-226] 561, 562s; [LTR-227] 563, 565n, 566s; [LTR-239] 593n — Arch Street (Philadelphia, PA) [LTR-78] 177; [LTR-78a] 180n; [LTR-85] 205n — on the Bloomingdale Rd (5 miles out of New York) [LTR-240a] 599, 599n — East Broadway (New York, NY) [LTR-189] 476n; [LTR-195b] 501n; [LTR-201a] 513; [LTR-204] 518; [LTR-239] 591, 593n; [LTR-240a] 599n — Fordham (New York, NY) [LTR-242] 605n — Greenwich Street (New York, NY) [LTR-174] 437, 438n; [LTR-189] 476n; [LTR-195b] 500, 500n-501n — Seventh Street (Richmond, VA) [LTR-68] 146n — Sixteenth Street (Philadelphia, PA) [LTR-85] 205n — Spring Garden house (Philadelphia, PA) [LTR-161] 401, 401n — Turtle Bay (New York, NY) [LTR-239] 593n

Adelphi Theatre (London): — and Wm. E. Burton [LTR-93] 221n

Adventures of a Poet, The (F. W. Thomas): — see Thomas, F. W.

Adventures of Puffer Hopkins, The (C. Mathews): — see Mathews, C. (The Career of Puffer Hopkins)

Adversity and EAP: [LTR-52] 116 — see also Poverty

Advertisements from Parnassus (T. Boccalini): — see Boccalini, T.

Agathos (character in EAP’s “The Power of Words”): [LTR-278] 703n

“Ahasuerus” (R. Tyler): — see Tyler, R.

Air-gun: — EAP presents to J. K. Townsend [LTR-154] 385

“Al Aaraaf” (EAP): — and J. Allan [LTR-13] 29-31; [LTR-16] 38; [LTR-20] 46 — “best lines for sound ...” [LTR-24] 52 — and Boston Lyceum [LTR-185] 464n; [LTR-210a] 528n — and Carey, Lea, & Carey [LTR-13] 30; [LTR-14] 32, 34n; [LTR-17] 39-40 — described [LTR-12] 26-27; [LTR-21] 48 — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-208] 525 — EAP (“The Messenger Star of Tycho Brahe”) [LTR-210a] 528n — EAP (The Raven and Other Poems) [LTR-208] 525, 525n — juvenile [LTR-208] 525, 525n-526nLadies’ Magazine [LTR-75] 166n — MS of [LTR-17] 39-40; [LTR-20] 46 — and J. Neal [LTR-21] 48n; [LTR-24] 52 — “some good poetry and much extravagance ...” [LTR-21] 48 — theme and title of [LTR-12] 28n — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-280] 714n — and Wm. Wirt [LTR-12] 28n

Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems (1829) (EAP): — and J. Allan [LTR-23] 51n — EAP (The Raven and Other Poems) [LTR-179] 452n; [LTR-208] 525n — “greater part written before I was fifteen ...” [LTR-21] 47 — and Miss E. R. Herring [LTR-179] 452n; [LTR-208] 525n — and J. H. Hewitt [LTR-137] 342n — and I. Lea [LTR-12] 26-27, 28n — and J. Neal [LTR-24] 53n; [APXA] 865 — publication of [LTR-13] 31n; [LTR-20] 46n; [LTR-21] 47-48, 48n; [LTR-23] 51, 51n; [LTR-45] 94n

Albion (New York, NY): — and EAP (Eureka) [LTR-269] 670n

Albright, John W.: — promissory notes from EAP to: [PN-002] 888, 888n, 888s

“Alciphron” (T. Moore): — see Moore, T.

Aldrich, James: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572 — and T. Hood [LTR-241] 602

Alexander, Charles W.: — Alexander’s Weekly Messenger [LTR-81] 191n

Alexander, James Waddell, Professor: — biographical information [LTR-69c] 153n-154n — Borealis (pseudonym) [LTR-69c] 154n — and SLM [LTR-69c] 153

Alexander’s Weekly Messenger (Philadelphia, PA): — advertises Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine premium scheme [LTR-88] 209n — cryptography [LTR-118] 294n; [LTR-162] 406n — EAP’s puff of the Virginia Star [LTR-92] 215n-216n — EAP (“Enigmatical and Conundrum-ical”) [LTR-81] 191n — EAP (“The Fall of the House of Usher”) [LTR-81] 190 — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-88] 208 — mentioned [LTR-86] 206n

Alexandria (VA): — mentioned [LTR-124] 305; [LTR-139] 347

Alfonso (character in Byron’s “Unwritten Drama”): [LTR-83a] 201n

Alice Ray, A Romance in Rhyme (Mrs. S. J. Hale): — see Hale, S. J., Mrs.

Alighieri, Dante: — works by: The Divine Comedy [LTR-312a] 798n

Allan, Frances Keeling Valentine, Mrs. (foster mother of EAP): — affection for EAP [LTR-7] 15; [LTR-8] 16-17; [LTR-28] 61; [LTR-79] 185 — death of [LTR-10] 22n; [LTR-11] 25n; [LTR-16] 39n; [LTR-18] 42n; [LTR-28] 62n; [LTR-47] 100; [LTR-79] 185; [APXA] 848 — EAP inquires about her health [LTR-7] 15 — EAP sends regards to [LTR-3] 6; [LTR-4] 9; [LTR-6] 12; [LTR-8] 17, 18; [LTR-9] 20 — Mrs. Eliza Poe writes to [LTR-28] 62n — possible letters from EAP to [Intro] xxxi — possible letters to EAP from [LTR-19] 44n — and Miss A. M. Valentine [LTR-11] 25n — and E. Valentine [LTR-287] 725n — mentioned [LTR-3] 7nillustrations: portrait of IA-03

Allan, John (family): — EAP in England and Scotland with [LTR-9] 21n; [LTR-30] 66n; [LTR-47] 100; [LTR-245] 610n; [APXA] 847 — and Col. J. House [LTR-8] 17 — relations in Scotland [LTR-245] 610, 610n — mentioned [LTR-7] 15

Allan, John (foster father of EAP): — the Byrd (Wm. Galt’s estate in Gooch-land County, VA) [LTR-15] 35, 35n; [LTR-27] 58n — death of [LTR-36] 73n; [LTR-47] 101n; [LTR-117] 288n — does not wish to be troubled with communications from EAP [LTR-28] 61 — and drinking [LTR-25] 54, 54n-55n; [LTR-28] 61; [LTR-79] 185 — EAP appeals to as father [LTR-8] 17; [LTR-32] 68; [LTR-35] 72; [APXA] 48 — EAP attempts reconciliation with [LTR-7] 13-15; [LTR-8] 16-18; [LTR-10] 21-22, 22n; [LTR-11] 23-24; [LTR-14] 32-33; [LTR-15] 35; [LTR-20] 46; [LTR-32] 67-68; [LTR-33] 70n; [LTR-34] 70-71; [LTR-35] 72; [LTR-36] 73; [APXA] 48 — EAP leaves J. Allan’s household [LTR-5] 10; [LTR-28] 60-61; [APXA] 47 — EAP on [LTR-38] 79, 80n; [LTR-47] 100 — EAP seeks J. Allan’s assistance in leaving the US Army [LTR-7] 13-15; [LTR-8] 16-18 — EAP seeks permission to return home [LTR-18] 42 — on EAP (“destitute of honour and principle ...”) [LTR-29] 65s — on EAP (“I do not think the Boy has one good quality ...”) [LTR-28] 63s — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 847-850 — and EAP’s finances [LTR-14] 33, 34n; [LTR-22] 50n; [LTR-26] 55; [PN-001] 887n — EAP’s financial pleas to [LTR-5] 11; [LTR-6] 12-13; [LTR-9] 20; [LTR-11] 23; [LTR-13] 29-31; [LTR-16] 36-37; [LTR-19] 43; [LTR-22] 49-50; [LTR-23] 51; [LTR-27] 57; [LTR-28] 59-60; [LTR-29] 63-64; [LTR-32] 67; [LTR-33] 69-70, 70n; [LTR-34] 70-71; [LTR-35] 72; [LTR-36] 73 — EAP’s recriminatory letter to [LTR-28] 58-62 — EAP’s relationship with [Intro] xxix; [LTR-79] 185 — EAP’s troubles with [LTR-5] 10-11, 11n; [LTR-6] 12-13; [LTR-16] 36-38, 39n; [LTR-18] 41-42; [LTR-20] 46; [LTR-34] 70; [LTR-38] 79; [LTR-79] 185; [APXA] 848 — and EAP (“Al Aaraaf”) [LTR-13] 29-31; [LTR-14] 32; [LTR-16] 38 — fails to answer EAP’s letters [LTR-14] 34n; [LTR-15] 35, 35n; [LTR-16] 37; [LTR-18] 41; [LTR-20] 46n; [LTR-22] 49-50; [LTR-29] 64; [LTR-35] 72n — health of [LTR-23] 50 — Last Will and Testament of [LTR-11] 24n; [LTR-36] 73n; [LTR-79] 185; [LTR-280] 708, 713n — and Last Will and Testament of Wm. Galt [LTR-10] 23n; [LTR-23] 51n — not particularly anxious to see EAP [LTR-16] 38 — possible letters from EAP to [Intro] xxxi — possible letters to EAP from [LTR-19] 44n — remarriage of [LTR-27] 58n; [LTR-31] 66; [LTR-38] 79; [LTR-79] 185 — sends EAP clothing [LTR-3] 5, 7n — sister in Scotland [LTR-5] 11n — suspects that EAP has gone to sea [LTR-5] 11n — takes EAP in as an infant [LTR-28] 59; [LTR-38] 79; [LTR-47] 100; [LTR-79] 185; [LTR-159] 398n — West Point and EAP [LTR-9] 19-20; [LTR-27] 57; [LTR-28] 61, 62n; [LTR-29] 63-64 — writes to D. Poe, Sr. [LTR-28] 62n — “you care nothing about me ...” [LTR-32] 68 — “you had no affection for me ...” [LTR-5] 10 — “you have never turned a beggar from your door ...” [LTR-34] 71 — “your love I never valued ...” [LTR-28] 61 — mentioned [LTR-48] 105nillustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-28) IA-09; IA-10; IA-11; IA-12 — MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-3) IA-07; IA-08 — portrait of IA-02 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-3] 5-6, 6n-7n, 7s; [LTR-4] 8-9, 9n, 9s; [LTR-5] 10-11, 11n-12n, 12s; [LTR-6] 12-13, 13n, 13s; [LTR-7] 13-15, 15n-16n, 16s; [LTR-8] 16-18, 18n, 18s; [LTR-9] 19-20, 20n-21n, 21s; [LTR-10] 21-22, 22n-23n, 23s; [LTR-11] 23-24, 24n-25n, 25s-26s; [LTR-13] 29-31, 31n-32n, 32s; [LTR-14] 32-33, 34n, 34s; [LTR-15] 35, 35n-36n, 36s; [LTR-16] 36-38, 38n-39n, 39s; [LTR-18] 41-42, 42n, 42s; [LTR-19] 42-44, 44n, 44s-45s; [LTR-20] 45-46, 46n, 47s; [LTR-22] 49-50, 50n, 50s; [LTR-23] 50-51, 51n, 51s; [LTR-26] 55-56, 56n, 57s; [LTR-27] 57-58, 58n, 58s; [LTR-28] 58-62, 62n, 62s-63s; [LTR-29] 63-64, 64n-65n, 65s; [LTR-32] 67-68, 68n-69n, 69s; [LTR-33] 69-70, 70n, 70s; [LTR-34] 70-71, 71n, 71s-72s; [LTR-35] 72, 72n, 73s; [LTR-36] 73, 73n-74n, 74s

Allan, Louisa Gabriella Patterson, Mrs. (second wife of John Allan): — biographical information [LTR-27] 58

Alleghany Levels (C. B. Shaw): — see Shaw, C. B.

Allegheny Portage Railroad (Gallitzin, PA): — mentioned [LTR-45] 95n

Allegory: — mentioned [LTR-151] 377

Allen, Hervey: — and letters from EAP to J. E. Snodgrass [APXA] 872

Allen, Mrs. (of Providence, RI): [LTR-292] 738, 739n

Alma: — “that child with the Madonna eyes ...” [LTR-273] 678

“Alnwick Castle” (F. Halleck): — see Halleck, F.

Ambition, EAP’s: — “busied with books and ambitious thoughts ...” [LTR-180] 453 — “I am not ambitious ...” [LTR-179] 448, 451n — ideal magazine [LTR-186] 467, 468; [LTR-205] 519n; [LTR-280] 711 — intellectual aristocracy [LTR-291] 735 — “magnificent objects in view ...” [LTR-240] 597 — “serving the great cause of truth ...” [LTR-98] 239 — “the station in society which is my due ...” [LTR-77a] 175 — “taught to aspire to eminence in public life ...” [LTR-5] 10 — trying to get noticed [LTR-13] 30, 31n — “the world shall be my theatre ...” [LTR-8] 17 — “you make your own fate ...” [LTR-138] 345 — see also Penn Magazine; Plans and projects, EAP’s; and Stylus

Amboy (NY): — mentioned [LTR-174] 437

Amelia (of Kentucky): — see Welby, A. B. C., Mrs.

American Beacon (Norfolk, VA): [LTR-59] 130n

American Constellation (Petersburg, VA): [LTR-72] 156, 157n

American Copy-right Club: — An Address to the People of the United States in behalf of the American Copy-right Club [LTR-107] 258n

American Courier (Philadelphia, PA): — see Model American Courier

American Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA): [LTR-74] 162

“American Drama, The” (EAP): — and H. W. Longfellow [LTR-164] 414n; [LTR-164a] 417n; [LTR-194a] 494n; [LTR-300] 752 — publication of [LTR-300] 752, 753n — and N. P. Willis [LTR-300] 752; [APXA] 883

American Gallery of Art (J. Sartain): — see Sartain, J.

American Journal of Science (Philadelphia, PA): [LTR-109a] 267n

“American Library” (article in Blackwood’s): [LTR-259] 642, 643n

American literature: — “American authors may as well cut their throats ...” [LTR-142] 356 — corruption and puffery [LTR-194] 491 — difficulty of getting poetry published [LTR-13] 30 — EAP seeks to influence [LTR-173] 431; [LTR-185] 463; [LTR-218] 539 — influence of Foreign Reviews on [LTR-203] 517n — needs international copyright [LTR-173] 431 — ruled by the Bobby Buttons [LTR-163d] 411 — servile imitators of the English [LTR-304] 770 — see also Literature; Magazines and annuals; Penn Magazine; and Stylus

American Melodies (G. P. Morris): — see Morris, G. P.

American Metropolitan (New York, NY): — EAP’s possible connection with [LTR-292] 738; [LTR-299] 751, 751n; [LTR-309] 789n — EAP (“Landor’s Cottage”) [LTR-301] 754; [LTR-309] 788 — and I. Post [LTR-292] 739n — stopped [LTR-301] 756n; [LTR-309] 788, 789n

American Monthly Magazine (Boston, MA): — EAP (“Heaven”) [LTR-20] 46n; [LTR-75] 166n — and H. Wm. Herbert [LTR-226] 561n — and N. P. Willis [APXA] 882

American Museum of Science, Literature, and the Arts (Baltimore, MD): [LTR-78] 178n-179n; [LTR-81] 189; [LTR-90] 211, 212n — EAP (“The Haunted Palace”) [LTR-112] 272, 272n — EAP (“Ligeia”) [LTR-82] 196s — EAP (“Literary Small Talk”) [LTR-84] 202, 203n — mentioned [LTR-81] 191n; [LTR-107] 258n; [SPR-2] 902n; [SPR-3] 903; [SPR-18] 924, 924n — see also Brooks, N. C.; and Snodgrass, J. E.

“American Novel-Writing” (EAP): — L. A. Wilmer (the Quacks of Helicon) [LTR-120] 299n

American Ornithology (A. Wilson): — see Wilson, A.

American Parnassus (EAP): — see Literary America (EAP)

“American Poetry” (anonymous article in London Foreign Quarterly): — EAP attacks [LTR-173] 431; [LTR-175] 441; [LTR-179] 450

“American Poetry” (EAP’s lecture): — see “Poets and Poetry of America, The” (EAP’s lecture)

American Quarterly Review (Philadelphia, PA): — and R. Walsh [LTR-12] 28n; [LTR-13] 30, 31n

American Review (New York, NY): — R. Chambers (The Natural History of the Vestiges of Creation) [LTR-264] 660n — T. H. Chivers (The Lost Pleiad) [LTR-207] 523, 524n — and G. H. Colton [LTR-300] 752n — P. P. Cooke (“Power of the Bards”) [LTR-227] 566s — EAP says that he intends to write a review of P. P. Cooke’s poetry for [LTR-240] 597 — EAP (“About Critics and Criticism”) [LTR-300] 752, 752n; [LTR-301] 754; [LTR-302] 760s — EAP (“The American Drama”) [LTR-164] 414n; [LTR-164a] 417n; [LTR-194a] 494n; [LTR-300] 752; [APXA] 883 — EAP (“The Bells”) [LTR-303] 767 — EAP (“Eulalie”) [LTR-152] 379n — EAP (“The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”) [LTR-224c] 557n; [LTR-233] 581n; [LTR-245] 609, 610n — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-269] 670n — EAP (“The Rationale of Verse”) [LTR-241] 602 — EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-193a] 489n; [LTR-196] 503n; [SPR-24] 930 — EAP (“Ulalume”) [LTR-256a] 635n; [LTR-258] 638, 639s; [LTR-259] 639, 642n; [LTR-290] 733n; [LTR-305] 774n-775n — and J. Priestly [LTR-300] 752n, 753s — and J. D. Whelpley [LTR-300] 752n — mentioned [LTR-247] 617n; [LTR-263] 657n — see also Magazines and annuals

American Revolution: — and P. S. Du Ponceau [LTR-69a] 151n — and D. Morgan [LTR-1] 3n — and D. Poe, Sr. [LTR-64] 137, 138n

American Whig Review (New York, NY): — see American Review

Ames, Fisher: — mentioned [LTR-68a] 148n

Anastasis, or the Doctrine of the Resurrection (G. Bush): — see Bush, G.

Anastatic printing: — anastatic letters [LTR-217a] 538, 538n; [LTR-218] 539; [LTR-218a] 540; [LTR-218b] 541; [LTR-218c] 541; [LTR-218d] 541 — EAP (“Anastatic Printing”) [LTR-217a] 539n; [LTR-304] 773n

Andalusia (estate of N. Biddle): [LTR-106a] 254, 255n

“Angel of the Odd, The” (EAP): [LTR-179] 451n; [LTR-186] 472s

Angelo, Michael: — see Michelangelo

Ann Street (New York, NY): [LTR-234] 584, 584n

“Annabel Lee” (EAP): [LTR-312a] 797 — R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of America) [LTR-317] 806, 806n, 807s; [SPR-23] 928, 929, 929n — and Mrs. S. A. Lewis [LTR-333] 840n — J. R. Lowell (“Rosaline”) [LTR-147] 369n — and Virginia C. Poe [LTR-259] 643n; [LTR-319] 812n; [LTR-333] 840n — publication of [LTR-312a] 798n — and Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-319] 812n — and SLM [LTR-299] 751n

Annapolis (MD): — military records kept in [LTR-64] 137; [LTR-203] 515, 516n

“Answer” (Mrs. E. S. Buckler): — see Buckler, E. S., Mrs.

“Anthologia” (M. Carey): — see Carey, M.

Anthon, Charles: — biographical information [LTR-186] 471n — EAP seeks help from [LTR-186] 471 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572, 573, 574n — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-84] 202, 203n — and Harper Brothers [LTR-186] 471 — and SLM [LTR-69c] 153 — and Stylus [LTR-186] 468-471; [LTR-225] 559, 560n; [LTR-263] 648works by: Classical Dictionary [LTR-263] 648Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities [RC-003] 897nillustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-186) IB-29; IB-30; IB-31; IB-32; IB-33; IB-34; IB-35 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-186] 465-471, 471n-472n, 472s-473s

“Appendix of Autographs, An” (EAP): — and C. Mathews [LTR-172] 430n — and Mrs. R. S. Nichols [LTR-169a] 426n

Appleton (publishers): [LTR-242] 605; [LTR-270] 671 — C. Mathews (The Career of Puffer Hopkins) [LTR-172] 430n

Appleton’s Journal (New York, NY): — and R. Carter [LTR-152] 379n — and letters of Mrs. A. L. Richmond [APXA] 870

April Fool’s Day: [LTR-109] 262, 265n; [SPR-20] 926n

Arbuckle, William: — Western Hotel (Philadelphia, PA) [LTR-255] 632, 633n

Arcturus (New York, NY): — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-192a] 486n; [LTR-242] 605; [LTR-252] 626, 627n; [APXA] 854 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-242] 606n — and C. Mathews [LTR-201] 512n; [LTR-252] 627n — C. Mathews (The Career of Puffer Hopkins) [LTR-172] 430n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-115] 281; [LTR-116] 284, 285n; [LTR-117a] 290

Aristidean (Philadelphia, PA): — and F. O. C. Darley [LTR-153] 383n; [LTR-173] 433n — EAP (Tales) [LTR-149] 373n — and T. D. English [LTR-202] 514n; [LTR-235] 586n; [LTR-250] 622n; [LTR-307b] 782n — T. D. English (“Notes About Men of Note”) [APXA] 883 — and H. W. Longfellow [LTR-112] 273n; [LTR-190a] 480n; [LTR-291] 736n

Aristotle: [LTR-181] 456n; [LTR-277] 688

Army, United States: — EAP and substitute in [LTR-14] 33; [LTR-16] 36-37; [LTR-19] 43; [LTR-25] 54n — EAP discharged from [LTR-11] 24n — EAP joins [LTR-17] 41n; [LTR-28] 61 — EAP promoted to Sergeant Major [LTR-8] 18n — EAP threatens desertion [LTR-7] 15n; [LTR-9] 20, 21n — EAP wishes to leave [LTR-7] 14; [LTR-8] 16-18 — EAP’s career in [LTR-7] 13-15, 15n; [LTR-8] 16-18 — EAP’s experience with artillery [LTR-9] 19 — West Point appointment [LTR-9] 19 — see also Graves, S.; and West Point

“Arnold and Andre” (G. H. Calvert): — see Calvert, G. H.

Arnold, Benedict: — EAP claims to be grandson of [LTR-14] 33, 34n

Arouet, François Marie: — see Voltaire

Arrests, EAP’s: — for debt [LTR-33] 69 — for drinking [LTR-323] 821, 821n

Arthur Carryl (L. Osborn): — see Osborn, L.

Arthur, Timothy Shay: — The Baltimore Book (for 1838) [LTR-77] 173nBaltimore Monument [LTR-120] 298nBaltimore Saturday Visiter [LTR-81] 191nLeslie’s Magazine [LTR-120] 298n — “what little merit he has is negative ...” [LTR-120] 297 — see also Arthur’s Home Magazine; and Arthur’s Ladies’ Magazine

Arthur’s Home Magazine (Philadelphia, PA): — mentioned [LTR-120] 298n

Arthur’s Ladies’ Magazine (Philadelphia, PA): — EAP (“The Sphinx”) [LTR-239] 593n — see also Magazines and annuals

Artists in America (C. E. Lester): — see Lester, C. E.

“Assignation, The” (EAP): — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-46] 97n — and Michaelangelo [LTR-181] 456n

Asteia (or Jests) (Hierocles of Alexandria): — see Hierocles of Alexandria

Astor House (New York, NY): — mentioned [LTR-186] 469

Astor Library (New York, NY): [LTR-247] 617n

Astor, John Jacob: — and C. A. Bristed [LTR-247] 617n

Astoria (W. Irving): — see Irving, W.

Astronomy: [LTR-264] 659-660 — Al Aaraaf [LTR-12] 27; [LTR-21] 48 — Alpha Lyrae [LTR-290] 732 — Arcturus [LTR-290] 732 — asteroids [LTR-263] 657 — black holes [LTR-179] 451n — Cygni [LTR-290] 732 — Earth [LTR-263] 651, 653, 654, 655, 656 — Jupiter [LTR-263] 651, 653, 654, 655 — Mercury [LTR-263] 652-653, 655, 657, 658n — Moon [LTR-263] 651, 658n — Neptune [LTR-263] 650, 656, 657 — and religion [LTR-116a] 286n — Saturn [LTR-263] 651, 656 — Solar System [LTR-263] 656 — Sun [LTR-263] 650-651, 652-653, 654, 655, 658n — Uranus [LTR-263] 651, 656 — Venus [LTR-263] 652-653, 656, 657n-658n — see also Brahe, T.; and Laplace, P. S. de

Athenaeum (Baltimore, MD): — see Baltimore Athenaeum and Young Men’s Paper

Athenaeum (Providence, RI): — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-284] 719s

Athenaeum Hotel (New York, NY): — and Mrs. M. E. Hewitt [LTR-195a] 500n

Athenaeum (London): — and EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-233] 580

Atkinson, Samuel: — Casket and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-104] 250n

Atkinson’s Casket (Philadelphia, PA): — see Casket

Atlantic Souvenir, The (annual or gift book): [LTR-17] 40, 40n; [LTR-39] 81n; [LTR-96] 233n

Attacks on EAP: — in Baltimore (MD) [LTR-80] 187-188, 188n-189n; [LTR-81] 189 — by L. G. Clark [LTR-241] 602 — by S. D. Craig [LTR-183] 459Daily Atlas [LTR-194] 492n — EAP replies to [LTR-194] 491-492London Foreign Quarterly [LTR-173] 431; [LTR-175] 441; [LTR-179] 450 — in Philadelphia (PA) [LTR-139] 348, 348s — by L. A. Wilmer [LTR-162] 404-405 — see also Enemies

Audubon, John James: — and J. K. Townsend [LTR-154] 385n

Augusta (GA): — and R. F. Poe [LTR-53] 118; [LTR-98] 239; [LTR-106a] 253 — and Wm. Poe [LTR-53] 118; [LTR-60] 131; [LTR-97] 237; [LTR-98] 239; [LTR-106a] 253

Aurora (New York): — and T. D. English [LTR-182] 458, 458n — and G. G. Foster [LTR-143] 359

“Autobiography of a Monomaniac, The” (J. Tomlin): — see Tomlin, J.

Autographs, EAP’s: — and J. B. Boyd [LTR-89] 210 — and A. G. Chester [LTR-309a] 790 — and Mrs. M. P. Clemm [Intro] xxix; [LTR-331a] 837s — EAP responds to requests for [LTR-89] 210; [LTR-103] 246; [LTR-141b] 354-355; [LTR-160] 400; [LTR-223b] 552; [LTR-231] 576; [LTR-265a] 663; [LTR-309a] 790; [LTR-313] 799n — EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-278a] 704, 705n — and G. W. Eveleth [LTR-259] 644s — and H. Greeley [PN-004] 889n-890n — and F. Halleck [LTR-219] 542n — and Miss L. D. Henry [LTR-160] 400, 400n — and T. Honland [LTR-231] 576 — and Miss S. V. C. Ingram [LTR-331] 834 — and O. T. Keeler [LTR-141b] 354-355 — and R. Leighton, Jr. [LTR-223b] 552 — and Wm. J. Pabodie [LTR-285] 720s — Mrs. A. L. Richmond gives to a friend [LTR-317a] 808s — and R. H. Stoddard [LTR-103] 246 — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-240a] 599n-600n — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-283] 718s; [LTR-284] 719s; [LTR-285] 720s

Autographs, other: — J. Q. Adams [LTR-229] 570, 570n — G. Bancroft [LTR-123] 303 — J. C. Calhoun [LTR-229] 570 — C. M. Clay [LTR-229] 570 — R. Dawes [LTR-123] 303 — Dr. D. D. Drake [LTR-126a] 311 — Wm. Duane [LTR-229] 570 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573 — R. W. Emerson [LTR-123] 303 — Mrs. S. J. Hale [LTR-75] 165 — Mrs. M. E. Hewitt [LTR-195a] 499 — C. F. Hoffman [LTR-123] 303 — O. W. Holmes [LTR-243] 606 — R. A. Locke [LTR-123] 303 — J. Madison [LTR-229] 570 — D. Poe, Jr. [LTR-165] 417-418 — D. Poe, Sr. [LTR-165] 417-418 — G. D. Prentice [LTR-126a] 311; [LTR-131] 321 — C. Sprague [LTR-123] 303 — Mrs. A. S. Stephens [LTR-123] 303 — Mrs. A. B. C. Welby [LTR-126a] 311 — Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-276] 687 — J. G. Whittier [LTR-123] 303 — N. P. Willis [LTR-319] 811 — see also “Autography” (EAP); and “Chapter on Autography, A” (EAP)

“Autography” (EAP): — EAP retains autographs from [LTR-229] 570, 570n — EAP’s interest in handwriting and character [LTR-217a] 539n — errors in [LTR-57] 126, 126n-127n — J. Tomlin (“The Autobiography of a Monomaniac”) [LTR-320] 815n — see also “Chapter on Autography, A” (EAP); and under individual names: Adams, J. Q., etc.

Ayrshire (Scotland): — Poe family monument in [LTR-245] 610n


Bacheler, Origen: — Family Magazine [LTR-111] 270n

“Bachelor Philosophy” (L. J. Cist): — see Cist, L. J.

Bacon, Francis, Sir: — Lord Verulam (mentioned in EAP’s “Ligeia”) [LTR-82] 194, 195n-196n — mentioned [LTR-277] 688

Bainbridge Eagle (Bainbridge, NY): — and J. Hunt, Jr. [LTR-195] 497n

“Ballad, A” (EAP): [LTR-125] 307 — publication of [LTR-125] 308n

Ballads and Other Poems (H. W. Longfellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.

Ballooning: — EAP’s interest in [LTR-91] 214n

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad: — and J. B. Morris [LTR-163c] 410n

Baltimore (MD): — American Museum of Science, Literature, and the Arts [LTR-78] 178; [LTR-81] 189; [LTR-112] 272; [SPR-18] 924 — Barnum’s Hotel [LTR-54] 121 — Beltzhoover’s Hotel [LTR-14] 33 — Benedict (“The Doom”) [LTR-42] 86n; [LTR-94n — and N. C. Brooks [SPR-18] 924 — and Dr. Buckler [LTR-44] 91n — and Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-32] 68n; [APXA] 853 — and Wm. Clemm, Jr. [LTR-47] 99; [LTR-53] 117; [LTR-54] 121; [LTR-163c] 409 — and Downey [LTR-25] 54 — EAP in [LTR-11] 24, 25n; [LTR-14] 33; [LTR-15] 35; [LTR-19] 43; [LTR-23] 51n; [LTR-31] 66; [LTR-32] 68n; [LTR-81] 191n — EAP in (Amity Street) [LTR-36] 74n — EAP leaves [LTR-25] 54n — EAP lectures in [LTR-168a] 422, 422n — EAP not born in [LTR-10] 23n — EAP plans to visit [LTR-203] 516, 516n — EAP returns to [LTR-48] 104n; [LTR-50] 108, 109n — EAP seeks teaching position at Male Public School No. 3 [LTR-40] 82, 82n — EAP visits [LTR-6] 13n; [LTR-156] 388; [LTR-325] 823s; [LTR-326] 824n-825n; [LTR-327] 826; [SPR-20a] 926 — EAP wishes to lecture in [LTR-167] 419, 420s — EAP (Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems) [LTR-13] 31n — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-87] 207; [LTR-88] 208 — enemies in [LTR-80] 188; [LTR-81] 189 — and H. Herring [LTR-47] 99 — and ideal magazine [LTR-90] 211; [LTR-106] 252; [LTR-107] 257; [LTR-126] 309; [LTR-137] 339-340 — and J. P. Kennedy [LTR-46] 96; [LTR-57] 124; [LTR-118] 292; [LTR-120] 298 — and J. H. B. Latrobe [LTR-46] 96 — literary scene in [LTR-51b] 112n-113n; [LTR-120] 298n — and Dr. J. H. Miller [LTR-46] 96 — newspapers in [LTR-46] 95; [LTR-80] 187 — and D. Poe, Jr. [LTR-64] 137 — and D. Poe, Sr. [LTR-47] 98; [LTR-64] 137 — and G. Poe [LTR-47] 100 — J. Poe moves to [LTR-79] 186n — and N. Poe [LTR-6] 13n — Rosalie Poe visits long after EAP’s death [LTR-158a] 397n — and Wm. H. L. Poe [LTR-26] 55; [LTR-51b] 112, 112n-113n — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-81] 191n; [APXA] 871 — and Miss M. Starr [LTR-23] 51n — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-124] 305 — and Mrs. Thompson (aunt of Wm. Poe) [LTR-47] 100 — mentioned [LTR-28] 59

Baltimore American and Daily Advertiser (Baltimore, MD): [LTR-43] 89; [LTR-80] 187 — and J. L. Carey [LTR-87] 206, 207n — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-168] 421n — notices of SLM in [LTR-44] 91, 91n-92n — obituary of Mrs. D. Poe, Sr. [LTR-38] 80n — and J. E. Snodgrass [APXA] 872

Baltimore Athenaeum and Young Men’s Paper (Baltimore, MD): [LTR-46] 95, 97n; [LTR-80] 187 — “great bowl of editorial skimmed milk and water ...” [LTR-58] 127

Baltimore Book, The (for 1838) (gift book or annual): — EAP (“Siope — A Fable”) [LTR-77] 173, 173n-174n

Baltimore Chronicle (Baltimore, MD): — and N. Poe [LTR-79] 183 — and SLM [LTR-73] 160n — mentioned [LTR-80] 187

Baltimore Gazette and Daily Advertiser (Baltimore, MD): — and Wm. Gwynn [LTR-31] 67n; [LTR-43] 90n — and Wm. G. Jones [LTR-43] 88

Baltimore Monument (Baltimore, MD): — and T. S. Arthur [LTR-120] 298n

Baltimore Patriot (Baltimore, MD): — advertises for a teacher at Male Public School No. 3 [LTR-40] 82n — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-168] 421, 421n — mentioned [LTR-80] 187

Baltimore Post (Baltimore, MD): — praise of EAP [LTR-84] 201-202, 203n

Baltimore Republican and Commercial Advertiser (Baltimore, MD): — and S. Harker [LTR-81] 190, 191n — notices of SLM in [LTR-43] 89, 90n; [LTR-44] 91, 92n; [LTR-48] 104; [LTR-193a] 489n — mentioned [LTR-80] 187

Baltimore Saturday Visiter (Baltimore, MD): — biographical article on EAP [LTR-267] 667n — and C. F. Cloud [LTR-137] 342n — EAP wins contest in [LTR-38] 79n, 80n; [LTR-39] 81n; [LTR-46] 96, 97n; [LTR-50] 108, 108n; [LTR-112] 272, 273n — EAP (“The Coliseum”) [LTR-112] 273n — EAP (“MS. Found in a Bottle”) [LTR-39] 81n; [LTR-50] 109n; [LTR-52] 117n — EAP (“The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”) [LTR-128] 315n-316n — and J. H. Hewitt [LTR-137] 342n — and J. P. Kennedy [LTR-38] 79n; [APXA] 861 — and Dr. J. H. Miller [LTR-50] 108n — publicity for EAP [LTR-137] 342; [LTR-229] 570n — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-81] 191n; [LTR-90] 212n; [LTR-126] 310n; [LTR-137] 339; [APXA] 871 — and L. A. Wilmer [LTR-137] 342n

Baltimore Sun (Baltimore, MD): — and Wm. H. Carpenter [APXA] 872 — criticizes Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine [LTR-80] 187-188, 188n-189n — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-168] 421n; [LTR-171] 428n

Bancroft, George: — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-123] 303

Bank of Maryland: — and J. B. Morris [LTR-218c] 541n

Bank of the United States: — and N. Biddle [LTR-106a] 255n — and efforts to impeach J. Tyler [LTR-142] 357n — and C. W. Thomson [LTR-96] 233n

Banks, Gordon T.: — and EAP MSS [LTR-302a] 761s

Banneker, Benjamin: — and J. S. Norris [LTR-77] 173n

Barbour, John Strode, Judge: — recommends EAP for West Point appointment [LTR-10] 22, 22n-23n; [LTR-11] 24n

Barclay, Thomas (student at U. Va): [LTR-3] 6, 7n

Barlow, Billy (reference to Wm. E. Burton): — see Burton, Wm. E.

Barnaby Rudge (C. Dickens): — see Dickens, C.

Barney, Butler, and Parsons (law firm): — and H. Barney [LTR-254] 631n

Barney, Hiram (uncle of Mrs. M. L. Shew): — EAP sends his regards to [LTR-254] 630, 630n

Barnum’s Hotel (Baltimore, MD): [LTR-54] 121

Barrett, Elizabeth Barrett, Miss: — EAP misreads “fear” as “yias,” thinking it a Greek word [LTR-233] 580, 582n-583n; [LTR-240] 598n — EAP (“The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”) [LTR-233] 581 — EAP (The Raven and Other Poems) dedicated to [LTR-233] 581n — praise of EAP [LTR-233] 580-581; [LTR-240] 596, 597n, 598n; [LTR-244] 608, 609nworks by: The Drama of Exile and Other Poems [LTR-21] 49n; [LTR-186] 473s; [LTR-233] 582n

Barstow, George F.: — biographical information [LTR-228b] 569nletters from EAP to: [LTR-228b] 568, 569n, 569s

Bartlett, John R.: — transcript by [LTR-270] 673s

Bateman, Mr.: [LTR-104] 248

Baudelaire, Charles: [LTR-299] 751n

Bayard, Mr. (unidentified): [LTR-97] 237, 238n

Bayly & Burns (publishers): — The Baltimore Book (for 1838) [LTR-77] 173n

Beadle’s Monthly: — J. E. Snodgrass, article on EAP’s death [LTR-81] 191n

Beard, [John, Jr., Major ?]: [LTR-143] 358, 360n

“Beaten Path, The” (L. J. Cist): — see Cist, L. J.

Beatty, John: [LTR-332] 838, 838n

“Beautiful Physician, The” (EAP): — see “Beloved Physician, The” (EAP)

Beauty: — of nature [LTR-21] 47 — and poetry [LTR-21] 47 — “the sacred cause of the beautiful in literature ...” [LTR-186] 468

Beechen Tree, The (F. W. Thomas): — see Thomas, F. W.

“Beleaguered City, The” (H. W. Longfellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.

“Bells, The” (EAP): — American Review [LTR-303] 766-767 — and F. O. C. Darley [LTR-153] 383n — EAP offers to J. Sartain [LTR-303a] 768-769 — and B. Heywood [LTR-319] 812n — J. R. Lowell (A Fable for Critics) [LTR-320] 815n — publication of [LTR-303] 767n; [LTR-303a] 769n; [LTR-307a] 780, 780n — and Mrs. M. L. Shew [LTR-92a] 216n — and SLM [LTR-299] 751n

“Beloved Physician, The” (EAP): [LTR-273] 679, 680n

Beltzhoover’s Hotel (Baltimore, MD): [LTR-14] 33

Benedict (pseudonym of unidentified author): — works by: “The Doom” (article in SLM) [LTR-42] 84, 87s; [LTR-45] 94, 94n

Benjamin, Park: — biographical information [LTR-302b] 766n — EAP accused of forgery [LTR-202] 514, 515n — EAP falsely suggests as author of comment on L. Osborn [LTR-206] 520, 521n-522n — EAP has high opinion of [LTR-88] 208; [LTR-93] 220 — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-132] 326, 327n; [LTR-302b] 766n — editor of New World [LTR-88] 209nFlag of Our Union [LTR-302b] 765; [LTR-303] 767Graham’s Magazine [LTR-129] 316, 317nNew World [LTR-93] 221n; [LTR-132] 326, 327n; [LTR-136] 338n; [LTR-143] 361n; [LTR-189] 475, 476n; [LTR-193b] 490nSLM [LTR-129] 317 — and Count L. F. Tasistro [LTR-143] 359 — F. W. Thomas (The Beechen Tree) [LTR-189] 476sworks by: “Infatuation” [LTR-206] 521n; [LTR-302b] 766n

Benton, Sergeant: — EAP sends his regards to (and to his wife and sister-in-law) [LTR-25] 54

Benton, Thomas Hart: — “the ball be set in motion ...” [LTR-173] 433n

“Berenice” (EAP): — bad taste [LTR-42] 84; [LTR-52] 117n — EAP defends [LTR-42] 84-85 — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-46] 97n — publication of [LTR-83] 198n

Berks and Schuylkill Journal (Reading, PA): — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-171] 428n

Berlin (Germany): — and Stylus [LTR-225] 559

Bernard, Peter Dudley: — biographical information [LTR-157] 392n — EAP approaches about purchasing SLM [LTR-157] 392, 392n; [LTR-158a] 396-397, 397n, 398s — mentioned [LTR-330] 831, 832nletters from EAP to: [LTR-157] 392, 392n-393n, 393s

Bernice, or the Curse of Minna and Other Poems (Mrs. R. S. Nichols): — see Nichols, R. S., Mrs.

Berryer, Antoine Pierre: [LTR-118] 293, 294n

Bessel, Friedrich Wilhelm: [LTR-290] 732

Bible: — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-82] 196n — Ecclesiastes (1:9) [LTR-304] 771, 773n — Isaiah (3:16 and 3:18) [LTR-241] 604n — Isaiah (40:15) [LTR-82] 196n — Job (7:16) [LTR-12] 27, 28n — John (2:1-3) [LTR-222] 549 — John (3:14-15) [LTR-198] 508s — Peter I (3:17) [LTR-83] 198n; [LTR-155] 388s — Thessalonians II (3:13) [LTR-83] 198n; [LTR-155] 388s — translations, American Bible Society [LTR-222] 549n — translations, King James [LTR-222] 549n

Biddle, Charles J. (great-grandson of N. Biddle): — mentioned [LTR-106a] 255n

Biddle, Nicholas: — biographical information [LTR-106a] 255n — Oliver Oldschool (pseudonym) [LTR-106a] 255n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-106a] 253-254 — mentioned [LTR-105] 252nletters from EAP to: [LTR-106a] 253-254, 255n, 255s

Bielfeld, Jacob Friedrich, Baron: — works by: The Elements of Universal Erudition [LTR-52] 116n

Biographia Literaria (S. T. Coleridge): — see Coleridge, S. T.

Biographical information on EAP: [LTR-47] 98-100; [LTR-79] 182-186, 186n — EAP gives inaccurate details about J. Allan [LTR-38] 79, 80n — “no father — nor mother ...” [LTR-21] 47 — see also Birth date, EAP’s; and Allan, J.

Biographies of EAP: — Baltimore Saturday Visiter (1843) [LTR-267] 667nBoston Notion (1843) [LTR-267] 666, 667nSLM (1848) [LTR-227] 565; [LTR-240] 595, 597n; [LTR-267] 666-667, 667nGraham’s Magazine (1845) [LTR-173] 431, 432n; [LTR-175] 441; [LTR-179] 451, 451n; [LTR-181] 456, 456n-457n; [LTR-185] 462, 464n; [LTR-208] 525n; [LTR-227] 564-565; [LTR-240] 595, 597n; [LTR-267] 666, 667n; [APXA] 862, 863Philadelphia Saturday Museum (1843) [LTR-84] 203n; [LTR-153] 381, 383n; [LTR-164] 413; [LTR-175] 441; [LTR-179] 450, 451n; [LTR-267] 666, 667n

Biographies, other: — EAP’s proposed biography of J. R. Lowell [LTR-174] 438, 438n

Bird, Robert Montgomery, Dr.: — biographical information [LTR-51] 110n — EAP solicits contribution for SLM [LTR-51] 110; [LTR-65] 139; [LTR-68] 146n; [LTR-69c] 153, 153n; [LTR-75] 166n — EAP (“Autography”) [LTR-51] 110n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-51] 110n — mentioned [LTR-50] 109nworks by: Calavar [LTR-51] 110n-111n; [LTR-65] 139, 139nThe Hawks of Hawk-Hollow [LTR-51] 110n; [LTR-73] 158The Infidel, or the Fall of Mexico [LTR-42] 85, 86n; [LTR-46] 97n; [LTR-51] 110n-111n; [LTR-65] 139, 139n — “The Pine Wood” [LTR-51] 111s; [LTR-65] 139nSheppard Lee [LTR-51] 110nletters from EAP to: [LTR-51] 110, 110n-111n, 111s; [LTR-65] 139, 139n, 139s

Birth date, EAP’s (and age): [LTR-3] 6n; [LTR-16] 37-38, 39n; [SPR-6] 906 — EAP gives incorrectly [LTR-79] 183, 186n; [LTR-233] 580, 582n; [LTR-317] 806, 807n; [SPR-23] 928, 929s

“Birthday Tribute, A” (P. G. Van Winkle): — see Van Winkle, P. G.

Bisco, John: — and BJ [LTR-193] 488n; [LTR-194a] 494n; [LTR-197] 506n; [LTR-205] 519, 519n; [LTR-238] 591s; [LTR-250] 622n; [PN-004] 890n — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-238] 590 — mentioned [LTR-216] 536letters from EAP to: [LTR-238] 590, 590n-591n, 591spromissory notes from EAP to: [PN-005] 891, 891n, 891sreceipts from EAP to: [RC-003] 897, 897n, 898s

Bixby, William Keeney (collector): [APXA] 872

“Black Cat, The” (EAP): — EAP calls one of his best tales [LTR-179] 450 — marriage as depicted in [LTR-141] 352n — publication of [LTR-161a] 403n — mentioned [LTR-175] 441 — publication of [LTR-175] 442n — see also Pay

Black, Samuel H. B.: — Natchez Courier and Journal [LTR-75a] 168n

Blackball Line: — and C. H. Marshall [LTR-268] 668n

Blackwell, Anna, Miss: — denies having met or corresponded with EAP [LTR-270] 672n — EAP praises her poetry [LTR-270] 671 — as EAP’s enemy [LTR-280] 709, 713nworks by: “Legend of the Waterfall” [LTR-270] 672, 673nPoems [LTR-270] 673nletters from EAP to: [LTR-270] 671-672, 672n-673n, 673s-674s

Blackwell, Elizabeth, Miss: [LTR-270] 672n

Blackwood’s Magazine (Edinburgh): — “The American Library” [LTR-259] 642, 643n — T. De Quincey (Confessions of an English Opium-Eater) [LTR-42] 85 — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-81] 190; [LTR-95] 231n — extravagancies of [LTR-57] 125 — humorous review in [LTR-52] 114, 116n — Maga. [LTR-82] 196n; [LTR-205] 519n — Wm. Maginn (“The Man in the Bell”) [LTR-42] 85 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-132] 325; [LTR-146] 367n

Blaettermann, George (professor at U. Va): [LTR-3] 6n

Blair, Mr.: — forgeries of EAP to: [SPR-20a] 926, 926n, 927s

Blair, Robert: — EAP (“Pinakidia”) [LTR-107] 258n

Bliss, Elam (publisher): — EAP (Poems) [LTR-29] 64n

Blockley Almshouse (Philadelphia, PA): — and H. B. Hirst [LTR-266] 664n

Bloomingdale Asylum for the Insane (New York, NY): — see Earle, P.

Bloomingdale Road (New York, NY): — see Addresses, EAP’s

Blow, Robert (student at U. Va): [LTR-3] 6, 7n

Blue Stockings: [LTR-224] 553n

Blythe, Calvin, Judge: — replaces T. S. Smith as Collector of Customs [LTR-148] 372n; [LTR-156] 389, 390n

Bobby Button: — American literature ruled by [LTR-163d] 411, 412n

Boccalini, Traiano: — works by: Advertisements from Parnassus with the Politicke Touchstone [SPR-25] 931

Bogart, Elizabeth, Miss: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 573, 574n

Boggs, Dr. Thomas R. (collector): [LTR-127] 314s

Bolingbroke, Henry St. John, Viscount: [LTR-119] 296

Bolles, William: — works by: Explanatory and Phonographic Pronouncing Dictionary [LTR-216] 536, 537n

Bolton, Richard: — cryptography [LTR-130] 318-319, 319n-321n; [LTR-131] 322, 323nletters from EAP to: [LTR-130] 318-319, 319n-321n, 321s

Bombastes Furioso: — see Rhodes, Wm. B.

“Bon-Bon” (EAP): [LTR-46] 97n; [LTR-57] 126n; [LTR-83] 198n

Bonneville (W. Irving): — see Irving, W.

Bonneville, Louis C. H. de: — and Miss A. Blackwell [LTR-270] 673s

Books: — E. Bulwer-Lytton (Rienzi), EAP asks publisher for a copy [LTR-53a] 119Cambridge Mathematics [LTR-27] 57; [LTR-28] 60 — J. L. Carey (Domestic Slavery) [LTR-95] 230 — EAP fails to keep copies of his volumes of poetry [LTR-179] 450, 452n — EAP requests from J. Allan [LTR-5] 11; [LTR-19] 43; [LTR-28] 60 — EAP sells review books [LTR-54] 120, 122n; [LTR-242] 606n — A. R. Lesage (Gil Blas) [LTR-28] 60 — Mrs. M. Osborne lends EAP two books of poetry [LTR-275] 682 — sent by J. Keese to EAP [LTR-199] 508 — sent by Mrs. L. H. Sigourney to T. W. White [LTR-61] 132 — P. C. Tacitus (Historiae), EAP requests [LTR-3] 6, 7n — F. W. Thomas attempts to leave for EAP [LTR-104] 248 — University of VA library [LTR-4] 8; [LTR-44] 91n — unwise to form opinions of from reviews [LTR-264] 658 — for West Point [LTR-26] 55 — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-280] 712

Bool, Henry W., Jr. (bookseller and auctioneer): [LTR-19] 43-44, 44n

Borealis (pseudonym of J. W. Alexander): — see Alexander, J. W.

Borrowing and attempts to borrow, EAP’s: — and BJ [LTR-205] 519; [LTR-211] 529; [LTR-213] 531, 531n; [LTR-216] 535-536; [LTR-217] 537; [LTR-219] 542; [PN-004] 889, 889n — and E. Bowen [LTR-178] 447, 448n — and C. A. Bristed [LTR-269] 669 — and Wm. E. Burton [LTR-93] 220 — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-140] 350; [LTR-205] 519; [LTR-207] 523, 524; [LTR-216] 535-536, 537n — and T. C. Clarke [LTR-155] 386 — and J. C. Cox [LTR-78a] 180 — EAP (“Al Aaraaf”) [LTR-13] 30 — EAP (American Parnassus), advance for [LTR-201] 512 — EAP (Eureka), advance for [LTR-269] 669 — and G. R. Graham [LTR-132] 324; [LTR-255] 632 — and H. Greeley [PN-004] 889, 889n — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-211] 529; [SPR-5] 905; [SPR-9] 909, 910n — and F. Halleck [LTR-219] 542, 542n — and J. P. Kennedy [LTR-41] 83; [LTR-68] 145; [LTR-213] 531, 531n — for lectures [LTR-316] 804 — and J. K. Mitchell [LTR-91] 214n — money lenders in Charlottesville (VA) [LTR-28] 60 — and E. H. N. Patterson [LTR-316] 804Penn Magazine [LTR-140] 350 — and G. Poe, Jr. [LTR-53] 117-118; [LTR-217] 537, 538nStylus [LTR-287] 725 — and E. Valentine [LTR-287] 725, 726s — see also Debts; and Finances

Boston (MA): — best facilities for publishing [LTR-143] 359 — and R. H. Dana [LTR-163a] 408 — EAP a Bostonian [LTR-10] 22 — EAP born in [LTR-10] 23n — EAP intends to move to [LTR-5] 11, 11n; [LTR-6] 12, 13n — EAP visits [LTR-213] 531, 531n; [LTR-304] 772n; [LTR-316] 804 — and EAP’s lectures [LTR-170] 427n — EAP’s possible suicide attempt in [LTR-286] 722, 724n, 724s — EAP (“The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”) [LTR-136] 338 — EAP (“The Rationale of Verse”) [LTR-241] 603 — EAP (Tamerlane and Other Poems) [LTR-175] 441 — Frogpondia [LTR-241] 603; [LTR-259] 639, 642n; [LTR-280] 713n; [LTR-304] 770; [APXA] 874 — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-163b] 408 — journals attack EAP’s lecture [LTR-195] 496 — Longfellow’s coterie [LTR-194a] 493 — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-151] 377; [LTR-158] 394 — and J. H. Mackenzie [LTR-109a] 266 — “made a burlesque of Transcendentalism ...” [LTR-195] 497 — Otis Broaders & Co. [LTR-126] 309Pioneer [LTR-147] 368 — pundits [LTR-259] 639 — servile imitators of the English [LTR-304] 770 — and SLM [LTR-63] 136 — mentioned [LTR-308] 785 — see also Transcendentalists and transcendentalism

Boston Lyceum: [LTR-126a] 311n-312n — EAP reads a poem for [LTR-210a] 527n, 528s; [LTR-212] 530n; [LTR-214] 532n, 533s; [LTR-215] 534n — EAP (Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems) [LTR-179] 452n; [LTR-208] 526n — and H. N. Hudson [LTR-280] 713n — J. R. Lowell arranges for EAP to participate in lecture series [LTR-173] 431, 433s; [LTR-185] 464n

Boston Miscellany (Boston, MA): — EAP (“The Tell-Tale Heart”) [LTR-149] 372, 373n; [LTR-151] 378n; [LTR-307b] 782n — R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of America) [LTR-143] 360n; [LTR-199] 509n; [SPR-4] 905n — merges with Arcturus [LTR-252] 627n — and H. T. Tuckerman [LTR-149] 372, 373n

Boston Notion (Boston, MA) (also Times and Notion): — biography of EAP [LTR-267] 666, 667n — EAP (“Eleonora”) [LTR-122] 302n; [LTR-136] 338n — EAP (“The Fall of the House of Usher”) [LTR-136] 338n — EAP (“Mesmeric Revelation”) [LTR-181] 455, 456n — EAP (“The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”) [LTR-136] 338; [LTR-137] 342n — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-136] 338n-339n — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-111] 271s; [LTR-112] 274s

Boston Post (Boston, MA): [LTR-137] 341

Boston Quarterly Review (Boston, MA): — and O. A. Brownson [LTR-116a] 285n

Boswell, John S.: — Columbia Spy [LTR-178] 447n

Botta, Mrs. Vincenzo: — see Lynch, A. C., Miss

Bottom, Joe (pseudonym for J. Tom-lin): — see Tomlin, J.

Bowen, Eli: — biographical information [LTR-178] 447n-448n; [LTR-278a] 705n — EAP (“A Reviewer Reviewed”) [LTR-178] 448nletters from EAP to: [LTR-178] 447, 447n-448n, 448s; [LTR-278a] 704-705, 705n, 705s

Bowen, Walter G. (pseudonym of EAP): — see Pseudonyms, EAP’s

Bowery Bank (New York, NY): [PN-010] 894

Boyd, Joseph B.: — biographical information [LTR-100] 243n — and L. J. Cist [LTR-105] 251, 251n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-96a] 235nletters from EAP to: [LTR-89] 209-210, 210n-211n, 211s; [LTR-100] 242-243, 243n, 243s

Boyd’s City Express: [LTR-206] 522s

Bradbury & Soden (publishers): — Boston Miscellany [LTR-143] 360n; [LTR-149] 373, 373n — EAP (“The Tell-Tale Heart”) [LTR-149] 373, 373n — R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of America) [LTR-143] 360n

Brahe, Tycho: — and Al Aaraaf (the star) [LTR-12] 27; [LTR-21] 48

Bread Crust Papers, The (G. Lippard): — see Lippard, G.

Brennan, Patrick: — EAP rents rooms from [LTR-182] 458n; [LTR-189] 476n; [LTR-195b] 501n

Brewster, David: — works by: Natural Magic [LTR-181] 456n

Brewster, Lieutenant: — cryptography [LTR-198] 507

“Bridal Ballad, A” (EAP): — see “Ballad, A” (EAP)

Brief Account of the Discoveries and Results of the United States’ Exploring Expedition (J. N. Reynolds): — see Reynolds, J. N.

Briggs, Charles Frederick: — and BJ [LTR-197] 506n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-224] 555s; [LTR-229a] 572 — EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-197] 505 — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-181] 457n; [LTR-185] 464n; [LTR-201] 513n; [LTR-206] 521, 522n; [APXA] 862 — and New-York Mirror [LTR-234] 584, 584n — tries to remove EAP from BJ [LTR-201] 513n

“Brilliant Nor-West, The” (J. K. Mitchell): — see Mitchell, J. K.

Brisbane, Albert: — biographical information [LTR-229] 571n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573works by: The Social Destiny of Man [LTR-229] 571n

Bristed, Charles Astor: — biographical information [LTR-247] 617n — EAP leaves calling card for [LTR-269] 670n — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-269] 670n — mentioned [LTR-251] 625nworks by: “The Scotch School of Philosophy and Criticism” [LTR-269] 670nletters from EAP to: [LTR-247] 617, 617n, 617s; [LTR-269] 669, 670n-671n, 671s

British Channel: — mentioned [LTR-42] 84

British Museum (London): — EAP letters offered to [LTR-232] 579s; [LTR-272] 677s

“Brittany” (J. R. Lowell): — see Lowell, J. R. (“A Legend of Brittany”)

Broadway Journal (New York, NY): — C. Anthon (Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities) [RC-003] 897n — Miss E. B. Barrett (The Drama of Exile and Other Poems) [LTR-186] 473s; [RC-003] 897n — P. Benjamin (“Infatuation”) [LTR-302b] 766n — and J. Bisco [LTR-238] 591s; [RC-003] 897n, 898s — Wm. Bolles (Explanatory and Phonographic Pronouncing Dictionary) [LTR-216] 537n — and C. F. Briggs [APXA] 862 — E. Bulwer-Lytton (Poems) [LTR-53a] 120n — G. Bush (Anastasis) [LTR-188] 474n — G. Bush (Swedenborg Library) [LTR-188] 474n — T. H. Chivers (The Lost Pleiad) [LTR-140] 350n; [LTR-201a] 513n; [LTR-207] 523 — T. H. Chivers (“Song to Isa Singing”) [LTR-140] 350n — demise of [LTR-219] 542n; [LTR-225] 559, 560n; [LTR-228] 566, 567n; [LTR-239] 593n — EAP as editor of [LTR-189] 476n; [LTR-193b] 490; [LTR-194] 492n; [LTR-197] 506n; [LTR-206] 520, 522n — EAP gives a set to L. Osborn [LTR-206] 521n — EAP gives a set to Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-206] 522n — EAP purchases [LTR-214] 532n, 533s; [LTR-238] 590n; [PN-004] 890n; [PN-005] 891n — EAP seeks support for [LTR-218] 539, 540n — EAP sends an issue to G. Poe, Jr. [LTR-217] 537 — EAP sends issues to T. H. Chivers [LTR-216] 535 — EAP, as owner, seeks money for [LTR-210a] 528n; [LTR-211] 529, 529n; [LTR-213] 531, 531n-532n; [LTR-215] 534, 534n; [LTR-216] 535, 536n; [LTR-217] 537; [LTR-219] 542; [LTR-221a] 545n; [LTR-250] 622n; [SPR-9] 910n — EAP’s relationship with [LTR-201] 513s — EAP’s valedictory [LTR-225] 560n — EAP (“Anastatic Printing”) [LTR-217a] 539n — EAP (“Dream-Land”) [LTR-207] 524n — EAP (“The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”) [LTR-224c] 557n — EAP (“Imitation”) [LTR-195] 495, 497n — EAP (“The Philosophy of Furniture”) [LTR-254] 631n — EAP (“Reply to Outis”) [LTR-241] 602, 604n — Mrs. E. F. Ellet (“Maiden’s Leap”) [LTR-306] 778n — G. W. Eveleth’s subscription returned [LTR-228] 566; [LTR-241] 604s — F. Fauvel-Gouraud (Phreno-Mnemo-techny) [RC-003] 897n — and T. W. Field [LTR-204] 518n — financial difficulties of [LTR-205] 519n — flourishes [LTR-203] 516, 516n-517n; [LTR-205] 519 — G. G. Foster (Poetical Works of P. B. Shelley) [LTR-278] 702n — and Miss M. Fuller [LTR-195] 498n — G. Gilfillan (Sketches of Modern Literature and Eminent Literary Men) [LTR-242] 606n — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-194a] 493, 494n — and H. Greeley [PN-004] 889n — and R. W. Griswold [SPR-9] 909, 909n — R. W. Griswold (Prose Works of J. Milton) [SPR-21] 927, 928n — Mrs. S. J. Hale (Alice Ray: A Romance in Rhyme) [LTR-212] 530n; [LTR-225] 559n — F. Halleck (“Alnwick Castle”) [LTR-206] 521, 521n — J. T. Headley (Letters from Italy) [LTR-228b] 569n — Mrs. M. E. Hewitt (The Songs of Our Land, and Other Poems) [LTR-195a] 500n; [LTR-290] 733n — Mrs. M. E. Hewitt (“Tale of Luzon”) [LTR-195a] 499, 499n; [LTR-195b] 501s — H. B. Hirst (“The Coming of the Mammoth”) [LTR-266] 664n — H. N. Hudson (lecture on Lear) [LTR-280] 713n — A. M. Ide, Jr. (poetry of) [LTR-163d] 411n — H. W. Longfellow and plagiarism [LTR-110] 269n — Miss A. C. Lynch (“The Ideal” and “The Ideal Found”) [APXA] 864 — and J. H. Mancur [LTR-226] 561n — and C. Mathews [LTR-228a] 567, 568n — E. Maturin (Montezuma) [LTR-229] 571n — Mrs. R. S. Nichols (“New Year’s Address”) [LTR-177a] 447n — Mrs. F. S. Osgood (Poems) [LTR-212] 530n — and Mrs. F. S. Osgood [APXA] 866 — resolved to give up [LTR-201] 512, 512n-513n — and J. E. Root [LTR-228a] 567 — Mrs. E. O. Smith (True Child) [LTR-199] 509n — R. H. Stoddard (“Ode to a Grecian Flute”) [LTR-256a] 635n — “taken a 3d interest in ...” [LTR-193] 487, 488n; [LTR-197] 504-505, 506n; [SPR-7] 908 — F. W. Thomas (sketches of J. Randolph and Wm. Wirt) [LTR-240a] 599, 599n — and Wiley & Putnam [LTR-220a] 543, 544n — mentioned [LTR-200] 510; [LTR-214] 532; [LTR-221a] 546s; [LTR-223a] 552n; [LTR-228] 566n; [APXA] 856letters from EAP to: [LTR-194] 491-492, 492n-493n, 493s

Bronson, Cotesworth P.: — biographical information [LTR-256a] 635nworks by: Abstract of Elocution and Music [LTR-256a] 635nletters from EAP to: (moved) [LTR-254a] 632, 632nletters from EAP to: [LTR-256a] 634-635, 635n-636n, 636s

Bronson, Mary Elizabeth, Miss (daughter of C. P. Bronson): [LTR-256a] 635, 635n, 636s

Brooklyn (NY): — mentioned [LTR-198] 507

Brooks, Maria, Mrs.: — Mrs. F. S. Osgood, compared to [APXA] 867

Brooks, Nathan Covington: — biographical information [LTR-78] 178nAmerican Museum of Science, Literature, and the Arts [LTR-78] 178n; [LTR-81] 191n; [LTR-84] 203n; [LTR-112] 272, 272n; [SPR-18] 924, 924nThe Baltimore Book (for 1838) [LTR-77] 174n — and Wm. E. Burton [LTR-90] 211, 212n — fails to reply to a request from EAP [LTR-107] 257, 258n — writes review of W. Irving [LTR-78] 179n — mentioned [LTR-81] 189; [LTR-120] 298n; [SPR-17a] 923, 923n; [SPR-20a] 926, 926nforgeries of EAP to: [SPR-2] 902, 902n, 902s-903s; [SPR-3] 903, 903n-904n, 904sletters from EAP to: [LTR-78] 177-178, 178n-179n, 179s

Brother Jonathan (New York, NY): — EAP (“Mesmeric Revelation”) [LTR-181] 455 — EAP (“Never Bet the Devil Your Head”) [LTR-123] 304n — mentioned [LTR-123] 303; [LTR-136] 338n

Brougham, Henry Peter, Lord: — works by: The Critical and Miscellaneous Writings [LTR-186] 473s

Brown, Charles Brockden: [LTR-81] 192n

Brown, James: — see Burns, J.

Brown, James D. (son of J. Brown, Jr.): — dismissed from West Point [LTR-26] 56

Brown, James, Jr.: — mentioned [LTR-26] 56

Brown, Mr. (EAP’s error for Eli Bowen): — see Bowen, E.

Brown, Mr.: — possible error for E. Bowen [LTR-178] 448n

Brown, Thomas Dunn (humorous name for T. D. English): — see English, T. D.

Brown, Thomas, Captain: — works by: Conchologist’s Text-Book [LTR-249] 620n

Browne, William Hand: — transcriptions for J. H. Ingram [LTR-81] 192s; [LTR-83] 198s; [LTR-87] 207s; [LTR-88] 209s; [LTR-90] 212s; [LTR-95] 232s; [LTR-107] 259s; [APXA] 872

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett, Mrs.: — see Barrett, E. B., Miss

Browning, Robert: — mentioned [LTR-233] 582nworks by: “Paracelsus” [LTR-233] 580; [LTR-240] 596 — “The Pomegranates” [LTR-233] 580

Brownlee, William Craig, Rev.: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570, 571n; [LTR-229a] 573

Brownson, Orestes Augustus: — Boston Quarterly Review [LTR-116a] 285n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-116a] 285n — and Wm. D. Kelley [LTR-116a] 286nworks by: Charles Elwood, or the Infidel Converted [LTR-116a] 285n

Brunet, Gustave: — EAP (“The Murders in the Rue Morgue”) [LTR-244] 609n

Bruno’s Weekly (New York, NY): [PN-004] 890s

Brunswick (ME): — mentioned [LTR-320] 813

Brutus: — see Shakespeare, Wm. (Julius Caesar)

Bryan, Daniel: — biographical information [LTR-139] 348n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-139] 348nworks by: “The Crowning of the May Queen” [LTR-139] 346, 348nletters from EAP to: [LTR-139] 346-348, 348n, 348s

Bryant, William Cullen: — Copperplate Five [LTR-196] 504n — and P. God-win [LTR-229] 571n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-113] 275, 276n; [LTR-114] 278; [LTR-115] 281; [LTR-116] 284; [LTR-117a] 290; [LTR-151] 377works by: Complete Poetical Works [LTR-239] 593n; [PN-007] 892n

Buckingham, Edwin: — biographical information [LTR-37] 77n — death of [LTR-37] 78nletters from EAP to: [LTR-37] 77, 77n-78n, 78s

Buckingham, Joseph Tinker: — biographical information [LTR-37] 77nletters from EAP to: [LTR-37] 77, 77n-78n, 78s

Buckler, Dr. (EAP’s physician): [LTR-44] 91, 91n

Buckler, Eliza Sloan, Mrs. (wife of Dr. Buckler): — works by: “Answer” [LTR-43] 89, 90n

Buckstone, John Baldwin: — works by: Ellen Wareham [LTR-93] 221nVictorine; or, I’ll Sleep on It [LTR-93] 217, 221n

Bulfinch, Stephen Greenleaf: — biographical information [LTR-56] 124n — EAP solicits contribution for SLM [LTR-69] 149, 150n — and G. A. Perdicaris [LTR-69] 149, 150nworks by: “From the Romaic of Christopoulos” [LTR-69] 150n — “To G. A. Perdicaris” [LTR-69] 150nletters from EAP to: [LTR-56] 123-124, 124n, 124s; [LTR-69] 149, 149n-150n, 150s

Bulletin (St. Louis, MO): — see St. Louis Bulletin

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward: — and H. St. J. Bolingbroke [LTR-119] 296 — mentioned [LTR-42] 86nworks by: “M. S. Found in a Madhouse” [LTR-42] 85Miscellanies [LTR-93] 223n — “Monos and Daimonos” [LTR-42] 85Rienzi, the Last of the Tribunes [LTR-53a] 119, 119n-120nZanoni [LTR-137] 341, 342n-343n; [LTR-267] 667n

“Bunker’s Hill” (A. M. Ide, Jr.): — see Ide, A. M., Jr.

Burgess & Stringer (publishers): — and G. Zieber [LTR-193] 487, 488n; [SPR-7] 907

Burgess, Mrs. (friend of Mrs. S. H. Whitman): [LTR-290] 733, 733n

Burgess, Wesley F. (periodical agent): — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-131] 321

Burke, William (educator): — school in Richmond (VA) [LTR-3] 6, 7n

Burleigh, William Henry: — Literary Examiner and Monthly Review [LTR-81] 191n

Burnett, N. C.: — forgeries of EAP to: [SPR-16] 921-922, 922n, 922s

Burns, James: — Bayly & Burns [LTR-77] 173nletters from EAP to: [LTR-77] 173, 173n-174n, 174s

Burns, Robert: — and Baroness C. Nairne [LTR-142] 357nworks by: The Poet’s Progress [LTR-235] 586n

Burr, Charles Chauncey: — EAP indebted to “for more than life” [LTR-326] 824, 825n; [LTR-327] 826, 826n — prints letters from EAP to: Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-323] 821s; [LTR-325] 823s; [LTR-326] 825s; [LTR-327] 827s — J. Sartain (American Gallery of Art) [LTR-270] 673n

Burton, William Evans: — biographical information [LTR-93] 221nBaltimore Sun [LTR-80] 188n — Billy Barlow [LTR-104] 249, 250n — and N. C. Brooks [LTR-90] 211, 212n; [LTR-107] 258n — J. B. Buckstone (Ellen Wareham) [LTR-93] 221n — and EAP’s duties [LTR-93] 221n — EAP’s opinion of [LTR-93] 218; [LTR-95] 229; [LTR-109] 262-263 — EAP’s settling-up letter to [LTR-93] 217-221 — “going to the devil ...” [LTR-107] 257The Literary Souvenir [LTR-96] 233n — F. Marryat (Diary in America) [LTR-86] 206n — rejects reviews by EAP [LTR-95] 230; [LTR-141a] 354n — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-95] 229, 231 — mentioned [LTR-82] 194; [LTR-84] 202, 204s; [LTR-86] 205; [LTR-109a] 267; [SPR-3] 903, 904n; [SPR-14] 916letters from EAP to: [LTR-93] 217-220, 221n-223n, 223s — see also Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine

Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine (Philadelphia, PA): — air gun [LTR-154] 385n — J. L. Carey (Domestic Slavery) [LTR-95] 230 — circulation of [LTR-127] 313; [LTR-132] 325 — and P. P. Cooke [LTR-82] 195n, 196s — J. F. Cooper (History of the Navy) [LTR-66] 140n — R. Dawes (poetry of) [LTR-141a] 354n — J. E. Dow (“Sketches from the Log of Old Ironsides”) [LTR-78b] 181, 181n — EAP accounts for contributions to [LTR-93] 219 — EAP as editor of [LTR-80] 188, 188n; [LTR-81] 189, 190; [LTR-90] 211; [LTR-93] 219, 221n; [LTR-97] 236 — EAP leaves [LTR-95] 230; [LTR-96] 232; [LTR-109] 263 — EAP returns contribution for [LTR-90a] 213 — EAP seeks publicity for [LTR-81] 189; [LTR-83] 197 — EAP (“The Business Man”) [LTR-122] 302n — EAP (“The Fall of the House of Usher”) [LTR-82] 195n; [LTR-112] 272, 272n; [LTR-193] 488n; [SPR-14] 916, 917n — EAP (“The Man that was Used Up”) [LTR-82] 195n — EAP (“Morella”) [LTR-82] 195n — EAP (“To Ianthe in Heaven”) [LTR-82] 195n — G. R. Graham purchases [LTR-90a] 213n; [LTR-93] 220; [LTR-104] 249, 250n; [LTR-107] 258n; [LTR-124] 305 — W. Irving (EAP sends issues to) [LTR-83a] 199 — J. Keese (Poets of America) [LTR-199] 509n — H. W. Longfellow (Voices of the Night) [LTR-110] 269n; [LTR-190a] 480n — F. Marryat (Joseph Rushbrook, or the Poacher) [LTR-86] 205, 206n, 206s — G. P. Morris (American Melodies) [LTR-258] 638n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-94] 227n — premium scheme [LTR-88] 208, 209n; [LTR-92a] 216, 216n; [LTR-95] 229 — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-81] 191n; [LTR-84] 203 — J. E. Snodgrass, EAP sends issues to [LTR-82] 194; [LTR-83] 197 — J. E. Snodgrass, EAP solicits contributions from [LTR-81] 190; [LTR-88] 208 — and C. W. Thomson [LTR-96] 233n — mentioned [LTR-84] 203s; [LTR-95] 232s; [LTR-109] 265n; [PN-001a] 887n; [SPR-3] 904n — see also Burton, Wm. E.; Magazines and annuals; and Reviews, by EAP

Bush, George: — biographical information [LTR-188] 474n — EAP scorns Bushites [LTR-188] 474n — EAP (Literary America) [LTR-243] 607n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-188] 474n; [LTR-229a] 572, 574n — EAP (“Mesmeric Revelation”) [SPR-10] 910nworks by: Anastasis, or the Doctrine of the Resurrection [LTR-188] 474, 474nSwedenborg Library [LTR-188] 474nletters from EAP to: [LTR-188] 473-474, 474n, 475s

“Business Man, The” (EAP): [LTR-122] 302n

Butler, Frances Kemble (Mrs. Peirce Butler): — see Kemble, F. A., Miss

Butterfield, Eliza, Miss (teacher): — Franklin Grammar School (Lowell, MA) [LTR-319] 811, 812n

“By an Octogenarian” (P. Earle): — see Earle, P.

Byrd, the (estate of J. Allan): — see Allan, J.

Byron, George Gordon, Lord: — and ambition [LTR-179] 451n — EAP gives up as a model [LTR-13] 30 — EAP on poetry of [LTR-164] 413 — Captain T. Medwin [LTR-83a] 200n — and nature [LTR-179] 448 — and swimming [LTR-42] 84works by: “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage” [LTR-278] 701n — “Heaven and Earth” [LTR-155] 388s — “The Prisoner of Chillon” [LTR-12] 27Sardana-palus [LTR-303] 768n — “An Unwritten Drama” [LTR-83a] 200n-201n


Cabell, Robert Gamble (student at Wm. Burke’s school): — and J. Lyle [LTR-2] 4n-5n

Calais (France): — mentioned [LTR-42] 84

Calavar (R. M. Bird): — see Bird, R. M.

Calculus of Probabilities: [LTR-278] 695

Calderón de la Barca, Pedro: — works by: El Purgatorio de San Patricio [LTR-83a] 200n

Calhoun, John Caldwell: — see Autographs, other

California (territory): — gold rush [LTR-304] 770, 773n

“Caller Herrin” (C. Nairne): — see Nairne, C.

Calvert, George Henry: — mentioned [LTR-44] 91works by: “Arnold and Andre” [LTR-44] 91n — “German Literature” [LTR-44] 91n

Cambiaire, Celestin P., Dr.: [LTR-73a] 162s

Cambridge Mathematics: — see Books

Campbell, Charles: — biographical information [LTR-217a] 538nillustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-217a) IB-36 — letters from EAP to: (entry only, no text) [LTR-217a] 538, 538n-539n, 539s

Campbell, Thomas: — EAP (“Pina-kidia”) [LTR-107] 258n

Canterbury, Archbishop of: — see St. Dunstan

Cape May (NJ): — and G. R. Graham [LTR-255] 632

“Capitol at Washington, The” (EAP): — attributed to EAP [LTR-93] 221n-222n

Capulets: — see Shakespeare, Wm. (Romeo and Juliet)

Career of Puffer Hopkins, The (C. Mathews): — see Mathews, C.

Carey & Hart (publishers): — E. Bulwer-Lytton (Rienzi, the Last of the Tribunes) [LTR-53a] 119nThe Gift [LTR-39] 81n; [LTR-86] 206n; [LTR-133a] 329n; [LTR-176a] 444n — and R. W. Griswold [SPR-4] 904 — R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of America) [LTR-137] 342n — F. Marryat (Diary in America) [LTR-86] 206n — J. Herron (Practical Description of Herron’s Patent Trellis Railway Structure) [LTR-135] 336nletters from EAP to: [LTR-53a] 119, 119n-120n, 120s

Carey & Lea (publishers): — American Quarterly Review [LTR-13] 31n — EAP (“MS. Found in a Bottle”) [LTR-50] 109n — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-38] 80s; [LTR-39] 81n; [LTR-50] 108 — see also Carey, Lea & Carey

Carey, Edward L.: — The Gift [LTR-176a] 445nletters from EAP to: [LTR-86] 205-206, 206n, 206s; [LTR-133a] 328-329, 329n, 329s; [LTR-176a] 444, 444n-445n, 445s

Carey, Henry (John Waters): — see Cary, Henry

Carey, Henry Charles: — EAP (“MS. Found in a Bottle” [LTR-50] 108, 109n — and J. P. Kennedy [LTR-39] 81nworks by: The Slave Trade [LTR-90] 212n

Carey, John L.: — Baltimore American [LTR-87] 207n — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-87] 206; [LTR-88] 207works by: Domestic Slavery [LTR-87] 207n; [LTR-90] 211, 212n; [LTR-95] 230

Carey, Lea & Carey (publishers): — and J. Allan [LTR-13] 31 — EAP (“Al Aaraaf”) [LTR-13] 30; [LTR-14] 32, 34n; [LTR-16] 39n; [LTR-17] 39-40; [LTR-20] 46, 46n — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-38] 79letters from EAP to: [LTR-17] 39-40, 40n-41n, 41s — see also Carey & Lea

Carey, Mathew: — works by: “Anth-ologia” [LTR-71] 155, 156n — “The Learned Languages” [LTR-71] 155, 156n — “A Looker on in Venice (No. 2)” [LTR-71] 155 — “National Ingratitude” [LTR-71] 156, 156n — “The Science of Life” [LTR-71] 155, 156nletters from EAP to: [LTR-71] 155-156, 156n, 156s

Carleton, a Tale of Seventeen Hundred and Seventy Six (J. Willis): — see Willis, J.

Carlisle (PA): — Dickenson College [LTR-234] 584

Carlyle, Thomas: [LTR-126a] 311n

Carpenter, William Henry: — biographical information [LTR-77] 173nThe Baltimore Book (for 1838) [LTR-77] 173, 173n — and J. E. Snodgrass [APXA] 872 — mentioned [LTR-120] 298nletters from EAP to: [LTR-77] 173, 173n-174n, 174s

Carter, John Armstead (student at U. Va): [LTR-3] 6, 7n

Carter, Miss (of Richmond, VA): — EAP sends regards to [LTR-26] 56, 56n

Carter, Robert: — biographical information [LTR-152] 379nBoston Notion [LTR-267] 667n — EAP sends his regards to [LTR-158] 395 — EAP (“Eulalie”) [LTR-152] 379 — prints abridgement of biographical article on EAP [LTR-267] 667n — mentioned [LTR-164] 412, 414nletters from EAP to: [LTR-152] 379, 379n, 380s; [LTR-153a] 384, 384n, 384s — see also Pioneer

Cary, Henry (John Waters): — EAP (Literary America) [LTR-243] 607n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 560, 561n, 563s; [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572

“Cask of Amontillado, The” (EAP): — and J. Cosey [SPR-16] 922n — EAP (“The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”) [SPR-12] 913; [SPR-13] 914; [SPR-14] 915, 916, 917n; [SPR-14a] 918; [SPR-14b] 919; [SPR-15] 920-921 — publication of [SPR-16] 922 — mentioned [LTR-93] 223n — see also Pay

Casket (Philadelphia, PA): — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-104] 249, 250n; [LTR-107] 258n; [LTR-186] 469; [LTR-241] 604n — J. McJilton (“Serenade”) [LTR-120] 299n

Cass, Lewis: — biographical information [LTR-69c] 153n — EAP solicits contribution for SLM [LTR-68] 146, 146n; [LTR-69c] 152-153, 153n — EAP (“Autography”) [LTR-229] 570, 570nletters from EAP to: [LTR-69c] 152-153, 153n-154n, 154s

Casseday, Benjamin: — Chronicle of Western Literature [LTR-304] 771, 772n

Caste, EAP’s interest in: [LTR-79] 186n; [LTR-106] 252; [LTR-106a] 254; [LTR-108] 260, 261n; [LTR-148] 371; [LTR-153] 382; [LTR-225] 559

Cato (J. Addison): — see Addison, J.

Catterina (EAP’s cat): — mentioned [LTR-174] 438, 439n; [LTR-273] 678, 679n, 680s

Causten, James H.: — biographical information [LTR-64] 138nletters from EAP to: [LTR-64] 137-138, 138n, 138s

Cedar Street (New York, NY): — mentioned [LTR-174] 437

Cemetery: — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-278] 692; [LTR-280] 713

Chambers, Robert: — works by: The Natural History of the Vestiges of Creation [LTR-264] 658, 660, 660n

Chandler, Joseph Ripley: — United States Gazette [LTR-93] 222nworks by: “A Night Among the Dead” [LTR-93] 219, 222n

Changeling, The (T. Middleton): — see Middleton, T.

Channing, William Ellery: — criticized by EAP [LTR-280] 709, 713n — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-180] 455n — EAP (“Our Amateur Poets”) [LTR-163d] 412n; [LTR-164a] 415, 416n — “a pretender and sophist ...” [LTR-180] 454n

Channing, William Henry: — criticized by EAP [LTR-280] 709, 713n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573

Chapin, Henry Dwight: — biographical information [LTR-260] 645n; — mentioned [LTR-141] 352nletters from EAP to: [LTR-260] 644-645, 645n, 645s — see also Friends, EAP’s

Chapman, John (publisher): — Miss A. C. Blackwell (Poems) [LTR-270] 673n

“Chapter of Suggestions, A” (EAP): — publication of [LTR-174a] 440n; [LTR-177] 445, 445n; [LTR-199] 509n — N. P. Willis, offered to [LTR-174a] 439 — mentioned [LTR-107] 259n

“Chapter on Autography, A” (EAP): — J. E. Dow praises [LTR-127] 314n — EAP’s views on [LTR-132] 325-326, 326; [LTR-140] 349 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 574n — and G. R. Graham [LTR-132] 325-326 — plans and preparations for [LTR-123] 303; [LTR-127] 313; [LTR-131] 321Public Ledger defends [PN-003] 889n — mentioned [LTR-126a] 311n; [LTR-134] 335n — see also “Autography” (EAP); and under individual names: Bird, R. M., etc.

“Chapter on Field Sports and Manly Pastimes, A” (EAP): [LTR-83] 198n

Charivari (Paris): — EAP (“The Murders in the Rue Morgue”) [LTR-244] 608, 609n

Charles Elwood, or the Infidel Converted (O. A. Brownson): — see Brownson, O. A.

Charleston (SC): — Wm. E. Burton visits [LTR-86] 205Southern Patriot [LTR-207] 523

Charleston Daily Courier (Charleston, SC): — mentioned [LTR-237] 589, 589n

Charley (US Army friend of EAP): — EAP sends regards to [LTR-25] 54

“Charlie Is My Darling” (C. Nairne): — see Nairne, C.

Charlottesville (VA): — EAP seeks subscribers for Penn Magazine [LTR-99] 241 — mentioned [LTR-28] 59, 60, 61 — see also University of VA

Charlottesville Jeffersonian (Charlottesville, VA): — M. Carey (“National Ingratitude”) [LTR-71] 156

Charms and Countercharms (Miss M. J McIntosh): — see McIntosh, M. J., Miss

Cheesborough, Esther B., Miss: — and P. H Hayne [LTR-322a] 819s-820s

Cheever, George Barrell: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 561, 561n; [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572, 573, 574n

“Cherub Watcher, The” (J. S. Norris): — see Norris, J. S.

Chester, Anson Gleason: — biographical information [LTR-309a] 790n — mentioned [LTR-314] 801sillustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-309a) IIA-52; IIA-53; IIA-54 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-309a] 790, 790n, 790s

Chester, Joseph Lemuel: — biographical information [LTR-223a] 551n — Julian Cramer (pseudonym) [LTR-223a] 551, 552nworks by: Greenwood Cemetery and Other Poems [LTR-223a] 551nletters from EAP to: [LTR-223a] 551, 551n-552n, 552s

Chevalie, J. (of Richmond): — mentioned [LTR-27] 58, 58n

Child of the Sea and Other Poems, The (Mrs. S. A. Lewis): — see Lewis, S. A., Mrs.

“Child of the Sea, The” (Mrs. S. A. Lewis): — see Lewis, S. A., Mrs.

Child, Lydia Maria, Mrs.: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570, 571n; [LTR-229a] 572, 574n; [APXA] 871works by: Philothea: A Romance [LTR-126] 310n

“Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage” (Byron): — see Byron

“Childhood Scenes” (J. E. Snodgrass): — see Snodgrass, J. E.

Childhood, EAP’s: — possible letters from EAP to his foster parents [Intro] xxxi — and E. Valentine [LTR-287] 725 — want of parental affection [LTR-52] 116

Chivers, Thomas Holley, Dr.: — biographical information [APXA] 850 — broken money [LTR-207] 523, 524n; [LTR-216] 536, 537s — EAP criticizes [LTR-140] 349; [LTR-216] 536 — EAP sends regards to family of [LTR-207] 524; [LTR-216] 536 — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 850-853 — and EAP’s friendship [LTR-239] 592; [APXA] 851 — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-140] 349, 351n, 351s — EAP (“The Raven”), claims credit for [SPR-24] 930n; [APXA] 850-851 — Fiat Justitia (pseudonym) [SPR-24] 930n; [APXA] 851 — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-140] 350n; [LTR-145] 364, 365n — Oaky Grove (GA) [LTR-207] 524n; [APXA] 850 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-96a] 235n; [LTR-145] 363, 364, 365n; [APXA] 851 — and silk cultivation [LTR-239] 592-593, 594n — sneaking letter from [LTR-330] 832 — and Stylus [LTR-180] 453 — visits New York (NY) [LTR-201a] 513, 513n-514n — mentioned [LTR-211] 529n; [LTR-330] 832nworks by: “To Allegra Florence in Heaven” [LTR-180] 453, 454n — “Caelicola” [APXA] 851 — “Invocation to Spring” [LTR-140] 349; [LTR-145] 365n — “Life of Poe” [LTR-201a] 514s; [APXA] 851The Lost Pleiad [LTR-140] 350n; [LTR-201a] 513n; [LTR-205] 519, 519n; [LTR-207] 524n; [APXA] 850Luciferian Revelation [LTR-207] 524; [LTR-239] 592, 593, 594s — “Lyes Regalio” [LTR-207] 524, 524n — “The Mighty Dead” [LTR-145] 364, 365n — “Orfeo: A Funeral Oration on the Death of a Beautiful Son of Song” [LTR-201a] 514sSearch After Truth; or, a New Revelation of the Psycho-Physiological Nature of Man [APXA] 851 — “Song to Isa Singing” [LTR-140] 350nletters from EAP to: [LTR-140] 349-350, 350n-351n, 351s; [LTR-145] 363-365, 365n, 365s; [LTR-180] 452-454, 454n-455n, 455s; [LTR-201a] 513, 513n-514n, 514s; [LTR-205] 519, 519n, 520s; [LTR-207] 523-524, 524n, 524s; [LTR-216] 535-536, 536n-537n, 537s; [LTR-239] 591-593, 593n-594n, 594s; [LTR-274] 681, 681n, 681s-682s — see also Borrowing and attempts to borrow

Cholera: [LTR-327] 826n; [LTR-328] 828, 828n; [LTR-329] 829, 829n

Christianity: — mentioned [LTR-116a] 285; [LTR-277] 688, 690 — see also Religion

Christmas: — mentioned [LTR-76] 169; [LTR-85] 204; [LTR-330] 831

Chronicle (Augusta, GA): — L. Minor (“Liberian Literature”) [LTR-59] 130

Chronicle (Baltimore, MD): — see Baltimore Chronicle

Chronicle (New York, NY): — mentioned [LTR-174] 437

Chronicle of Western Literature (Louisville, KY): — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-304] 770, 771, 772n; [LTR-307b] 785s

Church Hill (Richmond, VA): — EAP rents a house [LTR-48] 102

Churchill, S. B. (editor): — St. Louis Bulletin [LTR-104] 249n

Churton’s Literary Register (London): — EAP (Tales) [LTR-233] 580

Cibber, Colley: — Wm. Shakespeare (Richard III) [LTR-182] 458n

Cincinnati (OH): — and Mrs. R. S. Nichols [LTR-169a] 425 — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-124] 305

Ciphers: — see Cryptography

Cist, Lewis Jacob: — biographical information [LTR-105] 251n — and J. B. Boyd [LTR-100] 243n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-125] 308n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-105] 251works by: “Bachelor Philosophy” [LTR-105] 251; [LTR-125] 306, 307; [LTR-177a] 446n — “The Beaten Path” [LTR-177a] 446, 447nTrifles in Verse [LTR-177a] 447nletters from EAP to: [LTR-105] 251, 251n-252n, 252s; [LTR-125] 306-307, 308n, 308s; [LTR-169a] 425-426, 426n, 426s; [LTR-177a] 446, 446n-447n, 447s

Citizen Soldier (Philadelphia, PA): — EAP (“The Gold-Bug”) [LTR-169] 425n — and G. Lippard [LTR-169] 425n — G. Lippard (“The Ladye Annabel”) [LTR-169] 424n

City Despatch Post: [LTR-199] 510s; [LTR-221a] 545n

City Hall (New York, NY): [LTR-274] 681

City Hotel (Philadelphia, PA): — mentioned [LTR-12] 29s

“City in the Sea, The” (EAP): — Mrs. L. H. Sigourney (“Musing Thoughts”) [LTR-129] 317n

Clark & Austin (publishers): — and Mrs. S. J. Hale [LTR-212] 530, 530n; [LTR-225] 559 — and Mrs. F. S. Osgood [LTR-212] 530n — and A. B. Street [LTR-212] 530n — and N. P. Willis [LTR-212] 530n

Clark, Lewis Gaylord: — and W. G. Clark [LTR-126] 309, 310n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-173] 433n; [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572, 574n; [LTR-241] 602, 604n — and Knickerbocker Magazine [LTR-126] 309, 310n; [LTR-173] 433n

Clark, Mr. (of Baltimore, MD): — letters from EAP to: [LTR-167] 419, 420n, 420s-421s

Clark, Thomas (of Jackson, TN): — mentioned [LTR-167] 420n

Clark, Willis Gaylord: — and L. G. Clark [LTR-126] 309, 310n — death of [LTR-120] 299nPhiladephia Gazette [LTR-120] 297, 299n; [LTR-126] 310n

Clarke, Colin (of Gloucester, VA): — mentioned [LTR-57] 125

Clarke, James Albert (student at U. Va): [LTR-3] 6, 7n

Clarke, Jane, Mrs.: — letters from EAP to: [LTR-150a] 375, 375n, 375s

Clarke, Thomas Cottrell: — biographical information [LTR-155] 387n — and F. O. C. Darley [LTR-158] 396n — and J. E. Dow [LTR-154] 386s; [LTR-156] 388, 389, 390n — EAP complains about idiocy of [LTR-161] 401, 401n — and Stylus [LTR-153] 381, 382n; [LTR-155] 387n; [LTR-157] 392; [LTR-158] 396n; [LTR-158a] 397n; [LTR-159] 399s; [LTR-161] 401, 401n — surprise at seeing EAP [LTR-156] 388, 391n — mentioned [LTR-154] 385nworks by: “Poe: What Those Say Who Knew Him Best” [LTR-164] 415nletters from EAP to: [LTR-155] 386-387, 387n, 387s-388s — see also Philadelphia Saturday Museum

Clason, Augustus W., Jr.: — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-238] 590n; [LTR-250] 622n; [LTR-253a] 629n — Mrs. E. F. Ellet’s miserable tool [LTR-306] 777, 778n — see also New-York Mirror

Classical Dictionary (C. Anthon): — see Anthon, C.

Clawson, John L. (collector): [LTR-313] 800s

Clay, Cassius Marcellus: — biographical information [LTR-224] 553n — Miss A. C. Lynch’s soirées [LTR-224] 553, 554s; [LTR-224a] 555 — see also Autographs, other

Clay, Henry: — and M. Van Buren [LTR-130] 320n

Clemm family: [LTR-54] 121-122

Clemm, Catharine, Miss (daughter of Wm. and Harriet Clemm): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Clemm, Catherine, Mrs. (wife of Wm. Clemm): — mentioned [LTR-54] 121 — see also Clemm, Wm. (estate of)

Clemm, Elizabeth, Miss (daughter of Wm. and Catherine Clemm): — Wm. Clemm, Jr., estate of [LTR-54] 121, 122n

Clemm, Georgiana Maria, Miss (daughter of Wm. and Harriet Clemm): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Clemm, Harriet, Miss (daughter of Wm. and Harriet Clemm): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Clemm, Harriet Poe, Mrs. (first wife of Wm. Clemm, Jr.): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184 — mentioned [LTR-47] 99; [LTR-54] 121, 122n; [LTR-79] 183

Clemm, Henry (son of Maria and Wm. Clemm, Jr.): — absent at sea [LTR-54] 121 — Wm. Clemm, Jr., estate of [LTR-54] 121, 122n — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184 — mentioned [LTR-11] 25n; [LTR-36] 74n; [LTR-47] 99, 100

Clemm, James Sayre (son of Catherine and Wm. Clemm): — Wm. Clemm, Jr., estate of [LTR-54] 121, 122n

Clemm, John (son of Catherine and Wm. Clemm): — Wm. Clemm, Jr., estate of [LTR-54] 121, 122n

Clemm, Joseph Ettwine (son of Catherine and Wm. Clemm): — Wm. Clemm, Jr., estate of [LTR-54] 121, 122n

Clemm, Josephine Emily, Miss (daughter of Harriet and Wm. Clemm, Jr.): — see Poe, Josephine Clemm, Mrs. (wife of Neilson Poe)

Clemm, Maria Poe, Mrs. (second wife of Wm Clemm, Jr.; “Muddie”): — and J. Allan [LTR-19] 43; [LTR-34] 72s — and P. D. Bernard [LTR-157] 392 — borrowed money from G. R. Graham [LTR-164a] 415 — and borrowed SLM volumes [LTR-63] 136n; [LTR-174] 438, 439n; [LTR-184] 461, 462n — burns some of EAP’s letters after his death [Intro] xxiii; [APXA] 853, 867 — and H. D. Chapin [LTR-141] 352n; [LTR-260] 645n — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-207] 524; [LTR-239] 592 — Wm. Clemm, Jr., estate of [LTR-54] 121-122; [LTR-163c] 409, 410n — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-229] 569, 570n — EAP begs her to come to him [LTR-323] 820; [LTR-324] 822n; [LTR-326] 824 — EAP fears that she is dead [LTR-326] 823; [LTR-327] 825 — EAP living with [LTR-11] 25n; [LTR-32] 68n; [LTR-36] 74n; [LTR-38] 79n; [LTR-53] 118n; [LTR-54] 121; [LTR-64] 137, 138n; [LTR-78a] 180n; [LTR-97] 237; [LTR-286] 724n — EAP relies on for information [LTR-124] 304 — EAP solicits help for [LTR-47] 100; [LTR-53] 117-118; [LTR-60] 131, 131n — EAP tries to establish back-pay claim of D. Poe, Sr. [LTR-64] 138 — and EAP’s autographs [Intro] xxix; [LTR-159] 399n — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 853-854 — EAP’s emotional dependence on [LTR-325] 823, 823n; [LTR-326] 823-824 — and EAP’s last letters [Intro] xxxii — and EAP (Eureka) [PN-009] 894 — EAP (“To My Mother”) [LTR-293] 741n — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-253a] 629 — and EAP-Shelton marriage [LTR-331a] 836; [LTR-332] 837, 838n — and G. W. Eveleth [LTR-228] 567n; [LTR-320] 816s; [APXA] 856 — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184 — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-240] 598n; [SPR-5] 905; [APXA] 858, 859 — in excellent health [LTR-163c] 409 — and Mrs. S. A. Lewis [LTR-257] 637, 637n; [LTR-315] 802n; [LTR-324] 822; [LTR-333] 840 — and Mrs. J. E. S. Locke [LTR-281] 716n; [LTR-309] 787; [LTR-319] 810 — and N. Poe [LTR-48] 105n; [LTR-203] 515, 516n — and Wm. Poe [LTR-47] 100, 101n; [LTR-60] 131, 131n, 131s — and Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-296] 745; [LTR-303] 767; [LTR-306] 775, 777; [LTR-319] 811 — and Miss S. E. Robins [LTR-275a] 684s — serves as EAP’s messenger [LTR-161a] 402, 403s; [LTR-201] 513s; [LTR-226] 561; [LTR-229] 572s; [LTR-231a] 577, 577n; [LTR-236] 587, 587n; [LTR-253a] 629n; [LTR-268] 669s; [LTR-269] 669, 671s; [LTR-274] 681; [LTR-303] 766 — sewing skills [LTR-23] 50, 51n — and Mrs. M. L. Shew [LTR-248] 618; [LTR-273] 678 — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-104] 249; [LTR-134] 334; [LTR-144] 362; [LTR-153] 382; [LTR-156] 389; [LTR-189] 475; [LTR-197] 505; [LTR-304] 771 — transcription by [LTR-183] 460n, 460s — tries to console EAP [LTR-286] 723 — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-278] 696; [LTR-288] 728; [LTR-293] 741; [LTR-296] 746n — and N. P. Willis [APXA] 883 — probable mention [LTR-22] 49-50, 50n — mentioned [LTR-47] 98, 99; [LTR-48] 104n; [LTR-79] 182, 183; [LTR-109a] 267; [LTR-156] 388; [LTR-232] 578; [LTR-244] 608; [LTR-273] 679n; [LTR-291] 736n; [LTR-298] 750s; [LTR-303] 768n; [LTR-312a] 797n; [LTR-319] 812n; [SPR-15] 921, 921n; [APXA] 851, 870illustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-275a) IIA-49 — portrait of IB-19 — letters from EAP to: (moved) [LTR-296a] 746, 746nletters from EAP to: [LTR-48] 102-104, 104n-105n, 105s; [LTR-174] 437-438, 438n-439n, 439s; [LTR-275a] 683, 684n, 684s; [LTR-293a] 742, 742n-743n, 743s; [LTR-294] 744, 744n, 744s; [LTR-323] 820-821, 821n, 821s; [LTR-325] 822-823, 823n, 823s; [LTR-326] 823-824, 824n-825n, 825s; [LTR-327] 825-826, 826n-827n, 827s; [LTR-330] 830-832, 832n-833n, 833s-834s; [LTR-331a] 836, 836n, 836s-837s; [LTR-332] 837-838, 838n-839n, 839s

Clemm, Virginia Maria, Miss (daughter of Maria and Wm. Clemm, Jr., died in infancy): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184 — mentioned [LTR-54] 122n

Clemm, Virginia Eliza, Miss (daughter of Maria and Wm. Clemm, Jr.): — see Poe, Virginia C., Mrs.

Clemm, William, II (son of Harriet and Wm. Clemm, Jr.): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Clemm, William, Jr. (son of Catherine and Wm. Clemm, Sr.): — Wm. Clemm, Sr., estate of [LTR-54] 121, 122n — estate of [LTR-163c] 409, 410n

Clemm, William, Sr.: — children of [LTR-47] 99; [LTR-54] 122n — estate of [LTR-47] 99; [LTR-54] 121-122, 122n; [LTR-57] 126n; [LTR-68] 146

Cleveland, John F.: — treasurer of Tribune [PN-004] 890s

Clinton Bradshaw (F. W. Thomas): — see Thomas, F. W.

Clothing, EAP’s: — and J. W. Albright [PN-002] 888n — and J. Allan [LTR-5] 11; [LTR-6] 12; [LTR-23] 50, 51n; [LTR-28] 61 — buys drab pantaloons and trimmings [PN-001] 887n — and Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-23] 50 — has no dress coat [LTR-330] 830, 832 — “I am almost without clothes ...” [LTR-22] 49 — and J. P. Kennedy [LTR-41] 83, 83n — “left West Point ... without a cloak or any other clothing of importance ...” [LTR-29] 64 — and S. Leitch, Jr. [PN-001] 887n — “so horrible ...” [LTR-326] 824 — and the University of VA [LTR-3] 5

Cloud, Charles F.: — Baltimore Saturday Visiter [LTR-137] 342n

Coale’s Bookstore (Baltimore, MD): — and the literary scene in Baltimore [LTR-51b] 113n

Coates, Dr. Reynell: — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-129] 316, 317n

Coffin, Edward, Mrs.: — see Richmond, C., Miss

Cold Water (Philadelphia, PA): — T. D. English (“The Doom of the Drinker”) [LTR-161] 401n

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor: — Bio-graphia Literaria [LTR-21] 49n — T. De Quincey (Confessions of an English Opium-Eater) [LTR-42] 85 — and drinking [LTR-156] 392s — EAP occasionally excited by some poems of [LTR-179] 450 — and E. S. T. Grey (pseudonym of EAP) [LTR-276] 687n

“Coliseum, The” (EAP): — Baltimore Saturday Visiter contest [LTR-112] 272, 273n — EAP ranks among his best poems [LTR-179] 450 — mentioned [LTR-36] 74n

“Colloquy of Monos and Una, The” (EAP): — publication of [LTR-120] 297, 299n; [LTR-122] 302n — see also Pay

Collyer, Robert (mesmerist): — EAP (“The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”) [LTR-224c] 557n

Colton, George Hooker: — American Review [LTR-207] 523, 524n; [LTR-247] 617n; [LTR-300] 752n — and C. A. Bristed [LTR-247] 617 — P. P. Cooke (“Power of the Bards”) [LTR-227] 563 — death of [LTR-263] 657n; [LTR-300] 752n — EAP expresses his opinion of [LTR-263] 648 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572, 574n; [LTR-263] 657n — EAP (“The Rationale of Verse”) [LTR-241] 602; [LTR-255] 633n; [LTR-259] 639; [LTR-263] 648 — EAP (“Ulalume”) [LTR-256a] 635n, 636s; [LTR-259] 642n — mentioned [LTR-227] 564, 566s; [LTR-240] 597 — see also American Review

Colton, I. C.: — and G. H. Colton [LTR-300] 752n

Colton’s Magazine (New York, NY): — see American Review

Columbia Spy (Columbia, PA): — and J. S. Boswell [LTR-178] 447n — and E. Bowen [LTR-178] 447n; [LTR-278a] 705n — EAP announced as a regular contributor to [LTR-178] 448n — EAP (“Doings of Gotham”) [LTR-137a] 344n; [LTR-174a] 440n; [LTR-178] 448s; [LTR-197] 506n; [LTR-307b] 782n — and J. L. Gossler [LTR-178] 447n — and J. Patton [LTR-178] 447n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-94] 228n — and W. S. Ward [LTR-178] 447n

Columbia University (New York, NY): — and F. Lieber [LTR-69b] 152n

Columbian Lady’s and Gentleman’s Magazine (New York, NY): — EAP (“The Domain of Arnheim”) [LTR-280] 714n — EAP (“Mesmeric Revelation”) [LTR-175] 442n; [LTR-180] 453, 454n; [LTR-181] 455; [LTR-188] 473, 474n; [LTR-224c] 557n — Mrs. E. F. Ellet (“Maiden’s Leap”) [LTR-306] 778n — failed [LTR-312a] 796, 797n — and A. N. Howard [SPR-14] 917n — and J. Inman [LTR-226] 561n; [LTR-278] 702n — Mrs. S. H. Whitman (“A Song of Spring”) [LTR-278] 702n

Columbian Magazine (New York, NY): — see Columbian Lady’s and Gentleman’s Magazine

“Come, Rest Ye in This Bosom” (T. Moore): — see Moore, T.

“Coming of the Mammoth, The” (H. B. Hirst): — see Hirst, H. B.

Commercial Advertiser (New York, NY): — EAP (Eureka) [LTR-269] 670n — and Wm. L. Stone [LTR-73] 159

Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN): — mentioned [LTR-130] 321s

Commercial Bank of Florida: — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-207] 524n; [LTR-216] 537s

Conchologist’s First Book, The (1839, 1840, and 1845) (EAP): — and J. Ackerman [LTR-109a] 267n — EAP accused of plagiarism [LTR-78a] 180n-181n; [LTR-249] 619, 620n — and Harper Brothers [LTR-111] 271n

Conchologist’s Text-Book (T. Brown): — see Brown, T.

Confession; or the Blind Heart (Wm. G. Simms): — see Simms, Wm. G.

Confessions of a Poet (L. Osborn): — see Osborn, L.

Confessions of an English Opium Eater (T. De Quincey): — see De Quincey, Thomas

Congress: — mentioned [LTR-142] 356

Congress Hall Hotel (Philadelphia, PA): — and Mr. Bateman [LTR-104] 248 — and J. Sturdivant [LTR-104] 248, 250n — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-144] 361

Congreve, William: — works by: Mourning Bride [LTR-306] 778n

Conjectures and Researches concerning the love, madness and imprisonment of Torquato Tasso (R. H. Wilde): — see Wilde, R. H.

“Conqueror Worm, The” (EAP): — EAP lists as among his best poems [LTR-179] 450 — EAP (“Ligeia”) [LTR-240] 598nGraham’s Magazine [LTR-164a] 417s — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-151] 378n

Conrad, Robert Taylor: — biographical information [LTR-108] 261n; [LTR-255] 633n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-108] 261n; [LTR-132] 325-326, 326n; [LTR-173] 432n; [LTR-255] 633n — EAP (“Our Contributors”) [LTR-173] 431, 432n; [LTR-225] 560n; [LTR-255] 633n — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-255] 633, 633n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-108] 260 — mentioned [LTR-261] 646nworks by: “The Lord’s Prayer” [LTR-255] 633nletters from EAP to: [LTR-108] 260-261, 261n, 262s; [LTR-255] 632-633, 633n, 633s; [LTR-256] 634, 634n, 634s

“Consumptive Girl, The” (J. C. McCabe): — see McCabe, J. C.

Contests: — see Baltimore Saturday Visiter; Cryptography; and Dollar Newspaper

“Conversation of Eiros and Charmion, The” (EAP): — and cosmology [LTR-263] 652, 657n

Cooke, Phillip Pendleton: — biographical information [LTR-82] 195n — EAP values criticism of [LTR-52] 115; [LTR-82] 193-194; [LTR-240] 595 — and EAP’s temperament [LTR-179] 448 — “EAP (Ligeia”) [LTR-82] 193-194 — EAP (“The Murders in the Rue Morgue”) [LTR-240] 595 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-114] 279n — and prices for EAP’s letters [Intro] xxx — mentioned [LTR-233] 582nworks by: “Florence Vane” [LTR-179] 448Froissart Ballads and Other Poems [LTR-240] 598n — “Power of the Bards” [LTR-227] 563, 566s — “The Turkey Hunter” [LTR-227] 564, 565; [LTR-240] 594 — “Young Rosalie Lee” [LTR-179] 448; [LTR-227] 564; [LTR-240] 597forgeries of EAP to: [SPR-11] 912, 912n, 912sletters from EAP to: (envelope only) [LTR-224b] 556, 556n, 556sletters from EAP to: [LTR-82] 192-194, 195n-196n, 196s; [LTR-227] 563-565, 565n, 566s; [LTR-240] 594-597, 597n-598n, 598s — see also Biographies of EAP (SLM)

Cooley, Thomas McIntyre: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572

Cooper, Isaac: — promissory notes from EAP to: [PN-010] 894, 894n, 895s

Cooper, James Fenimore: — biographical information [LTR-66] 140n-141n — EAP solicits contribution for SLM [LTR-66] 140; [LTR-68] 146; [LTR-69c] 153n; [LTR-75] 166n — EAP’s view of [LTR-66] 140n — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-134] 335n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-114] 278; [LTR-115] 281; [LTR-116] 284; [LTR-117a] 289-291, 291n; [LTR-151] 377works by: The History of the Navy [LTR-66] 140nNed Myers [LTR-308] 786nWyandotté; or the Hutted Knoll [LTR-164a] 417s; [LTR-241] 604nletters from EAP to: [LTR-66] 140, 140n-141n, 141s; [LTR-117a] 289-291, 291n, 291s

Copperplate Five: — mentioned [LTR-196] 504n

Copy-right: — American [LTR-92a] 216, 217n; [LTR-143] 359; [LTR-145] 364; [LTR-270] 671 — International [LTR-107] 256, 258n; [LTR-108] 260; [LTR-142] 356; [LTR-172] 429, 430n; [LTR-173] 431

Corrected Proofs (H. H. Weld): — see Weld, H. H.

Corsair (New York, NY): — and Dr. T. O. Porter [LTR-227] 565n — and N. P. Willis [LTR-227] 565n; [APXA] 882

Cosey, Joseph: — forgeries attributed to [SPR-1] 902n; [SPR-2] 903s; [SPR-3] 903n-904n, 904s; [SPR-10] 910n; [SPR-12] 913n; [SPR-13] 915n; [SPR-14] 917n; [SPR-14a] 918n; [SPR-14b] 920n; [SPR-15] 921n; [SPR-16] 922n, 922s; [SPR-17] 923n; [SPR-17a] 923n; [SPR-18] 924n; [SPR-20a] 926n, 927s; [APXA] 884illustrations: MS of forgery by (SPR-14) IIB-71; IIB-72

Cosmology: — EAP’s ideas on [LTR-263] 649-657; [LTR-264] 658-660 — see also Astronomy

Council of Virginia: — illustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-1) IA-06

Courier and Daily Compiler (Richmond, VA): — attack on SLM [LTR-73] 157-159, 159n-160n, 161sletters from EAP to: [LTR-73] 157-159, 159n-160n, 161s

Courier and Enquirer (New York, NY): — EAP (Eureka) [LTR-263] 649

Court-Martial and dismissal, EAP’s: — see West Point

“Courtship of Miles Standish, The” (H. W. Longfellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.

Coutant, Richard, B., Dr. (collector): [PN-001a] 887n

Coverley, Sir Roger, de: — see Spectator

Cox, John C.: — biographical information [LTR-78a] 180nletters from EAP to: [LTR-78a] 180, 180n-181n, 181s; [LTR-85] 204-205, 205n, 205s

Craig, Samuel D.: — biographical information [LTR-183] 460nletters from EAP to: [LTR-183] 459, 460n, 460s

Cramer, Julian (pseudonym of J. L. Chester): — see Chester, J. L.

Cranch, Christopher Pearse: — EAP (Literary America) [LTR-243] 607n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572; [LTR-231a] 577n — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-231a] 577n

Crayon Miscellany (W. Irving): — see Irving, W.

Crissy, James (publisher): — J. Marshall (Life of George Washington) [LTR-44] 91n

Critic (London): — EAP (The Raven and Other Poems) [LTR-233] 580 — EAP (Tales) [LTR-233] 580

Critical History of American Literature (EAP): — see Literary America (EAP)

Criticism: — adverse affect of puffing on American literature [LTR-194] 491 — against pretenders in literature [LTR-266] 664n — on alienating people by [LTR-195] 495; [LTR-280] 709 — of anonymous critics [LTR-277] 691, 691n — Wm. E. Burton and EAP [LTR-93] 220 — Wm. E. Burton, of Pym [LTR-93] 218 — of L. J. Cist [LTR-125] 308n — P. P. Cooke, on EAP’s “Ligeia” and “Morella” [LTR-82] 193-194 — “Daily Editors notice only the most recent publications ...” [LTR-45] 92 — on R. H. Dana [LTR-241] 602-603, 604n — EAP accused of Germanism [LTR-84] 202 — EAP apologizes to C. Mathews for [LTR-172] 429 — EAP as editor of SLM [LTR-81] 190 — EAP asks P. P. Cooke to “speak of my faults ...” [LTR-227] 565 — EAP considers W. Irving to be overrated [LTR-78] 177-178 — EAP invites criticism from W. Irving [LTR-83a] 198-200 — EAP invites criticism from N. B. Tucker [LTR-52] 116 — EAP on the literary life [LTR-304] 770 — EAP praises poetry of Miss A. Blackwell [LTR-270] 671 — EAP praises poetry of Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-270] 672 — EAP replies to that of Eureka [LTR-277] 688-691 — EAP revises view on T. H. Chivers’ poetry [LTR-140] 349 — EAP seeks independence [LTR-108] 260 — of EAP’s harsh reviewing [APXA] 862 — EAP’s of J. F. Cooper [LTR-66] 140n — EAP (“Berenice”) [LTR-42] 84-85 — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-132] 325-326 — EAP (“Hans Pfaall”) [LTR-46] 95 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-241] 602-603 — EAP (“MS. Found in a Bottle”) [LTR-52] 114-115 — EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-241] 601, 604n — EAP (“Reply to English”), writing of [LTR-237] 588 — EAP (“The Sleeper”) [LTR-241] 601 — — EAP-English controversy started by [LTR-250] 620-621 of E. Everett [LTR-68a] 148n — Folio Club a burlesque of [LTR-37] 77; [LTR-74] 163 — school of Miss M. Fuller [LTR-259] 640 — general, and Penn Magazine [LTR-107] 257 — Mrs. S. J. Hale (Ormond Grosvenor) [LTR-225] 558 — on his tales [LTR-240] 595-596 — and hoaxes [LTR-308] 785-786 — humor in [LTR-193] 487; [SPR-7] 907 — independent criticism and Stylus [LTR-203] 517n — “let no man accuse me of leniency again ...” [LTR-132] 326 — Mrs. S. A. Lewis (“Prisoner of Peroté”) [LTR-297] 746-747, 747n — Mrs. S. A. Lewis (“The Child of the Sea”) [LTR-272] 676 — and libel laws [LTR-107] 256; [LTR-108] 260 — G. Lippard (“The Ladye Annabel”) [LTR-169] 423 — J. R. Lowell accuses EAP of a lack of character, and mocks EAP as a critic [APXA] 862 — need for independent criticism [LTR-106] 252 — L. Osborn (Confessions of a Poet) [LTR-43] 89, 90n — on publishing [LTR-270] 671 — of reading public’s taste [LTR-42] 84-85 — reviewing a book without reading it [LTR-277] 688 — of reviews in Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine [LTR-82] 194 — of scientists in EAP (Eureka) [LTR-320] 813 — J. E. Snodgrass on EAP [LTR-84] 202, 203n — on Miss S. A. Talley [LTR-292a] 740, 740n — F. W. Thomas (Clinton Bradshaw) [LTR-104] 248 — F. W. Thomas (Howard Pinckney) [LTR-104] 248 — troubles caused by flippant review of F. Halleck, erroneously attributed to EAP [LTR-206] 521 — poems by N. B. Tucker [LTR-52] 114, 115 — twaddle of Wm. E. Burton [LTR-82] 194 — Mrs. S. H. Whitman (“To Arcturus”) [LTR-290] 732 — of N. P. Willis [LTR-173] 430-431; [APXA] 883 — see also Magazine, ideal; and Reviews

Crock of Gold (M. F. Tupper): — see Tupper, M. F.

Crocker, Nathan Bourne, Reverend Dr.: — biographical information [LTR-295] 745n — and EAP’s marriage banns [LTR-295] 744, 745n; [LTR-301] 754; [LTR-302] 757letters from EAP to: [LTR-295] 744, 745n, 745s

“Crowning of the May Queen” (D. Bryan): — see Bryan, D.

Cryptography: — Alexander’s Weekly Messenger [LTR-81] 191n; [LTR-162] 406n — Brewster cipher [LTR-198] 507, 507n-508n — cipher versus cypher [LTR-130] 321n — Douglas cipher [LTR-198] 507, 507n-508n — EAP coinage [LTR-222] 550n — EAP (“The Gold-Bug”) [LTR-162] 406nGraham’s Magazine [LTR-162] 406n — A. B. Meek cipher [LTR-162] 403-404, 405n — C. G. Percival cipher [LTR-222] 549, 549n — and Rees’ Cyclopedia [APXA] 877 — vow against solving [LTR-162] 403-404 — Whackemwell cipher [LTR-121] 300, 300n — see also Bolton, R.; and Frailey, C. S., Dr.

Cudworth, Warren. H., Rev.: — cryptography [LTR-301] 756n — EAP sends regards to [LTR-298] 749, 749n; [LTR-301] 754; [LTR-309] 788, 788n; [LTR-317a] 808, 808n; [LTR-319] 811, 812n — EAP sends regards to Cudworth’s daughter [LTR-317a] 808, 808n; [LTR-319] 811, 812n — and EAP’s relationship with Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-309] 787; [LTR-317a] 808n — mentioned [LTR-301] 756s

“Culprit Fay, The” (J. R. Drake): — see Drake, J. R.

Cummings, A. S.: — Philomathean Society [LTR-96a] 234nletters from EAP to: [LTR-96a] 234, 234n-235n, 235s

Cunningham, Mr. (of Richmond, VA): — visits West Point [LTR-27] 58, 58n

Custom House Appointment: — see United States government

Cuvier, Jean Léopold Nicholas Frédéric, Baron (called George Cuvier): — and Conchology [LTR-249] 619, 620n


D. Appleton & Co (publishers): — see Appleton

Daily Atlas (Boston, MA): — attacks EAP [LTR-194] 492n; [LTR-195] 497, 498n

Daily Gazette (Taunton, MA): — and A. M. Ide, Jr. [LTR-163d] 411n

Daily Journal (Louisville, KY): — and G. D. Prentice [LTR-126a] 311n

Daily Madisonian (Washington, DC): — and J. E. Dow [LTR-117] 288n

Daily Standard (Philadelphia, PA): — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-111] 271s

Damon, R. Luke: [PN-008] 893s

Dana, Richard Henry: — Copperplate Five [LTR-196] 504n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-241] 604n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-241] 602-603, 604n — mentioned [LTR-163a] 408, 408n

Daniel, John Moncure: — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-330] 830, 832n — EAP (“The Raven”) [SPR-24] 930nforgeries of EAP to: [SPR-24] 929-930, 930n, 930s

Daniel, Peter Vivian: — biographical information [LTR-2] 4nletters from EAP to: [LTR-2] 4, 4n-5n, 5s

Darley, Felix Octavius Carr (illustrator): — and Aristidean [LTR-173] 433n — illustrations for EAP’s “The Gold-Bug” [LTR-259] 643n — and Stylus [LTR-153] 382n-383n; [LTR-158] 396n; [LTR-316] 805n — mentioned [LTR-315] 802, 802n

Davy, Humphry, Sir: — and the electric lamp [LTR-278] 701n

Dawes, Rufus: — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-123] 303, 304n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 573 — poetry of [LTR-141a] 353, 354n; [LTR-186] 473s — mentioned [LTR-51b] 113n; [LTR-120] 298n

De Quincey, Thomas: — works by: Confessions of an Opium Eater [LTR-42] 85, 86n

Death: — “the painful metamorphosis ...” [LTR-180] 454

“Death of M. Valdemar of New York” (EAP): — see “Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, The” (EAP)

Death, EAP’s: — and R. W. Griswold [APXA] 858 — “no desire to live since I have done ’Eureka’ ...” [LTR-323] 820 — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-81] 191n; [APXA] 872 — see also Suicide, EAP’s threats and attempts at

Death; or Medorus’s Dream (R. Tyler): — see Tyler, R.

Debts, EAP’s: — and J. Allan [LTR-9] 20 — arrested for [LTR-33] 69 — bankruptcy [LTR-135] 335-336, 336n — and BJ [LTR-228] 566; [LTR-241] 604s — and J. C. Cox [LTR-85] 204 — and J. E. Dow [LTR-156] 389; [LTR-197] 505 — EAP claims to be out of debt [LTR-32] 68 — EAP claims to have made sacrifices to pay [LTR-250] 621-622 — EAP denies owing Wm. E. Burton [LTR-93] 218 — EAP threatened with warrants for [LTR-28] 61 — and G. W. Eveleth [LTR-228] 566 — for army substitute [LTR-14] 33; [LTR-16] 36-37; [LTR-25] 54 — and L. A. Godey [LTR-261] 646 — and G. R. Graham [LTR-164a] 415; [LTR-255] 632; [LTR-256] 634 — and Sergeant S. Graves [LTR-25] 54 — and H. Greeley [LTR-250] 622n; [PN-004] 889 — and Sergeant Griffiths [LTR-25] 54 — in Richmond (VA) [LTR-68] 145 — settling debts [LTR-330] 831 — and Mrs. M. L. Shew [LTR-254] 630 — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-156] 389 — and the University of VA [LTR-28] 59-60 — and West Point [LTR-27] 57 — see also Borrowing and attempts to borrow; and Finances

Decisions of cases in Virginia, by the High Court of Chancery (G. Wythe): — see Wythe, G.

Decius (unidentified pseudonym): — review of EAP’s lecture on “The Universe” [LTR-264] 660n

Defoe, Daniel: — works by: Robinson Crusoe [LTR-113] 276n; [LTR-153] 382; [LTR-308] 785, 786nTrue Relation of the Apparition of One Mrs. Veal [LTR-308] 785, 786n

DeGraw, James L.: — Union Magazine of Literature and Art [LTR-271] 675n

DeKay, James Ellsworth, Dr.: [LTR-327] 826n

Delphian Club (Baltimore, MD): — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-21] 48n

Deming, Henry Champion: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573Saturday Emporium [LTR-229] 570n

Democratic Review (New York, NY): — see United States Magazine and Democratic Review

Depôt Hotel (New York, NY): [LTR-174] 437

Depression: — see Melancholy

“Descent into the Maelström, A” (EAP): — EAP claims as one of his best tales [LTR-179] 450 — EAP (Prose Tales of EAP) [LTR-122] 301, 302n — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-74] 164n — finished in a hurry [LTR-120] 297 — publication of [LTR-120] 299n — see also Pay

Destiny: [LTR-278] 695

Detective stories: — see “Gold-Bug, The” (EAP); “Murders in the Rue Morgue, The” (EAP); “Mystery of Marie Rogêt, The” (EAP); and “Purloined Letter, The” (EAP)

“Devil in the Belfry, The” (EAP): [LTR-78a] 181n

“Devil’s Visit to St. Dunstan, The” (J. Tomlin): — see Tomlin, J.

Dew, Thomas Roderick: [LTR-59] 130; [LTR-62] 134, 135n; [LTR-68] 146

Dewey, Orville: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573works by: The Old World and the New [LTR-73] 158

Dewitt & Davenport (magazine agents): [LTR-302a] 761n

Dewitt, B. M.: [LTR-302a] 761n

Dial (Boston, MA): — EAP claims no quarrel with [LTR-126] 309, 310n — Mrs. E. S. Hooper (“I Slept and Dreamed that Life was Beauty”) [LTR-334] 842s — mentioned [LTR-195] 498n

Diary in America (F. Marryat): — see Marryat, F.

Dickens, Charles [John Huffam]: — EAP claims to have had two long interviews with [LTR-179] 450, 451n — slurring article on “American Poetry” [LTR-173] 431; [LTR-175] 441; [LTR-179] 450, 451nworks by: Barnaby Rudge [LTR-132] 326, 327n; [LTR-193] 487; [LTR-320] 816n; [SPR-7] 907; [SPR-25] 931n

Dickinson College (Carlisle, PA): — EAP declines invitation to deliver anniversary poem [LTR-234] 584

Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities (C. Anthon): — see Anthon, C.

“Diddling Considered as One of the Exact Sciences” (EAP): — mentioned [LTR-175] 441 — publication of [LTR-175] 442n — mentioned [SPR-5] 906n

Didier, Eugene Lemoine: — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [APXA] 878-879

“Disaster following fast, following faster ...: — see “Raven, The” (EAP)

Discharge from Army: — see Army

Discords: — versus harmony [LTR-52] 115

“Discoveries in the Moon” (R. A. Locke): — see Locke, R. A.

D’Israeli, Isaac: — possible correspondence with EAP [LTR-82] 193, 195nworks by: Literary Characters [LTR-181] 456n

Divine Comedy, The (D. Alighieri): — see Alighieri, D.

“Divine Right of Kings, The” (EAP): — attributed to EAP [LTR-214] 532n

Dixon, Turner (student at U. Va): [LTR-3] 6, 7n

Doctors, EAP’s: — see Buckler, Dr.; Freeman, Dr.; and Mitchell, J. K., Dr.

Doheny, Estelle, Countess (collector): [LTR-287a] 727s

“Doings of Gotham” (EAP): — Letter III [LTR-120] 299n — Letter IV [LTR-186] 473s; [LTR-307b] 782n — publication of [LTR-197] 506n; [LTR-278a] 705, 705n — N. P. Willis (“Unseen Spirits”) [LTR-174a] 440n — mentioned [LTR-178] 448n

Dollar Magazine (Philadelphia, PA): — see Holden’s Dollar Magazine

Dollar Newspaper (Philadelphia, PA) (also Dollar Weekly): — EAP (“The Gold-Bug”) [LTR-153] 383n; [LTR-161a] 403n; [LTR-164a] 417s; [LTR-175] 442n; [LTR-193] 488n; [LTR-197] 506n; [LTR-259] 641, 643n — EAP (“Mesmeric Revelation”) [LTR-188] 473 — EAP (“The Premature Burial”) [LTR-175] 442n — EAP (“The Spectacles”) [LTR-172] 430n; [LTR-173] 431, 432n; [LTR-175] 442n — mentioned [LTR-136] 338n

“Domain of Arnheim, The” (EAP) (“Landscape Garden, The”): — EAP sends to Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-280] 712, 714n

Domestic Slavery (J. L. Carey): — see Carey, J. L.

Donkey-Dom: — EAP coinage [LTR-227] 563, 565n

Doom of the Drinker, The (T. D. English): — see English, T. D.

“Doom, The” (article in SLM): — see Benedict

Douglas, Richard: — cryptograph [LTR-198] 507

Dover (England): — mentioned [LTR-42] 84

Dow, Jesse Erskine: — biographical information [LTR-78b] 182n — and D. Bryan [LTR-139] 348nDaily Madisonian [LTR-117] 288n — EAP apologizes to, for drinking episode in Washington, DC [LTR-156] 388, 389; [LTR-182] 458 — EAP’s debt to [LTR-156] 389; [LTR-197] 505, 506n — EAP’s visit to Washington (DC) [LTR-154] 386s; [LTR-156] 388-390; [LTR-182] 458n; [LTR-189] 476n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-126a] 311n — “I fear has given me up; never writes; never sends a paper ...” [LTR-132] 326Index [LTR-117] 288n; [LTR-124] 305; [LTR-127] 313, 315s; [LTR-131] 323n — review of Graham’s Magazine [LTR-127] 314n — visits New York (NY) [LTR-198] 508n — wife of [LTR-156] 389 — mentioned [LTR-117] 288; [LTR-126a] 311; [LTR-131] 322; [LTR-142] 356; [LTR-189] 475, 476s; [LTR-198] 507works by: “Old Ironsides off a Lee Shore” [LTR-78b] 181n — “Sketches from the Log of Old Ironsides” [LTR-78b] 181, 181nletters from EAP to: [LTR-78b] 181, 181n-182n, 182s

Downey: [LTR-25] 54 — unidentified [LTR-25] 54n

Downing, Alexander Jackson: — works by: A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening [LTR-141a] 354n

Down-Town Bard (pseudonym for N. P. Willis): — see Willis, N. P.

Dr. Faustus (C. Marlowe): — see Marlowe, C.

Drake, Daniel, Dr.: — biographical information [LTR-126a] 311n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-126a] 311 — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-126a] 311

Drake, Joseph Rodman: — works by: The Culprit Fay and Other Poems [LTR-73] 158; [LTR-210a] 528n

Drama of Exile and Other Poems, The (Miss E. B. Barrett): — see Barrett, E. B., Miss

“Dramatic Scenes” (EAP): — see Politian (EAP)

Draper, John William: — “a pompous nobody ...” [LTR-320] 813, 814n-815n

Drayton, William: — works by: South Vindicated from the Treason and Fanaticisim of the Northern Abolitionists [LTR-51b] 112n; [LTR-62] 134n

“Dream of Eugene Aram, The” (T. Hood): — see Hood, T.

“Dream Within a Dream, A” (EAP): [LTR-280] 715n; [LTR-307b] 784s

“Dream, The” (in SLM): [LTR-52] 116

“Dream-Land” (EAP): [LTR-179] 450; [LTR-207] 523 — publication of [LTR-207] 524n

Dreams: — “Helen of a thousand dreams ...” [LTR-278] 696, 702n — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-278] 694, 700; [LTR-280] 711, 712, 715n

Drinking, EAP’s: — arrested for [LTR-323] 821 — ashes [LTR-207] 524, 524n — Wm. E. Burton attacks EAP on, and EAP’s defense [LTR-109] 263-264, 265n — done forever with [LTR-239] 592 — EAP’s promise to Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-301] 753, 755n; [LTR-306] 778 — EAP’s promise to Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-285] 720n — EAP’s visit to Washington (DC) [LTR-156] 388-389, 391s-392s; [LTR-161] 401n; [LTR-162] 406n; [LTR-182] 458, 458n — EAP-English controversy [LTR-253a] 629n — G. W. Eveleth defends EAP against charges of [APXA] 856 — “fought the enemy manfully, and am now ... comfortable and happy ...” [LTR-54] 120 — and gregariousness [LTR-263] 648 — “I am straight as judges ...” [LTR-145a] 366, 366n — “I have’nt drank a drop ...” [LTR-174] 438, 439s — instrumental in losing SLM job [LTR-48] 104n; [LTR-50] 108n-109n — mania-à-potu [LTR-327] 825, 826n — “my sole drink is water ...” [LTR-109] 264 — “never amounted to a habit ...” [LTR-77a] 175, 176n — and Virginia C. Poe’s illness [LTR-259] 641 — Port wine [LTR-327] 826 — Port wine, rummy coffee, and mint juleps [LTR-141a] 353; [LTR-156] 389, 391n — resolved not to [LTR-207] 524 — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [APXA] 879 — L. A. Wilmer is concerned about [LTR-162] 406n — mentioned [LTR-255] 633n; [LTR-327] 826

Drinking, other: — students at University of VA [LTR-28] 60 — see also Absinthe; and Allan, J.

“Drowne’s Wooden Image” (N. Hawthorne): — see Hawthorne, N.

Dryden, John: [LTR-120] 297

Du Ponceau, Peter Stephen: — biographical information [LTR-69a] 151n — EAP solicits contribution for SLM [LTR-69a] 150-151, 151nletters from EAP to: [LTR-69a] 150-151, 151n, 151s

Du Solle, John Stephenson: — EAP-English controversy [LTR-235] 585Spirit of the Times [LTR-144] 362, 362n

Duane, William: — mentioned [LTR-229] 570n-571n — see also Autographs, other

Duane, William John: [LTR-63] 136n

Duane, William, Jr.: — biographical information [LTR-63] 136n — “Bombastes Furioso Poe ...” [LTR-191] 481n — and borrowed SLM volumes [LTR-174] 439n; [LTR-184] 461; [LTR-191] 480, 481n — and EAP’s full signature [Intro] xxix — and MSS of B. Franklin [LTR-63] 135-136letters from EAP to: [LTR-184] 461, 461n-462n, 462s; [LTR-191] 480, 481n, 481s

Dubourg, George: — J. Allan writes to [Intro] xxxi; [APXA] 847

Dubourg, Misses: [APXA] 847

“Duc de L’Omelette, The” (EAP): — SLM [LTR-83] 198n — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-46] 97n; [LTR-57] 126n — mentioned [LTR-182] 458n

Duke, [Bernard ?]: [LTR-25] 54, 55n

Dunciad, The (A. Pope): — see Pope, A.

D’Unger, Robert: [LTR-141] 352n; [LTR-167] 420s

Dunnell, Thomas Lyman: — EAP (“Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-279] 706; [LTR-291] 735, 737sletters from EAP to: [LTR-279] 706, 706n, 706s; [LTR-291a] 737, 737n, 738s

Dunning, Mr. (of Hatch & Dunning): [LTR-23] 51

Dupin, C. Auguste (EAP’s detective character): — hair-splitting [LTR-240] 595, 598s — mentioned [LTR-136] 338; [LTR-137] 340

Duval, Peter S. (lithographer): [LTR-109a] 266, 267n

Duyckinck, Evert Augustus: — biographical information [LTR-192a] 486n; [LTR-201] 512nArcturus [LTR-192a] 486n; [LTR-252] 626, 627nCyclopedia of American Literature [LTR-192a] 486s — EAP asks favor from [LTR-229] 569-570 — EAP offers share in BJ to [LTR-201] 512; [LTR-211] 529n — EAP promises to call at home of [LTR-209] 526 — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 854-855 — and EAP’s disappointment in The Narrative of A. G. Pym [LTR-93] 222n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 571n; [LTR-229a] 572; [LTR-242] 606n — EAP (“Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-194] 491 — EAP (The Raven and Other Poems) [LTR-208] 525 — EAP (“Reply to English”) [LTR-236] 587, 587n — EAP (Tales) [LTR-201] 512n; [LTR-223] 551n; [LTR-226] 562s; [LTR-240] 595, 598n; [LTR-241] 601, 603n — EAP (Tales), proposed second edition of [LTR-223] 550 — EAP (“Ulalume”) [LTR-305] 774; [LTR-307b] 783n; [LTR-308] 786 — EAP (“Von Kempelen and His Discovery”) [LTR-307b] 783n; [LTR-308] 785 — “a good fellow ...” [LTR-307b] 781, 783sLiterary World [LTR-252] 626, 627n; [LTR-304] 772n; [LTR-307b] 783n; [LTR-320] 815n; [LTR-332] 838n — and H. W. Longfellow [LTR-242] 605, 605n; [APXA] 854 — and C. Mathews [LTR-192a] 486nMorning News [LTR-220] 543n; [LTR-229] 570 — “one of our great little cliquists and claquers ...” [SPR-11] 912, 912n; [SPR-23] 929n — mentioned [LTR-68a] 148s; [LTR-199] 509n; [LTR-208] 526n; [APXA] 871letters from EAP to: (possible) [LTR-220a] 543, 544n, 544s; [LTR-226] 560-561, 561n-562n, 562s-563s; [LTR-234] 583-584, 584n, 584s-585sletters from EAP to: [LTR-192a] 486, 486n, 486s; [LTR-201] 512, 512n-513n, 513s; [LTR-208] 525, 525n-526n, 526s; [LTR-209] 526, 526n, 526s; [LTR-215] 533-534, 534n-535n, 535s; [LTR-220] 543, 543n, 543s; [LTR-223] 550, 551n, 551s; [LTR-229] 569-570, 570n-571n, 571s-572s; [LTR-236] 587, 587n, 587s; [LTR-242] 605, 605n-606n, 606s; [LTR-244] 608, 609n, 609s; [LTR-305] 774, 774n-775n, 775s; [LTR-308] 785-786, 786n-787n, 787s

Duyckinck, George Long: — Literary World [LTR-201] 512n; [LTR-308] 786n; [LTR-320] 815n; [LTR-332] 838n — and Stylus [LTR-244] 609n — mentioned [SPR-11] 912n


“E. P. Whipple and Other Critics” (EAP): — see “About Critics and Criticism” (EAP)

Eames, Charles: — biographical information [LTR-304] 773n — mentioned [LTR-304] 771

EAP, self-characterization: — “already had my share of trouble for one so young ...” [LTR-15] 35 — ambitious [LTR-8] 17 — as a critic [LTR-280] 709 — “confident of success ...” [LTR-7] 15 — constitutionally sensitive [LTR-259] 641 — deeply satisfied [LTR-8] 17 — and drinking [LTR-263] 648 — EAP to Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-280] 706-713 — “excessively slothful, and wonderfully industrious — by fits ...” [LTR-179] 448 — “from my childhood, an idler ...” [LTR-21] 47 — “the greatest fool in existence ...” [LTR-32] 68 — “I have an inveterate bad habit of speaking the truth ...” [LTR-82] 192-193 — “I have never loved dissipation ...” [LTR-28] 60 — irrevocably a poet [LTR-12] 27; [LTR-21] 47 — “It is well to think well of one’s self ...” [LTR-24] 52 — “a literary man ...” [LTR-117] 287 — “my life has been whim — impulse — passion ...” [LTR-179] 450 — “my life seems wasted — the future looks a dreary ...” [LTR-312a] 796 — “my way-ward disposition ...” [LTR-7] 15 — “my whole existence has been the merest Romance ...” [LTR-267] 666 — “no longer a boy ...” [LTR-7] 14 — “not given to flattery ...” [LTR-163d] 410 — “not peculiarly sensitive to the strictures of others ...” [LTR-195] 496 — “playing hermit in earnest ...” [LTR-182] 457 — potentially nervous about examinations at U. VA [LTR-4] 8 — “Quixotic sense of the honorable ...” [LTR-280] 708 — sensitive temperament [LTR-109] 263; [LTR-280] 707 — “seized, of late, with a fit of industry ...” [LTR-197] 504 — “so anxious that I cannot write ...” [LTR-330] 831 — “so far essentially a Magazinist ...” [LTR-186] 470 — sternly independent [LTR-79] 182 — “terrible excitement ...” [LTR-288] 727 — “the unconquerable procrastination which besets the poet ...” [LTR-240] 594 — a Virginian [LTR-117] 287, 288n; [LTR-227] 565n — “a young man who thinks so remarkably well of himself ...” [LTR-156] 390

Earl House (Providence, RI): [LTR-279] 706, 706n

Earle, Pliny, Dr.: — biographical information [LTR-102] 245n; [LTR-322] 818n — Bloomingdale Asylum for the Insane [LTR-322] 818 — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-322] 818n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 573, 573n — EAP (“The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether”) [LTR-102] 245nworks by: “By an Octogenarian” [LTR-102] 245Marathon and Other Poems [LTR-102] 245n; [LTR-322] 818, 818nA Visit to Thirteen Asylums in Europe [LTR-102] 245nletters from EAP to: [LTR-102] 245, 245n-246n, 246s

East and West (F. W. Thomas): — see Thomas, F. W.

Eaton, John Henry, Major (Secretary of War): — EAP’s application for West Point [LTR-16] 37; [LTR-18] 41; [LTR-19] 43; [LTR-20] 45 — mentioned [LTR-10] 23n; [LTR-11] 24n; [LTR-16] 39n; [LTR-26] 56

Edgar Poe and His Critics (Mrs. S. H. Whitman): — see Whitman, S. H., Mrs.

Edinburgh Review (Edinburgh): [LTR-52] 116n

Editorial notices, by EAP: — see Reviews, by EAP

Education, EAP’s: — J. Allan offered and didn’t fulfill promise of [LTR-5] 10; [LTR-28] 59 — EAP’s interest in obtaining [LTR-5] 10 — and languages [LTR-131] 322 — see also Burke, Wm.; University of VA; and West Point

Egyptian Saloon (Baltimore, MD): — see Odd Fellow’s Hall

El Embozado (P. Calderón): — see Calderón de la Barca, Pedro (El Purgatorio de San Patricio)

El Purgatorio de San Patricio (P. Calderón): — see Calderón de la Barca, Pedro

“Eldorado” (EAP): — as a song [LTR-258] 639n — gold-hunting [LTR-304] 773n — publication of [LTR-307b] 784s, 785s

Elements of Universal Erudition, The (J. F. Bielfeld): — see Bielfeld, J. F.

“Eleonora” (EAP): — publication of [LTR-122] 302n; [LTR-136] 338n

Eleven Tales of the Arabesque (EAP): — see Tales of the Folio Club (EAP)

Eliza (of Saco, ME): — see Thornton, E. G., Mrs.

“Elk, The” (EAP) (also “Morning on the Wissahickon”): — publication of [LTR-175] 441, 442n; [LTR-199] 509n

Elkswatawa (J. S. French): — see French, J. S.

Elkton (MD): — EAP visits [LTR-168a] 422, 422n

Ellen Wareham (J. B. Buckstone): — see Buckstone, J. B.

Ellet, Elizabeth F., Mrs.: — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 856 — as EAP’s enemy [LTR-220] 543s; [LTR-280] 708-709, 713n; [LTR-290] 731-732, 733n; [LTR-306] 777; [LTR-307b] 781n; [LTR-322a] 819n; [APXA] 864, 867 — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-280] 709 — and Miss A. C. Lynch [LTR-224] 554nMorning News [LTR-220] 543 — “she revolted me ...” [LTR-306] 777, 778n — mentioned [LTR-73] 158; [LTR-220] 543nworks by: “Maiden’s Leap” [LTR-306] 778n

Elliot, Jesse Duncan, Commodore: — and Stylus [LTR-156] 390, 390n

Ellis, Charles: — letter from J. Allan to [Intro] xxxi — Richmond Academy [LTR-48] 105n

Ellis, Jane: — see Tucker, N. B. (wife of)

Ellis, Thomas H.: — reminiscence of EAP cited [LTR-1] 3n

Ellison, Mr. (character): — in EAP (“The Landscape Garden”) [LTR-141a] 354n

Embossed: — design [LTR-293] 742s — monogram of EAP [LTR-223a] 552s; [LTR-224] 554s; [LTR-224a] 555s; [LTR-225] 560s — monogram of VEP [LTR-234] 584s-585s

Embury, Emma, Mrs.: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572 — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-129] 316, 317n

Emerald, The (Baltimore, MD): — Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems (EAP) [LTR-137] 342n

Emerson, Ralph Waldo: — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-123] 303, 304n — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-180] 455n — Emerson and Hudson coterie [LTR-280] 709 — G. Gilfillan (Sketches of Modern Literature and Eminent Literary Men) [LTR-242] 605, 606n — and A. M. Ide, Jr. [LTR-163d] 412s — and Wm. D. Kelley [LTR-116a] 286n — “a pretender and sophist ...” [LTR-180] 454n — mentioned [LTR-179] 450

Employment: — EAP seeks job for his friend Dr. Freeman [LTR-268] 668 — EAP seeks teaching job [LTR-40] 82, 82n; [LTR-48] 104n-105n — see also United States government

“Endymion, A Tale of Greece” (H. B. Hirst): — see Hirst, H. B.

Enemies, EAP’s: — attack EAP after his death [APXA] 879 — in Baltimore (MD) [LTR-80] 188; [LTR-81] 189 — and BJ [LTR-219] 542 — EAP seeks “complete triumph over those little critics ...” [LTR-84] 202 — and EAP’s drinking [LTR-259] 641 — and EAP’s health [LTR-239] 591; [LTR-246] 611-612 — and EAP-Annie relationship [LTR-306] 775, 777; [LTR-307] 779n; [LTR-309] 787 — “little birds of prey ...” [LTR-239] 591 — “old scores to settle ...” [LTR-304] 771 — and reviewing [LTR-93] 220; [LTR-194] 491-492; [LTR-195] 495; [LTR-280] 709 — in Richmond (VA) [LTR-18] 42 — slander of the world [LTR-280] 712 — thoughts on [LTR-169] 423-424, 425n — see also Attacks on EAP; Burton, Wm. E.; Ellet, E. F., Mrs.; English, T. D.; Lynch, A. C., Miss; Poe, N.; Reply to English (EAP); and Wilmer, L. A.

England: — Bostonians, “decidedly the most servile imitators of the English ...” [LTR-304] 770 — EAP in (as a child, with the Allan family) [Intro] xxxi; [LTR-9] 21n; [LTR-30] 66n; [LTR-47] 100, 101n; [APXA] 847 — reception of EAP’s writings in [LTR-233] 580; [LTR-239] 593; [LTR-240] 596; [LTR-244] 608; [LTR-245] 610 — and N. P. Willis [LTR-198] 507 — mentioned [LTR-225] 559; [LTR-227] 564

English, Thomas Dunn: — Aristidean [LTR-153] 383n; [LTR-307b] 782n — “a blatherskite” [LTR-259] 640 — as Thomas Dunn Brown [LTR-169] 424n; [LTR-243] 607n — “bullet-headed and malicious villain ...” [LTR-182] 458, 458n — the Don [LTR-156] 389, 391n — and J. Du Solle [LTR-235] 585 — duel with H. B. Hirst [LTR-235] 585 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-169] 424n; [LTR-202] 514n; [LTR-229a] 572; [LTR-235] 585, 586n; [LTR-243] 607n; [LTR-250] 620-621, 622n; [LTR-253a] 629n; [LTR-307b] 782n — EAP (“Reply to English”) [LTR-236] 587, 587n; [LTR-252] 627 — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-202] 514n; [LTR-232] 578n; [LTR-235] 585, 586n; [LTR-237] 588; [LTR-238] 590; [LTR-246] 611, 613n; [LTR-250] 620-621; [LTR-253a] 629n; [LTR-259] 640; [LTR-275a] 684s — Mrs. E. F. Ellet’s miserable tool [LTR-280] 709; [LTR-306] 777, 778n — “a knave and a beast ...” [LTR-307b] 781, 781n, 782n — G. Lippard (Bread Crust Papers) [LTR-169] 424n — F. W. Thomas (The Beechen Tree) [LTR-189] 476s — and N. P. Willis [APXA] 883 — and H. A. Wise [LTR-235] 585 — mentioned [LTR-220a] 543, 544nworks by: The Doom of the Drinker [LTR-161] 401n — “The Lady Hubbard” (hoax on EAP) [SPR-20] 925-926, 926n — see also Law; and New-York Mirror

“Enigma, An” (EAP): [LTR-257] 636, 637n, 637s; [LTR-307b] 782n-783n

“Enigmatical and Conundrum-ical” (EAP): [LTR-81] 191n

“Epimanes” (EAP): — EAP offers to New-England Magazine [LTR-37] 77 — publication of [LTR-37] 77n; [LTR-50] 108; [LTR-83] 198n

“Epipsychidion” (P. B. Shelley): — see Shelley, P. B.

“Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot” (A. Pope): — see Pope, A.

“Ermina’s Tale” (Mrs. J. E. S. Locke): — see Locke, J. E. S., Mrs.

Essay on Life and Writings of Bishop Butler (J. C. Passmore): — see Passmore, J. C.

Ettrick Shepard, The: — see Hogg, J.

“Eulalie” (EAP): — EAP sends to Pioneer [LTR-152] 379, 379n, 380s — manuscript of [LTR-313] 800s

Eureka (1848) (EAP): — and J. Wm. Draper [LTR-320] 813, 815n — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-307b] 783n — EAP answers criticism against [LTR-277] 688-690 — EAP can accomplish nothing more [LTR-323] 820, 821n — EAP sends a copy to Mrs. M. Osborne [LTR-275] 682, 683n — and EAP (“Mellonta Tauta”) [LTR-259] 642n; [LTR-261] 646n; [LTR-312a] 797n — and G. W. Eveleth [LTR-320] 813, 815n — and J. H. Hopkins, Jr. [LTR-248] 618n; [LTR-265] 662n; [LTR-273] 679n — points discussed [LTR-277] 688-690 — proofreading [LTR-267] 665 — publication of [LTR-267] 667n; [LTR-269] 670n; [LTR-275a] 684n; [PN-009] 894n — reviews of [LTR-263] 657n; [LTR-264] 660n; [LTR-265] 662n; [LTR-269] 670n; [LTR-275a] 683; [LTR-317a] 807, 808n; [LTR-319] 810; [LTR-332] 838n — and Mrs. M. L. Shew [LTR-248] 618n; [LTR-273] 680n — mentioned [LTR-179] 451n; [LTR-263] 658n; [LTR-275a] 684s; [LTR-317a] 808s; [LTR-322a] 819n — see also Pay; and “Universe, The” (EAP’s lecture)

“Evangeline” (H. W. Longfellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.

Evans (of Sartain’s Magazine): [SPR-13] 914

Evans, Elwood: — letters from EAP to: [LTR-163a] 408, 408n, 408s

Eveleth, George Washington: — biographical information [LTR-228] 566n-567n — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 856-858 — and EAP (“The Rationale of Verse”) [LTR-255] 633n — and J. H. Ingram [APXA] 856 — Maine Medical School (Phillips, ME) [LTR-320] 814n — praise of EAP [LTR-241] 600-601 — speculates about authorship of reviews [LTR-241] 602, 603n-604n — “a Yankee impertinent ...” [SPR-11] 912n; [SPR-23] 929, 929n — mentioned [LTR-326] 824nillustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-263) IIA-47; IIA-48 — letters from EAP to: (possible) [LTR-307a] 780s-781sletters from EAP to: [LTR-228] 566, 566n-567n, 567s; [LTR-241] 600-603, 603n-604n, 604s-605s; [LTR-249] 618-619, 619n-620n, 620s; [LTR-252] 626-627, 627n, 627s-628s; [LTR-259] 639-642, 642n-643n, 644s; [LTR-263] 647-657, 657n-658n, 658s; [LTR-320] 813-814, 814n-816n, 816s

Evening Mirror (New York, NY): — see New-York Mirror

Evening Post (New York, NY): — see New York Evening Post

Evening Star (New York, NY): — see New York Evening Star

Evening Transcript (Boston, MA): — attacks EAP [LTR-195] 497, 498n — review of EAP (Eureka) [LTR-264] 660n

Everett, Edward: — biographical information [LTR-68a] 147n-148n — EAP solicits contribution for SLM [LTR-68a] 147 — EAP (“Autography”) [LTR-68a] 148n, 148s; [LTR-229] 570, 570n — EAP (“Eulogies on Marshall”) [LTR-68a] 147nletters from EAP to: [LTR-68a] 147, 147n-148n, 148s

Examiner and Hesperian (Pittsburgh, PA): — see Literary Examiner and Monthly Review

“Example and Precept” (J. K. Paulding): — see Paulding, J. K.

Exchange (Philadelphia, PA): [LTR-104] 248

Expenses: — see Finances

Explanatory and Phonographic Pronouncing Dictionary (Wm. Bolles): — see Bolles, Wm.

Express (New York, NY): — see New York Express





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