Text: J. W. Ostrom, B. R. Pollin, and J. A. Savoye, “Index F-L,” The Collected Letters of Edgar Allan Poe — Vol. II: 1846-1849 (2008), pp. vii-xii (This material is protected by copyright)


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Fable for Critics, A (J. R. Lowell): — see Lowell, J. R.

“Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, The” (EAP): — bad taste [LTR-52] 117nBaltimore Saturday Visiter [APXA] 871 — and Miss E. B. Barrett [LTR-233] 581; [LTR-240] 596 — and EAP (“The Cask of Amontillado”) [SPR-12] 913; [SPR-13] 914; [SPR-14] 916, 917n; [SPR-14a] 918; [SPR-14b] 919; [SPR-15] 921 — EAP (“Last Days of M. Valdemar”) [LTR-244] 608 — and EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-179] 452n; [LTR-224c] 557n — EAP (“Mesmerism in Articulo Mortis”) [LTR-244] 608; [LTR-245] 610n — in England [LTR-224c] 556, 557n; [LTR-233] 580; [LTR-244] 608; [LTR-245] 609-610, 610n — and Harlem (NY) [LTR-312] 795n — a hoax [LTR-224c] 556, 557n; [LTR-245] 609; [LTR-252] 627; [LTR-308] 786; [SPR-10] 910, 910n — and London Times [LTR-233] 580 — “Mesmerism in America” [LTR-224c] 557nPopular Record of Monthly Science [LTR-224c] 557n; [LTR-245] 610 — publication of [LTR-233] 581n; [LTR-245] 610n — somnambulism [LTR-179] 452n — mentioned [LTR-227] 565; [SPR-13] 915

“Fairyland” (EAP): — see “Heaven” (EAP)

Falconer, John: — cryptography [APXA] 877

“Fall of the House of Usher, The” (EAP): — Boston Notion [LTR-136] 338n — EAP lists as among his best tales [LTR-179] 450 — and EAP (“The Haunted Palace”) [LTR-112] 272, 272n — R. W. Griswold (The Prose Writers of America) [LTR-193] 488n; [SPR-7] 907 — and W. Irving [LTR-82] 193, 195n — newspaper opinion of [LTR-81] 190 — mentioned [SPR-14] 916-917, 917n

Fame: — money follows fame [LTR-227] 564

Family Magazine (New York, Philadelphia, and Cincinnati): — EAP (The Narrative of A. G. Pym) [LTR-111] 270n — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-111] 270

Family, EAP’s: — see Poe family

Fancher, Enoch L. (attorney for EAP): — biographical information [LTR-253a] 629n — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-237] 588, 589n; [LTR-238] 590, 590n; [LTR-253a] 629nletters from EAP to: [LTR-253a] 629, 629n, 629s

Faraday, Michael (scientist): — and the electric lamp [LTR-278] 701n

Farmer, Dr.: [SPR-12] 913; [SPR-14a] 918; [SPR-18] 924, 924n

Fashion (Mrs. A. C. Mowatt): — see Mowatt, A. C., Mrs.

Fate: — and EAP-Annie relationship [LTR-298] 748 — “you make your own fate ...” [LTR-138] 345

Fauvel-Gouraud, Francis: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 573works by: Phreno-Mnemotechny; or, the Art of Memory [RC-003] 897n

Fay, Theodore Sedgwick: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572 — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-129] 316, 317nworks by: Norman Leslie [LTR-73] 159, 160n; [LTR-75] 166n

Felton, Cornelius Conway (scholar and educator): — and Frogpondia [LTR-259] 642n

Female Poets of America, The (R. W. Griswold): — see Griswold, R. W.

Fenwick, Samuel: — EAP (“The Raven”) [SPR-24] 929-930, 930n

“Few Words About Brainard, A” (EAP): — pay for [RC-002] 896n

“Few Words on Flaccus, A” (EAP): [SPR-7] 907

“Few Words on Secret Writing, A” (EAP): [LTR-121] 301n

Fiat Justitia (pseudonym of T. H. Chivers): — see Chivers, T. H.

“Field Sports” (series of articles): — in Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine [LTR-93] 219, 221n-222n

Field, Joseph M.: — biographical information [LTR-233] 581nDaily Reveillé [LTR-237] 589nletters from EAP to: [LTR-233] 579-581, 581n-583n, 583s

Field, Thomas Warren: — biographical information [LTR-204] 518nletters from EAP to: [LTR-204] 518, 518n, 518s

Fields, James Thomas: — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-143] 360n — and O. W. Holmes [LTR-243] 607s-608s — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-291] 737s — Wm. D. Ticknor & Co. [LTR-243] 607n

“Fifty Suggestions” (EAP): — posterity [LTR-179] 451n — publication of [LTR-319] 811n — Transcendentalists [LTR-180] 455n — mentioned [LTR-107] 259n

Fillmore, Millard (US president): — and J. P. Kennedy [APXA] 861

Finances: [LTR-48] 102-103, 104, 105n — and J. Allan [LTR-4] 9s; [LTR-5] 11; [LTR-6] 12-13, 13n; [LTR-7] 15; [LTR-11] 23-24, 24n-25n; [LTR-16] 36-38, 38n; [LTR-19] 43, 44n; [LTR-22] 49-50, 50n; [LTR-23] 50; [LTR-28] 59-60; [LTR-29] 63-64; [LTR-32] 67, 69n; [LTR-33] 69; [LTR-34] 70-71, 72s; [LTR-38] 79, 80n; [LTR-47] 100; [LTR-79] 185 — annuity for EAP’s grandmother [LTR-64] 137, 138n — application for teaching job because of [LTR-40] 82 — and army substitute [LTR-14] 33; [LTR-16] 36-37; [LTR-25] 54, 54n — and BJ [LTR-197] 506n; [LTR-205] 519, 519n; [LTR-211] 529, 529n; [LTR-215] 534; [LTR-216] 535; [LTR-228] 567, 567n; [LTR-228a] 568n; [LTR-250] 622n; [PN-004] 889n, 890n; [PN-005] 891n — C. A. Bristed gives EAP money [LTR-247] 617 — C. C. Burr gets money for EAP [LTR-326] 824, 825n; [LTR-327] 826 — Wm. E. Burton deducts from EAP’s salary [LTR-93] 220Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine [LTR-93] 218-220 — Mrs. M. P. Clemm (boarding house plans) [LTR-53] 118, 119n; [LTR-60] 131; [LTR-68] 145 — Mrs. M. P. Clemm (EAP attempts to sell property for) [LTR-163c] 409, 410n — Mrs. M. P. Clemm (income from sewing) [LTR-23] 51n — difficulties of a literary life [LTR-118] 292 — EAP seeks government appointment [LTR-134] 333; [LTR-145] 363 — EAP sells books sent for review [LTR-242] 606n — EAP tries to establish back-pay claim of D. Poe, Sr. [LTR-64] 137-138, 138n — EAP’s interest in wealth [LTR-280] 710-711, 712; [LTR-298] 749; [LTR-301] 753; [LTR-306] 778; [APXA] 851, 878 — and EAP (“Al Aaraaf”) [LTR-13] 30 — EAP (Phantasy Pieces), no money to publish [LTR-186] 470-471 — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-237] 588; [LTR-238] 590n; [LTR-252] 626; [LTR-253a] 629, 629n — general reckoning [LTR-215] 534, 534n — L. A. Godey gives EAP money [LTR-327] 826 — and G. R. Graham [LTR-132] 325 — and J. Herron [LTR-138] 344-345 — Mrs. M. E. Hewitt collects money for EAP [LTR-195a] 500n — “I deliberately threw away from me a large fortune ...” [LTR-280] 708 — influencing EAP on Mrs. S. A. Lewis [LTR-257] 637n — and J. P. Kennedy [APXA] 861 — lectures [LTR-167] 419; [LTR-260] 644-645; [LTR-316] 804; [LTR-328] 828; [LTR-330] 830; [LTR-332] 837 — G. Lippard gives EAP money [LTR-327] 826 — and Mrs. M. St. Leon Loud [LTR-330] 831; [LTR-334] 842n — and move to New York [LTR-174] 437, 438 — no prospects [LTR-30] 65 — S. D. Patterson gives EAP money [LTR-327] 826 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-96] 232; [LTR-97] 236-237; [LTR-98] 239; [LTR-106a] 255n; [LTR-140] 350; [LTR-145] 363, 364 — Richmond (VA) trip [LTR-326] 824, 825n; [LTR-327] 826; [LTR-332] 837 — robbed [LTR-14] 33; [LTR-16] 37 — J. Sartain gives EAP money [LTR-327] 826 — the solving of cryptographs has cost EAP money [LTR-162] 404 — and Stylus [LTR-153] 381; [LTR-173] 432; [LTR-185] 463-464; [LTR-186] 468-469; [LTR-259] 643n; [LTR-312] 793-794; [LTR-329] 829, 829n; [APXA] 868 — and the University of VA [LTR-28] 59-60 — Col. J. W. Webb gives EAP money [LTR-260] 645n — and West Point [LTR-19] 43; [LTR-29] 64n — see also Borrowing and attempts to borrow; Debts; Magazines and annuals; Pay; Poverty; and Salary

Fisher, E. Burke: — Literary Examiner and Monthly Review [LTR-81] 191n; [LTR-82] 195n; [LTR-120] 298, 299n

Fitch & Co. (Wall Street, NY): — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-240a] 599n

Flaccus (pseudonym of Thomas Ward): — see Ward, T.

Flag of Our Union (Boston, MA): — circulation of [LTR-303] 767n — and I. Cooper [PN-010] 894n — EAP offers to contribute to [LTR-302b] 765, 765n — EAP (“A Dream Within a Dream”) [LTR-307b] 784s — EAP (“Eldorado”) [LTR-304] 773n; [LTR-307b] 784s, 785s — EAP (“For Annie”) [LTR-286] 724n; [LTR-307b] 783n, 784s; [LTR-309] 788, 789n; [LTR-310] 790-791, 791n; [LTR-312a] 798n — EAP (“Hop-Frog”) [LTR-302b] 765n; [LTR-303] 768s; [LTR-307a] 780, 780n; [LTR-309] 789n — EAP (“Landor’s Cottage”) [LTR-280] 715n; [LTR-309] 789n; [LTR-312a] 797, 798n, 798s — EAP (“To My Mother”) [LTR-293] 741n; [LTR-307b] 784s; [LTR-312a] 797, 798n, 798s, 799s — EAP (“A Valentine”) [LTR-302b] 765n; [LTR-307a] 780, 780n, 781s; [LTR-307b] 784s — EAP (“Von Kempelen and His Discovery”) [LTR-279] 706n; [LTR-304] 773n; [LTR-307b] 783n; [LTR-308] 785, 786n — EAP (“X-ing a Paragrab”) [LTR-307a] 780, 780n, 781s; [LTR-312a] 798s-799s — and F. Gleason [LTR-303] 767n — H. Judson (“The Wanderer’s Return”) [LTR-307b] 785s — Pete (“The Negro Who Did Not Believe in Ghosts”) [LTR-307b] 785s — “vulgar and trashy ...” [LTR-307b] 781, 783n — mentioned [LTR-299] 751, 751n; [LTR-301] 754; [LTR-303] 767 — see also Magazines and annuals

Flaxman, John (artist): — Pioneer [LTR-151] 376

Fletcher, John: — mentioned as a contemporary of Wm. Shakespeare [LTR-21] 49n

Flint, Timothy: — J. H. Ingraham (Lafitte) [LTR-132] 327n — and SLM [LTR-68] 146

“Florence Vane” (P. P. Cooke): — see Cooke, P. P.

Folio Club, Tales of the (EAP): — see Tales of the Folio Club (EAP)

Food: — EAP details breakfast and supper in New York [LTR-174] 437-438

Fools: — “I hate to let a fool imagine that he may excel me ...” [LTR-179] 448

Footprints, or, Fugitive Poems (J. C. Passmore): — see Passmore, J. C.

“For Annie” (EAP): — and A. G. Chester [LTR-309a] 790, 790nFlag of Our Union [LTR-286] 724n; [LTR-307b] 783n, 784s; [LTR-309] 788, 789n; [LTR-310] 791, 791n; [LTR-312a] 798n — R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of America) [LTR-317] 806, 806n; [SPR-23] 928Home Journal [LTR-310] 790-791, 791n-792n; [LTR-312a] 797, 798n, 799s; [LTR-316] 804, 804n; [LTR-317] 807s; [LTR-320] 814, 815n — and Mrs. S. A. Lewis [LTR-314] 800, 801s — MS sent to Miss S. A. Talley [Intro] xxxii — “much the best I have ever written ...” [LTR-309] 788Oquawka Spectator [LTR-316] 804n — and E. H. N. Patterson [LTR-316] 804 — publication of [LTR-286] 724n; [LTR-307b] 783n — and N. P. Willis [LTR-307b] 783n; [LTR-310] 790-791 — mentioned [LTR-327] 827n

Fordham (NY): — better for EAP not to return to [LTR-332] 837 — and Miss A. Blackwell [LTR-270] 673s — “buried in the woods ...” [LTR-267] 666 — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-274] 681 — EAP living in [LTR-239] 591; [LTR-266] 664; [LTR-267] 666, 667n; [LTR-270] 674s; [LTR-306] 777 — EAP moves to [LTR-227] 565n; [LTR-304] 772n — and H. B. Hirst [LTR-266] 664n — J. H. Hopkins, Jr. visits [LTR-265] 662, 662n — “a little village of the Empire State ...” [LTR-304] 769 — “living buried in the country makes a man savage ...” [LTR-304] 771 — and Mrs. J. E. S. Locke [LTR-312a] 797 — no Post Office at [LTR-239] 593; [LTR-242] 605n; [LTR-278] 696; [LTR-292a] 739; [LTR-304] 769; [LTR-312] 792 — and Mrs. M. Osborne [LTR-275] 682n — and Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-286] 723 — mentioned [LTR-256a] 635; [LTR-280] 713, 714n; [LTR-285] 720, 720n; [LTR-294] 744; [LTR-326] 823; [LTR-330] 831; [SPR-12] 913; [SPR-13] 914; [SPR-14] 916; [SPR-14a] 918; [SPR-14b] 919, 920; [SPR-15] 921; [SPR-17] 922; [APXA] 858, 859

Forester, Frank (pseudonym of H. Wm. Herbert): — see Herbert, H. Wm.

Forgeries: — possible forgeries [LTR-86] 206s; [LTR-92a] 217s; [LTR-152] 380s; [LTR-154] 386s; [LTR-223a] 552s; [LTR-224] 554s-555s; [LTR-224a] 555s; [LTR-226] 562s-563s; [LTR-234] 585s; [LTR-268] 669s; [LTR-271] 675s-676s; [LTR-313] 800s; [LTR-314] 801s; [LTR-315] 803s — and R. W. Griswold [APXA] 854, 859-860 — see also Cosey, J.

Forgery: — EAP accused of [LTR-202] 514, 514n-515n; [LTR-250] 621; [LTR-253a] 629n; [LTR-259] 640

Forgues, Paul-Emile Daurand: — EAP (“The Murders in the Rue Morgue”) [LTR-244] 609n

Forman, Buxton: — executor for R. H. Horne [LTR-172] 430n

“Forsaken, The” (Mrs. S. A. Lewis): — see Lewis, S. A., Mrs.

Forster, John: — and C. Dickens [LTR-179] 451n

Fort Monroe: — EAP arrives at [LTR-7] 15n; [LTR-8] 18s — Lieutenant J. Howard [LTR-7] 15; [LTR-8] 18 — mentioned [LTR-9] 19; [LTR-11] 24n; [LTR-25] 55n, 55s; [APXA] 48

Fort Moultrie: — EAP at [LTR-7] 13, 15n — Wm. Rufus (“Rufiana”) [LTR-241] 603n — mentioned [LTR-8] 16, 17

Fortunato (character in EAP’s “The Cask of Amontillado”): — mentioned [SPR-13] 914

Foster, George G.: — asks EAP to join him in editing a new magazine in New York [LTR-143] 359, 361nAurora [LTR-143] 359 — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-104] 249n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 573John-Donkey [LTR-143] 361n — edits P. B. Shelley (Poetical Works) [LTR-278] 702nSt. Louis Bulletin [LTR-104] 249n — and the Yankee Doodle [LTR-143] 361n

Fourier, Charles: — and A. Brisbane [LTR-229] 571n

Fox, Kate and Margaretta: [APXA] 881

Frailey, Charles S., Dr.: — cipher [LTR-118] 292-294, 294n; [LTR-130] 318-319, 319n-320n; [LTR-131] 322; [LTR-162] 404; [LTR-198] 508s — EAP’s visit to Washington (DC) [LTR-156] 389 — Masonry [LTR-118] 294n

France: — EAP (“The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”) [LTR-245] 610, 610n — EAP (“The Murders in the Rue Morgue”), copied in [LTR-244] 608, 609n — and Polish independence [LTR-30] 65

Francis, John Wakefield: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570, 571n; [LTR-229a] 572, 573, 574n

Frankford (PA): — and P. Earle [LTR-102] 245

Franklin Literary Society (Jefferson College): — EAP made honorary member [LTR-73a] 161n-162n

Franklin, Benjamin: — First Postmaster General [Intro] xxvii — MSS of [LTR-63] 135-136, 136n

Frederick (MD): — and J. Poe [LTR-47] 99

Frederickson, Charles William (collector): — transcript by [LTR-148] 372s

Freeman, Dr.: — EAP endorses for position [LTR-268] 668, 668n, 669s

French, James Strange: — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-331a] 836n — and ideal magazine [LTR-331a] 836n — and the University of VA [LTR-331a] 836n — mentioned [LTR-331a] 836works by: Elks-watawa [LTR-73] 158; [LTR-331a] 836n

French, John Calvin: — transcript by [LTR-168] 422s

French, Mr. S.: — agent for Flag of Our Union [LTR-302b] 765, 765n; [LTR-308] 785, 786n

Friends’ Hospital for the Insane (Frankford, PA): — and P. Earle [LTR-102] 245n

“Friends of Childhood” (J. E. Snod-grass): — see Snodgrass, J. E. (“Childhood Scenes”)

Friends, EAP’s: — J. Allan as [LTR-32] 68 — C. Anthon as [LTR-186] 466 — in Baltimore (MD) [LTR-80] 188 — betrayals by [LTR-322a] 819 — C. A. Bristed as [LTR-247] 617; [LTR-269] 669 — C. C. Burr as [LTR-327] 826 — H. D. Chapin as [LTR-260] 645n — T. H. Chivers as [LTR-140] 349; [LTR-207] 524; [LTR-216] 535; [LTR-239] 592; [APXA] 851 — J. E. Dow as [LTR-78b] 182n — E. A. Duyckinck as [LTR-215] 533 — EAP says he has none [LTR-30] 65 — EAP sends regards to [LTR-3] 6; [LTR-8] 17, 18; [LTR-14] 33 — “a hundred for every individual enemy ...” [LTR-280] 709 — “I have had few friends ...” [LTR-186] 466 — A. M. Ide, Jr. as [LTR-163d] 410, 411 — J. P. Kennedy as [LTR-41] 83n; [LTR-43] 89; [LTR-50] 107; [LTR-106] 252; [LTR-118] 292; [LTR-131] 322, 323n; [LTR-168a] 423s; [APXA] 860-861 — G. Lippard as [LTR-169] 424n-425n; [LTR-327] 826 — Mrs. J. E. S. Locke as [LTR-267] 666 — “no friend to look to ...” [LTR-33] 69; [LTR-34] 71; [LTR-35] 72 — not without friends [LTR-246] 612 — Wm. J. Pabodie as [LTR-292] 738 — in Philadelphia (PA) [LTR-106a] 254 — in Richmond (VA) [LTR-19] 44n; [LTR-54] 120; [LTR-68] 145 — Mrs. A. L. Richmond as [LTR-301] 753; [APXA] 869-870 — J. E. Snodgrass as [LTR-81] 189 — and Stylus [LTR-101] 244; [LTR-153] 381; [LTR-259] 642; [LTR-262] 647 — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-78b] 182n; [LTR-142] 357n — F. W. Thomas as [LTR-104] 249, 249n, 250s; [LTR-134] 333, 334n; [APXA] 873-874 — J. Tomlin as [LTR-101] 243-244 — and the University of VA [LTR-19] 44n — “a very few friends ...” [LTR-38] 79 — Wm. R. Wallace as [LTR-142] 357n — West Point acquaintances [LTR-79] 186 — women as [LTR-322a] 819 — mentioned [LTR-251] 624

Frogpondia and Frogpondium: — see Boston (MA)

Froissart Ballad and Other Poems (P. P. Cooke): — see Cooke, P. P.

“From the Romaic of Christopoulos” (S. G. Bulfinch) — see Bulfinch, S.G.

Frost, John: — biographical information [LTR-88] 209n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-88] 209n — Frostigraphical [LTR-104] 249, 250n

Fuller, [Sarah] Margaret, Miss: — “a detestable old maid ...” [LTR-304] 770 — and Dial [LTR-126] 310n — EAP describes as a “grossly dishonest and an inconsistent old maid ...” [LTR-259] 640 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572, 573, 574n — and A. N. Howard [SPR-14] 917n — lampooned in an engraving in BJ [LTR-195] 498n — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-259] 640; [LTR-304] 770 — and Miss A. C. Lynch [LTR-290] 731, 733n — and C. Mathews [LTR-172] 429n; [LTR-304] 771 — “a pretender and sophist ...” [LTR-180] 454n — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-280] 709 — mentioned [LTR-180] 455n; [LTR-280] 712, 713nworks by: Papers on Literature and Art [LTR-259] 642n

Fuller, Hiram: — EAP sues [LTR-238] 590n, 591n; [LTR-280] 709 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-224] 553n-554n — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-233] 579, 580, 581; [LTR-246] 611, 613n; [LTR-250] 622, 622n; [LTR-253a] 629n; [LTR-280] 709; [LTR-307b] 781n — Mrs. E. F. Ellet’s miserable tool [LTR-280] 709; [LTR-306] 777, 778n — wife of [LTR-233] 579works by: “Mr. Poe and the New York Literati” [LTR-233] 579

Fuller, Mr.: — see Fuller’s Hotel

Fuller, Thomas: — works by: Pisgah Sights [LTR-327] 827n

Fuller’s Hotel (Washington, DC): — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-154] 386s; [LTR-156] 389, 390n

Furness, William H.: — and The Gift [LTR-176a] 445n


Gable, William F. (collector): [PN-005] 891s

Galerie Populaire des Contemporains (L. L. de Loménie): — see Loménie, L. L. de

Gallagher, William Davis: — works by: Selections from the Poetical Literature of the West [LTR-137a] 344n

Gallatin, [Albert?]: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572

Galt family: — relations in Scotland [LTR-245] 610 — mentioned [LTR-4] 9s

Galt, James (adopted son of Wm. Galt, Sr.): — EAP sends regards to [LTR-10] 22; [LTR-26] 56 — EAP writes to for financial assistance [LTR-28] 60, 63s — and Last Will and Testament of Wm. Galt [LTR-10] 23n; [LTR-23] 51n — visits West Point [LTR-27] 58 — wife of [LTR-10] 22; [LTR-26] 56; [LTR-27] 58 — writes to EAP [LTR-28] 63s

Galt, William, Jr. (adopted son of Wm. Galt, Sr.): — EAP sends regards to [LTR-10] 22 — and Last Will and Testament of Wm. Galt [LTR-10] 23n; [LTR-23] 51n — letter addressed to J. Allan care of [LTR-3] 7s; [LTR-7] 16s — mentioned [LTR-23] 50

Galt, William, Sr. (uncle of J. Allan): — and J. Allan [LTR-79] 185 — the Byrd (estate in Goochland County, VA) [LTR-15] 35n — Last Will and Testament of [LTR-10] 23n; [LTR-15] 35n; [LTR-23] 51n; [LTR-79] 185 — letter addressed to J. Allan care of [LTR-3] 7s; [LTR-7] 16s

Gambling: — and the University of VA [LTR-28] 60

Ganton, The (ship): — and death of Miss F. A. Thomas [LTR-240a] 600n

Gardner, Colonel T. C.: — Brewster cipher [LTR-198] 507

Gazette (Philadelphia, PA): — see Philadelphia Gazette

Geesey, Titus C. (collector): — mentioned [LTR-283] 718s

Genealogy: — J. Allan’s [LTR-245] 610, 610n — EAP’s [LTR-47] 98-100; [LTR-79] 182-185 — EAP’s genealogical table [LTR-79] 184 — Poe family in Ayrshire (Scotland) [LTR-245] 610n

General Theological Seminary (NY): — and J. H. Hopkins, Jr. [LTR-265] 662n; [LTR-277] 691n

“Genius” (S. A. Talley): — see Talley, S. A., Miss

Genius: — EAP’s interest in [LTR-292a] 740n-741n

Gentleman, A (London): — letters from EAP to: [LTR-224c] 556, 557n, 557s

Gentlemen’s Magazine (Cincinnati, OH): — EAP promises to contribute to [LTR-301] 754, 756n; [LTR-312a] 796, 797n — mentioned [LTR-312a] 798s

George Balcombe (N. B. Tucker): — see Tucker, N. B.

Georgia (state): — EAP plans to visit [LTR-205] 519, 519n

Gérard, Jean Ignace Isidore (French illustrator and caricaturist): — see Grandville

Germanism: — EAP accused of in his tales [LTR-84] 202

Germany: — EAP claims family origins in [LTR-79] 183, 186n

Ghosts: — and metaphysics [LTR-179] 449

Gibbon, James, Major: — EAP letter of recommendation from [LTR-10] 22, 23n

Gift, The (gift book, or annual): — and Carey & Hart [LTR-39] 81n; [LTR-176a] 444n-445n — EAP (“Eleonora”) in (1842) [LTR-122] 302n — EAP (“MS. Found in a Bottle”) in (1836) [LTR-39] 81n; [LTR-50] 108, 109n; [LTR-83a] 199; [LTR-86] 206n — EAP (“The Pit and the Pendulum”) in (1843) [LTR-133a] 329n — EAP (“The Purloined Letter”) in (1845) [LTR-175] 442n; [LTR-176a] 444; [LTR-179] 450 — EAP (“William Wilson”) [LTR-82] 194, 195n — W. Irving (“An Unwritten Drama of Lord Byron”) [LTR-83a] 199, 200n — and Miss E. Leslie [LTR-39] 81n — and C. W. Thomson [LTR-96] 233n

Gigoux, Jean François (artist): — engravings for A. R. Lesage (Gil Blas) [LTR-153] 382; [LTR-158] 394, 396n

Gil Blas de Santillane, L’Histoire de (A. R. Lesage): — see Lesage, A. R.

Gilderslieve, Mrs. C. H.: — and Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-293a] 743s

Giles, Peyton: — rejected from West Point [LTR-26] 56

Gilfillan, George: — works by: Sketches of Modern Literature and Eminent Literary Men [LTR-242] 605, 606n

Gill, William Fearing: [APXA] 868 — betrays Mrs. S. H. Whitman’s trust of privacy [APXA] 878, 879 — and EAP’s birth date [LTR-317] 807n — and prospectus of Stylus [LTR-316] 805n

Gillespie, William Mitchell: — biographical information [LTR-193b] 490n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-193b] 490n; [LTR-229a] 572, 574n — and Mrs. F. S. Osgood [LTR-193b] 490n; [LTR-195] 498n; [APXA] 866letters from EAP to: (renumbered) [LTR-220b] 544, 544nletters from EAP to: [LTR-193b] 490, 490n, 490s

Gleason, Frederick: — biographical information [LTR-302b] 765nFlag of Our Union [LTR-303] 767, 767nletters from EAP to: [LTR-302b] 765, 765n-766n, 766s

Glory and Shame of England, The (C. E. Lester): — see Lester, C. E.

Gloucester (VA): — and Wm. J. Hubard [LTR-57] 124, 125

Glyndon (character in E. Bulwer-Lytton’s Zanoni): [LTR-267] 665, 667n

Gnoman (pseudonym, possibly of L. J. Cist): — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-169a] 426nworks by: “To Flora” [LTR-169a] 426n

“Goblet of Life, The” (H. W. Longfellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.

Godey, Louis Antoine: [LTR-229a] 574s — EAP quarrels with [LTR-312a] 796, 797n, 798s — and EAP (“Annabel Lee”) [SPR-23] 929, 929n — EAP (“The Cask of Amontillado”) [SPR-15] 920; [SPR-16] 922 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 571n; [LTR-229a] 574n — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-236] 587; [LTR-237] 588, 589n — and G. W. Eveleth [LTR-252] 627, 627n; [LTR-255] 633n — “a good little man ...” [LTR-263] 648, 657n — helps EAP [LTR-327] 826, 826n — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-90] 211; [LTR-126] 309, 310n — and N. P. Willis [LTR-129] 317n — mentioned [LTR-132] 325; [LTR-173] 432, 432n-433n; [LTR-177] 445, 445n, 446n; [LTR-227] 564illustrations: MS promissory note from EAP to (PN-8) IIB-68 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-229a] 572-573, 573n-574n, 574s; [LTR-237] 588-589, 589n, 590s; [LTR-261] 645-646, 646n, 646spromissory notes from EAP to: [PN-001a] 887, 887n; [PN-006] 891, 892n, 892s; [PN-007] 892, 892n, 893s; [PN-008] 893, 893n, 893s — see also Godey’s Lady’s Book

Godey’s Lady’s Book (Philadelphia, PA): — Wm. C. Bryant (Complete Poetical Works) [LTR-229] 571n; [LTR-239] 592, 593n; [PN-007] 892n — circulation of [LTR-132] 325 — comments on EAP’s illness [LTR-239] 593n — EAP praises paper, type, and quality of engravings [LTR-132] 325 — EAP (“The Cask of Amontillado”) [PN-008] 893n; [SPR-12] 913; [SPR-13] 914; [SPR-14] 915; [SPR-14a] 918; [SPR-14b] 919; [SPR-15] 920; [SPR-16] 922 — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-226] 562n; [PN-006] 892n — EAP (“Mellonta Tauta”) [LTR-261] 646, 646n; [LTR-307b] 782n; [LTR-312a] 797n — EAP (“The Oblong Box”) [LTR-174a] 440n; [LTR-175] 442n; [LTR-177] 445n, 446n-447n; [LTR-179] 450 — EAP (“A Tale of the Ragged Mountains”) [LTR-175] 442n — EAP (“Thou Art the Man”) [LTR-175] 442n; [LTR-177] 445n, 446n-447n; [LTR-179] 451 — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-237] 588, 589n; [LTR-250] 620, 622n — T. D. English (“The Lady Hubbard,” a hoax on EAP) [SPR-20] 926n — and L. A. Godey [LTR-229a] 574s; [LTR-263] 657n — and Mrs. S. J. Hale [LTR-75] 166n; [LTR-177] 445n; [LTR-225] 559n — Mrs. S. J. Hale (Ormond Grosvenor) [LTR-225] 558 — N. Hawthorne, EAP’s article on [LTR-158] 396n; [LTR-252] 627n; [LTR-259] 639, 642n; [LTR-291] 736n; [LTR-312] 795n — Mrs. M. E. Hewitt (The Songs of Our Land, and Other Poems) [LTR-239] 592, 593n — C. Mathews (Big Abel and the Little Manhattan) [PN-006] 892n — J. Maubey (“The Toilette”) [LTR-230] 575, 575n — as Milliner’s Book [LTR-307b] 782n — Mrs. F. S. Osgood (A Wreath of Wild Flowers from New England) [LTR-239] 592, 593n — Wm. G. Simms (the Wigwam and the Cabin) [LTR-239] 592, 593n; [PN-006] 892n — Mrs. E. O. Smith (Poetical Writings) [PN-006] 892n — J. E. Snodgrass (“Reproof of a Bird”) [LTR-126] 309, 309n — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-81] 191n — “Specimens of American Poets” (hoax on EAP) [SPR-20] 926s — and H. T. Tuckerman [LTR-307b] 783n — mentioned [LTR-173] 433n; [LTR-301] 755, 756n; [SPR-18] 924 — see also Godey, L. A.; “Literati of NYC, The” (EAP); and Magazines and annuals

Godwin, Julia, Mrs. (wife of P. Godwin): — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570, 571n; [LTR-229a] 572

Godwin, Mary Jane, Mrs. (wife of Wm. Godwin): — mentioned [LTR-229] 571n

Godwin, Parke: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570, 571n; [LTR-229a] 572 — and P. B. Shelley [LTR-241] 602

Godwin, William: — mentioned [LTR-229] 571n; [LTR-242] 606n

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von: — and Miss M. Fuller [LTR-259] 640

“Gold-Bug, The” (EAP): — and R. T. Conrad [LTR-132] 326n-327n — cryptography [LTR-162] 406n — and F. O. C. Darley [LTR-153] 383n; [LTR-259] 643n — EAP lists as among his best tales [LTR-179] 450 — EAP sends a copy to J. R. Lowell [LTR-179] 451 — and EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-197] 505, 506nGraham’s Magazine [LTR-259] 643n — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-193] 487, 488n; [SPR-7] 908 — G. Lippard praises [LTR-169] 425n — “my most successful ...” [LTR-175] 441, 442nPhiladelphia Saturday Courier [LTR-161a] 403n — publication of [LTR-175] 441, 442n — reasons for writing [LTR-197] 505, 506n — and J. E. Snodgrass [APXA] 871 — and Stylus [LTR-259] 643n — wins Dollar Newspaper contest [LTR-132] 326n-327n; [LTR-259] 641, 643n — mentioned [LTR-213] 532n — see also Dollar Newspaper; and Pay

Goldsmith, Oliver: — and D. Bryan [LTR-139] 348n

Goodspeed’s Book Shop: [LTR-302a] 761s; [SPR-20a] 927s

Gore, Catherine G. F., Mrs.: — works by: Percy Ranthorpe [LTR-301] 755, 756n

Gossler, Jacob L.: — Columbia Spy [LTR-178] 447n; [LTR-278a] 705n

Gould, Hannah Flagg, Miss: — works by: Poems [LTR-73] 158

Gouraud, Francis F.: — see Fauvel-Gouraud, F.

Gove, Mary, Mrs.: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572 — and A. N. Howard [SPR-13] 914, 915n — and J. Neal [APXA] 865

Gove, William J., Dr.: — and Mrs. M. Gove [SPR-13] 915n

Government clerkship: — see United States government

Governor of Virginia: — illustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-1) IA-06

Graeff, William, Jr.: — biographical information [LTR-170] 427nletters from EAP to: [LTR-170] 426-427, 427n, 427s; [LTR-171] 428, 428n, 428s

Graham, George Rex: — biographical article on EAP [LTR-173] 430, 431; [LTR-175] 441; [LTR-179] 451; [LTR-181] 457n; [LTR-185] 462 — and L. J. Cist [LTR-169a] 425; [LTR-177a] 446 — and R. T. Conrad [LTR-108] 261n; [LTR-132] 325; [LTR-255] 633n — EAP reduced to Sartain’s and Graham’s [LTR-312a] 796 — and EAP (“Annabel Lee”) [SPR-17] 923n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-123] 303, 304n; [LTR-132] 325; [LTR-255] 633n — and EAP (“The Gold-Bug”) [LTR-259] 641, 643n — and EAP (“The Rationale of Verse”) [LTR-259] 639 — “a gentleman of high social standing ...” [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-114] 277; [LTR-116] 283; [LTR-117a] 290 — “gentlemanly although exceedingly weak ...” [LTR-134] 333 — “a gentlemanly personage ...” [LTR-107] 257; [LTR-117] 287 — and Wm. H. Graham [LTR-122] 302n — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-137] 342n; [LTR-143] 358 — and A. M. Ide, Jr. [LTR-190a] 479 — and H. W. Longfellow [LTR-110] 268, 269n; [LTR-115] 280; [LTR-179] 451; [LTR-194a] 494n — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-185] 464n — makes EAP a liberal offer [LTR-109] 264; [LTR-139] 346 — and J. N. McJilton [LTR-133] 327 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-113] 274; [LTR-114] 277, 279, 279n; [LTR-115] 281; [LTR-116] 283; [LTR-117a] 289, 291n; [LTR-118] 292; [LTR-124] 305; [LTR-125] 306; [LTR-126] 309; [LTR-127] 313; [LTR-139] 346-347; [LTR-140] 349-350 — and Mrs. L. H. Sigourney [LTR-128] 315; [LTR-129] 316 — and Stylus [SPR-15] 920; [SPR-17] 922 — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-117] 287, 289s — wants EAP back on magazine [LTR-143] 358 — mentioned [LTR-109] 262; [LTR-132] 325; [LTR-145] 365n; [LTR-174] 438; [LTR-177a] 447s; [SPR-3] 903, 904n; [SPR-23] 929works by: “The Late EAP” [LTR-164a] 417sletters from EAP to: (renumbered) [LTR-187] 473, 473nletters from EAP to: [LTR-164a] 415-416, 416n-417n, 417s; [LTR-194a] 493, 494n, 494sreceipts from EAP to: [RC-001] 895, 895n, 896s; [RC-002] 896, 896n, 896s-897s — see also Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine; and Graham’s Magazine

Graham, William H.: — and EAP (Prose Romances) [LTR-122] 302n; [LTR-176a] 445n; [LTR-194a] 494n — and G. R. Graham [LTR-122] 302n; [LTR-194a] 493, 494n — mentioned [LTR-176a] 444

Graham’s Magazine (Philadelphia, PA): — Wm. H. Ainsworth (Guy Fawkes) [RC-001] 895n — biography of EAP [LTR-172] 432n; [LTR-175] 441, 442n; [LTR-185] 464n; [LTR-240] 597n; [LTR-267] 666, 667n; [APXA] 862, 863 — E. Bulwer-Lytton (Crit-ical and Miscellaneous Writings) [LTR-53a] 120n; [RC-001] 895n — E. Bulwer-Lytton (Night and Morning) [LTR-53a] 120n; [RC-001] 895n — Wm. E. Channing (Poems) [LTR-163d] 412n; [LTR-164a] 416n — T. H. Chivers (poetry) [LTR-140] 350n — ciphers [LTR-118] 293, 294n; [LTR-130] 318, 319n, 320n; [LTR-162] 406n; [LTR-233] 583n — circulation of [LTR-124] 305; [LTR-127] 313; [LTR-129] 316; [LTR-130] 318; [LTR-132] 325, 327n; [LTR-139] 347, 348n; [LTR-145] 364, 365n; [LTR-186] 468, 469; [LTR-312] 793 — and L. J. Cist [LTR-125] 306; [LTR-169a] 426n — W. G. Clark, obituary of [LTR-126] 310n — R. T. Conrad, article on [LTR-108] 261n; [LTR-225] 560n — contributors [LTR-129] 316, 317n — P. P. Cooke (Froissart Ballads and Other Poems) [LTR-240] 598n — J. F. Cooper (Ned Myers) [LTR-308] 786n — J. F. Cooper (Wyandotté; or the Hutted Knoll) [LTR-164a] 417s; [LTR-241] 604n — R. Dawes (poetry of) [LTR-141a] 354n — C. Dickens (Barnaby Rudge) [LTR-193] 487; [LTR-320] 816n; [SPR-25] 931n — C. Dickens (Master Humphrey’s Clock) [RC-001] 895n — C. Dickens (Old Curiosity Shop) [RC-001] 895n — “disgusted with my situation ...” [LTR-117] 287 — EAP as editor of [LTR-109] 262, 265n; [LTR-109a] 267; [LTR-110] 268; [LTR-111] 271s; [LTR-125] 306-307; [LTR-128] 315; [LTR-129] 317s; [LTR-134] 334; [LTR-246a] 613n; [PN-002] 888n — EAP comments on appearance of [LTR-132] 325 — EAP leaves [LTR-133a] 329n; [LTR-134] 333; [LTR-135] 335, 336n; [LTR-137] 341, 342n; [LTR-139] 346, 348s; [LTR-140] 349, 351n; [LTR-141] 352 — EAP seeks contributions for [LTR-110] 268; [LTR-128] 315 — EAP seeks publicity for [LTR-117] 287 — EAP’s portrait in [LTR-267] 667 — EAP’s possible return to [LTR-143] 359 — EAP’s reasons for joining [LTR-139] 346-347 — EAP (“About Critics and Criticism”) [LTR-226] 561n; [LTR-300] 752n — EAP (“An Appendix of Autographs”) [LTR-169a] 426n; [LTR-173] 430n — EAP (“The Colloquy of Monos and Una”) [LTR-120] 299n; [LTR-122] 302n; [RC-001] 895n — EAP (“The Conqueror Worm”) [LTR-164a] 417s — EAP (“A Descent into the Maelström”) [LTR-120] 299n; [LTR-122] 302n; [RC-001] 895n — EAP (“Dream-Land”) [LTR-207] 524n — EAP (“A Few Words about Brainard”) [RC-002] 896n — EAP (“A Few Words on Secret Writing”) [LTR-121] 300n, 301n — EAP (“Fifty Suggestions”) [LTR-319] 811n — and EAP (“The Gold-Bug”) [LTR-164a] 415 — EAP (“The Imp of the Perverse”) [LTR-200] 510n — EAP (“The Island of the Fay”) [LTR-122] 302n; [RC-001] 895n — EAP (“Israfel”) [RC-001] 895n — EAP (“Life in Death”) [RC-002] 896n — EAP (“The Man of the Crowd”) [LTR-122] 302n — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-224c] 557s; [LTR-269] 670n — EAP (“The Mask of the Red Death”) [RC-002] 896n — EAP (“The Murders in the Rue Morgue”) [LTR-120] 297, 299n; [LTR-122] 302n; [LTR-136] 337; [LTR-137] 340; [LTR-244] 608; [RC-001] 895n — EAP (“Never Bet the Devil Your Head”) [LTR-122] 302n; [LTR-123] 304n; [LTR-126] 310n; [RC-001] 895n — EAP (“The Oval Portrait”) [RC-002] 896n — EAP (“The Philosophy of Composition”) [LTR-125] 308n; [LTR-239] 593n; [LTR-291] 736n — EAP (“The Rationale of Verse”) [LTR-259] 639; [LTR-263] 648, 657n — EAP (“A Reviewer Reviewed”) [LTR-278a] 705n; [LTR-319] 811n — EAP (“To Helen”) [LTR-208] 525n; [RC-001] 895n — EAP (“To One Departed”) [RC-002] 896n — and Mr. F. (unidentified) [SPR-15] 921 — formed [LTR-104] 250n; [LTR-107] 258n — G. R. Graham (“The Late EAP”) [LTR-164a] 417s — G. R. Graham no longer owns [LTR-319] 811n; [SPR- 23] 929n — R. W. Griswold as editor of [LTR-111] 270n; [LTR-140] 350n; [LTR-143] 358; [LTR-161] 401n; [LTR-163b] 409n; [LTR-164] 414; [APXA] 858 — F. Halleck (poetry of) [LTR-67] 142n; [LTR-164a] 416n — N. Hawthorne (Twice-Told Tales) [LTR-158] 396n — G. Hill (The Ruins of Athens) [LTR-126] 310n — R. H. Horne (“Orion”) [LTR-164a] 417s; [LTR-172] 432n; [LTR-216] 536n — J. H. Ingraham (The Quadroone) [LTR-117] 288n — W. Irving (Biography and Poetical Remains of M. M. Davidson) [RC-001] 895n — Mrs. S. A. Lewis (The Child of the Sea and Other Poems) [LTR-257] 637n; [LTR-272] 676n; [LTR-287a] 726, 727n — H. W. Longfellow (Ballads and Other Poems) [LTR-147] 369n — H. W. Longfellow (The Spanish Student) [LTR-164] 413, 414n; [LTR-194a] 493, 494n — J. R. Lowell (Poems, 1844) [LTR-147] 369n; [LTR-164] 414n; [LTR-241] 604n — J. R. Lowell (possible poem by) [LTR-151] 377, 378n — J. R. Lowell (“Rosaline”) [LTR-147] 369n — J. R. Lowell (“A Year’s Life”) [LTR-164] 413 — J. R. Lowell, biography of [LTR-164] 414 — T. B. Macaulay (Critical and Miscellaneous Essays) [RC-001] 895n; [LTR-116a] 286n, 286s — “A magazine like Graham’s will never do ...” [LTR-180] 453 — and J. H. Mancur [LTR-226] 563s — F. Marryat (Joseph Rushbrook, or the Poacher) [LTR-86] 206n, 206s; [RC-001] 895n — C. Mathews (Wakondah) [LTR-169a] 429n — J. K. Mitchell (“The Brilliant Nor-West”) [LTR-91] 214n — namby-pamby [LTR-134] 333, 335n; [LTR-185] 464n; [LTR-329] 830n — and Mrs. R. S. Nichols [LTR-169a] 426n — Nov. 1841 issue reviewed in J. E. Dow’s Index [LTR-127] 314n — offices of [LTR-176a] 444; [LTR-177a] 446 — Mrs. F. S. Osgood (“Ida Grey”) [LTR-291] 736 — and Mrs. F. S. Osgood [APXA] 866 — C. J. Peterson, as editor of [LTR-125] 308n; [LTR-161a] 402n; [SPR-5] 906n — reviewed in Philadelphia Saturday Museum [LTR-164] 414, 414n-415n — reviews in (July 1841) [LTR-119] 296, 296n — J. N. Reynolds (A Brief Account of the Discoveries and Results of the United States’ Exploring Expedition) [LTR-164a] 416n — S. Rogers (Poems) [LTR-241] 603n — Wm. G. Simms (Confessions; or the Blind Heart) [LTR-127] 314n — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-81] 191n; [LTR-120] 297, 298n — J. E. Snodgrass (“Reproof of a Bird”) [LTR-120] 298n; [LTR-126] 309n-310n — J. L. Stephens (Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan) [LTR-111] 271n — F. W. Thomas (“The Meeting of the Lovers”) [LTR-117] 288n — and C. W. Thomson [LTR-96] 233n — and J. Tomlin [LTR-101] 244n — R. Tyler (Death; or Medorus’s Dream) [LTR-155] 387n — H. B. Wallace (Selections from the Poetical Literature of the West) [LTR-137a] 344n — H. B. Wallace visits offices of [LTR-137a] 344n — Walsh, R. (Sketches of Conspicuous Living Characters in France) [LTR-121] 301n — T. Ward (Passaic, by Flaccus) [LTR-164a] 416n; [LTR-193] 487 — S. Warren, S. (Ten Thousand a Year) [RC-001] 895n — Miss E. Wetherwald (translation of “Russian Revenge”) [LTR-133] 328n — N. P. Willis, memoir of [LTR-173] 430 — L. A. Wilmer (The Quacks of Helicon) [LTR-81] 192n; [LTR-120] 297, 298n, 299n; [LTR-206] 522n — mentioned [LTR-176] 443; [LTR-195] 495; [LTR-301] 754; [LTR-303] 767; [LTR-307b] 782n; [LTR-319] 810illustrations: MS receipts for (RC-1) IIB-69; IIB-70 — see also Magazines and annuals; and Reviews, by EAP

Grammar: — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-140] 349, 350n — French [LTR-132] 325

Granada (W. Irving): — see Irving, W.

Granbbrok, Langfred Landing: — forgeries of EAP to: [SPR-20] 925-926, 926n, 926s

Grandville (assumed name of Jean Ignace Isidore Gérard): [LTR-153] 382; [LTR-158] 394; [LTR-173] 431, 433n

Graves, Samuel, Sergeant (Bully): — EAP claims J. Allan has drinking problem [LTR-28] 54, 61 — as EAP’s army substitute [LTR-14] 33; [LTR-16] 36-37, 38n; [LTR-19] 44n; [LTR-25] 53-54, 54n — wife of [LTR-25] 54 — mentioned [LTR-26] 56nletters from EAP to: [LTR-25] 53-54, 54n-55n, 55s

Gravity: — law of gravitation [LTR-263] 649; [LTR-264] 659; [LTR-277] 689 — reaction of first divine act [LTR-263] 649; [LTR-264] 661n; [LTR-277] 689

Greaff, William: — see Graeff, Wm., Jr.

Greece of the Greeks, The (G. A. Perdicaris): — see Perdicaris, G. A.

Greeley, Horace: — and BJ [LTR-211] 529n; [PN-004] 890n — and A. Brisbane [LTR-229] 571n — EAP appeals to as honest and generous [LTR-250] 621 — EAP asks to disavow comments in Tribune [LTR-250] 620-622, 623n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572; [LTR-250] 623n — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-250] 620-622, 623n — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-137] 342n — and A. M. Ide, Jr. [LTR-163d] 412sNew York Tribune [LTR-319] 810New-Yorker [LTR-136] 338n; [LTR-304] 772n — Philomathean Society [LTR-96a] 234n — and H. J. Raymond [LTR-228b] 569nworks by: Recollections of a Busy Life [PN-004] 890sillustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-250) IIA-45; IIA-46 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-250] 620-622, 622n-623n, 623spromissory notes from EAP to: [PN-004] 889, 889n-890n, 890s

Green, William: — biographical information [LTR-218a] 540nletters from EAP to: (entry only, no text) [LTR-218a] 540, 540n, 540s

Greenwood Cemetery and Other Poems (J. L. Chester): — see Chester, J. L.

Greenwood, Grace (pseudonym of Mrs. S. J. C. Lippincott): — see Lippincott, S. J. C., Mrs.

Grey, Edward S. T. (pseudonym of EAP): — see Pseudonyms, EAP’s

Grieg, Alexander M.: — City Despatch Post [LTR-221a] 545n

Griffith, Sergeant: — EAP owes money to [LTR-25] 54, 54n

Grigesby: — see Grigsby, H. B.

Grigsby, Hugh Blair: — American Beacon [LTR-59] 129, 130n

Griswold, Rufus White: — EAP (“The Raven”), reviewed in Hartford Weekly Gazette [LTR-241] 601, 603n; [LTR-291] 735, 736n

Griswold, Rufus Wilmot: — biographical information [LTR-111] 270n; [APXA] 858 — and BJ [LTR-205] 519n; [LTR-211] 529, 529nBoston Notion [LTR-136] 338n — calls EAP “naturally unamiable” [LTR-163d] 412n — and R. Carter [LTR-267] 667n — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-140] 350n; [LTR-145] 365n — and Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-330] 833s-834s — and E. A. Duyckinck [APXA] 854 — EAP apologizes to [LTR-190] 477 — EAP borrows SLM from [LTR-208] 525n; [LTR-210] 527 — EAP meets with [LTR-193] 487, 487n; [LTR-210] 527n — EAP sends autobiographical memorandum [LTR-112] 272, 273n, 273s-274s — and EAP’s birth date [LTR-233] 582n; [LTR-317] 806, 807n — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 858-860 — as EAP’s literary executor [APXA] 858-859 — and EAP (“Ann-abel Lee”) [LTR-317] 806, 806n, 807s — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [SPR-21] 927 — EAP (“The Coliseum”) [LTR-112] 272, 273n — EAP (“The Fall of the House of Usher”) [LTR-193] 488n — and EAP (“For Annie”) [LTR-317] 806, 806n — and EAP (“The Gold-Bug”) [LTR-193] 487, 488n — EAP (“Hans Pfaall”) [LTR-46] 97n — and EAP (“The Haunted Palace”) [LTR-112] 272, 273n — EAP (“Lenore”) [LTR-317] 806, 806n — EAP (Literary America) [LTR-188] 474n — EAP (“The Man that was Used Up”) [LTR-193] 487, 488n — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-193] 487 — EAP (“Mesmeric Revelation”) [LTR-193] 487 — EAP (“The Murders in the Rue Morgue”) [LTR-193] 487, 488n — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-190] 477; [LTR-194] 492n; [LTR-196] 503, 503n — and EAP (Prose Romances) [LTR-193] 488n — and EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-143] 359; [LTR-196] 502, 503n — EAP (“The Sleeper”) [LTR-112] 273n; [LTR-196] 502 — and P. Earle [LTR-322] 818n-819n — and falsification of EAP letters [LTR-190] 477n; [LTR-193] 488s; [LTR-211] 529n; [LTR-240] 598s; [LTR-307b] 783s; [SPR-4] 905n; [SPR-5] 905n-906n; [SPR-6] 907n; [SPR-7] 908n; [SPR-8] 909n; [SPR-9] 909n-910n; [SPR-23] 929n — “gotten himself into quite a hornet’s nest ...” [LTR-143] 358 — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-109] 265n; [LTR-111] 270n; [LTR-134] 333; [LTR-137] 342n; [LTR-139] 346; [LTR-140] 349, 350n; [LTR-143] 360n; [LTR-164] 414; [LTR-164a] 416n; [APXA] 858 — “lacks independence or judgement ...” [LTR-164] 414 — and G. Lippard [LTR-327] 826n — and H. W. Longfellow [LTR-110] 269n — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-161] 401 — Ludwig (pseudonym) [APXA] 858, 859 — J. Milton (Prose Works) [SPR-21] 928n — Wm. Motherwell (Poems) [LTR-321] 817nNew World [LTR-88] 209n — and Mrs. R. S. Nichols [LTR-169a] 426n — obituary of EAP [LTR-247] 617n — and Mrs. F. S. Osgood [LTR-210a] 528n — and Wm. J. Pabodie [LTR-292] 738n; [LTR-294] 744s; [LTR-295] 745sPhiladelphia Saturday Museum article on EAP [LTR-153] 383n — “A precious fellow ...” [LTR-145] 364 — and H. J. Raymond [LTR-228b] 569n — Rutgers Female Institute [LTR-200a] 511, 511n — and SLM [LTR-129] 317 — and R. H. Stoddard [LTR-103] 247s — and B. Taylor [LTR-271] 675n — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-117] 289s; [LTR-124] 304-305, 305n; [LTR-127] 313, 314n; [LTR-131] 323n — and J. R. Thompson [LTR-302a] 761s-762s — “a Turkey Buzzard ...” [LTR-164] 414n — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-303] 767n — and L. M. Wilkins [LTR-163b] 408 — mentioned [LTR-214] 533s; [LTR-227] 564; [LTR-241] 603n; [LTR-270] 673n; [SPR-18] 924, 924nworks by: The Female Poets of America [LTR-169a] 426n; [LTR-257] 637n; [LTR-292a] 740n; [LTR-299] 750, 751n; [LTR-314] 801n; [LTR-321] 816, 817n; [LTR-334] 842n; [SPR-21] 927; [APXA] 858The Poets and Poetry of America [LTR-47] 101n; [LTR-112] 272, 273n; [LTR-124] 304, 305n; [LTR-127] 314n; [LTR-137] 342n; [LTR-139] 348n; [LTR-143] 358; [LTR-147] 369n; [LTR-150b] 376n; [LTR-163b] 409n; [LTR-193] 487, 487n, 488n; [LTR-194] 492n; [LTR-199] 509n; [LTR-226] 563s; [LTR-240] 597, 598n; [LTR-317] 806n; [SPR-5] 906n; [SPR-6] 907n; [APXA] 858The Poets and Poetry of America, EAP on [LTR-137] 341; [LTR-139] 347; [LTR-143] 358; [SPR-4] 904The Poets and Poetry of America, EAP reviews [LTR-143] 360n-361n; [SPR-4] 905nProse Works of John Milton [SPR-21] 928nThe Prose Writers of America [LTR-190] 477n; [LTR-193] 487, 487n; [SPR-6] 906; [APXA] 858Works of the Late EAP [LTR-190] 477n; [LTR-240] 598n; [LTR-243] 607n; [LTR-300] 752n; [LTR-307b] 782n; [LTR-309] 789n; [APXA] 858-859illustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-112) IB-24 — portrait of IIA-37 — forgeries of EAP to: [SPR-4] 904, 905n, 905s; [SPR-5] 905, 905n-906n, 906s; [SPR-6] 906-907, 907n, 907s; [SPR-7] 907-908, 908n, 908s; [SPR-8] 908-909, 909n, 909s; [SPR-9] 909, 909n-910n, 910s; [SPR-21] 927, 927n-928n, 928s; [SPR-23] 928-929, 929n, 929sletters from EAP to: [LTR-111] 270, 270n-271n, 271s; [LTR-112] 272, 272n-273n, 273s-274s; [LTR-190] 477, 477n, 477s; [LTR-193] 487, 487n-488n, 488s; [LTR-196] 502-503, 503n-504n, 504s; [LTR-210] 527, 527n, 527s; [LTR-211] 529, 529n, 529s; [LTR-317] 806, 806n-807n, 807s; [LTR-321] 816-817, 817n-818n, 818s

Grotesque: — in reviews [LTR-52] 114 — and the reading public [LTR-42] 84

Gulliver’s Travels (J. Swift): — see Swift, J.

Gwynn, William: — biographical information [LTR-31] 67nBaltimore Gazette and Daily Advertiser [LTR-31] 67n; [LTR-43] 90n — EAP seeks employment [LTR-31] 66-67 — mentioned [LTR-51b] 113nletters from EAP to: [LTR-31] 66-67, 67n, 67s

“Gymnastics” (EAP): — Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine [LTR-83] 197, 198n; [LTR-93] 222n


Haines, Hiram: — biographical information [LTR-72] 157nAmerican Constellation [LTR-72] 157n — EAP acknowledges the promise of a fawn from [LTR-92] 215, 216n — and Th’ Time o’ Day [LTR-72] 157n — and Virginia Star [LTR-72] 157nworks by: Mountain Buds and Blossoms [LTR-72] 157nillustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-72) IA-14 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-72] 156, 157n, 157s; [LTR-92] 215, 215n-216n, 216s

Hale, David Emerson (son of Mrs. S. J. Hale): [LTR-75] 165, 166n

Hale, Sarah Josepha [Buell], Mrs.: — biographical information [LTR-75] 166nBoston Miscellany [LTR-149] 373n — EAP (“Autography”) [LTR-75] 165, 166n — EAP (“A Chapter of Suggestions”) [LTR-177] 445, 445n — EAP (“The Oblong Box”) [LTR-174a] 440n; [LTR-176] 443; [LTR-177] 446n — and Godey’s Lady’s Book [LTR-75] 166nLadies’ Magazine [LTR-75] 166n — and The Opal [LTR-176] 443, 443n-444n; [LTR-199] 509n — J. Sartain (American Gallery of Art) [LTR-270] 673nworks by: Alice Ray, A Romance in Rhyme [LTR-212] 530, 530n; [LTR-225] 558, 559nHarry Guy [LTR-225] 558, 559nOrmond Grosvenor [LTR-225] 558, 559n — “A Profession for Ladies” [LTR-75] 166n — “The Sabbath and its Rest” [LTR-225] 559, 559n-560nillustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-212) IIA-43 — forgeries of EAP to: [SPR-19] 925, 925n, 925sletters from EAP to: [LTR-75] 165-166, 166n, 166s; [LTR-176] 443, 443n-444n, 444s; [LTR-177] 445, 445n-446n, 446s; [LTR-212] 529-530, 530n, 530s; [LTR-225] 558-559, 559n-560n, 560s

Hall (unidentified): [LTR-48] 103, 104n

Hall, Basil, Captain: — works by: Skimming, or a Winter at Schloss Hainfeld in Lower Styria [LTR-74] 162, 164n

Hall, Bayard R.: — Latin Grammar [LTR-74] 162, 164n

Hall, Harrison: — biographical information [LTR-74] 164n — and Port Folio [LTR-74] 164nletters from EAP to: [LTR-74] 162-164, 164n, 164s

Halleck, Fitz-Greene: — biographical information [LTR-67] 142n — Copperplate Five [LTR-196] 504n — EAP solicits contribution for SLM [LTR-67] 141; [LTR-75] 166n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-67] 142n; [LTR-224] 554s; [LTR-229a] 572, 573, 574n; [LTR-241] 604n — EAP (“Our Contributors”) [LTR-164a] 416n — and A. N. Howard [SPR-14] 917n — “I endured the loss of Mr Halleck’s good will ...” [LTR-206] 521 — lends EAP money for BJ [LTR-211] 529n; [LTR-218] 540n; [LTR-219] 542, 542n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-114] 278; [LTR-115] 281; [LTR-116] 283-284; [LTR-117a] 290 — mentioned [LTR-68] 146; [LTR-69c] 153n; [LTR-224a] 555sworks by: “Alnwick Castle” [LTR-67] 142n; [LTR-73] 158; [LTR-206] 521, 522nPoems [LTR-164a] 415, 416nletters from EAP to: [LTR-67] 141-142, 142n, 142s; [LTR-116] 283-284, 285n, 285s; [LTR-219] 542, 542n, 542s; [LTR-224] 553, 553n-554n, 554s-555s

Hals, Frans: — “The Cavalier” [LTR-254] 630, 631n

Hamilton, Charles (collector and dealer): — and J. Cosey [SPR-20a] 927s

Hamilton, Robert: — biographical information [LTR-145a] 366nThe May Flower (for 1846) [LTR-145a] 366n; [LTR-200] 510n — and Ladies’ Companion [LTR-145a] 366nletters from EAP to: [LTR-145a] 365-366, 366n, 366s

Hamlet (Wm. Shakespeare): — see Shakespeare, Wm.

Hand-delivered letters: — see Clemm, Maria P., Mrs.

Handbook of Young Artists (L. Osborn): — see Osborn, L.

Handwriting, EAP’s: — EAP attempts to disguise [LTR-276] 687s — EAP blames his steel pen [LTR-128] 315 — note on [LTR-1] 3s; [LTR-2] 5s; [LTR-5] 12s; [LTR-9] 21s; [LTR-11] 25s; [LTR-12] 29s; [LTR-25] 55s; [LTR-29] 65s; [LTR-32] 69s; [LTR-35] 73s; [LTR-37] 78s; [LTR-155] 387s-388s; [LTR-174] 439s — problems in reading [Intro] xxv-xxvi; [LTR-3] 7s; [LTR-7] 16s; [LTR-183] 460n — see also Anastatic printing

Handwriting, Mrs. M. L. Shew’s: — problems in reading [Intro] xxv; [LTR-273] 680s

“Hans Pfaall” (EAP): — “cost me nearly a fortnight’s hard labour ...” [LTR-46] 96-97 — EAP criticizes [LTR-46] 95 — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-57] 126n; [LTR-74] 164n — R. A. Locke (“Discoveries in the Moon”) [LTR-50] 108, 109n — mentioned [LTR-46] 97n; [LTR-83] 198n; [LTR-109] 265n

Harker, Samuel: — Baltimore Republican and Commercial Advertiser [LTR-81] 190, 191n

Harlem (NY): — mentioned [LTR-312] 792, 795n

Harnden, William Frederick: [Intro] xxviii — see also Harnden’s Express

Harnden’s Express (mail carriers): [Intro] xxviii; [LTR-151] 377; [LTR-176a] 444, 445n; [LTR-225] 559; [LTR-236] 587, 587n; [LTR-237] 588; [PN-006] 891, 892n; [PN-007] 892; [PN-008] 893

Harper & Brothers (publishers): — and J. A. Adams [LTR-113] 276n — and C. Anthon [LTR-186] 471, 472s — EAP (The Conchologist’s First Book) [LTR-249] 620n — EAP (The Narrative of A. G. Pym) [LTR-93] 222n — J. L. Stephens (Incidents of Travel in Yucatan) [LTR-111] 271n — T. Wyatt (A Manual of Conchology) [LTR-249] 620n

Harring, Harro: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572

Harriot, David: [PN-004] 890s

Harris, Sandy (Supreme Court Justice): — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-235] 585, 586n

Harrison, James Albert: — and letters from EAP to J. E. Snodgrass [APXA] 872 — mentioned [LTR-42] 86n; [LTR-62] 134n

Harrison, William Henry (US president): — T. H. Chivers (“The Mighty Dead”) [LTR-145] 364, 365n — EAP supports election of [LTR-117] 287 — and J. W. Tyson [LTR-142] 357n

Harry Guy (Mrs. S. J. Hale): — see Hale, S. J., Mrs.

Hart, Abraham: — letters from EAP to: [LTR-86] 205-206, 206n, 206s

Hart, John S. (editor): — and Sartain’s Magazine [LTR-271] 675n, 675s

Hartford Review (Hartford, CT): — see Hartford Weekly Gazette

Hartford Weekly Gazette (Hartford, CT) (called Hartford Review): — and EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-241] 601, 603n; [LTR-291] 735, 736n

Harvard: — and H. W. Longfellow [LTR-110] 269n — and J. Sparks [LTR-42] 86n; [LTR-63] 136n

Harvard Divinity School: — and Rev. O. A. Stearnes [LTR-59] 130n

Harvey, William: [LTR-113] 276n

Haswell & Barington (publishers): — EAP (The Conchologist’s First Book) [LTR-111] 271n

Hatch & Dunning (publishers): — EAP (Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems) [LTR-13] 31n; [LTR-20] 46n; [LTR-21] 48n; [LTR-23] 51, 51n

“Haunted Palace, The” (EAP): — EAP lists as among his best poems [LTR-179] 450 — EAP (“The Fall of the House of Usher”) [SPR-14] 916, 917n — and H. B. Hirst [LTR-266] 664n — H. W. Longfellow and plagiarism [LTR-112] 272, 272n-273n — publication of [LTR-78] 178n; [LTR-112] 272n — mentioned [LTR-133] 328n

Hawking, Stephen W.: [LTR-179] 451n

Hawks of Hawk-Hollow, The (R. M. Bird): — see Bird, R. M.

Hawks, Francis L., Rev.: [LTR-97] 238n

Hawthorne, Nathaniel: — EAP’s review of, in Godey’s [LTR-158] 396n; [LTR-241] 602; [LTR-252] 627, 627n; [LTR-259] 639, 642n; [LTR-291] 735, 736n — “a man of rare genuis ...” [LTR-181] 456 — and Stylus [LTR-151] 377; [LTR-158] 394, 395n — mentioned [LTR-312] 795nworks by: “Drowne’s Wooden Image” [LTR-181] 456, 456n — “Howe’s Masquerade” [LTR-83a] 200n-201nMosses from an Old Manse [LTR-158] 396nTwice-Told Tales [LTR-158] 396n

Haynes, Paul Hamilton: [LTR-322a] 819n, 819s-820sworks by: “The Christian Martyr” [LTR-322a] 820s

“Head of St. John the Baptist, The” (EAP): [LTR-174a] 440n

Headley, Joel Tyler: — EAP on [LTR-228b] 569n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573 — and the University of Vermont [LTR-228b] 569n

Health, EAP’s: — cholera [LTR-323] 820; [LTR-328] 828; [LTR-329] 829 — congestion of the brain [LTR-329] 829 — continued ill health [LTR-229] 570 — and drinking [LTR-156] 388 — EAP denies heart disease [LTR-278] 699 — EAP suggests claiming illness [LTR-330] 831 — finances and illness [LTR-250] 621; [LTR-280] 708; [LTR-287] 725 — good [LTR-10] 21; [LTR-54] 120; [LTR-159] 398; [LTR-259] 639-640; [LTR-296] 745; [LTR-304] 771 — and habits [LTR-263] 648; [LTR-304] 770 — “have been long and dangerously ill ...” [LTR-246] 611-612 — headache [LTR-301] 755 — “I arose from my sick-bed ...” [LTR-250] 622 — “I fear permanent ill health ...” [LTR-228b] 568 — “I was so ill as to be hardly able to see the paper on which I wrote ...” [LTR-43] 89 — illness [LTR-33] 69; [LTR-75] 165; [LTR-76] 169; [LTR-81] 191n; [LTR-135] 335; [LTR-174a] 439; [LTR-215] 533; [LTR-227] 563; [LTR-234] 584; [LTR-239] 591, 592; [LTR-241] 600; [LTR-253] 628, 628n; [LTR-255] 632, 633n; [LTR-271] 674; [LTR-326] 824, 824n; [SPR-5] 905 — improved [LTR-44] 91; [LTR-107] 256; [LTR-312a] 796; [LTR-327] 825 — “a most violent cold ...” [LTR-29] 64 — “my ear has been too shocking for any description ...” [LTR-29] 63 — physician [LTR-91] 214n, 214s; [LTR-268] 668, 668n — and publicity about his illness [LTR-246] 611-612, 612n; [LTR-247] 617n; [LTR-251] 624 — and Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-286] 723 — severe illness [LTR-105] 251, 251n-252n; [LTR-106a] 253; [LTR-138] 345; [LTR-144] 362; [LTR-201] 512; [LTR-233] 581, 582n; [LTR-239] 592, 593n; [LTR-252] 626; [LTR-284] 718; [LTR-286] 723; [LTR-312a] 797n — severely sprained knee [LTR-31] 67 — and Mrs. M. L. Shew [LTR-248] 618n — writing (and unable to write) [LTR-239] 592, 593n; [LTR-241] 600; [LTR-314] 800 — mentioned [LTR-28] 61; [LTR-34] 71; [LTR-161] 400 — see also Drinking; Insanity; Medicine; Melancholy; and Suicide

Health, Mrs. S. H. Whitman’s: — and proposed marriage to EAP [LTR-302] 758

Heath, James E.: [LTR-129] 316

“Heaven” (EAP) (later “Fairyland”): — praised by J. Neal [LTR-21] 47, 48n, 49s; [LTR-75] 166n — and N. P. Willis [LTR-20] 46n; [LTR-75] 166n

“Heaven and Earth” (Byron): — see Byron

“Heavenly Vision” (T. H. Chivers): — see Chivers, T. H. (“To Allegra Florence”)

Hedges, Joseph H.: — unidentified [LTR-165] 418nletters from EAP to: [LTR-165] 417-418, 418n, 418s

Height, EAP’s: [LTR-233] 580, 582n

Heine, Heinrich: — and H. W. Longfellow [LTR-129] 317n

Heiskell’s: — see Indian Queen Hotel

Henderson, John Eaton (West Point tentmate of EAP): [LTR-26] 56, 56n

Henry, Caleb Sprague: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 573New York Review [LTR-97] 237n

Henry, Edward Winston (father of Miss L. D. Henry): [LTR-160] 400n

Henry, Lucy Dorothea, Miss: — biographical information [LTR-160] 400nletters from EAP to: [LTR-160] 400, 400n, 400s

Henry, Patrick: — and Miss L. D. Henry [LTR-160] 400n — Wirt’s biography of, mentioned [LTR-9] 21n

Henry, Robert, Dr.: [APXA] 856

Herbert Tracy, or the Legend of the Black Rangers (G. Lippard): — see Lippard, G.

Herbert, Henry William: — biographical information [LTR-226] 561nAmerican Monthly Magazine [LTR-226] 561n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 560; [LTR-229a] 572 — Frank Forester (pseudonym) [LTR-226] 561n — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-129] 316, 317n — E. Sue (Wandering Jew), EAP reviews H. Wm. Herbert’s translation of [LTR-220a] 544n

Herod: — “out-Herod Herod ...” [LTR-259] 640

Heroides (Ovid): — see Ovid

Herring, Eliza Poe (wife of Henry Herring): — and genealogy [LTR-47] 98; [LTR-79] 184 — marriage to H. Herring [LTR-47] 99; [LTR-203] 516n — writes to Mrs. F. K. Allan [LTR-28] 62n

Herring, Elizabeth Rebecca (daughter of Henry & Eliza Herring) (later Mrs. Tutt): — biographical information [LTR-141] 352n — EAP (Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems) [LTR-179] 452n; [LTR-208] 525n — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184 — mentioned [LTR-138] 345sletters from EAP to: [LTR-141] 351-352, 352n, 352s

Herring, Emily (daughter of Henry and Eliza Herring): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Herring, George (son of Henry and Eliza Herring): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Herring, Henry (uncle of EAP): — “a man of unprincipled character ...” [LTR-47] 99 — marriage to Miss E. Poe [LTR-203] 516n — mentioned [LTR-203] 516

Herring, Henry, Jr. (son of Henry and Eliza Herring): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Herring, Lewis David (son of Henry and Eliza Herring): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Herron, James: — biographical information [LTR-135] 336n — and R. Tyler [LTR-142] 356works by: Practical Description of Herron’s Patent Trellis Railway Structure [LTR-135] 336nletters from EAP to: [LTR-135] 335-336, 336n, 337s; [LTR-138] 344-345, 345n, 345s

Herschel, William, Sir: — and cosmology [LTR-264] 660n

Heulings, Mrs. A. H. (daughter of H. H. Weld): — mentioned [LTR-123] 304s

Hewitt, John Hill: — The Baltimore Book (for 1838) [LTR-77] 174n — and the Baltimore literary scene [LTR-51b] 113n; [LTR-120] 298nBaltimore Saturday Visiter contest [LTR-46] 96, 97n; [LTR-112] 273n; [LTR-137] 339, 342n — on H. W. Bool [LTR-19] 44n — EAP (Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems) [LTR-137] 342n — Henry Wilton (pseudonym) [LTR-46] 97n — “mauvais odeur ...” [LTR-137] 339works by: “Song of the Winds” [LTR-46] 97n

Hewitt, Mary Elizabeth, Mrs.: — biographical information [LTR-195a] 499n — collects money for EAP [LTR-195a] 500n — and EAP (“Ann-abel Lee”) [LTR-333] 840n — EAP (Literary America) [LTR-243] 607n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 573, 574n — and Mrs. S. A. Lewis [LTR-333] 840n — and Mrs. F. S. Osgood [LTR-333] 840n — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-290] 734s; [LTR-294] 744s — mentioned [LTR-167] 420s; [LTR-195b] 501s; [LTR-246] 613nworks by: Songs of Our Land and Other Poems [LTR-195a] 500n; [LTR-239] 593n; [LTR-290] 732-733, 733n — “The Tale of Luzon” [LTR-195a] 499, 499n-500n; [LTR-195b] 501sletters from EAP to: [LTR-195a] 499, 499n-500n, 500s

Heywood, Amos Bardwell (brother of Mrs. A. L. Richmond): — biographical information [LTR-298] 749n — and Miss E. Butterfield [LTR-319] 811 — EAP inquires about [LTR-298] 749 — EAP sends regards to [LTR-307] 779; [LTR-317a] 808; [LTR-319] 811 — EAP (“The Bells”) [LTR-319] 811, 812n — mentioned [LTR-309] 787, 789n; [LTR-317a] 808n; [LTR-319] 812n

Heywood, Mr. and Mrs. (parents of Mrs. A. L. Richmond): — EAP sends regards to [LTR-298] 749; [LTR-307] 779; [LTR-319] 811 — and slander of EAP [LTR-309] 788, 789n

Heywood, Sarah Hartwell, Miss (sister of Mrs. A. L. Richmond): — biographical information [LTR-289] 729n — EAP sends regards to [LTR-298] 749; [LTR-301] 755; [LTR-303] 767; [LTR-317a] 808; [LTR-319] 810 — EAP writes to, about Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-289] 729 — EAP (“The Bells”) [LTR-303] 766 — and EAP (“For Annie”) [LTR-309] 788 — mentioned [LTR-301] 756n; [LTR-317a] 808n; [LTR-319] 812nletters from EAP to: [LTR-289] 729, 729n-730n, 730s; [LTR-307] 779, 779n, 779s

“Hiawatha” (H. W. Longfellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.

Hierocles of Alexandria: — Asteia (or Jests) [LTR-186] 473s

Hill, George: — works by: The Ruins of Athens [LTR-126] 310n

Hirst, Henry Beck: — biographical information [LTR-235] 585n — and borrowed SLM volumes [LTR-174] 438, 439n; [LTR-184] 461, 462n; [LTR-191] 480, 481n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-235] 585 — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-266] 664n — and EAP (“The Raven”) [SPR-24] 930n — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-235] 585, 586n — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-164] 414, 415n — as Henry Bread Crust [LTR-169] 424n — obituary of EAP [LTR-235] 585n-586nPhiladelphia Saturday Museum article on EAP [LTR-150b] 376n; [LTR-153] 381, 383n; [LTR-175] 441; [LTR-179] 450, 451n; [LTR-235] 585n — mentioned [APXA] 874works by: “The Coming of the Mammoth” [LTR-266] 664n — “Endymion, A Tale of Greece” [LTR-266] 664, 664nillustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-235) IIA-44 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-235] 585, 585n-586n, 586s-587s; [LTR-266] 663-664, 664n, 665s

Historiae (P. C. Tacitus): — see Tacitus, P. C.

History of the Great Rebellion (T. P. Kettell): — see Kettell, T. P.

History of the Navy (J. F. Cooper): — see Cooper, J. F.

Hitchcock, Captain: — letter of recommendation for EAP [LTR-26] 56

Hoaxes on EAP: — EAP (“The Raven”) [SPR-24] 930n — and Godey’s Lady’s Book [SPR-20] 926nHolden’s Dollar Magazine [LTR-320] 815n

Hoaxing, EAP’s: — possible [LTR-151] 379n — see also “Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, The” (EAP); “Mellonta Tauta” (EAP); “Philosophy of Composition, The” (EAP); and “Von Kemp-elen and His Discovery” (EAP)

Hoffman & Dobbins (a Baltimore law firm): — see Hoffman, D.

Hoffman, Charles Fenno: — biographical information [LTR-277] 691n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-123] 303, 304n — and R. W. Griswold [SPR-8] 908 — and Literary World [LTR-332] 838n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 560, 561n; [LTR-229a] 573, 574nworks by: The Vigil of Faith and Other Poems [LTR-143] 359letters from EAP to: [LTR-277] 688-691, 691n, 691s

Hoffman, David: — biographical information [LTR-107] 258n — Hoffman & Dobbins [LTR-107] 258n — International copy-right [LTR-107] 256; [LTR-108] 261n — libel and literary criticism [LTR-107] 256; [LTR-108] 261n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-107] 256 — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-107] 256

Hogg, James (the Ettrick Shepard): — and Baroness C. Nairne [LTR-142] 357n — see also Hog-ites

Hog-ites: [LTR-320] 813, 815n

Holden, Ezra: — biographical information [LTR-161a] 402n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-132] 326, 326n — a ninny [LTR-132] 326letters from EAP to: [LTR-161a] 402, 402n-403n, 403s

Holden’s Dollar Magazine (Philadelphia, PA): — and EAP (Eureka) [LTR-269] 670n — J. Tomlin (“The Autobiography of a Monomaniac”) [LTR-146] 367s; [LTR-320] 813, 815n — and H. H. Weld [LTR-123] 304n

Holland, Josiah G., Dr.: — and B. Taylor [LTR-271] 675n

Hollyer, Samuel: [PN-001a] 887n

Holmes, Oliver Wendell: — EAP praises [LTR-243] 607 — and USS Constitution (ship) [LTR-78b] 181nworks by: Poems [LTR-126] 310n; [LTR-243] 606, 607n

Home Journal (New York, NY): — Miss M. E. Bronson (“Recollections of EAP”) [LTR-256a] 635nChronicle of Western Literature [LTR-304] 772n — EAP sends one or two issues to G. W. Eveleth [LTR-249] 618, 619n — EAP sends a copy to E. H. N. Patterson [LTR-316] 804 — and EAP’s lecture on “The Universe” [LTR-262] 647n — EAP (Eureka) [LTR-264] 660n — and EAP (“For Annie”) [LTR-310] 791, 791n; [LTR-312a] 797, 798n, 799s; [LTR-316] 804, 804n; [LTR-317] 807s; [LTR-320] 814, 815n — EAP (“The Poetic Principle,” a lecture) [LTR-242] 606n; [LTR-327] 827n — EAP (“To Helen”) [LTR-290] 733n — and EAP (“Ulalume”) [LTR-258] 638, 638n; [LTR-259] 639, 642n; [LTR-310] 791, 791n — and Miss C. May [LTR-290] 732, 733n — and G. P. Morris [LTR-226] 561n; [LTR-234] 584n; [LTR-244] 609nNational Press: A Home Journal [LTR-234] 584n; [LTR-244] 609n — publicity about EAP’s illness, and EAP’s unfavorable reaction to the resulting attention [LTR-246] 611, 613s; [LTR-251] 624, 625n — unsigned poem addressed to EAP, and EAP’s inquiry about it [LTR-291] 735, 736n — Mrs. S. H. Whitman (“Valentine,” to EAP) [LTR-278] 696, 701n; [LTR-280] 714n — and N. P. Willis [LTR-226] 561n; [LTR-234] 584n; [LTR-266] 664n; [LTR-319] 812n; [SPR-17] 923s; [SPR-18] 923; [APXA] 882 — N. P. Willis (“Death of EAP”) [LTR-262] 647s; [LTR-310] 792s; [APXA] 884 — mentioned [LTR-239] 594s; [LTR-244] 608; [LTR-266] 664

“Home, Sweet Home” (J. H. Payne): — see Payne, J. H.

Homer: — works by: The Iliad (“not the highest poetry ...”) [LTR-164] 413The Odyssey [LTR-195] 497n

Honland, T.: — letters from EAP to: [LTR-231] 576, 576n, 576s

Hood, Thomas: — EAP (“Silence — A Sonnet”), source for [LTR-89] 210n — possible plagiarism by J. Aldrich [LTR-241] 602 — possible plagiarism by H. W. Longfellow [LTR-242] 606nworks by: “The Dream of Eugene Aram” [LTR-151] 378n

Hooper, Ellen Sturgis, Mrs.: — “I Slept and Dreamed that Life was Beauty” [LTR-334] 842s

Hooper, Sergeant: [LTR-25] 54

“Hop-Frog” (EAP): — publication of [LTR-302b] 765-766, 765n; [LTR-303] 768s; [LTR-307a] 780, 780n; [LTR-309] 789n — and Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-303] 766-767; [LTR-307a] 780; [LTR-309] 788 — mentioned [LTR-307a] 781s

Hopkins, E. A. : — see Hopkins, J. H., Jr.

Hopkins, John Henry, Bishop: [LTR-263] 649; [LTR-265] 662n

Hopkins, John Henry, Jr.: — biographical information [LTR-265] 662n — on EAP and New York Review [LTR-97] 237n-238n — EAP and Mrs. M. L. Shew [LTR-248] 618n; [LTR-254] 631s; [LTR-273] 678, 679n-680n — EAP seeks a visit from, at Fordham (NY) [LTR-265] 662, 662n — EAP (Eureka) [LTR-263] 649, 657n; [LTR-264] 659; [LTR-265] 662n — and C. S. Henry [LTR-97] 237n-238n — and J. H. Ingram [LTR-97] 237n-238n — student of theology [LTR-277] 689, 690, 691n

Hopkins, Johns: — and J. S. Norris [LTR-77] 173n

Hopkinson, Joseph, Judge: — and SLM [LTR-68] 146; [LTR-69b] 151; [LTR-69c] 153, 153n

Horace: — and Flaccus [LTR-193] 488n

Horne, Richard Hengist: — EAP inquires about his address [LTR-172] 429 — EAP (“The Spectacles”) [LTR-172] 429nworks by: “Orion” [LTR-164a] 417s; [LTR-172] 429; [LTR-173] 431, 432n; [LTR-216] 536, 536n

Horribleness: — in EAP (“Berenice”) [LTR-42] 84; [LTR-52] 117n — in EAP (“The Facts of the Case of M. Valdemar”) [LTR-52] 117n — in EAP (“MS. Found in a Bottle”) [LTR-52] 115, 117n — in EAP (The Narrative of A. G. Pym) [LTR-52] 117n — in EAP (“The Tell-Tale Heart”) [LTR-52] 117n

Horse-Shoe Robinson (J. P. Kennedy): — see Kennedy, J. P.

“Hospital for Disabled Labourers with the Brain” (N. P. Willis): — see Willis, N. P.

Houghton, Dora, Miss (daughter of Mrs. M. L. Houghton): [LTR-232] 578s; [LTR-254] 631s

Houghton, Marie Louise, Mrs.: — see Shew, M. L., Mrs.

Houghton, Roland Stebbins, Rev.: — biographical information [LTR-92a] 216nworks by: “John a’ Combe, A Character” [LTR-92a] 216, 217nletters from EAP to: [LTR-92a] 216, 216n-217n, 217s

Hours of Life and Other Poems, The (Mrs. S. H. Whitman): — see Whitman, S. H., Mrs.

House, James, Colonel: [LTR-8] 17, 18; [LTR-10] 22, 22n; [LTR-14] 33; [LTR-16] 36

Houston, Sam, General: [LTR-79] 185, 186n

“How to Write a Blackwood Article” (EAP): [LTR-42] 87n

Howard Pinckney (F. W. Thomas): — see Thomas, F. W.

Howard, Anthony N.: — illustrations: MS of forgery from EAP to (SPR-14) IIB-71; IIB-72 — forgeries of EAP to: [SPR-12] 913, 913n, 914s; [SPR-13] 914-915, 915n, 915s; [SPR-14] 915-917, 917n, 917s; [SPR-14a] 918, 918n, 918s; [SPR-14b] 919-920, 920n, 920s

Howard, Charles Morris: [LTR-163c] 410s

Howard, Joshua, Lieutenant: [LTR-7] 13, 15; [LTR-8] 16, 17, 18; [LTR-14] 33; [LTR-16] 36 — “has always been kind to me ...” [LTR-7] 14

Howard, M., Miss (supposed daughter of A. N. Howard): — mentioned [SPR-12] 913, 913s; [SPR-13] 914, 915n; [SPR-14a] 918, 918s; [SPR-14b] 919

Howard, Nancy H.: — and J. B. Morris [LTR-163c] 410s

Howe, Samuel G.: — and New England Magazine [LTR-37] 78n

“Howe’s Masquerade” (N. Hawthorne): — see Hawthorne, N. (“Howe’s Masquerade”)

Hoyt, Ralph: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 560, 561n; [LTR-229a] 572, 574n

Hubard, William James: — and J. P. Kennedy [LTR-57] 124, 126n

Hudson, Henry Norman: — Emerson and Hudson coterie as an enemy of EAP [LTR-280] 709, 713n — lectures [LTR-195] 497

Huffnagle, John: — “that old Dutch hog ...” [LTR-78a] 180, 181n

Hughes (family): — and R. Travers [LTR-166] 419, 419n

Humor, EAP’s: [LTR-42] 86n; [LTR-292] 739n — in reviews [LTR-52] 114; [LTR-193] 487

Hunt, Freeman: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 560, 561n; [LTR-229a] 572 — and Merchant’s Magazine [LTR-243] 607, 607n; [LTR-251] 623

Hunt, Jedediah, Jr.: — biographical information [LTR-195] 497n — and Bainbridge Eagle [LTR-195] 497nNational Archives [LTR-195] 497nletters from EAP to: [LTR-195] 495-497, 497n-498n, 498s

Hunt, Leigh: — possible plagiarism by H. W. Longfellow, EAP’s accusation of [LTR-242] 606n

Hunt’s Merchant’s Magazine (New York, NY): — see Merchant’s Magazine

Hutchinson, Charles L.: — and E. H. N. Patterson [APXA] 869

Hygenia Hotel (Old Point Comfort, VA): [LTR-331] 835n, 835s

“Hymn to the Night” (H. W. Longfellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.

“Hymn, in Honor of Harmodius and Aristogiton” (L. Minor): — see Minor, L.

Hyperbole: — EAP’s tendency in fiction [LTR-4] 9n

Hyperion, a Romance (H. W. Long-fellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.


“I know not — I ask not if guilt’s in thy heart ...: — see Moore, T. (“Come, Rest Ye in This Bosom”)

“I left a calling for this idle trade ...: — see Pope, A. (“Epistle of Dr. Arbuthnot”)

“Ida Grey” (F. S. Osgood): — see Osgood, F. S., Mrs.

Ide, Abijah Metcalf, Jr.: — biographical information [LTR-163d] 411n — EAP advises on literature as a career [LTR-163d] 411 — mistakenly attributed as a pseudonym for EAP [LTR-163d] 411n — and prices for EAP’s letters [Intro] xxxworks by: “Bunker’s Hill” [LTR-190a] 478-479, 479n-480nletters from EAP to: [LTR-163d] 410-411, 411n-412n, 412s; [LTR-190a] 478-479, 479n-480n, 480s

Idleness, EAP’s: — J. Allan accuses EAP of [LTR-5] 10 — “from my childhood, an idler ...” [LTR-21] 47 — “I am not idle ...” [LTR-36] 73, 74n — “I do not wish to be idle ...” [LTR-31] 67

Idlewild (home of N. P. Willis, near Cornwall-on-the Hudson, NY): — see Willis, N. P.

Iliad, The (Homer): — see Homer

“I’m wearing aw’ to the land o’ the leal” (C. Nairne): — see Nairne, C. (“Land o’ the Leal”)

“Imitation” (EAP): [LTR-195] 497n

Imitations of Horace (A. Pope): — see Pope, A.

“Imp of the Perverse, The” (EAP): [LTR-145a] 366n; [LTR-200] 510n

“In Sadness” (J. R. Lowell): — see Lowell, J. R.

Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan (J. L. Stephens): — see Stephens, J. L.

Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia Petraea, and the Holy Land (J. L. Stephens): — see Stephens, J. L.

Incidents of Travel in Yucatan (J. L. Stephens): — see Stephens, J. L.

Income: — see Magazines and annuals; Pay; and Salary

Independent (Washington, DC): — “Reminiscences by T. D. English” [LTR-235] 586n — reprints note by H. Greeley [PN-004] 890s

Index (Alexandria, VA): — and J. E. Dow [LTR-117] 288n; [LTR-124] 305; [LTR-126a] 311n; [LTR-127] 313, 315s; [LTR-131] 323n — review of Graham’s Magazine [LTR-127] 314n

Indian Queen Hotel (Heiskell’s) (Philadelphia, PA): — EAP stays at [LTR-12] 27, 28n

“Indian Serenade” (P. B. Shelley): — see Shelley, P. B.

“Infatuation” (P. Benjamin): — see Benjamin, P.

Infidel, or the Fall of Mexico, The (R. M. Bird): — see Bird, R. M.

Ingraham, Joseph Holt: — chicaneries of [LTR-143] 360 — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-117] 288n; [LTR-143] 361n — in high dudgeon [LTR-117] 287 — “may go to the devil ...” [LTR-117] 288works by: Lafitte [LTR-73] 158; [LTR-132] 326, 327nThe Quadroone [LTR-117] 287-288, 288nThe Southwest [LTR-117] 287, 288n

Ingram, John Henry: — and Wm. H. Browne [APXA] 872 — and EAP’s birth date [LTR-317] 807n — and G. W. Eveleth [LTR-228] 567n — and MS letter from EAP to Virginia C. Poe [LTR-232] 578s — and Mrs. A. L. Richmond [APXA] 870 — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [APXA] 878, 879 — mentioned [APXA] 868

Ingram, Susan V. C., Miss: — mentioned [LTR-332] 839sletters from EAP to: [LTR-331] 834-835, 835n, 835s

Inklings of Adventure (N. P. Willis): — see Willis, N. P.

Inman, John: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 560, 561n; [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573 — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-278] 702n

Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA): [LTR-195] 497

Insanity, EAP’s: — and cholera [LTR-329] 829 — and Mrs. E. F. Ellet [LTR-290] 731, 732 — “hopelessly ill in body and mind ...” [LTR-286] 723 — “I really believe that I have been mad ...” [LTR-215] 533 — mania à potu [LTR-327] 825-826, 826n — “never really insane, except where my heart was touched ...” [LTR-323] 821 — and Virginia C. Poe’s illness [LTR-259] 641 — see also Drinking; Health; Melancholy; and Suicide

Intelligencer (Philadelphia, PA): [LTR-117] 287

International (Boston, MA): [LTR-334] 842n

Interview: [LTR-232] 578, 578n

“Introduction” (EAP): — from Poems, see “Romance” (EAP)

Intuition: [LTR-277] 688

“Invocation for Suffering Genius” (E. Locke): — see Locke, J. E., Mrs.

“Invocation to Spring” (T. H. Chivers): — see Chivers, T. H.

“Ion” (T. N. Talfourd): — see Talfourd, T. N.

Ireland: — and Poe family [LTR-47] 98; [LTR-79] 183, 186n — see also Kilkenny Cats

“Irene” (EAP): — see “Sleeper, The” (EAP)

Irving, Theodore: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573

Irving, Washington: — EAP claims not to be familiar with writings of [LTR-78] 177 — EAP solicits contribution for SLM [LTR-67a] 142-143, 143n; [LTR-75] 166n — EAP’s tales, Irving writes “high passages of compliment in regard to ...” [LTR-84] 202 — EAP (“The Fall of the House of Usher”) [LTR-82] 193, 195n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572 — “heads the school of the quietists” [LTR-84] 202 — “much overrated” [LTR-78] 177 — offers good wishes to SLM [LTR-67a] 143n — and J. K. Paulding [LTR-77a] 176n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-113] 274-276; [LTR-114] 278; [LTR-115] 281; [LTR-116] 284; [LTR-117a] 290 — Philomathean Society [LTR-96a] 234n — and prices for EAP’s letters [Intro] xxx — mentioned [LTR-66] 140n; [LTR-69c] 153n; [LTR-81] 190, 191n; [LTR-84] 204s; [LTR-242] 605works by: Astoria [LTR-78] 179nBonneville [LTR-78] 179nCrayon Miscellany [LTR-78] 179nGranada [LTR-78] 177Knickerbocker’s History [LTR-78] 179nSalmagundi [LTR-78] 179n — “An Unwritten Drama of Lord Byron” [LTR-83a] 199, 200n-201nletters from EAP to: [LTR-67a] 142-143, 143n, 143s; [LTR-83a] 198-200, 200n-201n, 201s; [LTR-113] 274-276, 276n, 277s

Isbell, George E.: — letters from EAP to: [LTR-264] 658-660, 660n-661n, 661s

“Island of the Fay, The” (EAP): [LTR-122] 302n — see also Pay

“Israfel” (EAP): [LTR-34] 71n — see also Pay

“It was my choice or chance or curse ...: — see “To Isaac Lea” (EAP)

Italy: — and EAP (“The Cask of Amontillado”) [SPR-16] 922


Jackson, Andrew (US president): — and T. H. Benton [LTR-173] 433n — and Wm. J. Duane [LTR-63] 136n — mentioned [LTR-10] 22, 22n; [LTR-69c] 153n

Jackson, Joseph (autograph collector): [PN-003] 889s

Jefferson College (Franklin Literary Society): — makes EAP an honorary member [LTR-73a] 161n-162n

Jeffrey, Francis, Lord: [LTR-52] 114, 116n

Jewett, Fayette: — and the University of Vermont [LTR-228b] 569nletters from EAP to: [LTR-228b] 568, 569n, 569s

Jew’s Beer: — see Medicine

John a’ Combe (R. S. Houghton): — see Houghton, R. S.

John Donkey (Philadelphia, PA): — and T. D. English [LTR-307b] 781n, 782n — and G. G. Foster [LTR-143] 361n

John Sartain & Co.: — letters from EAP to: [LTR-303a] 768-769, 769n, 769s

Johns Hopkins University: — and Wm. H. Browne [APXA] 872

Johnson, Chapman: — and L. Minor [LTR-59] 130

Johnson, Samuel: — works by: “Plan to an English Dictionary” [LTR-331] 834, 835n

Johnston [Edward William?]: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572

Jonathan’s Miscellany (New York, NY): [LTR-123] 304n

Jones, C., Mrs. (EAP’s landlord): [LTR-78a] 180n; [LTR-85] 204

Jones, Herschel Vespasian: — auction [PN-004] 890s

Jones, John Beauchamp: — biograph-ical information [LTR-80] 188nBaltimore Saturday Visiter [LTR-81] 191n — mentioned [LTR-229] 571nworks by: A Rebel War Clerk’s Diary of Confederate States Capital [LTR-80] 188nletters from EAP to: [LTR-80] 187-188, 188n-189n, 189s

Jones, William Alfred: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 560, 561n; [LTR-229] 570, 571n; [LTR-229a] 573

Jones, William Gwynn: [LTR-43] 88, 90n

Joseph Rushbrook, or the Poacher (F. Marryat): — see Marryat, F.

Journal of a Residence in America (F. Kemble): — see Kemble, F. A., Miss

Journal of Commerce (New York, NY): — and EAP (Eureka) [LTR-269] 670n

“Journal of Julius Rodman, The” (EAP): — EAP asked to continue after leaving Burton’s [LTR-93] 220, 221n — and W. Irving [LTR-83a] 201n — and J. K. Townsend [LTR-154] 385n

Jovius, Paulus: — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-316] 805n — and motto for Stylus [LTR-316] 805n

“Judgement of Rhadamanthus” (J. K. Paulding): — see Paulding, J. K.

Judson, Horace: — works by: “The Wanderer’s Return” [LTR-307b] 785s

Julius Caesar (Wm. Shakespeare): — see Shakespeare, Wm.

Junior Morgan Rifleman: [LTR-1] 3n

Justitia, Fiat (pseudonym of T. H. Chivers): — see Chivers, T. H.


Kate: [LTR-174] 437, 439n

Keats, John: — EAP admires poetry of [LTR-179] 450 — and F. Jeffrey [LTR-52] 116nworks by: “Ode on a Grecian Urn” [LTR-278] 702n

Keeler, Oscar T. (autograph collector): — biographical information [LTR-141b] 355nletters from EAP to: [LTR-141b] 354-355, 355n, 355s

Keese, John: [LTR-229] 569 — biographical information [LTR-199] 509n — EAP sends an article for The Opal (for 1846) [LTR-199] 509; [LTR-200] 510 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 573The Opal (for 1846 and 1847) [LTR-199] 509nworks by: Poets of America [LTR-199] 509nletters from EAP to: [LTR-199] 508-509, 509n, 509s-510s; [LTR-200] 510, 510n, 510s

Kelley, William Darrah: — biographical information [LTR-116a] 285n — mentioned [LTR-116a] 286sletters from EAP to: (fragment) [LTR-116a] 285, 285n-286n, 286s

Kemble, Frances Anne, Miss (Mrs. Pierce Butler): — works by: Journal of a Residence in America [LTR-42] 85, 86n

Kennedy, John Pendleton: — biographical information [LTR-38] 79nBaltimore Saturday Visiter contest [LTR-38] 79n, 80n; [LTR-46] 96 — and BJ [LTR-213] 531, 531n — EAP asks advice on Clemm estate [LTR-54] 121-122 — EAP asks help in getting teaching job [LTR-40] 82, 82n — EAP asks help in obtaining loan from Carey & Lea [LTR-38] 78-79 — EAP inquires about Kennedy’s “new work” [LTR-54] 122; [LTR-57] 125 — EAP seeks government appointment [LTR-117] 288n; [LTR-118] 292, 294n — EAP solicits contribution for SLM [LTR-50] 108; [LTR-68] 146 — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 860-862 — EAP (“Autography”) [LTR-57] 126, 126n-127n — and G. W. Eveleth [APXA] 856 — invites EAP to dinner [LTR-41] 83; [LTR-168a] 422, 422n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-106] 252, 253n; [LTR-114] 277-279; [LTR-115] 282n; [LTR-116] 284; [LTR-117a] 290; [LTR-118] 292 — Secretary of Navy [APXA] 861 — mentioned [LTR-46] 95; [LTR-69c] 153n; [LTR-83a] 199; [LTR-105] 252n; [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-120] 298; [LTR-126] 309; [LTR-211] 529n; [LTR-288] 728nworks by: Horse-Shoe Robinson [LTR-43] 88, 90n; [LTR-50] 108, 109n; [LTR-54] 122Rob of the Bowl: A Legend of St. Inigoes [LTR-54] 122nSwallow-Barn [LTR-42] 85illustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-39) IA-13 — portrait of IB-21 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-38] 78-79, 79n-80n, 80s; [LTR-39] 81, 81n, 81s; [LTR-40] 82, 82n, 82s-83s; [LTR-41] 83, 83n, 83s-84s; [LTR-50] 107-108, 108n-109n, 109s-110s; [LTR-54] 120-122, 122n, 122s; [LTR-57] 124-126, 126n-127n, 127s; [LTR-68] 145-146, 146n, 146s; [LTR-106] 252-253, 253n, 253s; [LTR-114] 277-279, 279n-280n, 280s; [LTR-168a] 422, 422n, 422s-423s; [LTR-213] 531, 531n-532n, 532s — see also Friends, EAP’s

Kent, [Joseph?]: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573

Kentucky (state): — and Mrs. A. B. C. Welby [LTR-126a] 311

Kepler, Johannes: [LTR-263] 650, 653; [LTR-277] 688

Kettell, Thomas Prentice: — biographical information [LTR-231a] 577nworks by: The History of the Great Rebellion [LTR-231a] 577nletters from EAP to: [LTR-231a] 576-577, 577n, 577s

Khan, Zinghis: — “Tamerlane” (EAP) [SPR-1] 901

Kilkenny Cats: [LTR-143] 359, 361n

Kilmarnock (Scotland): — Allan and Galt families [LTR-245] 610

King John (Wm. Shakespeare): — see Shakespeare, Wm.

“King Pest the First” (EAP): — mentioned [LTR-57] 126n; [LTR-83] 198n

King, Charles: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572 — editor of New York American [LTR-75a] 168s

King, Ellen (pseudonym of Mrs. F. S. Osgood): — see Osgood, F. S., Mrs.

Kirkland, Caroline M., Mrs.: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-108] 261n; [LTR-229a] 572, 573 — and EAP (“Ulalume”) [LTR-256a] 635, 635n, 636sUnion Magazine of Literature and Art [LTR-271] 675n, 675s, 676s

Knickerbocker Group: — and F. Halleck [LTR-67] 142n

Knickerbocker Magazine (New York, NY): [LTR-126] 309, 310n; [LTR-126a] 311n; [LTR-173] 433n; [LTR-190a] 480n — and A. M. Ide, Jr. [LTR-190a] 479n — “thinks it its duty to abuse all rival magazines ...” [LTR-73] 159 — and T. Ward [LTR-193] 488n

Knickerbocker’s History (W. Irving): — see Irving, W.

Koester, William H. (collector): [PN-002] 888s; [PN-005] 891s


L., S. D. [Sylvanus D. Lewis?]: [LTR-121] 301n

Labree, Lawrence: — and Outis [LTR-195] 498n

Lacey, Dr.: — and Stylus [LTR-156] 390, 390n — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-156] 389, 391n

Ladies’ Companion (Snowden’s) (New York, NY): — EAP denigrates [LTR-307b] 782n — EAP (“The Landscape Garden”) [LTR-141a] 354n; [LTR-145a] 366n — EAP (“The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”) [LTR-137] 342n; [LTR-145a] 366n; [LTR-259] 641, 643n — and R. Hamilton [LTR-145a] 366n, 366s — pay for female editors [LTR-93] 219 — typographical errors [LTR-145a] 365 — mentioned [LTR-173] 433n

Ladies’ Magazine (Boston, MA): — and Mrs. S. J. Hale [LTR-75] 166nLadies’ Wreath [LTR-75] 165

“Lady Hubbard, The” (T. D. English): — see English, T. D.

“Ladye Annabel, The” (G. Lippard): — see Lippard, G.

Lafayette, Marquis de (Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier): — EAP plans to contact, with the goal of joining the Polish army [LTR-30] 65, 66 — and D. Poe, Sr. [LTR-36] 74n; [LTR-64] 137, 138n — visits Richmond (VA) [LTR-1] 3n

Lafitte (J. H. Ingraham): — see Ingra-ham, J. H.

Laighton, Octave: — and Miss L. D. Henry [LTR-160] 400n

Lamartine, Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de: — and Voltaire [LTR-277] 688

Lambert, Eliza: — EAP calls his “dear friend” [LTR-330] 830, 832n

Lambert, General William (brother of Miss E. Lambert): — mentioned [LTR-330] 830

Lancaster County (PA): — and Mrs. E. C. Poe [LTR-47] 98 — J. Poe moves to [LTR-79] 186n

“Land o’ the Leal” (C. Nairne): — see Nairne, C.

Landor, William (pseudonym of H. B. Wallace): — see Wallace, H. B.

“Landor’s Cottage” (EAP): — Columbia Spy [LTR-278a] 705nFlag of Our Union [LTR-309] 789n; [LTR-312a] 797, 798n, 798sMetropolitan Magazine [LTR-301] 754; [LTR-309] 788 — and Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-301] 754, 756n — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-280] 715n

“Landscape Garden, The” (EAP): — and EAP’s concern for typographical errors [LTR-145a] 365-366 — and Ladies’ Companion (Snowden’s) [LTR-141a] 354n; [LTR-145a] 365, 366nUnited States Magazine and Democratic Review [LTR-141a] 353, 353n-354n

“Landscape Gardening and Rural Architecture” (review in Democratic Review): — see Downing, A. J.

Lane, Thomas Henry: — and BJ [LTR-228] 566, 567n

Langley, J. and Henry G.: — EAP (“The Landscape Garden”) [LTR-141a] 354nUnited States Magazine and Democratic Review [LTR-141a] 353nletters from EAP to: [LTR-141a] 353, 353n-354n, 354s

Languages, foreign and ancient: — EAP implies that he has studied several [LTR-52] 115 — EAP studies at University of VA [LTR-3] 6n — French [LTR-4] 9n; [LTR-52] 117n; [LTR-58] 129n; [LTR-104] 250n; [LTR-108] 261n; [LTR-110] 269n; [LTR-125] 308n; [LTR-131] 322; [LTR-132] 325; [LTR-133] 327-328; [LTR-137] 343s; [LTR-233] 583n — German [APXA] 856 — Greek [LTR-52] 114, 116n; [LTR-69] 149; [LTR-131] 322, 323n-324n; [LTR-156] 391n; [LTR-186] 467, 473s; [LTR-195] 497n; [LTR-216] 536, 536n-537n, 537n, 537s; [LTR-233] 582n-583n; [LTR-316] 805n — Italian [LTR-104] 250n; [LTR-181] 456, 456n; [LTR-206] 522n — Latin [LTR-4] 9n; [LTR-68a] 148n; [LTR-90] 211, 212n; [LTR-93] 223n; [LTR-107] 259n; [LTR-108] 261n; [LTR-131] 322; [LTR-194] 493n — Portuguese [LTR-108] 261n — Spanish [LTR-108] 261n

Laplace, Pierre Simon de: — works by: Nebular Hypothesis [LTR-263] 649, 650; [LTR-264] 660n; [LTR-277] 689

“Large Account of a Small Matter, A” (EAP): — see Longfellow, H. W.

“Last Conversation of a Somnambule” (EAP): — see “Mesmeric Revelation” (EAP)

“Last Days of M. Valdemar” (EAP): — see “Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, The” (EAP)

Latin Grammar (B. R. Hall): — see Hall, B. R.

Latrobe, John Hazelhurst Boneval: — Baltimore Saturday Visiter contest [LTR-38] 80n; [LTR-46] 96, 97n; [LTR-112] 273n

Laudanum: — see Medicine

Law: — and Wm. E. Burton [LTR-93] 220; [LTR-109] 262 — EAP (The Conchologist’s First Book) and charges of plagiarism from Captain T. Brown (The Conchologist’s Text-Book) [LTR-249] 619, 620n; [LTR-252] 626 — EAP-Mirror lawsuit [LTR-237] 588; [LTR-238] 590; [LTR-246] 611; [LTR-250] 622, 622n; [LTR-252] 626, 627, 627n; [LTR-253a] 629, 629n; [LTR-259] 640; [LTR-280] 709 — and Mrs. E. F. Ellet [LTR-306] 777 — libel and literary criticism [LTR-107] 256; [LTR-108] 260; [LTR-183] 459 — D. Poe, Sr., back-pay [LTR-64] 137-138 — see also Clemm, Wm. (estate of); Copy-right; and English, T. D.

Lawson, James: — EAP (Literary America) [LTR-243] 607n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572, 573

Lay, John O.: — and J. Allan [LTR-7] 13, 15, 16n; [LTR-8] 16, 17

Le Rennét, Henri (possible pseudonym of EAP): [LTR-5] 11n

Lea & Blanchard (publishers): — EAP suggests a new edition of his tales [LTR-122] 301-302, 302n — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-83a] 199; [LTR-84] 202; [LTR-85] 205, 205n; [LTR-87] 206, 207; [LTR-88] 209n; [LTR-90] 211; [LTR-95] 231n; [LTR-122] 302n — and W. Irving [LTR-83a] 200; [LTR-84] 202 — and J. P. Kennedy [LTR-114] 279 — and J. Robinson [LTR-90] 211 — Wm. G. Simms (Confessions; or the Blind Heart) [LTR-127] 314n — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-87] 206; [LTR-90] 211letters from EAP to: [LTR-122] 301-302, 302n, 302s

Lea & Carey (publishers): — see Carey, Lea & Carey

Lea, Isaac: — EAP (“To Isaac Lea”) [LTR-12] 28n — mentioned [LTR-13] 31n; [LTR-14] 34n; [LTR-17] 40letters from EAP to: [LTR-12] 26-27, 28n, 29s

“Learned Languages, The” (M. Carey): — see Carey, M.

Leary, William A.: — see Leary’s Book Store

Leary’s Book Store: — and Wm. J. Duane [LTR-184] 462n; [LTR-191] 481n — and Wm. A. Leary (owner) [LTR-184] 462n

Lectures, EAP’s: — in Baltimore (MD) [LTR-167] 419, 420s — and Boston Lyceum [LTR-173] 433s — and G. Lippard [LTR-169] 425s — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-173] 433s — plans foiled [LTR-155] 386; [LTR-283] 717n — stolen [LTR-169] 425s; [LTR-325] 823n; [LTR-326] 824 — and Stylus [LTR-260] 645, 645n; [LTR-262] 647; [LTR-312] 794; [LTR-316] 804 — see also “Poetic Principle, The” (EAP’s lecture); “Poets and Poetry of American, The” (EAP’s lecture); and “Universe, The” (EAP’s lecture)

Ledger (New York, NY): — mentioned [LTR-174] 437

LeDuc, M. E., Mrs.: — see Bronson, M. E., Miss

“Legend of Brittany, A” (J. R. Lowell): — see Lowell, J. R. (“A Legend of Brittany”)

“Legend of the Waterfall” (A. Blackwell): — see Blackwell, A., Miss

Leigh, Benjamin W.: — and L. W. Tazewell [LTR-70] 154, 154n

Leighton, Robert, Jr.: — requests EAP’s autograph [LTR-223b] 552letters from EAP to: [LTR-223b] 552, 553n, 553s

Leitch, Samuel, Jr. (tailor or clothier): [PN-001] 887n

Leland & Whiting (publishers): — Pioneer [LTR-158] 395n

“Lenore” (EAP): — and T. H. Chivers [APXA] 851 — corrections for [LTR-150] 374, 374n; [LTR-317] 806, 806n; [SPR-23] 928 — EAP lists as among his best poems [LTR-179] 450 — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-317] 806, 806n; [SPR-23] 928 — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-149] 372; [LTR-150] 374, 374n; [LTR-158] 395n; [LTR-164a] 416nPioneer [LTR-149] 372, 373n

León, Fray Luis de: — works by: Poesía [LTR-12] 28n — “Vida Retirada” (EAP quotes from) [LTR-12] 26, 28n

León, Luis Ponce de: — see León, F. L., de

Lesage, Alain René: — works by: L’Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane [LTR-28] 60; [LTR-153] 382; [LTR-158] 394, 396n

Leslie, Eliza, Miss: — and EAP (“MS. Found in a Bottle”) [LTR-39] 81n; [LTR-50] 109n — and The Gift [LTR-176a] 445n

Leslie’s Magazine (New York, NY): — and T. S. Arthur [LTR-120] 298n

Lester, Charles Edwards: — biographical information [LTR-224a] 555n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-224] 554s; [LTR-229a] 573works by: Artists in America [LTR-224a] 555nThe Glory and Shame of England [LTR-224a] 555nletters from EAP to: [LTR-224a] 555, 555n, 555s

“Letter of Celia Single” (in SLM): — and J. Sparks [LTR-63] 135, 136n

“Letter to B — ” (EAP): — and C. R. Maturin [LTR-229] 571n — and Wm. Wordsworth [LTR-52] 116n

“Letters from New England” (L. Minor): — see Minor, L.

Levanter, The: — see Dow, J. E. (“Sketches from the Log of Old Ironsides”)

Lewes, George Henry: — works by: Percy Ranthorpe [LTR-301] 755, 756n

Lewis, Alonzo (The Lynn Bard): — “To Edgar A. Poe” [LTR-319] 810, 811n

Lewis, Mathew Gregory (Monk): [LTR-320] 814

Lewis, Sarah Anna, Mrs.: — biographical information [LTR-246a] 613n — and Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-323] 821n; [LTR-324] 822n; [LTR-327] 826, 827n; [LTR-332] 837; [LTR-333] 840 — EAP addresses as sister [LTR-333] 840 — EAP praises [LTR-246a] 613, 614n — EAP promotes her writings [LTR-257] 637n; [LTR-287a] 726, 727n; [LTR-304] 771, 772n; [LTR-307b] 784s; [LTR-314] 801n; [LTR-315] 802, 802n; [LTR-321] 816-817, 817n-818n; [SPR-21] 927; [APXA] 874 — EAP visits [LTR-326] 824n — EAP writes letters of introduction for [LTR-281] 715; [LTR-282] 716 — and EAP’s last letters [Intro] xxxii — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573 — R. W. Griswold (The Female Poets of America) [LTR-257] 637n — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-321] 816-817, 817n-818n; [SPR-21] 927; [APXA] 859 — “a literary bore ...” [LTR-321] 817n — and Mrs. J. E. S. Locke [LTR-281] 715 — and Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-282] 716; [LTR-286] 724n — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-304] 771; [APXA] 874 — and J. R. Thompson [LTR-275a] 683, 684nworks by: The Child of the Sea and Other Poems [LTR-275a] 683, 684n; [LTR-287a] 726, 727n; [LTR-297] 747n; [LTR-304] 774s; [LTR-314] 801n; [LTR-315] 802, 802n; [LTR-330] 831, 832n — “The Child of the Sea” [LTR-272] 676, 676n; [LTR-297] 748s — “The Forsaken” [LTR-246a] 613, 614n; [LTR-321] 817nMyths of the Minstrel [LTR-297] 747n, 748n — “The Prisoner of Peroté” [LTR-297] 746-747, 747n-748n, 748sRecords of the Heart [LTR-297] 747nillustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-333) IIB-64 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-246a] 613, 613n-614n, 614s; [LTR-257] 636-637, 637n, 637s; [LTR-272] 676, 676n-677n, 677s; [LTR-297] 746-747, 747n-748n, 748s; [LTR-314] 800-801, 801n, 801s; [LTR-324] 822, 822n, 822s; [LTR-333] 840, 840n, 840s-841s

Lewis, Sylvanus D.: — becomes acquainted with EAP [LTR-246a] 613n; [LTR-297] 748s — EAP sends regards to [LTR-257] 637

Lexington (KY): — University of VA, a student from [LTR-4] 9, 9n

Libel: — see Law

“Liberian Literature” (L. Minor): — see Minor, L.

Library of American Books (Wiley & Putnam series): [LTR-208] 525n

Lieber, Francis: — biographical information [LTR-69b] 152n — EAP solicits contribution for SLM [LTR-69b] 151-152 — EAP (“Autography”) [LTR-69b] 152n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-69b] 152nworks by: “A Reminiscence (of Niebuhr),” EAP reviews [LTR-69b] 152nletters from EAP to: [LTR-69b] 151-152, 152n, 152s

Life, EAP’s views on: — “cold, dreary world ...” [LTR-278] 692 — “uncongenial, unsatisfactory, and ungrateful ...” [LTR-232] 578

“Life Compared to a Traveller” (author unknown): [LTR-151] 378n

“Life in Death” (EAP): — see “Oval Portrait, The” (EAP)

Life of Cicero (J. Stricker): — see Stricker, J.

Life of Franklin (J. Sparks): — see Sparks, J.

Life of George Washington, The (J. Marshall): — see Marshall, J.

Ligeia (character in EAP’s “Ligeia”): [LTR-82] 193

“Ligeia” (EAP): — and P. P. Cooke [LTR-82] 193-194, 195n-196n — EAP improves the tale [LTR-82] 195n-196n — EAP’s opinion of [LTR-82] 193-194; [LTR-179] 450; [LTR-223] 550; [LTR-240] 596 — marital troubles in [LTR-141] 352n — omitted from EAP (Tales) [LTR-223] 551n; [LTR-240] 598n — publication of [LTR-78] 178n — and N. P. Willis [LTR-82] 195n — see also Pay

Lindsay, Max (a neighbor in Fordham, NY): [LTR-275] 682n, 683s

“Lionizing” (EAP): — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-46] 96, 97n — as satire [LTR-57] 125 — and SLM [LTR-57] 126n; [LTR-83] 198n

Lippard, George: — biographical information [LTR-169] 424n-425n — assists EAP in Philadelphia (PA) [LTR-312a] 797n; [LTR-327] 826, 826n — and EAP (“The Gold-Bug”) [LTR-169] 425nworks by: The Bread Crust Papers [LTR-169] 424nHerbert Tracy, or the Legend of the Black Rangers [LTR-169] 424n, 425s — “The Ladye Annabel” [LTR-169] 423, 424, 424nletters from EAP to: [LTR-169] 423-424, 424n-425n, 425s

Lippincott, Sara Jane Clarke, Mrs.: — Grace Geeenwood (pseudonym) [LTR-291] 736n

Lisle, John: — see Lyle, J.

Literary America (also American Parnassus) (EAP): — asks advance on [LTR-201] 512, 512n; [LTR-215] 534 — and G. Bush [LTR-188] 474n — EAP collecting and arranging materials for [LTR-181] 456 — EAP requests various books for [LTR-242] 605, 606n; [LTR-243] 606, 607n — and EAP (“The Rationale of Verse”) [LTR-241] 602 — and T. D. English [LTR-169] 424n — and G. Gilfillan [LTR-242] 605 — N. Hawthorne, EAP’s article on [LTR-241] 602 — and O. W. Holmes [LTR-243] 606, 607n — “will be true ...” [LTR-241] 602 — mentioned [LTR-240] 595, 597n; [LTR-241] 603; [LTR-259] 639 — see also “Literati of New York City, The” (EAP); and Living Writers of America, The (EAP)

Literary battles: — “I am just in the humor for a fight ...” [LTR-304] 771 — see also Attacks on EAP; Courier and Daily Compiler; and Enemies

Literary Characters (I. Disraeli): — see Disraeli, I

Literary Examiner and Monthly Review (Pittsburgh, PA): — and Wm. H. Burleigh [LTR-81] 191n — EAP (“American Novel-Writing”) [LTR-81] 192n; [LTR-120] 298, 299nExaminer and Hesperian [LTR-81] 192n — and E. B. Fisher [LTR-81] 191n — N. P. Willis (Tortesa, the Usurer) [LTR-81] 190, 192n, 192s; [LTR-82] 194, 195n; [APXA] 883

Literary Gazette (New York, NY): — EAP (Tales), reviewed [LTR-226] 562s

“Literary Life of Thingum Bob, The” (EAP): — Lollipop (fictional magazine) [LTR-193a] 489n — yea-nay [LTR-304] 773n — mentioned [LTR-186] 472s

Literary Notices (EAP): — see Reviews, by EAP

“Literary Small Talk” (EAP): — publication of [LTR-78] 178n; [LTR-84] 202, 203n — mentioned [LTR-107] 259n

Literary Souvenir, The (gift book or annual): — and C. W. Thomson [LTR-96] 233n

Literary World (New York, NY): — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-201] 512n; [LTR-252] 626, 627n; [LTR-307b] 781, 783n; [LTR-308] 786n; [LTR-320] 815n; [SPR-11] 912n; [APXA] 854 — EAP keeps a file of [LTR-332] 838 — and EAP (Eureka) [LTR-269] 670n; [LTR-277] 688, 691n; [LTR-332] 838n — and EAP (“Ulalume”) [LTR-305] 774n; [LTR-308] 786, 787n, 787s — EAP (“Von Kempelen and His Discovery”) [LTR-308] 785, 786n; [LTR-332] 839n — and G. W. Eveleth [LTR-320] 814 — R. W. Griswold (The Female Poets of America) [LTR-321] 817n — and C. F. Hoffman [LTR-277] 691n; [LTR-332] 838n — J. E. Tuel (The Moral for Authors) [LTR-319] 811n — mentioned [LTR-304] 772n

Literati: — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-123] 303 — and SLM [LTR-67] 141, 142n; [LTR-68] 146; [LTR-69a] 150; [LTR-69b] 151; [LTR-69c] 153 — and Stylus [LTR-158] 394

“Literati of New York City, The” (EAP): — EAP criticizes [LTR-241] 602 — EAP seeks autographs for [LTR-229] 570, 571n — and EAP (“The Cask of Amontillado”) [SPR-16] 922 — H. Fuller attacks in New-York Mirror [LTR-233] 579 — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-243] 607n — Living Literati of the U. S. [LTR-227] 564 — Miss A. C. Lynch’s soirées [LTR-224] 553n, 554sNational Press: A Home Journal [LTR-234] 584n — notabilities [LTR-224] 555s — plans and preparations for [LTR-226] 560-561, 561n; [LTR-227] 564; [LTR-229a] 570, 571n, 572-573, 573n-574n; [LTR-239] 593n — popularity of [LTR-241] 602 — publication of [LTR-229a] 573n-574n; [LTR-239] 592; [LTR-241] 604n; [PN-007] 892n — reasons for discontinuing [LTR-241] 602 — “will not willingly let die ...” [LTR-97] 238n — mentioned [LTR-67] 142n; [LTR-240] 597; [SPR-13] 915 — see also Literary America (EAP); and under individual names: Bush, G., etc.

Literature: — EAP denigrates as a profession [LTR-77a] 175 — EAP to touch on all salient points in Literary America [LTR-241] 602 — “A literary reputation ... is seldom worth much ...” [LTR-163d] 411 — “the most noble of professions ...” [LTR-304] 770, 773n — “never commit yourself as a pamphleteer ...” [LTR-227] 564 — and New England [LTR-139] 347 — Northern neglect of Southern literature [LTR-69a] 151; [LTR-299] 750 — “the widest and noblest field of human ambition ...” [LTR-280] 711

Littell, Robert: — Littell’s Living Age [LTR-236] 587, 587n

“Little Longfellow War, The” (EAP): — see Longfellow, H. W.

Living Age (Boston) (Littell’s): — Tales (EAP), reviewed [LTR-236] 587, 587n

Living Writers of America, The (EAP): — H. W. Bool [LTR-19] 44n — EAP (“Autography”) [LTR-217a] 539n — and L. A. Godey [LTR-229a] 574n; [LTR-237] 589n; [LTR-263] 657n — and O. W. Holmes [LTR-243] 607n — namby-pambyism criticized [LTR-329] 830n — E. Sue (Wandering Jew) [LTR-220a] 544n — mentioned [LTR-201] 512n; [LTR-240] 597n — see also Literary America (EAP)

Loans: — see Borrowing and attempts to borrow; and Debts

Lock of hair, EAP’s: — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-280] 715s

Locke, Dr. (friend of Mrs. A. L. Richmond): — “a consummate scoundrel ...” [LTR-319] 810, 812n

Locke, Jane Ermina Starkweather, Mrs.: — biographical information [LTR-251] 625n — and EAP-Annie relationship [LTR-281] 716n; [LTR-301] 755n; [LTR-306] 775-776; [LTR-307] 779n; [LTR-309] 787 — Feud with Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-281] 716n; [LTR-282] 717n — and Mrs. S. A. Lewis [LTR-281] 715 — and publicity about EAP’s situation [LTR-246] 611; [LTR-251] 623-625, 625n — and romance about EAP [LTR-312a] 797, 798n, 798sworks by: “Ermina’s Tale” [LTR-309] 788n; [LTR-319] 810, 811n — “An Invocation for Suffering Genius” [LTR-251] 624, 625nMiscellaneous Poems [LTR-126] 310n; [LTR-267] 666, 667nletters from EAP to: [LTR-251] 623-625, 625n-626n, 626s; [LTR-267] 665-667, 667n, 667s-668s; [LTR-281] 715-716, 716n, 716s

Locke, John G. (husband of Mrs. J. E. S. Locke): — and EAP-Annie relationship [LTR-306] 775, 777; [LTR-307] 779n; [LTR-309] 787, 788n — and Stylus [LTR-251] 625n-626n — mentioned [LTR-319] 812n

Locke, Richard Adams: — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-123] 303, 304n — EAP (“Hans Pfaall”) [LTR-46] 97n; [LTR-50] 108, 109n — EAP (Literary America) [LTR-243] 607n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-46] 97n; [LTR-50] 109n; [LTR-229a] 572, 574n; [LTR-231a] 576, 577n — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-231a] 576works by: “Discoveries in the Moon” [LTR-50] 108, 109n

Locker-Lampson, Frederick (collector): [LTR-282] 717s

Lofland, John (The Milford Bard): — made honorary member of Franklin Literary Society [LTR-73a] 162n

Lollipop (fictional magazine): — EAP (“The Literary Life of Thingum Bob”) [LTR-193a] 489n

Loménie, Louis Léonard, de: — works by: Galerie Populaire des Contemp-orains [LTR-118] 294n

London: — EAP (“The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”) [LTR-244] 608 — and Stylus [LTR-264] 661n

London Foreign Quarterly (London): — slurring article on “American Poetry” [LTR-173] 431; [LTR-175] 441; [LTR-179] 450

London Literary Gazette and Journal of the Belles Lettres (London): — M. F. Tupper and laudatory review of EAP (Tales) [LTR-233] 580

London New Monthly (London): — see New Monthly Magazine

“Long hair unbound fell ...: — see McCabe, J. C. (“The Consumptive Girl”)

Long, George (professor at U. Va): [LTR-3] 6n

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth: — biographical information [LTR-110] 269n — and Mrs. M. P. Clemm [APXA] 853 — Copperplate Five [LTR-196] 504n — and E. A. Duyc-kinck [APXA] 854 — EAP’s clumsiness in approaching [LTR-115] 282n — and EAP (“The Haunted Palace”) [LTR-112] 272, 272n-273n — EAP (“A Large Account of a Small Matter”) [LTR-195] 497n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [SPR-13] 915 — EAP (“The Little Longfellow War”) [LTR-110] 269n; [LTR-242] 606n — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-194] 492n — G. R. Graham writes to [LTR-194a] 494n — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-110] 268, 269n; [LTR-129] 316, 317n; [LTR-134] 335n — “has genius ...” [LTR-164] 413 — and A. N. Howard [SPR-13] 915, 915n; [SPR-14] 917n — and A. M. Ide, Jr. [LTR-163d] 412s — liberally paid [LTR-227] 564 — Longfellow clique as EAP’s enemy [LTR-280] 709 — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-185] 464n; [APXA] 862 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-114] 278; [LTR-115] 280-282; [LTR-116] 284; [LTR-117a] 290 — and plagiarism [LTR-112] 272; [LTR-199] 509n; [APXA] 862works by: Ballads and Other Poems [LTR-147] 369n; [LTR-190a] 480n; [LTR-291] 735, 736n — “The Beleaguered City” [LTR-110] 269, 269n; [LTR-112] 272, 272n — “The Courtship of Miles Standish” [LTR-110] 269n — “Evangeline” [LTR-259] 639, 642n — “The Goblet of Life” [LTR-129] 317n — “Hiawatha” [LTR-110] 269n — “Hymn to the Night” [LTR-110] 269, 269n; [LTR-164] 413Hyperion, a Romance [LTR-115] 281, 282n — “Paul Revere’s Ride” [LTR-77a] 176n; [LTR-110] 269nPoems of Slavery [LTR-190a] 480n; [LTR-291] 735, 736n — “A Psalm of Life” [LTR-190a] 479, 480n — “Rain in Summer” [LTR-199] 509n — “The Skeleton in Armor” [LTR-110] 269The Spanish Student [LTR-108] 261n; [LTR-164] 413, 414n; [LTR-164a] 416, 416n-417n; [LTR-179] 451; [LTR-194a] 493, 494n; [LTR-300] 752Voices of the Night [LTR-110] 269n; [LTR-190a] 480n; [LTR-291] 735, 736nThe Waif [LTR-190a] 480n; [LTR-242] 605, 605n-606n; [LTR-291] 735, 736n; [APXA] 854letters from EAP to: [LTR-110] 268-269, 269n-270n, 270s; [LTR-115] 280-282, 282n, 282s

“Looker on in Venice, A (No. 2)” (M. Carey): — see Carey, M.

“Lord’s Prayer, The” (R. T. Conrad): — see Conrad, R. T.

“Loss of Breath” (EAP): — bonâ fide [LTR-93] 223n — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-46] 97n; [LTR-57] 125, 126n — intended as satire [LTR-57] 125 — Wm. Shakespeare (“Julius Caesar”) [LTR-304] 773n — and SLM [LTR-83] 198n — and unhappy marriage [LTR-141] 352n

Lost Pleiad, The (T. H. Chivers): — see Chivers, T. H.

Loud, John, Mr. (husband of Mrs. M. St. L. Loud): [LTR-330] 831; [LTR-334] 841, 842n

Loud, Marguerite St. Leon, Mrs.: — biographical information [LTR-334] 841n-842n — EAP’s last letters [Intro] xxxii — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-334] 842nworks by: Wayside Flowers [LTR-330] 831; [LTR-332] 837; [LTR-334] 841, 842nillustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-334) IIB-65 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-334] 841, 841n-842n, 842s

Louisville (KY): — EAP plans to visit [LTR-304] 771

Louisville Journal (Louisville, KY): — and Mrs. R. S. Nichols [LTR-169a] 426

“Love’s Philosophy” (P. B. Shelley): — see Shelley, P. B.

“Love’s Reply” (Mrs. F. S. Osgood): — see Osgood, F. S., Mrs.

Lowell (MA): — and W. H. Cudworth [LTR-319] 812n — EAP cancels plans to visit [LTR-306] 775, 776 — EAP visits, and plans to visit [LTR-274] 681; [LTR-303] 767; [LTR-316] 804; [LTR-319] 810 — EAP wants to live near Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-330] 831 — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-280] 712; [LTR-282] 716, 717n; [LTR-284] 719s; [LTR-286] 723n-724n; [LTR-296] 745 — and Miss S. Heywood [LTR-307] 779n; [LTR-319] 810 — Mrs. J. E. S. Locke [LTR-267] 665 — mentioned [LTR-251] 623; [LTR-304] 772n; [LTR-309] 788

Lowell, James Russell: — biographical information [LTR-147] 368n — and C. F. Briggs [LTR-201] 513n; [APXA] 862 — EAP asks for pay from contributions to Pioneer [LTR-156] 389, 390n; [LTR-163] 407 — EAP praises [LTR-164] 413 — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 862-864 — and EAP’s full signature [Intro] xxix — EAP’s proposed biography of [LTR-158] 394-395, 395n; [LTR-164] 414; [LTR-173] 430, 432n; [LTR-174] 438, 438n; [LTR-179] 451n — and EAP (“The Gold-Bug”) [LTR-193] 488n — and EAP (“The Haunted Palace”) [SPR-14] 916 — and EAP (“Lenore”) [LTR-149] 372-373; [LTR-150] 374, 374n — and EAP (“The Tell-Tale Heart”) [LTR-151] 378n — and Miss M. Fuller [LTR-259] 640; [LTR-304] 770 — R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of America) [LTR-147] 369n — F. Halleck, attack on [LTR-206] 521 — health of [LTR-152] 379, 380s; [LTR-153a] 384; [LTR-156] 389; [LTR-164] 414n — and A. M. Ide, Jr. [LTR-163d] 412s — and H. W. Longfellow [APXA] 862 — marriage to Miss M. White [LTR-185] 462-463, 464n — and C. Mathews [LTR-158] 395n — meets EAP [LTR-163] 407n — T. Middleton (The Changeling) [LTR-151] 378n — “a pity that he is a poet ...” [LTR-304] 771 — a ranting abolitionist [LTR-304] 771 — severe financial problems after failure of Pioneer [LTR-153a] 384n; [LTR-163] 407n — and Stylus [LTR-158] 394; [LTR-173] 431-432; [LTR-185] 463-464, 464n-465n — and N. P. Willis [APXA] 883 — mentioned [LTR-164a] 415; [LTR-194a] 494nworks by: A Fable for Critics [LTR-134] 335n; [LTR-206] 522n; [LTR-224] 554s; [LTR-304] 770-771, 773n; [LTR-320] 813, 815n; [APXA] 862, 884 — “In Sadness” [LTR-164a] 416n — “A Legend of Brittany” [LTR-241] 601-602; [APXA] 862Poems [LTR-147] 369n; [LTR-164] 414n; [LTR-173] 431; [LTR-241] 601; [APXA] 862 — “A Reverie” [LTR-164a] 416n — “Rosaline” [LTR-147] 368, 369n — “A Year’s Life” [LTR-164] 413, 414, 414nillustrations: portrait of IIA-38 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-147] 368, 368n-369n, 369s; [LTR-149] 372-373, 373n-374n, 374s; [LTR-150] 374, 374n, 374s; [LTR-151] 376-377, 377n-379n, 379s; [LTR-158] 393-395, 395n-396n, 396s; [LTR-161] 400-401, 401n, 401s-402s; [LTR-163] 407, 407n, 407s; [LTR-164] 412-414, 414n-415n, 415s; [LTR-173] 430-432, 432n-433n, 433s; [LTR-175] 441-442, 442n, 442s; [LTR-179] 448-451, 451n-452n, 452s; [LTR-181] 455-456, 456n-457n, 457s; [LTR-185] 462-464, 464n-465n, 465s — see also Biographies of EAP (Graham’s Magazine); and Pioneer

“Luciferian Revelation” (T. H. Chivers): — see Chivers, T. H.

Ludlam’s Wharf (Richmond, VA): — and EAP’s swimming feat [LTR-42] 84

Ludwig (pseudonym of R. W. Griswold): — see Griswold, R. W.

“Lulin, or the Diamond Fay” (Mrs. F. S. Osgood): — see Osgood, F. S., Mrs.

“Lyes Regalio” (T. H. Chivers): — see Chivers, T. H.

Lyle, John: — biographical information [LTR-2] 4n-5n — co-author of letters, along with EAP [LTR-1] 3, 3n, 3s; [LTR-2] 4, 4n-5n, 5s

Lynch, Anne Charlotte, Miss: — biographical information [APXA] 864 — EAP writes invitations for [LTR-224] 553, 553n, 554s; [LTR-224a] 555 — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 864-865 — as EAP’s enemy [LTR-280] 709, 713n; [LTR-290] 733n — “EAP (The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-224] 554s; [LTR-229a] 572, 574n; [LTR-237] 589, 589n; [APXA] 864 — and Mrs. E. F. Ellet [LTR-280] 709, 713n — and Miss M. Fuller [LTR-290] 731, 733n — and melancholy, EAP’s [LTR-201] 513s — soirées [LTR-224] 553, 553n, 554n, 554s; [LTR-224a] 555; [LTR-278] 701n; [APXA] 864 — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-224] 554s; [LTR-270] 672; [LTR-278] 693-694, 701n; [LTR-280] 714n; [APXA] 864

Lynn Bard, The: — see Lewis, Alonzo





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