Text: J. W. Ostrom, B. R. Pollin, and J. A. Savoye, “Index S-Z,” The Collected Letters of Edgar Allan Poe — Vol. II: 1846-1849 (2008), pp. vii-xii (This material is protected by copyright)


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“Sabbath and its Rest, The” (Mrs. S. J. Hale): — see Hale, S. J., Mrs.

Salary, EAP’s: — Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine [LTR-93] 218-219 — editing, for “a miserable pittance” [LTR-108] 260 — on Graham’s Magazine [LTR-109] 265n; [LTR-109a] 267; [LTR-134] 333, 334n-335n — “salary would be a minor consideration ...” [LTR-31] 67SLM [LTR-45] 93; [LTR-48] 103; [LTR-50] 107; [LTR-53] 118; [LTR-54] 120; [LTR-57] 125; [LTR-68] 145-146 — see also Finances; Magazines and annuals; and Pay

Salmagundi (W. Irving): — see Irving, W.

Sanderson, Howard Kendall (collector): [PN-004] 890s

Saratoga Springs (NY): [LTR-322] 819n

Sardanapalus (Byron): — see Byron

Sargent, Epes: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572, 573, 574n

Sargent, John O.: — and New England Magazine [LTR-37] 78n

Sargent, John Turner: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570, 571n; [LTR-229a] 573

Saroni’s Musical Times (New York, NY): — and Mrs. F. S. Osgood [LTR-333] 840n; [APXA] 867

Sartain, John: — assists EAP in Philadelphia (PA) [LTR-327] 826, 826n — biographical information [LTR-303a] 769n — EAP arrested in Philadelphia (PA) [LTR-323] 821n — EAP (“The Bells”) [LTR-303a] 768-769, 769n — “I am reduced to Sartain and Graham ...” [LTR-312a] 796Union Magazine of Literature and Art [LTR-312a] 797nworks by: American Gallery of Art [LTR-270] 672, 673nletters from EAP to: [LTR-303a] 768-769, 769n, 769s

Sartain’s Magazine (Philadelphia, PA): — EAP (“The Bells”) [LTR-299] 751n; [LTR-303] 767n; [LTR-303a] 769n; [LTR-307a] 780, 780n — EAP (“The Poetic Principle,” a lecture) [LTR-327] 827n — EAP (“A Valentine”) [LTR-307a] 780nUnion Magazine of Literature and Art [LTR-303a] 769n; [LTR-312a] 797n — mentioned [LTR-307b] 782n; [SPR-13] 914; [SPR-18] 924

Satire: — and EAP’s tales [LTR-57] 125, 126n

“Satirical Poems” (EAP): — EAP denies authorship of [LTR-206] 520, 521n-522n

Saturday Courier (Philadelphia, PA): — EAP (“Diddling Considered as One of the Exact Sciences”) [LTR-161a] 403n; [LTR-175] 442n — EAP (“Silence — A Sonnet”) [LTR-89] 210n — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-39] 81n — and E. Holden [LTR-161a] 402n — and A. McMakin [LTR-161a] 402n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-94a] 228n; [LTR-95] 231n; [LTR-114] 280n

Saturday Emporium (New York, NY): — and H. C. Deming [LTR-229] 570n

Saturday Evening Post (Philadelphia, PA): — accuses EAP of plagiarism [LTR-249] 619, 620n; [LTR-252] 626 — L. J. Cist (“Bachelor Philosophy”) [LTR-177a] 446n — EAP joins staff of Graham’s Magazine [LTR-109] 265n — EAP reviews C. Dickens (Barnaby Rudge) [LTR-132] 327n — EAP (“A Ballad”) [LTR-125] 308n — EAP (“The Black Cat”) [LTR-161a] 402; [LTR-175] 442n — EAP (The Conchologist’s First Book) [LTR-249] 619, 620n; [LTR-252] 626 — and G. R. Graham [LTR-123] 303, 304n; [LTR-161a] 403n — G. Lippard (Herbert Tracy) [LTR-169] 424n — and S. D. Patterson [LTR-161a] 402, 402n-403n — and Penn Magazine [PN-001a] 887n — and C. J. Peterson [LTR-125] 307; [LTR-161a] 402n — L. A. Wilmer (“Ode XXX. To EAP”) [LTR-162] 405n — mentioned [LTR-118] 294n

Saturday Rambler (Boston, MA): — and Eureka (EAP) [LTR-269] 670n

Saturday Visiter (Baltimore, MD): — see Baltimore Saturday Visiter

Saunders, Branch T.: [LTR-48] 103, 104n

Saunders, Robert: [LTR-62] 134, 135n

Saxton & Kelt (publishers): — The May Flower (for 1846) [LTR-200] 510n

“A Scene from Arnold and Andre” (G. H. Calvert): — see Calvert, G. H. (“Arnold and Andre”)

“Scenes of Childhood” (J. E. Snodgrass): — see Snodgrass, J. E. (“Childhood Scenes”)

Schloss Hainfeld (B. Hall): — see Hall, B., Captain

Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe: — biographical information [LTR-226] 562n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 561, 562n; [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573

“Science of Life, The” (M. Carey): — see Carey, M.

“Scotch School of Philosophy and Criticism, The” (C. A. Bristed): — see Bristed, C. A.

Scott, General Winfield: — and J. Allan [LTR-9] 19, 21n; [LTR-27] 57, 58n — and EAP’s West Point appointment [LTR-9] 19; [LTR-27] 57

Scott, William: — Weekly Messenger [LTR-49] 106n — T. W. White writes to [LTR-49] 106n; [LTR-76] 170n

“Scythe of Time, The” (EAP): — publication of [LTR-78] 178n

Search After Truth; or, a New Revelation of the Psycho-Physiological Nature of Man (T. H. Chivers): — see Chivers, T. H.

Sears, Edward S.: [LTR-130] 321s

Seaward, Edward, Sir: — see Porter, J., Mrs.

Sedgwick, Catherine M.: — biographical information [LTR-224] 553n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-224] 553n, 554s; [LTR-229a] 572, 574n — Miss A. C. Lynch’s soirées [LTR-224] 553, 554s; [LTR-224a] 555 — and SLM [LTR-68] 146

“Selection in Reading” (L. Minor): — see Minor, L.

Selections from the Poetical Literature of the West (Wm. D. Gallagher): — see Gallagher, Wm. D.

Semple: — Franklin Literary Society, Jefferson College [LTR-73a] 161nletters from EAP to: (fragment of signature) [LTR-73a] 161, 161n-162n, 162s

“Serenade” (J. N. McJilton): — see McJilton, J. N. (“Sovereignty of the Mind”)

“Shadow, A Fable” (EAP): — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-57] 126n — and SLM [LTR-83] 198n

Shakespeare from an American Point of View (G. Wilkes): — see Wilkes, G.

Shakespeare, William: — EAP attends lecture on [LTR-330] 831 — and T. S. Fay [LTR-129] 317n — hyphenation of “over-looked” [LTR-184] 462n — and P. B. Shelley [LTR-21] 47, 48n-49n — and J. H. Payne [SPR-25] 931n — and Mrs. Elizabeth A. H. Poe [SPR-25] 931n — and J. W. Taverner [LTR-330] 831, 833nworks by: Hamlet [LTR-186] 472s-473s; [LTR-233] 583n; [SPR-25] 931nJulius Caesar [LTR-138] 345n; [LTR-304] 770, 773nKing John [LTR-12] 26, 28nMacbeth [LTR-107] 258n; [LTR-109] 265n; [LTR-131] 323n; [LTR-233] 583nRichard III [LTR-182] 458nRomeo and Juliet [LTR-310] 791, 792n; [SPR-25] 931n

Shaver, J.: — and EAP (“The Raven”) [SPR-24] 930s

Shaw, Charles Brion: — biographical information [LTR-45] 94n-95nworks by: Alleghany Levels [LTR-45] 93, 95n

Shea, John Augustus: — biographical information [LTR-192] 485n — EAP sends corrections for “The Raven” [LTR-192] 485letters from EAP to: [LTR-192] 485, 485n, 485s

Shelley, Percy Bysshe: — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-140] 350n-351n — EAP admires poetry of [LTR-179] 450 — and P. Godwin [LTR-241] 602 — and F. Jeffrey [LTR-52] 116n — on Wm. Shakespeare [LTR-21] 47works by: “Epipsychidion” [LTR-278] 702n; [LTR-285] 720n — “Heavenly Vision: [LTR-140] 349, 351n — “Indian Serenade” [LTR-278] 702n — “Love’s Philosophy” [LTR-278] 702n — “Peter Bell” [LTR-285] 720nPoetical Works [LTR-278] 702n — “Prince Athanase” [LTR-285] 720nPrometheus Unbound [LTR-21] 48n-49n; [LTR-285] 720n — “The Wife’s Lament of Her Husband Lost at Sea” [LTR-140] 349, 351n

Shelton, Elmira Royster, Mrs.: — and Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-330] 831; [LTR-332] 838, 838n — and EAP’s last letters [Intro] xxxii — pencil sketches of [LTR-330] 831-832, 833n — plans for possible marriage to EAP [LTR-330] 830, 831; [LTR-332] 837, 838n — possible letter to EAP from [LTR-19] 44n — mentioned [LTR-286] 724nillustrations: portrait of IIA-42

Sheppard Lee (R. M. Bird): — see Bird, R. M.

Shew, Marie Louise, Mrs.: — biographical information [LTR-248] 618n; [LTR-254] 631n — and H. D. Chapin [LTR-260] 644, 645n — EAP’s description of her house [LTR-254] 630, 631n — EAP’s emotional attachment to [LTR-273] 677-679; [LTR-322a] 819n — EAP (“The Bells”) [LTR-92a] 216n — EAP (“The Beloved Physician”) [LTR-273] 679, 680n — and EAP (Eureka) [LTR-273] 680n; [PN-009] 894 — and J. H. Hopkins, Jr. [LTR-265] 662n; [LTR-273] 679, 679n; [LTR-277] 691n — and R. S. Houghton [LTR-92a] 216n; [LTR-265] 662n — and J. H. Ingram [LTR-232] 578n, 578s — on Mrs. S. A. Lewis [LTR-321] 817n — and Virginia C. Poe [LTR-248] 617-618, 618n — transcripts of EAP’s letters [Intro] xxvillustrations: MS transcript of letter from EAP to (LTR-273) IIB-66; IIB-67 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-248] 617-618, 618n, 618s; [LTR-254] 630, 630n-631n, 631s; [LTR-265] 661-662, 662n, 663s; [LTR-273] 677-679, 679n-680n, 680s

Short & Company (London): — “Mesmerism in Articulo Mortis” (“The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar,” EAP) [LTR-244] 608

Shrewstead, Lieutenant: — cryptograph [LTR-198] 507

Signatures, EAP’s: [Intro] xxviii-xxix; [LTR-192a] 486s — see also Autographs, EAP’s

Sigourney, Lydia Huntley, Mrs.: — EAP solicits contribution for Gra-ham’s Magazine [LTR-128] 315, 315n; [LTR-129] 316, 317n — EAP solicits contribution for SLM [LTR-68] 146, 146n; [LTR-69b] 151; [LTR-69c] 153, 153n; [LTR-75] 166n — and EAP (“The City in the Sea”) [LTR-129] 317n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [SPR-13] 915Flag of Our Union [LTR-303] 767works by: “Musing Thoughts” [LTR-129] 317n — “To a Land Bird at Sea” [LTR-128] 315nZinzendorff, and Other Poems [LTR-61] 133, 133n; [LTR-73] 158letters from EAP to: [LTR-61] 132-133, 133n, 133s; [LTR-128] 315, 315n-316n, 316s; [LTR-129] 316-317, 317n, 317s

“Silence — A Fable” (EAP): — see “Siope — A Fable” (EAP)

“Silence — A Sonnet” (EAP): — and J. B. Boyd [LTR-89] 210 — publication of [LTR-89] 210n

Silk cultivation: — see Chivers, T. H.

Silliman’s Journal of Science (Philadelphia, PA): — see American Journal of Science

Simms, William Gilmore: — not editor of SLM [LTR-75] 165works by: Confession; or the Blind Heart [LTR-127] 313, 314nThe Partisan [LTR-73] 158The Wigwam and the Cabin [LTR-239] 593n; [PN-006] 892n

“Single, Letter of Celia”: — see “Letter of Celia Single”

“Sinless Child, The” (Mrs. E. O. Smith): — see Smith, E. O., Mrs.

“Siope — A Fable” (EAP): — The Baltimore Book (for 1838) [LTR-77] 173, 173n — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-74] 164n — and The Gift [LTR-50] 108

Sissy: — see Poe, Virginia C., Mrs.

“Skeleton in Armor” (H. W. Long-fellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.

“Sketch of John Randolph, Roanoke” (F. W. Thomas): — see Thomas, F. W.

“Sketch of William Wirt” (F. W. Thomas): — see Thomas, F. W.

“Sketches from the Log of Old Ironsides” (J. E. Dow): — see Dow, J. E.

Sketches of Conspicuous Living Characters of France (R. Walsh): — see Walsh, R.

Sketches of Modern Literature (G. Gilfillan): — see Gilfillan, G.

Skimmings, or a Winter at Schloss Hainfeld in Lower Styria (B. Hall): — see Hall, B., Captain

Slave Trade, The (H. C. Carey): — see Carey, H. C.

Slavery: — Wm. Drayton (The South Vindicated) [LTR-62] 134, 134n — EAP and racism [LTR-62] 134n-135n — EAP sells a slave [LTR-11] 25n — J. K. Paulding (Slavery in the United States) [LTR-62] 134, 134n — and N. B. Tucker [LTR-62] 134, 134n — “we keep no servant ...” [LTR-144] 362 — see also Abolitionists and abolitionism; and Race

Slavery in the United States (J. K. Paulding): — see Paulding, J. K.

“Sleeper, The” (EAP): — EAP lists as among his best poems [LTR-179] 450 — EAP (“Irene”) [LTR-58] 129n; [LTR-241] 603n — EAP (“The Raven”), “The Sleeper” superior to as art [LTR-241] 601, 603n — R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of America) [LTR-112] 273n; [LTR-196] 502-503; [SPR-8] 908 — and J. C. McCabe [LTR-58] 129n

Slidell, Alexander, Lieutenant: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572 — and SLM [LTR-69c] 153, 153nworks by: Spain Revisited [LTR-73] 158

“Slipshodities” (N. P. Willis): — see Willis, N. P.

“Small beer” (expression): [LTR-134] 334n

“Small Talk” (EAP): — see “Literary Small Talk” (EAP)

Smith, Arthur R. (student at U. Va): [LTR-3] 6, 7n

Smith, Elizabeth Oakes, Mrs.: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573 — and J. Keese [LTR-199] 509nworks by: Poetical Works [LTR-199] 508, 509n; [PN-006] 892n — “The Sinless Child” [LTR-199] 509n — “True Child” [LTR-199] 509n — “The Water” [LTR-199] 509n

Smith, Seba: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572

Smith, Thomas S.: — biographical information [LTR-148] 372n — EAP seeks government appointment [LTR-143] 358; [LTR-148] 370-371, 372n; [LTR-150b] 375; [LTR-153] 382; [LTR-156] 390n-391n

Smith, William P.: — letters from EAP to: (entry only, no text) [LTR-218b] 541, 541n, 541s

Smollett, Tobias George: — hyphenation of “over-looked” [LTR-184] 462s

Snodgrass, Joseph Evans: — biographical information [LTR-81] 191n Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine [LTR-82] 194; [LTR-88] 208; [LTR-90] 211; [LTR-95] 229-230; [LTR-109] 262, 265n — and EAP’s biographical article [LTR-267] 667n — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 871-873 — and EAP’s drinking [LTR-109] 264 — EAP (“The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”) [LTR-136] 339n; [LTR-137] 339-340 — and Godey’s Lady’s Book [LTR-126] 309, 309n — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-109] 264 — and D. Hoffman [LTR-108] 261n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-95] 231n; [LTR-96a] 235n; [LTR-107] 256-257; [LTR-109] 264; [LTR-126] 309 — publicity about EAP [LTR-234] 584n — and SLM [LTR-107] 257, 258n — C. Soran (The Patapsco and Other Poems) [LTR-109] 262; [LTR-120] 297, 298n — mentioned [LTR-93] 221n; [LTR-105] 252nworks by: “Childhood Scenes” [LTR-88] 208; [LTR-90] 211, 212n, 212s; [LTR-95] 232s — “Poetry; the uncertainty of its appreciation” [LTR-95] 229; [LTR-107] 257; [LTR-109] 262, 265n — “Quotidiana” [LTR-107] 257, 258n — “Reproof of a Bird” [LTR-120] 297, 298n; [LTR-126] 309, 309n-310nillustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-137) IB-25; IB-26; IB-27; IB-28 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-81] 189-190, 191n-192n, 192s; [LTR-83] 197, 197n-198n, 198s; [LTR-84] 201-203, 203n-204n, 204s; [LTR-87] 206-207, 207n, 207s; [LTR-88] 207-208, 209n, 209s; [LTR-90] 211, 212n, 212s; [LTR-95] 229-231, 231n, 232s; [LTR-107] 256-258, 258n-259n, 259s; [LTR-109] 262-264, 265n, 265s; [LTR-120] 296-298, 298n-299n, 299s-300s; [LTR-126] 309, 309n-310n, 310s; [LTR-137] 339-342, 342n-343n, 343s

Snodgrass, William Davis: — Rutgers Female Institute [LTR-200a] 511, 511n

Snowden, William W.: — “pays his editresses $2 per week each for the names solely” [LTR-93] 219 — mentioned [LTR-173] 432, 433n — see also Ladies’ Companion

Snowden’s Ladies’ Companion: — see Ladies’ Companion

Social Destiny of Man, The (A. Brisbane): — see Brisbane, A.

Society Library (New York, NY): — see New York Society Library

Socrates: — and Michaelangelo [LTR-181] 456, 456n

Solomon: [LTR-304] 771, 773n

“Some sins do bear their priviledge on earth ...: — see Shakespeare, Wm. (King John)

“Some Words With a Mummy” (EAP): — mentioned [LTR-93] 221n

“Song of Spring, A” (Mrs. S. H. Whitman): — see Whitman, S. H., Mrs.

“Song of the Winds” (J. H. Hewitt): — see Hewitt, J. H.

“Song to Isa Singing” (T. H. Chivers): — see Chivers, T. H.

Songs of Our Land and Other Poems (Mrs. M. E. Hewitt): — see Hewitt, M. E., Mrs.

“Sonnet” (EAP): — publication of [LTR-257] 636, 637n

“Sonnet” (T. N. Talfourd): — see Tal-fourd, T. N.

“Sonnet to My Mother” (EAP): — see “To My Mother” (EAP)

Soran, Charles: — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-109] 262; [LTR-120] 297, 298nworks by: The Patapsco and Other Poems [LTR-109] 262; [LTR-120] 297, 298n

Soul: — “in part, its own God ...” [LTR-277] 690 — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-278] 692, 694, 695, 697, 699

South Attleborough (MA): — EAP (“Thou Art the Man”) [LTR-163d] 412n

South Carolina (state): — and unrelated line of the surname Poe [LTR-79] 183

South Carolina College: — and R. Henry [APXA] 856

South Vindicated, The (Wm. Drayton): — see Drayton, Wm.

Southern accent, EAP’s possible: [LTR-13] 31n-32n; [LTR-156] 391n; [LTR-256a] 636n

Southern Field and Fireside (Augusta, GA): — and J. R. Thompson [LTR-322a] 820s

Southern Literary Messenger (Richmond, VA) (new): [SPR-17] 923s

Southern Literary Messenger (Richmond, VA): — after EAP leaves [LTR-129] 316, 317n — Professor J. W. Alexander [LTR-69c] 153n-154n — C. Anthon (Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities) [RC-003] 897nBaltimore Chronicle [LTR-73] 160nBaltimore Patriot praises EAP’s writings [LTR-168] 421nBaltimore Republican and Commercial Advertiser praises [LTR-81] 190Baltimore Saturday Visiter contest [LTR-46] 96 — Benedict (“The Doom”) [LTR-42] 86n — best number of [LTR-72] 156 — R. M. Bird (Calavar) [LTR-51] 110n; [LTR-65] 139n — R. M. Bird (The Hawks of Hawk-Hollow) [LTR-51] 110n — R. M. Bird (The Infidel) [LTR-42] 86n; [LTR-51] 110n; [LTR-65] 139n — R. M. Bird (“The Pine Wood”) [LTR-65] 139n — R. M. Bird (Sheppard Lee) [LTR-51] 110n — and J. Bisco [RC-003] 897 — borrowed volumes of [LTR-174] 438, 439n; [LTR-184] 461, 461n-462n; [LTR-191] 480, 481n — and Boston, MA [LTR-63] 136 — S. G. Bulfinch (“Perdicaris”) [LTR-69] 150n — S. G. Bulfinch sends issue to (February 1836) [LTR-56] 124 — E. Bulwer-Lytton (Rienzi, the Last of the Tribunes) [LTR-53a] 119n-120n — Mrs. F. K. Butler (Journal) [LTR-42] 86n — G. H. Calvert (“Arnold and Andre”) [LTR-44] 91n — G. H. Calvert (“German Literature”) [LTR-44] 91n — and C. Campbell [LTR-217a] 538n — M. Carey (“Antho-logia”) [LTR-71] 155, 156n — M. Carey, M. (“The Learned Languages”) [LTR-71] 155, 156n — M. Carey (“National Ingratitude”) [LTR-71] 156n — M. Carey (“The Science of Life”) [LTR-71] 155, 156n — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-140] 349 — circulation of [LTR-186] 468, 469; [LTR-312] 793 — on J. F. Cooper [LTR-66] 141nCourier and Daily Compiler criticizes reviews in [LTR-73] 159n-160n, 160s — J. M. Daniel reviews Works of the Late EAP [SPR-24] 930n — D. Defoe (Robinson Crusoe) [LTR-308] 786n — Dewitt & Davenport (agents) [LTR-302a] 761n — J. R. Drake (“The Culprit Fay”) [LTR-210a] 528n — and J. Wm. Draper [LTR-320] 814n — Wm. Duane, Jr. (“MSS. of Benj. Franklin”) [LTR-63] 135-136, 136n — EAP appeals to subscribers of [LTR-218] 539 — EAP as editor of [LTR-47] 100; [LTR-49] 105, 106n; [LTR-50] 107, 108n-109n; [LTR-53] 118; [LTR-53a] 119, 119n; [LTR-57] 125; [LTR-61] 132; [LTR-71] 155; [LTR-73] 157, 158; [LTR-73a] 161n; [LTR-74] 164n; [LTR-75] 165; [LTR-75b] 169n; [LTR-97] 236; [LTR-98] 239; [LTR-99] 241; [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-117] 288; [LTR-117a] 290; [LTR-186] 466 — EAP defends reviewing practices [LTR-73] 157-159 — EAP dismissed from [Intro] xxxiii; [LTR-50] 108n-109n; [LTR-73] 160n; [LTR-75] 166s; [LTR-76] 170n; [LTR-97] 238n — EAP gives advice for [LTR-42] 84-85 — EAP inquires about copies of [LTR-83] 197 — EAP joins [LTR-45] 94n; [LTR-47] 101n; [LTR-49] 106n — EAP praises the typography of [LTR-193a] 489, 489n — EAP procures special ink for [LTR-45] 93 — EAP publishes notices of [LTR-43] 89, 90n; [LTR-44] 91; [LTR-48] 104, 104n — EAP reinstated [LTR-50] 109n — EAP seeks publicity for [LTR-72] 156 — EAP solicits contributions for [LTR-56] 123-124, 124n; [LTR-58] 128; [LTR-75a] 167 — EAP suggests lighter type face [LTR-45] 94, 94n — EAP wants subscription list of, for Stylus [LTR-157] 392, 393n; [LTR-158a] 396-397, 398s; [LTR-159] 398; [LTR-161a] 402n — EAP’s critical notices in [LTR-54] 122 — and EAP’s drinking [LTR-109] 263 — EAP’s opinion of [LTR-45] 92-93 — EAP’s salary at [LTR-54] 120 — EAP (“Berenice”) [LTR-42] 85 — EAP (“Bridal Ballad”) [LTR-125] 307, 308n — EAP (“Epimanes”) [LTR-37] 77n — EAP (“Eulogies on Marshall”) [LTR-68a] 147n-148n — EAP (“Morella”) [LTR-82] 195n — EAP (Politian) [LTR-52] 117n; [LTR-208] 525, 525n; [LTR-241] 603n — EAP (“The Rationale of Verse”) [LTR-164a] 416n; [LTR-255] 633n; [LTR-259] 642n; [LTR-275a] 684n; [LTR-301] 754; [LTR-320] 813 — EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-193a] 489, 489n; [RC-003] 897n — EAP (“Reminiscences of Niebuhr”) [LTR-69b] 152n — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-74] 162-163 — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-83a] 199 — EAP (“To Zante”) [LTR-103] 247n — erratic publishing schedule of [LTR-51b] 112n — F. Fauvel-Gouraud (Phreno-Mnemotechny) [RC-003] 897n — T. S. Fay (Norman Leslie) [LTR-73] 160n; [LTR-75] 166n — J. S. French (Elkswatawa) [LTR-331a] 836n — R. W. Griswold (The Female Poets of America) [LTR-292a] 740n; [SPR-21] 927 — Mrs. S. J. Hale (“A Profession for Ladies”) [LTR-75] 166n — Capt. B. Hall (Skimmings, or a Winter at Schloss Hainfeld) [LTR-74] 164n — B. R. Hall (Latin Grammar) [LTR-74] 164n — H. Hall, EAP sends issues to [LTR-74] 164 — F. Halleck (“Alnwick Castle”) [LTR-67] 142n — P. H. Hayne (“The Christian Martyr”) [LTR-322a] 820s — and J. E. Heath [LTR-129] 316 — J. H. Ingraham (Lafitte) [LTR-132] 327n — J. H. Ingraham (The Southwest) [LTR-117] 288n — issues of (May 1836) [LTR-62] 134 — and J. P. Kennedy [APXA] 861 — “Letter of Celia Single” [LTR-63] 135, 136n — letter of refusal for [LTR-58] 127-128 — Mrs. S. A. Lewis (The Child of the Sea and Other Poems) [LTR-246a] 614n; [LTR-272] 676n; [LTR-275a] 684n; [LTR-287a] 727n; [LTR-315] 802n — F. Lieber (“A Reminiscence”) [LTR-69b] 152n — F. Lieber (“Reminiscences of an Intercourse with Mr. Niebuhr”) [LTR-69b] 152n — H. W. Longfellow (“The Beleaguered City”) [LTR-112] 272, 272n — J. R. Lowell (A Fable for Critics) [LTR-134] 335n; [LTR-206] 522n; [LTR-224] 554s; [LTR-304] 771, 773n; [LTR-320] 813, 815n; [APXA] 862 — and A. B. Magruder [LTR-76] 169 — and M. F. Maury [LTR-129] 317n; [LTR-136] 339n — and J. C. McCabe [LTR-58] 127-128 — and J. N. McJilton [LTR-133] 328n — and B. B. Minor [LTR-129] 317n; [LTR-193a] 489n; [LTR-218] 540n; [LTR-227] 565n — B. B. Minor purchases [LTR-158a] 397n — L. Minor (“Address on Education”) [LTR-51a] 111n — L. Minor (“Chief Justice Marshall”) [LTR-59] 130n — L. Minor (“Hymn, in Honor of Harmodius and Aristogiton”) [LTR-51a] 111n — L. Minor (“Letters from New England”) [LTR-51a] 111n; [LTR-59] 130n — L. Minor (“Liberian Literature”) [LTR-55] 123, 123n — L. Minor (“Selection in Reading”) [LTR-55] 123, 123n — and L. Minor [LTR-227] 565n — nature of reviews EAP wrote for [LTR-195] 495Newbern Spectator criticizes reviews in [LTR-73] 160n — Mrs. F. S. Osgood (poetry of) [APXA] 867 — J. K. Paulding (“Example and Precept”) [LTR-67b] 145n — J. K. Paulding (“Judgement of Rhadamanthus”) [LTR-67b] 145n — J. K. Paulding (“The Old Man’s Carousel”) [LTR-67b] 145n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-106] 252; [LTR-108] 260 — G. A. Perdicaris (lectures) [LTR-69] 150n — plans for special issue of [LTR-65] 139; [LTR-66] 140; [LTR-67] 141; [LTR-67a] 143; [LTR-67b] 144; [LTR-68] 146; [LTR-68a] 147; [LTR-69a] 150-151; [LTR-69b] 151-152; [LTR-69c] 153 — and W. Poe [LTR-60] 131 — and Wm. Poe [LTR-60] 131 — Wm. Poe as agent for [LTR-97] 237 — publication of [LTR-67] 142n — reviews in (August 1836) [LTR-72] 156, 157n — reviews in (February and March 1836) [LTR-62] 134 — reviews in (January 1836) [LTR-61] 133 — Mrs. L. H. Sigourney (Zinzendorff, and Other Poems) [LTR-61] 133n — and Wm. P. Smith [LTR-218b] 541n — J. E. Snodgrass (“Quotidiana”) [LTR-107] 257, 258n — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-81] 191n; [APXA] 871 — soliciting contributions for [LTR-50] 108; [LTR-51] 110; [LTR-65] 139; [LTR-66] 140; [LTR-67] 141; [LTR-67a] 142-143; [LTR-67b] 144; [LTR-68] 146; [LTR-68a] 147; [LTR-69] 149; [LTR-69a] 150-151; [LTR-69b] 151-152; [LTR-69c] 153; [LTR-70] 154 — E. V. Sparhawk as editor of [LTR-44] 92n — and Rev. O. A. Stearnes [LTR-59] 129 — Wm. L. Stone (Ups and Downs) [LTR-73] 160n — Miss S. A. Talley (“Genius”) [LTR-292a] 740, 740n — F. W. Thomas (Clinton Bradshaw) [LTR-104] 249n — and J. R. Thompson [LTR-275a] 684n; [LTR-292a] 740n; [LTR-299] 751n; [LTR-316] 804; [LTR-319] 809; [LTR-322a] 820s; [LTR-330] 831; [APXA] 868 — and C. W. Thomson [LTR-96] 233n — thriving [LTR-68] 146 — N. B. Tucker (George Balcombe) [LTR-52] 116n — N. B. Tucker (The Partisan Leader) [LTR-127] 314n-315n — N. B. Tucker (review of Drayton and Paulding) [LTR-62] 134 — N. B. Tucker (“To a Coquette”) [LTR-62] 133 — and Judge A. P. Upshur [LTR-127] 314n-315n; [LTR-153] 382, 383n; [LTR-155] 387n — E. S. Van Winkle (“The Study of the Law”) [LTR-75b] 168 — volume II begun [LTR-51b] 112, 112n — and G. Watterston [LTR-218a] 540n — and T. W. White [LTR-42] 86n; [LTR-58] 129n; [LTR-129] 316, 317n; [LTR-136] 339n — mentioned [LTR-93] 223n; [LTR-99] 241n; [LTR-117a] 291n; [LTR-210] 527; [LTR-318] 808; [RC-003] 897s; [SPR-2] 902; [SPR-3] 903; [SPR-13] 914 — see also Biographies of EAP (SLM); Magazines and annuals; “Marginalia” (EAP); Pay; “Pinakidia” (EAP); Reviews, by EAP; Salary; Thompson, J. R.; and White, T. W.

Southern Patriot (Charleston, SC): — T. H. Chivers (The Lost Pleiad) [LTR-205] 519; [LTR-207] 523, 524n; [APXA] 850

Southwark (Philadephia, PA): — and R. Travers [LTR-166] 419, 419n

Southwest, The (J. H. Ingraham): — see Ingraham, J. H.

Souvenir, The (gift book or annual): — see Atlantic Souvenir, The

“Souvenirs of Youth” (EAP): [LTR-174a] 440n

“Sovereignty of the Mind” (J. N. McJilton): — see McJilton, J. N.

Spain Revisited (Lt. A. Slidell): — see Slidell, A.

“Spanish Student, The” (H. W. Longfellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.

Sparhawk, Edward V.: — on EAP (“Hans Pfaall”) [LTR-46] 97n — and SLM [LTR-44] 91, 92n

Sparks, Jared: — biographical information [LTR-63] 136n — EAP (“Autography”) [LTR-42] 86n; [LTR-63] 136n — and Harvard University [LTR-42] 86n; [LTR-63] 136n — “Letter of Celia Single” [LTR-63] 135works by: Life of Franklin [LTR-42] 85; [LTR-63] 136letters from EAP to: [LTR-63] 135-136, 136n, 136s

Spear, Thomas G.: — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-132] 326, 326n — and G. R. Graham [LTR-132] 326

“Spectacles, The” (EAP): — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-223] 550 — EAP sends MS to R. H. Horne [LTR-172] 429n-430n — publication of [LTR-172] 429n-430n; [LTR-173] 433n; [LTR-175] 441, 442n — “a somewhat extravagant tale ...” [LTR-173] 431 — theme of surprise [LTR-156] 391n — see also Dollar Newspaper

Spectator (London): — EAP (Tales) and EAP (The Raven and Other Poems) [LTR-233] 580 — Sir Roger de Coverley [LTR-78] 178, 179n

Spencer, Edward: — and J. E. Snodgrass [APXA] 872

“Sphinx, The” (EAP): — publication of [LTR-239] 593n — see also Pay

“Spirit of Poesy” (H. T. Tuckerman): — see Tuckerman, H. T.

Spirit of the Times (Philadelphia, PA): — Cooke, P. P. (“The Turkey-Hunter”) [LTR-227] 565 — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-171] 428n — and EAP (“Reply to English”) [LTR-202] 515s; [LTR-235] 586n; [LTR-236] 587s; [LTR-237] 588, 589n; [LTR-250] 622 — and H. Greeley [LTR-250] 622 — and G. Lippard [LTR-169] 424n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-94] 228n; [LTR-94a] 228n — see also Du Solle, J. S.; and Porter, Wm. T.

Spiritualism: — Fox sisters, Kate and Margaretta [APXA] 881 — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [APXA] 881

Spirituality: — “no belief in ...” [LTR-179] 449 — no such thing [LTR-180] 454

Sprague, Charles: — Copperplate Five [LTR-196] 504n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-123] 303, 304n — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-194] 492n; [LTR-196] 504n

Spring, Gardiner: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572

St. Dunstan (Archbishop of Canterbury): — and the Devil [LTR-101] 244n

St. John’s Churchyard: — illustrations: engraving IA-01

St. John’s College (Cambridge): — and Wm. E. Burton [LTR-104] 249; [LTR-107] 257

St. John’s Episcopal Church (Providence, RI): — and N. B. Crocker [LTR-295] 745n

St. Louis (MO): — EAP plans to visit [LTR-329] 829 — and Stylus [LTR-316] 803 — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-104] 249; [LTR-131] 322 — mentioned [LTR-316] 804

St. Louis Bulletin (St. Louis, MO): — and S. B. Churchill [LTR-104] 248, 249n — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-81] 191n — publicity about EAP [LTR-81] 189-190, 191n — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-81] 189-190, 192s

St. Louis Commercial Bulletin (St. Louis, MO): — see St. Louis Bulletin

St. Paul’s Church House (New York, NY): — and A. N. Howard [SPR-12] 914s; [SPR-14b] 920

Stanard, Jane Craig, Mrs.: — “the friend of my boyhood ...” [LTR-273] 679, 680n — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-278] 694, 703n

Stanard, Mary Newton, Mrs.: [APXA] 847, 848

Stanard, Robert (son of Mrs. J. C. Stanard): — EAP’s school fellow [LTR-273] 679, 680n — mentioned [LTR-278] 703n

“Stanzas” (EAP): — and Byron [LTR-179] 451n

Star (New York, NY): — see New York Evening Star

Starr, Mary: — T. Moore (“Come, Rest in this Bosom”) [LTR-280] 714n — recalls Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-23] 51n

Starr, Wm. H.: — and BJ [PN-005] 891n

Stearns, Rev. Oliver A.: — biographical information [LTR-59] 130n — and Harvard University [LTR-59] 130n — and L. Minor [LTR-59] 129

Stedman, E. Clementine, Mrs.: — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-134] 335n

Stedman, Edmund Clarence: [LTR-103] 247s

Steele, Richard: — Spectator [LTR-78] 179n

Stephens, Ann Sophia, Mrs.: — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-123] 303; [LTR-173] 432n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572 — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-129] 316, 317n — C. J. Peterson (“Our Contributors”) [LTR-173] 431, 432n

Stephens, John Lloyd: — EAP (“Autography”) [LTR-123] 303 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 560-561; [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572works by: Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan [LTR-111] 271nIncidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia Petraea, and the Holy Land [LTR-77a] 176n; [LTR-97] 237n; [LTR-111] 271n; [LTR-186] 471n; [LTR-226] 562nIncidents of Travel in Yucatan [LTR-111] 270, 271n

Sterne, Lawrence: — “Vive la Bagatelle ...” [LTR-235] 586nworks by: Tristam Shandy [LTR-235] 586n

Steward, Dr.: — and A. N. Howard [SPR-13] 914; [SPR-15] 921, 921n

Stockton, William Telfair (West Point tentmate of EAP): [LTR-26] 56, 56n

Stoddard, Richard Henry: — biographical information [LTR-103] 247n — claims not to understand EAP [LTR-103] 247n — EAP (“To Zante”) [LTR-103] 246-247 — and G. W. Eveleth [LTR-263] 658s — and B. Taylor [LTR-287a] 727n — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-103] 247n; [LTR-118] 295s — mentioned [LTR-291a] 737nworks by: “Ode to a Grecian Flute” [LTR-256a] 635nRecollections [LTR-103] 247nletters from EAP to: [LTR-103] 246-247, 247n, 247s

Stone, William Leete, Colonel: — works by: Ups and Downs [LTR-73] 159, 160n

Stonehaven (Scotland): — and the Allan family [LTR-245] 610, 610n — and A. Ramsay [LTR-244] 608

Stonington (CT): [LTR-280] 713; [LTR-293a] 743s

Street, Alfred B.: — works by: Poems [LTR-212] 530n

Stricker, John: — Life of Cicero [LTR-42] 85

String Theory: [LTR-179] 452n

Stringer & Townsend (publishers): — J. E. Tuel (The Moral for Authors) [LTR-319] 811n

Strobia family (of Richmond, VA): [LTR-330] 830, 832n

“Study of the Law, The” (E. S. Van Winkle): — see Van Winkle, E. S.

“Study of the Learned Languages” (M. Carey): — see Carey, M. (“The Learned Languages”)

Sturdivant, John: — Congress Hotel (Philadelphia, PA) [LTR-104] 248, 250n

Stylus (EAP’s proposed magazine): — and C. Anthon [LTR-186] 466-470; [LTR-225] 559, 560n — and P. D. Bernard [LTR-157] 392 — and E. Bowen [LTR-278a] 704 — and J. L. Chester [LTR-223a] 552n, 552s — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-180] 453; [LTR-189] 476n — and T. C. Clarke [LTR-157] 392; [LTR-159] 399s — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-244] 609n — EAP anticipates circulation of [LTR-173] 432; [LTR-186] 468-469; [LTR-312] 793 — EAP declares it the great purpose of his life [LTR-240] 597; [LTR-241] 603 — EAP designs a title page for [LTR-316] 804, 805n — EAP seeks money for [LTR-287] 725 — EAP seeks subscribers for [LTR-155] 386, 387n; [LTR-159] 398; [LTR-259] 642; [LTR-260] 645n; [LTR-278] 701n; [LTR-312] 794 — as EAP’s ideal magazine [LTR-173] 431-432 — EAP (“The Gold-Bug”) [LTR-259] 643n — and G. W. Eveleth [LTR-252] 627, 627n; [LTR-259] 642 — “I shall very soon establish ...” [LTR-190a] 479, 479n-480n; [LTR-203] 516 — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-161] 401; [LTR-163] 407n; [LTR-164a] 416n — “my ambition is great ...” [LTR-259] 641-642 — and E. H. N. Patterson [LTR-312] 793-794, 794n-795n; [LTR-316] 803-804; [LTR-329] 829; [APXA] 868-869 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-114] 279n-280n; [LTR-180] 453, 454n — and C. G. Percival [LTR-222] 550n — plans for frustrated [LTR-159] 399s; [LTR-161] 401; [LTR-189] 475, 476n; [LTR-312] 795n — plans, prospectus, and soliciting for [LTR-153] 381-382; [LTR-157] 392; [LTR-158] 394; [LTR-180] 453 — and Wm. Poe [LTR-98] 240n — prospectus [LTR-116] 285n; [LTR-153] 381, 382n; [LTR-157] 392, 392n-393n; [LTR-158] 394; [LTR-185] 465n; [LTR-186] 471n; [LTR-203] 517n; [LTR-259] 639, 644s; [LTR-264] 661n, 661s; [LTR-287] 725; [LTR-316] 805n — renewed activity on [LTR-223] 551n; [LTR-225] 559; [LTR-259] 639; [LTR-260] 644; [LTR-262] 646-647; [LTR-263] 647-648; [LTR-274] 681n; [LTR-320] 814, 816n — selling price of [LTR-312] 793-794, 795n; [LTR-329] 829; [SPR-15] 920; [SPR-17] 922; [SPR-18] 924 — and SLM [LTR-157] 392; [LTR-158a] 397n; [LTR-159] 398 — subscribers for [LTR-156] 390, 390n; [LTR-158a] 397n; [LTR-259] 642, 643n; [LTR-262] 647; [LTR-287] 725; [LTR-312] 794, 795n; [LTR-327] 826n — and B. Taylor [LTR-271] 675n — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-153] 381-382 — and E. Valentine [LTR-287] 725 — and E. S. Van Winkle [LTR-75a] 167n — mentioned [LTR-275a] 684nillustrations: prospectus IIA-55 — title page for IIB-63 — see also Magazine, ideal; and Penn Magazine

Sue, Eugène: — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-220a] 544nworks by: The Wandering Jew [LTR-220a] 543, 544n

Sugar House (NY): — and A. N. Howard [SPR-13] 915s; [SPR-14a] 918s

Suicide, EAP’s threats of and attempts at: — Laudanum [LTR-286] 722, 724n — possible suicide attempt [LTR-286] 723 — and Virginia C. Poe [LTR-48] 103-104

Sunday Times (London): — and EAP (“The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”) [LTR-245] 610n

Supernatural: — and EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-241] 601

Sutherland, Joel Barlow: — biographical information [LTR-166] 419nletters from EAP to: [LTR-166] 418-419, 419n, 419s

Swain, Abel, & Simmons: — promissory notes from EAP to: [PN-003] 888, 888n-889n, 889s

Swallow-Barn (J. P. Kennedy): — see Kennedy, J. P.

Swedenborg Library (G. Bush): — see Bush, G.

Swedenborgians: — EAP scorns [LTR-188] 474n

“Sweepings from a Drawer” (H. B. Wallace): — see Wallace, H. B.

Swift, Jonathan: — works by: Gulliver’s Travels [LTR-158] 394

Swimming, EAP’s: — Benedict (“The Doom”) [LTR-42] 84, 86n, 87s — and J. Lyle [LTR-2] 5n

Synopsis of Natural History, A (T. Wyatt): — see Wyatt, T.

“System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether, The” (EAP): — and P. Earle [LTR-102] 245n; [LTR-322] 818n — publication of [LTR-175] 441, 442n — mentioned [LTR-223] 550


Tacitus, Publius Cornelius: — works by: Historiae [LTR-3] 6, 7n

Taglay: — EAP (“Tamerlane”) [SPR-1] 901

“Tale of Jerusalem, A” (EAP): — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-46] 97n; [LTR-57] 126n — and SLM [LTR-83] 198n

“Tale of Luzon, The” (Mrs. M. E. Hewitt): — see Hewitt, M. E., Mrs.

“Tale of the Ragged Mountains, A” (EAP): — publication of [LTR-175] 441, 442n

Tales (1845) (EAP): — and Miss E. B. Barrett [LTR-233] 580, 581n — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-192a] 486; [LTR-201] 512n; [LTR-241] 603n; [APXA] 854-855 — EAP wants 2d edition published [LTR-223] 550, 551n — EAP (The Raven and Other Poems) [LTR-233] 581n — editorial choice of material for [LTR-240] 595-596; [LTR-241] 601 — and Miss A. C. Lynch [APXA] 865 — and C. Mathews [LTR-192a] 486 — moderate success [LTR-193] 488n; [LTR-208] 525n — publication of [LTR-233] 581n; [APXA] 865 — reviewed by L. F. Tasistro [LTR-143] 361n — reviewed by M. F. Tupper [LTR-226] 561, 562s; [LTR-233] 580 — reviewed in Aristidean [LTR-149] 373n; [LTR-307b] 782n — reviewed in Blackwood’s Magazine [LTR-259] 643n — reviewed in Littell’s Living Age [LTR-236] 587, 587n — reviews of, in England [LTR-233] 580 — mentioned [LTR-215] 535s — see also Pay

Tales of Arabesque (EAP) (inaccurate reference by J. P. Kennedy): — see Tales of the Folio Club (EAP) — and Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque (EAP)

Tales of the Folio Club (EAP): — Baltimore Saturday Visiter contest [LTR-39] 81n; [LTR-112] 273n — and E. and J. T. Buckingham [LTR-37] 77, 77n-78n — and Carey & Lea [LTR-38] 79; [LTR-39] 81n; [LTR-50] 109n — EAP claims that T. W. White is willing to publish [LTR-50] 108 — EAP describes plan of [LTR-37] 77, 77n-78n; [LTR-74] 162-163, 164n — EAP (Tales of the Arabesque, inaccurate reference by J. P. Kennedy) [LTR-38] 80s — and H. Hall [LTR-74] 162-163 — and J. P. Kennedy [LTR-38] 79, 80s; [LTR-39] 81, 81n — partially published [LTR-46] 96, 97n; [LTR-57] 126n — and Philadelphia Saturday Courier [LTR-39] 81n — mentioned [LTR-36] 74n; [LTR-78] 179n — see also the individual tales (“Epimanes,” etc.)

Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque (1840) (EAP): — and C. Anthon [LTR-84] 203n — N. Biddle (EAP inscribes copy) [LTR-106a] 255n — and J. L. Carey [LTR-87] 206; [LTR-88] 207 — and P. P. Cooke [LTR-82] 195n — EAP claims the edition is nearly sold out [LTR-88] 208, 209n; [LTR-95] 230, 231n — EAP (“Siope — A Fable”) [LTR-77] 174n — EAP (Tales of the Arabesque, inaccurate reference by J. P. Kennedy) [LTR-38] 80s — and W. Irving [LTR-82] 195n; [LTR-83a] 199; [LTR-84] 202 — and J. K. Paulding [LTR-84] 203n — proposed second edition [LTR-122] 301, 302n — publication of [LTR-83] 197, 198n; [LTR-85] 205, 205n; [LTR-87] 207n; [LTR-95] 231n; [LTR-122] 302n — reviewed by Boston Notion [LTR-136] 338n-339n — reviewed by N. P. Willis [LTR-227] 565n — reviews of [LTR-88] 208 — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-84] 203n; [LTR-87] 206; [LTR-88] 207St. Louis Bulletin [LTR-81] 191n — to be published [LTR-81] 190, 192s; [LTR-82] 194; [LTR-83a] 199 — J. Wilson (under pseudonym of Christopher North) [LTR-81] 190; [LTR-95] 231, 231n — mentioned [LTR-74] 164n; [LTR-169] 424n; [LTR-175] 441; [SPR-6] 906 — see also Phantasy Pieces (EAP)

Tales, EAP’s: — “each composed with reference to its effect as part of a whole ...” [LTR-240] 595-596 — EAP disagrees with popular assessment of [LTR-52] 115 — EAP lists his best tales [LTR-179] 450 — EAP plans to publish himself [LTR-241] 601 — EAP’s aim has been wide diversity and variety [LTR-240] 596 — “a great number ... might be termed Phantasy Pieces ...” [LTR-186] 470-471 — and ideal magazine [LTR-186] 471 — of ratiocination [LTR-240] 595, 598n — satire in [LTR-57] 125 — see also under separate titles

Talfourd, Sergeant (Sir Thomas Noon): — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-129] 316, 317nworks by: “Ion” [LTR-129] 316 — “Sonnet” [LTR-129] 317n

Talley, Susan Archer, Miss (later Mrs. S. A. T. Weiss): — EAP praises as having “real genius” [LTR-292a] 740, 740n — and EAP’s last letters [Intro] xxxii — and R. W. Griswold [APXA] 859 — and E. Valentine [LTR-287] 725n-726nworks by: “Genius” [LTR-292a] 740, 740n; [LTR-299] 750

“Tamerlane” (EAP): — EAP (The Raven and Other Poems) [LTR-208] 525, 525n — juvenile [LTR-208] 525, 525n-526n — and J. Neal [LTR-21] 48n; [APXA] 865 — notes for [SPR-1] 901 — publication of [LTR-21] 48 — see also Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems (EAP)

Tamerlane and Minor Poems (1827) (EAP): — notes for EAP (“Tamer-lane”) [SPR-1] 901, 901n — publication of [LTR-7] 16s; [LTR-8] 18n

Tarentum (Greece): — and Archytas [LTR-216] 537n

Tasistro, Louis Fitzgerald, Count: — and P. Benjamin [LTR-143] 359, 361n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573 — mentioned [LTR-136] 338n

Tasso, Torquato: — and R. H. Wilde [LTR-164] 415n

Taverner, J. W.: — EAP attends lecture by [LTR-330] 831works by: “The Respective Styles of Shakespeare and Bacon” [LTR-330] 833n

Taylor, Bayard: — biographical information [LTR-271] 675n — EAP requests a favor from [LTR-287a] 726 — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-271] 675n — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-109] 265n; [LTR-287a] 726 — and A. M. Ide, Jr. [LTR-163d] 412sUnion Magazine of Literature and Art [LTR-266] 664n; [LTR-271] 675n, 675sworks by: Views A-Foot [LTR-271] 674, 675nletters from EAP to: [LTR-271] 674, 675n, 675s-676s; [LTR-287a] 726, 727n, 727s

Taylor, Franck (agent for Graham’s): [LTR-131] 321

Taylor, Zachary: — and EAP’s lecture in Lowell (MA) [LTR-283] 717n

Tazewell, Littleton Waller: — biographical information [LTR-70] 154n — EAP solicits contribution for SLM [LTR-70] 154, 154n — Anne Nivision Tazewell (wife) [LTR-70] 154nletters from EAP to: [LTR-70] 154, 154n, 155s

Tellkampf, Johann Ludwig, Professor: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573

“Tell-Tale Heart, The” (EAP): — EAP lists as among his best tales [LTR-179] 450 — horribleness in [LTR-52] 117n — H. W. Longfellow (“A Psalm of Life”) [LTR-190a] 480n — J. R. Lowell owes EAP money for [LTR-164a] 416n — publication of [LTR-149] 373n; [LTR-151] 377n — and H. T. Tuckerman [LTR-149] 372-373, 373n; [LTR-151] 378n; [LTR-200a] 511n; [LTR-307b] 782n — see also Pay

Temperance: — and T. D. English [LTR-156] 391n; [LTR-161] 401n — and J. E. Snodgrass [APXA] 872 — Washingtonians [LTR-156] 390

“Temperance Banner, The” (poem, by an unknown author): [LTR-161a] 403s

Tennyson, Alfred, Lord: — EAP accused of imitation of [LTR-173] 431; [LTR-175] 441 — EAP profoundly excited by poetry of [LTR-179] 450works by: The Princess [LTR-278] 701n

Tetlow, Helen Ingersoll, Miss (grand niece of Mrs. F. S. Osgood): [LTR-193b] 490n, 490s

Texas (Republic of): [LTR-197] 504 — see also Houston, S.

Thayer, Sylvanus, Colonel: — biographical information [LTR-27] 58n — EAP asks for certificate of standing [LTR-29] 64; [LTR-30] 65-66 — EAP is much pleased with [LTR-27] 57letters from EAP to: [LTR-30] 65-66, 66n, 66s

“There are some qualities — some incorporate ...: — see “Silence — A Sonnet” (EAP)

“There nature speaks and even ideal things ...: — see “Romance” (EAP)

Thomas, Calvin Frederick Stephen: — forgeries of EAP to: [SPR-1] 901, 901n-902n, 902s

Thomas, Ebenezer Smith (father of F. W. Thomas): [LTR-124] 304

Thomas, Edward J.: — EAP accused of forgery [LTR-202] 514, 514nletters from EAP to: [LTR-202] 514, 514n-515n, 515s

Thomas, Frances Ann (sister of F. W. Thomas): — death of [LTR-240a] 600n — EAP sends regards to [LTR-104] 249 — F. W. Thomas (Clinton Bradshaw) dedicated to [LTR-131] 322-323, 323n — mentioned [LTR-124] 304

Thomas, Frederick William: — biographical information [LTR-104] 249n — and D. Bryan [LTR-139] 348n — and J. E. Dow [LTR-78b] 182n — EAP requests biographical information about [LTR-124] 304-305, 305n — EAP seeks government appointment [LTR-117] 287; [LTR-118] 292; [LTR-134] 333, 334n; [LTR-148] 372n; [LTR-153] 382; [LTR-161] 401n — EAP seeks help for Wm. R. Wallace [LTR-137a] 343, 344n — EAP writes sketch of for R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of America) [LTR-127] 314n — and EAP’s biography [LTR-175] 441 — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 873-877 — and EAP’s drinking [LTR-156] 388-390 — family of [LTR-124] 304-305; [LTR-304] 771 — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-104] 249n; [LTR-127] 314n; [LTR-131] 323n — Fuller’s Hotel (Washington, DC) [LTR-154] 386s — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-112] 274s — lameness [LTR-124] 305 — and J. Neal [LTR-94] 227, 227n — and Wm. H. L. Poe [LTR-51b] 112n-113n — possible letters from EAP to [APXA] 860 — and J. Randolph [LTR-240a] 599n — salary as a government clerk [LTR-117] 287 — seeks EAP’s aid in publicizing proposed novel [LTR-117] 289s — sketches by (on J. Randolph, Wm. Wirt, etc.) [LTR-240a] 599, 599n — and Stylus [LTR-153] 381-382, 382 — and Wm. Wirt [LTR-240a] 599n — writes letter of introduction to J. Tyler [LTR-155] 386, 387n — mentioned [LTR-81] 191n; [LTR-329] 830nworks by: “The Adventures of a Poet” [LTR-104] 250nThe Beechen Tree [LTR-143] 359, 361n; [LTR-182] 457; [LTR-189] 475, 476n, 476sClinton Bradshaw [LTR-73] 158; [LTR-104] 248, 249n; [LTR-131] 322-323, 323n; [LTR-144] 362, 362nEast and West [LTR-104] 248, 249nHoward Pinckney [LTR-104] 248, 249n — “The Meeting of the Lovers” [LTR-117] 288n — “Oh! Blame Her Not” [LTR-126a] 311; [LTR-127] 312, 313n, 315s — “Recollections of EAP” (lost MS) [APXA] 874 — “’Tis Said that Absence Conquers Love” [LTR-127] 312, 314n; [LTR-258] 638n — “War Song of Seventy-Six” [LTR-258] 638nletters from EAP to: (possible) [LTR-51b] 112, 112n-113n, 113sletters from EAP to: [LTR-104] 248-249, 249n-250n, 250s; [LTR-117] 287-288, 288n, 288s-289s; [LTR-118] 292-294, 294n-295n, 295s; [LTR-124] 304-305, 305n, 306s; [LTR-126a] 311, 311n-312n, 312s; [LTR-127] 312-313, 313n-314n, 314s-315s; [LTR-131] 321-323, 323n-324n, 324s; [LTR-132] 324-326, 326n-327n, 327s; [LTR-134] 333-334, 334n-335n, 335s; [LTR-137a] 343, 344n, 344s; [LTR-142] 355-356, 357n, 357s; [LTR-143] 358-360, 360n-361n, 361s; [LTR-144] 361-362, 362n, 362s; [LTR-148] 370-372, 372n, 372s; [LTR-150b] 375, 375n-376n, 376s; [LTR-153] 381-382, 382n-383n, 383s; [LTR-156] 388-390, 390n-391n, 391s-392s; [LTR-182] 457-458, 458n-459n, 459s; [LTR-189] 475-476, 476n, 476s; [LTR-197] 504-505, 506n, 506s; [LTR-198] 507, 507n-508n, 508s; [LTR-240a] 599, 599n-600n, 600s; [LTR-304] 769-771, 772n-773n, 773s-774s; [LTR-307b] 781, 781n-783n, 783s-785s — see also Friends, EAP’s

Thomas, H. M., Mrs.: [LTR-272] 677s

Thomas, Henry T.: — City Despatch Post [LTR-221a] 545n

Thomas, Isabella, Miss (sister of F. W. Thomas): [LTR-124] 304

Thomas, Jackson (brother of F. W. Thomas): [LTR-124] 305

Thomas, Lewis (brother of F. W. Thomas): [LTR-124] 304

Thomas, Martha, Miss (sister of F. W. Thomas): [LTR-124] 304

Thomas, Susan, Miss (sister of F. W. Thomas): [LTR-124] 304

Thompson, Charles West: — see Thomson, C. W.

Thompson, John Reuben: — biographical information [LTR-292a] 740n; [LTR-322a] 820s — asks EAP to write for the SLM [LTR-330] 831 — and EAP (“The Rationale of Verse”) [LTR-275a] 683, 684n — and P. H Hayne [LTR-322a] 820s — J. R. Lowell (A Fable for Critics) [LTR-304] 771; [LTR-320] 815n — and E. H. N. Patterson [LTR-316] 804; [LTR-319] 809; [APXA] 868-869 — mentioned [LTR-223a] 552s; [LTR-269] 670n; [LTR-287] 726n; [LTR-301] 756nillustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-299) IIA-50; IIA-51 — MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-313) IIB-59 — forgeries of EAP to: (moved) [SPR-22] 928, 928nletters from EAP to: [LTR-292a] 739-740, 740n-741n, 741s; [LTR-299] 750-751, 751n, 751s-752s; [LTR-302a] 760-761, 761n, 761s-762s; [LTR-313] 799, 799n-800n, 800s; [LTR-318] 808-809, 809n, 809s; [LTR-322a] 819, 819n, 819s-820s — see also Southern Literary Messenger

Thompson, Jr.: — Franklin Literary Society, Jefferson College [LTR-73a] 161nletters from EAP to: (fragment of signature) [LTR-73a] 161, 161n-162n, 162s

Thompson, Mrs. (of Baltimore) (aunt of Wm. Poe): [LTR-47] 100

Thomson, Charles West: — biographical information [LTR-96] 233n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-96] 233n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-95] 231n; [LTR-96a] 235nletters from EAP to: [LTR-96] 232-233, 233n, 233s-234s

Thornton, Eliza Gookin, Mrs. (Eliza of Saco, ME): — verses in memory of T. H. White [LTR-45] 93, 94n

“Thou Art the Man” (EAP): — and Mrs. S. J. Hale [LTR-177] 445n-446n — publication of [LTR-175] 441, 442n; [LTR-177] 445n-446n; [LTR-179] 451 — Rattleborough and Attle-borough [LTR-163d] 412n

“Thousand and Second Tale of Scheherazade, The” (EAP): — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-223] 550 — technology in [LTR-278] 701n

Thurston, Ida, Miss (librarian): — and Miss S. V. C. Ingram [LTR-331] 835s

Ticknor, Reed, and Fields (publishers): [LTR-243] 607n

Ticknor, William D.: — letters from EAP to: [LTR-243] 606-607, 607n, 607s-608s

Time o’ Day, Th’ (Petersburg, VA): — and H. Haines [LTR-72] 157n

Times (London): [LTR-233] 580

Times (New York, NY): [LTR-174] 437

Times and Notion (Boston, MA): — see Boston Notion

“’Tis said that Absence Conquers Love” (F. W. Thomas): — see Thomas, F. W.

“To — — — ” (EAP): — see “To Helen” (EAP)

“To a Coquette” (N. B. Tucker): — see Tucker, N. B.

“To a Land Bird at Sea” (L. H. Sigourney): — see Sigourney, L. H., Mrs.

“To Allegra Florence in Heaven” (T. H. Chivers): — see Chivers, T. H.

“To Arcturus” (Mrs. S. H. Whitman): — see Whitman, S. H., Mrs.

“To Flora” (signed “Gnoman,” possibly L. J. Cist?): — see Gnoman (L. J. Cist?)

“To G. A. Perdicaris” (S. G. Bulfinch): — see Bulfinch, S. G.

“To Helen” (EAP): — EAP thinks lines are inspired by [LTR-290] 732-733, 733n — EAP (The Raven and Other Poems) [LTR-208] 525n — excerpt quoted [LTR-278] 695; [LTR-290] 732 — and B. Taylor [LTR-271] 674, 675n, 675sUnion Magazine of Literature and Art [LTR-271] 674, 675n, 675s — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-270] 674s; [LTR-278] 695; [APXA] 878 — see also Pay

“To Ianthe in Heaven” (EAP): — see “To One in Paradise” (EAP)

“To Isa Singing” (T. H. Chivers): — see Chivers, T. H. (“Song to Isa Singing”)

“To Isaac Lea” (EAP): [LTR-12] 26

“To My Mother” (EAP): — Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-293] 741nFlag of Our Union [LTR-307b] 784s; [LTR-312a] 797, 798n, 798s-799s

“To Old Bunker” (A. M. Ide, Jr.): — see Ide, A. M., Jr. (“Bunker’s Hill”)

“To One Departed” (EAP): — see Pay

“To One in Paradise” (EAP) (also “To Ianthe in Heaven”): — Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine [LTR-82] 195n — G. P. Morris (American Melodies) [LTR-174a] 440n; [LTR-258] 638n — mentioned [LTR-36] 74n

“To the heart — Hope’s death ...: — see McCabe, J. C. (“The Consumptive Girl”)

“To the Star Lyra” (Wm. R. Wallace): — see Wallace, Wm. R.

“To Zante” (EAP): [LTR-103] 246-247

Toddlebar, James (pseudonym for J. Tomlin): — see Tomlin, J.

Todsbury (a ship): — and Wm. J. Hub-ard [LTR-57] 125

“Toilette, The” (J. A. Maubey): — see Maubey, J. A.

Token, The (gift book or annual): — American Souvenir [LTR-39] 81n — and C. W. Thomson [LTR-96] 233n

Tomlin, John: — biographical information [LTR-101] 244n — Joe Bottom (pseudonym) [LTR-146] 367s-368s; [LTR-320] 815n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-146] 367n — J. Sartain (American Gallery of Art) [LTR-270] 673n — James Toddlebar (pseudonym) [LTR-320] 815nworks by: “The Autobiography of a Monomaniac” [LTR-146] 367s-368s; [LTR-320] 813, 815n — “The Devil’s Visit to St. Dunstan” [LTR-101] 244, 244nletters from EAP to: [LTR-101] 243-244, 244n, 244s-245s; [LTR-146] 366-367, 367n, 367s-368s; [LTR-162] 403-405, 405n-406n, 406s

“Tortesa, The Usurer” (N. P. Willis): — see Willis, N. P.

Toughkeepsi Seer: — see Poughkeepsie Seer

Townsend, John Kirk: — biographical information [LTR-154] 385n — and Philadelphia Saturday Museum [LTR-154] 385nworks by: Narrative of a Journey across the Rocky Mountains [LTR-154] 385nletters from EAP to: [LTR-154] 385, 385n, 385s-386s

Townshend, Chauncy Hare: — works by: Facts in Mesmerism [LTR-179] 452n

Transcendentalists and transcendentalism: — and Bostonians [LTR-195] 497, 498n; [LTR-259] 642n — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-180] 455s; [APXA] 850 — EAP’s views on [LTR-116a] 285n-286n; [LTR-180] 453, 454n-455n, 455s — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-180] 455n — enemies of EAP as [LTR-180] 453, 454n-455n; [LTR-280] 709, 713n — Wm. D. Kelley as [LTR-116a] 286n — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [APXA] 881

Transcript (Boston, MA): — and EAP’s Boston Lyceum reading [LTR-126a] 312n — and EAP (Eureka) [LTR-269] 670n

Travel, foreign: — EAP claims to have been out of the country [LTR-17] 40, 40n-41n — see also England

Travers, Robert: — EAP provides letter of reference for [LTR-166] 418-419, 419n

Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, A (A. J. Downing): — see Downing, A. J.

Tribune (New York, NY) (also Daily Tribune and Weekly Tribune): — and A. Brisbane [LTR-229] 571n — and J. F. Cleveland [PN-004] 890s — and EAP (“Annabel Lee”) [LTR-312a] 798n — EAP (Eureka) [LTR-319] 810 — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-195] 497; [LTR-196] 504n — EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-192] 485, 485n, 485s; [PN-004] 890s; [SPR-24] 930s — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-250] 620-622, 622n — Miss M. Fuller criticizes EAP [LTR-259] 640, 642n — and Wm. H. Graham [LTR-176a] 444 — R. W. Griswold (obituary of EAP) [LTR-247] 617n; [APXA] 858 — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-190] 477 — and Wm. J. Pabodie [LTR-292] 738nThe Poets and Poetry of America (R. W. Griswold) [LTR-317] 806n; [LTR-234] 583 — and J. A. Shea [LTR-192] 485n — see also Publicity

“Trifles” (N. P. Willis): — see Willis, N. P.

“Trifles in Verse” (L. J. Cist): — see Cist, L. J.

Tristram Shandy (L. Sterne): — see Sterne, L.

“True Child” (Mrs. E. O. Smith): — see Smith, E. O., Mrs.

True Relation of the Apparition of One Mrs. Veal, The (D. Defoe): — see Defoe, D.

Trumbull, Sarah Heywood, Mrs.: — see Heywood, S. H., Miss

Trunk, EAP’s: — EAP requests from J. Allan [LTR-5] 11, 11n-12n; [LTR-6] 12; [LTR-19] 43

Tschudy, Samuel (husband of Elizabeth Clemm): [LTR-54] 122n

Tucker, Nathaniel Beverley, Judge: — biographical information [LTR-52] 116n — compliments EAP [LTR-43] 89 — critical acumen of [LTR-82] 193 — Wm. Drayton (The South Vindicated) [LTR-62] 134n — J. Marshall (Life of George Washington) [LTR-44] 91n — J. K. Paulding (Slavery in the United States) [LTR-62] 134n; [LTR-127] 314n — and SLM [LTR-42] 86n; [LTR-129] 317 — T. W. White writes to [LTR-46] 98s; [LTR-49] 106n; [LTR-75a] 167n; [LTR-76] 170n; [LTR-97] 237n — wife of [LTR-62] 135nworks by: article on slavery in SLM [LTR-62] 134nGeorge Balcombe [LTR-52] 116n; [LTR-129] 317The Partisan Leader [LTR-52] 116n; [LTR-127] 312, 313n-314n; [LTR-153] 383n — “To a Coquette” [LTR-62] 133, 134nletters from EAP to: [LTR-52] 113-116, 116n-117n, 117s; [LTR-62] 133-134, 134n-135n, 135s

Tuckerman, Henry Theodore: — EAP disparages [LTR-307b] 782n-783n, 783s — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-149] 373n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 560; [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573 — “feeble ... dilutions of other people’s reviews” [LTR-307b] 781 — “King of the Quietists ...” [LTR-149] 373n — Rutgers Female Institute [LTR-200a] 511nworks by: “Spirit of Poesy” [LTR-149] 372 — see also “Tell-Tale Heart, The” (EAP)

Tuel, John E.: — mentioned [LTR-319] 812sworks by: The Moral for Authors [LTR-319] 810, 811n-812n

Tupper, Martin Farquhar: — EAP (Tales) [LTR-226] 561, 562s; [LTR-233] 580; [LTR-240] 596works by: “The Crock of Gold” [LTR-233] 580Proverbial Philosophy [LTR-233] 580; [LTR-240] 596

“Turkey Hunter, The” (P. P. Cooke): — see Cooke, P. P.

Turn-down-shirt-collar-ness): EAP coinage [LTR-277] 690, 691n

Tutt, Andrew Turner (husband of Elizabeth Rebecca Herring): [LTR-141] 352n

Tutt, Elizabeth Rebecca, Mrs.: — see Herring, E. R., Miss

Twice-Told Tales (N. Hawthorne): — see Hawthorne, N.

Two Lives (Miss M. J. McIntosh): — see McIntosh, M. J., Miss

Tyler, John (US senator and president): — EAP seeks government appointment [LTR-117] 287, 288; [LTR-118] 292; [LTR-148] 370, 371; [LTR-155] 387n — and Stylus [LTR-145] 363-364; [LTR-155] 386 — and L. W. Tazewell [LTR-70] 154, 154n — and R. Tyler [LTR-137a] 344n — and J. W. Tyson [LTR-142] 357n — and Judge A. P. Upshur [LTR-127] 314n — and the Whig Party [LTR-142] 357n; [LTR-148] 370

Tyler, Robert (son of J. Tyler): — EAP seeks government appointment [LTR-134] 333, 334n; [LTR-135] 336; [LTR-138] 344; [LTR-142] 356; [LTR-148] 370-371; [LTR-150b] 376n; [LTR-156] 390, 391n; [LTR-161] 401n; [LTR-182] 458 — EAP seeks help for Wm. R. Wallace [LTR-137a] 343, 344n — and EAP’s drinking [LTR-156] 389, 390 — and T. D. English [LTR-182] 458 — and J. Herron [LTR-138] 344; [LTR-142] 356 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-132] 325, 326n — and Philadelphia Saturday Museum [LTR-150b] 376n — and Stylus [LTR-153] 382; [LTR-155] 386, 387n — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-132] 325, 326, 326n; [LTR-134] 333, 334n; [LTR-148] 371; [LTR-150b] 376nworks by: “Ahasuerus” [LTR-132] 325Death; or Medorus’s Dream [LTR-143] 359; [LTR-155] 387n; [LTR-241] 603n

Tyler, W. B.: — cryptography [LTR-130] 320n

Typesetting: — “The Bells” (EAP) [LTR-303a] 769, 769n

Typographical errors, EAP’s concern about: — EAP (“The Landscape Garden”) [LTR-145a] 365-366 — EAP (“The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”) [LTR-145a] 366 — EAP (“The Purloined Letter”) [LTR-176a] 444 — and EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-196] 502 — EAP (“The Sleeper”) [LTR-196] 502-503 — F. W. Thomas (Howard Pinckney) [LTR-104] 248-249

Typography, EAP’s interest in: — “beautiful typography of the Messenger ...” [LTR-193a] 489, 489n — EAP suggests lighter type face for SLM [LTR-45] 94 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-114] 278; [LTR-115] 281; [LTR-116] 283, 284; [LTR-117a] 290 — and Stylus [LTR-153] 381 — see also Anastatic printing

Tyson, Joseph Washington: — and the Tyler Party [LTR-142] 356, 357n


“Ulalume” (EAP): — and C. P. Bronson [LTR-256a] 634, 635n, 636s — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-305] 774; [LTR-307b] 783n; [LTR-308] 786 — and G. W. Eveleth [LTR-259] 639 — and Miss S. V. C. Ingram [LTR-331] 834-835, 835s — and Mrs. C. M. Kirkland [LTR-256a] 635n, 636s — and C. May [LTR-290] 732, 733n — musical settings of [LTR-258] 639n — publication of [LTR-258] 638, 638n; [LTR-259] 639, 642n; [LTR-305] 774n; [LTR-308] 787n, 787s — “Ullahanna” [LTR-320] 813, 815n — and N. P. Willis [LTR-258] 638, 638n; [LTR-310] 791, 791n — mentioned [LTR-147] 369n; [LTR-320] 815n

“Ullahanna” (error for EAP’s “Ulalume”): — see “Ulalume” (EAP)

“Un no rompido sueño ...: — see León, F. L. de (“Vida Retirada”)

Uncle Toby (pseudonym of unidentified author): — works by: “Wrong End Foremost” [LTR-307b] 785s

Union College (Schenectady, NY): — and Wm. M. Gillespie [LTR-193b] 490n

Union Magazine of Literature and Art (New York, NY): — EAP (“The Bells”) [LTR-303a] 768, 769n — EAP (“An Enigma”) [LTR-257] 636, 637n, 637s — EAP (“To Helen”) [LTR-271] 674, 675n, 675s; [LTR-278] 701n — EAP (“Ulalume”) [LTR-256a] 635n — and Mrs. C. M. Kirkland [LTR-271] 675n — I. Post sells [LTR-271] 675n; [LTR-312a] 796 — becomes Sartain’s Magazine [LTR-303a] 769n; [LTR-307a] 780; [LTR-312a] 797n — and B. Taylor [LTR-271] 674, 675n — mentioned [LTR-266] 664, 664n — see also Sartain’s Magazine

United States: — “no longer any ties which can bind me to my native country ...” [LTR-30] 65

United States (steamship): [LTR-268] 668

United States Gazette (Philadelphia, PA): — J. R. Chandler as editor [LTR-93] 222n — praises EAP [LTR-81] 190; [LTR-88] 208

United States government: — and back- pay claim about D. Poe, Sr. [LTR-64] 137, 138n — EAP seeks government appointment [LTR-77a] 175, 176n; [LTR-117] 287, 288, 288n; [LTR-118] 292, 294n; [LTR-134] 333, 334n; [LTR-135] 336; [LTR-138] 344; [LTR-142] 356; [LTR-143] 358, 359; [LTR-145] 363, 365n; [LTR-146] 367, 367n; [LTR-148] 370-372; [LTR-153a] 384n; [LTR-155] 387n; [LTR-156] 390n-391n; [LTR-161] 401n; [LTR-182] 458, 458n — EAP seeks position for R. Travers [LTR-166] 418-419, 419n

United States Magazine and Democratic Review (New York, NY): — and BJ [LTR-203] 517n — absorbs Boston Quarterly Review [LTR-116a] 285n — EAP intends review of R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of American) for [LTR-143] 359 — EAP (“The Landscape Garden”) [LTR-141a] 353, 353n — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-107] 259n; [LTR-299] 750, 751, 751n; [LTR-302a] 760, 761n — and T. P. Kettell [LTR-231a] 577n, 577s — Mrs. S. A. Lewis (The Child of the Sea and Other Poems) [LTR-272] 677s — and J. L. O’Sullivan [LTR-194] 492n; [LTR-226] 561n — mentioned [LTR-78b] 181n; [LTR-257] 637n — see also Magazines and annuals

United States Saturday Post (Philadelphia, PA): — see Saturday Evening Post

Unity: — matter and nothingness [LTR-263] 649-650; [LTR-264] 660 — source of all things [LTR-277] 689

Universal Erudition (J. F. Bielfeld): — see Bielfeld, J. F. (Elements of Universal Erudition)

“Universe, The” (EAP’s lecture) (later Eureka): — and J. H. Hopkins, Jr. [LTR-263] 649; [LTR-265] 662n — at New York (NY) [LTR-260] 644-645, 645n; [LTR-262] 647, 647n — reviews of [LTR-263] 648, 650 — summation of main ideas in [LTR-263] 648-650, 650-657; [LTR-264] 659-660 — mentioned [PN-009] 894n

University Institute (University of Vermont): — and F. Jewett [LTR-228b] 569n

University of Pennsylvania: — and R. M. Bird [LTR-51] 110n — and R. Walsh [LTR-13] 31n

University of Richmond: — and Wm. Green [LTR-218a] 540n

University of South Carolina: — and F. Lieber [LTR-69b] 152n

University of Vermont: — EAP elected Anniversary Poet for [LTR-228b] 568, 569n; [LTR-229] 569-570; [LTR-234] 584, 584n — and R. S. Houghton [LTR-92a] 217n

University of Virginia: — building of the Rotunda [LTR-4] 8 — disturbances at [LTR-3] 5-6; [LTR-4] 8-9 — EAP attends [LTR-3] 5-6, 6n; [LTR-4] 8-9 — EAP borrows books from library of [LTR-44] 91n — EAP plans eventual return to [LTR-5] 11 — EAP’s reasons for leaving [LTR-28] 59-60, 62n — EAP’s standing at [LTR-4] 9n — examinations planned [LTR-4] 8 — and J. S. French [LTR-331a] 836n — infamous conduct at [LTR-9] 20 — and J. Lyle [LTR-2] 4n — subscribers for Stylus [LTR-262] 647; [LTR-312] 794, 795n — mentioned [LTR-280] 713n; [PN-001] 887n; [APXA] 847

Unknown correspondents: — forgeries of EAP to: [SPR-10] 910, 910n, 911sletters from EAP to: (entry only, no text) [LTR-218d] 541, 541n, 541s-542sletters from EAP to: (moved) [LTR-221] 544, 544n; [LTR-224d] 558, 558nletters from EAP to: [LTR-51b] 112, 112n-113n, 113s; [LTR-67b] 144, 144n-145n, 145s; [LTR-94a] 228, 228n-229n, 229s; [LTR-220a] 543, 544n, 544s; [LTR-221a] 545, 545n, 545s-546s; [LTR-226] 560-561, 561n-562n, 562s-563s; [LTR-234] 583-584, 584n, 584s-585s; [LTR-265a] 663, 663n, 663s

“Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall, The” (EAP): — see “Hans Pfaall” (EAP)

“Unseen Spirits” (N. P. Willis): — see Willis, N. P.

“Unwritten Drama of Lord Byron, An” (W. Irving): — see Irving, W.

Ups and Downs (Wm. L. Stone): — see Stone, Wm. L.

Upshur, Abel Parker, Judge: — reviews N. B. Tucker (Partisan Leader) [LTR-127] 312, 313n-314n, 315s; [LTR-153] 383n — and Stylus [LTR-153] 382; [LTR-155] 386, 387n

USS Constitution (frigate): — and J. E. Dow [LTR-78b] 181; [LTR-156] 390n


Vagueness: — as an aim for poetry [LTR-179] 450

“Valdemar Case” (EAP): — see “Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, The” (EAP)

“Valentine” (Mrs. S. H. Whitman): — see Whitman, S. H., Mrs.

“Valentine” (Mrs. V. Poe): [APXA] 866

Valentine Museum (Richmond, VA): — letters from EAP to: J. Allan [APXA] 847

“Valentine, A” (EAP): — and Mrs. F. S. Osgood [LTR-214] 532n — publication of [LTR-302b] 765, 765n; [LTR-307a] 780, 780n, 781s; [LTR-307b] 784s

Valentine, Anne Moore [“Nancy”], Miss (sister of Mrs. Frances Allan): — EAP sends regards to [LTR-3] 6; [LTR-4] 9; [LTR-11] 24; [LTR-13] 31; [LTR-19] 44; [LTR-23] 51; [LTR-26] 56; [LTR-27] 58 — mentioned [LTR-3] 7n; [LTR-11] 25n

Valentine, Edward: — biographical information [LTR-287] 725nletters from EAP to: [LTR-287] 725, 725n-726n, 726s

Valentine, Edward Virginius: — mentioned [LTR-287] 725n

“Valley of Nis, The” (EAP): — criticized by P. H. Hayne [LTR-322a] 820s

“Valley of Unrest, The” (EAP): [LTR-241] 601

Van Buren, Martin (US president): — mentioned [LTR-77a] 176n; [LTR-130] 320n

Van Winkle, Edgar Simeon: — biographical information [LTR-75a] 167n — EAP solicits contribution for SLM [LTR-75a] 167; [LTR-75b] 168works by: “Study of the Law” [LTR-75a] 167; [LTR-75b] 168, 169nletters from EAP to: [LTR-75a] 167, 167n-168n, 168s; [LTR-75b] 168, 169n, 169s

Van Winkle, Henry Edwin: — biographical information [LTR-75a] 167n-168nNatchez Courier and Journal [LTR-75a] 167, 168nworks by: Nine Years of Democratic Rule in Mississippi [LTR-75a] 168nRombert: a Tale of Carolina [LTR-75a] 168n

Van Winkle, Peter Godwin: — biographical information [LTR-75a] 167n — Nikor (pseudonym) [LTR-75a] 167n — mentioned [LTR-75a] 167works by: “A Birthday Tribute” [LTR-75a] 167n — “Our Portion” [LTR-75a] 167n

Verisimilitude: — and EAP (“The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”) [LTR-224c] 556

Vermont (state): — and R. W. Griswold [APXA] 858 — and J. H. Hopkins, Jr. [LTR-263] 649; [LTR-264] 659 — see also University of Vermont, The

Verplanck, Gulian C.: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 560, 561n; [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572, 573, 574n

Versification: [LTR-52] 115; [LTR-58] 128; [LTR-269] 670n

“— very roses’ odors, the ...: — see “To Helen” (EAP) [LTR-290] 732

Vestiges of Creation, The (R. Chambers): — see Chambers, R. (The Natural History of the Vestiges of Creation)

“Victorine; or, I’ll Sleep on It” (J. B. Buckstone): — see Buckstone, J. B.

“Vida Retirada” (F. L. de León): — see León, F. L., de

Vienna (Austria): — and Stylus [LTR-264] 661n — mentioned [LTR-79] 183

Views A-Foot (B. Taylor): — see Taylor, B.

Views of the Architecture of the Heavens (J. P. Nichol): — see Nichol, J. P.

Virgil: [LTR-290] 732

Virginia (state): — SLM first literary attempt in [LTR-66] 140; [LTR-67] 141; [LTR-67a] 143; [LTR-67b] 144; [LTR-68a] 147 — mentioned [LTR-38] 79; [LTR-60] 131

Virginia Star (Petersburg, VA): — EAP puffs [LTR-92] 215n — and H. Haines [LTR-72] 157n — H. Haines sends EAP an issue [LTR-92] 215

Virginia, Council of: — mentioned [LTR-2] 4, 4nletters from EAP to: [LTR-1] 3, 3n, 3s

Virginia, Governor of: — letters from EAP to: [LTR-1] 3, 3n, 3s

Vision of Rubeta, The (L. Osborn): — see Osborn, L.

“Visionary, The” (EAP): — mentioned [LTR-57] 126n

“Visit to a Mad-House” (Miss M. E. MacMichael): — see MacMichael, M. E., Miss

Visit to Thirteen Asylums in Europe, A (P. Earle): — see Earle, P.

Vive la Bagatelle: [LTR-235] 585, 586n

Voices of the Night (H. W. Longfellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.

Voltaire (assumed name of François Marie Arouet): — mentioned [LTR-277] 688

“Voluminous History of the Little Longfellow War” (EAP): — mentioned [LTR-195] 497n

“Von Jung, The Mystific” (EAP): — see “Mystification” (EAP)

“Von Kempelen and His Discovery” (EAP): [LTR-307b] 783n; [LTR-308] 785 — and EAP (“Eldorado”) [LTR-304] 773n — and Earl House [LTR-279] 706n — publication of [LTR-308] 786n; [LTR-332] 839n — quiz [LTR-308] 785


Waif, The (H. W. Longfellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.

Wakondah (C. Mathews): — see Mathews, C.

Walker, Frances (collector): [PN-004] 890s

Walker, J. H.: — letters from EAP to: [LTR-253] 628, 628n, 628s

Wallace, Horace Binney (real name of Wm. Landor): — biographical information [LTR-119] 296n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-119] 296n — and N. P. Willis [LTR-173] 430, 432nworks by: “Sweepings from a Drawer” [LTR-119] 296nletters from EAP to: [LTR-119] 295-296, 296n, 296s

Wallace, William Ross: — biographical information [LTR-137a] 344n — application for consulship [LTR-137a] 343; [LTR-142] 356 — and EAP’s drinking [LTR-141a] 353 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572works by: “To the Star Lyra” [LTR-137a] 344n

Walnut Street Wharf (New York, NY): [LTR-174] 437

Walsh, John: — J. Allan writes to [LTR-34] 72s

Walsh, Robert: — American Quarterly Review [LTR-12] 28n; [LTR-13] 31n — and EAP (“Al Aaraaf”) [LTR-13] 30 — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-68a] 148n — and the University of PA [LTR-13] 31n — mentioned [LTR-12] 26works by: Sketches of Conspicuous Living Characters of France [LTR-118] 294n; [LTR-121] 300n-301n

Walter, Thomas U. (architect): — and Andalusia [LTR-106a] 255n

“Wanderer’s Return, The” (H. Jud-son): — see Judson, H.

Wandering Jew, The (E. Sue): — see Sue, E.

“War Song of Seventy-Six” (F. W. Thomas): — see Thomas, F. W.

Ward, Thomas (Flaccus): — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573 — EAP (“Our Amateur Poets”) [LTR-164a] 415, 416nworks by: “Passaic” [LTR-164a] 415, 416n; [LTR-193] 487, 488n

Ward, W. S.: — Columbia Spy [LTR-178] 447n

Warwick (VA): — and EAP’s swimming feat [LTR-42] 84, 86n

Warwick, Corbin: — and J. Allan [LTR-11] 24, 24n

Washington (DC): — EAP plans to visit [LTR-131] 322 — EAP seeks government appointment [LTR-118] 292; [LTR-182] 458n; [LTR-189] 476n — EAP visits [LTR-153a] 384, 384n; [LTR-154] 386s; [LTR-156] 390n — and EAP’s drinking [LTR-182] 458n; [LTR-189] 476n — and T. D. English [LTR-252] 627 — letter sent to EAP while visiting at [LTR-25] 55s — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-117] 287; [LTR-124] 305; [LTR-127] 312, 313; [LTR-142] 356; [LTR-156] 390n — West Point appointment sought [LTR-11] 24n; [LTR-14] 32; [LTR-15] 35; [LTR-16] 36, 38; [LTR-20] 45, 46n — and T. Wyatt [LTR-153] 382 — mentioned [LTR-10] 22; [LTR-11] 24; [LTR-25] 54; [LTR-120] 298; [LTR-131] 321; [LTR-138] 344; [LTR-304] 771

Washington (GA): — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-207] 523

Washington and Jefferson College: — Franklin Society [LTR-73a] 162s

Washington Square (New York, NY): — EAP living at [LTR-215] 535n; [LTR-224] 553n

Washington, George: — and D. Poe, Sr. [LTR-64] 137, 138n

Washingtonians (temperance society): [LTR-156] 390

“Water, The” (Mrs. E. O. Smith): — see Smith, E. O., Mrs.

Waters, John (pseudonym of H. Cary): — see Cary, Henry

Watson, Henry C.: — and BJ [LTR-206] 522n

Watterston, George: — biographical information [LTR-218] 540nletters from EAP to: [LTR-218] 539, 540n, 540s

Waverley Magazine (Boston, MA): — and T. H. Chivers [SPR-24] 930n; [APXA] 851

Wayside Flowers (Mrs. M. St Leon Loud): — see Loud, M. St. Leon, Mrs.

Webb, Edward Dexter: — and EAP (The Raven and Other Poems) [LTR-260] 645n

Webb, James Watson, Colonel: [LTR-260] 645 — biographical information [LTR-260] 645n

Webber, Charles Wilkins: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572

Webster (collector): [PN-002] 888s

Weekly Examiner (Richmond, VA): [SPR-24] 930n

Weekly Gazette (Taunton, MA): [LTR-163d] 411n

Weekly Messenger (New York, NY): [LTR-49] 106n

Weekly Messenger (Philadelphia, PA): — see Alexander’s Weekly Messenger

Weekly Mirror (New York, NY): — see New-York Mirror

Weekly Universe (New York, NY): [LTR-263] 648, 657n

Weiss, Susan Archer Talley, Mrs.: — see Talley, S. A., Miss

Weissnichtwo: [Intro] xxxiii

Welby, Amelia B. Coppuck, Mrs.: — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-126a] 311 — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-126a] 311n — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-117] 289s — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-126a] 311; [LTR-143] 358 — verses to EAP attributed to [LTR-291] 736n

Weld, Horatio Hastings, Rev.: — biographical information [LTR-123] 303n-304n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-123] 304nworks by: Corrected Proofs [LTR-123] 303, 303nletters from EAP to: [LTR-123] 303, 303n-304n, 304s

West Farms (NY): — and EAP’s mail [LTR-237] 588, 590n; [LTR-278] 696; [LTR-312] 792, 795n

West Point (NY): — cadets subscribe to EAP (Poems) [LTR-29] 64n — dismissal [LTR-28] 61-62, 62n; [LTR-29] 64, 64n; [LTR-30] 66n — EAP at [LTR-26] 55-56; [LTR-27] 57-58; [LTR-28] 61 — EAP requests letter of standing from [LTR-30] 65-66 — EAP seeks government appointment [LTR-118] 292 — EAP sends regards to West Point acquaintances [LTR-79] 186, 186n — EAP visits [LTR-10] 21 — EAP’s appointment to [LTR-9] 19-20; [LTR-10] 22; [LTR-14] 33; [LTR-15] 35, 36n; [LTR-16] 36, 37-38; [LTR-18] 41-42, 42n; [LTR-19] 43; [LTR-20] 45; [LTR-25] 55n; [LTR-79] 185 — EAP’s standing and reputation [LTR-27] 57; [LTR-29] 64 — enlistment papers [LTR-233] 582n — entrance examinations [LTR-26] 56, 56n — and EAP’s finances [LTR-19] 43; [LTR-28] 61; [LTR-29] 64 — and D. Hale [LTR-75] 165, 166n — and A. B. Magruder [LTR-76] 170n — recommendations for EAP’s appointment as a cadet [LTR-10] 22, 22n-23n; [LTR-11] 24n — rigid discipline at [LTR-26] 56; [LTR-27] 57 — and Stylus [LTR-262] 647; [LTR-312] 794, 795n — Col. S. Thayer, superintendent of [LTR-27] 58n — “very much pleased ... with everything ...” [LTR-27] 57 — mentioned [LTR-7] 14; [LTR-22] 50, 50n; [LTR-47] 100

West, Charles Edwin: — biographical information [LTR-200a] 511n — EAP asked to judge compositions [LTR-200a] 511, 511nletters from EAP to: [LTR-200a] 511, 511n, 511s-512s

Western Hotel (Philadelphia, PA): — and Wm. Arbuckle [LTR-255] 633n

Western Quarterly Review (Cincinnati, OH): — Mrs. S. A. Lewis (The Child of the Sea and Other Poems) [LTR-257] 637n; [LTR-330] 831, 832n; [APXA] 874

Westford (MA): — EAP dreams of moving to [LTR-286] 723, 724n — Heywood family [LTR-282] 717n; [LTR-307] 779n — mentioned [LTR-303] 766, 767; [LTR-309] 787

Wetherald, Esther, Miss: — “Russian Revenge” (translation) [LTR-133] 327-328, 328n

Wetmore, Prosper M.: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572

Whackemwell, Timotheus: — letters from EAP to: [LTR-121] 300, 300n-301n, 301s

Whelpley, James Davenport: — EAP (“About Critics and Criticism”) [LTR-300] 752, 752n

Whewell, William: — works by: Bishop Butler’s Ethical Discourses [LTR-90a] 213n

Whig Review (New York, NY): — see American Review

Whigs (political party): — and efforts to impeach J. Tyler [LTR-142] 357n — and T. S. Smith [LTR-148] 370 — and F. W. Thomas [APXA] 874

“While in its depths withdrawn, far, far, away ...: — see Whitman, S. H., Mrs. (“To Arcturus”)

Whipple, Edwin Percy: — and P. Earle [LTR-322] 818n-819n

Whitaker, Samuel Adams, Dr.: — EAP (“The Raven”), MS copied for [LTR-278a] 705n

White, Eliza, Miss (daughter of T. W. White): [LTR-330] 831, 832n

White, Maria, Miss: — marries J. R. Lowell [LTR-185] 464n

White, Sarah Ann, Miss (daughter of T. W. White): — and P. D. Bernard [LTR-157] 392n; [LTR-158a] 396

White, Thomas H. (son of T. W. White): — Mrs. E. G. Thornton (“Lines, in Recollection of Thomas H. White”) [LTR-45] 93, 94n

White, Thomas Willis: — biographical information [LTR-42] 86n — and P. D. Bernard [LTR-157] 392n; [LTR-158a] 396; [LTR-330] 832n — and the biographical article in Philadelphia Saturday Museum [LTR-175] 441 — and M. Carey [LTR-71] 155 — and Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-68] 145 — death of [LTR-129] 317n; [LTR-157] 392n; [LTR-159] 398, 399n — and J. Wm. Draper [LTR-320] 814n — EAP as amanuensis for [LTR-51a] 111, 111n; [LTR-59] 130s; [LTR-74] 162, 164n; [LTR-99] 241n — EAP hopes to purchase SLM from heirs of [LTR-158a] 397; [LTR-161a] 402n — EAP writes under direction of [LTR-51] 110; [LTR-55] 123; [LTR-56] 123, 124n; [LTR-58] 129n; [LTR-59] 129; [LTR-62] 133; [LTR-63] 135; [LTR-66] 140; [LTR-67] 141; [LTR-67a] 142; [LTR-67b] 144; [LTR-68a] 147; [LTR-69a] 150; [LTR-69b] 151; [LTR-69c] 153; [LTR-70] 154; [LTR-117a] 291n — and EAP’s editorship of SLM [LTR-49] 106n; [LTR-50] 107, 108n; [LTR-76] 170n — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-50] 108 — editing of SLM [LTR-129] 316, 317n — “exceedingly kind ...” [LTR-57] 125 — “illiterate and vulgar, although well-meaning ...” [LTR-97] 236 — illness of [LTR-46] 95 — and J. P. Kennedy [LTR-50] 108n; [APXA] 861 — little Tom [LTR-134] 334, 335n — and M. F. Maury [LTR-136] 339n — and S. Maxwell [LTR-107] 258n — and J. K. Paulding [LTR-84] 203n — possible correspondence with EAP [LTR-46] 98s — and publicity for EAP [LTR-46] 96, 97n — Mrs. L. H. Sigourney (Zinzendorff, and Other Poems) [LTR-61] 132 — and N. B. Tucker [LTR-52] 113, 115; [LTR-82] 195n — and E. S. Van Winkle [LTR-75b] 169n — “very liberal ...” (in paying EAP) [LTR-54] 120 — “wretched taste ...” [LTR-186] 469 — writes to N. B. Tucker [LTR-75a] 167n; [LTR-97] 237n — mentioned [LTR-47] 101n; [LTR-48] 103; [LTR-50] 109s; [LTR-51b] 112n; [LTR-58] 128; [LTR-67] 142n; [LTR-67a] 143n; [LTR-68] 146; [LTR-75a] 167, 168s; [LTR-75b] 169sletters from EAP to: [LTR-42] 84-86, 86n-87n, 87s-88s; [LTR-43] 88-90, 90n, 90s; [LTR-44] 90-91, 91n-92n, 92s; [LTR-45] 92-94, 94n-95n, 95s; [LTR-46] 95-97, 97n, 98s

Whitings (sisters): [LTR-292a] 739, 740n

Whitman, Sarah Helen, Mrs.: — biographical information [LTR-276] 687n — and Miss A. Blackwell [LTR-270] 672, 673s — EAP asks for words of love from [LTR-278] 698; [LTR-284] 718 — EAP breaks with [LTR-302] 758 — EAP comments about her age [LTR-278] 697 — EAP gives a set of New Mirror to [LTR-174a] 440n — EAP gives set of BJ to [LTR-206] 522n — EAP has deep interest in [LTR-270] 672, 673n, 674s — EAP wants to break with [LTR-298] 748-749, 749n; [LTR-301] 754, 755n — EAP writes pseudonymous letter to (as E. S. T. Grey) [LTR-276] 687 — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 878-882 — EAP’s dependence on [LTR-290] 730; [LTR-291] 734 — EAP’s possible interest in her wealth [LTR-280] 710-711; [LTR-291] 735, 736n; [APXA] 878 — EAP (“The Domain of Arnheim”) [LTR-280] 712, 714n — EAP (“Von Kempelen and His Discovery”) [LTR-279] 706n — and Mrs. E. F. Ellet [LTR-306] 778n — and G. W. Eveleth [LTR-228] 567n; [APXA] 856 — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-303] 767n — Helen and Ellen [LTR-278] 695 — and Mrs. M. E. Hewitt [LTR-195a] 499nill health of [LTR-280] 711 — and Miss A. C. Lynch [LTR-224] 553n, 554s; [APXA] 864 — marriage plans ended [LTR-296] 746n — and Miss M. J. McIntosh [LTR-275] 682n — “my soul, this night, shall come to you in dreams ...” [LTR-278] 700 — and Wm. J. Pabodie [LTR-292] 738, 738n — and prices for EAP’s letters [Intro] xxx — projected marriage with EAP [LTR-293] 741, 741n; [LTR-293a] 743s; [LTR-294] 744, 744n; [LTR-295] 744, 745n; [LTR-307b] 783s-784s — on the publication of EAP’s letters [APXA] 878-879 — and Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-286] 722; [LTR-301] 755n, 756s-757s; [LTR-303] 767; [APXA] 870 — romance with EAP [LTR-278] 700n; [APXA] 878 — and Mrs. E. R. Shelton [LTR-332] 838n — and R. H. Stoddard [LTR-103] 247n; [LTR-291a] 737n — “Who ever saw you and did not love? ...” [LTR-278] 698 — “you do not love me ...” [LTR-280] 707 — mentioned [LTR-301] 756n; [LTR-317] 807n; [LTR-330] 832nworks by: EAP and His Critics [LTR-94a] 229s; [APXA] 880The Hours of Life and Other Poems [LTR-278] 702n — “A Song of Spring” [LTR-278] 693, 702n — “To Arcturus” [LTR-290] 732, 733n; [LTR-291] 734, 736n — “Valentine” [LTR-278] 694; [LTR-280] 710, 711, 714n-715nillustrations: portrait of IIA-40 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-276] 687, 687n, 687s; [LTR-278] 692-700, 700n-703n, 703s-704s; [LTR-280] 706-713, 713n-715n, 715s; [LTR-283] 717, 717n, 718s; [LTR-284] 718-719, 719n, 719s; [LTR-285] 719-720, 720n, 720s-721s; [LTR-288] 727-728, 728n, 728s-729s; [LTR-290] 730-733, 733n, 733s-734s; [LTR-291] 734-736, 736n, 736s-737s; [LTR-293] 741, 741n-742n, 742s; [LTR-302] 757-758, 758n-759n, 759s-760s

Whittier, John Greenleaf: — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-123] 303, 304nGodey’s Lady’s Book hoax on [SPR-20] 926n

Whitty, James Howard: — and EAP’s trunk [LTR-5] 11n — and Mrs. F. S. Osgood [SPR-10a] 912n — and questionable portrait of EAP [LTR-57] 126n — F. W. Thomas (“Recollections of EAP,” lost MS, transcribed and partially published by J. H. Whitty) [APXA] 874

“Why the Little Frenchman Wears His Hand in a Sling” (EAP): — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-74] 164n — and Kilkenny Cats [LTR-143] 361n

Wickliffe, Charles (student at U. Va): [LTR-4] 8-9, 9n

Widdleton, William J. (publisher): — Prose Tales of EAP [LTR-122] 302n

“Wife’s Lament of Her Husband Lost at Sea, The” (P. B. Shelley): — see Shelley, P. B.

Wigwam and the Cabin, The (Wm. G. Simms): — see Simms, Wm. G.

Wilde, Richard Henry: — works by: Conjectures and Researches concerning the love, madness and imprisonment of Torquato Tasso [LTR-164] 415n — “My Life is Like the Summer Rose” [LTR-43] 89, 90n

Wiley & Putnam (publishers): — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-220a] 544s; [LTR-240] 595; [LTR-241] 603n; [LTR-307b] 783n; [SPR-11] 912; [APXA] 854 — EAP seeks to exchange autographs for books [LTR-229] 570 — and EAP (The Raven and Other Poems) [LTR-207] 523, 524n; [LTR-208] 525n; [LTR-233] 581n; [LTR-246] 612n; [APXA] 854 — and EAP (Tales) [LTR-192a] 486n; [LTR-193] 488n; [LTR-201] 512n; [LTR-208] 525n; [LTR-226] 562s; [LTR-240] 595, 598n; [LTR-241] 601; [LTR-246] 612n; [APXA] 854 — and Mrs. S. J. Hale [LTR-225] 558, 559 — and L. Osborn (Handbook of Young Artists and Amateurs in Oil ...) [LTR-220a] 543, 544n — see also Wiley, J.

Wiley, John: — and EAP’s finances [LTR-215] 534; [LTR-223] 550 — and M. F. Tupper [LTR-226] 562s

Wilk Street (Baltimore, MD): — address of Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-11] 25n

Wilkes, George: — works by: Shakespeare from an American Point of View [LTR-330] 833n

Wilkins, Leonard M.: — letters from EAP to: [LTR-163b] 409n, 409n, 409s

William and Mary College: — and T. R. Dew [LTR-59] 130n; [LTR-62] 135n — and L. Minor [LTR-51a] 111n — and R. Saunders [LTR-62] 135n — and N. B. Tucker [LTR-52] 116n

William D. Ticknor & Co. (publishers): [LTR-243] 607n

William Goodrich & Co.: — and J. L. Chester [LTR-223a] 552n

William the Conqueror: [LTR-7] 15, 16n

“William Wilson” (EAP): — and P. P. Cooke [LTR-82] 195n — EAP lists as among his best tales [LTR-179] 450 — and EAP’s birth date [LTR-317] 807n — and W. Irving [LTR-83a] 199-200 — “my best effort ...” [LTR-83a] 199 — “perhaps the best I have done ...” [LTR-82] 194 — publication of [LTR-82] 194, 195n — source for [LTR-83a] 199, 200n-201n

Williams, Samuel: — biographical information [LTR-170] 427nletters from EAP to: [LTR-170] 426-427, 427n, 427s; [LTR-171] 428, 428n, 428s

Willig, George (music publisher): [LTR-126a] 311; [LTR-127] 312, 313n; [LTR-131] 321; [LTR-258] 638n

Willis, John: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572works by: Carleton, a Tale of Seventeen Hundred and Seventy Six [LTR-229] 571n

Willis, Nathaniel Parker: — Corsair [LTR-227] 565n — and S. D. Craig [LTR-183] 459, 460n — Down-Town Bard [LTR-174a] 440n — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 882-884 — and EAP’s lectures [LTR-194] 491, 492n — EAP’s views on [APXA] 883 — as editor [APXA] 882 — EAP (“A Chapter of Suggestions”) [LTR-174a] 439-440 — and EAP (“For Annie”) [LTR-307b] 783n; [LTR-310] 790-791, 791n; [LTR-316] 804, 804n; [LTR-320] 814, 815n — EAP (“Heaven”) [LTR-20] 46n; [LTR-75] 166n — EAP (“Ligeia”) [LTR-82] 195n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-174a] 440n; [LTR-229a] 572, 574n; [LTR-234] 584n; [APXA] 883 — EAP (“The Oblong Box”) [LTR-174a] 439-440; [LTR-176] 443; [LTR-177] 446n — and EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-310] 791, 791n; [LTR-317] 806, 806n; [SPR-23] 928 — and EAP (“Ulalume”) [LTR-258] 638; [LTR-259] 639; [LTR-310] 791, 791n — and England [LTR-198] 507; [APXA] 882Godey’s Lady’s Book hoax on [SPR-20] 926n — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-129] 316, 317n; [LTR-134] 335n; [LTR-164a] 417s — R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of America) [APXA] 882-883Home Journal [LTR-226] 561n; [LTR-244] 609n; [LTR-266] 664n; [LTR-319] 812n — and A. M. Ide, Jr. [LTR-163d] 412s — Idlewild [SPR-15] 920; [SPR-18] 924 — liberally paid [LTR-227] 564 — and Mrs. J. E. S. Locke [LTR-251] 624 — and G. P. Morris [LTR-226] 561n; [LTR-244] 609nNew Mirror [LTR-176] 443nNew-York Mirror [LTR-183] 460n; [LTR-226] 561n; [LTR-233] 579; [LTR-244] 609n — “no genius — a graceful trifler — no more ...” [LTR-173] 430The Opal (for 1844) [LTR-199] 509n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-113] 275, 276n; [LTR-114] 278; [LTR-115] 281; [LTR-116] 284; [LTR-117a] 290 — and Dr. T. O. Porter [LTR-227] 565n — and publicity about EAP’s situation [LTR-246] 611-612; [LTR-251] 625n — and Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-319] 811 — Roy (pen name) [APXA] 882 — and Stylus [LTR-262] 646-647; [LTR-263] 648 — F. W. Thomas (The Beechen Tree) [LTR-189] 476n — and understanding EAP [LTR-82] 193 — and H. B. Wallace [LTR-119] 296n; [LTR-173] 430 — mentioned [LTR-81] 190, 191n; [LTR-83a] 199; [LTR-198] 508n; [LTR-220] 543n; [LTR-223a] 552s; [LTR-226] 563s; [LTR-241] 602; [LTR-244] 608; [LTR-280] 714n; [SPR-12] 913; [SPR-14] 916; [SPR-14a] 918works by: “Death of EAP” [LTR-262] 647s; [APXA] 884 — “Hospital for Disabled Labourers with the Brain” [LTR-246] 613nInklings of Adventure [LTR-72] 156, 157sMelanie and Other Poems [LTR-42] 85, 86n; [LTR-174a] 439 — “The Pay for Periodical Writing” [LTR-128] 315nPencillings by the Way [SPR-18] 924; [APXA] 882, 883Poems [LTR-212] 530n — “Slipshodities” [LTR-234] 584nTortesa, The Usurer [LTR-81] 190, 192n, 192s; [LTR-82] 194, 195n; [LTR-300] 752; [APXA] 883 — “Trifles” [LTR-234] 584n — “Unseen Spirits” [LTR-173] 431; [LTR-174a] 439, 440nillustrations: portrait of IB-22 — forgeries of EAP to: [SPR-15] 920-921, 921n, 921s; [SPR-17] 922, 923n, 923s; [SPR-17a] 923, 923n, 923s; [SPR-18] 923-924, 924n, 924sletters from EAP to: [LTR-174a] 439-440, 440n, 440s; [LTR-246] 611-612, 612n-613n, 613s; [LTR-258] 638, 638n-639n, 639s; [LTR-262] 646-647, 647n, 647s; [LTR-310] 790-791, 791n-792n, 792s

Wilmer, Lambert A.: — EAP considers a villain [LTR-162] 404-405, 406n — on EAP [LTR-162] 405n-406n — MS of EAP’s poems [LTR-20] 46n — and Wm. H. L. Poe [LTR-51b] 112n — and F. W. Thomas [APXA] 874 — writes to J. Tomlin concerning EAP’s drinking [LTR-162] 404-405, 406nworks by: “Ode XXX. To EAP” [LTR-162] 405nOur Press Gang [LTR-52] 116n; [LTR-162] 405n-406nThe Quacks of Helicon [LTR-81] 192n; [LTR-120] 297, 298n, 299n; [LTR-162] 405, 405n; [LTR-206] 522n

Wilson, Alexander: — American Ornithology [LTR-126] 310n

Wilson, James Southall: [LTR-43] 90n; [APXA] 857

Wilson, Jean C. S. (collector): [PN-003] 889s

Wilson, John, Professor: — Christopher North (pseudonym) [LTR-82] 196n — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-81] 190; [LTR-95] 231n

Wilson, Maurice E., Dr.: [LTR-73a] 161n, 162s

Wilton, Henry (pseudonym of J. H. Hewitt): — see Hewitt, J. H.

Wirt, William: — biographical information [LTR-9] 21n — and J. Allan [LTR-9] 19; [LTR-13] 31n, 32s — and EAP’s West Point appointment [LTR-9] 19; [LTR-11] 24 — and EAP (“Al Aaraaf”) [LTR-12] 27, 28n; [LTR-13] 29-30 — EAP (“Autography”) [LTR-229] 570, 570n — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-240a] 599n — mentioned [LTR-14] 34n; [LTR-51b] 113n; [LTR-68a] 148n

Wise, Henry Alexander: — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-235] 585, 586n

Witchcraft (C. Mathews): — see Mathews, C.

Wittenberg College (Springfield, OH): — Philosophian Society [LTR-253] 628n, 628s

Women: — EAP’s emotional dependence on [Intro] xxxiii — “follow certain heart instincts ...” [LTR-322a] 819 — literary women as “a heartless, unnatural, venomous, dishonorable set ...” [LTR-301] 755 — “more easily misled ...” [LTR-306] 776 — see also Clemm, M. P., Mrs.; Ellet, E. F., Mrs; Lewis, S. A., Mrs.; Lynch, A. C., Miss; Osgood, F. S., Mrs.; etc.

Woodberry, George Edward: — and letters from EAP to J. E. Snodgrass [APXA] 872

Woods & Matchett (printers): [LTR-45] 94n

Woods, John W.: [LTR-45] 93, 94n

Wordsworth, William: [LTR-52] 116n

Works of the Late EAP (ed. by R. W. Griswold): — see Griswold, R. W.

Wreath of Wild Flowers from New England, A (Mrs. F. S. Osgood): — see Osgood, F. S., Mrs.

Wright, Paulina, Mrs.: — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-292] 738, 739n

Writing, EAP on: — book-unity always in mind [LTR-240] 595 — difficulty of balancing magazine work [LTR-186] 469-470 — impotence of the pen [LTR-280] 707, 715n — “Literature is the most noble of professions ...” [LTR-304] 770 — originality [LTR-37] 77 — “poor devil authors ...” [LTR-304] 770; [LTR-316] 804 — “powerless is the pen” [LTR-283] 717, 717n — send the public opinion to the devil [LTR-104] 248 — “to be appreciated you must be read ...” [LTR-42] 85 — “variety has been one of my chief aims ...” [LTR-186] 467

“Wrong End Foremost, The” (Uncle Toby): — see Uncle Toby

Wyandotté; or the Hutted Knoll (J. F. Cooper): — see Cooper, J. F.

Wyatt, Thomas, Professor: — EAP (The Conchologist’s First Book) [LTR-78a] 180n; [LTR-109a] 267n; [LTR-249] 619 — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-153] 382 — and J. K. Townsend [LTR-154] 385nworks by: A Manual of Conchology [LTR-111] 271n; [LTR-249] 620nSynopsis of Natural History [LTR-109a] 267nletters from EAP to: [LTR-109a] 266-267, 267n-268n, 268s

Wyeth, N. J., Captain: — and J. K. Townsend [LTR-154] 385n

Wythe, George: — works by: Decisions of cases in Virginia, by the High Court of Chancery [LTR-218a] 540n


“X-ing a Paragrab” (EAP): — O. A. Brownson in [LTR-116a] 286n — publication of [LTR-307a] 780, 780n; [LTR-312a] 798s-799s


Yale University (New Haven, CT): — and N. P. Willis [APXA] 882

Yankee and Boston Literary Gazette (New York, NY): [LTR-21] 48n, 49s; [LTR-260] 645n — J. Neal reviews EAP’s poetry [LTR-21] 47; [LTR-24] 53n; [LTR-94] 227n; [APXA] 865

Yankee Doodle (New York, NY): — and G. G. Foster [LTR-143] 361n — and C. Mathews [LTR-228a] 568n

Yarrington, Mrs. (of Richmond, VA): [LTR-53] 118

“Year’s Life, A” (J. R. Lowell): — see Lowell, J. R.

York (VA): — mentioned [LTR-57] 125

Yorkville (New York, NY): — mentioned [LTR-183] 459, 460n

Young America: — and E. A. Duy-ckinck [APXA] 854 — and J. L. O’Sullivan [LTR-220] 543n

Young Men’s Paper (Baltimore, MD): — see Baltimore Athenaeum and Young Men’s Paper

“Young Rosalie Lee” (P. P. Cooke): — see Cooke, P. P.


Zamen (character in Mrs. S. A. Lewis’ ”Child of the Sea”): [LTR-272] 676, 677n

Zanoni (E. Bulwer-Lytton): — see Bulwer-Lytton, E.

Zieber, George B., & Company (booksellers): [LTR-193] 487, 487n; [SPR-7] 907

Zinzendorff, and Other Poems (Mrs. L. H. Sigourney): — see Sigourney, L. H., Mrs.





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