Text: J. W. Ostrom, B. R. Pollin, and J. A. Savoye, “Index M-R,” The Collected Letters of Edgar Allan Poe — Vol. II: 1846-1849 (2008), pp. vii-xii (This material is protected by copyright)


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M. C.: — see May, C., Miss

“M. S. Found in a Madhouse” (E. Bulwer-Lytton): — see Bulwer-Lytton, E.

Macaulay, Thomas Babington: — works by: Critical and Miscellaneous Essays [LTR-116a] 286n, 286s

Macbeth (Wm. Shakespeare): — see Shakespeare, Wm.

Mackenzie, John Hamilton (son of Wm. Mackenzie): — biographical information [LTR-159] 398n — EAP seeks appointment at West Point [LTR-9] 19 — EAP visits [LTR-275a] 683, 684n — and T. G. Mackenzie [LTR-158a] 397n — and Rosalie Poe [LTR-109a] 266, 268n — mentioned [LTR-9] 20n-21n; [LTR-269] 670nletters from EAP to: [LTR-159] 398, 398n-399n, 399s

Mackenzie, Louisa Lanier (wife of J. H. Mackenzie): [LTR-275a] 683, 684n

Mackenzie, Mrs. Jane Scott (wife of Wm. Mackenzie): [LTR-275a] 683, 684n

Mackenzie, Thomas Gilliat (son of Wm. Mackenzie): — biographical information [LTR-158a] 397n — EAP’s attempt to purchase SLM [LTR-157] 393n; [LTR-158a] 396-397, 398n; [LTR-159] 399sletters from EAP to: [LTR-158a] 396-397, 397n, 397s-398s

Mackenzie, William (family): — EAP sends regards to [LTR-158a] 397 — “overwhelmed me with attentions ...” [LTR-330] 831 — and Rosalie Poe [LTR-9] 20n; [LTR-28] 62n; [LTR-29] 65n; [LTR-47] 100; [LTR-158a] 397n; [LTR-159] 398n

Mackenzie, William: — and J. H. Mackenzie [LTR-159] 398n — and T. G. Mackenzie [LTR-158a] 397n — and Rosalie Poe [LTR-79] 185

MacMichael, Mary E., Miss: — works by: “Visit to a Mad-House” [LTR-93] 219, 222n

Macon (GA): — and W. Poe [LTR-60] 131; [LTR-97] 237; [LTR-98] 240

Madigan, Thomas F. (autograph dealer): [PN-004] 890s

Madison House (Norfolk, VA): — EAP stays at [LTR-332] 837

Madison, James (US president): — and J. K. Paulding [LTR-77a] 176n — see also Autographs, other

Madisonian (New York, NY): — EAP proposes to write a series of articles for [LTR-197] 505, 506n

Madness: — see Insanity

Maelzel, Johann Nepomuk: [LTR-91] 214n; [LTR-184] 461n

“Maelzel’s Chess-Player” (EAP): — D. Brewster (Natural Magic) [LTR-181] 456n — EAP possibly intends to revise [LTR-184] 461n-462n — and J. K. Mitchell [LTR-91] 214n

Magazine, ideal: — and C. Anthon [LTR-186] 468-471 — “as soon as fate allows ...” [LTR-82] 194 — coalition magazine [LTR-173] 431-432, 433n; [LTR-185] 463 — illustrations for [LTR-113] 275, 276n; [LTR-114] 278; [LTR-115] 281; [LTR-117a] 290; [LTR-153] 381-382, 382n-383n; [LTR-158] 394, 396n; [LTR-185] 463, 464n-465n; [LTR-186] 468 — mentioned [LTR-93] 220 — see also Penn Magazine; and Stylus

Magazines: — and Baltimore (MD) [LTR-90] 211; [LTR-137] 339 — “the character of a young Periodical is the most easily injured ...” [LTR-45] 92 — “dulness of our Quarterlies ...” [LTR-203] 517n — EAP claims to have made permanent engagements with [LTR-301] 754 — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-115] 282n; [LTR-203] 517n — general criticism, in relation to EAP (“Berenice”) [LTR-42] 84-85 — general criticism about, in relation to Penn Magazine [LTR-113] 274; [LTR-114] 277; [LTR-115] 280-281; [LTR-116] 283; [LTR-117a] 289-290 — “a good Magazine ... would do wonders in the way of a general revivification of letters ...” [LTR-142] 356 — “I should not be surprised if I joined Foster ... in New York ...” [LTR-143] 359 — Magazinish [LTR-224c] 556, 557n — “must not be namby-pamby or yea-nay ...” [LTR-304] 771, 772n; [LTR-329] 829 — “no cheap Magazine can ever again prosper ...” [LTR-312] 793 — “tendency of the age to Magazine literature ...” [LTR-186] 467 — see also under specific magazine titles: Burton’s, Godey’s, Graham’s, SLM, etc.

Magazines and annuals, pay for contributions: — American Museum of Science, Literature, and the Arts [LTR-78] 177, 179nAmerican Review [LTR-227] 564; [LTR-312a] 796Arthur’s Ladies’ Magazine [LTR-227] 564Baltimore Saturday Visiter [LTR-39] 81n; [LTR-137] 340BJ [RC-003] 897, 897nBoston Notion [LTR-136] 338Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine [LTR-84] 202; [LTR-90a] 213, 213n; [LTR-92a] 216; [LTR-93] 218-219Dollar Newspaper [LTR-259] 641, 643nFlag of Our Union [LTR-303] 767, 767n; [LTR-307b] 781; [LTR-308] 785 — general [LTR-301] 754-755, 756n; [LTR-312a] 796The Gift [LTR-39] 81nGodey’s Lady’s Book [LTR-227] 564; [PN-006] 891; [PN-007] 892, 892n; [PN-008] 893, 893nGraham’s Magazine [LTR-128] 315, 315n; [LTR-129] 316; [LTR-133] 327; [LTR-136] 338; [LTR-137] 340; [LTR-164a] 415-416; [LTR-194a] 493, 494n; [LTR-227] 564; [LTR-255] 632, 633n; [LTR-256] 634; [RC-001] 895, 895n; [RC-002] 896 — “I set no price ...” [LTR-141a] 353Ladies’ Companion (Snowden’s) [LTR-93] 219-220; [LTR-145a] 366Literary Examiner and Monthly Review [LTR-120] 298Literary World [LTR-308] 785New-England Magazine [LTR-37] 78nNew-York Mirror [LTR-176] 443The Opal (for 1845) [LTR-176] 443; [LTR-177] 445Philadelphia Saturday Courier [LTR-161a] 402Pioneer [LTR-151] 377; [LTR-153a] 384; [LTR-156] 389, 390n; [LTR-158] 393, 395n; [LTR-163] 407; [LTR-164] 412, 414nSaturday Evening Post [LTR-161a] 402SLM [LTR-43] 89, 90n; [LTR-44] 91; [LTR-46] 95, 96; [LTR-48] 103; [LTR-299] 750; [LTR-302a] 761n; [LTR-312a] 796, 798n; [LTR-318] 808, 809n; [RC-003] 897, 897nUnited States Magazine and Democratic Review [LTR-227] 564; [LTR-312a] 796, 797n — “what is paid for is the name of the poet ...” [LTR-190a] 478 — see also Pay

Maginn, William: — works by: “The Man in the Bell” [LTR-42] 85, 87n

“Magnetizer, or, Ready for Any Body” (L. Osborn): — see Osborn, L.

Magruder, Allan B.: — biographical information [LTR-76] 170nletters from EAP to: [LTR-76] 169-170, 170n, 170s

Magruder, John B., General: [LTR-76] 170n

Magruder, Julia (daughter of A. B. Magruder): [LTR-76] 170n

“Maiden’s Leap” (Mrs. E. F. Ellet): — see Ellet, E. F., Mrs.

Maier, Frank (collector): — and letters from EAP to J. E. Snodgrass [APXA] 872

Mail carriers: — see Adams Express Carrier; and Harnden’s Express

Maine Medical School (Brunswick, ME): — and G. W. Eveleth [APXA] 856

“Man in the Bell, The” (Wm. Maginn): — see Maginn, Wm.

“Man of the Crowd, The” (EAP): [LTR-109] 265n; [LTR-122] 302n

“Man that was Used Up, The” (EAP): — Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine [LTR-82] 195n — and EAP (Prose Romances) [LTR-122] 302n — R. W. Griswold (The Prose Writers of America) [LTR-193] 487; [SPR-7] 908New-York Mirror [LTR-174a] 440n

Manchester (VA): — University of VA, a student from [LTR-3] 6

Mancur, John Henry: — and BJ [LTR-226] 561n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 560, 563s; [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572 — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-226] 561n — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-226] 561nworks by: The Palais Royal [LTR-226] 561n

Manifest Destiny: — see O’Sullivan, John L.

Manual of Conchology (T. Wyatt): — see Wyatt, T.

Manuscripts: — EAP (“The Bells”) [LTR-319] 812n — EAP (“Epimanes”) [LTR-37] 77, 77n — EAP (“Eulalie”) [LTR-313] 800s — EAP (“For Annie”) [Intro] xxxii; [LTR-309a] 790, 790n — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-313] 800n — EAP (“The Murders in the Rue Morgue”) [LTR-176a] 445n — EAP (“The Pit and the Pendulum”) [LTR-133a] 329, 329n — EAP (“The Purloined Letter”) [LTR-176a] 444, 445n — EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-278a] 705n; [LTR-313] 799, 800s — EAP (“Reply to English”) [LTR-236] 587 — EAP (“Silence — A Sonnet”) [LTR-89] 210 — EAP (“To Zante”) [LTR-103] 246-247 — EAP (“Ulalume”) [LTR-331] 834, 835s — of B. Franklin [LTR-63] 135-136 — see also Autographs

Marathon and Other Poems (P. Earle): — see Earle, P.

Marbray, Dr.: — letters from EAP to: [LTR-230] 575, 575n, 575s

Marcy, William L.: — and M. Van Buren [LTR-130] 320n

Mare Tenebrarum: — EAP (“Mellonta Tauta”) [SPR-19] 925

“Marginalia” (EAP): — Democratic Review [LTR-231a] 576, 577n, 577s; [LTR-299] 751n; [LTR-302a] 761n — described [LTR-299] 750-751, 751nGodey’s Lady’s Book [PN-006] 892n — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-193] 487 — MS of [LTR-313] 800sSLM [LTR-292a] 740n; [LTR-299] 750-751, 752s; [LTR-301] 754; [LTR-302a] 760-761, 761n; [LTR-312a] 798n; [LTR-313] 799, 799n, 800s; [LTR-318] 809n — mentioned [LTR-107] 259n — see also Pay

Marlowe, Christopher: — works by: Dr. Faustus [LTR-278] 702n

Maroncelli, Pierro: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572, 573, 574n

Marriage and engagement, EAP’s: — all for Virginia C. Poe’s sake [LTR-280] 708, 713n — EAP proposes to Virginia [LTR-48] 103-104, 104n — engagement to Mrs. E. Shelton [LTR-330] 831, 832; [LTR-331a] 836; [LTR-332] 837, 838n — engagement to Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-280] 711; [LTR-286] 722; [LTR-293a] 743s; [LTR-294] 744, 744n; [LTR-295] 744, 745n; [LTR-296] 746n; [LTR-298] 749; [LTR-302] 757-758, 758 — marriage to Virginia [LTR-68] 146, 146n — “my heart sinks at the idea of this marriage [to Mrs. Shelton] ...” [LTR-331a] 836 — N. Poe opposes marriage to Virginia [LTR-83] 197n — possible ceremony in Baltimore (MD) [LTR-48] 104n — and substantial happiness from [LTR-185] 463, 464n — “what it is to be pestered with a wife ...” [LTR-141] 352, 352n

Marrill, E. P. (great great grandson of G. W. Poe): [LTR-79] 187s

Marryat, Frederick, Captain: — works by: Diary in America [LTR-86] 205, 206nJoseph Rushbrook, or the Poacher [LTR-86] 206s

Marshall article (L. Minor): — see Minor, L.

Marshall, Charles Henry: — biographical information [LTR-268] 668nletters from EAP to: [LTR-268] 668, 668n, 668s-669s

Marshall, Charles L (student at U. VA): [LTR-4] 9n

Marshall, John, Chief Justice: — EAP (“Autography”) [LTR-229] 570, 570n — death of [LTR-46] 96 — mentioned [LTR-70] 154nworks by: Life of George Washington (EAP intends to write review of) [LTR-44] 91, 91n; [LTR-46] 96

Martinsburg Gazette (Martinsburg, VA): — criticizes the SLM [LTR-46] 95

“Mary” (author unknown): — unsigned verses [LTR-291] 735

Maryland Historical Society: — EAP (“The Gold-Bug”), first printing [LTR-175] 442n

“Mask of the Red Death, The” (EAP): — see Pay

Masonry: — and Dr. C. S. Frailey [LTR-118] 294n

Mathematics: — Cambridge Mathematics [LTR-27] 57 — mathematical instruments [LTR-27] 57

Mathews, Cornelius: — Arcturus [LTR-192a] 486n; [LTR-252] 627n — and BJ [LTR-201] 512, 512n-513n; [LTR-228a] 567, 568n — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-192a] 486n; [LTR-201] 512; [LTR-229] 571n; [LTR-236] 587n; [LTR-252] 627n — EAP apologizes to, for a critique [LTR-172] 429 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570, 571n; [LTR-229a] 572 — EAP (“Reply to English”) [LTR-236] 587, 587n — EAP (Tales) [LTR-192a] 486 — Miss M. Fuller’s protégé [LTR-259] 640; [LTR-304] 771works by: Big Abel and the Little Manhattan [PN-006] 892nThe Career of Puffer Hopkins [LTR-158] 395n; [LTR-172] 429, 430nWakondah [LTR-172] 429nWitchcraft [LTR-172] 429n; [LTR-259] 640letters from EAP to: [LTR-172] 429, 429n-430n, 430s

Mattson, Morris: — works by: Paul Ulric [LTR-73] 159; [LTR-93] 223n

Maturin, Charles Robert: — Melmoth the Wanderer [LTR-229] 571n

Maturin, Edward: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 572works by: Montezuma [LTR-229] 571n

Maubey, Jerome A.: — works by: “The Toilette” [LTR-230] 575, 575n, 575sletters from EAP to: [LTR-230] 575, 575n, 575s

Maury, Matthew F.: — and SLM [LTR-129] 317n; [LTR-136] 339n

Mavis, Martin Van Buren: — EAP (“Mellonta Tauta”) [SPR-19] 925

Maxwell, William: [LTR-107] 258n

May Flower, The (gift book or annual) (for 1846): — EAP (“The Imp of the Perverse”) [LTR-145a] 366n; [LTR-200] 510n

May, Caroline, Miss: — Home Journal [LTR-290] 732, 733n

Mayo’s Bridge (Richmond, VA): — and EAP’s swimming feat [LTR-42] 86n

McBride, Jane (wife of John Poe): — see Poe, Jane McBride, Mrs. (wife of John Poe)

McBride, John, Admiral: [LTR-79] 183, 186n

McCabe, John Collins: — biographical information [LTR-58] 128n-129n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-58] 129n — EAP (“Irene”) [LTR-58] 129nworks by: “The Consumptive Girl” [LTR-58] 127, 128, 129nletters from EAP to: [LTR-58] 127-128, 128n-129n, 129s

McCulloch, James M. (attorney): — Wm. Clemm, Jr., estate of [LTR-54] 121, 122; [LTR-57] 126n

McDougall, John: [PN-006] 892n, 892s

McIntosh, Maria Jane, Miss: — biographical information [LTR-275] 682n-683n — and Miss A. Blackwell [LTR-270] 673s — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-270] 673sworks by: Charms and Countercharms [LTR-275] 682, 683nPraise and Principle [LTR-275] 682, 682n-683nTwo Lives [LTR-275] 683n

McJilton, John Nelson: — biographical information [LTR-133] 328nBaltimore Athenaeum and Young Men’s Paper [LTR-46] 97nThe Baltimore Book (for 1838) [LTR-77] 174nBaltimore Monument [LTR-120] 298n — EAP speaks favorably of [LTR-120] 297 — Giles McQuiggin (pseudonym) [LTR-133] 328n — replies to EAP’s letter to T. Whackemwell [LTR-121] 300nworks by: “Sovereignty of the Mind” [LTR-120] 299nletters from EAP to: [LTR-121] 300, 300n-301n, 301s; [LTR-133] 327-328, 328n, 328s

McMakin, Andrew: — and E. Holden [LTR-161a] 403sModel American Courier [LTR-235] 585n-586n; [LTR-266] 664nSaturday Courier [LTR-161a] 402n

McMurtrie, Professor: — EAP (The Conchologist’s First Book) [LTR-249] 619, 620n

McQuiggin, Giles (pseudonym of J. N. McJilton): — see McJilton, J. N.

Mechanics Bank (Baltimore, MD): — and J. B. Morris [LTR-163c] 410n

Mechanics Institute (Reading, PA): — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-170] 426-427, 427n; [LTR-171] 428, 428n

Mechanic’s Magazine (London): — and the electric lamp [LTR-278] 701n

Mechanic’s Row (Baltimore, MD): — address of Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-11] 25n

Medicine: [LTR-156] 388 — Calomel [LTR-329] 829, 829n — cider [LTR-109] 264 — Jew’s Beer (Wine of Tar) [LTR-141] 351, 352n — Laudanum [LTR-286] 722, 724n, 724s

Medwin, Thomas, Captain: — W. Irving (“An Unwritten Drama of Lord Byron”) [LTR-83a] 200n

Meek, Alexander Beaufort: — cipher [LTR-162] 403-404, 405n

“Meeting of the Lovers, The” (F. W. Thomas): — see Thomas, F. W.

Melancholy, EAP’s: — broken hearted [LTR-280] 707, 712 — depressed [LTR-50] 107; [LTR-174a] 439; [LTR-201] 512; [LTR-215] 533; [LTR-287] 725; [LTR-325] 823 — despair [LTR-47] 100; [LTR-54] 121; [LTR-239] 591, 592; [LTR-278] 696, 699; [LTR-280] 707 — EAP accused of morbid sensitivity [LTR-302] 759n — home sick [LTR-325] 823 — and hope [LTR-239] 592 — “I am ready to curse the day when I was born ...” [LTR-32] 68n — “I dread the future ...” [LTR-288] 727 — “I have no desire to live since I have done ’Eureka’ ...” [LTR-323] 820 — “I have no farther object in life ... No wish but to die ...” [LTR-280] 707 — “I have no wish to live another hour ...” [LTR-48] 102 — improved [LTR-54] 121; [LTR-327] 825 — instrumental in losing SLM job [LTR-50] 107, 108n-109n — “insupportable loneliness and dread of some strange ...” [APXA] 880 — and J. P. Kennedy [LTR-50] 107; [LTR-54] 121 — “my darkened and lost soul ...” [LTR-273] 677 — “my own griefs ...” [LTR-291] 734 — “my own unhappy nature ...” [LTR-280] 710 — “my sadness is unaccountable ...” [LTR-312a] 796 — “not one soul to love me ...” [LTR-48] 103 — and Virginia C. Poe [LTR-232] 578; [LTR-259] 641 — and Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-286] 721-723; [LTR-312a] 796 — “seems to have passed my soul through fire ...” [LTR-290] 730 — shadow of evil [LTR-285] 719; [LTR-288] 727, 728n — and Mrs. M. L. Shew [LTR-273] 677 — “so terribly, hopelessly ill in body and mind ...” [LTR-286] 723 — “the misery of hope deferred ...” [LTR-148] 371 — “there are epochs when any kind of mental exercise is torture ...” [LTR-179] 448 — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-148] 371 — “very bitter distress of mind and body ...” [LTR-269] 669 — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-278] 699; [LTR-280] 707, 710, 712; [LTR-285] 719, 720n; [LTR-288] 727; [LTR-289] 729; [LTR-290] 730 — see also Health; Insanity; and Suicide

Melancholy, other: — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-181] 457n

Melanie and Other Poems (N. P. Willis): — see Willis, N. P.

“Mellonta Tauta” (EAP): — bullet-head [LTR-182] 459n — and EAP (Eureka) [LTR-312a] 797nGodey’s Lady’s Book [LTR-261] 646, 646n; [LTR-307b] 782n; [LTR-312a] 797n; [SPR-19] 925s — hoaxing in [SPR-19] 925n — introductory letter for [SPR-19] 925, 925n — Pundita [LTR-259] 642n — mentioned [LTR-218] 540n

Melmoth the Wanderer (C. R. Maturin): — see Maturin, C. R.

Melody: — see Music

Melville, Fred W.: [SPR-14] 917s

Melville, Henry H.: [SPR-14] 917s

Melville, Margaret: [SPR-14] 917s

Memorial to the Legislature of Maryland (J. B. Morris): — see Morris, J. B.

Mencken, Henry Louis: — on EAP and J. Allan [APXA] 848

Merchant’s Magazine and Commercial Review (New York, NY): — and F. Hunt [LTR-243] 607, 607n; [LTR-251] 623 — and T. P. Kettell [LTR-231a] 577n

Mermaid (brig): — and E. Buckingham [LTR-37] 78n

Merritt, [?] B. and [John?] A.: [PN-010] 895s

“Mesmeric Revelation” (EAP): — and O. A. Brownson [LTR-116a] 286n — and G. Bush [LTR-188] 473-474Columbian Magazine [LTR-180] 453, 454n; [LTR-181] 455; [LTR-188] 473, 474n; [LTR-224c] 557nDollar Weekly [LTR-188] 473 — and EAP’s philosophy [LTR-180] 453, 455n — EAP (“Last Conversation of a Som-nambule,” or “Valdemar”) [LTR-224c] 556, 557n; [LTR-244] 608 — R. W. Griswold (The Prose Writers of America) [LTR-193] 487; [SPR-7] 907 — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-181] 455, 456nPopular Record of Modern Science [LTR-224c] 557n — mentioned [LTR-175] 441 — publication of [LTR-175] 442n; [LTR-180] 453; [LTR-181] 455, 456n; [LTR-188] 473; [LTR-224c] 557n — purely a fiction [LTR-188] 474; [SPR-10] 910, 910n — sleep-waker [LTR-179] 452n — unparticled matter [LTR-179] 451n — mentioned [LTR-186] 472s

Mesmerism: — EAP (“The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”) [LTR-233] 581; [LTR-240] 596; [SPR-14b] 919

Mesmerism In Articulo Mortis (EAP): — see “Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, The” (EAP)

“Messenger Star of Tycho Brahe, The” (EAP): — see “Al Aaraaf” (EAP)

Metaphysics: — see Cosmology

Meter: — disagreement on, with N. B. Tucker [LTR-52] 115 — EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-196] 502 — R. H. Horne (“Orion”) [LTR-216] 536

Metropolitan (New York, NY): — see American Metropolitan

“Metzengerstein” (EAP): — and EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-46] 97n; [LTR-57] 126n — and SLM [LTR-83] 198n

Michelangelo: — D. Brewster (Natural Magic) [LTR-181] 456n — EAP (“Al Aaraaf”) [LTR-12] 27 — N. Hawthorne (“Drowne’s Wooden Image”) [LTR-181] 456, 456n

Mickle, Isaac: — diary of [LTR-116a] 285n, 286n, 286s — and Wm. D. Kelley [LTR-116a] 285n

Middleton, Thomas: — works by: The Changeling [LTR-151] 378n

Middletown (CT): — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-140] 350

“Midnight in the silent city, midnight on the throbbing sea ...: — see Ide, A. M., Jr. (“Bunker’s Hill”)

“Mighty Dead, The” (T. H. Chivers): — see Chivers, T. H.

Milford Bard, The: — see Lofland, J.

Military: — see Army; Richmond Junior Volunteers; and West Point

Miller, James Henry, Dr.: — biographical information [LTR-50] 108nBaltimore Saturday Visiter contest [LTR-38] 80n; [LTR-46] 96; [LTR-50] 108n — possible correspondence with EAP [LTR-50] 110s — mentioned [LTR-50] 107

Milliner’s Book (euphemistic reference to unspecified magazine): — possibly Godey’s Lady’s Book [LTR-307b] 781, 782n

Millington, Prof. [John ?]: [LTR-109a] 266, 267n

Milton, John: — and R. W. Griswold [SPR-7] 908works by: The Reason of Church Government [LTR-97] 238n

Miner’s Journal (Pottsville, PA): — and E. Bowen [LTR-278a] 705n

Minor, Benjamin Blake: — biographical information [LTR-193a] 489n — and SLM [LTR-129] 317n; [LTR-158a] 397n; [LTR-159] 399n; [LTR-193a] 489n — and G. Wythe [LTR-218a] 540n — mentioned [LTR-153] 383n; [LTR-227] 565nletters from EAP to: [LTR-193a] 489, 489n, 489s

Minor, Lucian: — biographical information [LTR-51a] 111n — “King of Donkey-dom ...” [LTR-227] 563, 565n — and SLM [LTR-42] 86n — mentioned [LTR-47] 101n; [LTR-49] 106n; [LTR-50] 108n; [LTR-51b] 112nworks by: “Address on Education” [LTR-51a] 111n — “Chief Justice Marshall” (review article) [LTR-59] 129, 130n — “Hymn, in Honor of Harmodius and Aristogiton” [LTR-51a] 111, 111n — “Letters from New England” [LTR-51a] 111n; [LTR-59] 129, 130n — “Liberian Literature” [LTR-55] 123, 123n; [LTR-59] 130, 130s — “Selection in Reading” [LTR-55] 123, 123nletters from EAP to: [LTR-51a] 111, 111n, 112s; [LTR-55] 122-123, 123n, 123s; [LTR-59] 129-130, 130n, 130s; [LTR-99] 240-241, 241n-242n, 242s

Miscellaneous Poems (Mrs. J. E. S. Locke): — see Locke, J. E., Mrs.

Mistress Foy’s Tavern (Baltimore, MD): [LTR-51b] 113n

Mitchell, John Kearsley, Dr.: — biographical information [LTR-91] 214n — EAP accepts invitation from [LTR-91] 214works by: “The Brilliant Nor-West” [LTR-91] 214nletters from EAP to: [LTR-91] 214, 214n, 214s

Mitchell, Silas Weir (novelist, and son of J. K. Mitchell): [LTR-91] 214n, 214s

Model American Courier (Philadelphia, PA): — H. B. Hirst (obituary of EAP) [LTR-235] 585n-586n; [LTR-266] 664n

Money: — see Finances

Monograms: — see Embossed

“Monos and Daimonos” (E. Bulwer-Lytton): — see Bulwer-Lytton, E.

Montezuma (E. Maturin): — see Maturin, E.

“Moon Hoax” (R. A. Locke): — see Locke, R. A. (“Discoveries in the Moon”)

Moore, Josiah (brother of Mrs. M. E. Hewitt): [LTR-195a] 499, 500n

Moore, Thomas: — EAP (“The Poetic Principle,” a lecture) [LTR-280] 714n — EAP (Politian) [LTR-52] 115works by: “Alciphron” [LTR-164] 413, 414n — “Come, Rest Ye in This Bosom” [LTR-280] 710, 714n

Moral for Authors, The (J. E. Tuel): — see Tuel, J. E.

Morbidity: — the public’s taste for [LTR-42] 84-85

“Morella” (EAP): — “my best ...” [LTR-52] 115 — and EAP (“Ligeia”), similarity of themes [LTR-82] 193-194, 195n — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-57] 126n; [LTR-74] 164n — publication of [LTR-52] 117n — and SLM [LTR-83] 198n — and Mrs. J. S. Stanard [LTR-278] 703n — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-278] 703n

Morgan, Daniel: — Junior Morgan Riflemen [LTR-1] 3n

Morison, Nathaniel Holmes: — comments on Virginia and N. Poe [LTR-48] 105n

Morning Courier and Enquirer (New York, NY): — and Col. J. W. Webb [LTR-260] 645n

Morning Express (New York, NY): — see New York Express

Morning News (New York, NY): — T. H. Chivers (The Lost Pleiad) [LTR-207] 523 — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-220] 543, 543n; [LTR-229] 570; [APXA] 854 — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-195] 497 — and Mrs. E. F. Ellet [LTR-220] 543 — and publicity for EAP [LTR-229] 570

“Morning on the Wissahiccon” (EAP): — see “Elk, The” (EAP)

Morning Post (London): — EAP (“The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”) [LTR-244] 608; [LTR-245] 610, 610n

Morrell, George (clerk at Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine): [LTR-93] 217, 219, 221n; [LTR-109] 262

Morris, George Pope: — biographical information [LTR-226] 561n — article on, appears in “Our Contributors” series [LTR-173] 431, 432n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-173] 432n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 560, 562s; [LTR-229a] 573 — EAP (“To Ianthe in Heaven”) [LTR-258] 638n — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-233] 579 — and hoax in Godey’s Lady’s Book [SPR-20] 926nHome Journal [LTR-226] 561n; [LTR-234] 584n; [LTR-244] 608; [SPR-18] 923National Press: A Home Journal [LTR-234] 584, 584n; [LTR-244] 609nNew Mirror [LTR-174a] 440n; [LTR-176] 443nNew-York Mirror [LTR-183] 460n; [LTR-226] 561n; [LTR-233] 579; [LTR-234] 584n; [LTR-244] 609n; [LTR-304] 772n — and publicity for EAP [LTR-244] 608 — and N. P. Willis [LTR-176] 443n; [LTR-226] 561n; [LTR-234] 584n; [SPR-15] 921; [SPR-18] 923, 924; [APXA] 882works by: American Melodies [LTR-174a] 440n; [LTR-258] 638n — see also New-York Mirror

Morris, John B.: — biographical information [LTR-163c] 410n; [LTR-218c] 541nworks by: Memorial to the Legislature of Maryland [LTR-218c] 541nletters from EAP to: (entry only, no text) [LTR-218c] 541, 541n, 541sletters from EAP to: [LTR-163c] 409-410, 410n, 410s

Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. (owners of boarding house in New York): — EAP and Virginia stay with [LTR-174] 437-438

Morse, George H. (librarian): [LTR-148] 372s

Mosby, Daniel S.: — promissory notes from EAP to: [PN-001] 887, 887n, 887s

Mosher, Edward: — see Poe, James Mosher

Mosses from an Old Manse (N. Hawthorne): — see Hawthorne, N.

Motherwell, William: — Mrs. S. A. Lewis (“The Forsaken”) [LTR-321] 817n

Mount Prospect (MD): — and Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-54] 121

Mountain Buds and Blossoms (H. Haines): — see Haines, H.

Mourning Bride (Wm. Congreve): — see Congreve, Wm.

Mowatt, Anna Cora, Mrs.: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572, 573, 574nworks by: Fashion [LTR-195b] 501sletters from EAP to: [LTR-195b] 500, 500n-501n, 501s-502s

Moyamensing Prison (Philadelphia, PA): [LTR-323] 821, 821n

“Mr. Poe and the New York Literati” (H. Fuller): — see Fuller, H.; see also English, T. D.

“Mr. Poe’s Reply to the Letter of Outis” (EAP): [LTR-195] 497n

“MS. Found in a Bottle” (EAP): — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-39] 81n; [LTR-46] 97n; [LTR-57] 126n — publication of [LTR-39] 81n; [LTR-50] 108, 109n, 109n; [LTR-52] 117n; [LTR-83a] 200n; [LTR-86] 206n — and SLM [LTR-83] 198n — and N. B. Tucker [LTR-52] 114-115 — wins Baltimore Saturday Visiter contest [LTR-39] 81n; [LTR-46] 97n; [LTR-112] 273n

Muddie: — see Clemm, Maria P., Mrs.

Munroe, Isaac: — biographical information [LTR-168] 421nBaltimore Patriot [LTR-168] 421n — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-168] 421letters from EAP to: [LTR-168] 421, 421n, 422s

“Murders in the Rue Morgue, The” (EAP): — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-244] 608 — EAP lists as among his best tales [LTR-179] 450 — EAP (“The Gold-Bug”) [LTR-193] 487; [SPR-7] 908 — EAP (“The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”) [LTR-136] 337-338; [LTR-137] 340 — and EAP (Prose Romances) [LTR-122] 301, 302n; [LTR-193] 488n — French notices of [LTR-244] 608, 609n — R. W. Griswold (The Prose Writers of America) [LTR-193] 487, 488n; [SPR-7] 908 — MS of [LTR-176a] 445n — popular [LTR-120] 297 — publication of [LTR-120] 299n; [LTR-122] 302n; [LTR-136] 337; [LTR-137] 340, 342n — theme [LTR-136] 337; [LTR-137] 340, 342n; [LTR-240] 595, 598n — see also Pay

Murray, Lindley: — and N. P. Willis [APXA] 883

Music: — and EAP (“Ulalume”) [LTR-258] 639n — instruments [LTR-254] 630, 631n — and poetry [LTR-52] 115; [LTR-179] 450 — and Mrs. M. L. Shew [LTR-254] 630, 631n — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-280] 712

“Musing Thoughts” (Mrs. L. H. Sigourney): — see Sigourney, L. H., Mrs.

“My Life Is Like the Summer Rose” (R. H. Wilde): — see Wilde, R. H.

Myers, John C.: — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-170] 426-427, 427n — Mechanics Institute [LTR-170] 427nletters from EAP to: [LTR-170] 426-427, 427n, 427s

Mynera (character in Mrs. S. A. Lewis’ ”The Child of the Sea”): — and Zamen [LTR-272] 677n

“Mystery of Marie Rogêt, The” (EAP): — basis for [LTR-259] 641, 643n — described [LTR-136] 337-338; [LTR-137] 340 — and EAP’s concern for typographical errors [LTR-145a] 365-366 — EAP (Phantasy Pieces) [LTR-122] 302n — publication of [LTR-145a] 366n; [LTR-259] 640-641 — see also Pay

Mysticism: — and T. H. Chivers [APXA] 850

“Mystification” (EAP): — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-74] 164n — EAP (“Von Jung, the Mystific”) [LTR-226] 561n — primâ facie [LTR-93] 223n

Mythology: — Apollo [SPR-25] 931 — Astarte [LTR-152] 380s — Edis [SPR-1] 901 — Jupiter [LTR-145a] 365 — Odysseus [LTR-195] 497n — Polythemus [LTR-195] 497n — Poseidon [LTR-195] 497n — see also Homer (The Illiad and The Odyssey)

Myths of the Minstrel (Mrs. S. A. Lewis): — see Lewis, S. A., Mrs.


Nairne, Carolina, Baroness: — works by: “Caller Herrin’ ” [LTR-142] 357n — “Charlie Is My Darling” [LTR-142] 357n — “Land o’ the Leal” [LTR-142] 356, 357n

Namby-pamby (and namby-pamby-ism): [LTR-185] 464n; [LTR-304] 771, 772n, 773n; [LTR-329] 829, 830n — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-134] 333, 335n

Narrative of a Journey across the Rocky Mountains (J. K. Townsend): — see Townsend, J. K.

Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, The (EAP): — criticism by Wm. E. Burton [LTR-93] 218, 222n — J. Porter (The Narrative of Sir Edward Seaward) [LTR-308] 786n — praised by Family Magazine [LTR-111] 270n — “a very silly book ...” [LTR-93] 218, 222n — mentioned [LTR-52] 117n; [LTR-77a] 176n; [LTR-78a] 180n; [LTR-263] 658n

Nassau Street (New York, NY): — and C. Mathews [LTR-228a] 567, 568n

Natchez Courier and Journal (Natchez, MS): [LTR-75a] 167, 168n

National Archives (Ithaca, NY): [LTR-195] 495, 497n

“National Ingratitude” (M. Carey): — see Carey, M.

National Melodies of America (G. P. Morris): — see Morris, G. P. (American Melodies)

National Press: A Home Journal (New York, NY): [LTR-234] 584, 584n; [LTR-244] 609n

Natural History of the Vestiges of Creation, The (R. Chambers): — see Chambers, R.

Natural Magic (D. Brewster): — see Brewster, D.

Nature: — communing with [LTR-179] 448; [LTR-240] 594-595; [LTR-280] 712 — EAP appreciates the beauty of [LTR-21] 47

Neal, John: — biographical information [LTR-21] 48n — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 865-866 — as encouraging EAP’s early poetic efforts [LTR-94] 227, 227n — EAP (Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems) [LTR-17] 40; [LTR-24] 52, 53n — Jehu O’Cataract (pseudonym) [LTR-21] 48nNew-England Galaxy [LTR-49] 106n — L. Osborn (Confessions of a Poet), EAP mistakes as author of [LTR-43] 90n; [LTR-206] 520 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-94] 227 — and Stylus [LTR-151] 377 — and the Yankee and Boston Literary Gazette [LTR-21] 47, 48n — mentioned [LTR-20] 46n; [LTR-21] 49s; [LTR-25] 54n; [LTR-51b] 113n; [LTR-75] 166n; [LTR-81] 190, 191n; [LTR-260] 644, 645n; [SPR-20] 926nletters from EAP to: [LTR-21] 47-48, 48n-49n, 49s; [LTR-24] 52, 53n, 53s; [LTR-49] 105-106, 106n, 106s; [LTR-94] 227, 227n-228n, 228s

Nebular Hypothesis (P. S. de Laplace): — see Laplace, P. S. de

“Necessity of Selection in Reading, The” (L. Minor): — see Minor, L. (“Selection in Reading”)

Ned Myers (J. F. Cooper): — see Cooper, J. F.

“Negro Who Did Not Believe in Ghosts, The” (by Pete): — see Pete

“Never Bet the Devil Your Head” (EAP): — and Dial [LTR-126] 309, 310n — EAP (Tales of the Folio Club) [LTR-74] 164n — humor [LTR-42] 86n — “a mere Extravaganza ...” [LTR-126] 309 — publication of [LTR-123] 304n — mentioned [LTR-122] 302n — see also Pay

New Bedford (MA): — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-303] 767

New Dictionary of the English Language, A (C. Richardson): — see Richardson, C.

New-England Galaxy (Boston, MA): — and J. Neal [LTR-21] 48n; [LTR-49] 105, 106n

New-England Magazine (Boston, MA): [LTR-37] 77, 77n

New Haven (CT): — mentioned [SPR-12] 913; [SPR-14] 915; [SPR-14a] 918; [SPR-14b] 919

New Jersey (state): — mentioned [LTR-97] 237; [LTR-109a] 266

New Mirror (New York, NY): — EAP (“Eulalie”) [LTR-152] 380s — EAP (“The Head of St. John the Baptist”) [LTR-174a] 440n — EAP (“The Oblong Box”) [LTR-174a] 439, 440n; [LTR-176] 443, 443n — EAP (“Souvenirs of Youth”) [LTR-174a] 440n — N. P. Willis (“Unseen Spirits”) [LTR-174a] 440n — see also New-York Mirror

New Monthly Magazine (London): — E. Bulwer-Lytton (Monos and Daimonos) [LTR-42] 85

New Orleans Times (New Orleans, LA): — mentioned [SPR-24] 930s

New World (New York, NY): — P. Benjamin [LTR-132] 326, 327n; [LTR-189] 475, 476n — and C. Eames [LTR-304] 773n — and EAP’s lectures [LTR-195] 497 — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-302b] 766n — EAP (“Mesmeric Revelation”) [LTR-181] 456n — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-88] 208, 209n — and Wm. M. Gillespie [LTR-193b] 490n — review of EAP’s lecture on “The Universe” [LTR-264] 659, 660n — mentioned [LTR-93] 221n; [LTR-136] 338n; [LTR-143] 361n

“New Year’s Address” (Mrs. R. S. Nichols): — see Nichols, R. S., Mrs.

New York (NY): — J. Allan visits [LTR-27] 57 — T. H. Chivers visits [LTR-201a] 513, 513n-514n; [LTR-207] 524 — EAP claims friends in [LTR-246] 612 — EAP living in [LTR-77a] 176n; [LTR-174] 437; [LTR-177a] 446, 447n; [LTR-180] 453; [LTR-182] 457; [LTR-189] 475; [SPR-6] 906 — EAP visits [LTR-29] 64; [LTR-138] 344; [LTR-139] 346; [LTR-141] 351; [LTR-141a] 353, 354s; [LTR-142] 357s — and EAP’s mail [LTR-227] 563; [LTR-292a] 739; [LTR-312] 792, 794 — EAP (“The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”) [LTR-136] 337, 338; [LTR-137] 340 — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-196] 503; [LTR-260] 644; [SPR-8] 908 — and EAP-English controversy [LTR-237] 589n; [LTR-238] 590n — Mrs. S. J. Hale plans visit [LTR-225] 558 — and ideal magazine [LTR-143] 359 — J. P. Kennedy visits [LTR-213] 531 — and literary gossip [LTR-197] 505 — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-156] 389 — proposed Washington Monument [LTR-218] 540n — and Stylus [LTR-316] 803 — R. Walsh visits [LTR-12] 26 — mentioned [LTR-97] 237; [LTR-142] 356; [LTR-153a] 384; [LTR-176a] 444; [LTR-226] 560; [LTR-241] 601; [LTR-267] 666; [LTR-278] 696; [LTR-280] 713; [LTR-285] 720; [LTR-293a] 743s; [LTR-304] 771; [LTR-316] 804; [LTR-318] 808; [LTR-328] 828; [LTR-332] 837; [SPR-3] 904n; [SPR-14] 917; [SPR-24] 929, 930

New York American (New York, NY): — and C. King [LTR-75a] 168s

New York Evening Post (New York, NY): — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-88] 208

New York Evening Star (New York, NY): — EAP (“The Fall of the House of Usher”) [LTR-81] 190 — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-88] 208 — mentioned [LTR-46] 95

New York Express (New York, NY) (also Morning Express): — and publicity about EAP’s health and poverty [LTR-246] 611, 612n — review of EAP’s lecture on “The Universe” [LTR-263] 649; [LTR-264] 659; [LTR-265] 662n; [LTR-269] 670n

New York Herald (New York, NY): — and letters from EAP to J. E. Snodgrass [APXA] 872

New-York Hotel: — mentioned [SPR-21] 927

New-York Mirror (New York, NY) (also Evening Mirror and Weekly Mirror): — and C. F. Briggs [LTR-234] 584, 584n — and J. Wm. Draper [LTR-320] 814n — EAP on staff of [LTR-174a] 440n; [LTR-183] 460n; [LTR-190] 477, 477n — EAP writes for [LTR-184] 462n; [LTR-223a] 552n — EAP (Eureka) [LTR-269] 670n — EAP (“Ligeia”) [LTR-82] 195n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-224] 553n — EAP (“The Little Longfellow War”) [LTR-110] 269n; [LTR-241] 602; [LTR-242] 606n; [APXA] 854 — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-174a] 440n; [LTR-194] 492n; [LTR-195] 497, 498n; [LTR-196] 504n — and EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-193a] 489n; [LTR-196] 503n; [LTR-317] 806, 806n — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-143] 361n — EAP-English controversy [LTR-202] 514n; [LTR-232] 578n; [LTR-233] 579, 580; [LTR-235] 586n; [LTR-238] 590n-591n; [LTR-249] 619; [LTR-250] 621, 622; [LTR-252] 626-627; [LTR-253a] 629; [LTR-259] 640, 641; [LTR-280] 709; [LTR-307b] 781n — T. S. Fay (Norman Leslie) [LTR-73] 159; [LTR-75] 165, 166n — and H. Fuller [LTR-233] 580 — and J. Inman [LTR-226] 561n — and G. P. Morris [LTR-226] 561n; [LTR-244] 609n — Outis [LTR-195] 497n — F. W. Thomas (The Beechen Tree) [LTR-189] 476n — N. P. Willis (“The Pay for Periodical Writing”) [LTR-128] 315n — and N. P. Willis [LTR-226] 561n; [LTR-244] 609n; [APXA] 882 — mentioned [LTR-176] 443n; [LTR-304] 772n; [SPR-14] 916 — see also New Mirror

New York Post (New York, NY): — and EAP (Eureka) [LTR-269] 670n

New York Review (New York, NY): — EAP claims to have had a formal engagement with [LTR-97] 236, 237n-238n — J. L. Stephens (Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia Petraea, and the Holy Land) [LTR-77a] 176n; [LTR-186] 471n; [LTR-226] 562n

New York Society Library: — EAP’s lecture on “The Universe” [LTR-260] 644, 645n; [LTR-262] 647, 647n; [LTR-265] 662n

New York Tribune (New York, NY): — see Tribune

New York University: — and G. Bush [LTR-188] 474n — and J. Wm. Draper [LTR-320] 814n — mentioned [LTR-215] 535n

New-Yorker (New York, NY): — mentioned [LTR-136] 338n; [LTR-304] 772n

Newbern Spectator (Newbern, NC): [LTR-73] 159, 160n

Newcomb, Mrs. (friend of Mrs. S. H. Whitman): — mentioned [LTR-290] 733, 733n

Newton, Sir Isaac: — and EAP (Eureka) [LTR-263] 653

Nichol, John Pringle: — works by: Phenomena and Order of the Solar System [LTR-264] 660nViews of the Architecture of the Heavens [LTR-264] 660n

Nichols, Rebecca Shepard, Mrs.: [LTR-177a] 446 — biographical information [LTR-169a] 426n; [LTR-177a] 447n — EAP inquires about [LTR-169a] 425-426 — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-177a] 447nworks by: Bernice, or the Curse of Minna and Other Poems [LTR-177a] 447n — “New Year’s Address” [LTR-177a] 447n

“Night Among the Dead, A” (J. R. Chandler): — see Chandler, J. R.

Nikor (pseudonym for P. G. Van Winkle): — see Van Winkle, P. G.

Nine Years of Democratic Rule in Mississippi (Van Winkle, H. E.): — see Van Winkle, H. E.

Noah, Mordecai Manuel: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 573New York Evening Star [LTR-81] 190

Noah’s Evening Star (New York, NY): — see New York Evening Star

Norfolk (VA): — EAP (“The Poetic Principle,” a lecture), and EAP’s Southern tour [LTR-330] 831; [LTR-332] 837, 839s — University of VA, a student from [LTR-3] 6 — mentioned [LTR-57] 125; [LTR-59] 129; [LTR-332] 838

Norman Leslie (T. S. Fay): — see Fay, T. S.

Norris, John: — “Pinakidia” (EAP) [LTR-107] 258n

Norris, John Saurin: — biographical information [LTR-77] 173nworks by: “The Cherub Watcher” [LTR-77] 173nletters from EAP to: [LTR-77] 173, 173n-174n, 174s

North American (Baltimore, MD): — and Wm. H. L. Poe [LTR-51b] 113n

North American (Philadelphia, PA): — and R. T. Conrad [LTR-108] 261n; [LTR-255] 633n

North American Review (Boston, MA): — cabal of [LTR-280] 709 — and R. H. Dana [LTR-241] 604n — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-116] 285n — J. R. Lowell suggests EAP write for [LTR-173] 431, 432n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-114] 278; [LTR-115] 282n; [LTR-116] 283, 285n; [LTR-117a] 290 — mentioned [LTR-74] 162

North, Christopher (pseudonym of J. Wilson): — see Wilson, John

Norton, Charles Eliot: — J. R. Lowell and Pioneer [LTR-163] 407n

“Not a bird that roams the forest ...: — see Whitman, S. H., Mrs. (“Valentine”)

“Notes Upon English Verse” (EAP): — and R. W. Griswold [SPR-21] 928n — publication of [LTR-151] 377, 377n; [LTR-164a] 415, 416n; [LTR-259] 642n — see also Pay; and “Rationale of Verse, The” (EAP)

Notion (Boston, MA): — see Boston Notion

Nourse: — Franklin Literary Society, Jefferson College [LTR-73a] 161nletters from EAP to: (fragment of signature) [LTR-73a] 161, 161n-162n, 162s

Nubia: [SPR-19] 925


Oaky Grove (GA) (home of T. H. Chivers): — see Chivers, T. H.

“Oblong Box, The” (EAP): — and Mrs. S. J. Hale [LTR-176] 443, 444n; [LTR-177] 445 — publication of [LTR-174a] 440n — mentioned [LTR-175] 441 — publication of [LTR-175] 442n; [LTR-177] 445n-446n; [LTR-179] 450 — and N. P. Willis [LTR-174a] 439; [LTR-176] 443

O’Cataract, Jehu (pseudonym of J. Neal): — see Neal, J.

Odd Fellow’s Hall (Baltimore, MD): — EAP’s lecture at [LTR-168] 421, 421n

“Ode to a Grecian Flute” (R. H. Stoddard): — see Stoddard, R. H.

“Ode on a Grecian Urn” (J. Keats): — see Keats, J.

“Ode XXX. To EAP” (L. A. Wilmer): — see Wilmer, L. A.

Odyssey, The (Homer): — see Homer

“Of late, eternal Condor years ...: — see “Romance” (EAP)

Ogg, Florence Belle: — and Wm. G. Jones [LTR-43] 90n

“Oh then, beloved, I think on thee ...: — see Whitman, S. H., Mrs. (“A Song of Spring”) [LTR-278] 693

“Oh! Blame Her Not” (F. W. Thomas): — see Thomas, F. W.

Old Corner Bookstore (Boston, MA): — mentioned [LTR-243] 607n

Old Guard, The (New York, NY): — and G. W. Eveleth [APXA] 856

“Old Man’s Carousel, The” (J. K. Paulding): — see Paulding, J. K.

Old Point Comfort (VA): — EAP stationed at [LTR-7] 15; [LTR-14] 33; [LTR-18] 41; [LTR-25] 55s

Old World and the New, The (O. Dewey): — see Dewey, O.

Oliver Oldschool (pseudonym of N. Biddle): — see Biddle, N.

“On desperate seas long wont to roam ...: — see “To Helen” (EAP)

“Oon burning spot blush’d ...: — see McCabe, J. C. (“The Consumptive Girl”)

Opal, The (gift book or annual) (for 1844, 1845, and 1846): — EAP promises an article for [LTR-199] 509, 509n — EAP sends article for [LTR-200] 510, 510n — EAP (“A Chapter of Suggestions”) [LTR-174a] 440n; [LTR-177] 445n — EAP (“Morning on the Wissahiccon”) [LTR-175] 442n — EAP (“The Oblong Box”) [LTR-176] 443 — and Mrs. S. J. Hale [LTR-176] 443n; [LTR-177] 445n — see also Magazines and annuals

Ophelia: — and Mrs. Elizabeth A. H. Poe [SPR-25] 931n

Ophthalmia: — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-152] 379, 380s; [LTR-156] 389, 391n; [LTR-158] 394, 395n; [LTR-164] 412

Optimism: — “I live continually in a reverie of the future ...” [LTR-179] 449

Oquawka (IL): — mentioned [LTR-312] 794; [LTR-316] 803, 804, 805n; [LTR-319] 810

Oquawka Spectator (Oquawka, IL): — EAP (“For Annie”) [LTR-316] 804n — obituary of EAP [LTR-329] 830n; [APXA] 869 — and E. H. N. Patterson [LTR-312] 794n

“Orfeo: A funeral Oration on the Death of a Beautiful Son of Song” (T. H. Chivers): — see Chivers, T. H.

Original sin: — “incomprehensible doctrine of ...” [LTR-116a] 285 — see also Religion

Originality: — EAP’s views on [LTR-52] 114 — key to success of a magazine [LTR-312] 793 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-107] 257 — and Stylus [LTR-173] 432; [LTR-203] 517n

Orion (R. H. Horne): — see Horne, R. H.

Orme, Mary, Miss (pseudonym of Mrs. M. Gove): — see Gove, M., Mrs.

Ormond Grosvenor (Mrs. S. J. Hale): — see Hale, S. J., Mrs.

Orr’s Circle of the Sciences (London): — and the electric lamp [LTR-278] 701n

Osborn, Laughton: — and anonymity [LTR-277] 691n — EAP (Literary America) [LTR-243] 607n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-206] 522n; [LTR-220a] 544n; [LTR-229a] 572 — sends EAP Italian sonnets for BJ [LTR-206] 522n — mentioned [LTR-215] 535nworks by: Arthur Carryl [LTR-206] 521nConfessions of a Poet [LTR-43] 89, 90n; [LTR-206] 520, 522nHandbook of Young Artists and Amateurs in Oil Painting [LTR-220a] 544nMagnetizer, or, Ready for Any Body [LTR-206] 522nThe Vision of Rubeta [LTR-206] 520, 522nletters from EAP to: [LTR-206] 520-521, 521n-522n, 522s-523s

Osborne, Mary: — biographical information [LTR-275] 682n — EAP inscribes a copy of Eureka for [LTR-275] 683nletters from EAP to: [LTR-275] 682, 682n-683n, 683s

Osgood, Frances Sargent, Mrs.: — beautiful lines by, in response to EAP’s illness [LTR-246] 611, 613n — EAP pleads to for assistance [LTR-210a] 527, 527n-528n — EAP visits [LTR-270] 674s — on EAP [SPR-10a] 911n-912n — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 866-867 — EAP’s public, literary flirtation with [LTR-214] 532n [LTR-280] 713n; [APXA] 866 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-97] 238n; [LTR-229a] 572, 574n; [APXA] 867 — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-195] 498n — EAP (“A Valentine”) [LTR-302b] 765, 765n; [LTR-307a] 780, 780n — and Mrs. E. F. Ellet [LTR-290] 731, 732, 733n — and Wm. M. Gillespie [LTR-193b] 490, 490n — and Mrs. M. E. Hewitt [LTR-195a] 499n; [LTR-333] 840n — Ellen King (pseudonym) [LTR-214] 532n — and Mrs. J. E. S. Locke [LTR-251] 625n — J. Sartain (American Gallery of Art) [LTR-270] 673n — and E. J. Thomas [LTR-202] 514, 515n; [LTR-259] 640 — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-278] 694 — mentioned [LTR-291] 736n; [LTR-301] 755; [LTR-303] 767works by: “Ida Grey” [LTR-276] 687n; [LTR-291] 736 — “Love’s Reply” [LTR-309] 788n-789n; [LTR-319] 810, 811n — “Lulin, or the Diamond Fay” [LTR-210a] 528n; [LTR-214] 532, 533sPoems [LTR-210a] 528n; [LTR-212] 530nA Wreath of Wild Flowers from New England [LTR-239] 593n; [LTR-302a] 761sillustrations: portrait of IIA-39 — forgeries of EAP to: [SPR-10a] 911, 911n-912n, 912sletters from EAP to: [LTR-210a] 527, 527n-528n, 528s; [LTR-214] 532, 532n, 533s

Osgood, Samuel Stillman (husband of Mrs. F. S. Osgood): [APXA] 866

O’Sullivan, John L.: — EAP (“The Landscape Garden”) [LTR-141a] 353 — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 560; [LTR-229a] 572 — Manifest Destiny [LTR-220] 543n — “that ass” [LTR-143] 359United States Magazine and Democratic Review [LTR-141a] 353n; [LTR-194] 492n; [LTR-226] 561n; [LTR-299] 751n — mentioned [LTR-194] 491

Otis, Broaders & Co. (publishers): — books published by [LTR-126] 310n — and Knickerbocker Magazine [LTR-126] 309

Otis, James Alleyne Gardener (brother of J. F. Otis): [LTR-126] 310n

Otis, James Frederick: — correspondence with EAP [LTR-126] 310n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-126] 310n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572

“Our Amateur Poets” (EAP): — see Channing, Wm. E.; and Ward, T.

“Our Contributors” (EAP): — see Conrad, R. T.; and Halleck, F.

“Our hearts like muffled drums are beating ...: — see Longfellow, H. W. (“A Psalm of Life”)

“Our Portion” (P. G. Van Winkle): — see Van Winkle, P. G.

Outis: — EAP’s reply to [LTR-164] 414n; [LTR-195] 496; [LTR-241] 602, 604n — possible identity of [LTR-195] 497n-498n

“Oval Portrait, The” (EAP): — see Pay (“Life in Death”)

Ovid: — works by: Heroides [LTR-77a] 176n


Pabodie, William Jewett: — biographical information [LTR-292] 738n — death of [LTR-292] 739n — EAP sends regards to [LTR-288] 728; [LTR-290] 733; [LTR-291] 735; [LTR-293] 741 — and EAP-Whitman marriage [LTR-302] 757, 758 — father of [LTR-292] 738 — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-292] 738n; [LTR-294] 744s; [LTR-295] 745s; [LTR-307b] 783s — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-285] 720s; [LTR-292] 738n — mentioned [LTR-293a] 743sletters from EAP to: [LTR-292] 738, 738n-739n, 739s

“Paean, A” (EAP): [LTR-179] 450

Page, Rosewell, Mrs.: — mentioned [LTR-51b] 113s

Page, Thomas Nelson: — mentioned [LTR-51b] 113s

Paine & Burgess (publishers): [LTR-225] 559, 559n

Painters of America, The (J. Sartain): — see Sartain, J. (American Gallery of Art)

Painting: [LTR-254] 630

Palais Royal, The (J. H. Mancur): — see Mancur, J. H.

Pantheism: — EAP accused of [LTR-265] 662n; [LTR-277] 690

Papers on Literature and Art (Miss M. Fuller): — see Fuller, M., Miss

Paracelsus (R. Browning): — see Browning, R.

Paris (France): — EAP plans to visit [LTR-30] 65 — EAP (“The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”) [LTR-136] 337; [LTR-137] 340 — and Stylus [LTR-225] 559; [LTR-264] 661n — mentioned [LTR-30] 66

Park Theatre (New York, NY): [LTR-233] 579

Parkersburg (VA): [LTR-75a] 167, 167n

Partisan Leader, The (N. B. Tucker): — see Tucker, N. B.

Partisan, The (Wm. G. Simms): — see Simms, Wm. G.

“Passaic” (T. Ward): — see Ward, T.

Passmore, Joseph Clarkson, Rev.: — biographical information [LTR-90a] 213nworks by: Essay on The Life and Writings of Bishop Butler [LTR-90a] 213nFootprints, or, Fugitive Poems [LTR-90a] 213nletters from EAP to: [LTR-90a] 212-213, 213n, 213s

Patapsco and Other Poem, The (C. Soran): — see Soran, C.

Pathfinder: — see Pioneer

Patriot (Baltimore, MD): — see Baltimore Patriot

Patterson, E. H. N.: — biographical information [LTR-312] 794n — EAP expects a letter from [LTR-313] 799n-800n; [LTR-318] 808, 809n; [LTR-319] 809-810 — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 868-869 — and EAP’s finances [LTR-259] 643n — full name of questioned [LTR-312] 794nOquawka Spectator [LTR-312] 794n — and Stylus [LTR-312] 793-794; [LTR-316] 803-804; [LTR-317] 807n; [LTR-327] 827n; [LTR-329] 829 — mentioned [LTR-106a] 255n; [LTR-313] 800s; [LTR-319] 812sillustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-312) IIB-56; IIB-57; IIB-58 — MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-329) IIB-60; IIB-61; IIB-62 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-312] 792-794, 794n-795n, 795s-796s; [LTR-316] 803-804, 804n-805n, 805s; [LTR-328] 827-828, 828n, 828s; [LTR-329] 828-829, 829n-830n, 830s

Patterson, Louisa Gabriella: — see Allan, Louisa Gabriella Patterson

Patterson, Mr.: — EAP seeks appointment to West Point [LTR-10] 22

Patterson, Samuel Dewes: — assists EAP in Philadelphia (PA) [LTR-327] 826, 826n — and EAP (“The Black Cat”) [LTR-161a] 402 — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-319] 811nSaturday Evening Post [LTR-161a] 402, 402n-403n

Patton, James: — Columbia Spy [LTR-178] 447n

“Paul Revere’s Ride” (H. W. Longfellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.

Paul Ulric (M. Mattson): — see Mattson, M.

Paulding, James Kirke: — biographical information [LTR-77a] 175n-176n — EAP solicits contribution for SLM [LTR-67b] 144n-145n; [LTR-68] 146; [LTR-69b] 151; [LTR-69c] 153, 153n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 560; [LTR-229a] 573 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-113] 275, 276n; [LTR-114] 278; [LTR-115] 281, 282n; [LTR-116] 284; [LTR-117a] 290 — possible letters from EAP to [LTR-67b] 144, 144n-145n, 145s — praises EAP’s tales [LTR-46] 95; [LTR-83a] 199; [LTR-84] 202, 203n — T. W. White claims that they were both completely gulled by EAP [LTR-97] 237nworks by: “Example and Precept” [LTR-67b] 145n — “Judgement of Rhadamanthus, The” [LTR-67b] 145n — “The Old Man’s Carousel” [LTR-67b] 145nSlavery in the United States [LTR-51b] 112n; [LTR-62] 134n; [LTR-127] 314nletters from EAP to: [LTR-77a] 175, 175n-176n, 176s-177s

“Pay for Periodical Writing, The” (N. P. Willis): — see Willis, N. P.

Pay, for EAP’s writings: — article on Wm. E. Channing [LTR-164a] 415 — article on Flaccus (T. Ward) [LTR-164a] 415 — article on F. Halleck [LTR-164a] 415 — EAP (“About Critics and Criticism”) [LTR-300] 752 — EAP (American Parnassus) [LTR-201] 512; [LTR-215] 534 — EAP (“The Bells”) [LTR-303a] 768 — EAP (“The Black Cat”) [LTR-161a] 402 — EAP (“The Cask of Amontillado”) [PN-008] 893n — EAP (“A Chapter of Suggestions”) [LTR-177] 445 — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [RC-002] 896n — EAP (“The Colloquy of Monos and Una”) [RC-001] 895n — EAP (“A Descent into the Maelström”) [RC-001] 895n — EAP (“A Dream Within a Dream”) [LTR-307b] 784s — EAP (“Eldorado”) [LTR-307b] 784s — EAP (Eureka) [PN-009] 893 — EAP (“A Few Words about Brainard”) [RC-002] 896n — EAP (“Fifty Suggestions”) [LTR-319] 810, 811n — EAP (“For Annie”) [LTR-307b] 784s — EAP (“The Gold-Bug”) [LTR-164a] 415, 417s; [LTR-259] 641, 643n — EAP (“Hans Pfaall”) [LTR-46] 96, 97n — EAP (“Hop-Frog”) [LTR-303] 767 — EAP (“The Island of the Fay”) [RC-001] 895n — EAP (“Israfel”) [RC-001] 895n — EAP (“The Landscape Garden”) [LTR-141a] 353; [LTR-145a] 366 — EAP (“Life in Death”) [RC-002] 896n — EAP (“Ligeia”) [LTR-78] 177, 179n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [PN-007] 892n — EAP (“Marginalia”) [LTR-227] 564; [LTR-299] 750; [LTR-318] 808, 809n; [PN-006] 892n — EAP (“The Mask of the Red Death”) [RC-002] 896n — EAP (“Mellonta Tauta”) [LTR-261] 646n — EAP (“MS. Found in a Bottle”) [LTR-39] 81n — EAP (“The Murders in the Rue Morgue”) [RC-001] 895n — EAP (“The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”) [LTR-128] 315n-316n; [LTR-136] 338; [LTR-137] 340 — EAP (“Never Bet the Devil Your Head”) [RC-001] 895n — EAP (“Notes Upon English Verse”) [LTR-158] 395n; [LTR-164] 414n; [LTR-164a] 415 — EAP (“The Philosophy of Composition”) [LTR-227] 564 — EAP (“Raising the Wind; or, Diddling Considered as One of the Exact Sciences”) [LTR-161a] 402, 403n — EAP (“The Rationale of Verse”) [LTR-255] 632, 633n; [LTR-256] 634 — EAP (“The Raven”) [RC-003] 897n — EAP (The Raven and Other Poems) [LTR-207] 523; [LTR-215] 534 — EAP (“The Sphinx”) [LTR-227] 564 — EAP (Tales) [LTR-215] 534; [LTR-223] 550 — EAP (“The Tell-Tale Heart”) [LTR-151] 377 — EAP (“To Helen”) [RC-001] 895n — EAP (“To My Mother”) [LTR-307b] 784s — EAP (“To One Departed”) [RC-002] 896n — EAP (“A Valentine”) [LTR-307b] 784s — EAP (“Von Kempelen and His Discovery”) [LTR-308] 785 — review of Wm. H. Ainsworth (Guy Fawkes) [RC-001] 895n — review of C. Anthon (A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities) [RC-003] 897n — review of Miss E. B. Barrett (The Drama of Exile and Other Poems) [RC-003] 897n — review of Wm. C. Bryant (Complete Poems) [PN-007] 892n — review of E. Bulwer-Lytton (Critical and Miscellaneous Writings) [RC-001] 895n — review of E. Bulwer-Lytton (Night and Morning) [RC-001] 895n — review of C. Dickens (Master Humphrey’s Clock) [RC-001] 895n — review of C. Dickens (The Old Curiosity Shop) [RC-001] 895n — review of C. Dickens (The Pic Nic Papers) [RC-001] 895n — review of F. Fauvel-Gouraud (Phreno-Mnemotechny) [RC-003] 897n — review of W. Irving (Biography and Poetical Remains of M. M. Davidson) [RC-001] 895n — review of H. W. Longfellow (The Spanish Student) [LTR-164a] 416 — review of T. B. Macaulay (Critical and Miscellaneous Essays) [RC-001] 895n — review of F. Marryat (Joseph Rushbrook, or the Poacher) [RC-001] 895n — review of C. Mathews (Big Abel and the Little Manhattan) [PN-006] 892n — review of J. N. Reynolds (A Brief Account of the Discoveries and Results of the United States’ Exploring Expedition) [LTR-164a] 416 — review of Wm. G. Simms (The Wigwam and the Cabin) [PN-006] 892n — review of Mrs. E. O. Smith (Poetical Writings) [PN-006] 892n — review of S. Warren (Ten Thousand a Year) [RC-001] 895n — reviews for SLM [LTR-46] 96, 97n — “supported myself altogether by literary exertions ...” [LTR-79] 185 — see also Magazines and annuals

Payne, John Howard: — biographical information [SPR-25] 931nworks by: “Home, Sweet Home” [SPR-25] 932nforgeries of EAP to: [SPR-25] 931, 931n-932n, 932s

Peabody Institute (Baltimore, MD): — and J. P. Kennedy [APXA] 861

Pencillings by the Way (N. P. Willis): — see Willis, N. P.

Penn Magazine (EAP’s proposed magazine): — abandoning [LTR-125] 306; [LTR-139] 346 — ambition [LTR-99] 241; [LTR-100] 242 — beginnings of plan for [LTR-93] 220; [LTR-94] 227n — and N. Biddle [LTR-106a] 254, 255 — and J. B. Boyd [LTR-100] 242-243; [LTR-101] 243 — and D. Bryan [LTR-139] 346-347 — and Wm. C. Bryant [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-114] 277; [LTR-115] 281 — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-145] 363 — L. J. Cist (“Bachelor Philosophy”) [LTR-105] 251; [LTR-125] 306; [LTR-177a] 446n — and R. T. Conrad [LTR-108] 260 — contributions for [LTR-101] 244; [LTR-102] 245; [LTR-104] 249, 250n; [LTR-105] 251 — and J. F. Cooper [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-114] 277; [LTR-115] 281; [LTR-117a] 289-291 — R. Dawes [LTR-141a] 354n — EAP seeks subscribers for [LTR-97] 237; [LTR-98] 239, 240; [LTR-99] 241; [LTR-100] 242-243, 243n; [LTR-101] 243; [LTR-102] 245; [LTR-106a] 253-254; [LTR-139] 346; [LTR-140] 350, 351n — EAP solicits contributions for [LTR-106] 252; [LTR-106a] 254; [LTR-107] 256; [LTR-108] 260; [LTR-113] 274-276; [LTR-114] 277-279; [LTR-115] 280-282; [LTR-116] 283-284; [LTR-117a] 289-291; [LTR-151] 377 — EAP turns over contributed material to Graham’s [LTR-125] 306 — P. Earle (“By an Octogenarian”) [LTR-102] 245 — “earnest although secret exertions to resume ...” [LTR-139] 346 — and G. R. Graham [LTR-113] 274; [LTR-114] 277; [LTR-116] 283; [LTR-117a] 290; [LTR-118] 292; [LTR-126] 309; [LTR-139] 346-347; [LTR-140] 349-350 — and F. Halleck [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-114] 277; [LTR-115] 281; [LTR-116] 283-284 — and N. Hawthorne [LTR-151] 377 — “if I live, I will accomplish it ...” [LTR-132] 325 — and W. Irving [LTR-113] 274-276; [LTR-114] 277; [LTR-115] 281 — and J. P. Kennedy [LTR-106] 252, 253n; [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-114] 277-279; [LTR-118] 292 — and H. W. Longfellow [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-114] 277; [LTR-115] 280-282 — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-151] 377 — and L. Minor [LTR-99] 240-241 — and J. Neal [LTR-94] 227, 227n; [LTR-151] 377 — never appeared [LTR-102] 245n — noticed in newspapers in Reading (PA) [LTR-170] 427n — “only scotched, not killed ...” [LTR-109] 264 — and J. K. Paulding [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-114] 277; [LTR-115] 281 — and Petersburg (VA) [LTR-92] 216nPioneer [APXA] 862 — plans for [LTR-96] 232-233; [LTR-97] 236-237; [LTR-104] 248; [LTR-106] 252; [LTR-107] 256-257; [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-114] 278; [LTR-115] 281; [LTR-116] 283-284; [LTR-117a] 290; [LTR-145] 363, 364; [LTR-146] 367, 367n — and W. Poe [LTR-98] 239-240 — Wm. Poe as agent for [LTR-97] 237 — and politics [LTR-132] 325; [LTR-145] 363-364 — prospectus [LTR-94] 227n-228n; [LTR-94a] 228, 228n-229n; [LTR-95] 230, 231n; [LTR-96] 232, 233s; [LTR-96a] 234, 234n-235n; [LTR-97] 236, 237, 238s; [LTR-98] 239, 240s; [LTR-99] 240-241, 242s; [LTR-100] 242, 243s; [LTR-101] 244s; [LTR-102] 245; [LTR-104] 249; [LTR-106] 252, 253n; [LTR-106a] 255n; [LTR-107] 256, 259s; [LTR-108] 260, 261n; [LTR-114] 278, 280n; [LTR-145] 363; [LTR-146] 367; [PN-001a] 887n; [APXA] 851 — publication postponed [LTR-105] 251, 251n-252n; [LTR-106] 252, 253n; [LTR-106a] 253; [LTR-109] 265n — replaced by Stylus [LTR-153] 381; [LTR-180] 453, 454n — revivification of letters [LTR-142] 356 — “scotched not killed ...” [LTR-109a] 267 — and Wm. G. Simms [LTR-127] 314n — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-95] 230; [LTR-107] 256-257; [LTR-126] 309; [LTR-137] 339-340, 342n; [APXA] 871 — subscribers for [LTR-139] 347, 348n; [LTR-145] 363, 365n; [LTR-146] 367 — F. W. Thomas (The Adventures of a Poet) [LTR-104] 249, 250n — F. W. Thomas (Howard Pinckney), EAP intends to write a review for Penn Magazine [LTR-104] 248 — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-104] 248-249; [LTR-132] 325 — and C. W. Thomson [LTR-96] 232-233 — J. Tomlin (“The Devil’s Visit to St. Dunstan”) [LTR-101] 244 — and J. Tomlin [LTR-101] 243-244; [LTR-146] 367, 367n — and R. Tyler [LTR-132] 325, 326n — want of capital for [LTR-96] 232; [LTR-139] 347 — and N. P. Willis [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-114] 277; [LTR-115] 281 — mentioned [LTR-124] 305; [LTR-127] 313illustrations: prospectus IB-23 — see also Magazine, ideal; and Stylus

Pennsylvania College (Gettysburg, PA): — Philomathean Society [LTR-96a] 234n

Pennsylvania Medical College: — and R. M. Bird [LTR-51] 110n

Pennsylvanian Magazine (Philadelphia, PA): — EAP (“The Fall of the House of Usher”) [LTR-81] 190 — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-88] 208

Percival, Charles G.: — letters from EAP to: [LTR-222] 549, 549n-550n, 550s

Percy Ranthorpe (G. H. Lewes): — see Lewes, G. H.

Perdicaris, Gregory Anthony: — EAP solicits contribution for SLM [LTR-69] 149 — lectures [LTR-69] 149works by: The Greece of the Greeks [LTR-69] 150n; [LTR-225] 559n — see also Bulfinch, S. G.

Perfectability: — “no faith in ...” [LTR-179] 449; [LTR-180] 453

Perkins, George Roberts: — Philomath-ean Society [LTR-96a] 234n

Perry, Edgar A. (pseudonym of EAP): — see Pseudonyms, EAP’s

Pete (pseudonym of unidentified author): — works by: “The Negro Who Did Not Believe in Ghosts” [LTR-307b] 785s

“Peter Bell” (P. B. Shelley): — see Shelley, P. B.

Petersburg (VA): — EAP plans to visit [LTR-330] 831 — and H. Haines [LTR-92] 215 — N. B. Tucker (The Partisan Leader) [LTR-127] 312

Peterson, Charles Jacobs: — biographical information [LTR-161a] 402n; [SPR-5] 906n — L. J. Cist (“Bachelor Philosophy”) [LTR-125] 306 — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-132] 326, 326n — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-125] 306, 308n; [LTR-161a] 402n — R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of America) [LTR-147] 369n — and R. W. Griswold [SPR-5] 905, 906n — a ninny [LTR-132] 326Saturday Evening Post [LTR-125] 307; [LTR-161a] 402n — see also Peterson’s Ladies’ National Magazine

Peterson’s Ladies’ National Magazine (Philadelphia, PA): — T. H. Chivers (“Caelicola”) [APXA] 851 — EAP has made no engagement with [LTR-301] 754 — and C. J. Peterson [LTR-161a] 402n

Phantasy Pieces (EAP): — advertisements prepared for [LTR-82] 195n — and C. Anthon [LTR-186] 470-471 — EAP cannot get a publisher [LTR-186] 470-471, 471n — and EAP’s full name [Intro] xxix — EAP (“The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”) [LTR-122] 302n — EAP (“The Pit and the Pendulum”) [LTR-122] 302n

Phenomena and Order of the Solar System (J. P. Nichol): — see Nichol, J. P.

Phi Sigma Nu (University of Vermont): [LTR-228b] 568, 569n; [LTR-229] 569-570, 570n

Philadelphia (PA): — and R. T. Conrad [LTR-255] 632; [LTR-256] 634 — and Wm. Duane, Jr. [LTR-63] 135 — EAP living in [LTR-77a] 177s; [LTR-79] 185; [LTR-109a] 266; [LTR-141a] 354s; [LTR-175] 442 — EAP loses lectures in [LTR-326] 824 — EAP moves to New York [LTR-174] 438n; [LTR-175] 441; [LTR-182] 457 — EAP plans to visit [LTR-266] 663; [LTR-332] 837; [LTR-334] 841 — EAP seeks custom house appointment [LTR-145] 363; [LTR-182] 458 — EAP tells Mrs. M. P. Clemm to write to him there [LTR-332] 838 — EAP visits [LTR-255] 632; [LTR-261] 646, 646n; [LTR-325] 823s; [LTR-326] 824, 824n-825n; [LTR-328] 828, 828n; [APXA] 853 — EAP’s address in [LTR-161] 401 — and EAP’s death [LTR-334] 842n — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [SPR-21] 927 — F. W. Thomas visits EAP in [LTR-134] 334; [LTR-143] 361s; [LTR-144] 362n; [LTR-182] 458 — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-163b] 408 — and Mrs. S. J. Hale [LTR-225] 559 — and H. B. Hirst [LTR-164] 414 — Mrs. M. St. L. Loud (Wayside Flowers) [LTR-330] 831; [LTR-332] 837; [LTR-334] 841, 842n — and Professor McMurtrie [LTR-249] 619 — newspapers in [LTR-139] 348 — and G. Poe, Jr. [LTR-79] 183 — and L. A. Wilmer [LTR-162] 405 — mentioned [LTR-92] 215; [LTR-96a] 234; [LTR-106a] 254; [LTR-108] 260; [LTR-156] 388; [LTR-164] 414; [LTR-169a] 425; [LTR-175] 441; [LTR-176a] 444; [LTR-230] 575; [SPR-2] 902; [SPR-3] 903, 904n; [SPR-12] 913; [SPR-14] 915; [SPR-16] 922; [SPR-18] 923

Philadelphia Gazette (Philadelphia, PA): — attacks EAP [LTR-73] 159; [LTR-120] 297 — and W. G. Clark [LTR-73] 159; [LTR-120] 297, 299n; [LTR-126] 310n

Philadelphia Ledger (Philadelphia, PA): [LTR-178] 448s

Philadelphia Saturday Courier (Philadelphia, PA): — see Saturday Courier

Philadelphia Saturday Evening Post (Philadelphia, PA): — see Saturday Evening Post

Philadelphia Saturday Museum (Philadelphia, PA): — biographical article on EAP [LTR-97] 238n; [LTR-150b] 376n; [LTR-151] 378n; [LTR-153] 381, 383n; [LTR-164] 413, 414n; [LTR-165] 418n; [LTR-175] 441; [LTR-179] 450, 451n; [LTR-235] 585n; [LTR-267] 666, 667n — and T. C. Clarke [LTR-154] 385n; [LTR-155] 387n; [LTR-158a] 397n; [LTR-167] 420n — EAP denies being an editor [LTR-158] 394, 395n-396n; [LTR-164] 413-414, 415n — EAP (“Mesmeric Revelation”) [LTR-181] 456n — T. D. English (“The Doom of the Drinker”) [LTR-161] 401n — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-164] 414n-415nPioneer [LTR-158] 393, 395n — publicity about EAP [LTR-84] 203n — and Stylus [LTR-157] 392, 392n-393n; [LTR-203] 517n; [LTR-316] 805n — and J. K. Townsend [LTR-154] 385n — mentioned [LTR-223a] 552n

Phillips (ME): — EAP plans to visit [LTR-241] 603 — and G. W. Eveleth [APXA] 856

Phillips, Mary Elizabeth: — and letters from EAP to J. E. Snodgrass [APXA] 872

Philomathean Society (Pennsylvania College): — EAP granted honorary membership [LTR-96a] 234, 234n — J. N. McJilton (“Sovereignty of the Mind,” also “Serenade”) [LTR-120] 298n-299n — proper spelling [LTR-96a] 235n

Philosophian Society (Wittenberg College): [LTR-253] 628n, 628s

Philosophy (Cosmology and Metaphysics): — and death [LTR-179] 449; [LTR-180] 454 — discussion of the universe (EAP’s Eureka) [LTR-179] 449-450; [LTR-180] 454; [LTR-263] 649-657; [LTR-264] 659-660; [LTR-277] 688-690 — heart instincts more profound sometimes than [LTR-322a] 819 — see also Religion

“Philosophy of Composition, The” (EAP): — “best specimen of analysis ...” [LTR-240] 596, 597n — emphasis on effect [LTR-125] 308n — hoaxing in [LTR-240] 597n — publication of [LTR-291] 736n — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-291] 735 — mentioned [LTR-239] 593n — see also Pay

“Philosophy of Furniture, The” (EAP): [LTR-254] 631n

Philothea: A Romance (Mrs. L. M. Child): — see Child, L. M., Mrs.

Phrenology: [LTR-127] 313, 314n

Phreno-Mnemotechny; or, the Art of Memory (F. Fauvel-Gouraud): — see Fauvel-Gouraud, F.

Picayune (New Orleans, LA): — flattering notice of EAP [LTR-233] 580; [LTR-237] 589, 589n

Pickett, Colonel John T.: [LTR-64] 138n

Piedro, Pedro N. (nurse to R. H. Stoddard): — letter owned by [LTR-103] 247s

“Pinakidia” (EAP): [LTR-107] 258n, 259n

Pinckney, Edward Coote: — R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of America) [LTR-117] 289s — and Wm. H. L. Poe [LTR-51b] 113nworks by: Poems [LTR-90] 212nRodolph, a Fragment [LTR-90] 212n

“Pine Wood, The” (R. M. Bird): — see Bird, R. M.

Pinkerton, E. J. (lithographer): [LTR-109a] 266, 267n

Pioneer (Boston, MA): — and R. Carter [LTR-147] 368n; [LTR-151] 377n; [LTR-152] 380s; [LTR-158] 395n; [LTR-329] 830n; [APXA] 862 — EAP asks to contribute to [LTR-147] 368 — EAP’s opinion of [LTR-151] 376-377; [LTR-158] 393 — EAP (“Eulalie”) [LTR-152] 379, 379n, 380s — EAP (“Lenore”) [LTR-149] 372, 373n; [LTR-150] 374, 374n; [LTR-158] 395n; [LTR-164a] 416n — EAP (“Notes Upon English Verse”) [LTR-151] 377; [LTR-164] 414n; [LTR-164a] 416n; [LTR-259] 642n — EAP (“The Tell-Tale Heart”) [LTR-150] 373n-374n; [LTR-164a] 416n; [LTR-190a] 480n — failure of [LTR-147] 369n; [LTR-158] 393; [LTR-163] 407n; [LTR-164a] 416n; [LTR-186] 472n — R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of America) [SPR-4] 904, 905n; [SPR-21] 927, 928n — Leland & Whiting [LTR-158] 395n — H. W. Longfellow (“A Psalm of Life”) [LTR-190a] 480n — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-151] 377n; [LTR-158] 395n; [APXA] 862 — T. Middleton (The Changeling) [LTR-151] 378n — and Penn Magazine [APXA] 862 — and Philadelphia Saturday Museum [LTR-158] 395n — prospectus [LTR-134] 335n; [LTR-147] 368n-369n, 369n; [LTR-307b] 783n; [LTR-329] 830n — and Stylus [LTR-185] 465n; [LTR-186] 472n — mentioned [LTR-158] 395 — see also Magazines and annuals

Pisgah Sights (T. Fuller): — see Fuller, T.

“Pit and the Pendulum, The” (EAP): — EAP (Phantasy Pieces) [LTR-122] 302n — Wm. Maginn (“The Man in the Bell”) [LTR-42] 87n — publication of [LTR-133a] 329, 329n

Pittsburgh Examiner (Pittsburgh, PA): — see Literary Examiner and Monthly Review

Plagiarism (and imitation): — J. Aldrich and T. Hood [LTR-241] 602 — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-140] 351n — critique of H. St. J. Bolingbroke [LTR-119] 296 — EAP (The Conchologist’s First Book) [LTR-78a] 180n-181n; [LTR-249] 619, 620n — EAP (“The Murders in the Rue Morgue”), French translations of [LTR-244] 609n — and A. M. Ide, Jr. [LTR-190a] 479 — J. H. Ingraham (Lafitte) [LTR-132] 326 — R. A. Locke (“Discoveries in the Moon”) [LTR-50] 108, 109n — and H. W. Longfellow [LTR-110] 269n; [LTR-112] 272, 272n-273n; [LTR-164] 413; [LTR-179] 451; [LTR-185] 464n; [LTR-199] 509n; [LTR-242] 606n; [LTR-280] 713n; [APXA] 862 — and Outis charges [LTR-195] 496 — and R. H. Stoddard [LTR-256a] 635n — and Count L. F. Tasistro [LTR-143] 359, 361n

“Plan to an English Dictionary” (S. Johnson): — see Johnson, S.

Plans and projects, EAP’s: — coalition magazine [LTR-173] 432; [LTR-185] 463 — “I have magnificent objects in view ...” [LTR-240] 597 — ideal magazine [LTR-186] 468-471 — intellectual aristocracy [LTR-291] 735 — on leaving J. Allan [LTR-5] 10-11, 11n; [LTR-7] 13-15 — literary gossip letters [LTR-197] 505Prose Tales of EAP [LTR-122] 301-302, 302n — see also Literary America (EAP); “Literati of New York City, The” (EAP); Penn Magazine; Phantasy Pieces (EAP); and Stylus

Plate Articles: — in Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine [LTR-93] 219, 221n

“Plays of Thomas Middleton, The” (J. R. Lowell): — see Lowell, J. R.

Pleasants, James, Jr. (Governor of Virginia): — letters from EAP to: [LTR-1] 3, 3n, 3s

Pleasants, John Hampden: — EAP (“Hans Pfaall”) [LTR-46] 95, 97nRichmond Whig and Public Advertiser [LTR-46] 97n

Poe, [M. ?] (an unidentified German naturalist): — mentioned [LTR-79] 183, 186n

Poe, Amelia, Miss (daughter of Jacob): — and genealogy [LTR-47] 99; [LTR-79] 184

Poe, Amelia Fitzgerald, Miss (daughter of Neilson Poe): [LTR-48] 104n; [LTR-54] 122n

Poe, Ann Allan (of Ayrshire, Scotland): [LTR-245] 610n

Poe, Bridget, Mrs. (mother of James Mosher Poe): [LTR-14] 34n

Poe, David (great-great-grandfather of EAP): — Ayrshire (Scotland) [LTR-245] 610n — mentioned [LTR-79] 186n

Poe, David, Jr. (father of EAP): — death of [LTR-38] 79, 80n; [LTR-47] 98, 101n; [LTR-52] 116, 117n; [LTR-79] 185 — EAP has no autograph of [LTR-165] 417-418 — and genealogy [LTR-79] 182, 184 — marriage of [LTR-47] 99 — and J. H. Payne [SPR-25] 931n — mentioned [LTR-10] 23n; [LTR-53] 118; [LTR-64] 137

Poe, David, Sr. (grandfather of EAP): — adopts Wm. H. L. Poe [LTR-47] 99-100 — J. Allan writes to [LTR-28] 62n — consents to EAP’s “adoption” by J. Allan [LTR-79] 185 — EAP claims to have been his favorite grandchild [LTR-28] 59 — EAP has no autograph of [LTR-165] 417-418 — EAP unsuccessfully pursues government back-pay claim about [LTR-36] 74n; [LTR-64] 137-138, 138n; [LTR-203] 515, 516n — and genealogy [LTR-47] 98, 99; [LTR-79] 182, 184 — and Col. J. House [LTR-8] 17 — Nottingham County (PA) [LTR-79] 183 — and Revolutionary War [LTR-11] 24, 25n; [LTR-64] 137, 138n; [LTR-165] 418n

Poe, Edward Mosher: — James Mosher Poe

Poe, Eliza, Miss (daughter of David Poe, Sr.): — see Herring, E. P., Mrs. (wife of Henry Herring)

Poe, Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins, Mrs. (mother of EAP): — death of [LTR-9] 20n; [LTR-28] 62n; [LTR-38] 79; [LTR-47] 99, 101n; [LTR-52] 116, 117n; [LTR-79] 185; [LTR-317] 807n — and genealogy [LTR-14] 34n; [LTR-47] 98 — “I myself never knew her ...” [LTR-52] 116 — marriage to D. Poe, Jr. [LTR-47] 98 — and J. H. Payne [SPR-25] 931n — and Mrs. A. N. Tazewell [LTR-70] 154n — and N. B. Tucker [LTR-52] 116, 117n — mentioned [LTR-10] 23nillustrations: portrait of IA-01

Poe, Elizabeth Cairnes, Mrs. (grandmother of EAP): — death of [LTR-38] 80n; [LTR-47] 99 — EAP locates [LTR-11] 24, 25n — EAP pursues back-pay claim about D. Poe, Sr. [LTR-64] 137, 138n — and genealogy [LTR-47] 98 — government pension paid to [LTR-36] 74n; [LTR-64] 137, 138n — impoverished [LTR-15] 35; [LTR-19] 43 — marries D. Poe, Sr. [LTR-47] 98 — paralytic [LTR-19] 43 — prolonged illness of [LTR-47] 99

Poe, George (son of David and Elizabeth C. Poe): — and genealogy [LTR-47] 98

Poe, George (son of Jacob Poe): — and genealogy [LTR-47] 99; [LTR-79] 184 — mentioned [LTR-47] 100

Poe, George (uncle of EAP): [LTR-47] 99

Poe, George Matthew (son of G. W. Poe): [LTR-79] 187s

Poe, George Washington (son of George Poe, Jr.): — biographical information [LTR-79] 186n — mentioned [LTR-112] 273nillustrations: MS of letter from EAP to (LTR-79) IA-15; IA-16; IA-17; IA-18 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-79] 182-186, 186n-187n, 187s

Poe, George, Jr. (grandson of John Poe): — biographical information [LTR-53] 118n — EAP seeks money for BJ [LTR-211] 529n; [LTR-217] 537 — EAP seeks money for Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-53] 117-118, 119n — father of G. W. Poe [LTR-79] 186n — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184letters from EAP to: [LTR-53] 117-118, 118n-119n, 119s; [LTR-217] 537-538, 538n, 538s

Poe, George, Sr. (son of John and Jane McBride Poe): [LTR-47] 98 — and genealogy [LTR-79] 182, 183, 184

Poe, Harriet, Miss (daughter of Jacob): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Poe, Harriet, Miss (daughter of George Poe, Sr.): — see Clemm, Harriet Poe, Mrs. (wife of Wm. Clemm, Jr.)

Poe, Henry (brother of EAP): — see Poe, Wm. H. L.

Poe, Hester, Miss (daughter of John and Jane McBride Poe): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Poe, Jacob (son of George Poe, Sr.): — father of James Mosher Poe [LTR-14] 34n — father of Neilson Poe [LTR-31] 67n; [LTR-203] 516n — and genealogy [LTR-47] 99; [LTR-79] 184 — mentioned [LTR-79] 183

Poe, James (son of John and Jane McBride Poe): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Poe, James Mosher (son of Jacob and Bridget Poe): — correction of name (from Edward Mosher Poe) [LTR-14] 34n — EAP claims to have been robbed by [LTR-14] 33; [LTR-16] 37 — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Poe, Jane (daughter of John Poe): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Poe, Jane McBride (wife of John Poe): [LTR-79] 186n

Poe, John (son of David Poe, Sr.): — and genealogy [LTR-47] 98; [LTR-79] 184

Poe, John (great-grandfather of EAP): — comes to America [LTR-79] 183, 186n — and genealogy [LTR-79] 183, 184 — grandfather of G. Poe, Jr. [LTR-53] 118n — marries Jane McBride [LTR-79] 186n

Poe, John (son of John and Jane McBride Poe): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Poe, Joseph Taylor (son of William and Ellen Taylor Poe, Jr.): [LTR-79] 187s

Poe, Josephine Clemm, Mrs. (wife of Neilson Poe): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184 — half-sister of Virginia C. Poe [LTR-48] 104n; [LTR-203] 516n — N. Poe writes to [LTR-24] 53n

Poe, Maria, Miss (daugher of David Poe, Sr.): — see Clemm, Maria P., Mrs.

Poe, Mary, Miss (daughter of John and Jane McBride Poe): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Poe, Matilda, Miss (daughter of William Poe): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Poe, Mosher (son of Jacob and Bridget Poe): — see Poe, James Mosher

Poe, Neilson (son of Jacob and Bridget Poe): — biographical information [LTR-203] 516nBaltimore Chronicle [LTR-79] 183 — and Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-48] 102 — EAP disparagingly describes as “a little dog ...” [LTR-83] 197, 197n-198n — EAP’s bitterness toward [LTR-31] 67n; [LTR-83] 197, 197n-198n — and genealogy [LTR-47] 99; [LTR-79] 184 — and Wm. Gwynn [LTR-31] 67; [LTR-51b] 113n — “I have no faith in him ...” [LTR-81] 189 — and J. Neal [LTR-24] 53n — and Virginia C. Poe [LTR-31] 67n; [LTR-48] 102, 103, 104n, 105n; [LTR-83] 197n — “would not aid me ...” [LTR-78] 178, 179sletters from EAP to: [LTR-203] 515-516, 516n-517n, 517s-518s

Poe, Robert (son of John and Jane McBride Poe): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Poe, Robert Forsyth (son of William Poe): — brother of Washington Poe [LTR-98] 240n — EAP seeks money for Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-53] 118 — EAP sends regards to [LTR-69] 149 — and genealogy [LTR-53] 119n; [LTR-79] 184 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-97] 236, 237, 238n; [LTR-106a] 253, 255n — mentioned [LTR-69] 149n

Poe, Rosalie Mackenzie, Miss (sister of EAP): — biographical information [LTR-159] 398n-399n — J. Allan suggests she was illegitimate [LTR-28] 62n; [LTR-29] 64 — birth date of [LTR-317] 806; [SPR-23] 928 — called Rose [LTR-109a] 266, 267n-268n; [LTR-158a] 397, 397n — death of parents [LTR-47] 99 — EAP promises to write to [LTR-159] 398 — and family of Wm. and Jane Mackenzie [LTR-9] 20n; [LTR-28] 62n; [LTR-29] 65n; [LTR-47] 100; [LTR-79] 185; [LTR-158a] 397n; [LTR-159] 398n — and genealogy [LTR-47] 98-99; [LTR-79] 184 — and Miss L. D. Henry [LTR-160] 400, 400n, 400s — possible letter to EAP [LTR-159] 399s; [LTR-160] 400s — possibly delivers letter for EAP [Intro] xxxii — visits EAP in Philadelphia (PA) [LTR-109a] 266 — visits with EAP and Mrs. E. Shelton in Richmond (VA) [LTR-330] 830 — mentioned [LTR-147] 369nillustrations: portrait of IA-04; IA-05

Poe, Samuel (son of David Poe, Sr.): — and genealogy [LTR-47] 98; [LTR-79] 184

Poe, Samuel (son of John and Jane McBride Poe): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184

Poe, Virginia Clemm, Mrs. (wife of EAP): — as “Annabel Lee” (in EAP’s poem) [LTR-319] 812n — birth date of [LTR-54] 122n — Wm. Clemm, Jr., estate of [LTR-54] 121-122 — death of [Intro] xxxiii; [LTR-248] 618n; [LTR-249] 618-619, 620n; [LTR-251] 624, 625n; [LTR-253] 628n; [LTR-254] 630, 631s; [LTR-259] 641 — distress of mind [LTR-156] 389 — EAP expresses love for [LTR-48] 102-104 — EAP meets [LTR-11] 25n — EAP proposes to [LTR-48] 104, 104n; [APXA] 853 — EAP sends regards of [LTR-153] 382; [LTR-157] 392; [LTR-189] 475; [LTR-197] 505; [LTR-207] 524 — EAP sharing home with [LTR-36] 74n — and EAP’s drinking [LTR-259] 641; [LTR-323] 821 — EAP’s notes to [LTR-232] 578n — as EAP’s stimulus [LTR-232] 578 — embossed paper [LTR-224] 554s; [LTR-234] 584s-585s — and genealogy [LTR-47] 99; [LTR-54] 122n; [LTR-79] 182, 184 — and the gift of a fawn [LTR-92] 215, 216n — health, dangerously ill [Intro] xxxiii; [LTR-132] 324, 326n; [LTR-135] 335, 336, 336n; [LTR-141] 352n; [LTR-142] 356; [LTR-182] 457; [LTR-203] 515, 516n; [LTR-246] 611; [LTR-247] 617n; [LTR-248] 617-618; [LTR-259] 641, 643n; [SPR-5] 905 — health, temporary improvement in [LTR-134] 333-334; [LTR-138] 345; [LTR-141] 351; [LTR-143] 360; [LTR-150a] 375; [LTR-158a] 397; [LTR-159] 398; [LTR-174] 438 — hopes to visit Baltimore (MD) with EAP [LTR-203] 516, 516n — “I have been loved ...” [LTR-280] 707 — Jew’s Beer (medicine) [LTR-141] 351, 352n — joins EAP in Richmond [LTR-53] 118, 118n — living in Philadelphia [LTR-78a] 180n — lost letters from EAP to [LTR-141] 352, 352n — marriage to EAP [LTR-31] 67n; [LTR-64] 137; [LTR-68] 146n; [LTR-83] 197n; [LTR-280] 708, 713n — and move to New York [LTR-174] 437-438, 439n — not EAP’s intellectual match [APXA] 878 — and N. Poe [LTR-31] 67n; [LTR-48] 102, 103, 105n; [LTR-83] 197n — and prices for EAP’s letters [Intro] xxxi — publicity about her illness [LTR-246] 611, 612n — and Mrs. M. L. Shew [LTR-248] 618n; [SPR-14] 916 — and Dr. Stewart [SPR-15] 921 — F. W. Thomas (“Oh! Blame Her Not”) [LTR-127] 312 — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-144] 362 — tortured by Mrs. E. F. Ellet [LTR-290] 732, 733n — Valentine to EAP [Intro] xxix; [LTR-226] 562s; [APXA] 866 — and T. Wyatt [LTR-109a] 267 — mentioned [LTR-47] 100; [LTR-104] 249illustrations: portrait of IB-20 — letters from EAP to: [LTR-48] 104, 104n-105n, 105s; [LTR-232] 577-578, 578n, 578s-579s

Poe, Washington (son of William Poe, Sr.): — biographical information [LTR-98] 240n — brother of Wm. Poe, Jr. [LTR-60] 131n — EAP acknowledges assistance from [LTR-97] 236 — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-96a] 235n; [LTR-97] 237, 238n — subscribes to SLM [LTR-60] 131 — mentioned [LTR-98] 240sletters from EAP to: [LTR-98] 239-240, 240n, 240s

Poe, William (son of David Poe, Sr.): — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184 — mentioned [LTR-47] 98

Poe, William Henry Leonard (brother of EAP): — adopted by D. Poe, Sr. [LTR-47] 100 — J. Allan writes to [LTR-5] 11n; [LTR-28] 62n — birth and death of [LTR-47] 98-99 — and D. Bryan [LTR-139] 348n — death of [LTR-29] 65n; [LTR-33] 70n; [LTR-51b] 112n — EAP shares home with [LTR-11] 25n — EAP writes to [LTR-29] 64, 64n — and EAP’s debts [LTR-33] 69, 70n — “entirely given up to drink ...” [LTR-19] 43 — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184 — literary acquaintances in Baltimore (MD) [LTR-51b] 112, 112n-113n — and E. C. Pinckney [LTR-51b] 113n — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-51b] 113n — and L. A. Wilmer [LTR-51b] 112n-113n — writes to EAP [LTR-29] 64n — mentioned [LTR-26] 55

Poe, William T. (grandson of William Poe, Sr.): [LTR-47] 101s; [LTR-60] 131s; [LTR-97] 238s

Poe, William, Jr. (son of William Poe, Sr.): — biographical information [LTR-47] 101n — brother of Washington Poe [LTR-98] 240n — EAP sends regards to [LTR-69] 149 — and genealogy [LTR-79] 184 — helps Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-48] 103, 105s; [LTR-53] 118, 118n-119n — and Penn Magazine [LTR-96a] 235n; [LTR-97] 235-237, 238n; [LTR-106a] 253, 255n — wife of [LTR-60] 131 — mentioned [LTR-48] 104n; [LTR-69] 149n; [LTR-112] 273nletters from EAP to: [LTR-47] 98-101, 101n, 101s; [LTR-60] 130-131, 131n, 131s; [LTR-97] 235-237, 237n-238n, 238s

Poe, William, Sr. (son of John and Jane McBride Poe): — and genealogy [LTR-47] 99; [LTR-79] 184

Poe family: — see Genealogy

Poe monument (Baltimore, MD): [LTR-112] 273n

Poems (1831) (EAP): — EAP (“Letter to B — ”) [LTR-52] 116n — EAP (“Romance”) [LTR-24] 53n — EAP (“The Sleeper”) [LTR-241] 603n — revisions in abandoned [LTR-179] 452n; [LTR-208] 525n — subscription money for [LTR-29] 64n — and Col. J. W. Webb [LTR-260] 645n

Poems (E. C. Pinckney): — see Pinckney, E. C.

Poems of Slavery (H. W. Longfellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.

Poems (J. R. Lowell): — see Lowell, J. R.

Poems (O. W. Holmes): — see Holmes, O. W.

Poesía (F. L. de León): — see León, F. L., de

“Poetic Principle, The” (EAP’s lecture): — and EAP (“The Rationale of Verse”) [LTR-259] 639 — H. W. Longfellow (The Waif) [LTR-242] 606n — T. Moore (“Come, Rest in this Bosom”) [LTR-280] 714n — at Norfolk (VA) [LTR-331] 834, 835n; [LTR-332] 837, 839s — at Providence (RI) [LTR-279] 706, 706n; [LTR-291] 735; [LTR-291a] 737, 737n; [LTR-293] 741n; [LTR-293a] 743n; [LTR-295] 745s; [LTR-296] 745, 746n — publication of [LTR-327] 827n — at Richmond (VA) [LTR-327] 827n; [LTR-330] 830, 832n — A. Tennyson (“Song”) [LTR-278] 701n

Poetical Works (P. B. Shelley): — see Shelley, P. B.

Poetical Works (Wm. C. Bryant): — see Bryant, Wm. C.

Poetry: — and J. Allan [LTR-20] 46 — EAP advises A. M. Ide, Jr. [LTR-190a] 478-479, 479n-480n — EAP irrevocably a poet [LTR-21] 47 — EAP lists his best poems [LTR-179] 450 — and EAP’s aesthetics [LTR-21] 49n — EAP’s views on [LTR-52] 114; [LTR-241] 601; [SPR-20] 925 — “higher order unsaleable in this country ...” [LTR-145] 364 — highest poetry must eschew narrative [LTR-164] 413 — “I have, at no time, made any poetical pretensions ...” [LTR-173] 431 — “instinct with genius ...” [LTR-270] 672 — and music [LTR-179] 450 — “what is paid for is the name of the poet ...” rather than the merit of the poem [LTR-190a] 478 — see also “Poets and Poetry of America, The” (EAP’s lecture); and Versification

“Poetry, the uncertainty of its appreciation” (J. E. Snodgrass): — see Snodgrass, J. E.

“Poets and Poetry of America, The” (EAP) (lecture, also “American Poetry”): — and Baltimore (MD) [LTR-167] 419; [LTR-168] 421, 421n; [LTR-168a] 422n — and Boston, MA [LTR-173] 431; [LTR-185] 464; [LTR-212] 530n; [LTR-213] 531n; [LTR-215] 534n — T. H. Chivers (“Heavenly Vision”) [LTR-180] 453 — EAP (“American Poetry,” a lecture) [LTR-174a] 440n; [LTR-185] 464n; [SPR-21] 927 — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-196] 503, 503n-504n; [SPR-8] 908; [SPR-21] 927 — and F. Halleck [LTR-206] 521 — and Mrs. S. A. Lewis [LTR-282] 716, 717n — at Lowell (MA) [LTR-251] 625n; [LTR-267] 667n; [LTR-274] 681n; [LTR-280] 712, 714n; [LTR-296] 746n — at New York (NY) [LTR-195] 498n; [LTR-196] 503 — and Mrs. F. S. Osgood [APXA] 866-867 — and Reading (PA) [LTR-170] 426-427; [LTR-171] 428, 428n — reception of [LTR-194] 491, 492n; [LTR-195] 496-497 — in Washington (DC) [LTR-155] 386

Poets and Poetry of America, The (R. W. Griswold): — see Griswold, R. W.

Poets of America, The (J. Keese): — see Keese, J.

Poet’s Progress, The (R. Burns): — see Burns, R.

Pogue (mistaken name, possibly for EAP): — EAP seeks customs house appointment [LTR-148] 370

Poitiaux family (of Richmond, VA): — EAP visits [LTR-330] 830, 832n

Poitiaux, Catherine: [LTR-330] 832n

Poland: — EAP considers joining Polish army [LTR-30] 65

Politian (EAP): — and T. H. Chivers [APXA] 851 — EAP’s ideas on versification of [LTR-52] 115 — EAP (The Raven and Other Poems) [LTR-208] 525; [LTR-210] 527n — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-208] 525n; [LTR-210] 527n — publication of [LTR-52] 117n; [LTR-208] 525n; [LTR-241] 603n — “there is no more ...” [LTR-241] 601 — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-280] 714n

Politics: — see Penn Magazine; United States government; and Whigs

Polk, President: — and C. E. Lester [LTR-224a] 555n

Pollack, J. R. (publisher and magazine agent): [LTR-109a] 267, 267n

“Pomegranates, The” (R. Browning): — see Browning, R.

Pontotoc (MS): [LTR-131] 322

Pope Innocent III: [SPR-1] 901

Pope, Alexander: — melody of versification [LTR-52] 115 — source for couplet [LTR-181] 456nworks by: The Dunciad [LTR-206] 522n — “Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot” [LTR-21] 47, 48nImitations of Horace [LTR-278] 701n

Popular Record of Monthly Science (London): — EAP (“The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”) [LTR-244] 608; [LTR-245] 610 — EAP (“Mesmeric Revelation”) [LTR-224c] 556, 557n; [LTR-244] 608 — EAP (Tales) [LTR-233] 580 — mentioned [LTR-224c] 557s; [LTR-244] 609n

Port Folio (Philadelphia, PA): — and N. Biddle [LTR-106a] 255n — and H. Hall [LTR-74] 164n

Porter, Jane, Mrs.: — works by: The Narrative of Sir Edward Seaward [LTR-308] 786, 786n

Porter, Timothy O., Dr.: — Corsair [LTR-227] 565n

Porter, William Trotter: — Cooke, P. P. (“The Turkey-Hunter”) [LTR-227] 564, 565Spirit of the Times [LTR-227] 565n — mentioned [LTR-227] 566s

Portland (ME): — EAP plans to lecture in [LTR-260] 644 — and J. Neal [APXA] 865

Portland Daily Advertiser (Portland, ME): [LTR-21] 49s; [LTR-24] 53s; [APXA] 865

Portland Transcript (Portland, ME): — and G. W. Eveleth [APXA] 856

Portraits: — EAP’s (Graham’s Magazine) [LTR-173] 431; [LTR-175] 441, 442n; [LTR-267] 667 — EAP’s (Philadelphia Saturday Museum) [LTR-153] 381; [LTR-164] 413; [LTR-267] 667n — EAP’s (Whitty portrait) [LTR-57] 126n — EAP’s of Mrs. E. Shelton [LTR-330] 831-832, 833n — of Miss M. Fuller [LTR-195] 498n — J. P. Kennedy’s wife [LTR-57] 124, 126n

Post (Boston, MA): — see Boston Post

Post, Israel: — American Metropolitan [LTR-292] 738, 739nUnion Magazine of Literature and Art [LTR-271] 675n; [LTR-312a] 796, 797n

Postal Service: — history of, in the United States [Intro] xxvii-xxviii

Poughkeepsie Seer: [SPR-19] 925, 925s

Poverty, EAP’s: — “being poor, we are so much the slaves of circumstances ...” [LTR-303] 767 — “cause of many troubles ...” [LTR-185] 462 — and EAP’s enemies [LTR-239] 591; [LTR-259] 641; [LTR-280] 708 — “ground into the very dust with poverty ...” [LTR-239] 592, 594n — “I am as poor now as ever ...” [LTR-197] 504 — “I am as usual exceedingly in need of a little money ...” [LTR-176] 443 — “I am poor ...” [LTR-37] 77; [LTR-158] 393 — “I am wretchedly poor ...” [LTR-32] 68 — “I have not one cent in the world to provide any food ...” [LTR-6] 13 — “It is a hard thing to be poor ...” [LTR-118] 292 — “Long and bitter struggle ...” [LTR-287] 725; [LTR-298] 748 — publicity about [LTR-246] 611-612; [LTR-247] 617n; [LTR-251] 624 — “reduced from high affluence to comparative poverty ...” [LTR-79] 182 — “remained poor that I might preserve my independence ...” [LTR-280] 709 — “suffering every extremity of want & misery ...” [LTR-34] 71 — “The Devil himself was never so poor ...” [LTR-197] 505 — “to be poor is to be a villain ...” [LTR-301] 753 — “to be poor is to be despised ...” [LTR-186] 470 — University of VA (“regarded in the light of a beggar ...”) [LTR-28] 59 — West Point (“sent me to W. Point like a beggar ...”) [LTR-28] 61 — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-280] 712 — “you know that I am poor ...” [LTR-93] 220 — see also Borrowing and attempts to borrow; Debts; and Finances

Powell, Henry M. T. (composer): — F. W. Thomas (“Oh! Blame Her Not”) [LTR-127] 313n

“Power of the Bards” (P. P. Cooke): — see Cooke, P. P.

“Power of Words, The” (EAP): [LTR-278] 701n, 703n — and A. Pope [LTR-278] 692, 701n, 703n

Power, Anna Marsh (mother of Mrs. S. H. Whitman): — insulting parsimony of arrangments forced by [LTR-302] 758 — intolerable insults by [LTR-290] 732, 734s — “an old devil ...” [LTR-302] 758n; [LTR-303] 767, 767n-768n — opposes EAP’s marriage to Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-293] 741, 741n-742n; [LTR-302] 758n-759n

Power, Susan Anna (sister of Mrs. S. H. Whitman): — intolerable insults by [LTR-290] 732, 734s

Practical Description of Herron’s Patent Trellis Railway Structure (J. Herron): — see Herron, J.

Praise and Principle (Miss M. J. McIntosh): — see McIntosh, M. J., Miss

Praise for EAP’s writings: — Alexander’s Weekly Messenger [LTR-81] 190 — and C. Anthon [LTR-84] 202, 203n — EAP admits collecting [LTR-186] 467 — EAP’s disagreement with what most people choose to praise [LTR-52] 115 — EAP (“The Fall of the House of Usher”) [LTR-82] 193, 195n — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-81] 190; [LTR-84] 202, 203n; [LTR-88] 208 — EAP (“The Tell-Tale Heart”) [LTR-151] 378n — J. Frost [LTR-88] 208 — and W. Irving [LTR-82] 193, 195n; [LTR-84] 202 — and J. P. Kennedy [LTR-83a] 199 — and J. R. Lowell [LTR-151] 378nNew York Evening Star [LTR-81] 190 — and J. K. Paulding [LTR-83a] 199; [LTR-84] 202, 203nPennsylvanian Magazine [LTR-81] 190; [LTR-88] 208 — and Philadelphia Saturday Museum [LTR-84] 203n — by J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-84] 202, 203nSt. Louis Bulletin [LTR-81] 190 — “the papers here are praising me to death ...” [LTR-332] 838United States Gazette [LTR-81] 190; [LTR-88] 208 — and N. P. Willis [LTR-83a] 199

“Predicament, A” (EAP): — see “Scythe of Time, The” (EAP)

“Prediction, A” (EAP): [LTR-263] 650-652, 657n

“Preface” (EAP) (from Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems): — see “Romance” (EAP)

“Premature Burial, The” (EAP): — publication of [LTR-175] 441, 442n — raylessness [LTR-278] 703n

Prentice, George Denison: — biographical information [LTR-126a] 311n-312nDaily Journal [LTR-126a] 311n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [LTR-126a] 311; [LTR-131] 321 — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-126a] 311; [LTR-131] 321

Preston, James Patton, Colonel: [LTR-10] 22, 22n-23n; [LTR-13] 31

Prices for EAP’s letters: [Intro] xxx-xxxi

Priestly, John: — biographical information [LTR-300] 752nAmerican Review [LTR-300] 752n, 753s — mentioned [LTR-302] 760sletters from EAP to: [LTR-300] 752, 752n-753n, 753s

“Prince Athanase” (P. B. Shelley): — see Shelley, P. B.

Princess, The (A. Tennyson): — see Tennyson, A.

Princeton Theological Seminary: — and Professor J. W. Alexander [LTR-69c] 153, 153n-154n

Printing: — EAP purchases special ink for SLM [LTR-46] 96 — and SLM [LTR-45] 94; [LTR-55] 123 — see also Anastatic printing; Penn Magazine; Stylus; and Typographical errors

“Prisoner of Chillon, The” (Byron): — see Byron

“Prisoner of Peroté” (Mrs. S. A. Lewis): — see Lewis, S. A., Mrs.

Prizes: — see Contests

“Profession for Ladies, A” (Mrs. S. J. Hale): — see Hale, S. J., Mrs.

Progress: — “Man is now only more active ...” [LTR-179] 449; [LTR-180] 453

Prometheus Unbound (P. B. Shelley): — see Shelley, P. B.

Prose Romances, The (EAP): — and Wm. H. Graham [LTR-176a] 445n; [LTR-194a] 494n — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-193] 488n — publication of [LTR-122] 302n

Prose Tales of EAP: — see Plans and projects

Prose Works of John Milton, The (ed. R. W. Griswold): — see Griswold, R. W.

Prose Writers of America, The (R. W. Griswold): — see Griswold, R. W.

Prospectus: — see Penn Magazine; and Stylus

“Proverbial Philosophy” (M. F. Tupper): — see Tupper, M. F.

Providence (RI): — and Miss A. Blackwell [LTR-270] 672 — EAP visits [LTR-270] 674s; [LTR-278] 694; [LTR-280] 713; [LTR-286] 722, 724n; [LTR-292] 738, 738n; [LTR-293] 741; [LTR-293a] 743s; [LTR-303] 766, 768s; [LTR-304] 772n — and EAP’s drinking [LTR-301] 753, 755n — and EAP’s possible suicide attempt [LTR-286] 722 — EAP (“The Poetic Principle,” a lecture) [LTR-279] 706; [LTR-286] 724n; [LTR-291] 735; [LTR-293] 741n; [LTR-293a] 743s; [LTR-296] 746n — and H. Fuller [LTR-233] 579 — and Mrs. F. S. Osgood [LTR-270] 674s; [LTR-278] 694 — and Wm. J. Pabodie [LTR-292] 738 — and Mrs. A. L. Richmond [LTR-309] 788, 789n — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-270] 674s; [LTR-278] 694; [LTR-280] 709; [LTR-303] 767

Providence Daily Journal (Providence, RI): — and EAP (“Ulalume”) [LTR-305] 774, 774n-775n

“Psalm of Life, A” (H. W. Longfellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.

Pseudonyms, EAP’s: — Edward S. T. Grey [LTR-276] 687, 687n; [LTR-332] 837, 839n — Edgar A. Perry [LTR-7] 15n; [LTR-11] 24n; [LTR-19] 44n — and Stylus [LTR-153] 381 — Walter G. Bowen [LTR-278a] 705n — see also Outis; and Tyler, W. B.

“Psyche Zenobia, The” (EAP): — fire and fury [LTR-120] 299n — publication of [LTR-78] 178n

Public Ledger and Daily Transcript (Philadelphia, PA): — and EAP’s lectures [LTR-171] 428n — EAP (“A Chapter on Autography”) [PN-003] 888n-889n

Publicity: — and Baltimore Saturday Visiter [LTR-137] 342; [LTR-229] 570n — for Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine [LTR-81] 189-190; [LTR-83] 197 — and Dickenson College Literary Societies [LTR-234] 584 — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-83a] 198-200 — EAP (“Ulalume”), withholds his name for [LTR-258] 638, 638n; [LTR-305] 775n — for Graham’s Magazine [LTR-117] 287 — and Morning News [LTR-229] 570 — and G. P. Morris [LTR-244] 608 — and Penn Magazine [LTR-105] 251 — and N. Poe [LTR-83] 197 — for SLM [LTR-65] 139; [LTR-72] 156 — and J. E. Snodgrass [LTR-137] 341; [LTR-234] 584n — and Tribune [LTR-229] 570n; [LTR-234] 583 — and the University of Vermont [LTR-234] 584 — and T. W. White [LTR-46] 96, 97n — see also Biographies of EAP; Health; Reveillé; and St. Louis Bulletin

Puffer Hopkins (C. Mathews): — see Mathews, C.

Puffing: — EAP attacks [LTR-194] 491 — Griswold, R. W. (The Poets and Poetry of America) [LTR-143] 359

Punctuation, EAP’s: [LTR-45] 93, 94n

Pundita (character from EAP’s “A Remarkable Letter”): [LTR-259] 642n

“Purloined Letter, The” (EAP): — and C. Anthon [LTR-186] 466-467, 472n — “perhaps the best of my tales of ratiocination ...” [LTR-179] 450 — publication of [LTR-175] 441, 442n; [LTR-176a] 444 — mentioned [LTR-330] 833n

Putnam, George Palmer (publisher): — father of G. H. Putnam [PN-009] 894s — Mrs. S. A. Lewis (The Child of the Sea and Other Poems) [LTR-272] 676n-677n — and E. H. N. Patterson [LTR-312] 792 — publishes EAP (Eureka) [LTR-265] 662n; [LTR-267] 667n; [LTR-269] 669; [PN-009] 894nPutnam’s Monthly [PN-009] 894nletters from EAP to: [LTR-315] 802, 802n, 803spromissory notes from EAP to: [PN-009] 893-894, 894n, 894s


Quacks of Helicon, The (L. A. Wilmer): — see Wilmer, L. A.

Quadroone, The (J. H. Ingraham): — see Ingraham, J. H.

Quietists: — and H. T. Tuckerman [LTR-149] 373, 373n — and W. Irving [LTR-84] 202

“Quodlibetica”: — see Snodgrass, J. E. (“Quotidiana”)

Quogue (NY): [LTR-183] 460n

“Quotidiana” (J. E. Snodgrass): — see Snodgrass, J. E.


R., Mr. (unidentified): [SPR-18] 924

Race: — EAP complains to J. Allan about status in relation to the servants [LTR-5] 11 — see also Slavery

Racine College (Racine, MI): — and J. C. Passmore [LTR-90a] 213n

“Rain in Summer” (H. W. Longfellow): — see Longfellow, H. W.

“Raising the Wind; or Diddling Considered as one of the Exact Sciences” (EAP): [LTR-161a] 402, 403n

Ramsay, Arch: — biographical information [LTR-245] 610nletters from EAP to: [LTR-245] 609-610, 610n, 610s-611s

Randolph, John: — EAP (“Autography”) [LTR-229] 570, 570n — and L. Minor [LTR-59] 130 — and F. W. Thomas [LTR-240a] 599n

Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio): [LTR-254] 630

Ratiocination, tales of: — “people think them more ingenious than they are ...” [LTR-240] 595

“Rationale of Verse, The” (EAP): — and Bostonians [LTR-241] 603; [LTR-259] 639 — and W. H. Cudworth [LTR-301] 754 — EAP (Literary America) [LTR-241] 602 — EAP (“Notes Upon English Verse”) [LTR-151] 377n; [LTR-164a] 416nGraham’s Magazine [LTR-255] 633n; [LTR-263] 648, 657n — Greek dactylic line [LTR-269] 670n — publication of [LTR-259] 642n; [LTR-275a] 683, 684n, 684s; [LTR-301] 754; [LTR-320] 813 — and J. R. Thompson [LTR-275a] 683, 684n — see also “Notes Upon English Verse” (EAP)

Rattleborough (fictional town in EAP’s tale “Thou Art the Man”): — possibly inspired by South Attleborough (MA) [LTR-163d] 412n

Raven and Other Poems, The (1845) (EAP): — and Miss E. B. Barrett [LTR-233] 580, 581n-582n — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-216] 536, 536n — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-208] 525; [APXA] 854 — EAP (“Lenore”) [LTR-150] 374n — EAP (Politian) [LTR-208] 525n; [LTR-210] 527n; [LTR-241] 603n — EAP (“The Raven”) [LTR-196] 503n — EAP (“To Helen”) [LTR-208] 525n; [LTR-278] 695 — preparations for [LTR-45] 94n; [LTR-208] 525n — publication of [LTR-207] 524n; [LTR-208] 525n — reviews of, in England [LTR-233] 580 — and E. D. Webb [LTR-260] 645n — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-278] 695 — mentioned [LTR-179] 452n — see also Pay

“Raven, The” (EAP): — Miss E. B. Barrett on [LTR-233] 580; [LTR-240] 596 — “The bird beat the bug all hollow ...” [LTR-197] 505, 506n — and BJ [LTR-197] 505, 506n — and E. Bowen [LTR-278a] 704, 705n — and C. F. Briggs [LTR-197] 505 — corrections for [LTR-192] 485, 485nDaily Tribune [LTR-192] 485n; [PN-004] 890s — and F. O. C. Darley [LTR-153] 383n — “Disaster following fast, following faster ...” [LTR-273] 677 — and division of lines [LTR-196] 502-503, 503n — EAP on [LTR-227] 565; [LTR-241] 601, 604n — and EAP (“The Gold-Bug”) [LTR-193] 488n; [LTR-197] 505, 506n — in England [LTR-233] 580 — and G. W. Eveleth [LTR-241] 601 — and S. Fenwick [SPR-24] 929 — R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of America) [LTR-196] 502-503, 503n — and R. White Griswold [LTR-291] 735 — and Hartford Weekly Gazette [LTR-291] 735 — J. R. Lowell (“Rosaline”) [LTR-147] 369n — and B. B. Minor [LTR-193a] 489, 489n — MS of [LTR-278a] 704, 705n — and plagiarism [SPR-24] 929-930, 931n — popularity of [LTR-193] 488n; [LTR-197] 505, 506n; [LTR-208] 525n — publication of [LTR-193a] 489n — satire of [LTR-319] 810 — and J. A. Shea [LTR-192] 485 — and Mrs. M. L. Shew [LTR-273] 677, 679n, 680s — and SLM [LTR-193a] 489, 489n; [RC-003] 897n — and R. H. Stoddard [LTR-256a] 635n — and J. R. Thompson [LTR-313] 799, 800s — J. Tomlin (“The Autobiography of a Monomaniac”) [LTR-320] 815n — and J. Tuel (The Moral for Authors) [LTR-319] 810 — and N. P. Willis [LTR-310] 791; [LTR-317] 806, 806n; [SPR-23] 928 — mentioned [LTR-231] 576n; [LTR-264] 660n; [LTR-303] 766; [LTR-303a] 768

Raymond, Daniel: [LTR-229] 571n

Raymond, Henry Jarvis: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229] 570, 571n; [LTR-229a] 573 — and the University of Vermont [LTR-228b] 569n

Read, Mr.: — see Reid, Wm. S.

Reading (PA): — EAP (“The Poets and Poetry of America,” a lecture) [LTR-171] 428

Reason of Church Government, The (J. Milton): — see Milton, J.

Rebel War Clerk’s Diary of Confederate States Capital, A (J. B. Jones): — see Jones, J. B.

Recollections (R. H. Stoddard): — see Stoddard, R. H.

Recollections of a Busy Life (H. Greeley): — see Greeley, H.

Recorder (Boston, MA): — and N. P. Willis [APXA] 882

Records of the Heart, The (Mrs. S. A. Lewis): — see Lewis, S. A., Mrs.

Rees’ Cyclopedia; or, Universal Dictionary of Arts, Literature, and Sciences: — article on cryptography [APXA] 877 — article on the Moon [LTR-263] 658n

Reibsam, W. D.: — and Stylus [LTR-153] 383n

Reid, William S. (West Point tentmate of EAP): [LTR-26] 56, 56n

Reinman, J. F.: — letters from EAP to: [LTR-253] 628, 628n, 628s

Religion: — accusations of pantheism in EAP (Eureka) [LTR-265] 662n; [LTR-277] 690 — allegory of [LTR-151] 377 — dunning as an unpardonable sin [LTR-197] 505 — EAP on [LTR-116a] 285, 286n; [LTR-273] 678; [LTR-306] 778n — and J. H. Hopkins, Jr. [LTR-265] 662n; [LTR-273] 678; [LTR-277] 690 — T. B. Macaulay (Critical and Miscellaneous Essays) [LTR-116a] 286n — and Mrs. M. L. Shew [LTR-273] 678 — spirit and matter [LTR-179] 449-450; [LTR-180] 453-454 — see also Philosophy

“Remarkable Letter, A” (EAP): [LTR-259] 642n

“Reminiscence, A” (F. Lieber): — see Lieber, F.

“Reminiscences of Niebuhr” (F. Lieber): — see Lieber, F. (“A Reminiscence”)

“Reply to English” (EAP): — and E. A. Duyckinck [LTR-236] 587, 587n — EAP on [LTR-259] 640 — and G. W. Eveleth [LTR-252] 627 — and L. A. Godey [LTR-236] 587; [LTR-237] 588, 589n — and H. Greeley [LTR-250] 622 — and H. B. Hirst [LTR-235] 585, 586n — and law suit [LTR-238] 590 — and C. Mathews [LTR-236] 587 — publication of [LTR-235] 586n; [LTR-236] 587s; [LTR-237] 588, 589n; [LTR-250] 622 — mentioned [LTR-280] 709 — see also English, T. D.

“Reproof of a Bird” (J. E. Snodgrass): — see Snodgrass, J. E.

Republican (Baltimore, MD): — see Baltimore Republican and Commercial Advertiser

Reputation, literary: — see Literature

“Respective Styles of Shakespeare and Bacon” (J. W. Taverner): — see Taverner, J. W.

Reveillé (St. Louis, MO): — and T. H. Chivers [LTR-239] 593 — favorable attitude toward EAP [LTR-233] 579, 581n — and J. M. Field, [LTR-233] 581n, 583s; [LTR-237] 589n — and L. A. Godey [LTR-237] 589 — publicity about EAP [LTR-233] 579-581, 581n, 583s; [LTR-237] 589, 589n; [LTR-239] 593 — spelling of [LTR-233] 583n

“Reverie, A” (J. R. Lowell): — see Lowell, J. R.

“Reviewer Reviewed, A” (EAP): — and E. Bowen [LTR-178] 448n; [LTR-278a] 705n — and EAP (“The City in the Sea”) [LTR-129] 317n — and Graham’s Magazine [LTR-319] 811n — Mrs. L. H. Sigourney (“Musing Thoughts”) [LTR-129] 317n

Reviews, by EAP: — Wm. H. Ainsworth (Guy Fawkes) [RC-001] 895n — Miss E. B. Barrett (The Drama of Exile and Other Poems) [LTR-233] 582n — R. M. Bird (Calavar, review probably not by EAP) [LTR-51] 110n-111n — R. M. Bird (The Infidel, review probably not by EAP) [LTR-51] 110n-111n — Wm. Bolles (Explanatory and Phonographic Pronouncing Dictionary) [LTR-216] 537n — Wm. C. Bryant (Complete Poetical Works) [LTR-239] 593n; [PN-007] 892n — E. Bulwer-Lytton (Critical and Miscellaneous Writings) [RC-001] 895n — E. Bulwer-Lytton (Night and Morning) [RC-001] 895n — E. Bulwer-Lytton (Rienzi, the Last of the Tribunes) [LTR-53a] 119, 119n-120nBurton’s Gentleman’s Magazine (July, August, and September 1839) [LTR-82] 194Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine (September 1839) [LTR-81] 190Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine (October 1839) [LTR-83] 197 — J. L. Carey (Domestic Slavery) [LTR-95] 230 — Wm. E. Channing (Poems) [LTR-164a] 415, 416n — J. L. Chester (Greenwood Cemetery and Other Poems, possible review) [LTR-223a] 551, 551n-552n — T. H. Chivers (The Lost Pleiad) [LTR-140] 350n; [LTR-201a] 513n; [LTR-207] 523 — P. P. Cooke (Froissart Ballads and Other Poems) [LTR-240] 597, 598n — J. F. Cooper (History of the Navy) [LTR-117a] 291n — J. F. Cooper (Ned Myers) [LTR-308] 786n — defends his practices in [LTR-73] 157-159 — D. Defoe (Robinson Crusoe) [LTR-308] 786n — C. Dickens (Barnaby Rudge) [LTR-132] 326; [LTR-193] 487; [SPR-7] 907; [SPR-25] 931n — C. Dickens (Master Humphrey’s Clock) [RC-001] 895n — C. Dickens (Old Curiosity Shop) [RC-001] 895n — J. R. Drake (“The Culprit Fay”) [LTR-210a] 528n — T. S. Fay (Norman Leslie) [LTR-73] 160n — G. Gilfillan (Sketches of Modern Literature and Eminent Literary Men) [LTR-242] 606nGraham’s Magazine (editorial duties) [LTR-125] 307Graham’s Magazine (July 1841) [LTR-119] 296 — R. W. Griswold (The Female Poets of America) [LTR-292a] 740n; [SPR-21] 927 — R. W. Griswold (The Poets and Poetry of America) [LTR-143] 359, 360n-361n; [SPR-4] 905n — Mrs. S. J. Hale (Alice Ray: A Romance in Rhyme) [LTR-212] 530n; [LTR-225] 559n — Capt. B. Hall (Skimmings, or a Winter at Schloss Hainfeld) [LTR-74] 164n — B. R. Hall (Latin Grammar) [LTR-74] 162 — F. Halleck (poetry of) [LTR-164a] 415, 416n — harshness of [LTR-61] 132-133; [LTR-73] 160n — N. Hawthorne (Mosses from an Old Manse) [LTR-158] 396n — N. Hawthorne (Twice-Told Tales) [LTR-158] 396n — J. T. Headley (The Sacred Mountains) [LTR-228b] 569n — Mrs. M. E. Hewitt (The Songs of Our Land, and Other Poems) [LTR-239] 593n; [LTR-290] 733n — R. H. Horne (“Orion”) [LTR-173] 432n; [LTR-216] 536n — J. H. Ingraham (The Quadroone) [LTR-117] 287, 288n — W. Irving (Astoria) [LTR-78] 179n — W. Irving (Biography and Poetical Remains of M. M. Davidson) [RC-001] 895n — W. Irving (The Crayon Miscellany) [LTR-78] 179n — W. Irving (EAP declines to write review) [LTR-78] 177 — J. P. Kennedy (Horse-Shoe Robinson) [LTR-43] 88, 90n — Mrs. S. A. Lewis (The Child of the Sea and Other Poems) [LTR-257] 637n; [LTR-272] 676n; [LTR-275a] 683, 684n; [LTR-287a] 726, 727n; [LTR-315] 802n; [LTR-330] 832n — F. Lieber (“Reminiscences of Niebuhr”) [LTR-69b] 152n — H. W. Longfellow (Ballads and Other Poems) [LTR-291] 736n — H. W. Longfellow (Poems on Slavery) [LTR-291] 736n — H. W. Longfellow (The Spanish Student) [LTR-164] 413; [LTR-164a] 416, 416n-417n; [LTR-179] 451; [LTR-300] 752 — H. W. Longfellow (Voices of the Night) [LTR-110] 269n; [LTR-291] 736n — H. W. Longfellow (The Waif) [LTR-291] 736n — J. R. Lowell (“Legend of Brittany”) [LTR-241] 602, 604n — J. R. Lowell (A Fable for Critics) [LTR-206] 522n; [LTR-304] 771, 773n; [LTR-320] 813, 815n; [APXA] 862 — J. R. Lowell (Poems, 1844) [LTR-164] 413, 414n; [LTR-241] 602, 604n; [APXA] 862 — T. B. Macaulay (Critical and Miscellaneous Essays) [RC-001] 895n — F. Marryat (Joseph Rushbrook, or the Poacher) [LTR-86] 206n, 206s; [RC-001] 895n — J. Marshall (Life of George Washington) [LTR-44] 91, 91n; [LTR-46] 96 — C. Mathews (Wakondah) [LTR-172] 429n — M. Mattson (Paul Ulric) [LTR-93] 223n — E. Maturin (Montezuma) [LTR-229] 571n — J. N. McJilton (“Sovereignty of the Mind,” also “Serenade”) [LTR-120] 298n-299n — Mrs. A. C. Mowatt (“Fashion”) [LTR-195b] 501s — L. Osborn (Confessions of a Poet) [LTR-43] 89, 90n — L. Osborn (The Vision of Rubeta) [LTR-206] 522n — Mrs. F. S. Osgood (A Wreath of Wild Flowers from New England) [LTR-239] 593n — J. N. Reynolds (A Brief Account of the Discoveries and Results of the United States’ Exploring Expedition) [LTR-164a] 416, 416n — Mrs. L. H. Sigourney (Zinzendorff, and Other Poems) [LTR-61] 133n — Wm. G. Simms (The Wigwam and the Cabin) [LTR-239] 593n; [PN-006] 892n — in SLM (June 1835) [LTR-46] 96, 97n — in SLM (August 1835) [LTR-51b] 112n — in SLM (September 1835) [LTR-51b] 112n — in SLM (November 1835-April 1836) [LTR-61] 132-133 — in SLM (February 1836) [LTR-62] 134 — in SLM (April 1836) [LTR-62] 134 — in SLM (August 1836) [LTR-72] 156, 157n — Mrs. E. O. Smith (Poetical Writings) [LTR-199] 509n; [PN-006] 892n — J. L. Stephens (Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan) [LTR-111] 270n-271n — J. L. Stephens (Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia Petraea, and the Holy Land) [LTR-97] 237n-238n; [LTR-111] 270n-271n — Wm. L. Stone (Ups and Downs) [LTR-73] 160n — F. W. Thomas (The Beechen Tree, possible review by EAP) [LTR-189] 476n — F. W. Thomas (Clinton Bradshaw) [LTR-104] 249n — F. W. Thomas (Howard Pinckney, EAP intends review for the Penn) [LTR-104] 248 — N. B. Tucker (George Balcombe) [LTR-52] 116n — R. Tyler (Death; or Medorus’s Dream, possible review by EAP) [LTR-155] 387n — R. Walsh (Sketches of Conspicuous Living Characters in France) [LTR-118] 294n; [LTR-121] 300n-301n — T. Ward (Passaic, by Flaccus) [LTR-164a] 415, 416n; [LTR-193] 487, 488n — S. Warren, S. (Ten Thousand a Year) [RC-001] 895n — N. P. Willis (Inklings of Adventure) [LTR-72] 156 — N. P. Willis (Tortesa, the Usurer) [LTR-81] 190; [LTR-82] 194; [LTR-300] 752 — L. A. Wilmer (the Quacks of Helicon) [LTR-81] 192n; [LTR-120] 297; [LTR-162] 405, 405n; [LTR-206] 522n

Revolutionary War: — see Poe, D., Sr.; and Lafayette, Marquis de

Reynolds, Elmer Rovert, Chevalier: — and R. D’Unger [LTR-141] 352n

Reynolds, Jeremiah N.: — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-229a] 572works by: A Brief Account of the Discoveries and Results of the United States’ Exploring Expedition [LTR-164a] 416, 416n

Rhodes, Thomas Barnes: — see Rhodes, Wm. B.

Rhodes, William Barnes: — works by: Bombastes Furioso [LTR-191] 481n

Richard (veiled self-reference to EAP): [LTR-182] 458, 458n

Richard III (Wm. Shakespeare): — see Shakespeare, Wm.

Richardson, Charles: — works by: A New Dictionary of the English Language [LTR-331] 835n

Richmond (VA): — Armory [LTR-1] 3; [LTR-2] 4 — Court-House Tavern [LTR-5] 11; [LTR-6] 12 — EAP considers home [LTR-79] 185; [LTR-117] 287, 288n — EAP living in [LTR-50] 109n; [LTR-64] 137; [LTR-68] 145; [LTR-109] 263 — EAP moves back to [LTR-53] 118 — EAP moves to [LTR-25] 54n; [LTR-49] 106n — EAP plans move to [LTR-330] 831; [LTR-331a] 836 — EAP plans to visit [LTR-14] 33; [LTR-45] 93; [LTR-161a] 402, 402n; [LTR-263] 647; [LTR-265] 661, 663s; [LTR-274] 681; [LTR-275a] 684n; [LTR-287] 726n; [LTR-292a] 740, 741n; [LTR-313] 799, 799n-800n; [LTR-316] 804; [LTR-317a] 807; [LTR-318] 808; [LTR-319] 809; [LTR-320] 814, 816n — EAP returns for funeral of Mrs. F. Allan [LTR-10] 22n — EAP seeks publicity in newspapers [LTR-46] 96 — EAP visits [LTR-23] 51n; [LTR-325] 823s; [LTR-326] 824, 824n-825n; [LTR-327] 826; [LTR-328] 828; [LTR-331a] 836; [LTR-332] 839s; [LTR-333] 841s; [LTR-334] 841; [APXA] 853 — EAP wishes to visit home [LTR-14] 32; [LTR-15] 35; [LTR-18] 42 — and EAP’s drinking [LTR-109] 263; [LTR-327] 826, 827n — EAP (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque) [LTR-88] 208 — and P. H Hayne [LTR-322a] 820n — and B. Heywood [LTR-298] 749 — Marquis de Lafayette visits [LTR-1] 3n — “no longer my place of residence ...” [LTR-31] 66 — Shockoe Hill Cemetery [LTR-28] 62n — and SLM [LTR-113] 275; [LTR-117a] 290; [LTR-191] 480 — “too narrow a sphere ...” [LTR-8] 17 — Virginia and Mrs. Clemm join EAP in [LTR-48] 105s; [LTR-53] 118n; [LTR-64] 137 — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-278] 696; [LTR-280] 712 — mentioned [LTR-16] 38; [LTR-19] 43; [LTR-23] 51; [LTR-25] 55s; [LTR-26] 56n; [LTR-43] 88; [LTR-47] 100; [LTR-54] 120, 121; [LTR-57] 124; [LTR-77] 173; [LTR-79] 182; [LTR-108] 260; [LTR-129] 317; [LTR-269] 669; [LTR-329] 829; [SPR-14b] 919; [SPR-16] 922; [SPR-17] 922

Richmond Academy (Richmond, VA): — EAP applies for position as teacher [LTR-48] 104n-105n

Richmond Courier and Daily Compiler (Richmond, VA): [LTR-43] 89

Richmond Examiner (Richmond, VA): [LTR-330] 832n

Richmond Junior Volunteers (division of Junior Morgan Riflemen): [LTR-1] 3, 3n, 3s; [LTR-2] 4

Richmond Poe Museum (Richmond, VA): — and EAP’s trunk [LTR-5] 11n-12n

Richmond Times (Richmond, VA): [LTR-193a] 489s

Richmond Whig and Public Advertiser (Richmond, VA): [LTR-46] 97n

Richmond, Annie L., Mrs. (Nancy Locke Heywood): — biographical information [LTR-282] 716n-717n — as “Annabel Lee” (in EAP’s poem) [LTR-319] 812n — and Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-291] 736n; [LTR-306] 777; [LTR-320] 816s; [LTR-324] 822n; [LTR-330] 833s, 834s; [APXA] 853 — concern for privacy [APXA] 870 — EAP expresses love for [LTR-286] 721, 723n-724n; [LTR-289] 729, 730n; [LTR-298] 748-749; [LTR-301] 754 — EAP says that he must no longer write to or visit [LTR-306] 775-776 — EAP visits [LTR-316] 804n — EAP’s correspondence with [APXA] 869-871 — EAP’s emotional dependence on [LTR-286] 721-723; [LTR-330] 831; [APXA] 869-870, 873 — gives EAP’s autograph to a friend [LTR-317a] 808s — EAP (“About Critics and Criticism”) [LTR-300] 752n — EAP (“Landor’s Cottage”) [LTR-301] 754 — Heywood family [LTR-282] 717n — and Mrs. S. A. Lewis [LTR-282] 716 — and Mrs. J. E. S. Locke [LTR-267] 667n; [LTR-281] 716n; [LTR-282] 717n; [LTR-306] 775-776 — misidentified [LTR-283] 718s — and prices for EAP’s letters [Intro] xxx — transcriptions for J. H. Ingram [APXA] 870 — and Mrs. S. H. Whitman [LTR-302] 758n-759n, 760s — “Wife of my soul ...” [LTR-286] 721 — and N. P. Willis [LTR-319] 811 — mentioned [LTR-307b] 782nillustrations: portrait of IIA-41 — letters from EAP to: (moved) [LTR-311] 792, 792nletters from EAP to: [LTR-282] 716, 716n-717n, 717s; [LTR-286] 721-723, 723n-724n, 724s; [LTR-296] 745, 746n, 746s; [LTR-298] 748-749, 749n, 749s-750s; [LTR-301] 753-755, 755n-756n, 756s-757s; [LTR-303] 766-767, 767n-768n, 768s; [LTR-306] 775-778, 778n, 778s-779s; [LTR-307a] 780, 780n, 780s-781s; [LTR-309] 787-788, 788n-789n, 789s; [LTR-312a] 796-797, 797n-798n, 798s-799s; [LTR-317a] 807-808, 808n, 808s; [LTR-319] 809-811, 811n-812n, 812s

Richmond, Caddy, Miss (also Abby, Carrie, daughter of Mrs. A. L. Richmond): [LTR-298] 749, 749n; [LTR-301] 755, 756n; [LTR-307] 779, 779n; [LTR-319] 810, 812n

Richmond, Charles B. (husband of Mrs. A. L. Richmond): — and Mrs. M. P. Clemm [LTR-306] 777 — death of [LTR-282] 717n; [LTR-301] 755n — EAP sends regards to [LTR-298] 749; [LTR-301] 755; [LTR-317a] 808; [LTR-319] 811 — EAP wishes Mr. Richmond were dead [LTR-330] 832 — and EAP-Annie relationship [LTR-301] 753, 755n; [LTR-306] 775, 776; [LTR-309] 787 — and Mrs. J. E. S. Locke [LTR-306] 775, 776, 778n — married to A. Locke [LTR-282] 716n — mentioned [LTR-298] 749n; [LTR-301] 756s; [LTR-303] 767; [LTR-317a] 808n; [LTR-330] 833n

Riddles: — see Cryptographs; and “Enigma, An” (EAP)

Rienzi, The Last of the Tribunes (E. Bulwer-Lytton): — see Bulwer-Lytton, E.

Riker, John C. (publisher): — and The Opal [LTR-176] 443, 443n-444n

Rob of the Bowl: A Legend of St. Inigoes (J. P. Kennedy): — see Kennedy, J. P.

Roberts, George: — biographical information [LTR-136] 338nBoston Notion [LTR-111] 271s; [LTR-112] 274s; [LTR-136] 338n; [LTR-137] 342n — EAP (“The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”) [LTR-136] 337-338; [LTR-137] 342n — and R. W. Griswold [LTR-111] 271s; [LTR-112] 274sletters from EAP to: [LTR-136] 337-338, 338n-339n, 339s

Robertson, John: [LTR-218d] 541n

Robins, Sarah Elizabeth, Miss: [LTR-275a] 684s

Robinson Crusoe (D. Defoe): — see Defoe, D.

Robinson, Edward, Professor: — biographical information [LTR-226] 561n — EAP (“The Literati of NYC”) [LTR-226] 560; [LTR-229] 570; [LTR-229a] 573

Robinson, Joseph (publisher): — Lea & Blanchard [LTR-90] 211 — Passmore, J. C. (Essay on the Life and Writings of Bishop Butler) [LTR-90a] 213n — E. C. Pinckney (Poems) [LTR-90] 212n — E. C. Pinckney (Rodolph, a Fragment) [LTR-90] 212nRobinson’s Magazine [LTR-90] 212n

Robinson’s Magazine (Baltimore, MD): — see Robinson, J.

Rodolph, a Fragment (E. C. Pinckney): — see Pinckney, E. C.

Rogers, Mary Cecilia, Miss: [LTR-136] 337; [LTR-137] 340; [LTR-259] 643n

Rogers, Samuel : — works by: Poems [LTR-241] 601, 603n

“Romance” (EAP): [LTR-24] 53n — EAP quotes from [LTR-24] 52 — excerpt quoted [LTR-24] 52

Romance (romance and love): — “an evil you will never get rid of ...” [LTR-82] 194

Rombert: a Tale of Carolina (Van Winkle, H. E.): — see Van Winkle, H. E.

Rome (Italy): — and EAP (“The Cask of Amontillado”) [SPR-15] 920 — and Stylus [LTR-264] 661n

Romeo: — J. H. Payne as [SPR-25] 931n

Romeo and Juliet (Wm. Shakespeare): — see Shakespeare, Wm.

Root, H. S.: — letters from EAP to: [LTR-322] 818, 818n-819n, 819s

Root, James E.: — unknown [LTR-228a] 568n, 568sletters from EAP to: [LTR-228a] 567, 568n, 568s

“Rosaline” (J. R. Lowell): — see Lowell, J. R.

Ross, Mr.: [LTR-26] 56

Roszel, Stephen Asbury: — works by: Address Delivered at the Annual Commencement of Dickinson College [LTR-45] 94n

Rouse, William: — transcriptions for J. H. Ingram [LTR-93] 223s

Rowena (character in EAP’s “Ligeia”): [LTR-82] 193

Roy (Pen name of N. P. Willis): — see Willis, N. P.

Royster, Elmira: — see Shelton, E. R., Mrs.

Rufiana (Wm. Rufus): — see Rufus, Wm.

Rufus, William: — works by: Rufiana [LTR-241] 603n

Ruins of Athens (G. Hill): — see Hill, G.

Russel, Mrs.: [SPR-18] 924

“Russian Revenge” (trans. by Miss E. Wetherald): — see Wetherald, E., Miss

Rutgers Female Institute: — EAP reads winning poem at commencement exercises [LTR-200a] 511n





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